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Can you imagine the avengers going to a fair or a carnival and right when they get there Steve,Bucky,Thor,Clint and Bruce all decided to play a game to see who can win Tony the biggest stuff Animal and they try their best and they all go look for Tony afterwards just find him sitting down sipping on lemonade with a faint bunny( like the one from im3) and they ask him where he got that from and all Tony does is shrug his shoulders and just says "Natasha won it for me" leaving the rest speechless

Eek I didn’t see Bucky in there until after I posted! Sorry!

It all starts with Thor bragging about the hedgehog he won for Lady Jane. It took several tries, but he eventually got enough small toys to work up to a large green hedgehog which she affectionately calls Bruce. (Bruce flushes bright red even if he’s somehow flattered.)

“I won Natasha a stuffed banana wearing sunglasses,” Clint butts in smugly. “She still has it.”

“I do,” Natasha allows, but does not add anything else.

Thor stares, and does not know how to ask whether the banana looks as stupid as it sounds without insulting either of them.

“I once won a little white teddy bear at Coney Island,” Steve muses. “Where you threw the ring over the bottlenecks? I gave it to my date and she really warmed up to me. She went on to move to LA and live in sin with a woman. God, she was cool.”

“I won Betty a stuffed snake,” Bruce muses. “Or, well, she helped me win. You know that trick where guys put their arms around a girl to help her aim? She did that with me.”

“Aw,” Clint cooed. “That’s sweet.”

They all turn to look at Tony expectantly. He glances up from his tablet and jumps when he notices them staring at him. “What?!”

“Haven’t you won a prize for someone?” Bruce asks patiently.

“Oh. No, there’s no challenge in carnival games, and eventually the carnies get mad at you for figuring out how they’re rigged,” Tony says, looking back at his tablet. “And no one ever wants to win something for me.”

“We’re going to the carnival for our next outing,” Clint hisses, and everyone agrees.

(”This is the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen,” Tony says when Natasha shyly shows him her stuffed banana, sunglasses hanging on by a thread. “I love it.”)

Tony eventually catches wind of what’s happening and when they arrive at the carnival he says, “I am going to eat my weight in elephant ears and lemonade and whoever brings me the biggest prize gets a kiss on the cheek and gets to be talked up at the next press conference.”

The other Avengers scatter, except for Natasha, who wants a strawberry funnel cake, and she knows Tony will buy it for her if she lets him have a bite.

Bruce returns with a little stuffed duck because he knows he’s not very good at carnival games. Tony names it Peep and he tucks it on his lap while he eats.

Clint, Steve, and Thor arrive, pretty smug with their giant teddy bears and giraffes they’ve won, but then their jaws drop when they see Tony carefully fixing Peep onto a giant yellow rabbit’s shoulder with his tie.

“What the fuck!?” Clint sputters as Steve and Thor make offended noises because what stall was even giving those out?!

“Natasha won it for me,” Tony says, smitten.

Natasha appears from behind the rabbit smugly and points at her cheek. “Pucker up, lover-boy.”

Tony leans in to kiss her cheek. “Muah! And you get credit for saving the day next time regardless of who actually does.”

“I win,” Natasha informed everyone, and would probably be smug about this for decades.

I am a living shell, a walking corpse; although I am light I feel as heavy as an elephant. I see out of lens that are neither black nor white, but grey. My hearing is muffled and every conversation goes right through me as I nod them off. It’s like I am living in neither a dream nor nightmare, but I am walking through the endless void of a black hole. Everyone is living, but I am simply being.
—  Katt // Depression tidbit

ok honestly??? did not have high hopes for riverdale but… its so good???? like the plot is so good the soundtrack is great and im loving the callbacks to the comics?

(and also betty and veronica are lesbians and if they didnt want me to think that they shouldn’t have fucking played boyfriend by tegan and sara for that one scene)

WADTT has been covering more zoo / sanctuary / animal rights politics than usual lately, and I want to talk to you guys about why I think that’s so important. (I also realize that it does dominate the feed some days, and I’m working hard to make sure I’m still posting a good percentage of pet and general behavior blogging for those of you primarily here for that).

If you’ve been following this blog for very long, you probably know how much I adore good zoos - I’ve worked in them, I write about them, and I will happily explain the inner workings of them to death if you ask. I’ve seen good zoos do amazing things for conservation. I’ve watched my colleagues achieve incredible training milestones with animals people had given up on. I’ve seen how much impact a zoo visit can have on both kids and adults. I wholeheartedly support the existence of zoos. I also think it is incredibly important that the public really understand how they work and what makes them tick. You love animals. You (maybe) visit zoos that care for them. As guests, you deserve to know what they do well, what they’re still not great at, and what politics are at play. It’s also really important to note that visitor feedback plays a big role in keeping zoos accountable for the continued improvement of their practices and be transparent.

