i am the original i am the light

not to sound like an old lady but I remember……

  • back when there weren’t hacks and we all had to duplicate crap with that turn-off-your-wifi-when-the-session-is-ending-at-the-exact-right-moment
  • when clover paths blew up in popularity and we all shared the same pain of having to dupe for hours and hours to fill our towns with clovers and WHOA I FOUND A FOUR LEAF CLOVER I WONDER IF THAT MAKES ME LUCKY
  • I remember when all the drama was on acnlconfessions and about 50% of it was furries
  • that infamous club tortimer troll guy who made me cry that one time and wow that was so stupid omg
  • “why is marshal so popularrrrr I only liek the UGLY villagersss” - about 30% of submissions to confession blogs
  • when I sold marshal to someone for 40 million bells omg
  • beetle farming for hours and hours to pay off them loans because once again NO HACKS
  • kind souls posting their high turnip prices and letting people come to their towns to sell, those people saved my life
  • the great pastel vs. forest towns debate (is that still a thing?)
  • when the sloppy set was a Huge Deal and now I never see it??
  • north tbh, I miss it
  • dream suite: “is that a bra rack”
  • debates about whether or not tom nook is really evil
  • discovering that you could put ur kk music on shuffle = mind blown
  • the excitement of discovering various new features in acnl for the first time- gem rocks, the clam shell music boxes, bamboo!! amazing!!
  • the term “dreamies” I rarely see it anymore and I am grateful for that
  • and also why did everyone hate jambette so much
  • plot resetting for HOURS
  • when everyone posted jumping-in-puddle pics
  • “don’t ever wear a crown to club tortimer”
  • villagers vs. pets tag (’: 

maaaan those were simpler times maaaan

You Bring Out the Mexican in Me

by Sandra Cisneros

You bring out the Mexican in me.
The hunkered thick dark spiral.
The core of a heart howl.
The bitter bile.
The tequila lágrimas on Saturday all
through next weekend Sunday.
You are the one I’d let go the other loves for,
surrender my one-woman house.
Allow you red wine in bed,
even with my vintage lace linens.
Maybe. Maybe.

For You.

You bring out the Dolores del Rio in me.
The Mexican spitfire in me.
The raw navajas, glint and passion in me.
The raise Caine and dance with the rooster-footed devil in me.
The spangled sequin in me.
The eagle and serpent in me.
The mariachi trumpets of the blood in me.
The Aztec love of war in me.
The fierce obsidian of the tongue in me.
The berrinchuda, bien-cabrona in me.
The Pandora’s curiosity in me.
The pre-Columbian death and destruction in me.
The rainforest disaster, nuclear threat in me.
The fear of fascists in me.
Yes, you do. Yes, you do.

You bring out the colonizer in me.
The holocaust of desire in me.
The Mexico City ’85 earthquake in me.
The Popocatepetl Ixtaccíhuatl in me.
The tidal wave of recession in me.
The Agustín Lara hopeless romantic in me.
The barbacoa taquitos on Sunday in me.
The cover the mirrors with cloth in me.

Sweet twin. My wicked other,
I am the memory that circles your bed nights,
that tugs you taut as moon tugs ocean.
I claim you all mine,
arrogant as Manifest Destiny.
I want to rattle and rent you in two.
I want to defile you and raise hell.
I want to pull out the kitchen knives,
dull and sharp, and whisk the air with crosses.
Me sacas lo mexicana en mi,
like it or not, honey.

You bring out the Uled-Nayl in me.
The stand-back-white-bitch in me.
The switchblade in the boot in me.
The Acapulco cliff diver in me.
The Flecha Roja mountain disaster in me.
The dengue fever in me.
The !alarma¡ murderess in me.
I could kill in the name of you and think
it worth it. Brandish a fork and terrorize rivals,
female and male, who loiter and look at you,
languid in your light. Oh,

I am evil. I am the filth goddess Tlazoltéotl.
I am the swallower of sins.
The lust goddess without guilt.
The delicious debauchery. You bring out
the primordial exquisiteness in me.
The nasty obsession in me.
The corporal and venial sin in me.
The original transgression in me.

Red ocher. Yellow ocher. Indigo. Cochineal.
Piñón. Copal. Sweetgrass. Myrhh.
All you saints, blessed and terrible,
Virgen de Guadalupe, diosa Coatlicue,
I invoke you.

