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Billy Hargrove Imagine Smut Request- Just For Fun

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So I went a little bit crazy with this one lol.  This was requested by @selenedarkbloom and I seriously enjoyed writing it.  I’m sorry it took forever for me to write it and post it for you, but I hope it was worth the wait and that you enjoy it!! xx.

Pairing: Billy Hargrove x Reader

Warnings: Smut and language 

*Just wanted to let you all know, again, that unprotected sex is a definite no no!!  I didn’t mention any form of birth control (i.e. condoms or the pill), but please know that it is not because I advocate unprotected sex.  The lack of mentions is solely to keep the flow of writing.  Please always use some form of protection!*

You laid in your bed listening to the shouting match your parents were having in the living room.  Turning to face your alarm clock you saw that the time read 6:00am. “Right on cue.” You thought to yourself before getting up to get dressed for school.  Like every other school day, you were out the door and into your car by 6:30am.  You sat in the driveway and watched your parents argue through the living room window.  It was always the same.  Dad would come home drunk the night before resulting in an explosive argument the following morning.  You clenched the steering wheel in anger before giving it a smack.  Shaking your head, you threw your car in reverse and backed out heading to school.  

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Okay but no

With the S2 reveals of the new miraculous holders the only thing that’s been going through my mind is:


Just imagine Mme. Bustier teaching class and an Akuma attacks and suddenly THE FIRST TWO ROWS OF STUDENTS (minus Sabrina, Maylène, and Alix) just throw their hands up, make some lameass excuse and bails! Like ??????? How would it not be obvious what the hell is going on?

Mari: “Oh hey, Mme Bustier may I go to the bathroom?”

Adrien: “I’m feeling horrible, can I go see the nurse?”

Chloe: *screams* “There’s a spider on my desk!!!” *runs away and is never seen again until after the attack ends*

Nino: “Dude, I just forgot my [insert generic item here that’s of no importance], I have to get it!”

Alya: “The next scoop! I must go!” *no new video appears on the Ladyblog the next day*


Eventually the teachers give up on trying to maintain the order of their ‘Unruly Five’ and don’t even notice when the heroes leave


The group still make excuses though, but it’s evolved into a competition of who can make the worst excuse and still be 'believable’:

“My cat’s wedding is tomorrow, I must make preparations.”


M2U’s New Album “Diversity” Details

M2U 2nd album is coming next month. It’s called “Diversity” and it will features new music from M2U in collaboration with guest artists. The guests artist confirmed to be Soraru (a Japanese utaite vocalist) and Yamato Kasai from Mili. The album contains songs from many rhythm games such as Deemo, VOEZ, HIGH5, etc. Here’s the full info of the album.

Album Name: Diversity
Artist: M2U
Release Date: June 28, 2017
Format: CD
Disc Number: 2
Label: Universal Music



01. Marigold (feat. Guriri) [From Deemo]
02. LIKE I AM (feat.Kuripurini) [From KINETIC LIGHT]
03. Diversity
04. KOTOBA (feat. NICODE)
05. Elements (feat. REQ)
06. Sagashimono (feat. Soraru)
08. Turning Point
09. Freezing Hot (feat. Romelon)
10. Frozen Ocean
11. Queen Bee [From VOEZ]


01. Magnolia (feat.Guriri) [From Deemo]
02. Myosotis (feat. Guriri, Lucy) (VIP Remix) [From Deemo]
03. Stellar [From Deemo]
04. Wicked Fate [From Deemo]
05. Lune [From Deemo]
06. Moon Halo [From Deemo]
07. Loadstar [From Deemo]
08. Masquerade [From Cytus]
09. A Bella! (feat. Lucy) [From HIGH5]
10. Velocity  [From HIGH5]
11. 約束之歌 (feat. Sherie)  [From HIGH5]
12. Backstreet
13. Myosotis (Mili Remix)


01. Marigold (feat. Guriri) (VIP Remix)
02. Magnolia (feat. Guriri) (SQUAR Remix) 

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Oh!!! So many prompts!!! How about chlonath for "am i proud of what i did? No. Would i do it again? Yes." (Id say chlonath for all of them...but some of them just scream lovesquare and other pairings to me as well!!) ^^ you're awesome! Thanks for sharing all your awesome writing!!

