i am the most popular girl in school

What Keith and Lance's Meeting was like
  • *Keith is helping Shiro and Lance comes in*
  • Keith: Can I help you?
  • Lance: Probably not.
  • Keith: What the fuck is that supposed to mean?
  • Lance: Means whatever the fuck you want it to mean.
  • Keith: Listen asshole. I don't know who the fuck you think you are but-
  • Lance: I'm Lance, we were in the same class together at the Garrison.
  • Keith: I don't give a fuck.
  • Lance: Oh really? Because it sure seems like you do!
  • Keith: Well I don't!
  • Lance: well good!
  • Keith: great!
  • Lance: Fantastic!
  • Keith: Super!
  • Lance: Awesome!
  • *Both get in each other's faces*
  • Keith: GREAT!!
  • Lance: GREAT!!

They’re law school royalty. If Middleton was Us Weekly, they would always be on the cover.

Mean Girls AU. Wes Gibbins and Oliver Hampton introduce a new student, Laurel Castillo, to the three most popular aspiring lawyers of Middleton University who open Laurel’s eyes to Middleton’s status quo and highly-competitive nature.


Am I the only one thinking about an Highschool AU where Wander is the student conselor and all of the villans are the students ?

 So Sylvia would be a cool and sassy principal who’s feared by most of the students and Wander would be this overworking conselor who loves his job too much and who’s just too pure (he’d totally be like Kenneth from 30 rock). 

And all of the student would be the villains but they would be fighting to be the most popular in school (and then Dominator comes in as the new girl and crushes everyone in the school).

I just wanted to mess around some designs at first but I somehow created an AU xD I don’t think it’ll last long tho. 

I dunno, do you guys want to see more designs and stuff from this ? how would I even call it ? Conselor wander AU ? 

Twice the Love

Something where Y/N is the female Spider and on Team Cap. Both her and Tom fight one another while flirting. At school, they both have crushes on each other even though Y/N is the most popular girl at school, she still has a huge crush on Peter. Then as their alter egos, they both ask one another for help and the truth about their identities come out?

“You hit like a girl!” yelled the spiderling.

“That’s because I am a girl you shit.” I remarked back, flinging my webs at him. I fell to my back and kicked him with my leg, sending him backwards. I flipped myself back up and didn’t see him where I expected him to be. My senses felt him behind me and I ducked, as semi truck was thrown at me.

“You missed.” I snorted, crossing my arms.

“I didn’t want to mess up your makeup.” he mocked.

“Please. I’ve seen tighter tights than yours.” I said, as he swung down.

“Is that the best you got?” he remarked, laughing. I arched an eyebrow and saw behind him, a bunch of crates. I started to fake cry and he stopped laughing.

“Whoa hey? Are you seriously crying?” he asked, coming over. I nodded and sniffled for more of an effect.

“Hey hey. Don’t cry.” he said, placing an arm on my shoulder. I stopped and sniffled, looking at him through my mask. He looked concerned. Good. I grabbed his arm and flipped him backwards.

“What the hell was that for?” he said as my foot stood on his chest, my hands holding his arm up.

“Didn’t Stark ever tell you not to let your guard down?” I teased. Before I could make another remark I was flipped upside down and he sat on top on me.

“Whose guard is down now?” He teased. I smiled and brushed his cheek with my hand. I felt him tense up and I brought him closer to my face.

“Still yours.” I said, webbing up his hands and flinging him towards the crates I saw with a kick of my foot.

“You really like using your feet.” he groaned, standing up.

“It never fails me."I said, seeing Sam flying over. "See ya Spiderling.” I said, blowing a kiss and shooting a web to latch onto Sam’s foot, flinging myself away.


Chemistry. Or as I like to call it, boring. Mr. Callin was a good teacher, don’t get me wrong, but his class was too easy. For me and the 19 other students to be precise. His teachings were taught as if we were first graders. That’s why I took an extra Chemistry class after school for more of a push. Which also meant… Peter Parker.

“Hey Audrey! We still on for Jacob’s party tonight?” Nat asked, her long black hair swinging behind her.

I hated parties to be honest. I would rather be home playing some videogames or watching movies. But everyone expected me to be there cause I was popular. What a stupid label.

“I’ll see Nat. I have a lot to study for this week.” I told her, smiling. She pouted but nodded, waving goodbye, turning to take the bus with her brother. I loved how even though Nat was more popular than me, she didn’t care that people knew she took the bus.

