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“As one of the bigger Nia Jax fans on the Internet, I am worried about the news that she’s going to be on the next season of Total Divas. While I appreciate the exposure she’ll be getting as a result, I’m wondering how can someone who takes pride in being “not like most girls” take part in this show featuring those who “only take just what they’re given like a plastic little princess” and “all they got is what they’re handed,” but long as she sends something out to reassure us that she’s still herself and that the show’s not going to change her, I’ll be OK.“

"My sexuality is not the most interesting thing about me"

‘I have never thought about bisexuality for myself. As a scientist I know that sexuality exists on a spectrum. But, societal biases… They codified attraction. It’s contrary to biological facts’
-Delphine on Orphan black

Probably my favorite sentence grouping on series ever!

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john laurens wasnt even gay? lmao what the hell is wrong w all of you

right okay so the only reason i am answering this is because @john-laurens said that i can use some of their posts to answer and prove you wrong. 

i want to start off by saying this: FUCK OFF. i can’t believe that we are still having this conversation. i can’t believe you people can be so ignorant sometimes still. even if you do not think in real life john laurens was gay (which he was), i RUN A FUCKING BLOG ABOUT A MUSICAL AND CHARACTERS INVOLVED IN THE MUSICAL I DO THIS BC IT IS FUN AND I LIKE SOFT GAY FAN ART BECAUSE I AM GAY AND THE INTERNET IS THE ONLY PLACE I CAN EXPRESS MYSELF SAFELY. it’s the fucking internet!! i am a tiny page on some god forsaken hellsite. leave me the fuck alone. 

also, i ask that if anyone wants to reblog or like this post, that they ask me first. im an oversensitive cry baby and i am not fit to handle hate and if i do not want it reblogged or liked, dont reblog it. please ask first.

without further ado, here are links proving that john laurens, was in fact, not a heterosexual: the beginning.  (a very long, detailed post filled with proof.)

another one. (this one is mostly focusing on his relationship with alexander hamilton.)

maybe one more. (again, also focusing on john and alexander’s relationship.)

hey what the heck why not one more

again thank you to john-laurens because i literally would have died without the help. this message was so upsetting to receive. fuck you fuck you fuck heteronormativity and for gods fucking sake let the man rest in his gay peace. bye

Professor Snape: Human Being

So. Over the past few months, I’ve read a lot of both anti-Snape and pro-Snape posts on Tumblr (all over the internet, really). I am personally a Snape fan, and yet, I’ve found that I have issues with both sides and their arguments. Normally I use this blog for social activism … but as these fictional issues relate to real-life issues, I’m going to say this anyway.

I don’t believe Snape was a bad person. I also don’t believe he was a good person. I believe Severus Snape was an incredibly human person, and potentially a lesson in cycles of abuse, human nature, emotional health, and long-term effects of trauma.

I could literally write several essays on this man, so I’ll stick to the points that seem to be brought up the most. There are other points, including Snape’s upbringing, growing up in Slytherin, being a Death eater, being a spy, and Dumbledore, but I’ll just deal with these three for now.

The Marauders: I fully, 100% believe that the Marauders were cruel, relentless bullies toward Snape. Does this make them evil? No. But having been a victim of bullying myself—for a shorter time and much lighter bullying than what Snape endured—I can attest that it deeply affects those who suffer through it, especially those with no support system (which Snape didn’t have). Even if the Marauders changed (and there’s still debate as to how much they did, but that’s another topic), that doesn’t change what they did to Snape. Snape still had to suffer for it. And no, I don’t believe that him fighting back makes it not bullying. That’s the same way so many schools operate today: that unless you literally stand there and let them abuse you (and sometimes not even then), you are just as guilty. The Marauders sought Snape out and attacked him, four on one (or at least two on one). This is bullying, and at least counts as verbal abuse, and probably some physical, with the flipping him upside down, stripping him, and choking him with soap. And what Sirius did? I don’t care if Sirius didn’t intend it that way: in Snape’s eyes, that was attempted murder (not to mention extremely cruel toward Remus).

