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Can you recommend me some good tumblrs please I'm new here thank you x

Welcome to tumblr! Welcome to the fandom of 1D and the fandom of each individual that is in 1D! (:
I am a Niall girl with Louis as a close second so I’ll give you most of the blogs I follow (it’s not very many lmao);
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  • favorite character: *is about to do something embarrassing*
  • Me: *pauses tv*
  • Me: *stares into space and cringes for 10 minutes, goes for a walk, rocks back and forward in the shower, sits on couch regrettably*
  • me: *presses play*
Crawling Chaos - Part Three - Void Stiles

Author: @mf-despair-queen

Characters: Void Stiles/Reader

Word Count: 5,827

Warnings: NSFW, 18+, Oral (female receiving), Masturbation, Shower Sex, Pool Sex

Notes: The much requested third and FINAL part of Crawling Chaos. I really hope you guys like this, and please don’t kill me for the end. I have no idea how you guys will take the end of this. Literally, I owe m life to @minhosmeanhoe because she was super encouraging while I wrote this and helped me work out some kinks in the plot. She is a godsend and I love her to death. 

Part 1  Part 2

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  • What "detransitioned trans guy" should mean: I am a trans man who began a more medical transition process but decided that I don't need to change my body to love myself as a man
  • What people use it to mean now: I am a cis girl who thought I was a boy for 0.3 seconds and because of that experience I know everything about being trans, but mostly I just know that since I'm not trans nobody else really is, I mean, if it was just a phase for me then it can't be real for anyone, right?

happy 23rd birthday to kim yura, rap god and pabo extraordinaire. girl’s day wouldn’t be as fun and lively without you. you’re so beautiful inside and out, and i’ll never stop admiring you for your hard work and strong spirit. whether it’s art, singing, rapping, or having a good time, you never cease to amaze me! ♡ #HappyYuraDay ♡


BOOKS READ IN 2016: The Girl from Everywhere by Heidi Heilig

Flecks of foam washed our feet. Words came to mind and then melted away like spun sugar on my tongue. Last night, there had been so much to say, but tomorrow had become today, and everything was different.

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sherlolly and warstan children being bffs. mary, john, molly and sherlock being parents and loving each other's children headcanons? JUST ALL THE PARENT!LOCK HEADCANONS INCLUDING MARY AND JOHN LOL

Oh, I am soooooo down for this!

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  1. Mary and John have their second child, another girl, before Sherlock and Molly have their only child, a son. Molly doesn’t have a very easy pregnancy, and she and Sherlock decide one child is enough for them because they are also a pretty integral part of the lives of the Watson girl’s lives.
  2. Rosie and her sister, Abigail Louise, absolutely adore Victor Hamish Holmes. He is not quite as enthused most of the time because he is in a “girls, eww” stage. But if anyone picks on his honorary sisters, they get fists in the face. Only he can pick on them (they take it in stride because he never says anything REALLY mean).
  3. The “eww girls” phase only lasts until Victor is six, and then he and Abigail (who is seven, nearly eight) are inseperable. Rosie is nine and she says her sister and Victor are MATES and they usually tackle her and then tickle fights ensue until there is one true victor (usually one of the adults, because they get drug into it and they are bigger).
  4. Molly and Mary don’t dare get their hopes up that Victor and Abby actually fancy each other, but sometimes they muse on actually being related and all and being the sisters the other never had and wouldn’t that be nice?
  5. Rosie goes through a phase where she thinks about nothing but being a specialist registrar when she’s eleven and she shadows Molly at Barts and no one except her teachers are at all disturbed that she’s spending time in the morgue on the weekends. She’s actually quite good at the little tasks Molly gives her and she takes note to see if Rosie is still interested when she gets older to see about getting her into the university she went to or an internship or something.
  6. When she’s twelve she gets interested in her Uncle Sherlock’s work, and so do Victor and Abby, and suddenly there’s three children shadowing Sherlock and John at crime scenes and Scotland Yard is asking DIs Lestrade and Donovan why don’t you find this disturbing? When they say the kids are Holmes and Watson’s, it’s understood some things are just meant to be.
  7. This phase actually lasts three years. Victor solves two cases before his father. Abby solves four. Sherlock suggests they start their own blog. His wife and the Watsons say perhaps they can just start with cases at school instead. Sherlock slips them the occasional 1s and 2s.
  8. Rosie meets a boy she’s crazy about that John isn’t quite sure about. Mary is even less sure and shadows them on their first date, blending right into the crowd. The boy tries to make a move Rosie doesn’t want him to and she breaks his nost and sprains his wrist the way her mum showed her. Mary gets home before Rosie does, a wide smile on her face. She never tags along on one of Rosie’s dates again.
  9. Victor and Abby go to a party their mutual mate from school is throwing where there is a ton of alcohol and random silly games. Neither imbibe but they do play some of the games. One is a truth or dare game, and Victor is supposed to kiss Abby but refuses. Abby leaves in a huff and Victor goes after her and when he catches up to her he asks if she fancies him. She rolls her eyes and says it should be obvious. He said he thought it was but he wasn’t about to kiss her for a silly game without properly courting her first, and she’s surprised for a moment before she moves and kisses him first.
  10. Mary and Molly almost start planning the wedding the moment they hear about it.

