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» All things infinite by MemeKonVLD

The one where Lance is a Bisexual Intergalactic Flirt, and Keith discovers he has feelings about this.

» An Equitable Compromise by Barkour

It was all Keith’s fault that Lance kissed him.

» And All The Ticking Pieces by PastelClark 

Lance was… complicated. For all that Keith has slowly begun to figure out the others aboard the ship, Lance remains much of a mystery to him.

(Or, Keith tries putting himself in Lance’s shoes, and things go surprisingly Not Terribly afterwards.)

» Backhand by Raylou

“They have a weapons class taught by an arnis master. Lots of sticks, knives, and improvised weapons. I asked if she could perform a weapons form with a stool. She gave me a private show. It was lit.”

“On fire?”

» bouncing off exit signs by steelthighsvoideyes

This is the story of two absolute idiots who keep searching for what they’ve already found.

» Cactus by PinkHitman

When Keith moves from the desert in the middle of ass backwards nowhere, to plop in the middle of the big city, he doesn’t expect to instantly grow fond of the tall, endearing, jerk across the street. But it’s hard not to see roses when said person works in a flower shop.

» Damaged by CalicoThunder

Lance’s worst nightmare is realized when his father casts him out of the house for coming out as bi, and as a result, his mind and body end up running away from his control, and he knows he’s gonna lose it-

Until Keith fucking Kogane comes along, at midnight on a Friday.

» daytime star by draconicwyvern

Keith’s neighbor across the balcony is annoying. And not just annoying — Lance is get-on-your-nerves, make-you-want-to-punch-a-wall annoying. So when Lance announces he’s moving to Colorado, Keith finally feels as if the world is back to being just him and the night stars.

But things don’t go as planned: the paper airplanes, the scent of coffee at 1:00 a.m., the words inscribed on Keith’s neck, and the slow curl of a blue flame echoing in his chest. And maybe, just maybe —

— stars do exist in the day.

» eyes wide to you with wonder by aknightley

Keith doesn’t dislike his job, but he definitely dislikes Lance. Probably. Maybe.

» Full Disclosure by IntelligentAirhead

Keith is impulsive and straightforward when it comes to most things, and emotions are no exception. It’s no surprise, then, that when he realises that he might have developed a crush on Lance, he tries to tell him immediately.

» how much do you want it too by attemptsonwords

Keith is many things: dropout, orphan, pilot, defender of the universe, traveler in space. He’s also a human teenage boy, and even light years away from Earth, there are just some things he has to deal with as one.

That doesn’t make a crush on Lance any better though.

» If Fireflies Cast Shadows by Sasaina_Ai

Keith shadows Lance for a week and Lance tries to make the most out of it, but Keith is being difficult and Lance has his patience and sanity pushed to the limits.

» i’m riding higher than the sky and there is fire in every kiss by nikkiRA

Things Lance was expecting in his new roommate: probably a little lame, but in a good way. Like in a Hunk way. Normal sense of humour, but hopefully didn’t hate puns the way Hunk and Pidge did. Probably liked Dancing Queen and not much else.

Things Lance was not even remotely prepared for in his new roommate: Keith fucking Kogane.

» Misdialed by Sasaina_Ai

Lance didn’t know he’d be talking about conspiracy theories with an unknown number on a Tuesday night, until his phone went off at three in the morning.

» Not That Bad by varelsen

“Am I really going to have to explain this to you?”

“No, I’m totally fine with you shutting up right about now.”

Hunk cups his hands around his mouth. “You. Are crushing. On Keith.”

» Objects in Motion (When Unbalanced) by Mytay

Lance and Keith are constantly being mistaken for a couple. Lance is highly offended. Keith is quietly outraged.

Pidge decides if she can’t have peace, then she can write an epic scientific dissertation on the romantic failings of two exceptionally dense paladins.

» so calm, so cool (no lover’s fool) by keithlvnce

Here’s how it starts: Lance says “we are a good team,” grinning, and Keith’s heart skips a beat. But he chalks it off to adrenaline and brushes it off, places it away in his head as something to be looked at later, removed and observed like a specimen on a scientist’s lab table.

