i am the slowpoke


I’m fine staying a slowpoke forever but if I were to meet a real nice shellder I wouldn’t be opposed to evolving with them! Real cute and sweet, like us!


If you don’t like slowpoke you must be that person who also doesn’t like babies because do you even have a soul? All kidding aside, I wish slowpokes were real so I could have a ranch of them and quit illustrating. This is definitely the coolest bandwagon I have ever hopped on. I might release these things as individual posts with fake Pokedex entries later. The story is, these are all Pokemans a slowpoke can be bred with in the game. We all know what happens in that day care, and I feel like I would be super pumped to bring home one of these babies. 

Pokemon is created and owned by Nintendo 

Special thanks to Anndorphin and Scook for artistic/emotional support also go check out their pages geeeze their art is so beautiful gogogogogo


I guess  the best part about being born with magic in the middle of the Great Purge  is that I  never get the chance to  grow attached to anyone enough to mourn their certain death.

The druids call me Emrys, yet i don’t remember what my parents named me, nor do i remember my birthday or how old i am supposed to be.

Sometiemes i wonder if I even exist.

Who am I?

What is my purpose?

Why do they hate us so much?


First part! ahhh i just have so many ideas! i am a slowpoke drawing tho, hope to get more panels done soon!


Next few pokés that I promised to doodle.
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 Okay so I’ve been meaning to do this for uh, a thousand years, but I thought HEY why not blow up my computer while I do so so, here it is!

YEAh I HAvent said anything for yeArs and it’s amazing that i’ve gotten this far. I really can’t thank you guys enough for this and, I mean really. Holy cow.

 You guys have been with me for forever. You all have seen the crappiest poop and the best shit this site has to offer and I can’t even imagine why you followed me because this is so not IT. BUT you guys have been so great and just the most supportive and amazing people and honestly the quality of this picture is so bad and some stuff might be so small but hOPEFULLY you can read it I wanted to add way more but this was the stuff that made me laugh hard and I could fit in. Also if you can guess some of these i’ll like give you metaphorical cake.

  But I just really want to thank you guys from the bottom of my heart.

Maes Hughes is a muse I’ve had so much fun with and , although I am a slowpoke and I take forever and I get busy and lazy and things happen and life pushes my hiney, you guys have all been here for SOME odd reason and it’s just been one of the most fun journeys I could have ever taken part of.

  Thank you guys. So much.

 UM SO I’m gonna tag PEople jeez this might be long

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I KNoW that is not everyone but GOSh THANK YOU GUYS for enjoying my blog and I never once deserved all the love I got from you guys or got to even thank you for sticking through this journey with me. I love you guys so much and hopefully if we haven’t talked much before we can soon!!


So I went with mom to her doctor’s appointment today, just so I can hatch a 10K egg. We were there for 2 hours. But the moment we left, the egg hatched, as I had predicated it would after walking the length of the enormous building several times.

We got our dear Hedron! Named for polyhedrons, specifically the pentagonal dodecahedron(I once drew a diagram of one for E.C. in Geometry class.).

I only need one more Slowpoke to get my Slowking, so I am excited! ^-^

At The Tone pt 2

Bucky Barnes x reader
A/n: I call this “Please Record Your Kisses.” :D
Genre: Romance, Angst
Rated: Everyone
Warning: Fluff (?), (slight) angst, swearing
Author: Chris-Evans-Imagines
Bucky stared at his phone in shock. How did your phone, that is in his hands, text him back? He choked on his tears and nearly had a heart attack when the phone started ringing. Your phone was calling his. He shakily picked it up, watching your phone as he answered.
Static. He frowned slightly.
He froze. Your voice was coming through the static. He was honestly frightened.
He bit his lip.
He deciphered the phrase after a moment.
‘Bucky the door.’
The door? He slowly went to the door, looking out both ways and your voice called out clear as day behind him.
“You are so easy to spook, dreamboat.”
Bucky whipped around and the phone fell from his fingers. There you stood, an earpiece and computer in your hand. You set the computer down and opened your arms wide. Bucky yelled your name, ran to you, and hugged you. He spun you around, crying into your shoulder as he held you tight in his arms. He cried.
“I survived somehow. I found out that…Loki saved my mind.”
Bucky reared back, blue eyes red and whispered.
“Loki? What do you mean, saved your mind?”
You smiled and stroked his cheek affectionately. You whispered while looking into his eyes, drinking in his sight.
“Loki saved my mind by transferring it into his own. I basically became his conscious while he and Asgardian healers got my body functioning again.”
Bucky cried and whispered, forehead against yours.
“Two years….two fucking years…”
“I guess I really am a slowpoke.”
Bucky kissed you, sobbing against your lips and a tear fell from your eye. You smiled while whispering and crying.
“I told you I was coming home. You got me till the end of the line, right?”
Bucky laughed and just said.
“Stop stealing my lines, doll.”
“Bite me.”
He did. You gasped and laughed, arms around his neck and his lips formed a smile against your skin. Bucky whispered.
“You are never leaving my side.”
“Never again. By the way, thanks for all the voicemails.”
Bucky chuckled and whispered, holding you tighter.
“At the tone, please record your message.”

Art prints

I’ve been asked about prints of my BB pieces a couple of times. I am a massive slowpoke and I’m afraid it’s too late to be relevant, but anyway I’ve finally uploaded a couple of them to Society6.

Here’s my page https://society6.com/einzbern

I promise I will do this more promptly if I ever draw something printable again.

Zodiac sights and the First Pokemon Generation

Aries - Exeggcute
Tauros - Sandshrew
Gemini - Ditto
Cancer - Krabby Crab (okay, i am sorry, jk) - Jigglypuff
Leo - Meowth
Virgo - TentaCOOL
Libra - Slowpoke ( He is adorable )
Scorpio - Ekans
Sagittarius - Cubone
Capricorn - Gastly
Aquarius - Psyduck
Pisces - Pikachu

P.s They are also my 12 favorite pokemons :*