i am the ruler


oh. oh.

How I want Lotor’s introduction to go this time:

LOTOR: “I am crown prince Lotor, son of Emperor Zarkon, the ruler of the universe. I come to tell you your planet has only one chance to escape destruction.”

LOTOR: *gasp*

LOTOR: “And who are you, my pretty?”

ALLURA: “I am princess Allura, and I order you to- “

LOTOR: “Not you, woman! You, the tall muscular handsome one with the chiseled jaw and a bad haircut.“

SHIRO: “Uhhh..”

KEITH: “Fight me!!! Man to man! Right now!!!

LOTOR: “Wait, I..  I didn’t even suggest the duel yet…”



                                                           All these years later… 
                                                           Am I the ruler my mother 
                                                           Wanted me to be? 

Each star is a mirror 🍒

exoteric ruler: mars
esoteric ruler: mercury

i am not burned to death by the flame, the fire burns me alive, i am always fighting for my life

exoteric ruler: venus
esoteric ruler: vulcan

i am the mother of all form and beauty, but i know too that mortal and sting of earthy pain, i am so invoked in this world

exoteric ruler: mercury
esoteric ruler: venus

i started thinking the moment i was born, i do not possess my thoughts ~ my thoughts possess me

exoteric ruler: moon
esoteric ruler: neptune

i am the golden thread that connects the world to the mother goddess, from inside the water globe i give life and glow

exoteric ruler: sun
esoteric ruler: sun

i am god singing himself to sleep as the sun falls from the sky, when i open my heart, the world is given life 

exoteric ruler: mercury
esoteric ruler: moon

i harvest inside me shadows and poetry that make only orderly sense to me, my ingrediants are my hands, mind, and empathy, opening my heart to serve will unfreeze me

exoteric ruler: venus
esoteric ruler: uranus

love maple glistens against my body like shimmering glass across aphrodite’s sea. i am you, you are me

exoteric ruler: mars and pluto
esoteric ruler: mars

i can baptize people with my gaze, sink them into the soul with my embrace, and heal with my hypnosis, when i direct my power higher, i become a sorcerer

exoteric ruler: jupiter
esoteric ruler: earth

my love affair with the earth is my greatest romance, i am the kiss of the wind, my soul is satisfied with flowers and fruit

exoteric ruler: saturn
esoteric ruler: saturn

even in my darkest moments my bones won’t allow me to collapse, i am iron, hyrogen, and crafted in a moment of god’s sheer inspiration

exoteric ruler: saturn and uranus
esoteric ruler: jupiter

you could see my thoughts from space if you tried, zigazzging across the globe like neon electric lights, kissing salvation into the mind

exoteric ruler: jupiter and neptune
esoteric ruler: pluto

i live in a dense and dreamy sea, i am open and boundless, but nothing can truly hurt me, i have stood on serpants in lives before and my spirit is sheltered and holy


  • Me: I am the ruler of all the land! A princess above the rest, you are all my peasants and I am you're adorable princess!!I am the law and above all others! Cake for everyone!!
  • Daddy: Young lady, get off the table right now!
  • Me: Yes daddy *carefully gets off table *

Silly redraw of some panels from Part 11 of @figmentforms’s comic A Tale of Two Rulers.

This is an AU where everyone is happy and no one gets hurt.

honestly tho Tsukishima is so fucking #extra when it comes to Hinata???

Tsukki: *does something Good*

Tsukki: *immediately side-eyes Hinata as if saying “I did awesome too”*

this reminded me of That One Panel:

tempymeune  asked:

Hi, son. <3 You always say you're a liar but are you better than Celeste ? She's the Queen of Liars after all!

She may very well be the ‘queen’ of liars but just remember that I am the embodiment of lie itself, I simply outrank her (Pretty much how Junko is the embodiment of despair and the rest are remnants of despair) 

Needless to say I still think she’s a great liar just not on my league.