send me an AU and i’ll tell you 5 of my headcanons for it

Reasons to watch Cleverman
  • Australian scifi
  • Australian Aboriginal scifi with a predominantly Aboriginal cast
  • filmed in and around Sydney
  • does not hold back on the metaphor for race relations AT ALL
  • the Aboriginal men are intelligent, sexual, caring and not in the least emasculated
  • the Aboriginal women I am waiting to see another side to aside from wife and victim
  • it’s airing simultaneously on Aussie ABC as well as on the Sundance channel
  • second season has already been commissioned

  • the white people are the least interesting in this story and so they bloody well should be 
  • did I mention how completely unapologetic it is about depicting the vile conditions Aboriginal people have and still face, how it totally depicts the struggle the Aboriginal person has between cultures?
  • Aboriginal superheroes … already one guy and I am really hoping for a girl awakening to her potential in the second ep

Not my gif, made by @clevermanabc.



I looked around the room we were escorted to when we arrived at the doctor’s office and shook my head. I couldn’t believe this was supposed to be a place someone came to get treatment.

We weren’t even in a real waiting room it was like more like a small office.

“What’s up with all the security?” I questioned

She rolled her eyes “I don’t know, talk to my dad about it. I don’t know why he’s being like this” she huffed

I shook my head. I knew the man was a senator but this was a bit too much, or maybe he didn’t want people to know that his twenty-year-old daughter was pregnant.

If that’s the case, he was lame as fuck. I didn’t even bother to bringing the idea up to Cyn because I wasn’t sure how her emotions were today and I didn’t want this to be something that would ruin her mood.

“You know…” she began “You didn’t have to take off of work just so you could come with me, you know” Cyn said

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And i’m still wondering what made you fall in love with me. There’s nothing special about me. I’m just nothing and simple. I am just an average girl and not someone you’ll have a second look. You see, i’m not interesting, i am boring and i don’t talk that much. You’ll see me wearing shirts and pants and sneakers. I’m not attractive, i’m not a head turner. Not to mention the fact that i am moody, sometimes childish and stubborn. I can’t see anything special to me that’s why i can’t believe that someone like you took the risk of getting to know me. And i can’t believe that you fell in love with someone like me. But i’m glad and happy that you looked beyond on what your eyes could see.
—  and that made me feel that i am worth to be loved
Flowers and Songs

Fandom: Hibike! Euphonium/Sound! Euphonium
Pairing(s): KumiRei (Kumiko/Reina) and HaruAsuKaori on the side (third-year ot3)
Words: 5.4k+
Summary:  In which Kumiko works in a flower shop, and Reina’s that beautiful, mysterious stranger she finally gets to talk to.
Links: FF is here! AO3 is here!

“Ow, why’d you elbow me—”

“She’s here again.”

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The Maze Runner: Newt - Untrusted

Prompt: You’re new to the Maze, and feel as though no one can be trusted. You meet Newt, and refuse to give him a chance… but he doesn’t stop trying to be your friend.

Requested by: @gredandforge123

It’s not fair, you think to yourself as you wander through the night, a blazing bonfire in the distance. How in the hell did you end up here? You shake your head and sit down into the dirt, there’s no way to even begin how to figure it out. You pick up a fallen twig and pick at it furiously, you find it hard to believe that this is something you deserved because… well, you just know you couldn’t have done anything that bad to get your butt thrown into this place. So where are you and why? You ditch the stick and rake through your brain for answers but there is nothing. Nothing at all. Just complete darkness –everything that may have once been there has vanished. Everything that made you was stolen, ripped from your mind never to be seen again.

Surely you don’t deserve this.

