i am the noise

No to the quiet, no to the calm;
I am noise – rancorous, riotous,
the beckoning of the storm, the storm
imbibed. I am not silenced by spectacle,
I am not deterred by passive aggression;
I am bespoke cacophony – tailored
from the finer wavelengths of thunder,
the cracking of bones and the soliloquy
of doors slammed by gales of infuriated
indignation. Do not sit there and listen;
sit the fuck up and shake in your boots
because I am unforgiving; I am not humble
in my honour and in my passion,
and when I wield my scythe, I yield
to nothing amidst a dance of destruction.
I will no longer allow my rough edges
to be shaved and sandpapered to civility.
I will clank about in that damn box of a cliché
until you grind your teeth in despair:
I will always have something to say,
I will always say it without hesitation,
You won’t just sit there and listen,
You will feel my wrath swell in your womb.

Dance…. Something I fail at! Let’s get this how on the road before I begin studying rapidly

The boys were pretty bored since you had to leave to go to your job but they still had to do something And Kaede told them to come to this good theater with amazing dancers but one after Kaede started begging relentlessly for them to come no matter who they agreed despite some warnings from [COUGH Hoshi] saying “I’ll probably ruin the show somehow…” But the thing that was the weirdest was seeing you dancing on that stage

Shuichi Saihara

-He can’t help but blush while you dance. Perfectly across that stage he would cheer you on but…
-His nose was bleeding.. And it was bleeding BAD [Mod Kaede silently cries in the corner]
-Not looking at Kaede as she scream yelling for him to stop looking at you
-He saw as you suddenly looked towards him somehow not noticing the line of blood coming out of his nose as you smiled
-He felt himself go limp suddenly but he felt as if he had no regrets…How…Strange
-[I’m kinkshaming]


-“AMAZING S/O!!!!”
-He couldn’t help but yell with awe at your flawless beauty… How were you so good!!?
-He wanted to watch you forever….
-Of course you stopped but… He still had to ask you how you were so amazing!!!
-So he askes you and you ANWER you just do it learn some moves but really just do it.. [I’m sorry]
-..But if he askes you to dance some things with him it may or may not be because he wants to impress you
-Currently your learning the Tango… He’s failing of course……But he broke 1 thing this week!!! New record!

Ouma Kokichi

-Oh god damnit
-He will make dirty jokes about it
-“Wanna dance in the be-”
-“Ouma no”
-It wasn’t that bad just the standard dirty joke…
-Until he fucking did them while you were sleeping
-Don’t ANWER that
-“OUMA N-”
-“Ouma YES”
-[Forgive…. Me]

Kaito Momota

-He didn’t know you could dance!
-He yells rapidly as you dance on that stage you look so… So pretty!
-As you finally stopped he rushed towards you tackle-hugging you yelling on and on about how good you were
-He’ll even try to help you when your trying to learn some new dances
-Since he’s weirdly…Good at dancing
-He’ll even make dates about it if your really interested
-He’ll always support you!
-[Space boy :,)]

Amami Rantarou

-Well this is a surprise
-He didn’t know you could dance… And so beautifully!
-He doesn’t cheer until the very end
-And you seem happy at the praise
-You start slowly getting off the stage running towards him
-He’s so happy for yo-
-And than he sees your shoes
-How the fu-….How did he not notice….HOW?
-Damnit who in the world told you to wear that?
-As you slowly ran towards him face lit up with hope…
-But no matter what no matter what you wear your happy face makes it seem a bit more apealing
-“Amami? Did you know where I left the shoes for my show? You have to use a cer-
-"Eh? How strange I just brought you new ones…”
-“Oh you did? That’s good… I wonder where I put them though…”
-As you said that you had no clue…
-While in the trashcan they lay stabbed 53 times
-[That’s actually a joke]

Korekiyo Shinguuji

-How graceful..
-How Ineffable
-You looked so angelic dancing across that dimly lit stage
-He was in a state of complete limerence
-Sadly that show was only for a brief moment of time
-But he couldn’t help but smile underneath that mask watching you
-So until everyone left you ran towards him asking if the show was good or not
-He could only say… some words
-“It was truly magnificent”

Gokuhara Gonta

-“Gonta feels happy for you!”
-He couldn’t help but praise you all the way after your show and you seemed happy so that was even better!
-Sadly Gonta doesn’t know how to dance… But he can watch you practice!
-Just don’t hurt any mrs/or mr bugs okay!
-So he’ll most probably watch you dance cheering you on saying how amazing you are
-And you seemed so… Proud.. So happy!
-It made him feel nice..

Ryouma Hoshi

-He feels happy for you
-You seem to be happy from gaining that praise so he’s happy
-“MARRY ME S/O!!!”
-He looked to the guy right next to him seeing he…he was yelling your name and taking pictures He seemed old too..,
-“Ah…Hey you shouldn’t really yel-”
-Before he could finish he saw the guy take another picturing of you smiling
-“…You perverted son of a bitch….”
-With that he tackled the male yelling something about ‘Sunshine’ or whatever
-It was only after the show he somehow didn’t get in trouble
-He sat next to you something clenched in his hand
-“Hey Hoshi what are you holding?”
-He looked back at you he seemed to freeze for a moment
-Only a moment though before saying
-“Just something I found….”
-He slowly looked back to the picture of your smiling face

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four similarities between mun and muse:

● both don’t take anyone’s shit.
● both have pretty loud and strong motherly tendencies
*fart noises* I am trying to come up with more things rip In real life I get very easily annoyed at people so there is that.
● we both can be hardasses ( though, the priestess definitely takes the medal )

four differences between mun and muse:

● I am 23 and the priestess is…. well…. old as balls
● I am an atheist while the priestess is a zealot
● I am not a war criminal ( I know, surprise )
● the priestess eventually becomes buffed af while I just stand here wishing I had her force of will


Since it’s NATIONAL PUPPY DAY!! Here is Beckett!

The best snuggler, the most excited puppy about the beach, walks, treats, blueberries, and squeaky toys.

He loves running around, being held like a baby, chasing other dogs, squirrels, and birds. He does not like loud noises, when I am gone for too long, water, rice, and car rides.

Adopting Beckett (my stepmom’s neighbor found him on the streets – he had been running around for a couple of weeks before she grabbed him) it’s quite possibly one of the best things I have done in my life so far!

Happy National Puppy Day to Beckett! & all other puppies out there, no matter how old you are, you’ll always be a puppy in our hearts!

a little winter Shiro doodle to help calm my nerves


save him. 

It’s Bedtime, Go to Sleep - Keith x Pidge

Because headcanon that of course Pidge takes forever to go to bed. So Keith just snuggles right on top of her and falls asleep while she tinkers with tech here and there. Sometimes though, she drops a spanner and he wakes up, disgruntled, and pleads that she goes to sleep. Eventually she hits him one too many times and she can only put her stuff aside and give him a smooch goodnight to soften his grumpy attitude before they sleep. Pidge won’t really admit that she can do her best work figuring stuff tech out when Keith dozes off right on top of her though, and even though her leg may fall asleep or her butt begins to ache, she’ll let him dream.

Done in photoshop

Keith’s got a cutie booty