Lily: J.K. Rowling has said numerous times that Snape truly loved Lily, and I agree, whether it was friendship or a romance. Was this the kind of love you would want in a healthy relationship? Not particularly. Lily was literally everything to Snape, and that doesn’t tend to lend itself to healthy relationships in the long run. He was desperate and lonely and had minimal social skills and didn’t understand a lot about how to be a good friend. But I do not think he harassed her. I do not think he stalked her (where did this one come from, really?). His way of speaking around her was awkward and sometimes rude, but definitely not as bad as the things James said (“I’ll leave him alone if you go out with me” and “Don’t make me hex you, Evans,” for instance). I think what he felt was love. He had just had far too rough a life to be in a relationship, at least at that point in his development. And though I do think he genuinely regretted the “mudblood” incident and sustained no racist prejudices in the long term, I think Lily had every right to end their friendship. He was getting involved in a crowd she could see was going down a very dark path, and Lily couldn’t pull him out alone.

Potions Professor: Okay, this is where I disagree with at least some Snape fans. I fully believe that what Snape did counts as verbal abuse, just like what the Marauders did counts as abuse (although Snape never dangled one of his students upside down and pants-ed them). At the very least, it was bad bullying. Snape had greater social power and took advantage of it over innocent children (who began fighting back, a bit like Snape did). Is his attitude understandable given his life circumstances, his trauma, his spying, his lack of positive role models? Definitely. But that makes it no less unacceptable. I am very adamant about acceptable ways of treating children, and Snape falls below the line by about a mile. Just as I’ve been bullied, I’ve also been treated poorly by teachers, even singled out, and not nearly as bad as Snape did to his students. It can screw you up. I don’t condone it, and if Snape were real and living, and if he was teaching a child of mine, I would march right into his office and lecture his ears off, then pull my kid out of his class so fast the chair would probably catch fire.

However …

He did wonderful things at the same time. He was a huge jerk to Harry, but also risked his life to save not only Harry, but many others who he had made no promise to save. Lily was dead, and eventually Dumbledore was dead, too: he had nothing to gain from serving the cause except seeing what she wanted in the world realized. And he ended up dying for the cause, even while believing that all he had done to protect Harry was for nothing. Without him, chances are that Voldemort would have won, and Harry very well may have died in first year. He is a bully, but he is a hero.

(And to be frank, a lot of the Hogwarts professors do things that are … rather awful, actually. McGonagall’s animal cruelty Transfiguration class and locking Neville out of the common room while Sirius Black was on the loose, to give two examples. So it seems like Hogwarts as a school condones student maltreatment, to an extent. Not to mention the blatant unfairness and favoritism of several professors.)

In addition to all of this, Snape’s character makes sense. What happens when you are neglected and possibly abused at home and no one saves you? What happens when you are tormented at school and only one person ever cares? What happens when you are nearly killed and your near-murderer is allowed to go free, while you are sworn to secrecy and your trauma brushed aside as a “childish grudge” or “overreacting”? What happens when you realize how badly you’ve screwed up with your life choices, try and fail to save the one person you love, and are then guilt-tripped into spending seventeen years making up for it? You become bitter. You become angry and vengeful and you take it out on anyone who ticks you off because you’ve never learned a better way. You believe that life isn’t fair and think that everyone has to deal with that fact. You can’t stand anyone who makes your job more difficult, because you’re constantly on the edge of losing it. Especially, you look at the people who remind you of yourself, who remind you of those who tormented you, and deep down, you’re still afraid. Afraid of the bullies. Afraid of yourself. So you take it out on them, so that they can’t hurt you. Because you hate them, and because you hate yourself.

Severus Snape is the cycle of abuse incarnate. He is what happens when we don’t help the victims of bullying and abuse. It. Keeps. Going. He is a testament to both human strength and human limits.

And … that’s my two cents.

"We will be together for all of your lifetimes. 
And we will never give up."

My avatarsecretsanta gift for korrapuffs!

