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Hey Emma! Not sure if this is study related but I'm in uni and have a really tough time getting to bed early - I find all ways to procrastinate going to bed until its 2 or 3 am and its ruining my life and ability to study! Any advice?

Hellooo! This is me too haha! I’m obsessed with the Most Popular Girls in School on YouTube and I end up watching episode after episode :’-)

When I was writing for The Academic Zine, I did an article about sleep hygiene and some tip on getting yours on track. I’ll copy and paste it below so you can have a read!

1. Plan your ideal sleep routine. The first step to improving your sleep hygiene is to make a plan. While a few early nights can get you started, fixing your sleep hygiene will not be instantaneous. If your internal body clock is out-of-sync such that you only feel tired at midnight, getting sleep is bound to be a tough process. We suggest making small and manageable goals.

Start by setting a goal, such as getting ready for bed half an hour earlier or reading a book instead of checking your Tumblr. Make adjusting your sleep pattern more enticing by tracking and monitoring it. Downloadable phone applications help gamify your attempts to improve your sleep patterns, giving you more motivation. They offer information including your movements during the night, how your day affected your sleep, and the progress you’ve made. If you don’t want to use your phone while you sleep, make a habit tracker. We all know the pleasure of crossing off another day of the month that you managed to stick to a new habit.

2. Turn your room into a sleep sanctuary. In order to sleep comfortably, it is important to make your bedroom a calming environment.  Avoid studying in your bedroom or at least on the bed. Constantly using the bed for studying will weaken your brain’s association between being in bed and sleeping and instead associate it with working. Make the effort to use a desk or another room for studying so when your eyelids are drooping, you can go to your room, remove yourself from any stresses you’ve had, and take time to relax and recharge.

Get your sanctuary started by adjusting the light, temperature, and noise level. Use curtains or black-out blinds to make the room completely dark. If there is unavoidable light, you can try using a sleep mask. As the seasons change, it is natural to kick off the sheets or wrap up extra snuggly. However, if waking up because of temperature is a regular occurrence, take that as a sign to make a change. Try adding or removing a blanket, change your type of pajamas, and/or place a heater in the room on a low heat setting.

3. Prepare for the next day. As a student, I know how it feels to be tossing and turning because you’re worried about the next day. The easiest way to calm a racing mind is by preparing for the day ahead before going to bed. Small ways to prepare include organizing your bag, charging your phone, laptop, or tablet, and updating your planner or bullet journal.

4. Take time to relax before bed. After a stressful day or long study session, getting into a relaxed and calm mood is the best way to prepare your mind for sleeping. Taking the time to destress can help to reduce the feeling of anxiety by detaching your mind from the events of the day. You can try reading, journaling, drawing, doing yoga, or taking a warm shower. Make it a habit to put a relaxing activity at the end of your to-do list so you can finish the day on a positive note. Finding an activity that helps focus your attention, calm your mind, and that you enjoy can be perfect for a bedtime routine.

5. Things to avoid. Right before your head hits the pillow, it is best to avoid things like using your computer or phone for extended periods of time and consuming any substances like caffeine or alcohol. While it is always tempting to watch just one more episode of your favorite show before going to bed, the screen can make you feel more awake. The time gap between exposure to light and your bedtime impacts the melatonin in your body, which is the chemical that signals drowsiness and makes you feel tired.

6. Exercise during the day. Exercise is not only good for your mental and physical health but also your sleep quality. Studies have shown that people who exercise the recommended amount per week had significantly higher quality of sleep, felt more energized during the day, and had improved concentration when they did feel tired. Make the effort to have at least 150 minutes of exercise during the week. Try taking a walk, going to the gym, or joining an exercise class. It is best to finish any strenuous physical activity a few hours prior to going to bed. If you exercise before sleeping, any energy you didn’t direct towards the workout will keep you feeling alert rather than sleepy. Light activity such as yoga or mediation is recommended as a late night workout.

7. The art of napping. Napping was one of the best parts of childhood, right? Now it seems when you accidentally fall asleep you feel worse than you did before. That’s because you’re either not napping for long enough or waking up during the deepest part of the sleeping cycle. How much is the right amount?

  • 1- 5 minutes (micro naps): great for having a small boost of energy and stopping that sleepy feeling.
  • 10-20 minutes (power naps): enhances alertness and concentration, elevates mood, and sharpens motor skills. Coffee takes 20 to 30 minute to take effect so if you want to boost alertness, have a cup before napping.
  • 45 minutes: helps to boost energy, creative thinking and boosts sensory processing.  Try setting an alarm to avoid the feeling of sleep inertia, grogginess, and disorientation which comes with the next phase of sleep.
  • 90 minutes: clear your mind, improve memory recall, and recoup lost sleep. By waking up after 90 minutes you’ll avoid the feeling of sleep inertia as you wake up from REM sleep.

8. Hack your sleep. Technology can make your sleep pattern more enticing by tracking your progress. Numerous apps available from the App Store or Play Store offer ways to see how your body responds through each phase of the sleep cycle. Try Sleep Cycle, Sleep Genius, or SleepBot. If you own a FitBit, try wearing it to bed. The app can set sleep goals, set an alarm, and track your sleep quality. Sleep calculators are also available (e.g. http://sleepyti.me) and allow you to nap without worrying about feeling groggy afterwards.