“Am I proud of what I did? No.” Chloe bit her lip. “Would I do it again?” She tilted her head side to side as if weighing the options. “Yes.”

“Chloe,” Nathaniel hissed, “take it back!”

“No,” she said simply. “I think you’ll make a great Peacock. You’re keeping it.”

“You stole this from Gabriel Agreste!”

“Chat mentioned hearing that he had it in a safe at his home so Pollen helped me in the safe and I took it when I was over there visiting Adrien. So what?”

“So Gabriel could crush me like a bug. I’m nobody, Chloe. If he finds out–”

She waved a hand. “Oh, how’s he ever going to find out?”

“I’m pretty sure a new peacock-themed hero running around Paris would be a pretty good clue,” Nathaniel replied dryly.

“Well, sure, he’ll know someone has it but not who.” She cupped the side of his face. “Besides, I wouldn’t let anything happen to you.”

“I’m not a hero,” he said quietly.

Chloe shook her head. “Neither am I, but being Queen Bee gives me the opportunity to help people and…maybe make up for some things in my past.”

“You’re not a bad person, Chloe.”

“I’m not necessarily a good person either, Nathaniel,” she sighed. “But I’m trying and I think that counts for something.” She pointed to the brooch in his hand. “This is going to go to someone. Master Fu or Ladybug are going to choose someone to take it because we need all the help we can get right now.”

“And you’re choosing me before they get the chance?” Nathaniel asked, eyeing the brooch. “Maybe there’s someone out there who would be better with it.”

“I’m sure there is, but I trust you.”

He blinked up at her. “You really think I can do this?”

Chloe kissed his cheek. “There’s only one way to find out.”

Thanks for the prompt, @powerdragonmoon! You know I love writing some Chlonath. <3 And thank you for your sweet words!

Send me a pairing and a prompt from this list and I’ll write a little drabble! :)

A Cat, a Fox, and a Bee walk into a Bakery 6

A rumble and the ground vibrating under her feet was Marinette’s first clue that an akuma had appeared.

The second clue was the akuma herself appearing, landing halfway down the street and roaring at the sky.

“IF YOU’VE ALL BEEN RAISED IN A BARN, THEN ACT LIKE IT!” The… oddly farmer-looking akuma leveled a pitchfork at a pedestrian who was trying to run away.  One ray of light later, and in the poor woman’s place was a very confused looking sheep.

Marinette winced in sympathy even as she broke into a run, looking around and trying to spot a sheltered alcove to hide in long enough to transform.  The man who was running a few feet away yelped as another beam caught him, leaving behind a bull running in his place.  Marinette tried to run faster, but heard the distinctive sound of the pitchfork firing again-

Suddenly strong arms wrapped around her and yanked and she was going straight up as the ray passed harmlessly below her. Looking up, she sighed in relief as Queen Bee smirked back at her.

The akuma snarled, raising the pitchfork and shooting another beam at the two.

“Vixy, heads up!” Queen Bee shouted, launching Marinette in the air and shooting off to avoid the ray. Marinette squeaked as she floated up, paused, then started back down-

Only to be caught by strong, brown and orange arms as Vixen leapt up to catch her, sliding on her landing to bleed off momentum.

Marinette had just enough time to look up and see Vixen’s intent, concentrating expression before the akuma shot another ray.

“Whoop!  Your turn kitty-cat!” Vixen shouted, and Marinette once again found herself airborne.

As she was caught by the powerful arms of her unaware partner, Marinette mused that this was getting old fast.

