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dear customers using self-checkout: we SCO attendants can think of (and usually assume) a variety of different reasons why that item you didn't scan is in the bagging area that don't involve theft! now please for the love of god stop getting offended that we have to come over there and clear the register security!!! love, your soon-to-be-unfriendly neighborhood SCO attendant

I am to the point that my first thought is they are trying to steal. I have had wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy to many people try to not scan the correct item or swap barcodes for discounts that I put the register into assistance mode just so they are forced to call my over to verify their stuff.

“Why are you looking through all my bags?”

“Because if I don’t I get written up again.”

“How will they know if you do or not?”

“You see those cameras up there? My manager doesn’t like me and watches me like a hawk to make sure I follow the policy.”

“Just let me go on my way I’m late.”

“Well I have to get a correct label for a few of these steaks that are marked $1.35 when they normally go for at least $15-20 so after I get the tags and rung up you’ll be good to go.”

“Never mind! Just take them off I don’t have time to wait.”

Retail has taught me that most people will steal given the chance.


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Hello! I am a newbie to RK fandom and tumblr (although I have been crazy of RK for more than 16 years), and English isnt my first language. Would you mind helping me to get to know this whole new wonderful world of RK fandom? Thank you!

Yay! Always so glad to find new RK fans! (I’m the same, btw - I’ve been a fan for 18 years, but just joined tumblr a few months ago.) So first off, RK week is happening May14th -May20th and it will be a lot of fun, so good timing! Secondly, there are so many wonderful folks to chat with here. I’ve got a good list of blogs below for you to explore; many of them have blogs that are a big, delightful mess of ships, they aren’t RK dedicated, but they’re all wonderful people that are active in this fandom.

RK fans here that are bilingual?

Try @snufflesblacks, @lookuptotheinfinite, @gamabombz, @kaitenkenburokuren, @syolen and a whole lot more that I don’t even realize, (and some that I’m 99% sure are bilingual, but haven’t put here because they’ve never explicitly said so).

Great RK fans to follow in general? @animaniacal, @akusokuzan, @thebeshimifangirl, @haganehimura, @mr-fujita, @tact-and-impulse, @angiekurosaki, @rurouni-battousai, @meztliel, @anotherasianblog, @otsucottage, @dani677, @rubiesyrosales, @countesstlanth, @swordsmithing, @kakikaeru, @tinklefish, @whiteplum, @vertigosight, @solosequenadasekyk, @heckyeahruroken, @scarredswordheart

And, oh gosh, so many more that I’m forgetting, these are all just off the top of my head. Sound off, folks! Who did I forget here?

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COMMISSION: hello guys i am back in business!

I’m going to open with 3 slots first, check out this page for more info about pricing/payment/dos and donts.

Email me at cheonghnt@hotmail.com with this format:

  • Title [Commission] - your tumblr handle or name
  • Type of commission + additional characters/ background details if any
  • Have a clear idea of what you want. Do send me as many references as possible (e.g. colour palatte, poses, concepts, scenarios, bio of your characters etc)
  • Deadlines, if any

redbubble here if you wanna check it out too!

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Oi oi! First time anoning you 😘. Am I the only one that thinks that no guests comment James made was foreshadowing? You know they do bts clips on his show so maybe they're hinting at bts mayhem harry is going to cause with other people. I see so many sketches happening that week. None of these Debbie's are going to get me down! Lilshitstarter!harry is real and we're getting a week of him I just know it!

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one year and 850+ followers later, and i’m finally doing a thing for it. so many people have been patient enough to follow and interact with me despite how incredibly slow i am and still put up with me regardless. so this is for them!

these are the people i’ve befriended, who consistently show up in my notifications and who have really left impact on this blog. i don’t like playing favorites, but these ARE my favorite folks to interact with or my favorite people to stalk in no particular order.

first, a special shoutout for @pinksweatergettingbetter​, for without them, this blog would have never existed. i had made a post over on my @poorlytunedpianoplayer a little over a year ago asking if i should make a Lupin III blog and they were the only one to enthusiastically say ‘go for it.’ it was all the convincing i needed, and without that little push, i’d have never made this blog. so thank you, man, you’re an inspiration!

