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Cosplay Mini-Tutorial:
Twitchy Kitty Cat Ears by ThinkGeek

I am working on a Sakizou costume (the White Rabbit), which has rabbit ears. I was trying to think of ways to make them move, when I found out that ThinkGeek had already done the hard work for me! Their robotic cat ears are fun, and very customizable. They come with a fur cover, which I forgot to take a picture of. The fur cover can easily be taken on and off.

On to the customizing! Almost every bit of the ears can be unscrewed and taken apart. There are two screws that hold the ears to the headband, and three screws that remove the plastic casing around the ears themselves. You could even unscrew bits of the smaller casing holding the mechanical bits together, but I didn’t try that.

Once I took the ear casing off, I centered the headband, figured out where the ears would poke out, and then cut a small notch in my wig (not through a weft) in order to fit the casing through. After getting the hair settled, I reattached the ears to the headband, and then reattached the ear casing.

“Tony and the White Rabbit” - Digital Oil Painting

“No, Tim belongs to Pep. I should never be responsible for anything that requires actual food to live. But she got him because it’s important for my ‘therapy’ or something. Said it needed to be a ‘quiet’ animal. I asked for a snake. We got Tim the Bunny here instead. What did Bruce bring? Please tell me he has a snake. …A cat? Ugh, boring. I’m getting him a snake. …Don’t tell Pep.”

I think Tony said all the description I needed, LOL. Can you picture Pepper putting the rabbit in his hands when she decides he’s worked long enough and it’s time for a break? He has a love/hate relationship with Tim the Bunny.

If you enjoy my art, please consider subscribing to my Patreon! I am saving to buy a wheelchair lift.

This is a photo of someones pet rabbit. I say “someone” because it ended up chillin in my driveway. 

We haven’t found the owners yet but we just discovered him yesterday evening. My neighbors suspect he was “dropped off” by an owner that didn’t want him anymore. 

My youngest son informed me that we need to take care of him until the owners could be found because he’s domesticated and could die. This is Magnus speak for “I have fallen in love with this animal and will fight you to keep it”. 

So because I AM a caring and responsible person this white rabbit is now chillaxin inside my house to avoid being eaten by the hawks and owls that roost in my backyard. I know I joke that I live in Disney’s Magical Forest but seriously every day I come home to a new animal deciding my house is the place to be. 

To count we now have a warren of wild rabbits in the backyard.

A family of Raccoons have taken up residence in the woods behind our house.

A family of deer has decided to make our backyard part of their daily route.

We have a momma owl that nested in the big walnut tree in the backyard and her baby owlets are loud at night.

There is a hawk that like to just chill in the trees adjacent to our lot and has kept the house relatively mouse and rodent free…so he can stay.

A family of possums has made a home somewhere in the creek that runs behind my fence. 

Not to be outdone the frogs have begun their mating calls so it’s The Princess and the Frog every night now.

And now apparently White Rabbits just show up in my driveway. If a woman screaming “off with their heads” comes out of any mirrors in my house I’m gonna have to move.

The crazy thing is I DON’T LIVE IN THE COUNTRY!!! I live in Saint Louis..the freaking CITY! Ok not downtown city a suburb of it but STILL! 

I’m beginning to suspect my youngest child is some kind of forest sprite whose energy draws animals to him on a regular basis.


I mean, on one hand I get that Penguin has sent some mixed messages (see hug when a rational person would have gone in for a kiss) and if I were Ed, I would probably have decided that he’s not interested and just moved on.

On the other hand, Ed, you little shit, are you seriously going to be late to an intimate dinner party because you found a lady you like?! And then I suppose you’re going to tell Penguin all about it at dinner?! Dude! Dude!!!

Of course, I’m emotionally invested in this so I’m especially irritated, but jesus FUCK, even if it weren’t a romantic affair, if I invite a friend over for dinner and they arrive late and start telling me it’s because they found a seriously hot person who reminds them of their ex, I would be FURIOUS. I made DINNER and you little shit are LATE because you had to fall in love five minutes before my party?! You have your entire fucking life to fall in love, but you only have thirty seconds to eat a soufflé, you omnishambles of a man!

Sorry. The gay and the food are two issues I care deeply about, and this scene managed to touch both.

