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I’m so in love with you,
And I hope you know,
Darling your love is more than worth its weight in gold,
We’ve come so far my dear,
Look how we’ve grown,
And I wanna stay with you,
Until we’re grey and old,
Just say you won’t let go.
—  James Arthur, Say You Won’t Let Go.

safe in your hands

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robert sugden arrives home to emmerdale in a whirlwind of magic and arrogance, determined to become head of the sugden family. aaron doesn’t exactly expect robert to make him feel the way he does from the moment he arrives, curious, and excited - and magicial

after years of letting his magic go dormant and unused, aaron is swept up in the wonderful world of robert the great and powerful.

otherwise known as the magic au i won’t stop talking about. 

“What’s everyone so fussed about today?” Aaron asked as he strolled into the pub. The atmosphere in the village had been odd all day long, the air practically crackling with anticipation.

Anticipation for what, he didn’t know. It had felt like just another day in Emmerdale when he’d woken up, but judging by the look on his mother’s face, that was clearly wrong assumption to have made.

“It’s that Sugden lot.” Chas slammed a pint down in front of him, looking flustered. “Diane and Victoria have taken off, leaving me completely in the lurch. I’ve been rushed off my feet all afternoon!”

“Why?” Aaron settled himself at the bar, curious. The Sugden’s were the most powerful magical family in the village, and when something was up with them, they’d definitely cause havoc.

He still laughed about the time Victoria had found out Adam had slept with Vanessa, and she’d turned every single piece of clothing Adam owned into dust. It was funnier for him, he supposed - but it only went to prove how mad things could get around these parts when a Sugden started to hold a grudge.

“Robert’s back, apparently.” Chas sighed, leaning over so she could speak quietly, clearly not wanting to be hear. “You know how Andy’s been acting as head of the family, since their father died? Well, it should have been Robert, but he left, and now he’s back and determined to ruin everyone’s life.”

Aaron raised an eyebrow, his pint halfway to his mouth. “Bit dramatic, mum.”

He didn’t know much about the mysterious Sugden brother. He’d left the village long before Aaron had arrived, and Victoria didn’t talk about him much, only mentioning him and the apparently exciting life he led every now and then.

“He’s dangerous, Aaron.” Chas warned. “Stay away from him.”

“I’ve not met him yet, calm down!”

Before their conversation could continue, Aaron felt something in the air change, as though the atmosphere had just been charged with electricity. Looking up, he noticed an unfamiliar blonde man walk through from the back room, closely followed by Victoria and Andy.

Robert, he assumed.

He couldn’t help but notice how stupidly gorgeous Robert was, all blonde hair and freckles, wearing a tight fitting suit that only served to accentuate every good looking thing about his body.

It was more than that, though.

Robert carried himself in a way that made you think he was powerful. Andy didn’t exactly give off the impression of being the head of a magical family, but Robert, standing in the middle of a country pub, looked completely powerful, and in control, like he was the one in charge.

I’m not saying I’m a wizard, but WELL LOOK. I’M PROBABLY A WIZARD.

My latest #bookmail. I’M NOT FREAKING OUT YOU’RE FREAKING OUT. (But seriously is this not the best bookmail ever? And accidentally coordinated. Bless it.)

Got7 reaction to you being emotional on your period

A/N - I feel like a lot of girls reading will relate to this one haha. We’ve all had those emotional days every now and then bc hormones. Hope you all enjoy the reaction!

Heya! I have literally been reading your blog for the past hour. I am addicted. I don’t request much but I love your writing. Could I get a got7 reaction to you being very emotional because you are on your period?

Mark: Since Mark has two older sisters, I think he’s seen his fair share of emotional periods so will have some knowledge of the best ways to cheer you up whether that’s with a tub of ice cream or just some nice warm hugs on the sofa.

JB: I think JB might be a little unsure on how to handle it, particularly if you were having a lot of mood swings but he’d probably just let you get your emotions out and just take in everything you say. Then he’s all up for some cuddling.

Jackson: Jackson might be a little clueless as to how he could cheer up a girl who’s literally just bleeding for a few days straight but he knows how to give good cuddles! He’ll literally just cling on to you until your period’s over.

Jinyoung: Jinyoung will be an absolute expert on how to cheer you up if you’re feeling emotional. He’ll just somehow know exactly what you need and will be ready with it so you can feel better, even if it was that time of the month.

Youngjae: I think Youngjae would be a bit like JB and not know totally what to do so instead he’ll just do whatever boyfriends do in the movies he’s watched. He’ll ask if you want movies, chocolate, hot water bottle, anything really to try and cheer you up.

Bambam: Bam would just naturally be able to cheer you up without even trying because he just has a contagious personality. Seeing him be funny and happy will spread to you and make you feel better despite your current state.