» Stormchasing by sinelanguage

Keith makes bad decision, Lance makes mistakes, and both of them are stuck together on a space pirate adventure neither of them asked for.

» sugar and peaches, frozen mangoes and grenadine by cattchi

it’s their last night on a rescued planet, and Lance is in Party Mode™ but Keith doesn’t want to dance

» These Stars Aren’t You by plumeriafairy14

It was a banter between rivals which ended up as a heartbreaking reality between lovers. Now all Keith has left was Lance’s old green jacket and his AI in the holo room.

» Thundercat by warschach

Lance lives in the woods and finds a jaguar who happens to be a really attractive human.

» you never stood a chance by kagshina

Keith is beautiful, Lance has a crush, and there’s lots of shirtless selfies.  

» you’re the only light in my sky by keithslance

It’s not exactly easy being in love with your teammate when the universe is ending all around you.

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Who Is Prometheus?

It’s been awhile since I’ve done this, but I thought I’d dive back into the world of spec. Bear with me. We might be rusty, but this is a natural byproduct of talking Arrow with @callistawolf​ for over an hour. The brain swims with possibilities.

I’ve made no secret about my frustration over the Prometheus storyline. 

Primarily because A) we didn’t get a reveal in the midseason finale and B) the back story on Prometheus was, in my opinion, spectacularly lame.

My reasons are thus: The Big Bad is always a crucial element in Arrow’s season arc. He/She is the dark half of Oliver’s hero’s journey for that season. It is monumentally important that the audience connect to the Big Bad. It is monumentally important that we are allowed to get to know him or her, so we can understand his or her motivations. This ultimately leads to a greater understanding of where Oliver needs to go in his overall evolution.

Not revealing who Prometheus is essentially keeps a wall between him and the audience. His more of an archetype. A voice box, with a skill level to match Oliver, who’s more of an omnipresent figure than an actual “face to face” opponent. He’s the Arrow equivalent of the Boogey Man. We saw some of this with Ra’s Al Ghul in Season 3 and Slade in Season 2, but Arrow revealed their characters in both mid seasons finale to allow the audience to connect to the them and move beyond the omnipresent archetype.  They have not done that with Prometheus us and failing to reveal his identity simply prolongs this disconnect.

Arrow then tries to temper this disconnect by providing us with some information about Prometheus. He is the son of  Claybourne, a man who was on Robert Queen’s list. A villain Oliver killed in Season 1. I had both my mother and husband, both ardent casual viewers, ask me if Claybourne was someone we knew about in Season 1. Nope. Never heard of him. They just plucked a name from obscurity. The connection to Season 1 is… thin. Even, Diggle’s “you’re killing can lead to unforeseen consequences” statement was so heavy handed it was cringe worthy. This all just feels plopped in.

And that’s my beef. We’ve been told over and over and over again how Prometheus is a villain they had to wait FIVE YEARS to do. This places some mythological like level to S5′s Big Bad, like he’s been lying in wait and Arrow has just been waiting for the right time to pull the trigger.  So this all boils down to Prometheus needed five years to train? Eh.

Then, of course, there’s how Team Arrow discovered Prometheus was Claybourne’s son. They only discovered this information because Prometheus wanted them to. 

It was like a play. He set up the scene and Oliver was merely an actor in the show Prometheus was directing. None of it felt real and yet… Oliver and team believed it hook line and sinker. Prometheus reenacts a kill from Season 1. He provides a baby photo and Claybourne’s ashes and TA DA! We have the identity of our bad guy. There wasn’t a lot of critical thinking from Team Arrow. This was all handed to them at a very specific time and in a very specific way.  And everyone’s just all, “Cool. Makes sense.”

WHAT??? Where’s my beloved Scooby Gang? Where’s the examination? WHERE’S THE DISTRUST OLIVER? At the very least I’d expect that from you, but homeboy is “Prometheus is, above all things, an honest foe.”

MADNESS I TELLL YOU. MADNESS. Hence the screaming and throwing things at my television.  Then there’s the overly dramatic, almost Greek like tragedy way, Prometheus orchestrated Billy’s death.  

