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if you don’t think tony stark’s security systems aren’t programmed to announce that “winter is coming” every time bucky enters the building you’re dead wrong

  • T'Challa: Tony, who is that?
  • Bucky: Yeah Tony, who am I?
  • Tony: This is Bucky. He's my, uh... My room...friend
  • Bucky: I'm your roomfriend?
Tony Stark/Iron Man - You Look So Familiar

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Tony runs into a 14-year-old girl outside of a coffee shop and spills his coffee. When she freaks out and tries to run away, he stops her and asks her if she’s okay and notices that she looks very familiar. He takes her back to the tower to get cleaned up and Natasha points out that she looks just like him. So, Tony tests her DNA and finds out she’s his.

Requested by: Anon

Pairing: Tony x Daughter!Reader

Characters: Fem!Reader, Tony Stark, Harold “Happy” Hogan, Natasha Romanoff, Steve Rogers, Bruce Banner, Wanda Maximoff, Vision, Clint Barton, Sam Wilson. Peter Parker, Thor Odinson, James “Rhodey” Rhodes (Mentioned)

A/N: Thank you to @mo320 and @molethemollie for being my betas for this!

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A/N: I know, I know. I’ve done a Peter Parker x Stark!reader imagine, but I wanted to take a different approach and form an actual story instead of one imagine. Peter will not take be in this imagine since this is purely exposition between the reader and Tony Stark. I’m not sure when Peter will show up, but he will before Civil War. This is set during Iron Man and for the sake of story telling, Iron Man, Iron Man 2, the Avengers, and Civil War will happen in a year or so

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

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American Gods Crossover Verse featuring TechGod!Tony

Fic Prompt: Loki ( Old God ) and Tony (New God) are plotting ways to stop the new threat against their dominions. Possibly Thanos and Lady Death.

p.s. I am thinking of Jarvis as some kind of Siri (navigation app) Tony has that helps him control and implement his powers.

Pairing: FrostIron

Original Post #1 Post #2 Post #3 Post #4

Art Notes:

Man that took me a long while to put up this continuation of my verse! Real life really got in the way. But happy that I finally finished this one after a long interim wait.

disclaimer: Got the Jarvis skeleton off google and tweaked it XD because I don’t have the patience for all the straight lines. LOL

So apparently Tony won’t be Peter’s mentor in his next movie, but he will rather be replaced. Im really, really hoping it’ll be Scott Lang (Ant-man).  Here is my reasoning: 

  • He’s already a dad so he knows how to work with younger people.
  • He’s one of the purest superheroes and won’t push Peter over the edge.
  • They’re both bug/Insect heroes???? How cute????
  • They’re both super quirky and funny so it would be a lot of laughs.
  • Scott knows how its like to be the father to not be there for his kids and he hates not being there for his daughter. This could give a more emotional attachment for the both of them.
  • Tom even said he would want Ant-man to be his new mentor.
  • They both super adorable and have hearts of gold.
  • Training with each other would be the best thing?
  • They’re both not rich and would bond over non money related things and would probably play board games with each other.
  • He would definitely love him unconditionally.

I agree that Tony played a major role in Peter’s life in Homecoming, but in my opinion he played more of a mentor/teacher role than a dad. He just pushed him to be his best and to be stronger. Whereas Scott would be more of a father figure. Especially because he would have the time, where Tony didn’t. He’d talk to him about girls, try helping him with homework, horribly failing and saying, “I did not learn this in school.” I feel like this could be a new, fresh, and pure relationship.


Yeah Steve is a brave soldier who never hesitate to go for what he wants :D

Just some fluffy doodle! Sometimes I still can’t help but giggle whenever I think of how cute they are (sorry I am a bit crazy haha) :D Aww please go get married now! And btw MY NEW COMPUTER HAS ARRIVED :D (Yeah eventually I use my savings to buy it first and hopefully I can save it back within a year) Aww it runs so smooth and fast I nearly cry, so happy!!!


STONY! 💖“You look straight ahead; I’m going to give you a smooch.”😘

Hey guys! Sorry for being disappeared so long. I am very busy now because of many new jobs. However I still have drawn the fan art which I like the most in my spare time.

Does anyone ship Stony?

You have sent me very many messages. Thank you so much. But I can’t reply to every single one now. For anyone who needs my authorization to share my pictures in the other websites, here’s my answer:

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Hail Stony! 💕


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Requested By: @jasssra

Hey, your writing is amazing! I was wondering if you can write a Peter Parker imagine where he is dating Starks daughter and they’ve been together for a while but he then cheats on her with Michele and it breaks her heart. Thanks! :)

Like usual, I have a song to go with the imagine, so if you’d like to listen click here

Also the song influenced the title of the imagine.

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Description: You and Peter met when he was introduced into the Avengers, you both started hanging out a lot and then you started dating. Tony didn’t like the idea of you dating him, but eventually approved, but said there would be consequences if he broke your heart. Something he never thought he’d have to do.

Warnings: It’s just really sad and emotional

Word Count: 2,919

A/N: Okay I’m not gonna lie but my hands were full on shaking the entire time I was writing this because I got so into it?? I was getting super emotional and angry while writing and listening to Ke$ha’s new song Praying. Also, can we just talk about her new song though? There is so much emotion and power in it and I genuinely love it so much. This might be why I put so much emotion into this or because I’ve kinda gone through a relationship like this so I know how it feels in a way?? I dunno, read at your own risk because you will be hit with strong feels.

“Everyone, I would like to introduce a new member to the team, this is Peter Parker, aka the Spider-Man.” Tony smiled proudly, patting Peter on the back who looked nervous as hell.