9. Avoid making a habit of all nighters. It is best to limit the number of times you are staying up all night even if it seems the only way to meet a deadline. Try using different time management methods – such as the Pomodoro technique – to avoid staying up all night. Making a habit of all night working sessions can, over time, decrease your concentration and result in poorer long term memory. If sacrificing sleep is the only way to meet a deadline, it is best to do it right. Try these tips:

  • top up your energy – take a nap, stretch a little, or drink a coffee.
  • eat protein – when you’re working hard, your body needs something to burn. Despite the tastiness of carbs, they store energy for later and can make you sleepier in the long term. Try including meat in your evening meal, or snacking on nuts and seeds.
  • move around – make an effort to take a break every now and then. Get up, stretch, move around, and reinvigorate yourself with energy.
  • music – keep yourself alert with some tunes. Instrumental songs or movie soundtracks often promote productivity and focus. If you’re feeling sleepy, put on your favorite song and have a silent sing along to get you back in the mood!
  • remove all distractions – if you’re texting a friend, watching a TV show, or checking your Facebook whilst attempting to finish a task, you’re wasting time. Having 20 minutes of concentration, followed by a 5-minute break, will be more effective than pausing every few minutes to reply to a message. If you use the Pomodoro technique, you can utilize your breaks to do this.
  • focus on one thing at a time – keep your concentration there until it’s done or it’s time to take a break. Multitasking when it is late will reduce your attentiveness to one task and could therefore reduce the quality of your work.
  • work at a desk – as aforementioned, avoid making a habit of using your bed for work. All-nighters are probably most comfortable in bed but after continuous use you’ll feel instantly more sleepy and unproductive as your brain is associating your bed with sleeping and relaxing. If you have a desk you can use during a late night work session, be sure to use it.
  • reward yourself the next day – after pulling an all nighter you need to recentralize your internal body clock. If you’re feeling tired, make an effort to go to sleep slightly earlier. Try taking a few hours to relax and do something you enjoy.

10. Stop mourning your mornings. Not everyone is a morning person, especially if you’re waking up super early. Setting a motivational routine can improve your morning mood. Set an alarm that doesn’t interrupt your sleep cycle. Sleep Cycle, as mentioned previously, wakes you up when your body is most alert which means the feeling of sleep inertia is reduced. When you get up, take two minutes to stretch. Allowing your body to stretch out after a long night sleep helps to rejuvenate our ligaments and release any tension in our joints. Washing your face with cold water or taking a shower help to make you fresh awake and fresh. Whether you eat straight away or get ready, make an effort to maintain your routine.

I hope this helps! :-) xx

Midnight Talks Pt. Two || Peter Parker Imagine

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Word Count: 938 Words

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

A/N: I tried my best (that’s a lie, i didn’t even grammar check it), I hope you all enjoy

Part One

“So Y/N, how was your, um, your night last night?” Peter asked as he started eating his lunch. All day, all you could think about was last night. Spider-Man randomly showed up in your room. In what world does that actually happen to someone? You looked down at your lunch, trying to figure out what to tell him, Ned and Michelle who suddenly got interested in the conversation due to lack of an answer.

“It was uh, good actually, watched a funny movie. Why do you ask?” You question back at him. You didn’t tell him about the whole Spider-Man thing because you didn’t know if the man in the mask wanted you to tell people. Peter looked down at his lunch tray. “Just curious, that’s all. What about you guys,” he looked between Ned and Michelle, “how were your nights?” He asked. Peter didn’t want to seem suspicious if he only asked you. He knew what you actually did last night, you were with him. Well, his alter ego. Did you not trust him enough to tell him about it?

As Ned began to explain his action packed night of binge watching old movies, you began to play with your food, lost in thought about the city’s hero, Spider-Man. He was funny, and kind of cool. Not everyone gets to talk to him which made the entire situation even better than it already was.  

Peter looked over and saw you playing with your food. He turned to see if Ned was still talking to him but he was now talking to Michelle. “Hey,” Peter said as he turned to you, “you okay? You seem a bit out of it.” He sounded worried about you. You nodded your head yes, “Yeah, yeah I’m fine. I just didn’t get much sleep last night.”

“Did you stay up all night watching movies?” He asked with a small smile, knowing exactly what you did. “How’d you know?” You said sarcastically, knowing that you told him earlier. “Lucky guess.” He said with a shrug, playing along with the whole thing. The two of you quietly laughed at the situation.  

What the two of you didn’t hear was Michelle and Ned talking about you. “You think  they’re ever going to date?” Ned whispered to Michelle. “Oh definitely.” She said before getting back to reading her book.

It was late at night, again. But this time, you were busy doing your homework. You only had a few more problems you needed to do. You sighed, getting anxious for the sleep you so desperately needed. You went to open your window, wanting to hear the sounds of the city. You went back to your homework area and glanced at the time on your phone to see that it was 11:50. Jesus, these high school teachers are draining the life out of you. Forgetting about your homework, you stayed on your phone for a few minutes. All of a sudden, a wind washed over you. You look up and see Spider-Man.

He came here on purpose this time, he wanted to see you. At least that’s what you understood. “How is is it that Spider-Man has been in my room, not just once, but twice now?” You asked with a humorous sound lacing your voice. You saw him shrug his shoulders as he went to sit on your bed. “I guess I just like talking to you.” He said as he jumped up onto your bed, and crossing his legs Indian style. Spider-Man patted a seat next to him, indicating you to go and sit with him.

You got on the bed and crossed your legs the way that he had done. “What do you want to talk about?” You asked as you started playing with your hands out of nervousness.  

“I don’t know….tell me about your life. Your crush your favorite things, your friends, really anything.” Spider-Man said. You cleared your throat before speaking again. “My friends are the most awesome people on the planet. They are always nice and understanding.  I would be lost without them, really.” You said looking up at him.

“Are you popular?” He asked curiously. You shook your head immediately. “No, I hang out with the same three people everyday. If anything, I am one of the most unpopular kids at my school.”

“How could you be unpopular?” He asked with a surprised tone, “You’re  the most gorgeous girl I have ever seen.” You blushed at the statement. Another plus, he is super sweet. “T-Thanks.”

“So, do you have a crush on anyone?” He questioned with a voice that made him sound like a dramatic 5th grader. This made you smile. “He, he is just something else you know what I mean? He’s different then any other guy that I have ever met. He is just such a good person with a big heart and he is crazy smart. He uh, just got an internship at Stark Industries. What teenager gets that opportunity?” You told Spider-Man all this, venting to a man you don’t even know.

“Sounds like he’s a pretty cool guy. What’s his name? Maybe I can help you with your relationship.” He said the last part mockingly. Peter knew exactly what he was doing. He wanted you to admit your feelings for him even if you weren’t telling the real Peter. He just wanted to hear you say those words.

You smiled widely thinking of the boy who had you wrapped around his finger. “His name is-”

“Peter! What’s up?” You said as you ran to catch up with him. He turned and smiled at you, “Hey Y/N.”

Part Three

Black Hat: “I really hope you enjoyed yourself today, Hero.”