True to his name! Dude is a Drama Queen. He’s not particularly concerned with killing Oliver at the moment, but he’s going to make his life a soap opera. Why? THE FUN.

So, I’m calm now. We’ve watched the aftermath of Billy’s death. We’re seeing the path Felicity is going down. 

There’s been some incredibly telling things revealed about that journey. So, instead of accepting Prometheus at face value (as Arrow so desperately wants us to do), I decided to actually acknowledge the man for who he is… a Puppet Master.  This is all one, big, massive misdirect. It is elegant. It is cunning. It is twisted. And it will touch everyone in Oliver’s life.

The reason why Arrow didn’t reveal Prometheus’ identity is because this is the season long mystery.  The identity reveal is their big card. It’s the “Who’s in the grave?” reveal. It’s the “What is the Undertaking?” reveal. They aren’t letting us connect to the Big Bad because WE ALREADY KNOW HIM. And when he is revealed it will be a light bulb moment. A moment worth five years waiting for.

A lot of this has been theorized by many other people for many other months. I’ve seen so many specs I can’t remember them all, but this was the most recent. Added a layer to the Prometheus myth I missed and I loved it. However, I think Calli and I have pieced together a couple of the holes that were hanging us up on a few items. So, let’s dig in…

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Prometheus spec

Originally posted by yet-i-remain-quiet

my first Arrow spec all damn season. I am both sad that it took this long bit glad that the spec bug has finally hit.

So, I read Liv & Companies spec that Prometheus is actually E2 Oliver and fell IN LOVE with it.

It ties into the comment Stephen made about Flashpoint coming into a play a bit at the end of the season (they’ll need to get rid of Prometheus somehow and GET BABY SARA BACK ONCE AND FOR ALL) and the whole idea that Prometheus is really a product of Oliver’s actions as the Hood in Season One. 

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SQ Week Day 3 - Medical AU

Ratting: T

Summary: When your lunch break needed another topic for conversation , this is not what Emma had in mind.

Note: Thank you so much for Gats for beta-ing this one

“Okay, fuck-marry-kill: Gold, Nolan, Mills.”

Emma almost died of obstruction of her airway.

“Where is this even coming from?” Belle, the ever sensible of the group, asked the questioner with an arched eyebrow, though not at all scandalized by her friend’s antics.

“Come on, it’s fun. I mean, don’t tell me you’ve never thought about it,” Ruby, complete with her mischievous grin and eyebrows wiggling, prompted her friends.

“Well, if I need to kill one of them, I’ll pick Gold,” Killian said while picking his sandwich with contemplation on his face.

“Are you seriously indulging her in this high school game?” Belle turned to him while giving him an unimpressed look.

Killian only shrugged. “It’s harmless,” he gave her the knowing smirk, “besides, Ruby is right, don’t tell me you’ve never thought about it.”

“And we do really need another topic besides talking about this case and that operation,” Ruby added finishing her salad. Another point prompting them to play her unpredictable and ridiculous game.

“Instead, now we’ll be talking about our sex life and our mentor?” Belle gave her the stinky eye.

Ruby’s smirk couldn’t get any bigger. “I didn’t specifically say about the sex life of our mentor Bells, I did give you who to marry and kill too.”

Belle’s cheeks brightened at that.

“I don’t think this is appropriate,” Emma chimed in over her chicken sandwich, trying in vain to divert the conversation.

“Nothing will be inappropriate if it never happens. We all know that it will be a mess and disaster to have any kind of relationship with your boss.”

Didn’t Emma know it. She bit a big portion of her sandwich to hide her scowling. Once the board sniffed something between an intern and a surgeon, it would be looked as favoritism which would lead to getting kicked out of the program.

A risk no resident was willing to take when they had to give blood and tears to get into this program.

“As for fuck and marry, I think I prefer to deal with Dr. Bitchiness once than for a life time,” Killian said continuing his selection.

Emma frowned at that.

“Good point, I mean her last piggyback cardio surgery was hot as hell, but I don’t want to deal with the queen all the time.”