@driftingjazzbard​ | @jigen-daisuke​ | @chiiburi | @libra-meyer | @everyonelovesaladythief ​ | @tanteiikun | @blackfiire | @ironmaidenfan | @prcttylittlcnightmarcs | @ask-carmen-sandiego | @ask-awsome-dandy | @ask-haru-the-traveler | @ruler-of-all-burgers-maya | @thehighclassbadass | @lil-miss-romano | @generation13samurai | @thedemongunman | @amightyfinebartender | @cyltherobot | @theburgermaster | @iustitaex | @puckish-rogue | @farmworld | @lover-of-the-trees | @odigxs | @cxrsedsilence | @silverbulletofthefbi | @moonlight-kaitou | @inspect0rzenigata | @apersistentinspector | @helper-and-jiji-gang | @ladylxxter | @theunluckiestboy | @hockeyvigilante | @imtrustypatches | @ingenixre and literally everyone else who’s taken the time to interact with me! i’m truly sorry if i missed you! ;w;

Washboard Wednesday - Dangerous Man Edition

Heya Gorgeous!

First, thanks for your lovely responses to yesterday’s Tuxedo Tuesday. I am so glad many of you saw it and enjoyed the dressed up pretty. I’ve been working on the next chapter of Red Square. I’ll say now that it will be up next week and hope to hit that mark. For now, here is a distraction until tonight’s all new Arrow (depending on what part of the planet you are on, I suppose). So the title pretty much applies to ovaries. Just sayin’.

Bless the gifmaker.

Well, was that good for you? It was good for me. I hope you enjoyed it, and I also hope that you have a great week ahead. Tonight’s new episode should charge us all up for the remaining episodes (especially next week!). Take care, you fabulous person!  Tags after the cut. 

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What should us below average looking girls do to be more attractive? I think my features are nice but I'm dark skinned (not my issue at all but society already disqualifies me) and chubby/short. Today I was with my flatmate who looks like a model! And one of the workers introduced himself to her only. Paid me no mind. I find this happens often with men. I surround myself with beautiful women hoping I'll catch there secret but I am not sure there is hope. I just feel so ugly.

You really need to get rid of the self pity and low self esteem first. That automatically annoys and detracts people even more so than your appearance. Get therapy if you must. I talk jokingly about how my mother hates my makeup and many people feel I’m over the top. It’s life, not everybody will like how you look.

Improving your appearance these days is relatively easy. I would start with wholesome exercise like yoga, pilates, burlesque, martial arts all of which can be found on YouTube. Move onto skincare, holistic health, eat wholesome and better, self reflection and Meditation so you feel better mentally as well as physically. Get your hair and nails done professionally often and learn how to tastefully apply makeup to flaunt those nice features of yours. Get the best and nicest makeup & skincare for you. Look into color theory so you can find which colors go well with your skin. Go for facials, spa treatments, skin treatments and massages. Always look clean, elegant, and refined. A woman’s beauty regime should not a burden but something she looks forward to.

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Back in the day I was pretty obssesed with Pitch Perfect (who am I kidding I watch it like once a month, still) and I've watched it SO MANY TIMES, & this was the year I finally learnt what a lady jam is (I think?) And so, to come now and read about "who tells a person whose shower stall they've just broken into that the song they were singing is their lady jam" in your fic is like killing me!! Your whole story is, though. Thank you for Experimentation, Red, really. I love you. Thank you so much.

Well, first let’s make sure you know for sure what a lady jam is, since I like to be helpful and educate as best I can. Lady jam = song that one masturbates to. So, yes, Chloe telling Beca that after bursting in on her… Very forward. I mean. The whole thing really.

I’m glad you enjoyed that particular line! And the fic in general, of course. ;) Thank you!

Supergirl Season 2 Episodes 18 Review/thoughts:

Alright so I watched this episode late last night because I was too gay to wait but here goes

1) Lena looked so 🔥 in this episode I literally had to stop and fan myself several times.

2) Speaking of which, this episode had so many Kara/Lena interactions I am in love.

3) I never knew that Lena punching someone was something I needed in my life. Like the line “Did I mention I was a Luthor?” after hitting that lady? Status update: Dead.

4) However, aside from Supercorp moments, this episode was a mess.

5) First of all, LYRA. What she did to Winn was inexcusable and to be fairly honest, abusive. Winn had a terrible upbringing with a dad who was literally a murderer so for her to break a beer bottle, threaten to tear out James’ jaw, and threaten him to leave the bar is disgusting behavior.