I sighed and headed towards Mrs. Lane’s room for the Chemistry lesson. As I entered, I saw Peter, doodling in his notebook. I marveled at the way he furrowed his eyebrows as he doodled.

“You good there Audrey?” Mrs. Lane asked. I nodded and took my seat near the window, next to Peter. Mrs. Lane liked the thought of us two being together since we were the top two students in her class and wanted us to be assistants to those who needed assistance. I opened my backpack and saw my suit was at the bottom.

Crap… I forgot to put it in the washer after I got home from Germany.

“Y-you dropped this.” Peter said, holding up a pencil. I took it and gave him a shy smile, thanking him. Our hands touched and my heart skidded to a halt. He started to blush and smiled at me. I looked away, wishing for my heart to beat normal again.

~Later on that Night~

I sat next to a gargoyle, watching through my lenses.

“Fancy seeing you here.” said a familiar voice.

“Don’t you have somewhere else to be Spiderling?” I teased, knowing he hated that name.

“You know I do. But I might just have to stay here until you get my name right.” he said sauntering over and plopping himself next to me. I rolled my eyes and looked at my phone, seeing a text from Nat asking if I could make it. I told her I couldn’t and she sent a sad face.

“You missing something?” he asked.

“Just a boring party.” I said, stuffing my phone back into my small black bag.

“Yeah. Me too. I hate going but I only go because the girl I like goes.” he said. I looked at him and smiled.

“I took an extra class knowing the guy I like would be in it.” I chuckled. He chuckled too and sighed.

“How is she like?” I asked.

“Aw man. She’s adorable. Her laugh is adorable. I love the way how she’s all natural. She doesn’t wear makeup and doesn’t even try in her appearance. She could wear sweats and a sweatshirt and still look great. She’s not like most girls, she’s independent and I just.. Really like her.” he said, leaning against the gargoyle as if he was going to fall off.

“Mine is like that too. Except he’s extremely shy. I like that about him because he’s not a meathead. I hardly know him but he’s sweet. And his eyes make me melt.” I gushed.

“Care to give me a name?” he chuckled.

“Only if you do it too.” I said, pushing him with my shoulder slightly.

“Okay. On three.”






I nearly fell off the perch as I heard my name.

“That’s my name.” We both said together.

“Peter? As in.. Peter Parker?” I asked, feeling lightheaded.

“Audrey?” he said. I nodded and slipped my mask off. He did the same and I nearly died.

“Well… Guess the cat’s out of the bag.” Peter said.

“I guess it is.” I said, stunned from confessing my love for him.

“Audrey?” Peter. I turned to look and he kissed me. I kissed him back without hesitating and instantly melted.

I’m kissing Peter. The boy who’ve I’ve fallen for since sophomore year. It took two years to finally kiss him.

We pulled apart and he was blushing like crazy.

“That’s out too.” he said smiling. I laughed and let out a small snort, covering my mouth as soon as it slipped out.

“That’s adorable.” he laughed. I punches his shoulder softly and he laughed.

“So what now?” I asked, looking at Peter. His fingers interlaced with mine and he smiled.

“I guess we’re dating. Miss Spiderling.” he teased.

“So we are Spiderling.”

Never Enough (College AU) part 2

Y/N Y/L/N is the most popular girl in school. Her life seems picture perfect and there is nothing she could want more. Or is there? And what role does the biggest nerd in school Bucky Barnes have in her life? Stay tuned and find out!

 Wordcount: 2403

 Pairing: Bucky x Reader

 Warnings: None that I am aware of. 

 A/N: Sorry it took so long guys. I do not have any discipline at all and I’m lazy as fuck. My apologies.

It has been three weeks since the incident with Bucky and really nothing’s changed. You don’t bully him anymore but that’s about it.

 After you had brought Bucky to the schools nurse you went back to the cafeteria where Pietro and Nat were waiting for you.  As you stood in front of them, waiting for them to speak up first, you crossed your arms and a frown appeared on your face. After almost five minutes you realized that you would have to be the one to start the conversation and spoke up.

“What the hell is wrong with you two!?” At this both of them finally looked up at you.

“He was touching you! He had his fucking hands on your waist. I’m your boyfriend Y/N, I am supposed to scare other guys away.” Defended Pietro.