Princess (L.H. Blurb)

A/N: This has literally been sitting in my notes for like, more than half a year and when I read it, I thought that this was an okay way for it to end.

Blurb Mondays

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“Hey, Princess.”
You turned around and gestured to your outfit. “Literally.”
Luke laughed as he pushed himself off of the wall he was leaning on. He walked over to you and pecked your lips. “You are one though.”
“Luke!” You scolded him and quickly looked around to make sure no one noticed your display of affection. “We’re working.”
Luke shrugged. “So?”
“So? Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean was in no relationship with Belle from Beauty and the Beast. If anyone saw that, we’d both have been fired on the spot!” You told him frantically.
He rolled his eyes. “Relax, Y/N. No one’s around.”
You gave him a look. “You don’t know that.”
“You’re too cautious.”
“I’d rather be cautious and keep my job, thank you.”
“You’re such a worry wart.”
“Better safe than sorry.”

“Well, hello beautiful,” I greeted the little girl with a smile as I took a hold of her hand. “What’s your name?”
She shyly told me her name and I grinned widely. “That’s a very beautiful name for a very beautiful girl. How old are you?” I asked her.
She proudly held up four of her small fingers as she smiled. “Four!”
I giggled. “Wow, you’re such a big girl now!”
She nodded. “Momma says that I’m a big girl!”
“She’s absolutely right,” I told her. “Now, how about you and I take a portrait together?”
She nodded again and I crouched down beside her as her mother took a few pictures of us.
“Thank you,” her mom said to me.
“The pleasure is all mine,” I told her then turned to look down at the little girl. “Bye, now sweetheart.” I gave her a small wave.
She happily waved back to me before walking away with her mother.
“Okay, Princess Belle. Last one,” my assisting cast member informed me.
I nodded at him as I smiled at the next family in line. “Why hello!”
“C'mon, Mae. Don’t be shy,” the dad encourage his daughter with a small, gentle push in my direction.
I crouched down so that I was at eye level with her. “Hello, gorgeous. I love your gown. It’s a very beautiful gown,” I told her with a smile as I held out my gloved hand for her to take.
She looked up at her parents who nodded at her encouragingly before looking back at me and placing her tiny hand in mine. “Thank you.”
“Let me guess who you are. Are you Snow White?” I asked her.
She shook her head.
“No? How about Princess Aurora?”
She shook her head again.
“Hmm, maybe Princess Ana?”
She shook her head and giggled. “No!”
“Well, who might you be?” I asked with a smile.
“You!” She exclaimed.
I feigned surprise. “Me?!”
She nodded. “Princess Belle!” She pointed at herself then at me.
“Well, dear Princess, would you do me the greatest honor of taking a portrait with you?”
She giggled then ran into my arms.
“Okay, Mae! Face Daddy!” Her mom told her as her dad took his spot to take good photo.
I smiled for the picture and gave Mae one last hug. “Be a good Princess for your Mommy and Daddy, okay?”
She nodded. “I will!” She then skipped over to her parents who flashed me thankful smiles before walking off with her.
“Ready?” My assisting cast member asked.
I nodded and waved to those who were watching me before following him in the direction of ‘Backstage.’
However, we had to pass by a certain bootlegging pirate along the way.
“Belle, darling!” Luke said in his fake Captain Jack Sparrow accent as he approached me. “You’re looking mighty fine, I must say.”
I gave him a look with my eyes then flashed him a smile. “Why thank you, Captain. However, if you’ll please excuse me.” I stepped around him and proceeded in the same direction I was headed in.
“Where are you off to in such a hurry, love? I don’t believe you’re a little white rabbit that is late for something nor are you another Princess who’s time at the ball has expired,” Luke continued.
I wasn’t sure what game he was playing at, but he needed to cut it out. We were in no position to talk at the moment nor were we allowed to mingle like so.
“My dear Captain, although I may not be a little white rabbit or my fellow Princess Cinderella, I am in a rush as I am needed elsewhere so if you’ll kindly excuse me and I’ll be going,” I told him in a fake cheery yet stern voice as I stepped around him once more and sped walked away.
“It was lovely chatting with you, darling! Perhaps another time then!” He called after me.
I made no movement to respond as I gripped my dress to lift it up a bit so that I could walk faster without having to worry about me falling as much.