6) Secondly, Rahul Kohli’s character definitely deserved better than what the CW gave him. He was made out to be the villain from the start, and even if he wasn’t going to be in future episodes, he could’ve parted ways with Lena amicably. Though I’m happy that Lena chose Kara at the end, it still hurt Lena to see someone she cared about die like that.

7) Also, let’s talk about Rhea’s entrance. Hopefully her “business proposition” still includes shipping Mon El far far away from earth and doesn’t harm either Kara or Lena

8) But anyway, ending on a good note: the Supercorp cuddle. At this point in the series, Kara is pretty much everything that Lena has. And the line “I will always be your friend, and I will always protect you. Promise.” Like…what kind of wifey goals is that? I can’t even deal right now. And don’t think I didn’t notice how Kara nearly kissed Lena’s temple. How gay.

My conclusion? One of my favorite episodes in season 2. I’m excited for future episodes, especially the 2 episodes where Cat Grant is back.

Mamo Blog - 2017.04.25 (Eng. Translation)

Flower Eddy

The musical「Crest of the Royal Family」when, it had first began,

Reaaaally a bunch of,

Flowers I received in my dressing room☆

Many people, for watching over me,

I’m moved from the bottom of my heart(;_;)☆

I am a happy person(;_;)☆

Since I really really receive a lot,

Always, within myself I carry those precious emotions but……

Just this!!!!!!

I would like to share this particular thing!!!!!!!!!!(>_<)


Because it’s so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!

I want everyone to see it!!!!!!!!!!!(>_<)

With that said,

This is,

I received this from the Staff-sama of the movie「SING」…

It's「Flower Eddie」♪

No wa~~~~~y!!!!!!!!!!(*≧∀≦*)☆☆☆


This is really amazing!!!!!!!

This kind of thing, is possible huh!!!!!!(*≧∀≦*)☆☆☆

Isn’t it cutee~~~☆

I’m happyy~~~☆

Staff-sama from the movie「SING」,

Really really thank you very much(;_;)☆

I started watching Harlots and it’s a great show. 

I only have one major problem with it: 


I had to crop and convert a little snippet that I liked (end of episode one) on my own and it takes fucking forever. 

Other than that the show is amazing. I don’t know who is in charge of the soundtrack but I am loving it. 

There are so many little things that are in this show that I have been craving in a tv production you have no idea. 

  • Just a little example: women joking among each other and laughing their asses off for one. 
  • Then there’s the fact that in any given scene, not only are women the focus, but for the first time in my life I’m pretty sure they outnumber the men in most frames. 
  • the characters themselves are so well built; they have very distinct personalities, each with their own strengths and flaws (and I want to credit the actresses for doing a damn fine job of bringing that to life); none of them are ever framed as stupid, in fact they’re all pretty smart;
  • related to the point above: holy shit do they break stereotypes; and if they don’t, they sure do play with them.
  • I can’t help but notice Jessica Brown Findlay again playing the role of a woman who wants to be free of patriarchy, only she traveled further back in time on this one. 
  • fyi the show takes places in the 18th century. WHICH MEANS COSTUME PORN
  • Seriously the soundtrack on this show haunts me it’s so good

Oh boy.

*sigh* This is literally what I’m talking about. Antis love to chuck irrelevant terms and generalisations at shippers without even bothering to know the full story. Like I’m not denying that there aren’t any racist people among shippers. Of course there are and I do call them out whenever I can, but what needs to be understood is the fact that idiocy is not only limited to one side. Both sides have a handful of horrible people who really need to rethink their words. In all honesty, I despise this post. Personally, I am not a Nazi, I’m a socialist (fully left-wing). I am not white, I am Pakistani/Afghan. I am not a supremacist or, in particular, a white supremacist, because, first of all: see previous point and second of all I believe in equality for all (except for real hardcore Nazis who can literally die). And I know that is also not the case for many other reylo shippers. Your ships do not represent you or your fundamental views.

