i am the slowest ever

Adrinette Month (messy) Calligraphy!

HI! So, I did more calligraphy for Miraculous Ladybug
I was so excited for Adrinette Month, but unfortunately, I am the SLOWEST WRITER EVER and I can’t draw. So, I thought why not do some calligraphy as my submissions!
Every day I’m just going to do a little calligraphy for the themes for each day!

I hope everyone had/is having a great Valentine’s Day!

Love y’all!

I have never been a person that likes being forced to read. I am about the slowest reader you’ll ever meet and I can’t enjoy a story if I’m rushed. I am notorious for starting books and never finishing them because I can’t read them fast enough. Then suddenly I found the perfect book and I still can’t seem to put her down. I’m desperate to read through her past, thrilled to be a part of her present, and hopeful to be written in words of her future. For once I don’t feel rushed on every page I read. she’s at just the right pace for me and I hope her story is one I never stop reading. I hope it goes on forever, no matter how many pages there are.
—  I’m so lucky our pages intertwined

One week from today, on April 13, this blog will start posting in-depth analyses of each single piece of text in Homestuck once a day. I’ve prepared over a month worth of content, yet our protagonist hasn’t done more than captchaloguing some fake arms and smoke pallets where I am at. Get ready for the slowest let’s-read of any story ever!

If you have questions or suggestions, don’t be afraid to ask! Besides the daily post, I would like to post the comments and original ideas of my readers. Optimally, I would love to see a community sprout around this project.

Happy reading!

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listen…. liSTEN……. I love Gaster ok. More specifically, I love this Gaster. As far as I’m aware (as I’ve been removed from the UT fandom for quite some time) there’s still so much about Gaster in-game that remains a mystery, but now I don’t think I could see him as any other way than Rose’s interpretation. Gaster is a sweet, gentle hearted genius and loving father and seeing him try his very best to keep a balance between Monsters and Humans, both after and during a war, warms my heart and it breaks too knowing what happens to him. But all the same he’s endearing and just a joy to continue reading and watching him grow.

Rose has been following me since my Warden Amell and it’s been such an awesome experience to see how they take Gaster through his life both before and after the Core, and each point in his timeline throws me through the loop with their awesome writing and their way of broaching each subject that is all but guaranteed to give you soul crushing feelings with how strongly they’re conveyed through their writing. There’s so much thought and soul put into this characterization and it’s just amazing how they’re still going as strong as they are.

I feel stupid. Inspired, but stupid.

So. As you may be aware, I can’t shut up about Seth Rollins. I have not shut up about him since July. And this is fine, I’m having fun being a wrestling fan and a fan of this particular nerd, it’s a good time!

However. Recently, I’ve been feeling rubbish about a thing and that thing is the fact that I am not one bit fit. I have a bum knee after a dislocation years ago (they both dislocate far too easily, which is why I never run. For anything) and I’m also hugely lazy. I joined a gym twice in the last two years, then quit because I just couldn’t be arsed. So I’m really, really unfit. I am the slowest walker I have ever met, for example.

And then. And then you start watching these people do ridiculous things in a wrestling ring and you realise how HARD they must work. The level of fitness they need to do the things they do is off any scale I have a reference for.

And hey, you know who else blew his knee? He started from an infinitely higher baseline of fitness than I did, but the fact remains that Seth Rollins blew every ligament in his knee and I’ve seen the documentary, I’ve seen what it did to him, I’ve seen where he is now and how he came back even stronger, and dammit dammit DAMMIT if it doesn’t make me think, well, Kez, you’re the only one who can do a damn thing about this problem.

So I joined the gym again.

And I went for the first time tonight.

And I wanted to give up after twenty minutes on a bike.

But I didn’t.

I did not give up because I thought about Seth, who did not give up. I am literally, actually, for real using a wrestler as inspiration to push myself through stuff.

Look, I’m fat, okay? I’ve always been fat, I don’t care any more, I’m not doing this for weight loss. I just want some level of physical fitness. I want to be able to walk for miles without it being tiring, I want to be able to lift heavy shit without hating every muscle in my arms, I want to be able to do stuff faster, I want to stop being too tired to walk home from the station at the end of the day. Little things like that.