Random Hero: [smugly] “Oh, I did, thanks.”

Black Hat: “Good. Because I’m done. You’ve crossed my last line. Congratulations. Because here on out, I will not. Sleep. Until your life is completely. Fucked. I am the King of Revenge, Hero. I’ve disbanded superhero teams, ruined people’s lives, and I’ve fucking ripped. A man’s. ARMS OFF. But all of that pales in comparison to what I am going to do to you. Mark my words, I will destroyevery part of your life. I will not stop until you are in a dark. Hole. Thinking to yourself over and over and OVER again: WHY. DID I EVER. FUCK. WITH BLACK HAT INC?!”[storms off[

Flug: “…..Yeah!” [leaves…then returns] “Uh. Forgot my lunch.”

[source: The Most Popular Girls in School]

Incorrect Bucky Quotes #1
  • Cashier: Can I see some ID-
  • Bucky: *grabs cashier by the collar*
  • Bucky: Listen, I am buying this bottle of plum wine, now you can sell it to me, or I'm gonna sell your organs on the black market! So far tonight, your little power trip has cost me 25 minutes that I could have spent eating a delicious bowl of plums.
  • Bucky: So whilst I hold your fragile little life in my stainless steel fingertips, I ask you cashier, do you need my ID?
  • Bucky: DO YOU?
  • Cashier: N-No we're good.
  • Bucky: Great! Byeeeeee

Teen Romance Flick 101

Word Count: 14K+
Pairing: Peter Parker x Female Reader
Summary: After failing your Algebra test you have to ask Peter Parker– one of the best students– to be your tutor. As you get to know each other better, feelings begin to develop between the two of you.
Warnings: None.
A/N: This is one of the most common tropes and let me tell ya: I haven’t got one single regret. I kept characters nameless and generic because I don’t want to mess up the characterization of the Homecoming characters– but I’ll probably update this fic when it comes out to make it fit better in that universe. [F/N] stands for Full Name in case you don’t realize it. 

You stare at the giant red F on your test and you feel your stomach clenching, because you studied so much for this test and it still wasn’t enough. The bell rings and your classmates stand up, rushing out of the room to get out as soon as possible– but you stay behind, putting everything on your backpack slower than usual. Once everyone is out you walk to your teacher and take a deep breath before coughing to get her attention.

“Ah, [Y/N]. I was thinking you were going to talk to me after class.” She says with a warm smile and that makes you feel worse– because she’s an incredible teacher and person and she tried so hard with you, but no matter how much effort comes from both of you the fact that you are a big class with many students is a guarantee that she just won’t be able to give you all the attention you need to fully understand what you have to do.

You smile back but it’s only half-hearted– and she sighs and joins her hands on top of her desk.

“You can take a make-up test in two weeks– and that’s the best I can do to help you work out a solution for your grade.” You feel your soul returning to your body and let out a sigh of relief, because not everything is lost.

“Thank you so much. I really tried but Algebra is just so hard for me–” You say apologetically and she lifts up a hand, shaking her head.

“I know you did. You’re a good student, [Y/N]. I know that. Which is why I have a suggestion for you– to help you understand Algebra better.”

“Yes! Anything, really.” You respond eagerly, nodding.

“A tutor. A student who has no problem with the subject and can explain things to you one on one– someone you can ask any questions you possibly have how many times you want.”

“I can’t believe I hadn’t thought of that. Well… I guess it’s because I only know two people who are good at Algebra, and they have way too much on their plates for me to ask them to tutor me on top of that. So, do you know about anyone I can ask?” You ask with a hopeful smile, while wracking your brain to try and remember which students in other classes are good at Algebra– but you’ve never cared enough to find out so you come up empty. Your teacher grins and nods.

“Peter Parker.”

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Not Her [Taehyung]

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Genre: Angst

Part One //

Word Count: 2,555

Summary: It didn’t matter how much you tried to catch his attention because he only ever saw her.

You saw the way his eyes would follow her the minute she walked into the room. How they would trail after her figure, and how his lips would tug into a dazzling smile when she looked his way. Suddenly, it was as if she was the only person in the room- or at least that was how it was for Taehyung.

Jiyeon was someone you would kill to be. She had it all- great looks, grades and personality. She was perfect and it wasn’t hard to see why Taehyung was head over heels for her.

“Did you see the exam ranks? Jiyeon scored third in the entire school!” You gave Taehyung your most convincing smile as you tried to ignore the way your heart ached every time he mentioned another girl. Stirring your drink, you pretended to listen to Taehyung babble on about Jiyeon. “She’s so perfect. Do you think she even knows who I am?”

“Who wouldn’t know you, Tae?” you laughed. “You’re one of the most popular guys in the school.”

Taehyung grinned back at you and you knew you could never blame him for being so obsessed with Jiyeon. Despite your own feelings, you wanted to be happy for your best friend.

But you couldn’t stop the pain you felt every time he mentioned her. You wanted Taehyung to look at you the way he looked at Jiyeon. You wanted to be the one who would make Taehyung smile so bright, to be able to garner all of his attention just by stepping into the same room as him. But at the end of the day, you were not her.

“I’m going to try talking to her. I mean, we share a class together so maybe I’ll find a way to approach her?” Taehyung timidly suggested, his cheeks turning a bright pink.

Your throat went dry. “Oh, uh, good luck.”

You could feel Taehyung slipping away, but what could you do? All he cared for recently was Jiyeon. You couldn’t force him to stay with you, you couldn’t make him do anything against his will.

“Well, I’ll catch you later! I’m going to do my best.” You nodded as Taehyung headed to his next class, leaving you alone to your thoughts.

Your thoughts drifted over to what it’d be like to finally tell Taehyung about your feelings. You had spent years hiding it, never wanting to jeopardize your friendship with him. However, at the rate things were going, you’d just suffer more holding it in.

While deep in your thoughts, you didn’t even notice someone sneaking up behind you. “Boo!”

Jolting in your seat, you whipped around to come face to face with Ten. He pouted as he took the empty seat across from you that Taehyung had sat in. “How boring, you didn’t even scream.”