“H-Hey everyone.” He waved awkwardly, making everyone chuckle at his hesitance.

“Well don’t just stand here, go mingle.” Tony motioned for him to go start up conversations with Steve and Natasha, while he went to talk to Wanda and Clint.

“So how old are you kid?” Steve smiled, observing his features, he looked kind of young to be on the team.

“I- uh- I’m fifteen.” Peter stammered, shifting his weight on his legs awkwardly, he hated that he couldn’t talk normally.

“Stark says you’re the Spider-Man?” Natasha smiled, looking at Peter who nodded slightly.

“Y-Yeah I am.” He gave a slight smile, rubbing the back of his neck anxiously.

“Hey, it will be okay, I know everything is new at first and a bit frightening especially for how young you are, but trust me, you’re going to fit in nicely.” Steve smiled, patting Peter on the shoulder, before disappearing into another room with Natasha.

Peter stood there awkwardly, he didn’t know where to go, or where he was even allowed to go.

He decided to go look for Tony, but bumped into someone right as he turned around.

“Ah, -Shit I’m so sorry I-” Peter stammered, his eyes widening seeing you standing in front of him.

“It’s cool, I always run into people somehow.” You laughed, shrugging your shoulders before moving around him.

Peter stared at you, his expression showing clear confusion written all over it.

You opened the fridge, grabbing a bottle of water, feeling his eyes burning holes into your back.

“Is there a reason you’re staring at me newbie?” You spoke opening the bottle without even looking at him.

“I uh- I mean- How did you- Uhm..” Peter stuttered, mentally face palming himself for being an idiot.

“I’m just messing with you.” You laughed, turning around to see his face flushed with embarrassment.

“Y-Yeah, right.” Peter nodded, trying to act unphased, but you and him both knew he couldn’t hide anything.

“What’s your name?” You asked, propping yourself up on the counter, swinging your legs back n’ forth.

“P-Parker Peter, -I mean, P-Peter Parker. Peter Parker.” He stuttered, making you laugh quietly, before he clearly managed to say his name.

He gave you a nervous smile, which you returned with a smile back.

You jumped off the counter, walking up to him.

“Y/N, Y/N Stark.” You grinned, patting his cheek before walking out of the kitchen, leaving a wide-eyed Peter.

Weeks after being introduced to the Avengers, Peter started fitting in really well, you even started hanging out with him more, doing homework together or just sitting outside, watching the sky change from day to night.

It was peaceful, something you craved to have, mainly since your life was far from normal.

“Y/N, do you ever wonder what’s out there?” Peter asked you one night, you two were sitting out on the balcony, staring up at the night sky, stars twinkling before you.

“I used to, but my dad blew it up.” You laughed, turning to look at Peter who’s eyes were wide with shock.

You laughed even more once you told him the entire story, of how your dad and the Avengers protected New York from Loki and his army of space aliens, and how he sent a nuke into outer space and blew up the alien ship.

Peter’s face was priceless after that, he told you how he got his powers, and how he could stop a bus with his own bare hands.

You two bonded a lot that night, you both kept growing closer and closer.

A few months had gone by and you were walking into your dads office, you were going to break the news you and Peter had started dating.

“Hey dad, you got a minute?” You smiled, peaking inside the room, seeing him smile and wave you in.

“Sure thing kiddo, what’s up?” Tony smiled, but it slowly faltered, seeing your anxious expression.

“I uh- I have to tell you something..” You twiddled with your hands nervously, feeling his intense stare on you.

“Peter and I.. We’re kind of dating now? But it’s okay dad, he’s really sweet and I know he wouldn’t hurt me.” You gave a small smile, seeing your dads face become serious.

“Y/N, he’s a teenaged boy, they’re unpredictable, I should know, I was one years ago.” Tony sighed, rubbing his face with his hands.

“I don’t like the fact you two are dating, but give me some time to get used to it okay?” He saw your eyes light up a bit, making him give you a small smile.

“Thanks dad.” You replied weakly, turning to leave, but he put his hand up in a stopping matter.

“But if he does break your heart, there will be consequences.” Tony spoke sternly, making you nod rapidly.

“I know, thank you.” You smiled, before leaving his office, leaving Tony to think over everything.

Weeks passed, soon months, then a year, and you and Peter couldn’t have been happier.

You two were what they called in school “couple goals” which made you laugh every time you heard someone say you and Peter were.

Everything was great, you felt like a normal person in high school, with high school friends.

You were walking to lunch with Liz, you had been helping her with homecoming decorations.

“So, can you come over later to go over a few things for homecoming?” Liz asked you, looping her arm within yours.

“Of course.” You replied, looking around the hallway before entering the cafeteria.

You were talking to Liz, before you noticed how she was staring at something else.

“Y/N, I think we should go do some homecoming prep work.” She tried to turn you around but you refused, but you wished you would have listened.

There sat Ned, Peter and Michelle, at your lunch table, but Peter and Michelle were holding hands, laughing over a stupid joke.

And then it happened, the thing that broke your heart.

They kissed.

Your mouth dropped open, you were stunned, how could the sweet innocent boy you met over a year ago do this to you?

Tears welled up in your eyes, but you refused to let them spill.

You felt your breathing start to become rapid, the amount of emotions rushing through you was too much to control.

You walked over to the table, acting as if you hadn’t seen anything, sitting down next to Ned.

“Hey Y/N.” Peter smiled, but you didn’t return the friendly gesture.

“Are you alright Y/N?” Michelle asked, seeing your stiff posture.

