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Harry Potter Fans: When is my letter gonna come??
Doctor Who Fans: When is it my turn to be a companion??
ASoUE Fans: When am I gonna be dragged across my front lawn by my ankle in the middle of the night and get kidnapped by a secret organization, where I will never see my family again, and then forcefully receive a tattoo to spend the rest of my life setting or putting out fires and solving dangerous fatal crimes??

Eleven Facts About Me

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1) I started writing fanfiction when I was about 13 and it still exists on the internet somewhere although I will deny it to my dying day

2) I have a classically English accent despite being half Scottish and living in Scotland my whole life

3) I am an even messier drunk that Yuuri and @lotsof-lokilove can confirm this

4)  I have ended up in hospital so many times due to an accident prone childhood that I started studying to become a doctor because if i was spending all my time in hospitals anyway I might as well get paid for it (jk I actually love my course)

5) I had only ever watched one anime years ago before YOI and so getting into an anime fandom was a big surprise for me

6) I am legitimately addicted to chocolate 

7) I’m only 5′2 and am tiny compared to all my friends

8) I identify with Yuuri more than any other character in YOI

9) I due to my timezone and other reasons I first watched episode 10 of YOI after a night clubbing at 4 in the morning and genuinely thought the pole dancing was a drunk dream of mine when I woke up the next day

10) I am very introverted 

11) I really want to publish a book one day even though writing clashes very badly with my future career of choice. Oh well, I’m sure I’ll figure it out someday!

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I just wasn’t happy with the fact that every time I would buy new clothes, the size I thought I was would not be the same. I got discouraged every time I went to the store! The final straw was when I went to my yearly doctors appointment and she said my weight was 212! I was like, “Something has to change!” It has been a year since I started my weight loss journey! I am now down to 162. I have lost 50lbs since then! My ultimate goal weight is around 140-135. But I am happier than ever! I feel wonderful and I hope to reach that goal by summer! Bring on the swimsuits! 😁 👍🏻

Reaction when they GF faints on stage

Actually, I was thinking of doing one of these. Thank you so much for requesting and I hope you enjoy it. Am I your favourite blog?…I feel important xD

S E O K J I N:

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SeokJin was backstage. He, Jungkook and Taehyung danced the songs of your group, smiling happily. Everyone was happy, until SeokJin saw you grabbing your head. In seconds, your body was falling to the ground, hitting your ribs with one of the spotlights on the floor.
SeokJin grabbed Jungkook’s arm strongly without realizing it. He looked around the backstage.

“Why isn’t a doctor coming out for her?! Come on!”

Y O O N G I:

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Yoongi was sitting in the audience. His eyes closed, enjoying your voice, the beat, the music, that piano melody playing in the background.
His heart stopped for a few seconds when Hoseok grabbed his arm. Yoongi opened his eyes, looking at Hoseok, his eyes looking worriedly at the stage. Yoongi looked too. You were sitting on the floor, blood on your forehead.
“She fainted.” Hoseok said, drawing him out of his doubts. Yoongi rose from the chair quickly and ran to the backstage, waiting impatiently for you to go there.

“Yah. Why do you think to scare me like this?!

H O S E O K: 

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For Hoseok everything happened very fast. First, you were rapping wonderfully. You approached the edge of the stage, to greet the fans. At that moment, your body fell to the ground, you fell off the stage. You only lost consciousness for a few seconds, but when you tried to get off the ground, your back protested.
Hoseok, who was in the audience with Jimin, did not hesitate to jump the fence and help you.

"Are you okay? Don’t worry…Aishh.”


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Namjoon tried to be strong, when inside he was really worried about you. Apparently, when you fell, your neck had taken a bad position. That’s why now they helped you to walk. When you were backstage, Namjoon approached you slowly. The doctors told Namjoon that everything would be okay, you just have to wear a collar for a few months and not move too much.

“Are you okay? Fuck, baby. You scared me.”

J I M I N: 

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Jimin was sitting in the audience, a big smile on his face, seeing how well you were dancing. Jimin had helped you practice that dance, and if it wasn’t for him, it probably wouldn’t have turned out so well. 

Because of fatigue, your legs had no strength., your body fell to the ground. Another member of your group helped you to sit down. Jimin’s eyes were lost, and when he saw you sitting on the floor, he saw a big cut on your cheek. Jimin wiggled from the chair, but Yoongi stopped him.


“Calm down, we can’t move from the seats until the song ends.”

