i am the prodigal daughter

conversations with my father

“Daddy, how did they hang the stars in the sky?”

God put them there to light your way to his kingdom. 

“Daddy, why did you make my sister cry?”

She’s a sinner and it stains her soul. Touch her and you’ll be corrupt, too. 

“Dad, why can’t I read those books I borrowed from school?” 

They are of the world, filthy. How dare you for even having the desire. Go study your Bible if you absolutely must read. 

“Dad, can I give our lunch to the homeless man down the street?” 

No. God gives to us because we serve Him. His poorness is his own fault. If I catch you talking to him again, you’ll be rebuked at my hand.

“Father, this is the boy that I want to love.”

Foolish child. Love only comes from God. Either change him or tell him goodbye at once 

“Father, she’s just a friend, please-” 

You are tainted with the sin of the world. You are a lamb and I am the slaughter. God sent Jesus to die for your sins. I will spill your blood like he did on Calvary. 

“I am leaving. See you in hell.”

Prodigal daughter, you’ll come back home. They always do.

“Daughter, where are you? I am weary and scared. I have not heard from you or God in years. Why?”

God does not talk to you because he gave up on you a long time ago. My god is the love I have for myself. I am worshiped daily from the mouths of my friends. I have seen heaven in the city lights as I drive towards the future. God may forgive you but I don’t have to, and may this anger burn so bright that you understand what hell on earth is. 

My aunt is threatening to move in with my grandparents to replace the in-home nursing care, which costs about 5k a month but is what keeps them alive and not in a home, and my mother sane as she tries to run two households. Why my aunt’s sudden interest? Why, in order to “preserve the inheritance” of course. Her other choice is to retire with her husband in St Augustine.

I thought I’d provide some incentive.