“I will be.” You replied angrily, grabbing Peter’s drink, before dumping it on his head.

He sat there baffled, before looking up at you and seeing your face flushed, eyes red.

“If you were going to cheat on me, the least you could have done was break up with me, I would of understood.” You choked out, before grabbing Ned’s drink and dumping it on Peter’s head again.

“I never want to speak to you again.” You glared at him, before backing away from the table.

“Y/N, wait! Please! I can explain!” Peter ran after you, catching your arm.

Don’t touch me!” You yelled, making people look over at you both.

“You betrayed me, how could you?” You shouted, his shoulders slumping, avoiding your eyes.

“You’re an asshole Peter Parker.” You bit your lip, trying to get it to stop quivering.

“Y/N, please..” Peter pleaded, looking up at you through his wet hair.

You shook your head, a few tears slipping down your cheeks.

“Never speak to me again, in fact, I never want to see you again Peter.” You backed away from him, Liz wrapping her arms around you before dragging you off.

She gave Peter a look over her shoulder, which crushed Peter even more, he really screwed up.

He turned around, but noticed everyone was looking at him in pure shock and anger.

“Nice going Penis Parker!” Flash shouted, which made everyone else agree with him.

This was the longest day of Peter’s life.

Back at the Avengers headquarters, you rushed into the building, slamming the door behind you.

“Whoa hey what’s wrong Y/N?” Steve stood up, glancing at Natasha who looked equally as concerned.

Tears were streaming down your cheeks, you slowly looked up at the two, their expressions changing from concern to anger.

“H-He cheated on me.” You spoke in a whisper, your voice wavering as you stood there, your heart crumbling even more.

“No he didn’t, there’s no way.” Natasha shook her head in disbelief, looking at Steve who looked pissed as hell.

Steve pulled you into a hug, you let out a few sobs, before going to your room.

You sat there on your bed, trying to figure out what you should do first, but a knock on your door pulled you out of your thoughts.

“Hey kiddo..” Tony walked in, his heart breaking at the sight of you.

“Hey dad.” You smiled weakly, wiping your cheeks from the tears.

Tony walked over to you, pulling you into a side hug, and before you knew it, you were breaking down, letting out every emotion you had been bottling up.

Tony hated this feeling, he hated seeing you so broken, and he was one to keep his word, there would be consequences.

You soon had found out Tony had taken Peter’s Spider-Man suit from him, he told Peter he had wanted him to be better, and that if he was nothing without the suit then he just shouldn’t have it.

A part of you was sad for him, but at the same time you didn’t have a single care in the world.

Oh sometimes I pray for you at night,

Someday, maybe you’ll see the light.

A few weeks had gone by since your breakup with Peter, you had gotten rid of about everything he had given you, except a box of his belongings that you needed to deliver.

You hadn’t seen him since that day in the cafeteria, so you knew it was going to be a bit awkward.

Tony had kicked him out of the Avengers building, so you had to travel to his apartment.

You knocked on his door, awkwardly waiting for someone to answer.

When Peter opened the door, seeing you was a shock, he wasn’t expecting that at all.

“Y/N.” He breathed out, making your eyes snap up to meet his.

“I have the rest of your stuff.” You handed him the box, then crossed your arms.

“Uh, um, thanks.” Peter mumbled, setting the box on the ground.

“Well, bye.” You glanced at him one more time before walking down the hallway, only to be stopped by him.

“Y/N, please let me explain.” Peter pleaded once again, making you stop and turn around.

“No let me.” You glared at him, making his eyes widen a bit.

You almost had me fooled, but after everything you’ve done, I can thank you for how strong I have become.” You ran your fingers through your hair, trying to choose your words carefully.

“Y/N, I never meant to hurt you.” Peter tried to intervene but you held your hand up.

You put me through hell, I had to learn how to fight for myself, and we both know all the truth I could tell, I’ll just say this is I wish you farewell.” You gave a small smile, before turning around and walking down the hallway.

There was no way you were going to give into his bullshit speech about how he messed up and wished he never did what he did.

Peter watched you walk away from him, his heart breaking into pieces.

But he wasn’t going to give up without a fight.

You were sitting at the table in the kitchen, listening to your music.

I hope you’re somewhere prayin’, prayin’,

I hope your soul is changin’, changin’,

I hope you find your peace,

Falling on your knees, prayin’.

You couldn’t help but hum along to the words, you felt connected to the song in so many ways.

Steve and Natasha were in the living room, hearing you sing along to the song, their hearts breaking a bit.

Peter had really hurt you, and it was their job also to protect you.

You were singing along to the song when someone walked up to you, you glanced up only to be met by Peter.

“Y/N, please just let me talk to you.” Peter begged, making you roll your eyes in annoyance.

Can’t he just leave you alone?

“What’s there to talk about? You cheated on me, the end.” You stated bluntly, making Peter cringe.

“Nothing really happened between Michelle and I, it was a dare.” Peter tried to explain, but you were already over it.

I’m proud of who I am, I don’t need you, I found strength I’ve never known.” You sighed, looking at Peter who was still stunned.

“Peter, you need to leave.” You motioned towards the door, he nodded slowly, knowing it was no use, he had really messed up the best thing in his life.


Oh, some say, in life, you’re gonna get what you give,

But some things only God can forgive,

I hope you’re somewhere prayin’, prayin’,

I hope your soul is changin’, changin’,

I hope you find your peace,

Falling on your knees,



“Tony, you can’t eat so many donuts.”


“Tony no.”

