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beckendorph  asked:

hit me with some annabeth as an Actual Smol Baby™ headcanons :)

i really hope you mean as like a toddler bc that’s what i’m about to write

  • played with legos like ALL the time and she always ran to show her dad what she made afterwards
  • and he’d always stop what he was doing to compliment her and encourage her to go bigger, but then he started dating her step mom and he started shooing her away rip i’m sad
  • but anyway
  • she definetely pulled pranks on her stepmother all the time like made the floor slippery and hid dirt in her shoes and mixed the shampoos 
  • and her stepmother would come screaming to her father, but there’s no way to prove that annabeth did it and it were at these times he’d say her stepmother was being absurd
  • and annabeth would listen from the top of the stairs with an evil lil smirk on her face
  • annabeth tried to braid her hair so much in preschool and kindergarten bc the other girls had it like that but after awhile she said screw it and let her hair just fly around everywhere bc it looked prettier than the other girls anyway
  • the MOST ELABORATE sketches with chalk on the sidewalk that any class of 1st graders have ever seen before
  • annabeth had an affinity for drawing owls in art class, she never quite knew why though
  • ok imagine lil annabeth walking home from school one day and some boys are making fun of her bc she’s smarter than them and they are fragile lil babbies and all of a sudden a bird craps on them and there’s an owl up in the tree
  • it’s the middle of the day and it doesn’t really make sense to her (she read up on owls in the library of course) but it followed her home every day for the rest of the year that school year and she liked the company
  • annabeth waking up extra early on saturdays because the morning cartoons are on and her stepmother slept late on the weekend so she had the big comfy couch all to herself without any nagging
  • sometimes her father would wake up just as early and make them eggs and toast
  • annabeth loved those mornings the best
  • in the mornings, she loved milk as a little kid and hated orange juice, now it’s the exact opposite (of course, she has to drink her morning coffee before anything else lmao)
  • 2nd grader annabeth playing around in the backyard, doing cartwheels and clapping and giggling and her stepmother walks out and yells at her to stop “playing with her imaginary friends”
  • and annabeth, frowning, turns to to the dryad (cecily is her name) and says sorry and runs into the house
  • cecily ruins all of mrs. chase’s tomatoes
  • annabeth getting bunches of sticker sheets and placing horses and princesses and fairies inside her sketches 
  • she’d be SO obsessed with lisa frank stickers
  • 7 year old annabeth attracting a monster one saturday morning while she’s watching cartoons, so she doesn’t bother listening as her father argues with her stepmother, and grabs her sketch notebooks, covered in lisa frank stickers
  • she grabs her purple backpack and her owl rainboots and the 15 dollars she’s stashed away and she sneaks out
  • 7 year old annabeth on the run, losing her backpack with her sketch books and tripping out of her rainboots, and one day she sees a monster out of the corner of her eye and she runs into an alleyway
  • 7 year old annabeth with dirty, old pj’s, crouching at the end of an alley, wishing she was watching cartoons with her dad and making lego buildings
  • 7 year old annabeth looking up into two pairs of the kindest eyes on planet earth, clutching onto the blonde boys shirt like he’s a life vessel as he carries her out of the alley, with the blue-eyed girl trying to push the hair out of her face as they walk
  • 7 year old annabeth looking up to see that same owl who walked home with her, sitting on a fire escape above them

ooo look how sad i am now i am so sad

i hope this is what you were looking for!!!! thanks so much for the ask, rachel!!! i love these  ♥♥♥