I had just removed my wig and was brushing out my actual hair in front of my mirror when Luke came strolling into the dressing room completely changed from his costume.
I put down my brush and turned in my seat to glare at him. “What the hell, Luke?!”
He plopped down onto the couch. “What?” He asked as he kicked his feet up onto the small table.
“You know what,” I seethed.
“Sorry,” he apologized as he removed his feet off of the table.
“I wasn’t talking about your feet being on the table, Luke. I was talking about your little interaction with me while we were in character out there. Do you want to lose your job?!”
He leaned forward and rested his forearms on his knees. “Relax, Y/N. There’s nothing wrong with a little conversation. I highly doubt I’ll lose my job just for speaking to you.”
“What about me? Does it also occur to you that I could lose my job as well?”
“You’re making a big deal out of nothing.”
“Fuck, Luke. Are you even remotely concerned about this? Do you even care?”
“Yeah, I-”
There was a knock on the door and we turned to see that the woman in charge of all the people playing characters standing there, otherwise known as our boss.
She looked us, taking in my stressed look and Luke’s laid back one. “I need to talk to you two.”
I gave Luke a look as she walked in and sat on the little individual couch.
She didn’t say anything for a moment. We sat there in tense silence as she pursed her lips and her eyes flickered back and forth between the two of us.
She let out a sigh. “You know, you two are the talk of the park right now.”
I narrowed my eyes at Luke. “Blame him,” I nodded my head in his direction.
“What harm does talking to someone do? Oh, that’s right. Nothing,” Luke bit back.
Our boss turned to look at Luke. “You know you’re not supposed to interact with others in character while you are in character, Luke. That was in your training and contract,” she informed him.
“So what happens now?” I asked her.
She removed her glasses and pinched the bridge of her nose. “You’re lucky, Luke, that your character can play off talking to other cast members. People enjoyed the little performance, but from now on, no interaction with other cast members,” she shot a look towards Luke. “Am I understood?”
We both nodded.
“Good. Now, I’m leaving. I don’t expect to see you two anytime soon for another talk.”



“Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?’
‘That depends a good deal on where you want to get to,’ said the Cat.
'I don’t much care where -’ said Alice.
'Then it doesn’t matter which way you go,’ said the Cat.
’- so long as I get SOMEWHERE,’ Alice added as an explanation.
'Oh, you’re sure to do that,’ said the Cat, 'if you only walk long enough.” 

Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

If You Go Chasing Rabbits


UchihSaku WeekDay 5 Silk & Lace
Pairing: ShiSaku

The Unseelie Court’s Black Rabbit is a boy locked up inside the flesh and bone of a man, wild and wicked in ways only the young of heart can be. He greets the front of the Seelie Court with eyes dismissive of all but the one who is his paradox, his paragon opposite. She’s a girl faced beauty with the eyes of a crone. It will be a miracle to see her race.

The glittering fairies nominate their White Rabbit for the game and sit back on their high thrones to watch the tradition unfold once more. She is a trouping fairy while he is solitary. She is kind to all but one, he is cruel to all but her.

True to the rules of the game, their attraction is inevitable.

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Being black and queer has interjected me with the venom of purpose; making everything I do a type of stroke of magic. I am an involuntary magician, turning pebbles into flowers and bigotry into fluffy, white rabbits. It turns my speech into poetry. It transforms my romance into revolution. It makes my sexuality a wild act of liberation. It shifts my mere existence into purpose. It turns my art into magic.
—  Myles E. Johnson for Mused Magazine

There need to be many more of the following Obikin fics:

  • Time-travel Obikin. Anakin travelling back in time & meeting 20-something Padawan Obi-Wan. Or both travelling forward in time & discovering the future - & then consoling each other. (I am patiently waiting for a White Rabbits update.)
  • Force Ghosts Obikin. Meeting again as force ghosts - apologising, working through their problems, realising they are going to spend the ‘afterlife’ together etc. Learning that force ghost doesn’t automatically mean they are ghosts to each other - you know what I mean.
  • Happy Obikin. Things don’t go bad - they communicate with each other, they capture Palpatine, things just go better, they banter, they kickass. They are happy - being awesome jedi, saving the galaxy, just being The Team.
  • Awkward FirstTime!Obikin. Anakin’s no longer a padawan, Obiwan starts to see him in a new light. Slow burn. Lots of sexual tension. Both have zero sexual experience - it’s awkward and they’re both nervous but it’s sweet, hot & lovely.
  • Just pure porn - like, where are the multi-chapter porn fics? There aren’t nearly enough. Having shipped Spuffy from BTVS for years, it’s like porn central, and yet…there’s not a lot of porn Obikin in comparison. At least that I’ve found?! There are some, yes, but seriously…they are so hot together and there isn’t nearly enough porn.
  • Just more Obikin please - any sorts of fics.

This song puts me to sleep with its soothing tone, but god are the lyrics painful. Just rip my heart out, why don’t you? I hate how this manga meme all the time but in truth it’s darker than my future. A lot like Twitter.

Misono’s is italics, Lily’s is bold, both’s are normal text. 

I forgot to say this the other times, but use these however you wish. Maybe notify me if you can spare the time just so I know it’s helping someone. I’m a total nihilist when it comes to my own translations - for one, I think they are worthless, but I’ll leave that can of worms for my (nonexistent) psychiatrist.

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A Theory:

Foreword: This is almost entirely powered by West Coast Rachel’s idea but I don’t want her to get any hate. This theory is too good to go unshared though. This is also not intended to hurt anyone!

The L/xa that we saw in the Flame/City of Light merged world appeared to Clarke the way Clarke needed to see her and I have an idea as to why.

Clarke knew immediately that the Flame would protect her (once it was successfully implanted in her head) and so she ventured into the CoL trusting that it would take care of her and it did. Not only did it provide a “veil” that kept her hidden from the chipped!Inhabitants of the Col, it also provided her with a guide. 

Who was that guide you may be asking? We all heard the whispered “Clarke” and saw the Infinity sign in the crosswalk sign and the woman’s hair, but those are not the white rabbits (hello Matrix!) that I am referring to. No, the guide the Flame provided Clarke was L/xa herself. 

L/xa did not appear until Clarke was in mortal danger, not just from the chipped!Inhabitants but from the Flame itself. I wonder why she waited that long to reveal herself? The answer is, because L/xa was the Flame. The Flame is a thinking computer, it calculates probabilities and knew that Clarke was dying, that she needed a reason to fight, and so it provided her with one. 

Just as Clarke was giving up, collapsing on the steps, unable to go on, L/xa drops from the sky like an avenging angel. I’ve seen some criticism of the way the fight scene on the stairs was filmed, a slo-mo entrance, the way the shot is angled to position her as the hero saving her defenseless “damsel-in-distress” lover. I believe it was intentional, and here’s why:

The L/xa we saw in the CoL, was essentially a projection of that the Flame created to protect and guide Clarke. The Flame chose to appear as L/xa because she was familiar to Clarke and therefore Clarke would be more likely to trust and follow her. This also explains why the L/xa we see in the City of Light is so much lighter. She smiles often and easily, she’s very physically affectionate with Clarke. She’s free. 

She was also extremely consistent about one thing, she was always guiding Clarke along in her mission. She kept reminding Clarke that she needed to get to the next step, she needed to find the kill switch, she needed to keep going. She was keeping Clarke focused on her task. She even knew things that the real L/xa would never have known. She called the fence a “firewall”. She knew that the sky becoming turbulent meant that ALIE1 was successfully updating her code. L/xa (and the other Grounders) were not technologically advanced in the slightest.

The L/xa that Clarke saw in the City of Light was how Clarke always wanted to be with L/xa. The two of them together, fighting for the same cause, saving both of their people. This time around they can smile with each other, and kiss and hug and joke (”I told you my spirit would choose wisely”). This time around, instead of L/xa abandoning Clarke to certain death at the Mountain, she bravely fought for Clarke, charged into an enemy horde alone and armed with only two blades for her.