Emma double frowned at that.

“Are we rating this by cases now? Because if it is, then I’ll be happy with a lifetime watching Gold’s neurosurgeries.”

“Of course you will.”

“What? His method is beautiful okay? You can’t tell me otherwise.”

“Sure, Bells. So, kill and fuck?” Killian prompted Belle, delighted that she finally relented and played the game, unintentionally it was.

Belle pondered this for a moment. “Doctor Mills was pretty hard on us…”

Killian snickered. “Love, she sent you to the pit alone over stitches tearing when closing up. You wouldn’t forget how it was coincidently on the day of bikes festival right?”

“Not to mention how she made Kilian cart patients around,” Ruby piped in.

“Just admit it, the queen likes to make us suffer.”

“Yeah, that’s true.”

Emma frowned again, because though what they said was true, Dr. Mills’ though love and snippy directions really were actually quite effective. At least they will be too afraid to repeat the same mistake.

“Well who’s your pick?” Ruby turned to Emma.

Dang! And she thought keeping silent would make them forget that she existed.

“I don’t know,” Emma shrugged lamely.

“Lie. We all know how your eyes stuck on a particular ass Ems,” Ruby smirked knowingly.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Emma tried her hardest to look confused. And failed.

“Come on Swan, we know how you’re mooning over the Queen,” Killian said provoking Emma more.

“I am not.”

“Actually, you are, Em. You’re kind of obsessed with her,” Belle said matter-of-factly.

Well, nobody said discreet was Emma’s virtue, but this is just down right pathetic.

“Well, her techniques are just amazing okay? Sorry if I want to learn from the best,” she said; her prepared excuse. Though judging by the look her friends gave her it’s not working.

There was a lull in the conversation (which lasted too short to Emma’s liking) before Ruby broke it.

“So, have you ever fantasized about banging her highness?”

For the second time in under an hour, Emma almost choked to death. What a record.


Ruby grinned. “You have.”

A fucking statement. Like she was sure that Emma had definitely done it.

“I bet you imagined doing it in a patient bed, playing doctor,” Ruby said wiggling her eyebrows.

“Nice,” Killian said with a far off look, clearly imagining the scenario.

Okay, that’s it. She drew the line.

“You know what, I’m gonna go and check my patients instead of talking about this,” Emma said getting up with her trash.

Ruby’s laugh drove her to roll her eyes.


Emma was on a break after several hours of doing her rounds. Thank god not the kind of break where she had to interact with her friends because it seemed they turned today to ‘annoy Emma’ day. If the knowing smirk and wiggling eyebrows and not so subtly eye pointing they gave her whenever Dr. Mills passed them were any indication.

With a sigh Emma pushed open the door to an on-call room and walked to the nearest bed.

“Tough day?” a voice said from the bed.

Emma rolled her eyes remembering her lunch break again. “More like let’s make a stupid game and imagine fucking certain people kind of day.”

The occupant of the bed opened her eyes to look at Emma with an amused look.

“Did I somehow end up being a topic of the conversation?”

“Let’s just say only I am allowed to imagine fucking you,” Emma said lying down on the bed with her back to the bed occupant’s front.

Hands wrapped around her waist to pull her closer. Whether it was because of the limited space of their current bed or the need to be closer Emma wouldn’t know.

Not that she’s gonna complain.

“Do I want to know what lead to that statement?”

“No,” Emma said grumbling. She just wanted to punch that captain guy liner when he started to imagine fucking her woman.

Regina only chuckled at her reaction and kissed her ear.

“Well, they can imagine but only you got to touch the real thing dear,” she said burying her face on the golden curls.

“You’re damn right.”


I fuck shit up so badly but you still stay up to say goodnight to me. Ive yelled at you and thrown tantrums but you still smile and tell me how beautiful I look. You saw me at my worst before you saw me at my best. You walked with me when no one else would. You taught me how to pray even though I knew how but you gave me a reason to do it. You’ve loved me like this, and you never asked for anything in return. You filled up my stomach before you filled up my heart. I interrupt you and laugh at my own jokes, but you still hug me like I have so much worth. You make me feel like a queen but look at me like Im a soldier. You are the storm and I am the waves but when we come together its like we dance in the sky. You showed me the better half of me still exists but when I look at it all I see you. Thank you for handling me even though I drive you insane. But ever since Ive met you all the pains gone away.
—  Your best friend

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Birthday: 14th of December
Gender: Female

Relationship status: Single

Favourite colour: Green and brown? Idk. I like all of em

Pets: Loads of fishes. 