You said you’re a big fan of Waava (so am I *internet fist bump*), so I tried to capture their beautiful relationship through the avatar cycle lets pretend that Korra didn’t lose her connections and Wan is still there, yes? yes good. Hope you like it!

Happy Holidays! :D

Goregrind is a really cool thing to me and I love it it is really funny and I love it

I think I’m nuts but like that is a really cool thing to be like the best thing ever to me and I love it it is a great way of life and I hope you like this post on the blog and you see that I am a misunderstood person who is a really big fan of the internet

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So, what are your thoughts on Game Theory? I think it's beyond fucking retarded and most of the theories have no solid foundation. I keep half-expecting to browse youtube and see "Game Theory: Did Kirby shoot John F. Kennedy?" and some of his fans will accept it as fact.

I’ve given my thoughts on Game Theroy before. I am not a fan of them or Matpat as an internet personality at all.

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All of this Yandere Simulator deal reminds me a lot of the episode Flim Flam from the Powerpuff Girls (about a guy who tries to con the girls by using a fake movie as a front). I just hope this ends well, presumably with someone/some other company taking over the game because really, I don't like it that much but it's all over the place in the internet and I am a big fan of yanderes so this looks like wasted potential to me.

Project Beyonce: The Unmaking of Dean Winchester in Ten Easy Steps

Project Beyonce: The Unmaking of Dean Winchester in Ten Easy Steps by MittenWraith
Rating: M
Word Count: 37,000
Summary:  Dean Winchester inherited his father’s garage (and their family home, and his 14-year-old genius of a brother) shortly after his eighteenth birthday. Their Uncle Bobby comes down to help Dean learn how to run the business, and Sam convinces his brother to take some classes so he’ll be equipped to expand the mom and pop garage into the classic restoration shop he’s dreamed about for years. Now five years later, a little foray onto the internet to promote his shop leads Dean to a very interesting corner of Tumblr, and a mysterious online friend who only knows Dean as his #Fiance Anon. What happens after more than a year of increasingly fond anonymous correspondence?

Well, here it is - a story about tumblr bloggers Impala67 and Human_Bee-ing forging a profound bond in virtual space. Successful classic car restaurateur, Dean, has never met his tumblr crush and it starts to look that he’d rather have a safe, anonymous friendship than risk losing it through the reveal. The moment Dean realizes that he really really would like to meet the guy, his relationship fears and insecurities come back in full force. Good thing he has Sam and Charlie’s support through all this. It also helps that Cas knows what he wants and is ready to take a risk.

I am a big fan of internet anonymity stories and this feel good rom com fic with plenty of tumblr messaging, misunderstandings, secrets and meddling friends just hit all my sweet spots. I couldn’t ask for more!

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Hi! I'm new to Wicca, however, I have been trying to be in tune with my energies and also the energies around me. I am really getting into this but I'm scared to do any spells. I don't quite know what I need and any easy spells for me to do. If you know what I could do to ease me into spell casting pls let me know! I am so enthusiastic about this and I'm so happy I've found Wicca. I just need to find a way to get into the spells! Thank you! Blessed be 💜

Hello there vegangoddess, I hope that you are doing well.I am sorry that this has taken me so long to get to, but my partners longest round of chemo happened last week and since we can’t go out for the holidays…everyone decided to stop by and wish us well. It’s been a madhouse around here.

Okay, I am answering this one first today because it seems pretty necessary to touch on this subject. I want every single follower I have to read this and understand this.

-You DO NOT have to practice Wicca to cast spells.-


-Casting spells does not make you Wiccan.-

Your message seems to use the words fairly interchangeably and it will be easiest on you if you know that these are separate things from as early on in your path as possible.

*Wicca is the belief in the God and the Goddess and an adherence to the Rede and the Three Fold Law.

*Spell casting is manipulation of energy (or energies) in order to cause something to happen.

You do NOT need to find a way to “Get into the spells”. If you want to learn witchcraft and incorporate that into your life and your religion then that’s awesome. But NEVER feel like you have to be one in order to do the other.

