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Sabrina Spellman comes to Riverdale and she and Jughead are pretty very good friends. Betty is jelly jelly cuz she thinks this new witch in town is perfect and have so much in common with her boy.

Sabrina Comes To Town

“The doors of Riverdale High opened in 1941,” Betty started her tour, pointing towards the plaques on the walls. “This was the founder –“

“Oh my God, who’s that?” The new student, Sabrina, cut her off.

“That’s uh –“ Betty started, blushing when she saw who Sabrina nodded towards.

“Off limits.” Veronica finished for her.

Jughead smiled at Betty as he walked past, making her blush even further.

“Oh? Sorry, am I stepping on some toes?” Sabrina asked carefully.

Veronica had taken it upon herself to walk with the two blondes, claiming she had nothing else to do this period. In reality, Veronica had heard murmurings that the new student was sort of a bitch, a Queen Bee newspaper-writing, old-movie-loving blonde, direct competition for her best friend. And she simply couldn’t let that happen.

“Jughead and Betty are endgame.” She said matter-of-factly.

“Jughead’s your boyfriend?” Sabrina asked Betty directly.

“Not technically,” Betty said quietly.

“Not yet,” Veronica interjected. “But it’s only a matter of time before he asks.”

“Isn’t Betty giving the tour?” Sabrina said snidely.

“Veronica makes it a bit less boring,” Betty defended her. They reached the end of the hall.

“Well, thanks for showing me around.” Sabrina smiled. “Nice to meet you Betty – Victoria.” She looked at each of them, smirked, then turned and walked back down the hall.

Veronica looked squarely at Betty. “I know I said I was changing my ways, starting fresh when I moved here. But that bitch is testing me.”

Betty burst out laughing, watching Sabrina walk down the hall. “I’m sure it’ll be fine.”

Veronica put her arm out, signaling Betty to look up. “You sure?” She asked, jutting out her chin towards the new girl. “She’s in your territory now.”

Sabrina had walked directly into the office for The Blue and Gold.

Betty sighed and tightened her pony tail, walking towards the office. Veronica squeezed her hand and kept walking, knowing she had no business at The Blue and Gold.

Betty turned into the room, seeing Jughead and Sabrina laughing, Sabrina’s hand lightly touching Jughead’s shoulder.

“Oh, hey Sabrina.” Betty said in fake surprise. “What are you doing here?” She cocked her head to the side.

A flash of annoyance graced Sabrina’s face. “I was just going to talk to the editor about becoming a member of the team.” She smiled tightly.

“Well then, you found her.”

“You’re the editor?” Sabrina asked quietly.

Betty  nodded. “Me and Jughead, we run The Blue and Gold. It’s pretty small right now, so…” She trailed off, not being able to say what she really wanted to - we don’t need you.

“Oh, sure, that’s okay. I mean, I was just looking for something to remind me of home - I was a writer at my last school’s newspaper, that’s all.” Sabrina shrugged.

Betty sighed. “Well, I-”

“Maybe you could write articles about the football team?” Jughead interjected.

Betty’s head whipped over to look at him. “Jughead we don’t write articles about the football team.”

“Exactly. Which is why Sabrina could start.” Jughead smiled.

“Thank you so much Jughead.” Sabrina smiled, placing her hand back on his arm and squeezing. “Really. It means a lot.” She smirked at Betty and turned on her heel, walking out of the room.

Betty stared daggers at Jughead.

“What?” He laughed. “I’ve never seen you be so…”

“So what, Jughead?” Betty raised an eyebrow.

“I think that was jealousy?” He questioned.

“I’m not jealous.”

“Well then what was that? You’re always saying how we have our plates overloaded with this paper. You’ve never been mean to a new student before.”

“I just don’t think she was the right voice for The Blue and Gold.”

Jughead just smirked.

“Okay, fine. I think she likes you, Juggie.”

Jughead rolled his eyes and walked over to where Betty was leaning against a desk. “And so what if she does? I only have eyes for one blonde in this town.”

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I don't know if you've ever seen the Phineas and Ferb movie, but at the end there is this cute moment where, before having their memories wiped to protect Agent P's identity, Isabella (who has a Marinette level crush on Phineas) confirms that no one will remember what happens and kisses Phineas before telling the General to hit the switch, at which point Phineas is all like "Whoa, wait, hold up a minu--" but of course, memories are wiped and things go back to normal...

(I actually do know what you are talking about. I do a lot of babysitting) 


“Oh my God, We did it! We totally did it! I am like, the best superhero ever!” 

Ladybug tried not to growl as their new companion danced in delight, waving around the akumatized item. 

“Miss Bee-”

Queen Bee.” The girl corrected, puffing up her chest and tossing her spinning top into the air. “So now what do we do?” 

“We need to purify the akuma, remember?” Ladybug sighed, wondering if she and Chat had been this desperately hopeless when they first started. She liked to think not. 

