i am the divine

Polishing Up a Reading

This is how I personally do readings when I’m being fancy. I’m not saying your way is wrong.

INTRODUCE yourself. “Hi, nice to meet you! Thank you for letting me read for you today!”

DISCLAIM if you need to do this in order to feel comfortable. “Just as a reminder, this reading, as with all readings, should be taken in context of your personal experiences and with a grain of salt.”

RESTATE their question, especially if you had to slightly alter the wording to fit your method of divination. “I am reading for the question, ‘what will my love life be like next month?'”

INTRODUCE your reading. “Today I drew for you three cards…” “Today I cast these fives stones…” etc.

NARRATE your interpretations. “The Lovers card means you will have a healthy and fruitful romantic life in the upcoming month!”

DESCRIBE what about your tools helped draw you to this interpretation. This adds an extra layer of depth to any reading. “I was especially drawn to how the Lovers are holding hands, with a dove over them.” “I noted the close proximity of the Fehu rune to the Isa rune, which…”

SUPPORT your reading with the holy trinity: Intuition, Appearance, and Book Knowledge. Allow your intuition to flow forth and unite your spread in to a coherent narrative. Read the spread as it lies before you. Research extra textbook meanings to ensure nothing is missed.

SUMMARIZE your entire spread in to a paragraph. Hit your main points, reiterate the important messages, and give your querent a bite-sized takeaway of the entire reading. I believe summarizing is important even for one card, one rune, etc., spreads.

ok now that we know who all the 7 red robes are, lemme just. predictions/getting shit straight

  • lucretia made her oak staff, who knows exactly what it does but its based on protection magic
  • lup made the phoenix fire gauntlet, her body was in wave echo cave where she hid it and her soul is now in the umbra staff, which has an affinity for scorching ray
  • merle made the gaia sash, because of course he did
  • taako made the philosopher’s stone since he is a transmutation wizard
  • magnus made the temporal chalice, we already know that, but i am wondering what connection magnus has to divination magic
  • barry made the animus bell; he possessed pringles and casted command on davenport, idk exactly what class he is but hes definitely focused on enchantment. and if the animus bell is actually necromancy and not enchantment, then thats pretty obvious too since hes a lich
  • and that means davenport made the oculus. perhaps his talent for illusions is what fooled everyone in to thinking the relics were being destroyed, not collected.
The truth is you are a beautiful being. No one knows what you are capable of doing. At this point, you probably don’t either! Keep discovering yourself, it is the best relationship you’re ever going to have.
—  via ManifestingSuccess.tumblr.com
The Law Of Attraction for Manifesting And Self-Confidence:

Q: Hi! I’ve found your blog not long ago and I am really loving it! I was wondering if you could give me your opinion/advice on how to manifest material things, but also I feel like I’m not too confident about myself and this is reflecting my outcome, but Idk how to change it. Thank you very much :) 

A: I am actually SO excited to answer a question on confidence. I have alot of help to give you, as it’s a very personal topic for me too. Attracting material things is covered at my best in the following post. Digest it and re-visit the page often. Each step will easily attract to you material things. Start with a medium sized goal, and you should have a result within 30 days. (Let me know what manifestations happen as a result of that, as they sure will happen!)

And now, for the key to success, the key to how happy your life will be and the key to how many opportunities come your way: Self-Confidence. Your confidence comes from your concept of yourself. Your concept of yourself was programmed from since before your birth and includes your parents, how much they earned, where they lived, and every thought you were exposed to in your childhood. It is hard to find a single person who has had a perfect image of themselves, therefore. Your concept of yourself is basically opinions that people share and over time they become accepted. An example is the girl that believes she is shy, and her family and friends also “agree”, would never ask out her teenage crush. There is no physical barrier to her doing this; she could walk up to him and she can say the words. But her concept of herself is the psychological reason her legs and mouth wouldn’t coordinate with her. 

You’re right that confidence will affect your outcome. It will affect the level of money you earn, where you live, who you befriend, etc. Here are some exercises that will cause your awareness to grow;

1. Headline a sheet of paper “The Truth About Me!” and write under it as close to this: The energy that made worlds, made me also. I am confident, I believe in myself, I enjoy being me. I know I am worthy of all that I desire. I am powerful and have a magnetic personality.” Read this statement every day. 