Jimin looked at Yoongi, and then at the stage, where two doctors were taking you to the backstage. “I don’t care.”

T A E H Y U N G:

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Taehyung’s face changed completely when he saw you fall to the ground, the members of your group trying to make you aware again, but it didn’t seem to work. Taehyung saw several people going to the stage to get you out of it. Everything seemed to go slow. 

One of the men who had come out for you asked for someone else to come out because he needed help to take you to the backstage. Taehyung didn’t hesitate to help, blocking the sound of the fans screaming and the music, focusing on you.

“Will she be okay? Why doesn’t she open her eyes? Why doesn’t anyone answer my questions?”

J U N G K O O K:

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Jungkook made nonsense with Taehyung, imitating the new dance of your song. Jungkook wasn’t paying much attention to the song until it was your turn to sing. Before you could say a word, your body fell to the ground, the weight of your body falling on your right arm. Jungkook looked at his Hyungs, his eyes watering. Namjoon put a hand on his shoulder. “She will be fine, the doctor will attend her.”

That wasn’t enough for Jungkook. “I need to go with her.”

i spend my time going from being hyped about one star wars thing to the next

The Wedding of Fareeha Amari and Doctor Angela Ziegler

Pharmercy Appreciation Week Day 6: Wedding. @pharmercyappreciationweek

A/N about translations: Because I can’t speak German or Egyptian Arabic, expect some wonky translations. On the Subject of Egyptian Arabic, the translation to English was, well, let’s just say, off. As in, I have no idea what the heck is going on there. So I put the approximate English pronunciation, followed by the actual way to write the words. See the end A/N for actual translations.

“I promised you a special stream today, and I am here to deliver!” Hana exclaimed, talking into her phone. “Are you prepared to get up close and personal with Overwatch? Of course you are. And today, you get to attend a wedding.” She turned the phone to face Fareeha standing next to her. “And here’s the lucky bride-to-be. Well, one of them anyway.” Fareeha looked at the mirror, observing Hana as she broadcast a behind-the-scenes view of the wedding. Hana wore a three-piece suit with a pink tie, her bunny logo emblazoned in the center. “Hopsotch23 wants to know who the lucky lady is. Care to say who, or do you want to keep it a surprise?”

As Fareeha turned her head, Satya pushed it back into place. “Don’t move,” Satya ordered as she continued to perfect Fareeha’s hair. Satya was also wearing a three-piece suit, though her tie was blue and her jacket was currently hanging next to the door, next to Fareeha’s dry cleaning bag.

“They know who it is,” Fareeha said.

Hana waited a moment before nodding. “Yes they do. PharahIsBae wants to know if you really want to do this.”

Fareeha cocked her eyebrow. “What was that name again?” she asked.

“Just answer the question,” Hana said with a smile. “For your fans.”

Fareeha started to nod, Satya quickly holding her head still. “I’ve never been more sure of anything.”

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Angel could feel the bad news in the air before Caleb started speaking. “So? Did you get the results?”

Caleb: “Your doctor was right. I am the problem.”

Angel: “No! That can’t be…”

Caleb: “And I figured I shouldn’t just sit and watch you being unhappy.”

Angel: “What do you mean?”

Caleb: “I love you, Angel, and what I’m about to do hurts me. You see…I can’t give you what you want. Angel, you are the best person I could ever have in my life. You are the best person anyone could have in their life, actually, but don’t forget you should live for yourself first, be happy and make your own dreams come true. You deserve better than what you have now.”

the only thing i am good at
is crying
and feeling things the rest of
the whole world
has a choice not to.

i spent last night in the
waiting room of a hopsital
asking the doctors
if my heart
if my heart
stained their white coats.

i believe in magic
and nonsensical things
which don’t have any logic
which doesn’t make sense
which must mean i am
good at recognizing mental illness
because ultimately i am only attracted
to the madness in people
who have less self control
than i ever will.

listen, doc, i know i shouldn’t
but i admire those people
who are so unabashed in their misery
it drives them crazy
because as much as i try to
i can never let go
of anything,
much less of

  • McCoy: Excuse me I am a great lover.
  • Spock: Do you have empirical evidence that states you are as good a lover as you claim to be?
  • McCoy: I do believe you once called me a sensualist Spock but I could always show you.
  • McCoy: I mean what?
  • Spock: [raises eyebrow with little smirk]
  • McCoy: Damn autocorrect.
  • Spock: This is a verbal conversation, Doctor.
Of Conflicted Hearts (Part Two FINALLY) Shigezane/MC/Kojuro