“First of all, yes he had his hands on my waist, but that was to prevent me from falli-“

“He was the one that made you fall in the first place!” Sad Natasha. You gave her a stern look that silenced her.

“Accidents happen. Where was I? Yes, and second of all: you are allowed to scare them off, not break every bone in their body for saving me from a nasty fall! And Natasha, I had expected a little more of you instead you just crouched next to his face and started to say these terrible things to him. Things that I don’t even say to my sister, and that should say a lot!” They both had seemed to lose their interest in you and instead focused on their shoes.

“You know what? I’m going home and let you think about this. You can talk to me again when you feel like apologizing to me and especially to Bucky!” After saying that you stormed off and took the bus home. That evening, much to your mothers dismay, Pietro stopped by to apologize and swore he’d done the same with Bucky. The next morning Natasha was there to pick you up and apologized too.

And right now you were sitting in your arts class. You sat down next to Wanda and flashed a smile at Bucky and Steve who were sitting in front of her. To this, you noticed, Steve shot Bucky a weird look, who just shrugged it off.

“Last week we talked about the new drawing projects that have to be made. I have already made the groups and e-mailed it to you. I want everyone’s drawing at the end of the month.” Our arts teacher said strictly. And again I regretted my decision to join arts class instead of Spanish. I might not like to learn another language but I can’t draw for shit. That was why I felt really lucky to have Steve in my group. The two others in our group were Bucky and Christine Everhart. After rearranging the whole class so that everyone sat with their group you were the first to say something.

“Could someone maybe fill me in on what the project is? I don’t recall ever having heard about it.”

“We have to make a drawing, painting or whatever the hell you prefer more of something pretty.” Answered Christine. You knit your eyebrows at her answer and look at Steve and Bucky. Bucky chuckles and Steve lets out a sigh.

“We do have to paint something that interests us, something that is worthy of a whole assignment about it because that’s also part of the project.” Steve explains.

“I can’t draw but how about we draw something like a beach sunset? Would that be okay with you, Steve?” Bucky suggested.

“I can work with that. Maybe it would be nice to have a someone in it too? Christine? Or Y/N maybe?” Your eyes widened and Christine’s face contoured in disgust.

“Oh my God, why would you think I would ever agree to that? Don’t you know how gross sand is? It’s like a huge cat litter.” Then Steve suggested that Christine writes the assignment, because she’s always been good at turning stories prettier than they are or just the way she likes them.

“I wouldn’t mind to pose. It will make me feel less useless as I don’t have any good qualities in the shape of art.” You suggest.

“Well the, that’s settled. I can take pictures to add to the assignment so we all have a part in the project, but when and where are we gonna be able to pull the whole girl in beautiful sunset drawing?” Bucky adds.

“My house is only a ten minute drive away from a beautiful, small beach. We could go there.” You used to visit the small beach a lot in the past few weeks and found the most beautiful sunsets there.

“Great! They predict good weather tomorrow. We should go then.” After Steve said this you all began to exchange phone numbers and the times you’d be off the next day. At the end of class everything was arranged.

And just like everything was planned, you were on the beach the next afternoon. The sun was already starting to set so Steve somehow clicked into this very professional mode and started to tell you what to do.

Just before you left the school you had changed into your favorite summer dress. A white, knee length dress covered in lace. After changing you and Steve got into Christine’s car and she drove to the beach. Bucky had the day off so he’d be joining you there.

It didn’t take Steve very long to find the right pose and place for you to be in. He made you sit on a big rock, that seemed to exist out of a couple of smaller rocks attached to each other, that lay in the water.

“Oh yeah, this is perfect! Keep staring into the distance and don’t move.” Steve ordered.

“Yes sir.” You mocked.

“What time is it?” You ask after what seems like an hour.

“You’ve only been sitting there for like fifteen minutes, y/n.” Sighs Steve and Christine lets out a giggle.

“Ugh! Posing sucks, people.” To this you hear a chuckle that definitely does not belong to either Steve or Christine. “Bucky! You’ve finally arrived.” You let out dramatically. You’re about to turn your head, but not without Steve noticing.

“Do. Not. Move.” He orders strictly. “Oh and Bucky, nice of you to have finally joined us.” This gut gets annoyingly serious when drawing.

“Guys.” Christine giggles. “He’s been standing there for over ten minutes, too awestruck to take his picture.”

“I am not!.” Bucky tries to defend himself, but it’s too late for that.

“You should see him, guys. His face is as red as a tomato right now!” Christine continues.