“Oh, right. How do I do that?” the blonde ask, holding up the cursed item and inspecting it. 

“You don’t,” Chat said, plucking the item out of her hands and tossing it to Ladybug, “she does.” 

Ladybug could have kissed her partner at that moment as he tossed her the object to break. 

“And then what happens?” The bee themed heroine asked. 

“Well,” Chat said, “then everything goes back to normal. Papillion loses his hold over the victim, Ladybug casts the miraculous cure, and we all go back to our normal lives.” 

“And no one remembers anything right?” She asks excitedly. 

“Well I don’t think thats exactly-” Chat began but the girl wasn’t even listening, instead running over to where Ladybug had just snapped the cursed.. what was it? A baton?… in half. Releasing the small purple and black butterfly. 

“Ladybug wait!” she cried. 

“Look this is kind of time sensa-” 

Her sentance was cut off as the new heroine lunged forward, grabbing her face and kissing her. 

Chat let out a strange, strangled yelp. 

Ladybug pulled away her brain spinning. She automatically caught and purified the akuma releasing the now white butterfly into the sky as she tossed the lucky charm into the air. 

A swarm of ladybugs swept away the damage but Ladybug hardly even noticed. 

“Well I think we did a good job.” The new heroine said smugly. 

“What the hell was that???” Ladybug screamed. 

“Ditto!” Chat choked. 

“What was what?” The girl asked a slight nervousness creeping into her tone. 

“You KISSED me!” Ladybug cried. 

“You said that no one remembers anything!” She shrieked glower at Chat who was still frozen with his finger extended in a point and his jaw hanging open. 

“The VICTIMS! Not Us!” He said, his face a flaming shade of red. 

“Oh,” the girl said eyes going wide as she glanced nervously between the bewildered pair of superheroes. “Opps.” 


Seriously though someone should take the sake away because all i want to write now is crack. 

Hopefully you like it. If not just yell at me and I can try again ^_~

Edit:  If you want to see this or one of my other drabbles turned into a full length fic you can vote for it on my Ao3 link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/8914789/chapters/20421238 just follow the instructions in the notes ^_^

That episode of Riverdale was pretty much everything I loved about teen dramas when I was younger

you had a house party

you had the queen bee troublemaker CRASHING the house party

you had a new character reveals

you had secrets coming out into the light during a party game

you had parents with their own side-drama and backstories

you had some kissing but not like too much because these are children

and there was a dog at the end

Chloe Redemption Arc

I am 100% for a Chloe redemption arc but I’m also afraid that Lila will just replace her as the new bully. Lila has become one of my favorite characters to write about and I feel like she deserves better. The show needs to branch out from the “mean girl” trope and focus on the reason that they created the show in the first place - to empower girls. 

Chloe is more than a mean girl, Lila is more than a mean girl, and I hope they show that in season 2.

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We all know now who belongs to the Miraculous of: Ladybug, Black Cat, Fox, and Bee. But according to you, assuming that sooner or later the Miraculous of Butterfly and Peacock will returns to the hands of the heroes, who could belong to? And of course we are talking about Turtle too... (Continue)

I mean, let’s imagine that at the end of the second season, Hawk Moth (whoever HE is) will finally be beaten, and his Miraculous will return to the heroes’ hands; but a battle was won: the WAR continues, and so Master Fu, knowing that Ladybug, Chat Noir, Queen Bee and Fox will still need help, and that Peacock Miraculous is still missing (I am convinced that its female owner is VERY evil) he’ll decide to entrust Butterfly and Turtle to two new chosen ones in this battle between good and evil…

Honestly at this point I think it’s okay to give a miraculous to a new character. The fact that four teens from the same class already have miraculous is a bit much. If we use any more established characters then I think they should at least move up a grade and be split up. If they’re still in the same school or still friends then they’ll all have an excuse to interact regardless. Aside from that I think the fandom has already gotten their kick out of guessing miraculous users and it might be nice to just be surprised by a new character.

Also there are a lot of minor characters in this show and I’m not sure I’m invested enough in any of them to give a deep analysis.

If we’re just going down a hierarchy line of who’s gotten the most screen time or who is the closest to the main heroes, then Nino will get a miraculous but probably so will Sabrina. I’m not really sure what the turtle or peacock miraculous are supposed to offer their user. If the turtle miraculous is all about becoming a wise mentor figure then I guess Nino is perfect because I can’t picture him in that role at all.

I have a slightly better idea of the butterfly miraculous because butterflies are symbols of rebirth and transformation. Hawkmoth uses it to brainwash individuals into supervillains, manipulating their negative emotions to warp their desires and force them under his control, even though they often retain some sense of individuality. It might be meant to take individual’s feelings of passion or righteousness and transform them into heroes, but they can be stopped from misusing that power.