“Sorry that my reaction wasn’t entertaining enough,” you said sarcastically, rolling your eyes at his childish behavior. He only chuckled and gave you a shrug.

“So, what’s up with the long face? You look like you just got dumped. Did Taehyung finally grow old of you?” Ten taunted, not expecting your expression to darken. Usually you would argue back and beat him up, but today it was as if all your energy had abandoned you. “Hey, I’m sorry. What’s wrong? Did he actually leave you?”

“We’re not even dating so he can’t leave,” you huffed, turning to blankly stare at the window. Ten smiled sheepishly as he reached across the table to hold your hands.

“Tell me what happened.” And you immediately poured out all of your feelings. Ten was always there to listen to your pent up emotions towards Taehyung. Ever since Taehyung had discovered Jiyeon, you had found yourself spending more and more time with Ten due to how often Taehyung ditched you to follow Jiyeon around.

After your rant, you calmed down, feeling a huge weight lift off your shoulders.

“Sorry, I always drop so much baggage on you,” you apologized as the both of you left the cafe to head back to your place. “I’ll help you with your math homework to make it up to you.”

“Hm, buy me food also and it’ll be even,” he teased, earning a smack to the back of his head. “Ouch!”

You stuck out your tongue as you increased your pace. “Wait! Y/N!” You slowed, waiting for Ten to catch up. “I’m serious though, you should tell Taehyung about this. I mean, don’t keep your hopes up, but I think he deserves to know about this. Tell him so you can get closure.”

The thought of ever confronting Taehyung about your feelings was nerve racking. Thinking of the rejection and the awkwardness that followed killed you. But, would that be the final push you needed to move on? Taehyung was obviously infatuated with Jiyeon and you didn’t stand a chance against her. Not to mention the hints you had been dropping for so long were always unanswered. Maybe Taehyung was oblivious to your feelings, but it was time to tell him.

“I’ll think about it. I guess it’s about time, can’t spend my whole time gunning after a guy that isn’t interested, right?” you chuckled, the both of you reaching the door of your apartment.

“Exactly! And who knows? You might find that someone else has been gunning after you now that you can take your eyes off of Taehyung,” Ten smiled timidly before giving you hug and leaving.

‘I just don’t know how I’m going to tell him,’ you muttered to yourself as you slipped into your apartment. ‘Will we still be friends afterwards?’

Despite you telling Ten you would consider confronting Taehyung, it took almost a week of non-stop chatter from Taehyung about Jiyeon before you decided to do anything. At this point you weren’t sure if you were going to confess just so he’d shut up about Jiyeon for a minute or if you actually wanted to get it off your chest.

“Y/N,” Taehyung greeted in a sing-song voice, smiling so widely that the corner of his eyes wrinkled. “It’s a good thing you called me to talk, I have something to say too.”

“Mind if I go first?” You knew if you didn’t tell him immediately you’d lose your nerve and never mention it. It was now or never and the most important part was that you needed Taehyung to know that this wouldn’t change anything. Whether Taehyung accepted you or not wouldn’t change the fact that Taehyung meant more to you than a potential boyfriend.

You truly wanted him to be happy, and if that meant he was seeing someone else then so be it.

Taehyung nodded, eyebrows raising at your unusual serious tone. Although Taehyung was more eccentric than you, the both of you were more playful than serious.

Now that you had the chance to say it, everything that you rehearsed in your head slipped away. Your mind blanked as you stared helplessly at Taehyung. ‘Come on, just say it already.’

“You okay, Y/N? Are you feeling sick?” Taehyung’s concerned voice shook you out of your trance and warmed your heart. Even if you confessed, you knew nothing would change. Taehyung cared for you just as much as you cared for him.

You cleared your throat and took a deep breath. Locking eyes with him, you finally told him the thing you had been hiding from him for ages, “I like you, Tae. Not just as a friend, but as something more.”

The minute those words left your mouth you felt a huge sense of relief. It was finally out there, after years of just burying it deep within you, you finally let it out.

‘Thank god I went through with this,’ you thought to yourself until you focused in on the look on Taehyung’s face. He was shocked, just like you expected, but under that was a look of confusion. His whole body had tensed up and the smile had long dropped from his face. “Tae? Are you okay?”

“I, uh, think I need to go, Y/N.” Your face darkened at his words, instantly cursing yourself for thinking you could drop this kind of emotional bomb on him without expecting some whiplash. “I forgot I actually have some, um, urgent plans.”

“Wait!” you reached out, trying to grab Taehyung’s arm but he shifted just out of your reach. Trying to keep your emotions under control, you continued on. “Just because you know of my feelings now doesn’t mean anything has to change. You’re my best friend, before anything else. I don’t really expect anything out of this.”

Despite your words, Taehyung still looked conflicted as he shifted his weight from foot to foot, something he often did when he was uncomfortable. Your heart plummeted as you realized the sudden distance between the two of you.

“Alright, I really have to go now.” He turned to go, hesitantly mumbling, “I’ll text you later,” as he rushed away from you.

‘Nice job, idiot,’ your inner-voice chided. ‘Still feeling relieved to get that off your chest?’

Swiftly turning on your heel, you fled the scene too, barely keeping the hot tears at bay.

It had been almost a week since your confession and there was still no word from Taehyung. You had messaged him since then but each message was ignored.

Letting out a long groan, you tossed your phone away from you. You had thought that you’d be able to work your way through this but Taehyung clearly didn’t share the same opinion on the situation.

“I just want my best friend back,” you whispered, heartbroken at the thought of spending your everyday life without Taehyung.

The doorbell rang, cutting through the silence like a knife. You shot right up, hope soaring at the sound. Taehyung had finally decided to contact you again.

You were up in an instant as you bolted to the door, unlocking it and swinging it wide open. Ten stared back at you, eyebrow quirked at your odd behavior and your hope smashed to the floor.

“Uh, someone looks eager to see me?” Ten murmured halfheartedly, not adding his usual sass into it as if he sensed how heartbroken you were feeling. “I brought food though for our study session.”

You gave him a weak smile, letting him in and Ten instantly made himself at home. He was always in and out of your house, using it as a safe house when his dorm mates brought over their girlfriends for the night. You never really minded but you always told him to just get a girlfriend already if he was so upset with being single.