((Authors Note: I am so sorry it took me so long to come out with part 2 I was panning on finishing it a month ago but a lot came up in that time including a few trips to the doctor’s office and visiting relatives.Thank you for being patient everyone! If you have not read part 1 here is a link http://oopsmakesitok.tumblr.com/post/155890424291/of-conflicted-hearts-part-one ))

I was walking back to Kojuro’s study at the castle having delivered some messages to some of the retainers. Upon reaching the door I could hear Kojuro ask himself in a frustrated and impatient tone, “Where is it?” Entering the room, I watched as he tore apart his desk. Papers went noisily flying off the cluttered surface, gliding through the air gracelessly to the floor. My eyes widened in surprise at the sight.

               “What are you looking for?” I asked him in the hopes that I could help him find what he was looking for before he turned the room upside down.

               “Ah, Akiko, hello, I didn’t hear you come in,” He paused his search and greeted me. The corners of his lips turned up in a smile and his emerald eyes, full of affection, acknowledged my own. “I’m looking for my stamp to seal and send these letters off,” he said, quickly returning to his search.

               I giggled quietly as I stepped over to the desk. “Allow me milord,” I said, swiftly putting my hands on top of his to keep him from making an even bigger mess than he already had. He looked relieved  that I was taking over the search and got out of his chair and stepped to the side. I quickly organized everything into neat piles and found his stamp under some old documents that needed to be thrown out. “Here you are,” I told him as I outstretched my hand to give it to him.

               “Thank you Akiko. I swear, it is impossible to find anything in this place,” he remarked taking the stamp from my hand and placing it next to the letters he needed to seal.

               “Perhaps if you didn’t let it get so disorganized in here, it wouldn’t be so hard to find things,” I quipped.

He laughed, “Perhaps so. But lucky for me I have my precious girl here to help.” Lightly stroking my cheek with his large hand he planted a gentle kisses that traveled from my forehead to my lips. My hands were drawn to the back of his neck as I returned his kiss with my own. His other hand dropped down to the small of my back and he pulled me closer. Things were starting to get a little heated when we heard a knocking on the door.

“Kojuro? I’m coming in,” I recognized the familiar voice of Lord Masamune. Hurriedly we separate and I practically jump to the wall opposite of Kojuro. I am barely finished smoothing out my Kimono when Masamune entered the room.

“Hello Lord Masamune, I am nearly finished with those letters you asked for me to send out.” Lord Kojuro told him.

It only took Masamune a moment to notice that I was in the room as well, “Ah, Akiko, hello,” he looked back and forth at Kojuro and myself, “I hope I wasn’t interrupting something.”

Kojuro shook his head, “Of course not Milord. Is there something you needed?”

“Yes I am glad I caught you before sending those letters. I need to talk to you about this message I just received. Alone if that is alright,” Masamune said looking to me apologetically.

I was about to excuse myself when Kojuro beat me to it, “Akiko, perhaps you would like to go and take a break? I have had you running errands back and forth all day and I am sure you could use one.”

I bow and smile at them both, “Thank you, I’ll be on my way.” I left in a hurry, making sure to shut the door behind me.

I was on my way to the kitchens to help the maids in preparing supper when I heard a couple of retainers gossiping in the hallway. I hid myself around the corner, out of the men’s sight where I could just make out what they were saying, “That’s right, I heard that we are going to war again. Apparently our allies are requesting aid in their fight with—“

               I never got to hear the rest of the retainer’s conversation before a voice whispers right by my ear, “And what would we be doing hmm?” I jump, surprised at how close the voice was.  I placed my hand over my racing heart and take a breath trying to calm myself. That is when I realized who the voice belonged to.

               “Lord Shigezane!” I exclaimed turning around in an instant.

               “The one and only!” He said with a cheeky grin. He was standing barely a foot away from me, his closeness causing me to blush slightly. The embarrassment soon faded and confusion and curiosity took hold.

Shigezane was rarely in this part of the castle so I asked him, “What are you up to?”

He crossed his arms and raised a single eyebrow, “I believe I asked you first, Doll.”

“Lord Kojuro and Lord Masamune needed to speak privately so Kojuro let me take a break so I was just going to the kitchen’s to see if the maids needed any help with dinner, “ I answer his question, leaving out the part of my eavesdropping though it was likely very obvious.

“Only you would go find more work to do when you were told to take a break,” he chuckled.

“I am taking a break from work, I happen to enjoy cooking you know!” I laughed a little myself. “Either way, I told you what I was doing, your turn,” I said, trying to change the subject away from me.