Steve chuckles and adds: “You’re lucky y/n isn’t allowed to turn around. Your crush is showing.”

“Steve… Hey! No pictures.”

“Please guys, tell me what’s happening!” you beg, afraid to move incase Steve starts lecturing you again.

“Don’t worry, y/n! I took a picture of Bucky’s tomato red face so I’ll show you when you’re done.” Christine cheers happily. To this you hear Bucky groan and Steve chuckle.

“Don’t you dare have fun there ‘mister serious while painting’ Hurry up so I can get off of this rock ‘cause my butt is starting to ache.:

About an hour later Steve finally gave you his permission to move again. You didn’t even get the chance to drink some water from your bottle because Christine shoves her phone into your face. Kind of forcefully actually.

“This is what you just missed out on.” She grins as she waits for you to take her phone. The picture showing on the screen is indeed one of Bucky, with a very red face. You had to admit, he looked very cute all flustered.

No! What are you thinking? You have a boyfriend for god’s sake!

When you look up, you see that Bucky has disappeared from the spot he was just sitting. You give your two classmates a questioning look.

“He just stormed off.” Steve answers your not yet asked question with a nod into the direction Bucky apparently went to. And as you followed that direction you could indeed see Buck sitting somewhere further on the beach. Christine takes her phone out of your hands and you start to walk towards your moping team member.

“Hey, Buck.” You say as you plop down next to him in the sand. The only response you get is something that sounds like a sad hum. “What has gotten you so grumpy?”

After a while of silence you bump your shoulder into his, what causes him to look at you. “C’mon Bucky. Talk to me.”  You beg.

“There’s sand stuck in between the plates of my metal am.” He pouts. You can’t help but chuckle as you watch him defeatedly looking at his bionic arm.

“And it has nothing to do with the picture that Christine took?” And you were met by silence once again. “Just so you know, I think you look very cure al flustered.” You wink at him in an attempt to dissolve the tension which Bucky seems to notice right away.

“Don’t you have a boyfriend?” He asks with a raised eyebrow. You give him a small smile.

“Yes, I do. But what he doesn’t know won’t harm him and it’s not as if I’m cheating. I just called you cute, there’s no harm n that.”

The two of you just sit there in silence for a while. You notice Bucky’s mouth open and lose a couple of times, as if he wants to say something but isn’t really sure about it.

“What’s going on in that head of yours? If you have something to say or to ask, just let it all out.”

“I have a question, but you have tom promise me that you won’t get angry.” He murmurs.

“Ok, on one condition.” You say, to which Bucky raises his eyebrows. “I get to ask you two questions.”

Bucky chuckles and agrees. It goes silent again for a while so you take your time to take in your surroundings. The sun is almost gone, only leaving a slim orange line of light in its wake. Turning your head to the other side of the sky, you can see the full moon already shining brightly. Around it the dark sky is decorated with stars of all sizes.

To you this could be a romantic evening if you were here with Pietro, but sadly your boyfriend isn’t very romantic. Not at all actually. Not that you were longing for always being super romantic an cheesy, but once in a while you would like a little bit of romance. You are pulled out of your thoughts when Bucky suddenly speaks up.

“Why are you always such a bitch?” Auch. That hurt. You know it’s the truth but that doesn’t make it less painful. “Don’t forget that you promised me that you wouldn’t get angry.” Bucky defends himself quickly.

“Nah, that’s ok. You’re right anyway. I’ve been a huge bitch to everyone except for my friends. I guess it’s because everyone is nice to me ‘cause they’re afraid of me. At home, the only one that is nice to me is my dad, who is always away on business trips. Besides him I have my older sister who despises me and my mother, who obviously loves my sister a lot more than me. I’m a disappointment to her and I guess I’ve been taking all of that out on everyone in school.” You sigh. Bucky takes his time to process all that you had just revealed to him.

“Wow. I really thought that you had it all, you know? A big house, rich parents, a pretty face, popularity and a lot of good friends. I guess there’s more to you than the eye sees.” Bucky says eventually.

“Well yeah, there’s not much I can do about it anymore.” You sigh.

“Yes, there is. You are doing something about it right now.” You give him a questioning look, not understanding it. “You are talking to me. And Steve. And you are being nice. If you try this with everyone they’ll like you a lot more.” He tells you as he puts a reassuring hand on your shoulder.

