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These are fun, I think I’mma start doing these every day! Like the Daily Zoo but with Pokemon. I’m gonna switch to doing one Pokemon a day, and just do several sketches of it. See how much I can push the gesture and exaggeration, change the style, or whatever.

Also, bonus Lunala just because I love it.


I’m considering redoing my cosplay of Hotaru Tomoe (Sailor Saturn) for con season this year ;u; Am thinking on taking it in a different direction/ put a spin on it and I’ve been collecting small things here and there before I make a proper decision + I need to get a new wig for it too but have no fear for I do have things planned!! 



I was so fast  last weekend.

 Made it through tracon with my Finnish meme edition of Tuxedo mask from Sailor Moon! It’s a hard concept to explain but we have this specific stereotype of some young about 11-year olds drinking way too much energy drinks and how they typically act and look like. They are called Jonne. That’s what I based this on. Also the shirt has a fish pun meme written on it 

Photos: the amazing @kissanniska

Bonus (toO fast):

Sailor Moon casual cosplay week, and here I am only owning mostly black clothes… Options were limited. But I always liked this outfit of Hotaru’s, and my grey-purple scarf serendipitously shrank in the dryer, so it was perfect! I think this look transfers really well to real life; maybe I’ll rock it again when it warms up outside :D

Made the rose pin out of academic papers again.



i guess i should have made her a little smaller for the convention but SHES SO SOFT AND CUDDLY! It took so long to hand sew all her spikes on but im really happy with how she turned out! Maybe i’ll make a shiny one in the future! but for now I am all set for Colossalcon next weekend! My boyfriend and I will be bring Aquabats Friday and our Pokemon cosplay Saturday!

But first a birthday vacation celebration with some R&R! I’ll see you guys next week at Colossalcon!

well this is for you @cloeharrissonasf

bakugou katsuki

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You found your back into your house from the mini convention you went to. You had dressed up as sailor moon and you still felt the high from going to the con. While walking upstairs to your room, you hummed the sailor moon theme song as you opened the door to your room. “In the name of the moon, I shall puni- huh?” You stopped at the sight of your boyfriend stroking himself on your bed. He abruptly stopped, staring at you with wide eyes and you blinked a few times, wondering if this was a day dream.

“W-well you could’ve fucking knocked!” He shouted from the bed and you smirked. You pointed your staff towards him and said,

“In the name of the moon I shall punish you for trying to get yourself off in my bed!” He looked at you for a moment, his eyes scanning over your figure in the costume before smirking.

“Well I was more of a sailor venus guy but do punish me, sailor moon.”

todoroki shouto

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He had texted you that he was going to be over at your house while you were gone but you hadn’t told him that the photoshoot you did for your friend was over and that you were home much earlier than expected. You made your way to your room, straightening out your outfit before walking in.

“Hey baby!” You shouted but was greeted by the sight of your very flustered boyfriend who had his hands in his pants.

“H-hey you’re home early.” He said slowly, pulling his hands out from inside his pants.

“I am.” You said, biting your lip while you looked at his slightly panting form.

“I missed you.” He said slowly, his eyes travelling up your form. You smirked down at him before crawling onto your bed.

“I missed you too, but in the name of the moon, i’ve got to punish you.” You mumbled as his hands placed themselves on your hips.

“Oh yeah?”


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You told him you were going to swing by his house after the costume fitting. You were still dressed in your sailor moon cosplay when you briskly made it to his room. You heard the tv running like usual so you thought nothing was up when you opened the door to his room.

“Holy shi-” You saw Dabi pull a blanket over his lap and you vaguely saw that he had his pants down. It took a second to click with you but when it did, you smirked and walked over to his bed.

“Well, having fun?” You asked and the boy stared at you before smirking.

“Well sailor moon, what will you do about it?” He asked, slowly beginning to tug the blanket off of his lap. “I’m a villain who’s doing something he shouldn’t what will you do?” You slung your legs across his lap, holding your staff under his chin.

“In the name of the moon, I shall punish you.”

moonlotion  asked:

Hello!! I have a question about your Cronus cosplay How did you attach your horns? I've been having so much trouble with my own ヽ(;▽;)ノ

Cry no more Kat, for I have the solution to your problem:

Behold! My lazy tutorial on how to attach troll horns!

So here we have our wig and our horns. Now, how to attach them? (Note: My horns are made of lightweight clay, so they weigh next to nothing. If you make your horns out of something heavier, this method might not work!)

Here is our secret weapon: paper binders! They’re basically these small little metal thingies that open up when bent. You can get these pretty much anywhere from hardware stores to crafts stores and they cost just a couple of euros.