“Actually I figured I’d find you in the kitchen so I was headed that way to come look for you,” he said with a friendly smile.

“Oh was there something you needed then?”

He nodded and his usually carefree face turned serious, “Yes actually, I need to tell you something, but not here. If you have time I would appreciate it if you would meet me out in the garden tonight after dinner is done. It’s something really important but I can’t have anyone else hear what I want to talk to you about.”

If he can’t tell me now, it really must be important to him so I readily agree with a reassuring smile, “Of course, after everything is cleaned up I will meet you there.”

His usual bright smile returned to his face, “Great, thanks Akiko! “ After that he took his leave and I headed to the kitchen.

To Be Continued…

( I promise part 3 will be up faster than part 2!!) @dreamsinparadise @wizardesslover tagging you who asked to be tagged when part 2 came out :)

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why'd u through the god damn printer

Alright, sit down and let me tell you a fucking story.

I was a happy kid growing up, if you can believe it. I had dreams and things made me happy. I wasn’t ‘batshit crazy’ as people think I am now. I entered the second grade still enjoying school and thinking that I could do well and grow up and be a doctor or an engineer or whatever it was that my parents wanted me to be that year.

Then I met Ms. Goddamn. Graysier.

Ms. G was a menace to me. it was like on the first day of school, she saw me, and decided “Yes, this is the child whose life I am going to make it my sole mission to ruin.” She spent every day picking on me. My hair was too long for a boy my age, my handwriting was too sloppy despite being seven, I was always too loud, as though that was something I, a tiny child, could control.

I did everything I could to make her happy. I would spend so much time trying to keep my handwriting neat. I would whisper in class if I had to talk, or not talk at all. I even asked my mom if I could cut my hair even though I wanted to grow it long like a goddamn princess. I did everything I could to make Ms. G happy but she still always found some way that I was doing something wrong.

So that day I wanted to be line leader. I wanted to show her that I was a good kid, that I could lead the class down the hallway. I could do it! But do you know what she said to me? She said “line leader is only for good children.”

So yeah. I lost it. Yeah, I overreacted, sure. But I wasn’t trying to kill her. I just picked up the nearest thing and threw it because that’s what I did at home and my parents didn’t give a damn. It just happened to be the printer and the direction I chucked it just happened to be in Ms. G’s direction. But it wasn’t intentional like the hag would claim later, all hysterical and tears like I was the one with a personal vendetta against her and not the other way around.

There you go. That’s why I threw the printer. And that’s also why my life has gone straight down the crapper. From that day forward I was the scary kid, the crazy kid, the kid who was trying to be a murderer at the age of seven. And let me tell you, I was never allowed to be line leader after that.

I’m a little sick today and I was suppose to go to the doctor but I didn’t want to waste the money and I rather sleep than wait in line so I guess I dreamed about going to the doctor instead?

Anyways, Penguin (The Batman version), Riddler (generic version), and Scarecrow (generic version) were all in costume and sitting with me in the waiting room. There were other people batman rouges but I don’t remember what they were doing.

I do remember sitting in a love seat with Penguin and ‘accidentally’ brushing up my hand against his a lot. I also remember Riddler having some in depth conversation with Penguin while continuously poking me with his cane three seats down. He never explains why, just does it. And Scarecrow jumping in to say something along the lines of “You know I was a doctor” and I don’t know why but I just lost it and started screaming at Crane “WE ALL KNOW YOU’RE A FETCHING DOCTOR. SO AM I. U AIN’T SPECIAL SO SIT DOWN.”

The End.

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again for nancy: her ways of medicating can also hint to a munchhausen syndome by proxy, since she is still insisting on bathing OA as she is a grown woman. She seems to have issues with letting go of any control and relies on doctors to confirm her opinion, rather than seeking them out (and perhaps even gathering a second opinion) to help OA in a way she does feel comfortable as well. I am sorry for this rant about this issue!

(omg no need to apologise this is interesting and i hadn’t even heard of munchhausen syndrome)
For anyone wondering, this is the definition on wikipedia- “Munchausen syndrome by proxy is a term often used when a caregiver or spouse fabricates, exaggerates, or induces mental or physical health problems in those who are in their care, with the primary motive of gaining attention or sympathy from others.”
I think this sounds like it could apply to Nancy, especially with the obsession with getting OA medicated even though OA doesn’t feel like she needs it. Elias doesn’t ever mention OA needing medication so Nancy must’ve gone to another specialist in order to get drugs for her (and Elias couldn’t have anyway since that’s not part of his job). And your point about the bathing is right as well. OA is capable of bathing herself yet Nancy still ‘helps’ her, probably because of her need to be needed by OA

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I'm a little confused about why people are sharing their heights and sexual orientations, but I wanna play, so. I'm 5'4.5" and aro ace as heck. (But my doctor keeps trying to insist that I am 5'4.25" BUT THAT IS A LIE.)