–Since then, Gladiator Captain America and Tony Stark(osaur) live happily ever after :D

Just saw the screen cap of the new event of the Avengers Academy (x and x), and my imagination can’t help but goes wild :D They are so cute heehee


I’ve been thinking about how some bantering between Stephen Strange and Tony Stark would go. I hope they do that in the next movie and I imagine it would be hilarious. I am interested in how you think it would go. -Requested by @punken316

“… So.”


The tension in the air was almost tangible. Maybe it was a bad idea to convince your new friend Stephen Strange to meet your good friend Tony Stark. But Stephen was a sorcerer, and could be a potential valuable member to the Avengers. After all, he already saved the world once. The only problem was getting past the awkward first-meeting stage.

Tony cleared his throat after a long, uncomfortable moment of silence. “… So you’re friends with (y/n), I see.”

Stephen kept his gaze even, like he was trying to stare into Tony’s soul. “Yes, that’s right.”

“That’s… cool.” Tony shifted in his chair. “And… how long did you say you knew each other for again?”

“A month.” 

“That’s… nice.” Tony turned to you. “And you trust this guy that you’ve met for a month, right?”

You nodded your head, “With my life. Stephen’s a good guy, Tony. You can trust me on that.”

“Mm.” He studied the sorcerer with contempt. It was all-too obvious that he didn’t like the guy. “So Stephen, tell me about yourself. (Y/n) mentioned you were a magician. Do you do, like, party tricks or something?”

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I'm still the captain

(A/N): bearded Steve has got me fucked up

Request: Can I request a story please where Steve is sick of being Cap and doesn’t want to come back to the Avengers until he comes to the base to talk to Tony and he sees the reader who is a new recruit. The reader is training with a total asshole at that point who just keeps shooting something (idk fire or stuff) at her and she starts arguing with him, walks out and runs into Steve? And Steve falls in love and joins again? (Steve please with beard and maybe a dog or something) You’re so awesome!

Warnings: some swearing

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   "You sure you don’t wanna come back?“ Tony asks as he walks beside Steve and his rather large golden retriever named Buddy of all things. 

    "I’m tired of being cap,” Steve sighs as he looks at the floor, at the floor he once used to walk on daily. “I’ve been doing it for years and I guess I’ve just lost-" 

   "Lost faith in captain america?” Tony supplies the rest of his sentence. Steve nods, sighing again. 

   "Captain stood for justice, peace, freedom, I don’t know what he is now but it’s not that,“ 

   "You piece of shit!” A sudden voice cuts Steve’s conversation short. buddy’s ears perk up and he whines at the sound, his head already pointing to the direction of the training rooms.

    “New recruits,” Tony supplies with a smirk. “It hasn’t been going to well," 

   "Yeah,” Steve edges forward, taking a few steps towards the training rooms. “I can tell,”

    “I’m done trying to train you! Reschedule with Tony or Nat or someone else you little asshat-” The voice cuts shorts when whoever it belonged to ran straight into Steve’s chest, grumbling and trying to push away. “Watch where you’re going-” The person looks up, face immediately going slack as they look up at Steve. “Oh my god, you’re- you’re Steve Rogers,” Steve chuckles lightly, nodding his head as he stuffs his hands in his pockets.

    “Indeed I am," 

   "I’m so sorry for running into you, I didn’t mean to-" 

   "Mr. Stark, I suggest you hire someone new because (Y/N) does a fucking terrible job,” A young trainee, only around the age of 19, comes walking out of the training rooms, looking rather rude and arrogant. (Y/N)- Steve assumed- gritted their teeth in restraint as they rolled their eyes, turning on the spot to face Tony. 

   "Tony, this little asswipe wouldn’t listen to me, he kept using those stupid fucking powers and-“ 

   "hey, hey, hey, both of you need to calm down, okay?” Tony looked between the two with a rather serious gaze. “Jason, Go hit the showers, (Y/N) go eat a carrot or some shit, I don’t care,”

    “But Mr. Stark-”

    “Now you two.” Tony rubs at his temples as the two walk away, glaring at each other darkly as they do. “I swear those two are going to be the death of me,”

    “When did you hire (Y/N)?" 

   "A week after you left,”

    “What do they specialize in?" 

   "A little bit of everything truthfully, they have quite the impressive resume,”

   "Hmm, any previous employers?“ 

   "They were an assassin for hire, they were their own employer,”

   "So, what’s their story? Villain suddenly becomes a hero? They accidentally lost a loved one in their line of work?“ 

  "They gave up the whole assassin thing after one customer wanted (Y/N) to take out a family, a pregnant woman, her husband, and their two other children," 

   "So, they have morals at least ," 

  "They do,” Tony smiles, clapping Steve on the shoulder. “You’d love them if you got to know them a bit, gives you the perfect reason to rejoin the team-" 

  "Steve’s rejoining the team?” Natasha smirks as she suddenly walks up to the two men. “Nice beard Steve, makes you look all rugged and stuff," 

    "He does live on a farm now Nat, he has to look rugged,” Nat hums as she nods, her eyes flitting from Steve’s bear down towards his feet where Buddy sat patiently, tail swishing from side to side gently.

    “And who’s this cutie?” Nat asks as she crouches down, scratching Buddy’s ears affectionately.

    “This is buddy, I found him snooping around my yard one day and I decodes to take him in," 

   "Well sounds like Captain America has been having fun up on his ranch,"  

   "Yeah,” Steve nods, smiling gently as he does.  "I have…I miss the compound though,“ 

   "Ah, did I just hear Captain America say he misses the compound,” Tony smiles excitedly, unable to hide just how elated he was.