And what about all of these other people with her? All these other… boys? Why are they here and where are all the girls? Oh God…

“Not up to a bit of partying?” A voice calls out from your left, you look suspiciously over at the boy who you recall to be called Newt.

You lower your head and don’t make eye contact, it’s like second nature for you to act this way. You think to yourself in those few seconds, this is the kind of girl I am. “No… not really…”

He takes a seat on the ground beside you, “Why’s that?”

You really wish he would just disappear so you could be left to the comfort of your own self, “You’re really asking me that question?” You take a second to glance at him, and then you look back at the floor. Your heart racing slightly at the difference in your tone of voice.

He raises an eyebrow, “Well… I know you’re probably confused as shuck, like all of us.” He turns to you and you feel his eyes on you, “But I guess we just somehow have learnt to plod along in confusion together and get through whatever this is.”

You close your eyes for a moment; the air around you frosty-cold. “In all honesty Newt, I… I don’t want to talk to you like we’re buddies or something. Especially when I have no idea what’s going on.” You sigh before adding, “And I know you don’t know what this place is either… but there must be something more that you can tell me?” You look at him once more and this time you keep your stare, “I…”

He looks at you, like really looks at you. You wonder if he is remembering something or if you remind him of someone else… you wonder if those eyes looking right into you now have seen some really messed up shit. You wonder if those eyes will be yours as the days go by.

“This place… we don’t know what it’s here for, or why we are in it. We just know that every month a Greenie comes in up the Box, joins our Glade community, and works along with us to figure a way out. And it’s always been the same. Until you, being the first girl an all. I’m sure you’ve noticed.”

You look around the Glade again, only now realising how incredibly big it is, “I thought you… you did something to the girls.”

“And that’s normal to think, but I swear you’re the first girl here.”

Is this how he tricked all of the other girls? With his cute brown eyes and innocent smile? It comes out like a whisper, a faint, small voice that at first, you don’t really think it belongs to you. Inside, you feel strong and independent but for some reason you cannot voice it or act on it. Something inside you blocks your way and you don’t know what it is. “I don’t believe you.”


You stand up and back away from him before his hand can touch your shoulder, “I don’t believe you.” You say again, your heart beating fast and a trembling lip. “How could I believe you? I don’t even know you!”

Newt stands up as well, his voice flat, “Yeah, well I don’t even know myself.”

You try to calm yourself, “Just don’t… Just don’t talk to me. Just leave me alone.” You turn and walk away, and thankfully you do not hear his footsteps follow you.

You turn over in the bed they showed you to earlier today, in a building called the Homestead. They said this was the only room you could get the privacy you needed from the other boys, but how can you sleep? Constant questions forming in your mind; eager to escape your lips. If you fall asleep and let your guard down, they could hurt you. They’re just waiting on the right time; you can feel it.

You finish your breakfast on the outskirts of the eating area by yourself, an occasional glance comes your way from the Gladers who dare to look. But you choose to keep ignoring them, refusing to “commune” with them.

However, that is short lived as a boy you remember called Alby approaches you with a daunting seriousness in his eyes. “Y/N.” He says it cautiously, as if he knows what kind of attitude you are going to have already; you shake your head: must have been Newt.


He crouches down and leans onto his heels, “The Glade is very… reliant on everyone living inside it. I know you’re confused—

“Newt told you this?”

He sighs, closing his eyes for only a few seconds before opening them again, “Yes. Newt told me about how you feel, that’s his job. He… he takes care of the Greenies first few days or weeks, and even after that he checks up on people; that’s just the kind of person he is.”

“Okay,” you say it defiantly but inside you feel that Alby is right. That’s all that Newt was trying to do for you; help.

“So as I was saying, I know you’re not feeling like this place can be trusted. I understand that but, for you to trust this place you need to see how it works.” Suddenly he stands up and points to certain places, calling them the Gardens or the Kitchens, “These places are where we work together. The job you’ll be given will be the job you’ve done your best at, so we need you to trial through each job.”

“This place is so…” you feel amazed, or something like awe. This place is so big and so self-sufficient, if not for the fact that most supplies are brought up to the place, from where you came. “Strange. I don’t get why this place exists or why I am in it. And I don’t want to help people who won’t tell me those answers.”

“We don’t have the answers you’re looking for—

“Then come back when you do!”

You watch as he walks away when he realises that he can’t get through to you. You don’t want to talk to anyone. You don’t want to help anyone. Not until you understand what the hell is going on.