Wake up time: If I have college, I wake up at 6:30 am. But if I don’t, its usually around 12. 

Love or lust:  Why choose when you can have both?

Lemonade or iced tea: Lemonade ( Queen Bee yo!…. Jk kiddin…lame ass joke)

Cats or dogs: Dogs <3
Coke or Pepsi:  Depends on the type of food I’m eating

Day or night: I’d like to say mornings. But I’m not awake half the time. So night (Why tf are group chats only lit at night? T_T) 

Text or call: Text. Calls with me are awkward af. 

Met a celebrity: Never met one. But been in the same room (restaurant) as one. 

Light or Dark hair: Dark. 

Short or tall: Short. Doesn’t fit my personality Y_Y. 

ChapStick or lipstick: I never go out of the house without lipstick 

City or country: City? But it doesn’t feel like one.  

Last song I listened to: “Oh, Pretty woman”- Roy Orbison. (I just love love love the movie Pretty Woman >_<)

Last Movie I Watched: Lee Daniel’s “The Butler”. My mom was watching this and I just joined in half way through. But I recently saw a Korean movie called The crucible (Silenced). It a definite recommendation from me but be warned. It has a lot of triggers. 
Top 3 Characters: Ooo This is a tough one.

                              1. Sun Bak (Sense8) 

                               2. Baby Groot (Absolutely obsessed with him!)  

                               3. Cersei Lannister…Dont even ask why (Game of thrones)  

Top 5 Ships: Another toughie. 

                     1. JuminV                     

                     2. I was a HUGE Reina X Kumiko shipper… well that went down the drain (Hibike Euphonium) 

                      3. Gaby x Illya (The man from U.N.C.L.E)     

                       4. Chirrut x Baze (Star wars: Rogue One)  

                      5. He tian x Mo Guan shan ><  

Books/Manga I’m Currently Reading: I might be like reading 5-6 books right now. I’ve been reading Catch-22 for 2 years now. I start all these books but never finish them. I’m reading War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy regularly right now (Funny thing is, Anna Karenina is one of the books that I’m stalling). As for War and Peace, I thought I finished like 3/4th of the book but my reader says I’m still at 5%. Smh. 

Mangas? You thought books were bad? I might be reading like a 100 mangas. But the ones I look forward to are Gangsta. , Otoyomegatari (By Kaoru Mori, has lovely art) ,Seigi no mikata and Machida kun no sekai. AND YOTSUBATO! I just have a lot of love for yotsubato!!! 

I’d absolutely devour any manga by Yamamoto Kotetsuko and Junji Ito!!

Top 5 Musicals: Like musical movies? 

                           1. Mamma mia (My happy movie!)

                            2. Chicago  (Cell block tango? Hell yes!) 

                            3. Hairspray (It has John Travolta in drag…so why the hell                                                                                                          not)

                            4. The lion king :D

                            5. I’ve heard some beautiful songs from Evita like “You must love me” and “Don’t cry for me Argentina”) 

                            6. Legally Blonde The Musical (Can’t believe I nearly forgot about this) 

Sadly I don’t know anyone on tumblr. Y_Y I’m such a loner. So if anyone’s reading this then please try this and tag me! I’d love to get know you guys!!! And hmu! I’d love to get messages!! 


i was tagged by the one and only @ukihyunnie who i adore like let’s be friends i promise i won’t be too lame to post my lock screen, my home screen, the last song that i listened to, and a selfie lol i look so tired on this whatever 

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honney-bby  asked:

Hello! Can i get a bbsc ship with BTS please? So im 19, you can see my looks from my icon and Im 5'6". I love art (im an art major actually), photography, music, anime, and dancing. I love being outdoors and going on hikes and I love animals. Im very mellow and shy but out-going and hella goofy around close friends. I have a sarcastic and lame sense of humor (never ending puns) also a Meme Queen™ ??? I dig casual cuddling and im a pisces and infp personality type if that helps lol. Thank you!<3

Hey love, I am so sorry this took so long. I hope you like your ships!!