   "I’m not saying I’ll come back, I’m just saying I’ll think about it,“ 

   "He’ll think about it!” Tony cried as he hugged Steve tightly. “He said he’ll think about it!”  

  “Remember how you said you’d think about it?” (Y/N) chuckles around a mouthful of ice cream, the chocolatey substance dribbling down their chin. “And cut to a year later you’re the team leader once again," 

   "Oh hush,” Steve muttered as he poked (Y/N) with his foot, too tired to even lift his arms. He’d been training all day with (Y/N) and needless to say they had kicked his ass, they were fucking amazing at fighting and Tony wasn’t exaggerating when he said (Y/N)’s resume was quite extensive. 

   "Tell me again why you came back,“ 

   ”(Y/N), I’ve told you a million times before-“ 

   "I know, but I love hearing why,” Steve sighs as he cracks an eye open to look at (Y/N) who was trying to look cute and innocent as they pulled the chocolate coated spoon out of their mouth.

    “I came back because I had a crush on you, I wanted to see you more," 

   "Yeah?” (Y/N) smirks as they recline onto Steve’s chest, his arms already coming up to wrap around their form. 

   "Yep…and because of that decision I found the love of my life-“ 

   "Oh, you’re such a sap,” Steve smiled as he pressed a kiss to (Y/N)’s temple, letting his lips linger there for a moment before pulling back.

   "You know you wanted to hear it, don’t even deny it,“ (Y/N) hums as they nuzzle into Steve’s neck, sighing softly once they found they were perfectly comfortable.

   "I suppose you’re right…” The two fell silent for awhile after that, just laying together, holding each other, listening to the other’s breathing, their heartbeat, the way (Y/N)’s breaths became shallow whenever Steve gently kissed them, or the way Steve would nearly purr when (Y/N) raked their hands through his hair. The moment was peaceful, reflective, absolutely wonderful, that was until there was a loud bark and suddenly there was a large, rain soaked dog standing on both of their bodies. 

   "Buddy!“ Steve chastised, trying to push to large dog away from himself and (Y/N). "Personal space big guy,” But Buddy didn’t listen, instead he merely plopped down on their legs, head resting on Steve’s chest. (Y/N) chuckled as they reached down to pet Buddy, a light smile to their lips as they did.

    “He just wanted to cuddle too,” Steve groans and shakes his head as he lays back down, arms rewrapping around (Y/N). 

   "He’s fucking soaked (Y/N), your legs are going to be freezing when he gets off and then you’re gonna do that evil thing where you wrap your legs around me and try to freeze me to death,“

   "Hmm, damn right I am,”

   "I didn’t become team captain to have fucking freezing legs,“ 

Avengers x reader

A/N: This is my first Avengers imagine/reader insert, so I’m trying to get used to writing them. Otherwise, I like how it turned out for my first try(even though I can point out a list of things I could have done different, or added, but whatever?) Anyways, I hope you enjoy!

It was a typical Friday night for New York City and the Avengers themselves, who resided inside the tower for the night. A thunderstorm raged on outside the tall building, the secure windows of the main lounge area showcasing the pouring rain and occasional lightning strikes outside. 

Most of Earth’s mightiest heroes were relaxed in the lounge. The TV was playing a Pixar movie; Steve and Bucky’s eyes glued to the screen. They’ve been going through their list of movies to watch and catch up on and tonight it was the movie UP. It was getting to the emotional bits, so the two super-soldiers’ attention were on the screen. 

Clint and Natasha sat near the kitchen, chatting over whatever came to mind. Mostly any interesting or exciting things to happen through the week. Tony and Bruce were in the lab working on their most recent project. Everyone else was either in their rooms or somewhere else around the tower. No one was dumb enough to venture out into the storm.

A ding came from the elevator, catching the attention of the two assassins before its sleek doors slid open to reveal (Y/N).

“Hey, (Y/N), we were wondering when you’d-” Clint shut his mouth after catching a look of their teammate before laughter spilled out of his mouth immediately after.

Stepping out of the elevator, (Y/N) stopped and stared at the hysteric archer, unamused. The girl’s (h/c) locks were plastered to her face, pretty much every inch of her body soaked from the rain outside. “Go ahead, laugh it up,” she grumbled.

“Did I hear- MY FLOORS!” Tony’s distraught cry fueled Clint’s hysteria more but with an elbow to the ribs from Natasha, he shut up. “What happened to you?”,the redhead made her way over to the drenched girl with a small chuckle.

The other two in the room paused their movie to help out, getting towels from the hall closet.

(Y/N) sent a thankful smile their way, putting a towel under her feet as to not ruin Tony’s precious flooring. Out of the corner of her eye, she could see him relax, making her roll her eyes while she dried herself some. 

“I was walking home from work when the storm came out of nowhere,” she explained. The girl shifted the towels in her arms, pulling something from underneath her hoodie. “I was almost home when something- or rather someone- called out for help.” With a small smile, she pulled the towels back just in time for a tiny kitten to peak it’s head out.

“Aw!” Natasha cooed, joined by Clint once he walked closer to the group. The group stared at the little bundle of cuteness as it took a look around, curious. The kitten was young, about a few weeks old, a varied colored tabby with big brown eyes. 

“This little guy was all alone in al alleyway.” (Y/N) further explained the creatures sad story, stroking its head. “The box he was in was mostly drenched and there wasn’t any other cats or people around so I couldn’t just leave him.”

“He looks healthy,” mumbled Tony, surprisingly taking the cat from (Y/N)’s hands to cradle it awkwardly. “I’ll get Bruce or Vision to take a look at him while you get changed.” (Y/N) couldn’t stop the touched smile that spread on her face.

