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me: [blows kisses to all the queer kids at hogwarts]

i actually find it really funny that people think tim would be a nerd in a no superheroes high school au. like,,, this kid is a Disaster. he would sleep through most of his classes and honestly? he has huge problems with authority and teachers would hate him. i guarantee that he would constantly be asked “why can’t you be more like your brother?”

I also would like to say that if someone blocked the entire Harry’s family and Harry from expressing their condolences publicly just the rest of the people who knew Jay and wanted to honour her and send love to Louis for everyone to see and share it, deserves all things bad in their life and I hope this negativity hit you back twice as strong. Nobody is forced to share their pain on social media but I am sure that Anne Gemma and Harry would have written something for Louis family, for Louis and for Lottie if they could. The fact that this awful narrative their team built around their families continues even when facing a loss this serious is sickening and I hope Harry and Harry’s family are okay. We know you are nothing but supportive and you have been close to Jay’s family and Louis for all this time and continue to do it and we know you all love each other. Harry take care of yourself, I am sure Jay is proud of you too and the man you became.

Mapp & Lucia

aka all of my spinster fashion choices in one show!

What’s this? Jodhpurs, suspenders, knee high boots?

Red lips, slicked-back hair, swagger, be still my beating heart.


I JUST. That pin! That perfect collar! That waistcoat! That face!

And what’s this? Fat, jovial spinster sisters wearing tons of checks and knitwear? SIGN ME UP.

I want every item of clothing in this picture on my body.

Brocades. Beads. Curls. Conniving smile.

Omg, power shoulders, take me now.


Huge, billowy caftans? Yes, why not?

Pleats! And figs! And reclining with a book in the garden!

And finally, literally everything in this picture except in this case they have loving sex in the garden and then shack up together.

In conclusion, it is a DREADFUL TRAVESTY that we do not have 7 seasons and movie of British village scheming spinsters upon which to feast our eyes.

The fact that Harry and Gemma are sibling goals makes me cry.

Baby Harry and Baby Gemma

Now they are all grown up.

Aw and what about here? Harry looks so proud to call Gemma his sister.

I am literally wiping my tears at this cuteness. Maybe I should use these notes to wipe them.

From Harry to Gemma when they were really young.

Now the letter cuteness grew with him.

Sibling goals confirmed.

  • Gemma Wilson: or maybe its not custom for rhino beetles to kiss IDK
  • Gemma Wilson: that could be cute lmfao
  • Gemma Wilson: they just nose boop
  • ✨moon🌙moon✨: omggggg dont do this to me u cant tell me such cute things at 5 am i will die
  • Gemma Wilson: LOL IM SORRY
  • ✨moon🌙moon✨: HAHAHA
  • Gemma Wilson: OR NOSE CLONK
  • Gemma Wilson: LESS CUTE
  • Gemma Wilson: fuck caps lock
  • ✨moon🌙moon✨: HAHAHAHA
  • ✨moon🌙moon✨: that needed to be in all caps
  • ✨moon🌙moon✨: definitely necessary
  • Gemma Wilson: you may clonk the bride
  • ✨moon🌙moon✨: AKLJSDFGH
  • Gemma Wilson: *clonk sound and cheering*
  • ✨moon🌙moon✨: HAHAHAHAHA
  • ✨moon🌙moon✨: //WHEEZE
  • Gemma Wilson: TERRIBLE
  • Gemma Wilson: lmfao jfc
  • Gemma Wilson: beetle version of valentines day
  • Gemma Wilson: the sound of clonking resounds around the country
  • Gemma Wilson: RELENTLESSLY
  • ✨moon🌙moon✨: CLONK DAY
  • ✨moon🌙moon✨: HHAHAHA
  • Gemma Wilson: songs about kissing your lover replace the word kiss with clonk
  • Gemma Wilson: its majestic
  • ✨moon🌙moon✨: I CLONKED A GIRL AND I LIKED IT
  • ✨moon🌙moon✨: HAHAHAHAHA FCUK
  • Gemma Wilson: Ben: Lolly... I...may I ....MAY I CLONK YOU?
  • Gemma Wilson: Lolly: ???? WHAT???
  • ✨moon🌙moon✨: sea life in the bg: “ u wanna, CLONK the girl "
  • Gemma Wilson: WOAH WOAH
Gemma’s Bio

It may seem like a complete coincidence, but let me tell you all about this quote.

It is from an episode of Friends called “The one Where Everybody Finds Out”

The basis of this episode is: When Phoebe finds out about Monica and Chandler, she and Rachel start messing with them and attempt to get them to confess their relationship.

Basically all the friends know about their hidden romance, other than Monica’s brother Ross, and they (M&C) know that they know (R/J/P) but they don’t want to give in.

Sound familiar….

In conclusion: I LOVE GEMMA STYLES

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You’re my only hope herocomplex . It’s been three days since the release and by the Goddess I need my Sis!Ryder/Jaal smut.

Well, there are things happening in Scrivener as I play – I’m not 100% certain Jaal will be Gemma’s romance, but I am playing with pre-romance stuff! 

Oh, who am I kidding, the Caped Angaran Crusader is going to be Gemma’s romance, unless there’s a hidden dick move coming up (a mean verbal or physical one, not a sexy biological one; I make no assumptions about the existence/non-existence of Little Jaal – Schrodinger’s Donger, I guess?). 

So there probably will be smut, once I have a better idea of who they are, though that may not be for a while. But there will definitely be a bit of pining and flirting along the way, because that’s how I roll. 


I’m glad everyone has been able to have an outlet to speak about gemma via my blog but I am getting tired of the discourse and would like to focus instead on 1) harry maybe having a bee tattoo 2) harry buying a striped shirt that louis then wore 3) cute larry headcanons!! If you would still like to discuss gemma please feel free to message me off anon or more preferably chat me :) thanks!

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