You need about 4-5 per horn, depending on how many you can fit (remember to make sure each one has enough space to open). Just hot glue them on like I’ve done below:

Next step is to get a piece of thin cardboard (Note: it needs to be thick enough not to rip) and make holes for the paper binders’ “legs”. We’re going to use the cardboard a bit later, so don’t put it on the horn yet!

Now it’s time to attach the horns! Put the wig on a wig head and see where the horn looks good (Note: This works the best if the bottoms of your horns are modified to fit with your head’s curves. This prevents the horns from sticking out unnaturally).

When you’ve found the perfect spot, just stick it in! You need to push the paper binders’ legs through the wig cap like this:

Now just put the cardboard piece inside the wig and bend the paper binders:

Lastly put on the wig and see what it looks like. You might need to take the horns off a few times and try again, but I’m sure you’ll get it right eventually! In the end it should look something like this:

And there you go! If you have more questions or something was left unclear, don’t hesitate to ask! Hopefully this was useful :>

🌴🌊"It’s like I told you before… Nebby saved my life once when I was in trouble. Now I want to save it! “🌈🦑


I am so happy about how fun Katsu was. I’m going to be starting my first commissions and my next big cosplay! So I’ll have more progress photos! 💖🍯

Lillie- myself

Contacts from @uniqso

Wig from @ardawigs


Creepy-tastic smiles…

Its been a while, Tumblr.

Life never stops being crazy, and 2016 loved to kick our asses…

So expect some spam as I update here. If you’ve been following me across my other social media, then you have already seen all these and I am sorry 😜

Toward the end of the summer I did a random Moon Elf/Star Elf MMO style character…not from anything, just came up with from things I had laying around.


Poke’ Trainer bag is finally done!

This bag was a bit tricky because of its curve and i chose to make it with a very thick thick thick vinyl so it’s weather proof and sturdy enough to hold its form. but i am so proud with how nice it turned out! I’ll probably do some very light ironing to help with some of the little puckers here and there but that’s one more thing off the cosplay check list!


Koko ni aru kara tsuyoi yume”
Princess Sailor Moon

Before the debut of Sailor Moon Crystal(and the mass amounts of BSSM cosplayers that are bound to show up) I really wanted to cosplay my favorite character of all time: SAILOR MOON. Being the next level fan that I am, and not wanting to disappear into the crowd, I chose the wonderful not-well-known Princess Sailor Moon from PGSM. I need to remake a few things since I learned how to properly sew only a week and a half ago but overall I’m in love with how she turned out lol I have a wand but this was a sunday and I had already packed it for safety~
I choose her not only to stand out, but because I love how strong and independent she is, and how shes a separate entity from Usagi and idk man shes just such a boss ass bitch hahah She’s officially my favorite costume ever <3

Cutie patootie in the bottom pic is my boobunny srsrazzmatazz

I love sketching out my ideas. So I wanna make cosplay onesies, I have wanted to for a long af time. So I thought I would start with a magical girl line cause I have an obsession with Magical Girls and I would love to have a closet of cute magical girl onesies to feel little in while also being able to cosplay with. Partially inspired by Littleforbig magical girl onesies. 

So Sailor Moon of course is the main cause thats sooo easy to turn into a onesie outfit basically just add sleeves and detach the skirt so you can go back and forth :D But i also thought who doesn’t love those cross over drawings with sailor moon so I thought it would be awesome to make these for all the sailor scouts and even a few cross overs. 

Anyways I also am working on some ideas for Cardcaptor Sakura & Shugo Chara my favorite magical girl animes. Woo.

Oh my god, this is so old, just never got around for asking for my digital copy and then actually uploading it….

Finally posting my photo I got with Steam Powered Giraffe at Animinneapolist 2014 (aka one of the best weekends of my life.) in my Yuki Cross cosplay.

I actually wasn’t originally going to get a photo, but it was later and they were almost done, and I thought, “eh, what the heck!” so I originally put my scythe on the side, thinking “eh, I don’t want this obnoxious cumbersome thing in the photo” (where Steve video taped it here.)

So the photo went a bit like this:

Bunny: “Did you make that?” (gesturing towards the scythe)

Me: (thinking: oh my god they’re physically here she is TALKING to ME IN PERSON) “Uh, yeah..”

Bunny: “Well, you can’t make a giant weapon and not have it in the picture!”

Me: “Oh, okay, I’ll go grab it!”

So yeah, this happened. I eventually got them to sign it. (Another “what the heck!” moment.) So I sometimes look at it in my shed with all their signatures on it… Anyways, good times, even if it was forever ago. Thanks so much to geekshot photography for the photo!