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like ronan is a very capable guardian but i’m sure he’s pretty much a fucking pushover of a disciplinarian … like he will say “don’t fucking curse” but like what is he going to do. mostly he lets her do whatever she wants, and that works out well for them, because mostly what he wants for her and what she wants to do are fairly aligned.

adam is also the good cop with opal alone. every other time he’s the bad cop. but even as good cop he is like. much more responsible about being a pushover imo. he’s the one who goes to the barns after school and sits in the kitchen with opal and tricks her into “helping” him with his latin homework while ronan “cooks” “dinner”.  he always appreciated having an structure as an outlet for… whatever. she should have that.  

like it’s not like he’s the one who has to make sure she gets her vitamins and ronan just lets her run hog-wild bc that’s not it. ronan is a good bro and opal is well cared for. he takes care of her.

but like. adam is the one who sits with a bunch of books at the kitchen table & opal next to him kicking her tiny legs and frowning furiously at a book. 

ronan complains that he and gansey are conspiring to turn the kid into a nerd. opal is bent over a book of ovid (from last year’s class. it’s not actually adam’s homework. it’s english practice for her). she’s scribbling furiously but also she’s eaten the metal eraser cap off the pencil. she’s chewing it and occasionally spitting little metal flakes onto the table. 

“she should have some structure,” adam says. “even if you don’t think it’s right to send her to school.” 

“she doesn’t need school,” ronan grumbles. “she learns everything she needs to know from the great outdoors.” he pokes at whatever’s in the pan with a spatula, which has somehow managed to come out both runny and burnt. they don’t talk abt her, the, complications involved in sending a goat-footed girl to school. 

“uh-huh,” adam says. “opal, do you want to stop helping me with this latin?” 

opal looks at him like he’s ridiculous. “this story has lots of blood and no fucking kissing,” which have been her primary metrics for story enjoyment since she caught ronan and adam making out chastely in ronan’s bed when what she wanted was to crawl in with him. 

“language,” ronan says automatically and perhaps a little sullenly. 

(adam is probably really worried about her fixation on gory imagery but hasn’t decided if this is worth bringing up with ronan yet. like he did some googling and apparently a lot of kids like violent stories? but opal’s got trauma? he worries.)

adam is like “do you really expect me to eat that” & then ronan scowls and scrapes his failed dinner into the garbage - the spatula’s got opal’s teethmarks in it - and they order takeout isntead. and after dinner opal makes ronan and adam and one of the barn cats act out 15 lines out of the story of pyramus and thisbe from her translation. 

anyway if anyone is the bad cop when it comes to raising opal it’s clearly blue.


harry potter x breaking bad au

“Like I came to you, begging to cook meth. Hey, nerdiest old dude I know, wanna come cook crystal? Please. I’d ask my diaper-wearing granny, but her wheelchair wouldn’t fit in the RV.”


Christine Daaé

“That is a pledge that I do not ask of you, and it is a promise that I shall not make you!” spoke the young woman proudly. “I am a free agent, monsieur de Chagny; you have no right to control my actions and I will ask that you desist henceforth. As for what I have done during the past fortnight, there is only one man in the world who would have the right to demand that I give him an account: my husband! Well, I have no husband, and I shall never marry!”

- Gaston Leroux’s The Phantom of the Opera

cinnamon roll meme: i medici edition
  • looks like a cinnamon roll but could actually kill you: contessina
  • looks like they could kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll: marco bello
  • looks like a cinnamon roll and is actually a cinnamon roll: piero, flashback!cosimo
  • looks like they could kill you and would actually kill you: albizzi, giovanni
  • stale cinnamon roll, been in this world too long, too cynical: brunelleschi
  • burnt cinnamon roll, has literally been through hell and back, slightly charred: present day!cosimo
  • sinnamon Roll: la cupola autoportante

Imagine the next regeneration of the Master getting reunited with the Doctor. They will be oh his side, of course. I think they would play around a little, to keep the Doctor on edge. Perhaps keep their identity a secret at first. Or let the Doctor doubt their intentions. The reveal of who they are is overly dramatic, of course, and the Doctor is overjoyed to have them back.