It took about five more mid-air transfers before the other three heroes were able to work Marinette far enough away that the akuma lost interest.  Queen Bee was the last one to catch her, arms cupping behind her back and her knees as she straightened out and shot over the rooftops, putting distance between them and the akuma while Chat and Vixen worked to keep her distracted.

Thirty seconds of flying later, and Queen Bee landed on a level roof, carefully setting Marinette down. “You okay?”

“I’m fine.  Get back and help the others, I’ll get somewhere safe. And be careful.”

Queen Bee preened slightly. “Don’t worry, no akuma is too much for us.”  With that, she took to the air, streaking back the way she had come.

Marinette waited until Queen Bee was well out of sight before popping open the clasp of her purse, letting Tikki float out.  “I am so glad that I don’t get motion sick anymore, otherwise all three of them would have new additions to their suits.”

Tikki giggled in amusement. “They really care about you, you know.”

Marinette sighed, unwittingly giving a soft, fond smile.  “I know.  Even if they are big dorky brats.” She shook herself slightly, then grinned down at her kwami.  “Best not to keep them waiting, then.  Tikki, transform me.”

A few seconds later, Ladybug was swinging over the rooftops, wondering what she was going to do with her teammates.

The fact that she felt a warm rush of deep affection for all three when she thought about them, well… she wasn’t sure what to think about that.

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Aaaand now you invented a new AU with your tags! Bearded Steve as a farmer's market seller, leaving in a semi-countryside outside the big city (2-3 hours drive) and Peggy Carter, queen bee of NY elite, who spends her weekends on said countryside fucking the hell out of him. Or more like getting her own brain fucked out so good, then being fed really delicious food, and omg I think she's falling for him, she's gonna panic.


Steve is absolutely not what Peggy usually goes for. But she could not resist him when she saw him coordinating the luncheon her family’s company was hosting. Mrs. Carter forbid her from even talking to him and Peggy doesn’t understand why her mother even said that because of course she’s going to take that as a challenge. She lies to her mother and sneaks away almost every damn weekend to see Steve and fuck the hell out of him. Cue weekends of eating breakfast in bed, gardening together and barn sex. Steve surprises Peggy with his incredible skills in horse backriding when they visit his neighbor Clint on his farm. Peggy surprises Steve with her knowledge of gardening. 

I would also like to see every damn cliche in this. Like some rich meat head who thinks he has a stamp on Peggy’s forehead gets into a fight with Steve. Peggy standing up to her snobby rich friends who dismiss Steve and insult him in front of her. Peggy’s parents try to bribe Steve to stop seeing their daughter. Bonus: Korean drama cliche, Mrs. Carter throws a glass of water in Steve’s face when he refuses. What other cliches are there? I want all of them.

Inspection March 4th, 2017

My first full inspection for the new year! If you missed my recap of the previous year, you can read it here:


I’d say this inspection could not have gone any better!

The honey super (that’s the top box where the bees store most of their honey), was almost completely empty. This is normal as they probably ate most of that honey during the winter in order to survive. I went ahead and left the super on, and added a queen excluder to it. A queen excluder is a special mesh placed between two boxes that allows only worker bees and not the queen to pass through. This is used to prevent the queen from getting into the honey super and laying eggs. No one likes baby bees mixed into their honey, am I right?

The bottom two deep boxes, also called brood boxes, is where the queen lays her eggs, and where most of the colony resides. These boxes were in perfect condition! The queen has already started to lay eggs, and I even witnessed some hatching! Yay new baby bees!

During the inspection I only found one small hive beetle. This is great because during the fall of last year I counted about thirty at their peak. Small hive beetles are a common pest in the hive. They lay their eggs in the beeswax. Once the beetle eggs hatch the larvae poop all over the honey, which, if the beetles are in big enough quantities, will cause the honey to ferment. Fermented honey is completely useless to bees or humans. In a good and strong colony of bees, the bees will corral the beetles into a corner and kill them, and clean up any poop they may leave behind.