2. In the mirror, look into each eye separately and say to yourself “I am confident. I love me.” It will feel funny but its the surest fastest way to communicate with your Soul. 

3. If you were more confident, how would you act? Talk? Dress? Set 30 minutes aside each day and visualize in your imagination all these things. See your friends saying “you’re so much more confident now!”, and “Wow I can’t believe you did that! Where is this confidence coming from? You gotta spill!” etc, etc. The more intensely you do this, the more you’ll notice you start to take action towards that now. 

4. Read Psycho-Cybernetics by Dr Maxwell Maltz. I believe there are copies available on Amazon and PDFs on the internet too. Ignore the title, it is basically a plastic surgeon turned psychologist who wrote about self-confidence. The book is written in a simple style and you’ll really, really love reading it. Trust me. It will help you along your way. 

5. Play a confidence or self-love guided affirmation tape daily. Ideally in bed at night. I found one for you that has binaural beats which means it will stimulate your brain to learn confidence faster: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iCJkTXS4LoA

“Self Love” Spell Jar

Please excuse how janky the wax seal looks,, this was my first time creating a spell jar but I thought I would share how I did it!


  • A bottle with a cork or a lid.
  • Citrine or any substitute for citrine that is easier to get ahold of. I bought mine at my local occult shop, and the whole bottle was 99 cents
  • Cinnamon. This can be cinnamon from your spice cabinet or an actual stick. It just depends on what’s readily available to you.
  • Lavender
  • Rosemary
  • A pink candle
  • A slip of paper and a pen/paint and a paintbrush. I used recycled paper and the paint.
  • (optional) Lavender incense

So before I actually began my ritual, I painted my intent onto the slip of paper and then rolled it up to be placed into the jar during the process. It happened to be the last line of my spell/chant.

“I am lovely
And I am kind
Let me know that I am divine”

This jar was actually a gift to my significant other, and I just changed the pronouns in the spell to reflect that. I would say the chant while I added the first few ingredients into the jar and then for a while as I began sealing it.

In order of what I put in first to last:

  1. Cinnamon
  2. Rolled up paper
  3. Citrine
  4. Lavender
  5. Rosemary

I also added the rosemary bud in at the top, though it’s kind of hidden by wax. I also eyeballed just about every ingredient, and I didn’t bother estimating a measurement because I figure everyone’s bottle size will be different.

After I had finished the ritual I let the pink candle burn out in a safe place.


Voodoo Mama's Spellbook: Green Smoothie Potion for Psychic Abilities

A smoothie that will help you with your psychic powers! This smoothie tastes so good I’m not even kidding. It is very tangy if you’re into that. I use this when I am going to be doing psychic work, divination, or spirit work.


  • Half of a lemon, peeled. (Lemons are good with enhancing psychic powers as well as making you more open to the contact of spirits.) 
  • 1 mango (Good for spirituality) I usually cut these up and freeze them the day before so my smoothie is cold. 
  • Half of an apple. (For wisdom) 
  • 2 cups of baby spinach (for protection and health) You can leave this out if you wish. You won’t really taste them, though. Its just a healthy boost!
  • ½ cup of water 
  • OPTIONAL: A little sugar never hurts~


  1. Blend the smoothie, thinking of all the properties and put it into your cup. 
  2. If you practice voodoo/hoodoo, you can recite Psalm 89 over your cup. This is a psalm for psychic strength. If you have another practice, call upon your deity and ask them for their blessing on your drink. 
  3. Enjoy~!
The Witches Affirmation

“I am loved. All my needs are met. Everything is as it should be. Challenges I do not understand now I will in due course. I start this day with love in my heart for all creation. I love my family, my friends and my community. I love myself. I am a beautiful living aspect of the Divine. So be it.”


“I am basically a potentially divine, wonderful human being,’ and all this rattiness and not feeling good is attaching itself to my mind, it plays tricks on us and can trip you over. I thought ‘I don’t have to feel all this! I do love everybody,’ and that is really all you’ve got to do, manifest your love. The only thing we really have to work at in this life is how to manifest love.”