Quiero ser tuya. Only yours. Only you.
Quiero amarte. Atarte. Amarrarte.
Love the way a Mexican woman loves. Let
me show you. Love the only way I know how.

Protection Spell for Queer Folks

Yes, I made this in Paint. Yes, I’m a disgrace.

Anyway, the spell is as follows:

  • Set up 3 pink candles in a triangular fashion. You can carve protective sigils into them if desired.
  • Make the lines of the triangle with pink Himalayan salt.

Protip: Do this spell on newspaper or a big piece of cloth so you can pick up all the salt at once instead of having to sweep it up.

  • Place a protective stone on one side, a concealing stone on another side, and a stone for love/kindness on the other (shown above).
  • Place the item to be enchanted in the middle of the triangle. 
  • Light the candles.
  • Focus your intent. I repeated a simple chant: 

“I am loved. I am shielded. 

I am safe. I am protected.”

  • Watch the candles as they burn down and continue focusing.
  • Keep the enchanted item on you for protection. Save the stones; they can be reused for whatever you want.

Happy pride and stay safe!



When you ask me what I’m thinking, know that when I say nothing, I mean nothing that I can articulate. Because the sparks running through my neurons are as understandable as lightning flipping the sky’s light switch on. I am confused with so much clarity, I gain perspective only from my point of view, I am vividly passionate about my apathy, and my craving for life is fulfilled by depriving myself of it.
—  Original quote by theinevitableloss - thanks! :)
  • [After Jefferson and Madison admit their feelings for each other]
  • Jefferson: Let’s just keep things light and breezy, see where it goes.
  • Madison: But how do we keep things light and breezy...? I know! A comprehensive set of rules.
  • Jefferson: How am I attracted to you?
  • Madison:
  • Jefferson: Doesn't matter, I am. Go.

meisiu’s base game starter home challenge!

i was tagged by @peonypyxels bc she likes 2 see me suffer


  • Must be under 20k.
  • Include basic necessities (A bed, stove, fridge, toilet, shower etc.)
  • Base game only & no cc

Once the build is created, share some screenshots and challenge some people. You may put your houses for download if you want. Tag your posts #BGSHC and on the gallery as well(:

so i am rly bad with building and taking interior pics so enjoy the subtle light leaks i slapped on my photos bc i am a slut 4 light leaks

if you’re interested in this house (????) u can find it on the gallery under my origin ID hellokanye. it may say it has CC in there, but i triple checked and there is literally no CC?? but i do have mods in my game so it may be registering that!!! 

idk who has/hasn’t done this but im taggin @tinybittoxic, @simgerale, @bratsims, @peonypyxels again bc i h8 her and like ???? anyone who wants to do this can say i tagged them!!!!

Ballet Boy

category: fluff, angst-ish

tw: none (if i forgot one or wasn’t aware of one pls tell me)

word count: 8,796

When Dan was little he used to spend his Friday afternoons in the corner of the local gym, watching his older sister do pirouette after pirouette with the other girls of her ballet class. He would wonder how she didn’t get dizzy from all the spinning, because he couldn’t even walk straight after only three turns, let alone do a cartwheel or one of those amazing jumps.

Ellen was three years older than him, which was why their parents had told her to look after Dan when they came home late on Fridays. Of course, she never would miss a lesson just to look after her brother. Oh no. With the permission of her teacher she took Dan with her, sat him down in the corner with his brand new game boy, telling him to play one of those weird Pokémon games.

The first time he had come with her he had quickly discarded his video game in order to watch her dance. Dan loved watching her dance. She always looked so happy whenever she did something correctly. The other girls were really nice as well. They all were between five and ten years old. Older girls had class on another day in a different group. The advanced group. Dan had seen them dance once at a show of his sister. He knew Ellen wanted to train a lot so she could join them when she turned eleven.

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eliza and alex poly!relationship

a/n: so i am trying out a new format for my headcanons, please give me some feedback to which format you like better!!

