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am I the only one who can’t seem to keep any hobbies because if I’m not “the best” at whatever it is I become obsessed with, then I just give up and find some other new hobby. Like, I’ll think me becoming a pro at whatever hobby is impossible/unattainable or I just want to be good at it NOW without putting in the effort to learn. I just want to finally be good at something!

Zodiac sights and the First Pokemon Generation

Aries - Exeggcute
Tauros - Sandshrew
Gemini - Ditto
Cancer - Krabby Crab (okay, i am sorry, jk) - Jigglypuff
Leo - Meowth
Virgo - TentaCOOL
Libra - Slowpoke ( He is adorable )
Scorpio - Ekans
Sagittarius - Cubone
Capricorn - Gastly
Aquarius - Psyduck
Pisces - Pikachu

P.s They are also my 12 favorite pokemons :*

Romeo and Cinderella | Zen x MC Fanfic

Fandom: Mystic Messenger (MysMe)

Pairing: Zen (Hyun Ryu) x Reader/MC/You

Summary: as per request of this lovely anon!!! uvu I’ve got the idea for the plot from Zen’s Bad Ending 2 but I took it from there.

Genre: Angst and Fluff.

A/N: aahh, this has been on my inbox for too long! thank you for your patience, anon! i’m such a slowpoke lately but i am slowly answering requests. thank you so much for your kind words it makes me so happy you find my writing beautiful!! you’re beautiful too, anon! thank you for supporting my writing too! i hope you liked what i did!!

You once dreamed of a fairytale like happy ending. You would be happy. You’d be able to marry the one you love. He would be princely. He’s going to be your knight in shining armor. He’d protect you to the ends of the earth. You two would fall in love. Everything’s going to be perfect.

Or at least you’ll be able to escape from your reality.

This reality.

You once dreamed of a prince charming. A knight in shining armor that would protect you just like in those children’s books you’ve been reading since you were young. What would your prince look like? Where will he come from? Will he really accept you despite all of your flaws? Is love as beautiful as the ones described in stories and books?

You had no idea… until you met him.

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If you don’t like slowpoke you must be that person who also doesn’t like babies because do you even have a soul? All kidding aside, I wish slowpokes were real so I could have a ranch of them and quit illustrating. This is definitely the coolest bandwagon I have ever hopped on. I might release these things as individual posts with fake Pokedex entries later. The story is, these are all Pokemans a slowpoke can be bred with in the game. We all know what happens in that day care, and I feel like I would be super pumped to bring home one of these babies. 

Pokemon is created and owned by Nintendo 

Special thanks to Anndorphin and Scook for artistic/emotional support also go check out their pages geeeze their art is so beautiful gogogogogo

Am I the only slowpoke

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That didn’t realise that this….

…happens between this moment

…and this moment

…and is in fact this moment

…but from Ichigo’s point of view

Am I serously that slow??? Where were my eyes all this time? I am rewatching the anime now. And I really didn’t get what Ichigo was thinking about when he got his Fullbring to work. Until now. 

All the doodle requests from the stream, which was tons of fun! I’ll make sure to stream again as soon as i have time. Also gotta love the Poke tea party, certainly one of the highlights of this stream ~

You’re Too Fast!

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“Come heeeeeere!”

In a split second, you found your boyfriend’s face in front of yours, making you jump. You never had really gotten used to that.

“Too fast.”

“Sorry (Name). Now, vat did you vant?”



“Yes. Can you pwease take me?” you asked with puppy eyes,”That is what boyfriends do..”

You giggled when the strong man picked you up bridal style, “How am I supposed to resist that?”

“You’re not. Now, hurry up slowpoke!” you say, a grin forming on your face.

“Hey! If anything, I’m a fastpoke.”

“Hurry up! I’m gonna starve!”


Suddenly, you feel a gush of wind against your skin. You look up at Pietro, who grins. Soon enough you reach your destination. But, it wasn’t exactly a restaurant. Not even a cafe. It was the park. Turning on your heels to see Pietro, you give him a “really?” face.




“You did.”

“Where’s the food?!”


“Pietro….” you whine.

“We are going to take a jog.”

“Why?? I’m hungry!”

You find yourself being dragged alongside your boyfriend. God, he was persistent. You still loved him so very much though. And that accent, it sent shivers up your spine when you heard it. He was just perfect.

plushiepuppy  asked:

Hey uhm! I know this might be a little selfish, but it's my birthday today and I was hoping you might be able to draw Kaneki and Suzuya together?? <3 (odd shipping, I know. ) but only if you have time! eep.

I am terribly sorry for being such a slowpoke, but HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!! I hope you had a really fantastic day!  ・:*+.\( ^o^ )/.:+