i am the original i am the light

A Glamour of Androgyny

“See me as I really am:

not as a woman, not as a man.

I am the beautiful space in between,

a perfect wonder to be seen.”

The incantation is really the important part. But here are some supplemental ideas:

  • Visualize your face becoming perfectly androgynous as you say this.
  • Visualize yourself glowing with a yellow, orange, green, purple, or grey light– all colors associated with androgyny.
  • Design a sigil for androgyny or use some of the ones already available. (There’s at least one I’ve seen.)
  • Enchant your clothes, makeup, jewelry, etc. with this chant.

By popular vote, I redrew my first ever Asagao fan art! I drew this back in the early summer, and I’m really pleased with how far I’ve come since. I remember being SO proud of the original work… and hell, I still am. If I hadn’t put myself out there then, I wouldn’t be where I am now.  ♥ Click full view!

When you ask me what I’m thinking, know that when I say nothing, I mean nothing that I can articulate. Because the sparks running through my neurons are as understandable as lightning flipping the sky’s light switch on. I am confused with so much clarity, I gain perspective only from my point of view, I am vividly passionate about my apathy, and my craving for life is fulfilled by depriving myself of it.
—  Original quote by theinevitableloss - thanks! :)

And for god’s sake, don’t call me beautiful. I don’t care if you argue and yell and try to screw it deep into my brain, because I am not and I won’t waste time pretending to believe you. Let me be as I am. Let my appearance be that randomization of genes that it is. I am not pretty. I am not gorgeous. My looks don’t light up the world. My skin won’t take your breath.

I am average or below or I don’t care where in that area, and I will not care just because you try to make me.

Don’t call me beautiful. I’m not, haven’t been, won’t be.

If you do want to get your breath stolen, ask about my mind.

  • Zeus: Let's just keep it light and breezy, see where it goes?
  • Themis: So, how do we keep it light and breezy? I know! A comprehensive set of rules.
  • Zeus: How am I attracted to you? Doesn't matter, I am.
  • Themis: Okay, let's not have sex right away.
  • Zeus: Cool. Cool cool cool cool cool cool. No doubt, no doubt, no doubt, no doubt. Good rule, no sex, good rule.

Hello fellow studyfreaks! 

This is my first original content post. 28/12 is dedicated to Russian vocabulary revision. Excuse me for a bit blurry photo but I am just starting to grasp the whole idea of “clear pictures” therefore the mentioned flaws. The printable that I am using today is made by my lifesaver @vik-studyblr (@vik-qwhat). Those printables are clear and make studying so much easier! You should definitely check them out. As for the stationery products I’ve used : 

Pentel EnerGel 0.7mm pen  (BL77-C)

Tratto video highlighters in : yellow, orange, light blue and fuchsia. 

As for my binder cover, it was made by me (however I don’t own any pictures used to make it.). If you are interested, I will post it, alongside with other ones that I’ve made before. 

in response to an fanmail message we just got:

Not a confession! Please don’t take this the wrong way as I genuinely am confused. I saw some stuff a while ago (I don’t think it was on this blog) about how Isabela is whitewashed in DA2, but I just saw her again as I was replaying Origins and she is white, or she appears to be, so I was just wondering why people say she’s whitewashed. And again I am actually really confused about this. You guys have an awesome blog, it’s great to have a place that’s only about the good things. Thanks

hey, thanks for asking. isabela was black in origins. not everybody realizes this, because of bad lighting indoors, but she was absolutely not white. she had dark skin and black features. here’s a toolset picture of her original DAO version.

she was whitewashed because her DA2 version gave her a much thinner/smaller nose and mouth, which this mod is correcting for (which is why you probably did see it on this blog, we discussed the issue when it was released). here’s DA2 vanilla and DA2 modded isabela (realistic da2 original isabela).

i hope that answers some of your questions!

“Unexpected romance” Ahkmenrah fanfic. Part 2/?

AN: I would like to thank for all the likes on the first part! I would like to apologies for making this fic a bit award and making you guys wait for an actual romantic interaction between the pairing but I promise that will happen in chapter three. I would appreciate if i get your thoughts on this :3

Fanfiction: Unexpected Romance
Fandom: Night at the Museum
Pairing: Ahkmenrah/Original Character(Reader)
Rating: suitable for all ages
Word count: 1038

- - - - -

“So the tablet does what?” You continued to question a man in a dark blue uniform that was standing in front of you. He continued to play with his flash light, swirling it in between his fingers. “I am aware this is new and confusing” he said with a sigh” but what I am telling you is the truth. Ahkmenrah’s tablet light up the moment the sun goes down and all of the exhibits become alive, some of them talk, some don’t, I am not sure how to explain the huts and the cavemen but, that is basically it…” The man sighed continuing to explain to you in details what is happening.

“So um, Leroy “– “No Larry” He corrected and gave you a glance. “Right sorry..But let me get this straight. That man is Ahkmenrah? The Egyptian pharaoh?” You asked and rushed back towards the Egyptian exhibit, avoiding the jackals and standing still in front of the pharaoh. You were speechless. Never in your life have you thought that you could be blessed by meeting a 5000 years old pharaoh, that has experienced ancient Egyptian ways of living, working, praying – wow.