  • so how does a poly relationship with eliza and alex start?
    • eliza is dating alex originally and alex and her are very good friends with you ideally. and alex notices that he is starting to look at you in a different light but that he still sees eliza in the same way
    • so he sits down with her and tells her that ‘hey, you know this person? i think they are wonderful and i think i am starting to fall in love with them but i love you so much as well’
    • and she gets really smiley and she tells him that she thinks that you are wonderful as well but she has just been too afraid of ruining things with him so they both would just declare their love for you at the same time and they would explain the situation and if you would have them, they would love to date you 
  • what is your morning schedule like?
    • so eliza is usually the first person to wake up and she is very much a morning person so she will make coffee for herself and she’ll just get up and maybe make waffles or pancakes for the three of you and she always showers in the morning
    • and she makes does little foam designs in the coffee and each of you has your own special mug and she’s just so domestic and loves mornings
    • alex is usually the last person to wake up because of his tendency to stay up late so sometimes he doesn’t even wake up until four in the afternoon and he is such a grump when he firsts wakes up and he hasn’t had any coffee or anything
    • he has this special dark green mug that he loves to death so when that mug is in the dishwasher, he will literally open the dishwasher up, take it out, have like five cups of coffee and then put it back in
  • what is your night schedule like?
    • eliza stays up semi late because she wants to make sure that you and alex are in bed with her and that you two are getting enough sleep because you are the loves of her life and staying up until four am and getting two hours of sleep is not healthy and she won’t tolerate it because she doesn’t like to see either of you stressed or fatigued
    • eliza gets some nightmares sometimes that either or both of her partners left her and she doesn’t really tell you when she gets the nightmares but she gets really upset after them
    • alex takes his showers at midnight and he usually (if both of you ask him to) comes to bed and lays with you both
    • eliza is a small spoon, you are her large spoon and alex is your big spoon  but that’s just for cuddling- eliza falls asleep curled up to either you or alex, alex has his arm wrapped around you and eliza
  • who shows what types of affection?
    • eliza is hands down the one who gives the most physical contact- she loves hand holding and kissing each other on the cheeks and hugging and kissing each other in general. she loves giving physical gestures of affection and her heart melts when she receives gestures of affection
    • she also loves gardening although she is pretty bad at it but nevertheless, eliza plants flowers for you and alex
    • alex is the one who is always getting gifts for his partners- he has notebooks upon notebooks filled with love sonnets for you and eliza and he is very flustered whenever you or eliza bring it up but he loves watching the effect his words have on both of you
    • alex can also cook if he really tries so when he is in an especially good mood, he will make dinner for you, eliza and him. eliza will make dessert after he’s done cooking 

06.22.2017 // 12:50 AM

hello i am back. im so sorry for the inactivity. i am not feeling good for the past few months?? haha. i hope you understand.

actually i originally planned to make a studyblr to serve as inspiration, but i find that it isnt as effective as i thought it would be. but thats okay since nobody is required to do something they dont like just to fit in. i dont really feel obligated to keep anything alive if that means stripping myself of my own life.

but here, have a flatlay with bad photo quality because filters can save how bad the lighting is at my room haha. i still enjoyed every moment i am here, since i log in if i only want to. but i still appreciate the tips i read from hear, i even enjoy reading them. if it also werent for the community, i wouldnt have learned bullet journalling. it saved my life from a whole lot of trouble.

for the first time, you guys make me feel appreciated and i love the community so much for the warmth the people give. thank you so so much.

nah, im not saying goodbye or anything, i just want everyone to know that im still alive. also a quick reminder to take care of yourself by doing whatever you want to do. see you soon!!! hope everyone continues to do what they love!!!

“ Give me your magic,
   your key to that star ,
   for there’s no other path ,
   I’d take so near or far

   Give me your dreams,
   your secret to that world,
   for there’s no other place,
   I’d rather see unfurled

   Give me yourself,
   your golden heart, so pure,
   for there’s no one else so beautiful
   of this, the world is sure
   But give me all of your strength,
   of a thousand beams of light
   cast aside the darkest past,
   arise in me, with gorgeous might .
  Let me see the world inside,
  this once forgotten heart so blue,
  beating bright, my creamson dress,
  don’t forget your heart so true.
  I am me, dear one.
  I  am you”

  Poem  “ Reflection ” by
  Shot by :

  From “ Paraedolia ” collection
  ~ The Secret Diary ❤🗝


Chaos In An Oven

“Chaos In An Oven”

We were born in an oven
And society ignites the fire
Expected to conform
Like the smoke that rises higher.

And as the time passes
We feel tension rise and rise
Switching cups for glasses
Served well-done with fries.

We ourselves are sacrificed
But who determines which way?
Our happiness and lives
Are the prices forced to pay
To meet society’s demands
To adhere to a certain group
Like the perfect particles
Vibrating in hot soup.

And still we stare and wonder
Wonder who we are
With no guidelines to help us
We travel so very far
But only to end up
Back at where we started
History repeats itself
For the now newly departed.