Yugyeom: I feel like Yugyeom would do everything he knows that makes you happy. You like watching romance movies? Let’s have a marathon. You like belting out Disney songs? Let’s go for it. You like watching him dance? He’s already got the playlist ready.

Left Out (Jughead x Reader)

Prompt: Could I ask for a scenario where Jughead and the reader are friends but she’s not a part of the main clique and feels kind of left out and like jug doesn’t want to be that close with her but jughead assures her that he does in fact want to be very close. Much more than just friends close. I love your blog so much btw and am slightly addicted haha

A/N: Hope you enjoyed! Requests are welcome!


Left Out (Jughead x Reader)

You and Jughead have been talking for a little over three months yet he refuses to let you hang out with the rest of the group.

Lately, Jug’s been choosing everyone over you it seems like. And truthfully, you feel left out. Like he doesn’t want you to associate with his friends.

Betty and Veronica have chatted with you once while you were waiting for Jug to finish up editing his article for the Blue&Gold.

Jug made sure you were always out of sight whenever Archie came into view.

Kevin was the only one that you’ve actually talked to several times. As if Jug didn’t care that you talked to Kev, as long as it wasn’t any of the others.

You expressed your feelings to Kevin, who immediately sympathized with you. He also felt left out sometimes as he was more Betty’s friend and she usually liked to hang out with V or the boys instead. But he found other friends too and kinda got over it.

The only thing was that Jug and Kevin were your only two friends. You had recently moved to Riverdale and didn’t know anyone else except those two.

When you told Kevin this, he suggested talking to Jug. That’s what he did with Betty and she immediately started inviting him everywhere with the group as well as making sure to make time for their friendship.

Jug was different though. You weren’t exactly sure he even wanted your friendship. You felt as if he didn’t want you close to him in any way. Which hurt more than it should as you had a small crush on him once you got to know him more.

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“o o o h , baby girl,
you know we’re gonna be  l e g e n d s.”

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Wait, are you the person that translates Saezuru? If so, I love you and everything you do. Please never stop. Your hard work is admirable and I respect you so much.

*blushing intensifies*  thank you thank you. I must give credit to my wonderful translator Steve #1-3 without their help I would have no words to typeset. I will work on Saezuru as long as I am able because I am addicted weeb trash.

You are so lovely nonny please de-anon one day so I can smooch you.  ♥


Dramafever sent me this…I spent over 19 DAYS worth of time out of 2016 watching kdramas…and that’s just on Dramafever…wonder what the total would be if I counted Viki, Dramabay, Drama.net, Dramacool…and all the other sites I watch dramas on….lmfao.

I’ve watched over 150 kdramas now…that’s 150 dramas at an average of 16 episodes each…that’s 2400 hours…that’s 100 days of my life spent watching kdramas

I see no problem here…

FE:Fates Plot Hole Collection

I LOVE Fire Emblem Fates, and am totally addicted to its gameplay, but GOOD LORD, the stories are a mess! I understand it’s very hard writing 3 different perspectives to a single conflict, but you don’t get on the dance floor if you’re not prepared to tango, you know??

All of these can and should be treated as spoilers.


  • Dragon veins are just pockets of supernatural dragon energy sprinkled throughout the land? What causes their existence? Are they naturally occurring and replenish/disappear over time?
  • Where has Felicia/Jakob been all that time before they rejoined? Were they off trekking it in the Hoshidan outbacks alone for days/weeks??
  • How did Lilith appear to save Corrin from their free fall? Was she just following them the whole time?
  • Why did Azura have that Dragonstone on her? Does she just bring it everywhere with her? Because there’s no way she could predict Corrin would turn into a dragon today.
  • Why was the Yato buried inside the Dawn Dragon statue? Is this a “Sword-In-The-Stone” thing? You’d think they’d keep it somewhere safely away from the public until the right person comes along.
  • Who put the Yato in the Dawn Dragon statue? Was it Rainbow Sage? WHY?
  • The fact that Corrin being a dragon never plays into the story after chapter 5. There is never a problem that is solved or revelation that is made because Corrin is a dragon.
  • We never learn about the Dawn and Dusk Dragons, just that they eventually each slept with a human and spawned the royal families.
  • How could the entire town be leveled in that explosion - HUNDREDS apparently died - but Mikoto, Corrin and the siblings all survived it, completely untouched?
  • What brought Corrin’s memories back? Azura’s song? What are the limits of the power of her pendant, if any? 