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Lena is a low-key fantasy geek, R comes over while Lena is marathoning Game of Thrones before the new season, and Lena doesn't give R any attention and cites line after line while watching.

Originally posted by forsakendusk

“You are such a dork.”

“I’m sorry,” Lena finally rips her eyes away from the television and arches an eyebrow.  “But, I am Daenerys Stormborn of the House Targaryen. The First of Her Name, the Unburnt, Queen of Meereen, Queen of the Andals and the Rhoynar and the First Men, Khalisee of the Great Grass Sea, Breaker of Chains and Mother of Dragons.”

“Oh.  My.  God.”

You cover your mouth and try to stifle how hard you’re laughing.  “That was…so lame.  So, so lame.”

Imagine waking up to a couple of sweet message sent by Woozi telling you to have a great day and that he loves you.

Oh, Oliver. Credible is not thy name. 


Felicity is a beautiful saint and Oliver would be privileged to bear her children. He was so cute with his lame excuses. <3 GUYS, THIS IS A PROBLEM. I am actually binging Arrow faster than I’m drawing comics and I am DROWNING IN FEELS. Just–  Slade and Ollie and then Ollie and Felicity and then just…EVERYTHING. UGH. I ship Oliver and Felicity so hard. I’m still not caught up though, so no spoilers please!

Just left a wonderful interview at WTUL with DJ McKayKay. Interviews are usually lame cause the shit people ask is SO SURFACE but this Queen went IN. Ancestral trauma, brujería, source, MELANIN…
We must create conversations to challenge the status quo, to challenge our perspectives. We must hold artists accountable for their actions, for their Werk.
Thank you McKayKay for being fearless.


TW: S5 epi16

I’ve recently watched this episode again since people rave that stiles had saved lydia from Eichen.

The conclusion I’ve come to is: fucking bullshit.

The entire episode had stiles sitting around doing nothing until the last moment in Deaton’s office. And even that was questionable. Why didn’t they take deaton with them to Eichen?

The only reason they had Tracy take parrish out was so that stiles could hold lydia in the jeep and for her to assume he was the big hero.

Uh, no. He literally sat still while everyone else was fighting. I get it, he’s human. But that’s still a shitty excuse. Even shittier, I might add, is him going, “shut up and let me save your life”. Nigga please. You do jackshit and pretend like you’re some kind of savior? My ass. She already saved HERSELF. Let’s not forget that the Queen Bee screeched Valack’s head off - literally.

I’m so tired of stydiots believing that stiles was some kind of massive hero in this episode, and what’s worse is lydia declaring to her mom that stiles saved her. From what - seeing the bigger picture where the actual dude that saved everyone from her nuclear scream was parrish? Let’s not forget that he asked Scott to set him on FIRE so that he could find her. Let’s also not forget that parrish disarmed almost everyone in the chimera pack. (I think the only reason he went down when theo tossed that pipe into his chest was to prolong the episode and give Theo and stiles time to run around the tunnels looking for her.)

Oh, but we can’t let her show gratitude to parrish!! That’s too unique, dudes. We need her to go to deaton in a fucked up jeep that probably caused her body even more harm instead of taking parrish’s SUV or Natalie’s car - both of which would have proven much faster and a smoother ride for precious Lyds.

But noooooo. Let’s fucking take her in the stupid fucking, beat-up jeep that would stall every five seconds. Oh, and also, let’s add a lame chimera-kanima-Tracy snippet and put parrish out of commission so that stiles gets to cozy up to lydia in that stupid jeep and pretend to save her when he’s actually just standing in the way of the most unique ship on TV - the two harbingers of death. Oh, better yet. Let’s make her scream again so that stiles could block her from the shattered glass. Oooh. So nice and unique. Yay. Prom queen and nerd for the win, am I riiight? Soooo much better than hellhound/banshee.