“Nah,” he had replied, a teasing smile dancing on his lips as it gestured suggestively to his whole body. “If a hot catch like me suddenly gets tied down I’m sure the girls will cry.”

You had rolled your eyes at his overconfidence, throwing a pillow straight at his face. Ten was handsome, that you could admit, but you knew he wasn’t like that. He didn’t sleep around and play with girls feelings, he just liked to tease others.

He caught the pillow before it could hit his face, shoving it under his head as he continued to peer up at you from his spot on the couch. “I’m just kidding, I guess I’m just waiting for the right girl to come along and notice me.”

At the time you had shook your head at his unusual cheesy remark, throwing the other pillow at him but you supposed Ten’s words were what you had been secretly hoping for too. You had been hoping that Taehyung would notice your feelings and return them too, even though you knew he wouldn’t.

“Sorry, I don’t really feel like studying today. I know we agreed to do it for the first of every month but I’m just not feeling that well right now,” you mumbled, flopping back onto the couch. Ten rolled his eyes at you, lifting your legs so he could sit on the couch and then dropping your legs onto his lap.

“That’s what you’ve been saying all week. It’s time to get some fresh air,” he scolded, pinching your calf. You let out a yelp, reaching forward to smack his shoulder.

“I don’t want to,” you whined before continuing in a softer voice, “I’m not ready to bump into him.”

Ten nodded slightly, jaw locked at the mention of Taehyung. You had immediately told him of the confession and the events that had followed afterwards and Ten was not impressed by Taehyung’s actions.

“That’s it, I’m getting you out of your apartment today, even if I have to drag you out.” You shrieked as Ten suddenly hooked his arms under your legs. “You either get dressed now or I drag you by your legs out in what you’re wearing right now.”

“You wouldn’t dare.”

“Do you really want to test that?” Ten and you engaged in an intense glaring contest before you finally threw your hands up and shoved his arms off your legs.

“Fine! I’ll get dressed,” you grumbled and Ten laughed as you continued to curse him on your way into your room.

“An amusement park?” you questioned, slightly taken aback. You couldn’t remember the last time you had visited one but Ten had decided that this was the perfect location for heartbroken souls.

“Oh come on, don’t act like you’re not excited,” Ten laughed, dragging you towards the ticket booth.

As much as you hated agreeing with Ten, he was right about the amusement park lifting your spirits. The both of you rode every ride you came across and spent who knows how much on food.

You continued looking around for the next ride when Ten suddenly exclaimed, “Let’s go on the Ferris wheel!”

You rolled your eyes at the cliche request but complied anyways. Just as the two of you entered the Ferris wheel capsule, your phone buzzed in your pocket. Pulling it out you were met with one unread text.

Taehyung: Hey, sorry about my distance lately. Just sorting things out. About your feelings, I’m sorry but could we just remain as friends?

Your heart lifted at finally hearing back from Taehyung but the contents of the text stung. You had expected this much but it still hurt to hear that the feelings weren’t mutual.

Ten rambled on about some other rides that he wanted to hit before leaving and you nodded along, not quite focusing on anything after seeing that text. You turned your head to gaze out the windows, hoping the view would lift your sorrows only to see something that made your heart shatter.

A few capsules ahead of yours, almost directly across from your own capsule, you spotted a familiar tuff of light brown hair. You watched in horror as Taehyung locked lips with none other than Jiyeon.

A part of you had expected this to happen, but a feeling of betrayal and hurt still washed over you. You had always known that there was only room for Jiyeon in Taehyung’s heart. No matter how much you wanted to catch his attention, you were not her.

Even though you had told Taehyung that remaining as friends was fine by you, you wondered if it was really that easy to keep that promise.

a/n: looked through my masterlist and realized that poor taehyung doesn’t have that many scenarios or series so decided to start another. still going to update my other ones, just hoping to write more for the other members of bts and groups since i’ve been neglecting them. so pls send in any requests you have for other groups or members that i don’t have a lot of writings for! thanks~

’ the most popular girls in school ’ sentence starters

i am so pretty.
who the fuck are you ?
i already know how things work around here !
that’s my fucking boyfriend/girlfriend, bitch !
i do not like you.
i feel indifferent towards you.
god, i hate her/him/them so much.
what ? huh ? that’s not true !
god, i wanna fucking murder you.
who the fuck said my handjobs were second-rate ?
i heard you were going around calling me a fucking liar !
fuck you.
shut the fuck up !
hey, more like.. uh, gay !
oh my god, are you going to try and nickname yourself again ?
stop trying to force your full house references on us.
suck my dick.
i’ll suck your dick right now.
dude, that was an expression !
the only thing you’re saying here is that you’re gay.
i’m not gay.. you’re gay !
don’t be a dick, bro.
jesus christ, is that a fucking gremlin ?
i told you to never talk about that ! god !
um, excuse me, i will cut a bitch.
you are totes creep.
why don’t you give me a fucking break, okay ?
what the fuck is that supposed to mean ?
listen, bitch, i don’t know who the fuck you think you are but i don’t give a fuck.
fuck off.
what the fuck is going on ?
you guys are assholes.
i swear to god, if this blows up in your face, you better believe i will take this megaphone and shove it up your ass !
yeah, that’s right ! walk away, like a bitch !
this is some bullshit right here !
you are fucking gross.
yeah ! dumb whore !
i was just trying to put myself into a coma so i wouldn’t have to listen to the two of you dipshits try and talk and breathe at the same time !
i don’t trust the bitch.
thank you for fucking up my entire life !
do you like making me look like a dickhole ? do you ?
the answer to a question i never asked.
so much technical jargon, jeezus louisus !
why are you guys so mean to me ?
you take that back, bitch !

Misunderstood : Reggie Mantle

request: Can I request a Reggie Mantle imagine maybe where the reader is his gf and friend with the og 4 and they keep talking bad about him but she always defends him and then one day he like sits with them at lunch and they realize he isn’t really that bad of a guy

requested by: anonymous

A/N: I AM THE WORST!!! I am so sorry it took so long. I really really hope you love this. xx, aubree. 

warnings: none :)

word count: 730

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Originally posted by riverdalesource

Reggie Mantle. Tall, handsome as hell, and one of the most misunderstood people in all of Riverdale. There was only one person he ever opened up to. His best friend turned girlfriend, Y/N Y/L/N. She saw the side of him that he hid from the world. To everyone else, Reggie was the douchebag jock who was a little too full of himself. To Y/N, he was the boy who was pressured by his father to be perfect; to be someone he wasn’t.