“Thanks, Tony. That’s really-”

“Just don’t mess up my floors further.” The group all rolled their eyes, going back to their own activities once Tony left.

(Y/N) padded down the hall, warmed up from her shower and in a fresh pair of PJs. She smiled at the growing excitement in her chest at the thought of her new found furry friend. 

There were more voices coming from the lounge when (Y/N) got closer. She eventually entered the room, spotting a few more faces that joined everyone on the couches. Bruce, Vision and the Maximoff twins joined in on the fun of gushing over the kitten they found earlier.

“He seems fine,” Bruce shifted the cat in his hands, the little guy now bundled in a small blanket on his lap. “No injuries or any illnesses. A little malnourished from being left outside, but otherwise okay.”

“One lucky little fella!” Pietro petted the kitty, earning a cute little meow. It seems he enjoyed all the attention.

“Thanks again you guys.” (Y/N) slipped in between Bruce and Wanda on the couch, the doctor handing the cat over once she settled. “I was worried no one could let me keep him.”

Well-” Tony raised a finger, about to protest when Bruce sent him a look over his shoulder. He sighed, giving up any further attempt at an argument. “I mean, who could say no to the little guy.”

“Right?” (Y/N) smiled at the cat, picking him up gently to kiss his teeny nose. “You’re just so cute!” He mewed again, the group of heroes laughing at the interaction.

The next day the skies cleared and the sun shined down on the city. The tower was going through its morning routine when excited shouted traveled through its halls.

Guys guys guys!”(Y/N) ran into the kitchen where mostly everyone was seated, eating breakfast. She slid on the tiled floor, a huge smile on her face as she held something behind her back.

“What what what!” Clint cried back, imitating his friend and earning a few collective chuckles from the group. The thrilled hero took out the object from behind her, holding it up for all to see.

The rescued kitten from the previous night sat in her hands, droopy-eyed from waking up. Besides that a little white turtle neck sat snug on his body, roomy enough to be comfortable with small arm holes.

“Oh my gosh, that’s adorable!” Wanda instantly came to their side, forgetting her breakfast to hold the kitten.

“You made that?” Bucky asked, to which (Y/N) nodded proudly. She sat next to him at the bar, taking the mug of (f/d) Tony offered her.

“Yup,” she answered, popping the last syllable. “While he slept. Poor little Leo, I shoved that thing on him right after he woke up.”

At the choice of the kitten’s name, Tony sent her a look, as if to say ‘really?’. “Leo?” (Y/N) simply shrugged. “First name to come to mind.”

“Who is this Leo?” Thor and Loki now entered the kitchen, along with Sam who went over to chat with Steve. He flicked Bucky’s ear on the way which caused a mini slap-fight to follow. (Y/N) ignored the cat fight in the background to address the gods. 

“Leo’s a kitten we rescued last night from the storm. He’s now a part of the family~” Loki rolled his eyes and instead of fawning over the cat went in search of coffee. Thor, on the other hand, seemed thrilled, taking Leo from Wanda and into his hands. Leo looked even smaller in the bigger man’s hands but didn’t look phased at all. 

Thor brought Leo eye level before speaking to him. “Hello Leo, I am Thor.” Another eye roll from Loki while the others laughed. 

A/N: Thanks for reading! I just couldn’t help writing this once the idea popped into my head as I found that picture on Instagram. I hope you enjoyed, and I’d love to read your feedback if you have any! :D Although, I apologize if I don’t have messages set up or something like that. I’m new to Tumblr when it comes to posting and communicating. 


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                   Old Dog, New Tricks: First Installment

                                                  Part One

                                                  Part Two

                                                  Part Three

                                                 Part Four

                                                 Part Five

                                                  Part Six


Bucky Barnes was someone you never thought that could lead you to danger after your sex filled summer - it led to only that. After months of playing between the sheets, you were suddenly in the line of work you never expected to be - part of the Avengers. With the help of the team, you learn to transform into something else. Someone else.

Word Count: 2,470

Notes: Cursing, Angst, Some fluff.

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She always picks up the pieces

Prompt: “I am not going to let him go near you.”

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: 1280

Warning: Nightmares, slight violence, comfort

Summary: Bucky can’t stop the nightmares that plague his mind at night, but she can.

Author’s Note: This is for a writing Challenge! I hope you enjoyed it!


Originally posted by natpekis

Bucky’s heart was pounding loudly in his ear as he looked down to his strapped arms in.. the chair. He was back in the Hydra base with the agents staring at him as they got ready to erase his memories, his mind. He gritted his teeth struggling against the bonds, struggling for his freedom when he looked up to see Brock Rumlow grinning at him. “You have so much to forget,” he whispered before jerking his head back by the scruff of his hair, causing Bucky to hiss at the sharp pain jolting through the base of his skull. Bucky had fear pumping through his veins, knowing that there is nothing he can do, nothing to stop losing (Y/N), Steve, and the others.

“Do it.” Brock said before shoving the guard into Bucky’s mouth as Bucky tensed. Fingers digging into the chair for purchase. His heart was thumping louder and louder until it was one long pulse within his entire body. He felt this stabbing pain thrust into his skull and a burning sensation like hot lava being poured over his matter of his brain. His body jerked as he struggled unable to hold back the scream of agony that tore through his throat. Suddenly everything went blank, unable to remember what was happening, or even where he was? He was trembling from the aftershock of chair when his bonds were released. “Open your eyes!” Brock commanded as Bucky’s eyes snapped open.