Despite the fact that you had rushed in there quickly you had no clue how to act. I think the most important thing is to show your respect? So you have, while gently and slowly bowing down, getting on your knees. “I apologies, I was not aware you were a pharaoh, I am so sorry” You said and bowed your head. Ahkmenrah approached to you and patted your head. “I am pretty young and I don’t even rule anymore.. Your respect is wonderful but please stand up you’re making me uncomfortable.” Once hearing his words you stood up instantly, nibbling on the inside of your cheek. Damn all you have done since you came here is showing of your anxiety.

“So um, I was wondering since the moment I heard you spoke. You speak English…?” You mumbled trying not to sound disrespectful.

“Oh I went to Cambridge University” he said

“Oh you went to, the Cambridge University?”

“Well I was there on display in the Egyptology department. My sarcophagus wasn’t locked, I could go out. So I thought; hey why not use this spare time and study the language so I can understand what people are trying to say when I can hear.”

You were fascinated. This man, not only is he extremely attractive but also intelligent.. /No __ you cannot crush on people on your workplace. That is absolutely the last thing you need. You need to stay strictly professional/ You thought to yourself trying to distract your eyes of his incredibly toned body. “Um where are my manners. My name is ___ and I am new here. I am an archaeologist but my specialty is ancient Egypt, the time you were born.  I was fascinated about this since I was really young.. Do you think, would it be weird, if you had helped me in my research? I am currently working on your tablet and I am extremely in love with you, I mean it. I am in love with the artefacts” You sighed deeply. There we go I have ruined absolutely everything with my silly brain.

The toned boy had chuckled silently to himself before motioning you to sit down with him on the stairs close to his sarcophagus. So you agreed and sat down next to him. “I have seen you, when I woke up and removed the sheets of my face. I could see love and fascination in your eyes. I do not recall seeing anyone like that. I believe you when you say that you are in love with this. And of course with that goes that I am willing to help you. as much as you need. But then again if you ever do research on me be carefully, there bones are really old” He said with a chuckle and held his chest.

You nodded in an agreement with a wide smile. Not thinking on the consequences you gave the pharaoh a gentle hug whilst closing your eyes. “You have no idea how grateful I am. Thank you so so much Ahkmenrah.” You kept hugging him as a wide smile spread across his face. “My pleasure..” the brown haired boy said before breaking the hug. “So what do you usually do here, I mean during the night whilst you’re awake?” The moment you finished your question, extremely loud music could be heard from the main hall of the museum. Ahkmenrah had quickly responded to your question with a smile and stood up, offering you a hand. “Come on let me show you what happens” Without any hesitation you held his hand and stood up, following him to the main hall.

Now allow me to describe you this interesting scene. You could see the masked civil war warriors playing football with the Huns. Tiny little humans from ancient Rome along with the cowboys were standing on the main desk and play.. cat videos on the computer? A freaking giant dinosaur skeleton was chasing around, what looks like a piece of his tail? “Does this happen.. every single night?” You questioned the pharaoh. The confusion on your face was evident. He laughed yet again, nodding his head. “Yes this does happen every single night. Come follow and join at the DJ desk.”

The desk was wooden, brown, pretty big and old. But on the top there was a professional DJ equipment with a shit tone of records. He turned on the player and placed a pink record labelled with ‘Pink Punk’ and pressed play. Now this was pretty impressing. You have never witnessed something like this. Ahkmenrah held both of your hands looking at you. “You are really lovely. I must admit I am looking forward to seeing you tomorrow night. And if I am not mistaken…Your shift has ended twenty minutes ago. I believe you’ve worked hard. You deserve to rest.”  Now his actions made you stutter! What were those colorful clouds playing with your insides, especially the are inside your stomach. If he continues treating you like this you will seriously fall for him. But you mustn’t allow yourself…

anonymous asked:

Can't believe I'd ever wish for Danielle smug face back after one night of seeing resting bitch face I'm too good for you let me pretend I care about Louis now he won't know I'm a piece of shit talker he's so unstable I am the light to his darkness his rock and shining armor so everyone sees how amazing I am let me hold his hand like I care I bet the 1D fans will praise me for that one i love Louis so much I watch the originals to laugh at his exes bad acting with him for date night Calder.

Wow that was such a good name description 

”I am the original, I am the light”

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RANT: I am light skinned, but I am Puerto Rican with curly hair. So I grew up wearing braids and cornrows at times, I grew up in east Harlem and started living in the Bronx later on, it was a hairstyle many of us in the community enjoyed wearing. We all know cornrows and dreads work best and make more sense on the original folks who introduced the hairstyle to all of us, which is why we must credit those from the African roots. Example: Taco Bell doesn’t compete with the real deal, actual tacos from Mexicans. Therefore dreads and cornrows naturally look best on the real deals. However, I do respect freedom when it comes to our hair. As long as religions are not being disrespected too. However, hair is hair. It’s great to see how much other cultures admire our culture, we should be flattered but also its good we keep them in check on who started a majority of these things.

In regards to this cornrows and dreads rant, let me just remind everyone that not every white person is horrible. Stop attacking people as a whole. We have bad people in every culture the same way we have good people in every culture. Privileges Exist! We all know that , but it sucks to add more hate.