i am the third pic


don’t play with alien flowers they might have fashion sense


So… Would it be weird if I went with you and your mom next week?

I don’t think so.. Do you want to go?

I wouldn’t mind it. Plus it’s for your dad and with how you took it you don’t really seem like you’d want to go on your own… No offence.

I guess so..  

Well uhmm actually…I think Amalia’s family is gonna be there, too.

You know her family?

I dated her brother, dude.. You don’t know them? You’ve been friends for a while now.

Uh, obviously not?? Do you think she actually likes being friends or something?

But now I have to go whether you like it or not.

tfw you’re not sure why your friends sometimes bump their heads together but you love them anyway



Do you even know how hard it was to just crop his lips and leave out that beautiful face? 

anonymous asked:

Is it just me, or does it seem like D & P posted these adorable selfies partially for the other to make "the heart grow fonder" while they are apart? Like, old school 2009 long distance vibes of Dan with his family dog and Phil with a total eye swimming pic, and here I am third-wheeling.

We’re not gonna talk about how many days it’s been since I got sent this. Last week was basically a wash for me in terms of being a productive human actually responding to communication on a normal time frame. 

But to answer you: ugh yes. Also, I wonder how many other pictures they send each other when they’re apart? Does Phil text Dan when he’s about to go to the shop with his mother? Does Dan spam Phil with Colin pictures? Do they vent to each other, keep each other constantly aware of what’s happening in their day, do they send each other pictures of their meals, talk about what they’re watching on tv? Does Phil ask Dan which cake he should eat next? Does Dan send pictures of an empty bed with no message, because he knows Phil will get the moment of absent melancholy? Does Phil describe every game he plays with his family and report back his winnings? Does Dan send Phil links to songs he’s listening to now and then? 

They are two people who are used to living day in and day out step by step with each other. I don’t imagine that stops just because they go home to see their respective parents for a few days. What we see shared is probably the tip of the iceberg. 

the struggle

do i act responsibly with the money i have acquired or do i buy a set of 22 rolls of washi tape on amazon because there’s one that has lil cats on them and a bunch of ones with plants

i was trying to look for gifts for a friend what happened


i wanted to post my new lip colors…. sorry for the half assed pictures and shoddy application and all around poor quality but i was super excited and i rushed.. anyways it’s santa baby lip tint from lush, sugar plum fairy from wet n wild, shocking coral from maybelline color vivids, and vamp it up from wet n wild…. Nice

Please tell me I’m not the only one who’s mad that there isn’t 2 new 2D pics like everyone else, and we couldn’t see Murdoc’s face in the third pic of him…

Or am I just asking for too much?