This also factors into the way I view Becca in the CoL. I think the Flame’s presence is fluid. I think that once Clarke stepped into Becca’s lab, the Flame was no longer appearing as L/xa and fighting off the chipped!Inhabitants, I think it was focusing all of it’s energy on Clarke and getting her to flip the kill switch. Just like Flame!Becca told Clarke: she created her Father’s watch, something important to her, which helped to guide her.  Just like the kill switch appeared to Clarke as a lever, something she’s pulled twice before-once at the Dropship and once at the Mountain resulting in the deaths of hundreds of people, now she’ll be pulling it to save thousands of people, the image of L/xa in the City of Light was the image that Clarke needed to see. 

This was what Clarke needed to begin her journey towards true absolution. Her real release from guilt for everything that she’s had to do over the last three seasons to save her people. Being able to pull a lever to save people this time instead of kill them, offers Clarke absolution for the lives lost in Mt. Weather and at the Dropship. Wearing her Season 1 clothing and her father’s watch bring Clarke back to a time when she still felt young and happy and carefree, brings her back to the hope that she thought she’d lost. 

Finally, seeing L/xa in the City of Light, allows Clarke to experience her grief properly for the first time. Allows her to obtain absolution for the guilt she was most definitely carrying, for believing that L/xa’s death was in any way her fault, and gives her the opportunity to express the feelings she’d hidden away the last time she saw L/xa alive. To return the “I love you” L/xa surely gave Clarke in that stammering “That’s why you’re you.” moment. It also allows Clarke to give L/xa the send off she should have received from the beginning, a true warrior’s death, fighting to save her people and the woman she loves. Flame! L/xa didn’t say “I love you” back to Clarke because Clarke already knows L/xa loved her, she didn’t need to hear those words. She did need the knowledge that no matter what happens, no matter where she goes, how old she grows, and even when she finds love again, L/xa will always be with her, that to quote L/xa  herself, “Death is not the end.”.

All of the above goes into the importance of the final scene where we get one more parallel (this season has been chock full of them). The last time Clarke lost a lover, Abby collected what was left of them and tried to give them to Clarke and she refused them. Clarke felt guilty about Finn’s death and was not ready to move on and begin to heal. She needed to hold on to the ideal that “Love is Weakness” to push on with what she had to do to save her people. This time, Abby gives Clarke what’s left of L/xa, the Flame, and Clarke accepts it, because she is ready to begin healing, she has received her absolution. 

This finale was so much deeper then just a “Cl/xa reunion” and I think people were either to caught up in their hate for the ship/a character in the ship or their joy/sadness about seeing their ship reunited/knowing that this will be the last time they see L/xa to notice it. 


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Okikagu vs  Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

In GINTAMA PETITE CHARA LAND ALICE IN WONDERLAND VER. series, I found that they are not only cute and with the characteristic in Gintama story,  but some of them also FIT the RELATIONSHIP according to original story of “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.”

The analysis as follows focus on the characters who have more interaction or deep bonding with Kagura(Alice). (Caution: Okikagu is 80%)

1. Alice(Kagura)<—>Mad Hatter(Gintoki)

In “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”, Alice meets Mad Hatter within Cheshire Cat’s indication to the place where Mad Hatter and The March Hare stay.
Then she joined the Mad Tea Party.
In this section, we can find out why the party called Mad Tea Party.
Their conversations are with confusion and crazy.
Paronomasia is also used in the sentences.

“Take some more tea,” the March Hare said to Alice, very earnestly.
`I’ve had nothing yet,’ Alice replied in an offended tone, `so I can’t take more.’
`You mean you can’t take less,’ said the Hatter: `it’s very easy to take more than nothing.’
`Nobody asked your opinion,’ said Alice.
`Who’s making personal remarks now?’ the Hatter asked triumphantly.

(At the beginning, when Mad Hatter said to Alice"Your hair wants cutting,“Alice replied ‘You should learn not to make personal remarks,’ 'it’s very rude.’
So at this moment, Mad Hatter just uses her words to challenge her,)

Back to Gintama, they say jokes within formula from artist, famous people, or other animations..etc, it is similar to using paronomasia.
Moreover, Gintoki, Shipachi and Kagura’s actions and conversations are crazy and exaggerated usually.
So, the interaction of Alice vs Mad Hatter and Kagura vs Gintoki is quite similar.