And so I started. It’s been one evening, it isn’t much. But I started.

But I feel ridiculous because of why I started. I started because of Seth freakin’ Rollins. That IS ridiculous. I mean for fuck’s sake I even did it listening to the WWE Workout playlist he made for Spotify. RIDICULOUS.

Isn’t it?

Maybe it doesn’t matter why you start as long as you start. Maybe you have to take inspiration wherever you can get it. Maybe I was right the first time and I’m daft, but… I started. And when I want to give up, I’m gonna think about Seth and then I’m gonna keep going.

Because he wouldn’t quit. I don’t think he’d want anyone else to quit either.

So I’m ridiculous. And I’ll keep right on going.

Dude, 6 months, I’m the slowest writer EVER. Anyway, I am finally done with the next chapter after it just wouldn’t come together *grumbles something nsfw*.

I actually wanted to talk a bit about some of the background work and ideas and thoughts of this one, but I’m ridiculously tired, so maybe I’ll put it on the backburner. Too much to do, too little time. But it’s a good kind of ‘stress’, so I can’t really complain :)

Anyways, long story short: Here’s chapter 39! Thanks for still sticking with me after all this time ;)


anonymous asked:

Hi Holly, I was wondering your thoughts on post-finale Will's mindset about murder. We know he wanted Hannibal to "leave" as a free man despite being the Ripper (the phone call warning). We know he wanted "run away with him" and that he sailed across the ocean to find him (for what purpose?? we just don't know!!1!). After trying and failing to distance himself, he's now literally embraced Hannibal, so, will he embrace murder too? Will he hunt and enjoy it like Hannibal? What do you think? Thanks

Hi nonny, this is actually something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately, and I think even though Will did finally embrace Hannibal in the finale, he is never going to stop being conflicted with himself or with the many facets of who he is inside. I think he will want to kill with Hannibal, it’s going to be irresistible to him after the first time and tbh that’s part of why he pulled them off that cliff… he understood he would always want to feel that way with him, and he was terrified of what that meant for the future. 

Will knew before they even went over that cliff that he didn’t want to live without Hannibal by his side ever again, so I don’t think that aspect of it is something he’s going to be fighting any longer. He wanted to be with him at the end of season 2, he wanted to be with him all throughout season 3, and I honestly believe if he didn’t have Jack pushing him to take Hannibal out he would have just slipped away with him after he found him in Italy (and I think the same can be said about Hannibal had Bedelia not been whispering in his ear convincing him he needed to kill and consume Will to forgive him). 

But now that it’s likely just the two of them running off together? They are going to be more equal than ever, but that isn’t going to spell the end of the conflict. Killing together is going to happen, but I don’t know that Will is ever going to fully embrace the concept of eating the rude. I think he will want to try and seek out those who would do harm to others – those who abuse children and animals, maybe other serial killers… If they’re going to kill, he’s going to want it to be for the greater good, even if he is taking great pleasure in it.

And now I’m picturing the two of them bickering all the time over what constitutes a “bad” person. Will always insisting they know for sure before they act, but then one day they have someone over for dinner that they suspect is killing a bunch of dogs in their new neighborhood but they just don’t have enough evidence to be certain yet, but then this dude is just sort of being really rude to Hannibal and insulting his cooking and the wine and Will ends up killing him in the middle of dinner without really even thinking about it and Hannibal is so turned on because Will has been so careful up to that point and Hannibal thinks there’s nothing more beautiful than when he just relaxes with himself and follows his instincts (and then they probably skip dessert and fuck right there on the table).

Who they kill and why would likely be the main source of conflict, but also their main source of connection, and Will is not going to want that to stop. I think it would just be so interesting to see him slowly lose himself in it more and more, to try and negotiate all these rules and boundaries but the more they kill the better he feels and the more connected they become and the less he starts to care about someone being bad or merely being rude and offensive to them. I cannot wait and i need season 4 right now tbh.