“Thanks Buck, I should definitely try that. But now it’s my turn.” You cheer as you mentally prepare yourself for the question you’re about to ask. “How did you get your metal arm?”

“I’ll tell you if you promise me to keep it a secret.”

You give him a reassuring smile. “I promise.” You say as you put your hand to your heart.

“Well, your friends might have some kind of bad influence on you, but some of mine were worse. But worst of all was Loki. Loki Laufeyson.” He takes a deep breath and then continues.

“At first he seemed harmless but after a while I got to get to know the real Loki. The one who always got in trouble, drank too much and smoked way too much seed. Somehow I ended up right in the middle of that word and one night, when we were both very drunk and high, we stepped into the car to drive for a bit. I can’t really remember much, but they told me that my arm was so severely damaged that there was no use in attempting to save it. And Loki, who was driving and got out of the accident with only a few scratches, was sentenced to jail. I was able to avoid that fate, but I did spend a little over a year into a rehabilitation clinic.”

Bucky takes a little break and just as I am about to ask, he already has his answer ready.

“I’ve always been good with mechanic stuff, so when I didn’t like the prosthetic arm they had given me, I invented my own. One that is definitely not sand proof yet.” You chuckled in amazement, not really knowing what to say.

“Wow Buck, tha- that’s really something. I don’t really know what to say. Who ese knows about this?”

“Only my parents and Steve so I’d really appreciate it if you’d keep this between us.”

“I’ll keep my promise and never tell anyone. So now my second question.” You smirk.

“Ask away.”

“Do you really have a crush on me?”

A/N: I really hope you liked it! Requests are open and if you want a part 3, let me know!


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’ the most popular girls in school ’ sentence starters

i am so pretty.
who the fuck are you ?
i already know how things work around here !
that’s my fucking boyfriend/girlfriend, bitch !
i do not like you.
i feel indifferent towards you.
god, i hate her/him/them so much.
what ? huh ? that’s not true !
god, i wanna fucking murder you.
who the fuck said my handjobs were second-rate ?
i heard you were going around calling me a fucking liar !
fuck you.
shut the fuck up !
hey, more like.. uh, gay !
oh my god, are you going to try and nickname yourself again ?
stop trying to force your full house references on us.
suck my dick.
i’ll suck your dick right now.
dude, that was an expression !
the only thing you’re saying here is that you’re gay.
i’m not gay.. you’re gay !
don’t be a dick, bro.
jesus christ, is that a fucking gremlin ?
i told you to never talk about that ! god !
um, excuse me, i will cut a bitch.
you are totes creep.
why don’t you give me a fucking break, okay ?
what the fuck is that supposed to mean ?
listen, bitch, i don’t know who the fuck you think you are but i don’t give a fuck.
fuck off.
what the fuck is going on ?
you guys are assholes.
i swear to god, if this blows up in your face, you better believe i will take this megaphone and shove it up your ass !
yeah, that’s right ! walk away, like a bitch !
this is some bullshit right here !
you are fucking gross.
yeah ! dumb whore !
i was just trying to put myself into a coma so i wouldn’t have to listen to the two of you dipshits try and talk and breathe at the same time !
i don’t trust the bitch.
thank you for fucking up my entire life !
do you like making me look like a dickhole ? do you ?
the answer to a question i never asked.
so much technical jargon, jeezus louisus !
why are you guys so mean to me ?
you take that back, bitch !

anonymous asked:

I've never kissed a boy or a girl but I have had multiple crushes on girls and never really felt anything towards guys and have never crushed on one, I'm pretty sure I'm a lesbian and I've mentioned to my friends that I'm unsure about my sexuality. Should I come out to them fully even if I haven't experienced being with a girl?

Do you think that a not experencied 13-years-old heterosexual girl does not know that she likes boys? Should I remind you how they drool watching Justin Bieber, Zac Efron or the most popular boy of the school? If you are lesbian, you know it even if you have never kissed a girl. Just be honest with yourself.

But, what about coming out with your friends? I am not a great coming outs supporter. In my ideal world, people would know that you are lesbian when you will introduce your girlfriend to them. But this world is pretty different from it, so let us evaluate this option carefully. 

What could happen if you came out? They could be very happy about your trust in them. They could introuduce some interesting girls to you. They could talk about you with someone else and another lesbian girl would know about you. 