  • That’s cool that Hinoka saw through Zola’s deception, but HOW did she acquire enemy disguises while under close observation and sneak in with the other Nohr soldiers?
  • What was Leo doing in Izumo if the one spearheading the operation was Zola? Was he just checking up on Zola like a quality assurance coordinator?
  • If Lilith can teleport Corrin to the Astral Realm, why can’t she, you know, teleport them straight to Nohr Castle to assassinate Garon?
  • Why did Azura’s song harm Garon during her performance? Their plan was to capture Garon without a fight while he was distracted. If Azura was attacking him with her song, he would know something was up.
  • Why is Corrin not affected by the Forlorn Forest’s swamp? What about being Nohrian makes one immune to disgusting swamps?
  • I love Leo’s convenient one-time teleportation tome. That’s just perfect.
  • What are the Golems? They kind of just appeared and are a thing now? Are their origins the same as the Faceless? No one questions them.
  • How did Takumi communicate information to Iago? Did he sneak out at night and talk to Iago who teleported to the Hoshidan camp? Or does Iago telepathically know everything Takumi knows?
  • Is Azura just ok ignoring Anankos and giving her life fighting Garon? If she dies, any knowledge of the true enemy dies with her???
  • So… is Gunter dead?


  • Why are Hoshidan forces occupying Fort Dragonfall? Hoshido has not shown any signs of invading Nohr yet and the fort is located deep in Nohrian territory. They have no right being there.
  • The fact that Iago obeys Garon at all after his lunatic reasons for making Corrin suffer.
  • Ryoma was apparently given entry to Palace Macarath by Iago in order to capture Corrin. Palace Macarath is Garon’s own personal villa, located close to the Castle Krakenburg. He’d have to be insane to accept such a suicidal offer. How did Iago even contact Ryoma, much less persuade him?
  • How did Elise have a vision of Gunter?
  • In Birthright, Azura had Zola’s magic hide her identity. Are we really to believe Corrin, who knows Azura’s song, appearance and voice, is fooled by a darker costume and veil?
  • Where has Azura been keeping that awesome crystal? It’s unfortunate that it breaks after a single use. Why can’t she find more?
  • When did Azura come to realize Garon is a fake? That implies she had more crystals. What made her even suspect Garon in the first place, and enough to use a precious crystal? WHY CAN’T SHE GET MORE??
  • If Corrin’s policy is to never kill the enemy, why could they not spare the Kitsune?
  • Why did the Kitsune, who instigated the fight, fight until all of them were wiped out? Kaden is a horrible chief.
  • How are the Faceless made? From humans? Or are they gross, magical beings? Who would even support the production of a weapon that can just as easily attack its creators? These are basic questions.
  • After Lilith dies, Corrin and co. can still travel to the Astral realms. ??????
  • Corrin for some reason believes dying will stop evil, possessed Takumi from killing the others.


  • How do characters like Azura and Gunter “sense” Valla soldiers before they even teleport in? Is this just intuition, or an actual skill/innate ability?
  • How is Azura so qualified as a strategist? Is that like a personal hobby of hers? Her brilliant first strategy of attacking Nohr and Hoshido generals is the cause of every problem Corrin has for the rest of the first act, btw.
  • How is the Bottomless Canyon linked with Valla? What makes it so special?
  • Why did Izana’s foresight kill him? We never see any implication or reason that future-sight is dangerous to the user. Even Corrin is baffled.
  • Who is this “ancient god” Izana is always talking to? The Dawn/Dusk Dragons? TIKI? Seriously.
  • Why are Kaden and Keaton both in Cyrkensia? Why are both so irresponsible? THEY ARE CHIEFS OF THEIR WHOLE TRIBES, they can’t be going off on random Invisible Kingdom adventures without notice!
  • Why is Valla so weird with floating islands? Is it just because it’s a different realm or something? I hope that’s not how it’s suppose to be.
  • What even WAS Anthony? Was he a real Valla boy, or an illusion slave of Anankos? How did Anankos turn him into a Faceless if only Nohrian mages can make Faceless?
  • What is the culture of Valla? We never see any citizens (except for Anthony), or any signs of life, really. Why is it worth saving?
  • Azura doesn’t use her pendant in Revelation’s final battle. Is that ironic?
  • Now that Anankos is dead, is it ok to talk about Valla outside of Valla? Or is it still basically Fight Club?

I’m so disappointed in Fates’s story. It really had potential and an amazing premise, and they just flopped it. Everything else was superbly done, especially combat. Clearly, that’s where Intelligent System’s budget and attention was more focused on.

I hope the next FE entry will have a bit more polish put into its story. If they put half of the effort into the plot as they did gameplay mechanics, they would have had a masterpiece, the whole package. Fire Emblem is a series that survived 14 entries because it always improves on its shortcomings, so I hope Intelligent Systems will see that the only flaw left to work on is a flowing, sensible narrative.

Are there actually explanations for these plot holes? Please share them, I very much want to like Fire Emblem Fates in every way possible. Are there any plot holes I missed?