In addition, I spotted a couple signs of varroa mites. I saw one hitching a ride on one of the bees, and I saw a couple of what appeared to be dead bee larvae. I’ll spare you the details of how varroa function, because I’m not sure I completely understand it, but I know it’s complicated. I’ll have to keep my eyes out for more signs of the mite.

All in all, the first inspection went terrific. The colony is healthy and strong. The queen is already laying, and I’ve seen bees carrying pollen into the hive to feed the new babies. I’m excited to see what the rest of the spring brings for me and my bees!

Here’s a great little graph that may help you familiarize yourself with a bee hive:

The following is just some data I’m going to use to track my colony, you can ignore it if you want.

Beetle Count: 1

Varroa: None-Low

Eggs: Approx. 1.5 frames

Last week’s weather: Unseasonably warm, occasional showers, windy.

The Bee’s Flower

It took me a long time to think of a name and I don’t think I’m really happy with it but it’s fine. Unlike everything else I write, I’ll probably finish this haha. Welcome to Chlonette Hell!

Summary: Chloe thought she had this superhero thing handled, but the person who found out her secret identity is not someone she wants to associate with.

Chapter 1


“I am Chloe Bourgeois, and from now on, I’ll be your new superhero: Queen Bee!”

As a yellow light enveloped Chloe, she heard a gasp and a startled “Chloe?!”

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Thanks! Maybe mention that I’ve got a litttle swarm here and also

Here’s a little sass for your morning my lovelies 😘 This little buzzy fluffer is one of my new mini paintings I️ made for @DesignerCon 🐝 I️ love that you guys are digging my bees 😊 cuz I am definitely loving making them!! Stop by my DCon Booth #1701 Exhibit Hall C today and snatch her or one of her sisters in the little swarm before they are all gone 💖 I’m also super jazzed about my Black Friday event because I’m defiantly going to make it swarm on my etsy like the queen bee you all know I️ am! #iamqueenbee #lovethebees #misssassypants

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Body you is also another one. As in "Imma body you" issa threat

;)are you sure;) its a threat;) aye girl;) lemme;)body you;)hell yeah i will body you;)all night long bay-bee;)thats how we do it in new york;) you body me and i body you;)youre a cat;)lemme body you, fellow yankee;)yes i am from queens;)the bronx is a good place to body someone;)as soon as youre finished sipping that ari you can body me;)hey girl i just noticed that you and i both have a body;)lets body;)as a wise new yorker once said;)its never too late to party, its never too late to body;)f scott fitzgerald;)true story boo;)

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I don't know if you've ever seen the Phineas and Ferb movie, but at the end there is this cute moment where, before having their memories wiped to protect Agent P's identity, Isabella (who has a Marinette level crush on Phineas) confirms that no one will remember what happens and kisses Phineas before telling the General to hit the switch, at which point Phineas is all like "Whoa, wait, hold up a minu--" but of course, memories are wiped and things go back to normal...

(I actually do know what you are talking about. I do a lot of babysitting) 


“Oh my God, We did it! We totally did it! I am like, the best superhero ever!” 

Ladybug tried not to growl as their new companion danced in delight, waving around the akumatized item. 

“Miss Bee-”

Queen Bee.” The girl corrected, puffing up her chest and tossing her spinning top into the air. “So now what do we do?” 

“We need to purify the akuma, remember?” Ladybug sighed, wondering if she and Chat had been this desperately hopeless when they first started. She liked to think not. 

“Oh, right. How do I do that?” the blonde ask, holding up the cursed item and inspecting it. 

“You don’t,” Chat said, plucking the item out of her hands and tossing it to Ladybug, “she does.” 

Ladybug could have kissed her partner at that moment as he tossed her the object to break. 

“And then what happens?” The bee themed heroine asked. 

“Well,” Chat said, “then everything goes back to normal. Papillion loses his hold over the victim, Ladybug casts the miraculous cure, and we all go back to our normal lives.” 

“And no one remembers anything right?” She asks excitedly. 