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What Keith and Lance's Meeting was like
  • *Keith is helping Shiro and Lance comes in*
  • Keith: Can I help you?
  • Lance: Probably not.
  • Keith: What the fuck is that supposed to mean?
  • Lance: Means whatever the fuck you want it to mean.
  • Keith: Listen asshole. I don't know who the fuck you think you are but-
  • Lance: I'm Lance, we were in the same class together at the Garrison.
  • Keith: I don't give a fuck.
  • Lance: Oh really? Because it sure seems like you do!
  • Keith: Well I don't!
  • Lance: well good!
  • Keith: great!
  • Lance: Fantastic!
  • Keith: Super!
  • Lance: Awesome!
  • *Both get in each other's faces*
  • Keith: GREAT!!
  • Lance: GREAT!!

Stop now.
Stop with this “I’m not good enough for anybody.” And the “No one cares about me.” Shit.

I’m so so sick of it.

You are.
You are loved.
You are beautiful.
And you are wanted.

You are not hated.
You really aren’t perfect.
You are not just a social casualty.

Wake up every morning and tell your self “Today I am not perfect, but rather I am human. Today I will make mistakes, I might not have the best hair day and I may not be the most popular person at my school. But at the very least I will love me. Today I will love me and I will love everybody else around me.

Twice the Love

Something where Y/N is the female Spider and on Team Cap. Both her and Tom fight one another while flirting. At school, they both have crushes on each other even though Y/N is the most popular girl at school, she still has a huge crush on Peter. Then as their alter egos, they both ask one another for help and the truth about their identities come out?

“You hit like a girl!” yelled the spiderling.

“That’s because I am a girl you shit.” I remarked back, flinging my webs at him. I fell to my back and kicked him with my leg, sending him backwards. I flipped myself back up and didn’t see him where I expected him to be. My senses felt him behind me and I ducked, as semi truck was thrown at me.

“You missed.” I snorted, crossing my arms.

“I didn’t want to mess up your makeup.” he mocked.

“Please. I’ve seen tighter tights than yours.” I said, as he swung down.

“Is that the best you got?” he remarked, laughing. I arched an eyebrow and saw behind him, a bunch of crates. I started to fake cry and he stopped laughing.

“Whoa hey? Are you seriously crying?” he asked, coming over. I nodded and sniffled for more of an effect.

“Hey hey. Don’t cry.” he said, placing an arm on my shoulder. I stopped and sniffled, looking at him through my mask. He looked concerned. Good. I grabbed his arm and flipped him backwards.

“What the hell was that for?” he said as my foot stood on his chest, my hands holding his arm up.

“Didn’t Stark ever tell you not to let your guard down?” I teased. Before I could make another remark I was flipped upside down and he sat on top on me.

“Whose guard is down now?” He teased. I smiled and brushed his cheek with my hand. I felt him tense up and I brought him closer to my face.

“Still yours.” I said, webbing up his hands and flinging him towards the crates I saw with a kick of my foot.

“You really like using your feet.” he groaned, standing up.

“It never fails me.“I said, seeing Sam flying over. "See ya Spiderling.” I said, blowing a kiss and shooting a web to latch onto Sam’s foot, flinging myself away.


Chemistry. Or as I like to call it, boring. Mr. Callin was a good teacher, don’t get me wrong, but his class was too easy. For me and the 19 other students to be precise. His teachings were taught as if we were first graders. That’s why I took an extra Chemistry class after school for more of a push. Which also meant… Peter Parker.

“Hey Audrey! We still on for Jacob’s party tonight?” Nat asked, her long black hair swinging behind her.

I hated parties to be honest. I would rather be home playing some videogames or watching movies. But everyone expected me to be there cause I was popular. What a stupid label.

“I’ll see Nat. I have a lot to study for this week.” I told her, smiling. She pouted but nodded, waving goodbye, turning to take the bus with her brother. I loved how even though Nat was more popular than me, she didn’t care that people knew she took the bus.

I sighed and headed towards Mrs. Lane’s room for the Chemistry lesson. As I entered, I saw Peter, doodling in his notebook. I marveled at the way he furrowed his eyebrows as he doodled.

“You good there Audrey?” Mrs. Lane asked. I nodded and took my seat near the window, next to Peter. Mrs. Lane liked the thought of us two being together since we were the top two students in her class and wanted us to be assistants to those who needed assistance. I opened my backpack and saw my suit was at the bottom.

Crap… I forgot to put it in the washer after I got home from Germany.

“Y-you dropped this.” Peter said, holding up a pencil. I took it and gave him a shy smile, thanking him. Our hands touched and my heart skidded to a halt. He started to blush and smiled at me. I looked away, wishing for my heart to beat normal again.

~Later on that Night~

I sat next to a gargoyle, watching through my lenses.

“Fancy seeing you here.” said a familiar voice.

“Don’t you have somewhere else to be Spiderling?” I teased, knowing he hated that name.

“You know I do. But I might just have to stay here until you get my name right.” he said sauntering over and plopping himself next to me. I rolled my eyes and looked at my phone, seeing a text from Nat asking if I could make it. I told her I couldn’t and she sent a sad face.

“You missing something?” he asked.

“Just a boring party.” I said, stuffing my phone back into my small black bag.

“Yeah. Me too. I hate going but I only go because the girl I like goes.” he said. I looked at him and smiled.

“I took an extra class knowing the guy I like would be in it.” I chuckled. He chuckled too and sighed.

“How is she like?” I asked.

“Aw man. She’s adorable. Her laugh is adorable. I love the way how she’s all natural. She doesn’t wear makeup and doesn’t even try in her appearance. She could wear sweats and a sweatshirt and still look great. She’s not like most girls, she’s independent and I just.. Really like her.” he said, leaning against the gargoyle as if he was going to fall off.