But there are also bad things that could happen. They could change their attitude toward you in a bad way. Gossip runs faster than light and someone, that you do not want to, would know that. If you are still not sure about your sexuality, this could be embarassing in future.

I cannot give you the ultimately answer to your question. You, and only you, can weigh pros and cons. I cannot do anything else but sending you a virtual hug.

Imagine the pack ruining Liam’s and yours date

Originally posted by teenwolfobsessed

Liam forced a smile as the waiter asked you what you wanted, They said they weren’t going to show up! He thought, as Lydia scribbled down on her notepad, She probably didn’t even get Y/n’s order.

When you accepted Liam’s date, he was happy as a man on crack.

“No!” Liam almost shouted at his friends. “I am going-”

“Liam it’s a full moon-”

“I’ve got my shift under control!”

“We don’t know-”

“Just trust me!” He finally yelled. “Y/n’s is the most popular girl at my old school and I’ve had a massive crush on her! Just please, let me go. I’ll be fine.”

But against the Beta’s hope, they all showed up somehow. Scott and Kira were out on a date, Lydia somehow worked at the restaurant, and Stiles kept calling Liam asking for updates.

By the end, the date could not have gone worse. Liam was a nervous mess, saying the wrong things, Scott and Kira chose to make it a double date with the two of you, your order of food didn’t came, and when it did, it was wrong and Lydia spilled half of it on you.

“So how’d it go?” Stiles asked in a singy voice as the four returned to Stiles house.

“Well, Lydia spilled food on my date, Scott told her that I have a disease affecting my ass growth, so ask those two if they had a nice time because my night is now ruined.”


“Hey, Lunch Lady Jasper. Still giving people diarrhea for a living? Good job.”

it was 5 am and i loved the idea of Van Buren Gems idk why MPGIS gems ;;  i couldn’t be bothered to think of the rest of the cast ahah if anyone wants to add

What You Need

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“You fall in love with the most unexpected person at the most unexpected time”

Summary: It’s all fun and games until someone’s feeling get’s involved. Bambam known as the coolest kid in school made a bet to make the most unattractive girl into the it girl, the new popular girl. Will it happen? Will he succeed? Will she find out? Will feelings be developed between them too?

Swearing Involved

Previous Parts:

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

Part 5 is here~

Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10



Bambam’s Point of View

I walked into my car and closed my eyes. What the fuck?

Why do I feel so shy around her now?

I felt butterflies fly in my stomach every time a smile was on her face…

Am I starting to like her?


No, maybe I’m just tired..

All I need to do is continue getting close to her and get her to be popular and then move on with my life.

That’s all…

Nothing else….



Your Point of View

“Bambam… I don’t know about this.”

“Come on, my friends aren’t too bad.” Bambam says encouraging you and you crossed your arms.

“They all seem stuck up and full of themselves.”

“Well that’s what you thought about me, but you gave me a chance and I’m not too bad.” Bambam says and you sighed.

“Fine but I’m going to be an outcast for sure.” Bambam rolls his eyes and grabs your wrist and practically drags you into the the pool area.

Bambam invited you to spend time with his friends and get to know them. You didn’t want to agree with it but he didn’t gave you much of a choice. 

You walked in and as soon as you stepped foot in the indoor pool place, all eyes were on you.

They were looking at you confused and you just tried to avoid the stares. Bambam glanced at you and smiled and then pulled you in even more.

“Bambam! Glad you could make it!” Jackson says dabbing up Bambam.

“I wasn’t planning to miss this.”

“Hello there,” Jackson says smiling at your direction and you smiled back.

“Hi… Nice place you got here..”

Jackson begins to laugh and you looked at him confused.


“It’s not my place.” Jackson says smirking.

“Who’s place is it?”

“I have no idea, we just snuck in.” Jackson says and your eyes widen.

You were freaking out in the inside. What if you guys get caught? What if you get arrested for coming into someone’s else’s property without permission?

You wanted to freak out in the outside but that’s what they all would expect from you. So you just smiled and acted like it didn’t bother you even though deep down inside you were scared that you would all get caught.

“Ready to swim?” Bambam asks you and you shrugged.

“Sure why not,” You smiled trying to remain calm and you both walked over to a near by bench. 

So you have to undress yourself in front of him?

Here goes nothing right?

You took a deep breath and slowly began to take off your clothes leaving your swimsuit on under obviously. 

As you were only in your swimsuit Bambam takes one look at you and his eyes widen. 

He looked at you from head to toe and you instantly blushed.