I’ve been talking more about the politics surrounding the zoo field lately because I am really, genuinely terrified by what I see coming down the pipelines in terms of radical animal rights influence in the next couple years. I’ve been observing the patterns of behavior in the AR movement, I’ve been reading the history, I’ve been studying the driving philosophy. What’s scarier is that I’ve been watching my colleagues and my friends and my mentors in the field totally not notice that the rug is about to be pulled out from under their feet, and I’m seeing that the powerful people and the organizations with power are not stepping up to support their people or their facilities or their industry. I think there’s going to be a huge amount of upheaval in the next while and it is going to be brutal and ugly and full of rhetoric about abuse and people twisting the welfare of animals to fulfill their agendas. At the end of it, if nobody does anything, you legitimately might never be able to go see big cat or an elephant or a komodo dragon again. I am scared for the immediate future of the zoos and aquariums. 

I know not everyone who follows this blog believes in the industry as much as I do. I know some of my followers are iffy about certain aspects of the field and that some of you aren’t sure you trust them at all. And that is entirely okay, and I thank you for bearing with me. I’m not trying to convert you to my way of thinking - I want to teach you enough to help you to develop your own. That’s what I’ve always done in regard to zoos on this blog, and that’s what I want to do with zoo politics. 

I’m hoping to ask you guys, my readers, to trust me that the politics surrounding captive animal management are worth paying attention to. I don’t think the zoos and their trade organizations are going to start doing that sort of education (if they ever do) until it is way too late to reverse the damage AR propaganda is going to do. I want to give you guys enough knowledge that when shit hits the fan you are able to look at everything from an informed perspective and decide what you want to support and why. 

I love the zoological field. The best thing I can do to give it a fighting chance is teach you guys everything and anything about it and send you off as informed, empowered people who give a shit about animals and want the best for them - whatever you decide you think that is. 

ok so recently me and my family went to see my nan, my welsh nan who lives down in the southern suburbs of london about an hour away, who i don’t often get to see

and so we’re like sitting around drinking coffee and talking about what tv shows we like to watch when nan makes the most awkward fucking statement possible

“I don’t watch much TV you see” she says. “The Queers are far too prominent in media these days”

and the entire time

the entire time

shes just. staring at my fucking shirt

glaring at my chest

my brother and parents fall quiet, thinking she’s staring at me, because I am The Gay Kid. I become The Elephant In The Room. they fear she’s picked me up on her gaydar, and I’m about to get it. they can’t see that she’s really glaring at my shirt, my shirt that she’s apparently decided is media depicting The Queers, and that I am silently trying not to lose my shit over it 

what shirt?

what fucking shirt was i wearing that could have prompted such a reaction?

this god fucking shirt. the shelter album art. i still cant fucking believe

ID #96981

Name: Andrea
Age: 19
Country: Puerto Rico

Hello there! I am Andrea! Hmm where to start? I am from Puerto Rico so my native language is Spanish but I am fluent in english and use it every day. I am a chemistry student in university and in my third year. My favorite thing to do is watch Netflix. No joke. If I start a series, I have to finish it, no matter how bad it is. With this being said, I am into all of them. I also love listening to music. Some bands that I like are Catfish and the Bottlemen, Jungle, Tame Impala, The Kooks, Arctic Monkeys, Cage the Elephant and so on. AND I LOVE HAMILTON THE MUSICAL. So, If you identify with any of the things I said, feel free to message me! I have trouble making friends in person because I suffer from generalized anxiety and other mental health issues but I want to overcome that. Thank you! 💜

Preferences: Anyone from 16-23.

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I am confused about the elephant moving board thing. Elephants are social yes? So why is the gate needed? I get that they cant pass in the hallway, theyre huge. But why the gate?

A couple of reasons, and they’re dependent on the facility. The most simple is you need the elephants to get where they’re going, not stop and interact with elephants they’re passing. There’s time for that once they’re at their destination. Moving big dangerous animals around is a multi-person coordination (even though they’re behind barriers from the staff there’s a lot of safety protocols) and it needs to be done efficiently.

Not all elephants in a facility may be allowed to be in the same space with each other. This could be for a number of reasons: personality issues, a bull in musth, or extreme young or old age to name a few. Barns are designed so the animals can have social interaction through the barriers (they’re generally either large metal pylons spaced or vertically or a metal fence with multiple-foot gaps between rails) but not necessarily stand next to each other.