“Mine is like that too. Except he’s extremely shy. I like that about him because he’s not a meathead. I hardly know him but he’s sweet. And his eyes make me melt.” I gushed.

“Care to give me a name?” he chuckled.

“Only if you do it too.” I said, pushing him with my shoulder slightly.

“Okay. On three.”






I nearly fell off the perch as I heard my name.

“That’s my name.” We both said together.

“Peter? As in.. Peter Parker?” I asked, feeling lightheaded.

“Audrey?” he said. I nodded and slipped my mask off. He did the same and I nearly died.

“Well… Guess the cat’s out of the bag.” Peter said.

“I guess it is.” I said, stunned from confessing my love for him.

“Audrey?” Peter. I turned to look and he kissed me. I kissed him back without hesitating and instantly melted.

I’m kissing Peter. The boy who’ve I’ve fallen for since sophomore year. It took two years to finally kiss him.

We pulled apart and he was blushing like crazy.

“That’s out too.” he said smiling. I laughed and let out a small snort, covering my mouth as soon as it slipped out.

“That’s adorable.” he laughed. I punches his shoulder softly and he laughed.

“So what now?” I asked, looking at Peter. His fingers interlaced with mine and he smiled.

“I guess we’re dating. Miss Spiderling.” he teased.

“So we are Spiderling.”

A Rose by Any Other Name

Request: Hi! Can I request an imagine with Peter Parker x reader where she’s an extraverted artistic popular girl (she writes poetry) with dyed hair who’s friends with Peter and has a crush on him but he’s completely oblivious to it and they act like a couple already but it’s just bc they connect together so well and soon she can’t help herself but say “dude I have huge crush on u how can u be so bLIND” or something like that. I love this blog so much it’s such a blessing 😭😭😭 


Peter walked into the classroom with  a couple of his friends. He was talking animatedly to them about something you couldn’t hear, but he was so cute and excited that it didn’t even matter. His face was alight with passion, and you imagined he was talking about rebuilding his computer, something he’d been planning to do since midterms were over and he was a bit ahead in his school work.

“Are you just gonna stare at him?” your friend Liz questioned.  

“What?” You hadn’t really comprehended her words. Her voice startled you out of your reverie and she laughed at your bewildered expression.

“You should write him a poem. Something like Peter, dear sweet Peter how your eyes remind me of candles in the window of the home of my heart.”

“That’s ridiculous. Wouldn’t even be a good line,” you laughed.

“Is she pining over Parker again?” your other friend, Betty asked as she sat down in the desk next to you.

“Yes,” Liz laughed.

“I am not, pining,” you protested.

“Good, you don’t have to pine, he’d be lucky to have you. A nerd like him dating one of the most popular girls at school,” Betty quipped.

You frowned at that, sure you were popular, but not because you particularly wanted to be. You were a people person, a talker, people were attracted to that kind of personality, “He’s not just some nerd,” you rebuked, “he’s a good person.”

“A rose by any other name,” Liz went on teasing.

“The captain of the football team wants to go out with you and you’re pining over Peter Parker. Excuse me for being a little confused about your priorities,” Betty scoffed.

“We are young, Betty. We are young and infinite and the titles we press to our chest mean nothing to the universe. A rose by any other name would still smell as sweet, and a good person under any other title will still be good.”

“Ugh, can’t you save it for the poetry club?” Betty groaned.

“I thought it was beautiful,” Liz bumped her shoulder into yours, “You’re just mad because you can’t land the football captain.”

“Yes!! And she’s throwing away the opportunity for Peter frikin Parker!” Betty exclaimed. You clamped a hand over her mouth.

“Betty! Shush. Jeez, I’ll put in a good word for you.” you promised.

“Go talk to him before class starts,” Liz urged hitting you with her shoulder again, as if to give you a physical push toward him. You took her advice and went over to Peter. You sat on  the table where he and his friends were as you walked over they looked up and greeted you happily.

“I was just talking about my computer,” Peter filled you in.

“I figured you were. You know I’m lost when it comes to your cool tech stuff,” you smirked.

“It’s not so hard, it’s like putting together a jigsaw puzzle, all  you need is to see the whole picture.”

“Hey, metaphors are my thing Parker,” you teased poking him in the shoulder.

“It’s why I use them, it’s the only way you understand my techno babble. By the way, I heard you got a poem published in the paper, congrats.”

“Oh please, it’s just the paper, who even reads those anymore?”

“Fancy publishers. This could be your big break.”

“If it is, I’ll have you take the picture for the cover of my first book,” you laughed.

Liz and Betty watched the two of you from their place in the back of the class. Well, Liz watched, Betty was complaining about something or another.

“I think they’re cute together. I mean half the school already thinks they’re a couple,” Liz murmured.

“It’s social suicide,” Betty responded.

“Oh come on, Peter’s sweet, and just look at them, look how happy she is.”

You were laughing at something Manuel, one of Peter’s friends had said, leaning on Peter for support so you wouldn’t topple off the table with how hard you were laughing. Liz smiled at that; you and Liz were close, closer than either of you were to Betty. In retrospect, she wasn’t really sure how Betty became a part of your little group. She often wondered how to get rid of her. The bell signaling the beginning of class rang and you hurried back to your seat with a giddy smile on your face.

“Peter says he’s going to homecoming this year,” you grinned.

“Yeah? Does he have a date already?” Liz  asked.

“He and his friends are going as a group.”

“Maybe you can ask him to homecoming.”

“I don’t want to ruin their group thing. I’ll see them there though.”

Class started and there was little talk between any of you as the lesson went on. A class ended you got held up talking to Liz and while you were trying to catch up to Peter, the captain of the football team, Eric, stopped you in the hall. Liz stood beside you and rolled her eyes as he and his buddies walked up.

“Hey, Y/N,” he greeted.

“Hey, Eric, what’s up?” you asked with a friendly smile. He smiled back and glanced at one of his friends over his shoulder as if he was sealing some kind of deal.

“I heard you don’t have a date to homecoming. How about you and I got together?”

“… No thanks. I’ve got plans to go with friends… You should ask Betty though. I know she’s still looking for a date.”