You spend the day avoiding everyone at all costs, and everyone else seems to avoid you also. You’re not sure why they’re avoiding you, but you’re grateful nonetheless. You walk through the Glade but you stop abruptly as a shovel falls at your feet.

“Hey, Y/N,” Newt says with a grin, “Mind helping me out in the Gardens?”

You frown and look at the other people working, they seem to have stop staring after Newt and you and continued on. You sigh, almost silently, and pick the shovel up, “Alright.” Newt tried to help you earlier, you see that now. He tried to help you feel calm about coming to the Glade but you refused it. The least you can do is repay him for his somewhat kindness. You follow Newt to the patch where he’s been working, and help dig up the soft dirt for the new vegetables to fit into.

“So, I saw you up at sunrise this morning,” he starts, a smallish grin on his face. “Early bird?”

You dig deeper into the Earth with frustration and concentration plastered on your face, “I… I’m not sure. Maybe, I just woke up around that time and thought it’d be nice to see the sun come up.” You grunt with effort as you throw some more dirt on yours and Newt’s pile, “What about you?”

“Well, I couldn’t sleep most of the night so I just thought it would make sense to wait around for a sunrise. It was nice.”

You smile, wiping the sweat from your forehead, “Yeah, it was.” You shake your head, leaning onto the shovel, “It’s weird, I remember what a sunrise looks like before the Glade, but I don’t have any specific memory of a sunrise.”

He nods, “Yeah, you might want to get used to that, as annoying as it is.”

“This memory wipe thing… you can tell it’s so complex. So complicated.”

He stops digging for a moment, “It makes you think though, right?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, it makes you think that it if it’s that complicated then… how are we involved? We’re just a bunch of kids, you know?”

These words… they almost come as a shock to you. You realise that Newt has a point. Maybe… maybe what everyone said about kids like you and Newt just being thrown into the Glade for either some sick enjoyment or another underlying cause is true; maybe no one actually knows. For some reason though, that scares you more.

You both continue to help in the Gardens until you finish your patch, but Newt moves onto a new one so you follow. You realise what he’s trying to do however, he’s trying to get you to try out the Track-hoe jobs. But even though you know this, you continue to help. You have nothing else to do… and maybe you want to try and understand this place better. The people in it too. And soon, you are laughing and joking with Newt, and even some of the other Track-hoes.

Suddenly a gust of wind and dirt flies into your face, luckily you close your eyes just in time but you suspect some had gotten into your mouth. You pause, wipe your face and stare down Newt who now almost shrieks with laughter. Other Gladers surrounding look between you two, but mostly at you, waiting for a sudden outburst on your part probably.

But instead, you pick up a handful of dirt, walk up to him as he is bent over with laughter, and rub the muddy, soft dirt all through his golden locks of hair. In a flash he is standing straight up again, a humorous look of amused shock on his face at your actions.

“No way you’re going to get away with doing that!”

You raise an eyebrow, “Excuse me? You’re the one who started it!”

Newt quickly drops his hand to the ground to pick up a spare hose which is unfortunately turned on. You squeal and choose to run instead of freeze up in terror, but the pressure of the hose is higher than you thought; immediately you feel a splash of water on your back.

There’s not much space to run around as most places around you are either ditches or filled with new vegetables, so instead of dodging around every patch you duck as Newt comes closer, and then run into him with a burst of energy. You knock him to the ground and grab the hose that fell from his hands; you spray him over until he knocks it out of your own hand.

You both leap for the fallen hose; almost competitively. And you squeal when the cold water drowns your face and blurs your vision.

“Fine, fine! You win!”

Newt laughs, “You give up? So easily?”

“Yes, fine, whatever! Just stop spraying me!” You shout through a string of laughter.

He stops spraying you and throws the hose onto the ground, “Guess I’m number one Shank.”

You smirk evilly before snatching up the hose yet again and tackling Newt into the dirt, “Guess not!”

After a reckless afternoon of using the hose to soak one another, and every other Track-hoe, you rock up to dinner absolutely covered with mud and grass. And so does Newt.

You join a table with Newt, still dirty even after trying very hard to scrub off all the dirt (Alby’s orders). You notice a lot of smudges of dirt on Newt’s face and clothes too and smile to yourself, at least you know one boy in this place isn’t going to disappoint you.

He introduces you to everyone else at the table and you grin happily, pleased to give these boys a chance. You have one final look at Newt before you realise that you just made your first friend.

He smiles back, and that confirms it.