This goes for all of you.

Now, for my next bit of advice: Spellcasting takes practice. I know that Hollywood has given us this idea that if we just say the right thing on the right night, under the whatever moon beam astrological connection, stir the stuff, and harken to the elements you are going to make blasty things happen.

That’s like an artist sitting down with a pencil and expecting to draw like Rembrandt. While it could happen…it’s not likely to.

Take baby steps. Find out what kind of spell casting works for you. Find out where your talents are and how to best use them for what you want to accomplish.

How can someone do this? Well that takes a trip down the lane of Self Exploration.

Ask yourself the following:

  • What are you drawn to?
  • What are your natural talents
  • What do you like to do?
  • What do you know?

I heard a phrase once, “Everything, done right, can be magic.” And rarely have I heard something so true. Music, art, cooking, writing, planting, harvesting, singing, digging,sewing,…the list goes on and on. All of these things, done in a certain way, can become a basis for spell work and magic.

This is why I sell my services as an ink-witch. Spells have to resonate with the person. If you find something online there is a chance that it could work…it probably worked for the author of the spell…but that doesn’t mean that it will work for you.

I can tell you that if you want to bring romantic love into your life you should place the petals of a rose around a rose quartz crystal in your cauldron. But if crystal magic is not your bag…then this spell may not resonate with your own personal energy. Or if you are best at water based spells,or have a penchant for making oils, I would have given you a recipe for that instead.

Also, you just doing these things isn’t…really the best way to go about it. If you don’t understand why you are using the items that you are using then you might not call or use the energy of these ingredients/tools properly. Using the ‘love spell’ analogy from the previous paragraph…if you don’t know that it’s a red rose is associate with passion (not love) you may pick up that one…rather than a pink one (which is associated with romantic love).

Do you see the complications here?

While I’m not firmly against finding your spells on the internet, I am not a fan of someone who is learning finding spells on the internet. The inherent problem is most of the people who have been around the spell-block a few times are making their own spells because they know a thing or fifty about what they are doing.

So after this ridiculously long response, it is my advice to you to research, practice, learn, and develop yourself as a witch (if that’s truly what you want to do) and Wicca (as a aspect of yourself separate from your spellcasting at least at first.) then, when you are ready, start casting.


It is a sense of gratification when another artist fangirl over another artist. 

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do u think mikey is depressed? (because of that picture?)

repeat after me:


I am a child on the internet

[I am a child on the internet]

I will not diagnose someone based on one twitter picture

[I will not diagnose someone based on one twitter picture]

I am not a psychologist

[I am not a psychologist]

What if...

…I could make you see how important you all really are.

Originally posted by iamjusttrash

But who am I right? I know. To some of you I am just a nerd on the internet with a fan blog to some other random nerd with a YouTube channel. And thats true. I am. Maybe you don’t like me very much or this blog or Mark.


Thats not the important thing here. Some of you dont believe in your importance. You believe the world would be better without you. You question why you are here. Every person is important. Every human being has a purpose. You may not have found it yet. We all have a story, some of them are too hard to repeat.

But if there is one thing you take take away from these two nerds on the internet, its that you are important and you do matter. You’re story is too important to finish early. Take short steps. We are here. 

You. Are. Not. Alone. Complete that story as it was supposed to be told.




- Disclaimer
- What this piece homes to achieve
- Defensive Arguments
       1) Blind Support
       2) Blind Hatred
       3) Privilege
- Summarizing Points Final Notes


First and foremost, let me say that I in no way support the previous actions of Nash Grier, or the beliefs associated with said actions. I do not promote his behaviour. I believe he should be held accountable for his actions, and I believe he has failed to suitably rise to his responsibilities.

Yet, for whatever reason, here I am… kind of excusing his actions.

These are my opinions at this moment in time. They are honest and potentially controversial. I might find them to be flat out wrong in due time, given the possible responses to this. And that is okay. As a favour to me, please read the whole thing through before replying.

Keep reading