Late Notice IPA (Indie)

Brewery : Indie
Beer : Late Notice IPA
Style : IPA
Variance : None

9 / 10

Fuck. I feel like I am a spoiled teenage brat because there have been so many damn 9’s lately but I promise I’m not complaining. This is my first brew from Indie Brewing Company and if this is any sign of how the rest of there beers are going to taste, I cannot wait to taste them. As far as the whole “late notice” thing, I feel your pain renters of the world. I used to live in the worst city ever (Reading, PA) and rented a pretty damn nice apartment in the nicer area but my landlord was a fucking asshole. This piece of human monkey shit never fixed anything and just relied on me to do all the repairs and “took the costs off my rent” which I’m not sure if he realized or not, is not how renting an apartment works. I’m not supposed to have to fix shit so eventually I starting paying my rent a little late every month to be my lame form of rebellion but eventually decided I was going to move out, threw a rage-er party, soaked the place in Lion’s Head beer, and left without paying my final months rent and just told him to keep my security deposit. Needless to say, fuck that guy and his apartment and any late notices he ever gave me and I hope he gets AIDS from a female hooker with a big ol’ dick. Like, a HUGE dick. All full of AIDS. Sorry about that, now back to this incredible beer. This has a massive initial grapefruit flavor with a pretty hefty bitterness before a mix of resin, citrus, and oniony hops mix in ramping up the bitterness even more while adding a slew of amazing flavors before ending with a light and balanced sweetness and mango. Even though the first sip of this will be a little harsh if you aren’t expecting it, by the second sip it will grow on you more than Abby on Brittany Hansel. That was a conjoined twin joke and I’m not sure how I feel about it. Anyways, if you are a true hop head and lover of the style make sure you pick this up because it kicks ass and really needs to grace your palate. If this is your first IPA you might want to hold off on this because it definitely does not pull any punches with it’s little green nuggets of punishment but eventually you’ll work your way up and be happy as hell that you did. Enjoy!

Written by: Steve B.

Buckle your seat belts

I’m about to cry so many happy tears while writing this post but like it’s.. it’s fine.. totally fine. I’m about to rant about this beautiful human called Carolina. Oh my gosh there are so many things today and, it’s taken me awhile to try and find the correct words to describe how I feel about this fabulous human. I am just blown away… but the kindness they show… not just to me, but to literally every person they’ve ever met. They Are one of the first people that I ever really talked to in the HP RP community, and they were so sweet and so open to do threads and stuff with me. And I just… They never ever fail to put a smile right on my face.

I have a hard time connecting with people in general and like I just found and instant connection with them.. when I think of the words platonic love I think of Carolina.. they make me and everyone else that they talk to feel so warm. She is so accepting and she never fails to make me feel so loved and worth something. She has this grace about her that’s so wonderful, and she is so fearless and I admire that so much about her. She wears her heart on her sleeve but in the best way, she lets everyone know exactly how she feels about them. Her feelings are so pure and so beautiful. This human is not only beautiful on the outside of course… but her heart… is so beautiful and so big and so strong… im so incredible honored and grateful to be friends with her… just.. ahhh

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Is it okay to make lanternheads? I'd feel I was infringing if it's not...

i neither own the concept of lantern heads nor am i the first to create one so please, go wild

there are endless ways to diversify a character, even if it shares the same concept with others
i mean look at all the tv heads out there and how many of them still manage to be unique despite their massive popularity in character design

SO you go make that lantern head now

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I am on the hunt for chuaku writing and headcanon people.

Aaaaahhhhh sorry for not getting to you earlier I just came back home

Anyways, I unfortunately don’t know too many, however the first ones that came to mind were @lenin-it-to-win-it and @ch-ch-ch-chuuya , they both ship Chuuaku and have written some super nice fics and they’re just 10/10

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has anyone asked for bokuto yet?

no they have not but i am running out of steam 

  • First impression - who is this fucker who keeps showing up in all these fics?
  • Favorite moment - when akaashi makes a path for him.
  • Idea for a story - look i can’t even write one here because i have so many i want to write. INSTEAD i’ll say what we all want: bokuaka backstory
  • Unpopular opinion - bokuto is good at math 
  • Favorite relationship - bokuaka 
  • Favorite headcanon - bokuto has a large family and he is the youngest, which is funny because the “tarou” part of his first name means oldest son in the old timey ways of naming. 

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Hi Sam! I'm in a relationship, with a man I love dearly. He's sensitive and caring, accepts and adores me as I am. But something in me that keeps me from choosing him wholeheartedly. We're connected in many levels but there's this aspect of understanding, that I feel he doesn't gets me. Not as deep or natural as I wish he would. It makes me frustrated and remote at times. Tho, just the thought of being without him is devastating for me.I'm in great confusion and would appreciate your help.

The first key to a successful relationship and one lost on many young people is acceptance. You cannot change this man. He is not yours to change. You have no right to even try. Other people are not on this planet to please you or to conform to your idea of who they should be. Stay and accept him or leave. Those are your choices.