Ugh. Someone kill me, please.

Okay but what about Will making demigods wear those shirts that say ‘If lost please return to Will Solace.’ And he wears the one with 'I’m Will Solace.’ And every time he goes out with a group of demigods he makes them wear the shirts because he is a mother hen and thinks they’ll get lost or into trouble. So one time Will, Nico, Reyna, and the seven go to the mortal world together. And he makes them all wear the shirts.

Nico is all moody and pouty about it. Like 'We’re not even dating wtf. At least buy me dinner first.’ Reyna doesn’t really care, I mean she can make anything she wears look good, and plus if Will will shut up then fine. Jason just likes that everyone is wearing matching shirts for once, (without different colors, ya feel). Piper doesn’t care either, but she cuts off the sleeves like a rebel. Leo follows suit because why not? Hazel and Frank are too busy being cute together so they don’t really mind.

Annabeth wears her own, 'I am Annabeth Chase’ shirt. Percy is the proud owner of a 'If found please return to Annabeth Chase.’ shirt, because let’s be real, she’s the only one that could actually stop Percy from doing something stupid. (Most of the time.)

Shameless’s Inferno Season 6

These are the 9 circles of Shameless Hell that await us!

1st Circle: Gus Pfender (snore)

2nd Circle: Sean Pierce (zzzzzz)

3rd Circle: Helene Runyon (gross!  barf! no please!)

4th Circle: Queen Slott (what a name, honestly!)

5fth Circle: Sammi Slott (hate you)

6th Circle: Frank Gallagher (bored)

7th Circle: A reckless Ian Gallagher fucking his way through Chicago’s gay bar scene. (*predicted but on point in its predictability)

8th Circle: More Fiona and her lame ass man problems. (even Emmy is sick of this shit)

And finally, the 9th Circle of Shameless Hell: No Mickey Milkovich (a fate worse than death)

Commander vs. Bittersweet
Commander vs. Bittersweet

so I was crying over the Ender’s Game soundtrack for the umpteenth time and then I realized this particular track went eerily well with the melody for one of my favorite songs-I’ll-forever-associate-with-ender’s-game: “Bittersweet” by Flyleaf. so I messed around and tried singing the lyrics over the track and this happened. it’s lame but I’ll post it anyway because the LYRICS. ENDER AND HIVE QUEEN EMOTIONS. NNNNGH. I AM SO SO SORRY FOR MY CRAPPY VOICE DAMMIT JIM I’M A SONGWRITER NOT A SINGER


The depth of my soul in the depth of your voice
With words I’ve tried to find since I have been alive
This whole world stopped when you spoke

Your grieving stabs me, I’ve lost you too
Just hearing your love is never enough
Why can’t we live here with you?

Bittersweet embrace
Fit or run in place
Don’t leave me so thirsty
Or else hush this hurry
This weight on me
Weighs more than me
So wait with me and we’ll stop crying

The pent up flood gates maintained in your tone
Though it’s all we can give, it isn’t where we live
Through dim reflection we know

The depth of my soul in the depth of your voice
With words I’ve tried to find since I have been alive
This whole world stopped when you spoke

Bittersweet embrace
Fit or run in place
Don’t leave me so thirsty
Or else hush this hurry
This weight on me
Weighs more than me
So wait with me and we’ll stop crying

who the signs probably were in school
  • aries: the 'leader' of the squad
  • taurus: the kid that always got in trouble.
  • gemini: the attractive one that everyone envies
  • cancer: the whiny quiet one in the group that only complains about stuff
  • leo: the kid that always got good grades
  • virgo: a total drama queen
  • libra: the kid that doesn't talk in class like at all
  • scorpio: the shady person that everyone is afraid of
  • sagittarius: the goody goody that desperately wants a boyfriend or girlfriend
  • capricorn: always wears really cool clothes and has nice hair
  • aquarius: the one that always finds the mechanical pencils on the floor. probably goth
  • pisces: the funny weird person that makes everyone laugh at everything