He was in a room looking around frantically before he realized he was in the Avengers’ tower, knowing he was safe. “Bucky.” A soft voice commented gently when he looked over in fear before seeing (Y/N) sitting in front of him, one of his shirts on her body as a frown spread across her lips. “You’re burning up.” She said placing a hand onto his forehead as he tensed. “Another nightmare?” She asked softly when he nods slowly. He was still trembling. The dream had felt so real that he broke out into a cold sweat. “It was him.” His voice sounded raw as he gently laid his head into her lap when she looked down to him in worry for the one she loved before she sighed.

“Do you… Do you want to talk about it at all, or would you rather not?” She asked running her fingers through his sweat soaked hair. “I mean.. It’s best for you to talk about it, but I don’t want to force you if you aren’t comfortable. I understand, my love. I do.” She whispered when his arms wrapped around her waist as he buried his face onto her leg, hoping to hide away from the dream. She slowly reached back and flipped on the lamp as light spread through their room, enveloping Bucky in the warming glow. “I..I was back in the chair.” His voice quietly whispered as her heart clenched at the words. “What happened while you were there?” She asked.

He was… there. Taunting me that I had so much to forget.” His fingers dug into her waist as she bit back a yelp, knowing he had been in more pain than she was. “I tried to fight back, but… I couldn’t. No matter how much I tried, how much I struggled…  I had to sit there. Letting myself forget everything, everyone that I’ve finally remembered.” He whispered as his voice broke at the end when tears dripped onto the cotton shirt and stained it in his sorrow. “It’s okay, you’re here with me. You’re safe James.” She whispered before looking up at her. “I am not going to let him go near you. Never again.” She smiled kissing his forehead as his eyes fluttered closed.

“Say it again.” He pleaded softly, needing to hear it. “I am not going to let him go near you.” She repeated before her fingers slowly wrapped around his cheeks as she pulled him to her eye level. “Who are you?” She asked. “Sergeant James Buchanan Barnes.” He whispered. “Where are you?” She questioned him. “In the Avengers tower located in New York.” He answered. “And who is with you to keep you safe?” Her grip tightened on his face as he swallowed thickly. “(Y/N) (L/N), Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson, Natalia Romanoff, Clint Barton, Tony Stark, Bruce Banner, and Thor Odinson.” He replied as his eyes fluttered closed when he buried his face into her neck.

“That’s right. He will never get you. Not as long as we stand in front of him, and if the Soldier awakens again. Steve and I will stop it, because we love you so much.” She said when he pressed his lips to herself cupping her face with his flesh hand. She grabbed his metal one before pulling it up to her face as he flinched into the kiss. He slowly entangled the digits into her hair when he pulled back looking into her eyes, seeing nothing but love, devotion, and determination staring back at him. “You aren’t going to hurt me. That chapter of your life is over. It’s time to open a new chapter James.” She said placing both of her hands over his, smiling.

“What if that chapter isn’t?” He questioned looking down, fearing that his nightmare will come true and he’ll lose her. “Then we’ll end it. You have to realize that you aren’t him, you never were. You have always been, and will always be James Buchanan Barnes.” She said tightening her grip on his hands as he nods. “We are here to help you through this. It’s not going to happen overnight and you know that. You have to work through this together. You don’t have to face this alone anymore James.” She said as Bucky looks at her. “You can look me in the eyes, touch these hands that ever murdered before and tell me that this chapter of my life is over?” He demanded.

“James–” He held a hand. “This chapter will never be over (Y/N) no matter how much I fight. No matter how much I struggle to reach the top of who I use to be, I will never be him!” He exclaims throwing his hands up, but she doesn’t flinch, doesn’t back down. “No one is asking you to be him James. Is Steve the same boy you knew Seventy years ago? No. He isn’t. Everyone has changed, and sometimes it’s not always for the better. And yes, I can look you in the eyes, I can touch your hands and tell you that this chapter of your life is over. Because you didn’t just reach the top James, you climbed over it and kept going towards a better James, towards a better you.” She whispered quietly.

Bucky grew silent for a moment unable to form words in his mouth as he sat there in front of her when he covered half of his face with his flesh hand. Tears flooding down his face as his body started to tremble when she sat up on her knees and placed a kiss onto his lips. He wrapped his arms around her before pulling her into his lap as he leaned back against the wall. “You think too highly of me.” He finally whispered. “No, you just think too low of yourself.” She countered when she snuggled against his neck as they sat there together. “Tell me again… one more time.” He whispered as she smiles. “I am not going to let him go near you.” She repeated one finally time as he pulled a cover over both of them when their eyes fluttered shut. He was safe.

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Anthony, meet Tony

For @one-piece-of-harry ’s idea. This is probably not at all what you were picturing but tada…

“What the Fuck?!” Tony asks, based on the way the kid flinches back his voice is just a little bit too loud.

“Sorry, Howard. Sorry.” The kid mumbles, staring resolutely at his feet. The name gives Tony pause, anxiety settling like a rock in his stomach. He recognizes that brown hair.

“It’s okay Anthony. I’m not mad, in fact you’re being very brave right now. I’m proud of you.” Tony says, trying to get close enough to shelter the kid from AIM’s attacks. Just because they apparently managed to bring him forward in time, doesn’t mean they’re done with their assault.

“Stark, incoming!” Clint warns, Tony turns, pulling the helmet back on and firing at the new targets. “Shit, is that a kid. Cap, Stark has a kid with him.”

“Woah.” Anthony whispers, staring wide eyed at Tony. “Is that a laser? How are you powering it? What are those people doing? Are you a superhero dad?” Tony’s heart hurts.

