i am the rani

“si Rani hepi bana bantuaknyo!”

Well, I am that bad at hiding my emotion. Today I could have a long chit chat with one of my friend. Our first. So natural. Hope we can be a real one friend.

And…..I am still an ‘amateur’ at interacting with opposite gender. So once I got the chance, I should try my best to kept my feeling neutral.

Then come today, have that chance. Have a long chat. Feel flattered because my personal information being asked. Came home, talk to mom, unconsciously produce happy gesture, then mom spontaneously said, “You look so happy today!”

If that person know how happy I am bcs all went good (not nervous, awkward moment passed), that person may feel disgust.

Above of all.

I am happy yeappy! :D


Bollywood Photoshop Challenge (x):

23) Most kick-ass female character(s)
So I was just going to do this on PC in Mary Kom but in all fairness, I can’t do that because there are so many other kick-ass amazing female characters in Bollywood nowadays.