“Well I don’t think thats exactly-” Chat began but the girl wasn’t even listening, instead running over to where Ladybug had just snapped the cursed.. what was it? A baton?… in half. Releasing the small purple and black butterfly. 

“Ladybug wait!” she cried. 

“Look this is kind of time sensa-” 

Her sentance was cut off as the new heroine lunged forward, grabbing her face and kissing her. 

Chat let out a strange, strangled yelp. 

Ladybug pulled away her brain spinning. She automatically caught and purified the akuma releasing the now white butterfly into the sky as she tossed the lucky charm into the air. 

A swarm of ladybugs swept away the damage but Ladybug hardly even noticed. 

“Well I think we did a good job.” The new heroine said smugly. 

“What the hell was that???” Ladybug screamed. 

“Ditto!” Chat choked. 

“What was what?” The girl asked a slight nervousness creeping into her tone. 

“You KISSED me!” Ladybug cried. 

“You said that no one remembers anything!” She shrieked glower at Chat who was still frozen with his finger extended in a point and his jaw hanging open. 

“The VICTIMS! Not Us!” He said, his face a flaming shade of red. 

“Oh,” the girl said eyes going wide as she glanced nervously between the bewildered pair of superheroes. “Opps.” 


Seriously though someone should take the sake away because all i want to write now is crack. 

Hopefully you like it. If not just yell at me and I can try again ^_~

Edit:  If you want to see this or one of my other drabbles turned into a full length fic you can vote for it on my Ao3 link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/8914789/chapters/20421238 just follow the instructions in the notes ^_^

I never enlisted. I am at war. I have seen death. I have heard a new technique for victims of PTSD is to tell their story out loud over and over and over and over.

Maybe you have ran over a rabbit on the road. Maybe you have watched a bird hit your living room window and never get back up. Maybe a bee stung you as he martyrs himself for the queen. You always knew nature was cruel. I saw all of this too. I started seeing more clearly when the day I was told my great grandfather had waited until all of us were out of town and killed himself on the back lawn. Not to make a mess in the beautiful white farm house he worked ever so tirelessly on for my late great grandmother. Now I see him laying there lifeless while I rake the leaves in the backyard. Suicide. A gun shot. A hunters heart. My uncle’s heart attack while he was dragging out his last elk. I don’t look at guns the same any more. Time passes and I don’t recognize once familiar things. I look at my uncle dying of aids, his laugh is the only thing the looks, sounds, and feels the same. Everything about him, inside and out, is dying. I feel like the family has already buried him.

There has been lots of graves lately. All of the dogs in my childhood died in the same year. Every year or so a child from my small community dies before their old age. Every day on the news I see the death poll climb without a hesitation to transition into ‘a lighter note’. The happiest, most optimistic person I have ever met called me last night stuttering 4 words, “my mom killed herself”. He’s pointing his finger at himself. Everyone points their fingers. I am pointing a finger at myself. I am pointing my finger at all of you. America. Is this what we send our brothers, sisters, fathers, moms, wives, husbands, children to war for?

I am scared to walk down the street, I know first hand monsters are not myths. I yell “clear” before I enter a room. I scan the area for exits. I examine every nook and dark space.

My strongest demon is not the one that stole my trust in humanity and tried to kill me on the street that I used to walk casually. I can’t tell you my deepest secret. I was the dark place once. I don’t want to write it down. I want it to haunt me. I can tell you with confidence, I would have killed myself by now but in turn I would have to kill my mother. Save us. Save the U.S. Save future suicides. Save future murders. Save future rape victims. Save future hate crime victims. Save future animal abuse victims.

I want to save my friends from everything impure they consume physically and mentally. I want to save my human kind from the atrocities over seas. Everyone seems to be preaching the same thing. Change. Throwing rocks at each others structures, pulling everyone but themselves out of their own delusion of life.

I stop before I release my stone, and smash my hands instead.