And it all started with a discourse about how tall the Supergirl ladies are, and it kind of… spiraled?

Way down we go, as they say ;)


So since I last posted I’ve reached my 8 stone award yay!!! I’ve done ALOT of thinking of when I’m calling target!
I was going to call it at 11st 6.5lb (8.5st award) but I’ve been looking at myself recently and am now thinking I may bring it higher to 11st 10lb (just so I’m in the healthy BMI range for my doctors).

Here’s a before and after taken this weekend and last night I went out for my husbands birthday! 😍💕

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I'm scared to ask my mom to help me get professionally diagnosed as autistic. She's a retired RN and told me I was tested as a kid but didn't get diagnosed. As a 20 year old, biological female with Generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, major depressive disorder, CPTSD, misophonia, sensory processing disorder, I feel like it would help me to know whether or not I AM autistic, or just odd.

If your goal is to find out whether you are Autistic or not, stay away from professional doctors/psychologists, and from family members.

Find a local Autistic-run support group and ask if someone who’s questioning can attend. Read books and blogs written by Autistic people (such as this one). Watch informational videos like Neurowonderful’s “Ask an Autistic” series. Check in with yourself about whether these personal stories tend to resonate with you.

Our new resources page has a section dedicated to self-identification AKA “self-diagnosis” (a problematic but nevertheless useful search term)

-Mod Valencia

Blog update!

//I know right. But I’m sick from work so I completely redid the serious talk bit of my blog.

I suffer from a severe mental health condition called bipolar disorder and am currently very unwell and have been for almost 2 years now. My doctors are also looking into the possibility of a diagnosis of PTSD. I am now gearing myself towards recovery so my patterns of activity can be a bit strange at times. I try to give warnings if I plan to disappear for a bit, or if I feel unable to answer IM’s.

Look, if you’re looking for a friend who cares about you and loves you, you’ve probably found one here if we click well. If you’re looking for a friend who cares about you and loves you at the cost of their own health, will always put you first, and is never difficult, then you’re in the wrong place.

My bipolar disorder makes me very difficult to deal with sometimes, and the closer you get to me, the more that is true. At some point or another, I have likely upset every single one of my close friends, and have frustrated many others. I don’t always have 100% perfect control over myself and it’s easy to get swept up in the hurricane. Don’t want to deal? Don’t come near me. It’s not wrong for you to take care of yourself if you think I may be damaging to yourself if I fuck up.

On the flip-side, I will no longer play other people’s games to get them to stay in my life. If you no longer wish to be my friend, please leave, don’t threaten to leave repeatedly because it upsets me, just go. I will no longer allow myself to be manipulated by people. I’m aware I’m an easy target but I have built up a reliable group of people I trust to help me realise when someone is bad for me, so I’m a bit more on it these days. I am classed as a vulnerable adult due to the ease with which people can gaslight me and other things, and attempts to cause harm to me through manipulation can cause the police to get involved on my behalf.

After a recent suicide attempt, I am still very much a beautiful fragile mess, and still dip back into how things were then as I struggle to heal and find my feet. I am prone to slamming on my mun blog (askakefiamun) that I want to die, that I want to kill myself, and I am still on-off suicidal. Honestly, there’s just nothing anybody can say that will switch me off it and pushing it only makes me more upset. The best anyone can do is redirect to conversations about (and/or pictures of) puppies or animals in general.

I’m a really good listener but sometimes if you off-load on me right now, I may go AWOL if I’m overloaded already, because I have a lot of things going on right now too. I will try to be there for people who need it, but please forgive me if I can’t always be that person for you.

I have to take care of myself first and foremost and nobody can possibly come before that right now. I have never ever put myself first in my life, and every time I try, it seems someone decides to scupper it. If you become a threat to my personal safety by forcing yourself upon me repeatedly when I am not replying, intentionally upset me, intentionally ignore my requests to stop doing something either on IM or in a RP, I will simply block you without having the argument about it first. I just need to be surrounded by kindness and good hearts right now, I can’t have any emotional drainage.