“Psh your loss, babe,” he shrugged, walking past you as he and his friends laughed. You rolled your eyes and gave Liz an exasperated glance. She laughed a little at your expression. As you started off towards Peter’s locker your really Peter was in fact right there, staring holes into the back of Eric’s head.

“Peter, hey!” you called braving through the lanes of walking high schoolers to get to him. He looked at you and mustered up a smile but it seemed off,  forced, “I wanted to walk with you to English… is everything alright?”

“Yeah, yeah, come on.”

You waved to Liz as she went in the opposite direction towards her own class. Peter was uncharacteristically quiet that block, but by the time lunch rolled around he seemed like himself again. The lunch room was buzzing, as homecoming was next week and everyone was excited for the football game and the dance. You were excited too. Today you sat next to Michelle. She was going to wear a tux to Homecoming.

“I’ve got to outdo the boys every way I can,” she smiled giving the boys a smug smirk.

“Do you have pictures?” you asked excitedly.

“Yes I do,” she pulled out her phone and the two of you talked about her suit.

“What about you, Y/N?” Peter asked.

“She’s probably color coordinating with someone. Didn’t Eric ask you to homecoming?” Manuel asked.

“He did, but I’m not going with him. I’ll probably just go alone, but I do have a dress picked out, but you guys can’t see it until the day of. Michelle however, can see it now,” you grinned showing her your phone.

“Oh, wow,” her face went blank with awe and shock.

“It’s good right?”

“Beautiful. Jesus.” she  nodded.

Peter was quiet again, and he was for the rest of the lunch period.

Homecoming rolled around and you were putting the finishing touches  on your hair and make up. Your mother was a great helping hand and she took enough pictures to fill a book. Betty and Liz had dates but you were still riding with them to the dance. Your mom had you all get together and take pictures in the living room before letting you guys leave. The homecoming theme this year was old Hollywood, so you entered the gym on a red carpet. It bothered a little that your friends were all arm and arm with their dates walking and you were alone. But before you had a chance to get down in the dumps about it, Liz wrapped an arm around your waist and smiled at you. Suddenly her date was more of a third wheel then you are.

“You look amazing. You’ll knock Parker’s socks right off.” she grinned at you.  

Peter stood in a far off corner talking with his friends, and critiquing the choice of music, when Michelle let out a low whistle.

“Y/N just walked in, Parker.” despite the fact that Michelle’s words were meant for Peter, everyone turned to look at you, and everyone’s jaw dropped. You walked in with a radiant smile in a dress made to fit you and only you. They couldn’t even imagine anyone else wearing it. Peter felt sorry for everyone else in the room, including himself, how the hell were they supposed to share a room with this much beauty. He quickly pushed those feelings down, you were a popular kid. You were supposed date big football guys, not nerds like himself. That thought vanished when you made eye contact with him and your smile grew impossibly brighter. The feelings he tried to push down came right back up to drown him as you came his way. However as you were on your way Eric stopped you. You looked up at him with a smile and talked for a little while.

“Ugh, I wish that fuckboy would leave Y/N alone, she’s too good for him,” Michelle complained. Peter turned around, not wanting to watch Y/N get whisked away by some guy he could never be.

You waited impatiently for Eric to stop talking to you. He was retelling his victory in the homecoming a game. A game that you had seen, and therefore didn’t need the play by play of the winning throw.

“That’s great, Eric, I’ve got some friends I want to-” you tried to get past him but he caught you by the waist, you pushed his hand off of you, “Didn’t you come here with Betty? Why don’t you go find her?” your voice was hard no nonsense.

“Ew, he’s still trying,” Michelle was still complaining.

“Michelle, if she wants to date Eric,” Peter began but his voice recoiled at Eric’s name in disgust, “then that’s none of our business. She doesn’t belong to us.”

“Oh bull, you guys are practically married,” Michelle argued, “I’ve seen the way you look at her.”

“Well she’s not mine so…” Peter shrugged.

“Come on man,” Manuel groaned, “you’re the best of all of us. You have to do it for us. We can let her get sucked into the black hole that is Eric.”

“Oh oh, she’s coming this way,” Michelle warned. You walked up to them a bright smile back on your face.

“Look at you guys! You clean up well,” you complimented, “And Michelle, you are killing that tux. Fuck. It. Up. Sis.”

“Thank you, thank you,” Michelle gave a bow, “but nevermind me, look at you. Doesn’t she look great, Peter?”

“Yeah,” he answered dejectedly.

“Peter you look really good too, second only to Michelle in her suit.” you teased, despite the stinging blow his disinterest was.

“Thanks.” he responded half heartedly.

“We’re gonna get some punch,” Michelle announced taking Manuel with her. You and Peter watched them go, and you realized they were giving you time alone.

“Peter did I do something wrong?” you asked curiously.

“No, no, but you should probably get back to Eric, he’ll wonder where you are,” he grumbled.


“I see how he looks at you. It’s fine, I’m not gonna take offense to it. I know how the social hierarchy works.”

“You are so blind… Jesus, I’m not gonna date Eric, he can look at me anyway he’d  like and my answer would be still be no.”

“Why, is there someone else?” he was looking down at his feet now.

“Yes, there is, and he’s unbelievably cute and petty as hell.”

“Well get to him then,” he was pouting now.

“Oh my god!! You idiot, it’s you. I like you!” you groaned. His head snapped up to look at you.


“You couldn’t tell. Why else does a girl interested in nothing but art and poetry take an interest in building computers. It’s you Peter. It’s always been you.”

“You like me?” he was dumbfounded, it never occurred to him that you could like him back.

“Yes, you genius idiot.”

“I…I like you too. A lot, a lot and you look so gorgeous tonight and-”

You cut him off with a hug, laughing at your predicament, “Dance with me before I change my mind about you.”

He looked at you like you were the eighth world wonder and nodded because he couldn’t find his voice to answer. As you took to the dance floor you noticed Liz throwing you a thumbs up. At the same time Peter noticed Michelle and Manuel grinning at them. You both looked away from your  friends and made eye contact.

“I can’t believe you made me spell it out for you,” you laughed.

“Well it’s hard to believe that the prettiest girl in school would fall for a nerd like me.”

“A rose by any other name,” you smiled and kissed his nose, making him blush.