 (This bit contains spoilers of the games Danganronpa and Danganronpa v3)

With Celestia’s lying capability she managed to pull of a double murder, a nice one at that but full of flaws and ultimately got herself executed. Wasn’t that brutal nishishi~ She didn’t want to die, she wanted to leave more than anyone, to me that was her best lie

Whereas I pulled of a double murder without actually being the killer therefore saved myself from being executed, my lies have been both kind and cruel whereas Celestia’s lies were mostly trying to be kind to others so she wouldn’t seem like a murderer. Also my demise was on my accord rather than anyone else’s (I could have easily drank that antidote and survived nishishi~ But it would have been much better if I just died)

Excerpt from Arcanum Unbounded

so this is an excerpt on the Scadrial system released by Google books that I found on Tor’s website. some spoilers for mistborn so reader beware.

The Scadrian System

The inner system here is basically empty, save for the planet Scadrial, which is fortuitous—considering the vast changes the system has undergone because of the influence of its Shards.

The remarkable thing about Scadrial is how well humankind has flourished on it, despite these repeated cataclysms. Surely other planets in the cosmere have seen worse disasters, but on none of them will you find a thriving, technologically advanced society as exists on Scadrial.

Indeed, I am convinced that without the Lord Ruler’s oppression of technology on the planet for a thousand years, Scadrial would have eclipsed all others in scientific learning and progress—all on its own, without the interaction between societies we enjoy in Silverlight.

Scadrial, another dishardic planet, is characterized by a host of unique features. It is one of only two places in the cosmere where humankind does not predate the arrival of Shards. Indeed, I am convinced from my studies that the planet itself did not exist before its Shards, Ruin and Preservation, arrived in the system. They picked a star with no relevant planets in orbit, specifically choosing this location because it was empty, so they could place there whatever they wished.

Yes, the Shards undoubtedly used humans from Yolen as a model (indeed, both of the Vessels for these Shards were human before their Ascensions) in creating life. Because of this, the flora and fauna on Scadrial are very similar to what you’ll find on Yolen. (The non-fain parts, of course.) It is also very similar to Yolen in size and gravitation, both being exactly at 1.0 cosmere standard.

Though the Shards created this planet together, it quickly became the symbol of—and prize in—their conflict. To speak on the personalities of the Vessels themselves is not my field of expertise; better to approach one of my colleagues who specializes in pre-Shattering biography and history, rather than an arcanist. I can say, however, that their conflict is manifested directly in the ways that Investiture is used on Scadrial.

This is a powerful magic, and one where humans themselves have often had access to grand bursts of strength. I would challenge one to identify another planet, save only Roshar, where one can find such strength of Investiture so commonly in the hands of mortals. Periodically throughout Scadrial’s history, a man or woman gained access to vast amounts of power, with incredible effects. The most obvious evidence of this is the fact that the star charts Guyn has so kindly provided list two orbits for Scadrial. The planet was literally moved at various points by individuals wielding immense amounts of Investiture. (As an aside, this has wreaked havoc with trying to understand historical calendars on the planet.)

I have written much about the magics of this planet. Indeed, I could fill entire volumes with my thoughts on Allomancy, Feruchemy, and Hemalurgy. I maintain, however, that the one of these with the largest potential impact on the cosmere is Hemalurgy. Usable by anyone with the right knowledge, this dangerous creation has proven able to warp souls regardless of planet or Investiture, creating false Connections that no Shard designed or intended.

Though the planetary system is rather boring, Scadrial itself has proven intriguing time and time again. This is despite the fact that humans used to live on a relatively small portion of the planet. (A fact that began to change once the extreme environments of the Final Empire were removed.)

From the adaptations (both forced and unforced) of the humans living on her, to the vast transformations of landscape during her different eras, Scadrial remains my favorite planet for scholarly study in the cosmere. The interactions of her magics with natural physics are multitude, varied, and fascinating.