“You look great.” Bambam compliments you and you became more of a blushing mess.

“Thank you,”

You two walked your way over to the pool and you could feel Bambam’s other friends began to stare at you making you feel confused.

You’ve never received this much attention before… This was all just so weird..


“Do you want to join us in a game of volleyball in the pool?” Jackson asks moving his eyebrows up and down smiling.

“I’m not the best at sports..”

“It’s okay, just wing it.”

“Fine.” you gave in and you all divided into two teams. 

You were with Soylu, Mark and Youngjae. Then the other team you were against was Nari, Jackson, Bambam and Junior. They asked Christina if she wanted to play but knowing her she had an excuse.. She makes so many excuses for life it’s sad. 

“Ready?” Jackson asks looking at our team and you all nodded.

You guys didn’t even have a volleyball net in the middle, you had to wing it and use your imagination.


The game started and to be honest playing volleyball in the pool was probably the most hardest thing you’ve ever done. 

It was hard enough trying to run in the water.. 

But you can’t lie, it was actually fun.

For once you were actually getting along with people instead of getting annoyed by them.

“I got it!” you shouted as you seen the ball come right at your direction and just as you you were getting ready to spike the ball you threw yourself into the  pool instead and completely missed the ball.

You lifted your head up and heard laughter from everybody and you couldn’t help but to laugh to.

“It’s okay girl,” your heard Soylu says patting your back and you smiled at her.

“The game is still not over, we gotta beat them.”


You guys continued playing again and the game went on and on and it eventually started to get intense.

Your team ended up losing sadly, but you all had fun despite the lost. 


“Have you ever thought about cutting your hair?” Soylu asks as you both sat at the edge of the pool and talked.

“Nope why?” 

“You would actually look really nice with short hair. I mean not extremely short but at least up to your shoulders.” Soylu suggested and you began to think about it.

“I mean I haven’t cut my hair in such a long time.”

“Girl, I know a place. We should go tomorrow.”

You were surprised she was inviting you but you agreed.

Just as you two were about to talk more Junior calls her over and you were left alone. 

You began to look down at you feet and move them around in the pool. 

Here you were assuming the “popular kids” were so bad but honestly they were pretty cool… You still weren’t sure about Christina since she didn’t want to even join the volleyball game and she keeps having your dirty glares but whatever.

“Having fun?” Bambam asks sitting next to you and you looked at him.

“Surprisingly yes.”

“What do you mean surprisingly yes?” Bambam says putting his hand on his chest pretending to get offended.

“You heard me.” You said and you giggled.

“Wow, someone’s becoming sassy.”

“Just a little,” you responded and you both began to laugh.

Your laughter calmed down and then you could feel Bambam look at you as you looked at your feet.

“So have you thought about your answer?


“Yeah to go to Junior’s party friday?” 

Shit. You haven’t even thought about it. You looked at Bambam and knew that you had to give him an answer now. 


Before he could say anything, you hear the door of the pool fly open and you see an older man step in. His eyes widen as he seen all of you and everyone looked at the older man and without thinking twice you all got out of the pool, everyone grabbed their belongings and ran out.

You were afraid this was going to happen.

You continued to run with Bambam by your side and as soon as you reached a certain spot you all stopped and tried to catch your breath.

This was the first time you ever did brake the rules and the rushing feeling made you feel excited.

Jackson began to laugh and we all stared at him and then joined him.

“Well guess we have to find a new spot to swim in,” Jackson says still laughing and everyone rolled their eyes but continued to laugh.

After having a laugh, you all got dressed up back to the clothes your originally came in and all splitted up to your own direction. Bambam however was by your side.

“What did you think of my friends?” Bambam asked you as you two began to walk to his car.

“I mean they aren’t as bad as I thought they would be.”

“See! I told you they wouldn’t be too bad.” Bambam bragged and you just giggled.

“Ah whatever,”

“What’s our plan now?” Bambam asks smiling and you looked at him. 

“I mean I was planning to go home. You can come over again if you’d like.”


You walked into your house and just as you thought your parents were probably going to be working today you begin to hear voices.

“Who’s here?” Bambam asks as he followed behind you.

“My parents,” 

“Oh” was the only word bambam could say and you could tell he felt awkward being put in that situation.

“Come on, they aren’t too bad. I’m sure you will love them,” you smiled and you walked into the kitchen.