Have you found yourselves?
Some make up identities
To feel good about themselves
To mask their harsh realities.

Some look for answers
Others look for love
Most of us have prayed
To the light from above.

Well I am so cold
Freezing and alone
My body feels like Pluto
With an orbit around my home.

My pilot light is out
The metal is not heated
The knobs have broken off
As my fate has been defeated
Because I am lost again
Such is a life come undone
At first it wasn’t so bad
But losing has lost its fun
Yet who the hell can say
How exactly to behave?
I know I’ll find my way
Lost among the brave.

And I know people can change
And you too can do the same
Though hard and sometimes strange
We all must start one day

My name is Amarachi Nwosu and I am a Nigerian-American self-taught photographer, filmmaker and writer. I have worked with a number of brands, organizations and companies in cities like Lagos, Tokyo, New York, London and Los Angeles.

As a writer for platforms like Highsnobiety and Okayafrica, I am dedicated to telling unique stories that bring identity and culture to light. My work has been featured on platforms like CNN Africa and I have worked on documentary projects with VICE Japan. I have also produced and shot social campaigns for Adidas Tokyo that featured the first woman of color on their Instagram page.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/amaraworldwide/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/AmaraWorldWide

Tumblr: http://amarachiworldwide.tumblr.com/

this is something i posted on april 2, 2017 originally, on my IG. i did not expect that so many ppl who follow me there would comment on it, so i am reposting it here bc maybe it needs saying??


On Trans Day Of Visibility, it’s my opinion that choosing to assert that I am a #nonbinary and not-cisgender person comes off as a fashionable choice for someone like me, born into a body that is neatly assimilated into whiteness, the “female” side of the fake male/female binary, and Eurocentric/Western beauty standards (i am “thin,” my body hair is light/where it is expected to be for a “woman,” and my mental health & physical ability does not prevent me from functioning in society as expected). For all these markers, I find it negligent to simply post up how I’m #nb and not cisgender, yet here I am doing it for the hashtag and for you, follower audience.

It’s not lost on me how there is an abundance of nonbinary people out there who were assigned female by a doctor at birth, and who are also white or white passing, and how quickly it seems space opens up for this-my supposed lot in #queer space, already so presumptuously white in my experiences… It’s not lost on me how people who are assigned male at birth and personally identify as nonbinary write how they have to play into tropes of passing for binary gender “female” in order to dissipate suspicion of “maleness” in so called queer friendly spaces, and of course to navigate outright discrimination & openly conducted physical violence against them.

In this western capitalist empire, the female in all things is considered a substance to be owned and used for personal benefit. Maleness is a default setting. Too many people suffer on the divide, the border, the insistence that male/female are definitive and absolute values. To exist in between either of these two man-made poles, for me, means careful and deliberate grooming of all aspects of my person and my behavior.

Even pagan knowledge from what is now Europe says, “out of two there is always a third.” I ask anyone that read this far to examine how ingrained binary “logic” is in our society – this means usage of language to frame your perception: this or that / if X then Y / on one hand, on the other hand / on one side, on the flipside /

Change the language you use to make comparisons and see what happens to your understanding of the situation.

Golden Rose Epiphany

the salt that comes out of me
the green
the blue
the briny hue
arms forever reaching
waves endlessly breaking
the shells
the sand
hands forever shaping
the word yours
the word mine
this concept called time
the light that reflects from me
this golden rose epiphany
i am sunset
i am moonrise
i am the sea
i am the sea

Azuki Lynn


RANT: I am light skinned, but I am Puerto Rican with curly hair. So I grew up wearing braids and cornrows at times, I grew up in east Harlem and started living in the Bronx later on, it was a hairstyle many of us in the community enjoyed wearing. We all know cornrows and dreads work best and make more sense on the original folks who introduced the hairstyle to all of us, which is why we must credit those from the African roots. Example: Taco Bell doesn’t compete with the real deal, actual tacos from Mexicans. Therefore dreads and cornrows naturally look best on the real deals. However, I do respect freedom when it comes to our hair. As long as religions are not being disrespected too. However, hair is hair. It’s great to see how much other cultures admire our culture, we should be flattered but also its good we keep them in check on who started a majority of these things.

In regards to this cornrows and dreads rant, let me just remind everyone that not every white person is horrible. Stop attacking people as a whole. We have bad people in every culture the same way we have good people in every culture. Privileges Exist! We all know that , but it sucks to add more hate.