I think to myself “If I could save them, what world would I have to show them instead of their own? What makes our savagery more civilized than theirs?” Oh, America the free, how folly are thee.

ben organa as drag queen quotes
  • “I just want a man who’s emotionally available and not full of bees”
  • “Maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s clinical depression”
  • “Get a grip, get a life, and get over it”
  • “What the fuck is going on in here on this day”
  • “Why y’all acting brand new?!”
  • “Sue me”
  • “I want a dick in my mouth too!!!”
  • “Your tone seems very pointed right now”
  • “At least I am a showgirl bitch”
  • “Bitch sit your ass down and shut the hell up bitch”
  • “She’s kinda grown on me…like a rash”
  • “Let me ask you a very fair question: what do you do successfully?”
  • “I was raised by wolves bitch and my shit’s together, and I’m still surviving”
  • “Isn’t it interesting how when your flight came into town, the sightings of chupacabras increased?”

This week you might have seen my face in a couple of different places over the inter-webs. It was with great honor and excitement that I got to participate in Beyoncé’s e-commerce for her new line! And boy what a week has it been… Seriously, I can’t even express the feeling.

I mean we’re talking about Queen Bee + Formation + Shop + ME = Internet takeover!

SO i want to take this moment to thank all who have sent me beautiful messages and are now following my adventures! Without your positive messages I wouldn’t have been where I am right now, we all must remember to stick together for a better future.

If you haven’t checked it already click here to see all of Bey’s shop: shop.beyonce.com

Just when we thought we had seen the last of surprises from our very own reckless Icarus of LA, we see an explosion of personality collide when he is paired up with LA’s very own Queen Bee. Did anyone else catch the scheming between two A-List Bitches? I sure did, and I got it all recorded for my lovely listeners.

SPOILER ALERT: Bay you’re not fooling anyone. A new leaf? Pfffffttt… more like a new thorn… and I am so excited to be yours and ruin all your fun. Everyone knows there’s always consequences to bad behavior… and after this stint, we know for sure you were on his naughty list this year. And pairing up with Hollywood’s Bad Boy? Really not helping the whole image thing.

Kissing another man’s girlfriend is a new look, or a new low, for Asher Heathcoat. We’ve all witnessed his fair share of dares, but is it too wild to say that we have come to expect more from him than Bay’s petty games? Despite the disappointment I feel, I can’t help but be blown away by her defective tricks. I personally thought we all outgrew truth or dare games in seventh grade, but whether it’s boredom from a lack to do or just plain manipulation tactics from Bay Brooks one thing is for sure… she needs to grow up.

Bay, you’re making it so hard to maintain control of your HBIC status. Your petty tricks are nothing but parlor games, and I know the cast of Socal Sunning and Sinning were about as smart as a bag of bricks, but you’re in the big leagues now sister.

This leaves me to speculate if the end of her reality show comes from something more buried, schemes we haven’t seen, temper tantrums and immaturity behind the scenes. Is Bay feeling the warm embrace of Holywoods favor slip away, is it making her hungry to stay releavant? I know, I know she’s resident Queen Bee, but it’s looking an awful lot like the crown may be too big for a girl who is ultimately a princess used to getting her way, and mister Asher Heatcoat– was he a pawn in her hunger games or a willing participant? My money is on lethal attraction… one look from Bay Brooks could shatter any mans resolve, and in the case of Asher Heathcoat not only was it his resolve shattered, but a relationship of some poor innocent bystanders caught in the fall out of silly childrens games.

Tisk, tisk Bay Brooks, I suppose we can add most likely to be a homewrecker to the list of your growing superlatives. #Throwback, isn’t it?

Ta Ta for now my lovely little lurkers.

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"I've been waiting for you, Cersei. We meet again at last. The circle is now complete: when I left you, I was but the learner, now I am the Queen Bee". "Only a Queen B for Bitch, Alayne".

i don’t know what the fuck is this but if it’s a spoiler for the new chapter I HAVEN’T READ of in the crosshairs i’m kms