Then they join the Doctor in his adventures, and we (ideally) get an entire season of them travelling together. Missy continues to call the Doctor an idiot with every opportunity they get, and the Doctor gets in all kinds of trouble from which they have to rescue him.

anyway in other news i’ve spent like most of tonight imagining a pynch au where ronan is an openly gay recovering addict and traveling cat behaviorist who is bald with a terrible beard and hankie flags on national tv, and adam is his exhausted cameraman

adam: ronan you have to stop stealing people’s cats
ronan: they were assholes
adam: you always say they’re assholes!
ronan, holding a cat and glowering: they signed the fucking waiver they knew this was a possibility

*Headache* Newt x reader

◘ Anonymous asked:

Hey! How about a Newt x Reader where they both are in the case and the Reader has a headache so that Newt instructs her to drink one of the potions. But Reader grabs the wrong one and it gives her all symptoms of being drunk/a toddler or something, so Newt has to chase her through the case before she does something stupid. When it’s over she’s like ‘oh my god what have I done’ while Newt can’t stop laughing :D Thanks ❤

Rubbing your forehead again, you set down the bucket of food pellets and leaned over letting out a heavy irritated sigh.

“Still have that head ache, Love?” 

“It’s pounding!” 

Shutting your eyes closed, you tried to fight off the nausea and the feeling of your head having it’s own heart beat.

“Here,” Walking over to you, Newt placed his hand gently on your low back and led you towards the hut. “I know I have something in here for you to take that will help.”

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i like to think they’d go with slow baby steps and comforting hand holding when they get intimate to make sure ciel doesn’t get too uncomfortable 


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Happy Halloween kids, aka, Andy’s harrowing Halloween story on why he can’t smoke weed. Includes a gif set, quote, and video. More will be added in October to this tag. 

momoejaku  asked:

KOMA HERE. I hear you need distraction.... and seeing as I am a master of distraction and Reader of All The Tags, if you feel up for writing, please consider doing the Tim and Damian flash fic with Damian planning on scaring Tim and being so confused when Tim firmly grasps his hand. I beg of you....

Hehe thank you for the distraction! And for reading my rambling tags :D

This exists in an imaginary universe where all the Batboys love each other and aren’t allergic to affection (except maybe Dami).

Damian vows to get revenge against Drake. For what is irrelevant. He has surely done something deserving of Damian’s contempt, and if not he surely will.

That’s why he’s here. Hiding under Drake’s bed in his apartment. Waiting for the older boy to stumble in from patrol and collapse onto the soft mattress and fall asleep. Well, Drake had done that first bit; he’s back from patrol, had fallen through the living room window almost an hour ago. But since then all Damian has heard is the gurgle of the coffee percolator and the tapping of computer keys.

He almost falls asleep waiting, but finally Drake shuffles into the room and crawls into bed. Damian makes sure to wait until he’s asleep. Drake is both a light and a restless sleeper; always shifting and turning as he acts out whatever ridiculous dream is playing behind his eyelids. He will fall asleep in the middle of the bed but roll over to the side. And that is what Damian is counting on.

He almost dozes off two more times before there’s a soft sigh and the mattress squeaks under Drake’s movement. Then a limp hand flops over the edge of the bed. Carefully, Damian slides further out from his position hidden under the middle of the bed, until just his arm sticks out into the faintly-moonlit room. Small fingers inch up the side of the bed until they find warm flesh and he grasps Drake’s hand with a soft tug - just enough to startle him into full wakefulness.

There’s no reaction for several seconds, then Drake’s grip tightens suddenly and it surprises Damian so much he jerks, bumping his head against the wooden slats beneath the bed.

There’s a soft laugh from above him. Then he’s being pulled out by his hand.

“Come ‘ere, gremlin,” Drake says, still sounding half-asleep.

Damian scowls and crawls the rest of the way out from under the bed. He tries to tug his hand free but Drake’s grip just becomes firmer and when he tugs back, Damian goes tumbling into the bed. Drake’s other hand grabs him around the waist and then he’s being wrestled under the blankets until he’s chest-to-chest with an amused Tim Drake.

“I’m going to kill you,” Damian promises.

Drake just hums sleepily and pulls him closer. “’S’at what you were tryin’ to do? Thought you were ‘n assassin or somethin’.” And then, utilising his superpower of napping wherever and whenever he wants, he’s asleep again before Damian can growl threateningly, arms locked tightly around Damian so he can’t escape no matter how much he wiggles. So Damian just sighs and resigns himself to his fate.

He knew Drake would inevitably do something deserving of his revenge, but he didn’t think it would be this.