2. Alice(Kagura)<—>The White Rabbit(Kamui)

Alice’s adventure starts from falling into the rabbit hole.

But the adventure had started from the moment when Alice saw The White Rabbit.

The White Rabbit must have attractiveness to Alice or the story won’t begin.
Back to Gintama character, if The White Rabbit is Kamui, Kagura will chase him without a doubt.
The setting of Kamui to be rabbit is just perfect.

If Gintoki is The White Rabbit, Kagura will chase him I guess.
Because he is her family on the Earth.
But the personality of Gintoki doesn’t fit the white rabbit at all.

Therefore I assume(personally) that when the staffs design the figures of this series, they may have considered about the personality of each
character and if they fit to the characters in Alice’s story.

3. Alice(Kagura)<—>Cheshire Cat(Okita)

The reason I analyze Cheshire Cat after Mad Hatter and Rabbit is that because I am fan of Okikagu(<—X)

If we say The White Rabbit is the one who leads the story to begin, we have to say Cheshire Cat is the 2nd important role in the story.
If we say The White Rabbit is the one who attracts Alice most, we have to say Cheshire Cat is the 2nd attractive person(animal) to her and Alice regards it as a friend.

Analysis for the importance(2nd place) of Cheshire Cat :
If we check more detail, the sections The White Rabbit shows up over 2 minutes are only in the opening chapter and the last one.
Alice completes 90% of adventure by asking other people(animals) about the way she should go or finds out by herself,  Cheshire Cat is one of the other people(animals) she asks.
The section which most people are familiar with is Mad Tea Party, that is also indicated by Cheshire Cat.
And actually, Lewis Carroll(the writer) spent a lot of ink on chapter of A Mad Tea Party and Cheshire Cat.

Analysis for the attractiveness of Cheshire Cat to Alice :
Cheshire Cat is the character who answers Alice’s question seriously in the story.

"Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?'Alice speaks to Cheshire Cat
`That depends a good deal on where you want to get to,’ said the Cat.
`I don’t much care where–’ said Alice.
`Then it doesn’t matter which way you go,’ said the Cat.
`–so long as I get somewhere,’ Alice added as an explanation.
`Oh, you’re sure to do that,’ said the Cat, `if you only walk long enough.’

Although Cheshire Cat ridicules a little, but it treats Alice better than others and with equality.
And you can see the replies from him to Alice, it indeed answered Alice’s questions.

Alice also asks another person(animal) several questions during the adventure.
That is Caterpillar.

But Caterpillar treats Alice as a teacher to a student, not equal as Cheshire Cat to Alice.

Besides, Cheshire Cat also makes Alice feel kind so she even stays a few minutes to wait for it to show up again.
She feels like meeting an old friend when she sees Cheshire Cat during the game with The Queen of Hears.
Actually, Alice also introduces Cheshire Cat as her friend when the King asks about the Cat.

'Who ARE you talking to?’ said the King, going up to Alice, and looking at the Cat’s head with great curiosity.
'It’s a friend of mine–a Cheshire Cat,’ said Alice: 'allow me to introduce it.’

Moreover, when Alice wishes Cheshire Cat not to appear and vanish so suddenly, Cheshire Cat really follows.

Replied Alice; 'and I wish you wouldn’t keep appearing and vanishing so suddenly: you make one quite giddy.’
'All right,’ said the Cat; and this time it vanished quite slowly, beginning with the end of the tail, and ending with the grin, which remained some time after the rest of it had gone.

Let us summarize how Cheshire Cat treats Alice.

1. Ridicule but Indeed answer her questions with equality.

2. Follow Alice’s request to appear and vanish slowly


 I just can’t stop thinking Okikagu!!

Okita cheats Kagura but cares about her as we know from Fake Funeral Arc and chapter 534 directly.(similar to the attitude of Cheshire Cat to Alice)

Kagura didn’t like Okita from beginning of Gintama story, but now she may accept him as a partner or a rival, especially in chapter 551. (Alice accepts Cheshire Cat as a friend/partner)

I just feel that Okikagu is shipped in this official series.

Perhaps one day, Kagura will want Okita to show up and stay by her side just as Alice waits for Cheshire Cat in the wonderland when she gets lost ..