“Yeah, yeah I am.” Tony says, now isn’t the time to explain that he is not Howard Stark. Now is not the time to do anything except scoop up the kid and run. “Cap, I’m exiting the fight. Got a kid version of myself here, finish up without me.” There’s questioning noises over the coms’ but Tony ignores them, scooping up the kid, and running.

“Where are we going? Don’t you have to fight those guys?” Anthony asks, Tony looks down at him.

“You’re more important than some idiots who don’t know how last season yellow is.” Tony informs him, landing near the quinjet and climbing on board.

“We need to run some tests.” The Shield agent says, gesturing to Anthony. Tony glares at them, the repulsor whines as it charges up.

“I think that can wait, don’t you?” He asks. The woman has guts, she doesn’t even flinch.

“Dr. Stark, that is a you version of you, we need to find out if he’s from this universe, or if he travelled forward in time.” She protests. Tony keeps the kid close.

“I can do that, at my Tower. The rest of them should be back soon.” He waves get off, Shield can go fuck themselves right now.

“Tower? Time travel? Dad what’s happening?” Anthony asks. Tony sets him down, stepping out of the suit.

“Anthony, I’m not your father, I’m you.” Tony says, he watches his own heart break. Watches tears well up in the little boys eyes.

“So, dad’s still not proud of me then?” He asks, rubbing at his cheeks. Tony’s heart breaks.

“Anthony, you’re a brilliant, brave, caring, amazing kid.” He says, letting the kids hands ball up, clutching the undersuit.

“But, he’s still not proud of me?” Anthony wails, crying into Tony’s shoulder. “All he cares about is Captain America, why can’t he love me?”

“I don’t know kid, I don’t know. I’m sorry.” Tony rubs his back, fighting down his own tears. “I wish I had an answer for you.” He notices Steve out of the corner of his eyes and attempts to get him to walk away gesturing to the door with his chin.

“Tony, you can’t just go off coms like that mid-mission, you know better.” Steve scolds, stopping short when he notices the kid clutched in Tony’s arms.

“He’s mean!” Anthony practically screeches. “Why does dad like you more than me? You’re loud and mean, and I don’t understand!” Anthony’s whole body is shaking with sobs. Tony hums softly in his ear.

“It’s okay, you have Jarvis and Anna and they love you very much.” Tony soothes. Anthony shakes his head, sobbing.

“Jarvis died, and Anna is sick. Mom says it’s cancer.” Anthony wails. That’s too soon, Tony was a teenager by the time he lost Jarvis. He would have been so much worse off if he had lost them sooner.

“Multiverse then.” The shield doctor mumbles. Tony considers throwing something at her. “Reed can send him back.”

“No.” Tony states, glaring at her.

“It’s not that complicated, we can send him back.” She says, “Return him to his own universe.”

“I’m not sending him back. He can stay here, with me.” He says, Anthony blinks up at him, shocked.

“You love yourself so much you want to adopt yourself?” Clint attempts to rib him, but winds up confused about the wording of that sentence and glaring at the ground.

“Barton.” Tony deadpans, staring up at him. “You’re an idiot.” Anthony giggles in his arms, hiccuping slightly.

“I’m sorry for crying.” He whispers. Tony shakes his head.

“It’s okay if you cry Bambino. Gets the feelings out.” He smiles at the boy, and pokes his chest. “You don’t want to keep bad feelings in here, so you have to let them out.”

“Don’t wanna bad heart.” Anthony agrees, rubbing at his nose with his sleeve.

“You could never have a bad heart Bambino, just a sick one. And I don’t want you getting sick.” Tony says, poking Anthony’s nose. Anthony giggles.

“Does anyone else think this is weird?” Clint asks, only to be hustled out of the room by Natasha and Steve. He can yell at Tony later.

“J, I’m going to need paper work for Anthony.” Tony decides. “He needs to be enrolled in school. Also childproof the house, and order clothes.”

“Of course Sir.” Jarvis replies, Anthony’s eyes go wide.

“Jarvis?” He whispers awed. Tony tries to cover up a flinch.

“Not exactly kiddo. This is Jarvis 2.0, I made him after I lost my Jarvis. He’s a learning program.”

“Oh, okay. That’s really cool though.” Anthony mumbles, a single tear running down his cheek. “You’ll teach me about him sometime, right?”

“Of course. I can’t wait to show you our lab.” Tony says. Anthony hiccups, chest heaving.

“Ours?” He whispers. “I get to have a lab.”

“Of course you do. There’s going to be some strict safety rules, but we can share a lab.” Tony ruffles the kids hair. Anthony is staring at him like he hung the moon.

“You’re the best person I ever met.” He whispers. Tony laughs, beaming at the kid.

“Wait until you meet Rhodey, he’s my best friend.” Tony says. “He’s going to love you, spoil you rotten.”

“I don’t wanna be rotten!” Tony shrieks, hiccuping again.

“Don’t you worry Bambino, you’re the sweetest. No rot anywhere on you, right?” He tickles at Anthony’s side, and the kid shrieks trying to bat his hands away.

“No! No rot! Ahhhhahahaha.” He squirms out of Tony’s grip. “All sweet right?” He looks up through his lashes and Tony beams at him.

“The absolute sweetest kid.”


Steve Rogers does not approve of his (boy)friend’s cuddling new friend :D

Yeah Tentacles. Avengers Academy you win.

Sorry for my bad English and hand writing! Grammar checking and proper handwriting functions tend to shut down while I am sleepy ; w ; (and I hope everyone in US is doing okay *hug* I know how it feels to have someone like this to lead the government… please take good care of yourself and reach out to someone if you need any help)