If we’re going to talk about people who need transformation, rebirth, or to even come out of their cocoon then Sabrina would probably fit. She’s a submissive person who kinda enjoys seeing others get screwed over. That could be her opportunity to transform herself but also be at service to the larger good by assuming a leadership position.

I’ve seen people want Rose or Juleka to get a miraculous and they probably have more of a chance gaining relevance than any other side character. I’m not really sure what to say about them though. Rose is pretty naive. Like, naive enough to think Chloe would help her. Juleka is nice but fairly shy, has difficulty standing out, and can get down on herself enough to let it get the best of her. If anything Juleka needs to be more outgoing and Rose needs to be more cynical, lol. Not sure if the butterfly would help but Juleka would have to at least learn to speak up if she plans on giving orders. Rose would have to develop more realistic expectations of people if she’s going to try managing people who might not always want to cooperate. That’s all I see there.

Nathaniel is the most nothing character to ever nothing but I do sorta get swept in the hype. Not sure what place he has with either miraculous but I wouldn’t be mad. Confused, but not if his character is better developed.

This week you might have seen my face in a couple of different places over the inter-webs. It was with great honor and excitement that I got to participate in Beyoncé’s e-commerce for her new line! And boy what a week has it been… Seriously, I can’t even express the feeling.

I mean we’re talking about Queen Bee + Formation + Shop + ME = Internet takeover!

SO i want to take this moment to thank all who have sent me beautiful messages and are now following my adventures! Without your positive messages I wouldn’t have been where I am right now, we all must remember to stick together for a better future.

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In an effort to encourage my bees to use all the space available in the hive, my first step was to send the queen down into the bottom two hive bodies. While a little bit of smoke is good for calming and clearing bees at the top of the hive when I do work… it would take too much smoke to clear the super of bees entirely. It would be dangerous for the bees and ultimately ineffective. I also didn’t want to shake the frames clean. I was pretty certain the queen was on one of those super frames and I did not want to risk damaging her. 

So I used a specially prepared hive lid/roof to “fume” the bees down. The lid looks just like my standard roof but the aluminum top is painted black - to absorb sun and heat. A sheet of absorbent foam covers the inside of the lid and you spray that foam with almond oil extract. Then place it on top of the hive on a warm sunny day and within minutes the bees migrate down, away from the “fume-board”. It is non-toxic and all natural. Bees just don’t like almond oil smell. 

It worked excellently. The super frames were almost completely clear and I was easily able to determine that none of the half-dozen hangers-on were my queen. She was now safely down below. Then I lifted off the super, laid the queen excluder (pic far right above) on top of the top hive body and replaced the super. Nurse bees, new baby bees and worker bees will be able to get through the excluder grate and move back and forth between the super frames and the hive body. Drones and the queen will be excluded from the super. 

I am sooooo hoping this works and doesn’t upset anyone. I will be checking this weekend. By the weekend, I should see new, uncapped brood cells with itty bitty white goober larvae in them. Fingers crossed. I can’t wait to see. 

a whole new 'verse

Kalique: I can show you the ‘verse!
Kalique: Sequined, shimmering, splendid!
Kalique: Tell me, space queen, when did you last let your genes decide?

Titus: I can open your eyes!
Titus: Take you wedding by wedding!
Titus: Over, sideways and under on floating orgy ride!

Kalique: A whole new 'verse!
Kalique: A new fantastic consumer society
Kalique: No one to tell us no, or who not to grow
Kalique: Or say we’re really murdering!

Jupiter Jones: A whole new 'verse!
Jupiter Jones: You dazzling freaks I never knew
Jupiter Jones: But when I’m kidnapped here
Jupiter Jones: It’s crystal clear
Jupiter Jones: That you need some psychotherapy!

Jupiter Jones: Unbelievable lines
Jupiter Jones: At the space DMV
Jupiter Jones: Waiting, walking, still wading
Jupiter Jones: Through an endless bureaucracy!

Jupiter Jones: A whole new 'verse!
Balem: *whispers* don’t you dare claim your title
Jupiter Jones: And now I am queen of the bees
Balem: *whispers* i’ll harvest the earth tomorrow

Jupiter Jones: I’m an ascending star
Jupiter Jones: I’ve come so far
Jupiter Jones: Please take me back to where I used to be

Kalique: A whole new 'verse!
Jupiter Jones: Every bath a surprise
Titus: With a crazy family tree!
Jupiter Jones: Is it water or people?

Caine Wise: I’ll catch you anywhere
Caine Wise: There’s time to spare
Caine Wise: Let me share my fancy boots with you

Kalique: A whole new 'verse!
Titus: A whole new 'verse!
Balem: *whispers* that’s where we’ll be
Caine: That’s where we’ll be
Kalique: A harvest race
Jupiter Jones: Out here in space