i am the slowest person ever

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hey do you think you could recommend me some really good fics that aren't Unholyverse, King and Country or Skin of the Canvas ('cause I've already read these)?

you probably have but if you haven’t you MUST read anatomy of a fall

also i haven’t rec’d a bunch of fics for real in a while so congrats here we go

on the midtown direct they meet on the train and they fall in love and its sweet and lovely and i love it a lot

cupid’s chokehold frank is REALLY BAD at being a cupid. really. terrible. gerard is a cupid’s worst nightmare. or is he ;)

should you choose to remember listen…there’s a specific line from this fic that i can just recite at a moments notice and that i just THINK about a lot because its fucking great the whole thing is fucking great please read i don’t want to give anything away just take my word for it

no experience necessary they work at a pizza place its great

in a pretty how town the only kidfic that has ever mattered….they love each other so much it made me cry real tears….the slowest burn but the greatest payoff…its so good that its bottom gerard and i still am telling you to read it

across the lines forbidden love….good

transatlanticism ldr but they love each other…..yours….kill me!!!!

smokeless flame of fire gerard’s a genie and it’s written by the same person who wrote king and country so…read it

progressive diminishment and the art of living GOD this is sad but happy ending i promise and its pretty short its so good im

mind the gap between the train and the platform they realize how in love they are while on the tube in london…as someone who studied in london this is a big nut for me

becoming joan frank dresses as a girl so that gerard won’t recognize him and comes to learn that he really enjoys it it’s so great i love it a lot

the happiest fuckin’ place on earth frank works at disney and he’s very cynical but gerard helps him to BELEIVE int he MAGIC

love and other cliches gerard and frank keep getting stuck in romance novels and its legitimately fucking hilarious

an inexplicable occurrence of angels listen…i love wing!fics and this is one i have read many times and will continue to read so…recommend


I have never been a person that likes being forced to read. I am about the slowest reader you’ll ever meet and I can’t enjoy a story if I’m rushed. I am notorious for starting books and never finishing them because I can’t read them fast enough. Then suddenly I found the perfect book and I still can’t seem to put her down. I’m desperate to read through her past, thrilled to be a part of her present, and hopeful to be written in words of her future. For once I don’t feel rushed on every page I read. she’s at just the right pace for me and I hope her story is one I never stop reading. I hope it goes on forever, no matter how many pages there are.
—  I’m so lucky our pages intertwined

also psa that if you ever wanna talk to me (to thread/plot/or just wanna talk to me) and ur scared to/intimidated: about a little over a month ago i broke my ankle while i was playing mini golf. let that sink in and think about the kind of person i fuckin am. are you still intimidated? yes? wtf who fucking breaks their ankle at mini golf. a dumb ass piece of shit meme that’s who

also also heads up i’m one of the slowest people on planet earth like i am literally part sloth so keep that in mind too

List 10 facts about yourself and tag 10 of your favorite mutuals/followers!

I have been tagged by @mowedith who is sweet bean thank you!!

1. I’m very clingy and extremely talkative of those that has befriend me don’t believe me ask @little-goof and @wildmountainkid

2. I love playing video games and my favorites ones are action adventure and horror 

3. I think it oblivious but hxh is my favorite anime to watch like I can watch that series over and over without being bored of it 

4. I’m was very shy person in high school and still is 

5. I am without the doubt the slowest ass rper that anyone ever rp with 

6. I love my followers even those that never talk to me

7. leorio and gon is my favorite characters in hxh 

8. like leorio I love to sleep 

9.  I enjoy rping as it usually ease my stress I deal with rl 

10.  beside hxh I also enjoy watching pokemon, fma, inuyasha,  Boku no Hero Academia, sailor moon, and  Yu Yu hakusho

so here are lovely beans I’ll be tagging: @younguchihasuvivor, @little-goof@wildmountainkid, @wild-cxrd, @eyesofcuriosity, @shimmy-sham-with-the-fam, @kimievii, @ou-no-tame


Things have been going poorly.
I’ve been eating fast food, junk food, restaurant food.

The only exercise I’ve been getting is walking my dog around the block in the am.

On Friday I went to the doctor and I’ve gained weight. I’m the heaviest I’ve ever been: 355lbs.

Today I walked 5k. It took me 1hr and 19 minutes. I was so far in the back of the pack, I lost sight of the next slowest person before hitting mile 2.

But I did it!
It was hard, I was slow, I was panting and sweating the whole way.

Now my feet hurt, I’m sore, and I’m a little sun burned.

But mostly I’m determined. I’m not going down like this. I’m not going to keep getting fatter and fatter, less and less mobile.

Food is a serious issue for me, but people overcome addictions to heroin, crack, meth, alcohol… I’m going to beat these food issues even if I have to take it 15 minutes at a time.

I’m going to move my body so I become strong, flexible, and fast.

I hauled 355lbs over 3 miles this morning. I can do this!

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Please may we have some more Emma and young!Regina? *puppy dog eyes*

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four:

Emma’s face was riddled with guilt despite the fact that she hadn’t technically done anything wrong. It wasn’t her fault that little Regina had just popped out of thin air and nearly sent her toppling to the ground in surprise. She had just been trying to manage the situation as best she could.

Still, she bit her lip nervously under the heat of Regina’s glare as she muttered, “Er…”

Henry echoed his birthmother, an “Er…” of his own slipping from his lips as he wore a similar expression to Emma’s, despite him also having had nothing to do with this situation.

The young Regina glanced from Emma to Henry, confused by their reactions, before merely attempting to reconcile whatever it was that had caused such tension. She smiled a little awkwardly at her older self, though bright nonetheless, and said, “You are…I…” She laughed at herself for a moment before trying once more. “WeI suppose is best, are quite beautiful at thirty-two.”

Regina wasn’t amused. She put a hand up to signify that her younger self should stop talking before turning back to Emma. “Well…?”

“Erm…see,” Emma began, scratching at the back of her head. “See, what had happened was…you, well not you, but you know, you her you…” She turned to point at the younger Regina who just sort of awkwardly waved.

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Friendly Darvey Reminders

ok so I think we can all agree that season 5b has been a little tough on our ship. It’s currently caught in the middle of a storm and by that I mean it’s not moving forward (arguably moving backwards, even). So if you’re feeling discouraged by what you’re seeing out there, here are some things that might refresh your memory and convince you to never give up on this 13-year-old boat of ours:

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