You stopped at the doorway of your kitchen and see you parents talking and they were both sitting at the table. 

“Hey mom and dad.” you said walking over to them and they smiled.

“Hey I was just about to call and ask where you are?”

“Oh I was with some friends.”

Your parents were about to speak till they look behind you and see Bambam standing there awkwardly.

“Who’s your friend?” your mother asks looking at Bambam.

“Ah right. Mom and dad meet Bambam. Bambam meet my parents.” You said awkwardly and they continued to look at Bambam.

… Is anyone going to say anything?

“Hello,” Bambam says looking scared and your parents got up from their seats.

“Welcome!” they said cheerfully and you giggled and you could see how surprised Bambam looked.

He probably assumed they didn’t like him.


“I thought your parents looked like they were going to kill me,” Bambam says a you two began to swing in a swing set you had in your backyard.

“My parents always do that. They like to scare my friends.” You said swinging and Bambam stops and looks at you. 

He smiles and you looked at him.


“You called me your friend.”

“I m-, ah shut up.” You rolled your eyes and you could hear Bambam laugh. 

You giggled and began to look at the sky. 

When the sky gets dark into a dark navy blue sky and the moon shines down it feels calming. It feels like for once you don’t have to worry about anything.

“I like moments like this.” you said still staring up at the sky.

“Moments like what?”

“Moments where you don’t worry about anything. Where for once your mind is blank and you feel calm,” 


Bambam’s Point of View 

I glanced at Y/N and looked at the way she continued to stare at the night sky calmly. 

I couldn’t help but to smile and look up at the sky also. 

Moments where you can bond with someone in silence is something I enjoy.

I glanced at Y/N again and this time I began to take a really good look at her. She’s beautiful.

She doesn’t have to act like someone else besides herself to impress people.

Even though she can be so stubborn and so complicated, she was always sweet, funny and really cool to be around.

I know this is all a bet but there something about her that makes her so different from the rest of the girls I know.

Butterflies continued to fly around my stomach and I looked away from Y/N. 

Sometimes you fall for the most unexpected people…


“Mom…” Y/N mumbled embarrassed as we all were eating dinner.

I couldn’t help but to laugh at all the stories her parents began to tell me.

“Y/N was such a messy, clumsy child.” her mother explains and we all laughed.

“It’s okay Y/N no need to be embarrassed. I wasn’t a perfect child myself.” I said trying to make her feel better but she just gives me a glare and then smiles. 

“I miss the moments when Y/N was a child. It was easier to make fun of her.” her father says and she smirks at them.

“Ah those were the days when I would get bullied by my parents.” she teased and we all laughed.

Y/N parents were truly nice people. 

The more I spent time with all of them the more I felt welcomed into the house and felt like myself….

It’s different.. feeling accepted for who you are.

I continued to eat till I feel my phone vibrate. 

“Excuse me I have to take this call.”

“Of course,” Y/N mother smiled and I got up and walked to the hall. 


“How’s the bet?” Jackson asks on the other side of the phone.

For some reason after hearing the word bet my stomach dropped. Here I am slowly falling for Y/N and enjoying Y/N family company I totally forgot this was all just for a bet.

“It’s going good why?” I asked him as I snapped out of my thought.

“Just curious. Anyways you can be off duty now and come hang with junior and I.” Jackson says and I know I couldn’t say no.

“Um sure be there soon.” I replied back and hanged up. 

I walked back into the kitchen and see them all laughing and smiling.

“Thank you so much for the dinner. You are an amazing cook, but I have to start heading home now..” I lied and they and nodded their heads.

“I’ll walk him out.” Y/N says getting up from her seat and I smiled.

We both walked out of her house and were standing in front for her door.


“Thanks for what?” I asked her confused and she smiles.

“Thanks for the fun day at the pool and staying for dinner.” she smiles and I could help but to admire how beautiful she looked being happy..

“Anytime. I really like your parents.”

“They like you too,” she giggles and I smiled.

Everytime I see her smiling and happy it makes me feel guilty. 

This is all a bet. At the end of the bet what is going to happen? Should I tell her? Would she forgive me?

“See you tomorrow?” I asked her and she nodded and before I could walk away she leans in and kisses my cheek and walks back into the house.

I touched my cheek and couldn’t help but to smile like an idiot.

What did I get myself into!


To be Continued!

(i’m so sorry for not writing yesterday! I was busy! But today I will make it up and write two parts.)