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In which Kratos also got wet in the name of science.

replication of this experiment.

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Ok i know you are married and have kids and stuff so how did you meet your husband?

Interesting story (at least to me.) I used to work at The Washington Post and while I was there I wrote an article about parental expectations and arranged marriage. It got a huge response, like crazy big at the time: calls from NBC and MTV wanting to do a segment (I said nooooo)  and weirdos proposing marriage, and like hundreds of people trying to give me advice about what to do with my life and also people being assholes and emailing stuff like GET OUT OF THIS COUNTRY etc. etc. 

So anyway, this guy called me right after the article printed, and started asking me mega intellectual questions about the article, like how I decided to write it and what it was like to pitch it and whether I thought the institution of arranged marriage was altered when the structures that support it are altered, etc. etc. He was super polite, but I was on deadline so I was like “yo, if you have stuff to say, ust email me” and then I hung up, thinking I’d never hear from him. tbh I was pretty cold. 

And then the next day, I got this incredibly well written but brief email from this same guy. So after a few days I wrote him back. Then a few days later, he wrote me back. And then I replied. And this went on for about 8 or 9 months. And these emails developed into these crazy long mini books where we talked about everything, like politics and religious and philosophy and theology and movies that were stupid and books we were reading and music we were listening to and our crazy families. And eventually we started chatting on the phone about all of this stuff, but like NEVER acknowledging that we kind of liked each other b/c we valued the friendship way too much. 

And after a few months I was like “Shit, i like this dude a lot a lot but:

A. He totally sees me as a friend and I am doomed to love him in unrequited fashion until I am dead

B. He might be a total troll with scales, I have no idea. 

You have to realize this was 2003/2004, aka the dark ages before the facebook and the tumblr and the twitter and so people didn’t like throw up their pictures on line b/c we were all suspicious back then. So like everything I knew about him I figured out my carefully parsing his emails like a damned secret agent and what I learned is:

A. He was 6′1 (he somehow mentioned this but not in a braggy way) 

B. He was ripped (b/c he did triathlons and you have to be at least a little ripped to do triathlons) 

C. He had nice teeth (I don’t remember how I learned this, but I did.)

But still, that’s not much to go on so even thoughI thought he was the coolest,  I am going to be 100% honest with you guys: I was worried he was ugly af. And you know, I guess I can totally love someone who is ugly af, but what if he didn’t love me? What if he thought I was ugly? Or he didn’t like my scales and horns?  It was super angst guys, I can’t even explain. 

Anyway, after like 10 months, I finished college at UCLA and moved back to DC and this guy and I finally met in person and I still remember meeting him for the first time, and him walking toward me and me thinking “my, what broad shoulders he has” and “Ok, he actually has a nice face” and “SHIT HE IS A HANDSOME DEVIL AND IF HE DOESN’T THINK I AM THE BEST THING SINCE SLICED BREAD I WILL BE SO SAD.”

So we started going out and despite the fact that I wore ugly-ass socks, loved sock puppets and dragged him for knowing nothing about indie rock (he still doesn’t fyi SHAME) he liked me. And despite the fact that he was obsessed with boring sportsball, didn’t like LOTR and was always talking about dead dudes like Winston Churchill and Theodore Roosevelt, he made me laugh like no one else and I liked him too. And eventually he asked me to marry him and I was like “FINALLY” and exactly 2 years and 4 months after he first started writing to me we got married. Now we have 2 kids have been married for 11 years. He is still obsessed with sportsball and I still think his lack of appreciation for LOTR is criminal, but godwilling we will be together until we are old and grumpy and yelling at kids to get off our lawn. 

That was probably more than you bargained for, but there it is, the story of how I met my husband. 

  • <p> <b>me before Pokémon Go:</b> eh I like tall boys with dark hair and similar interests as me i dont care about much else<p/><b>me now:</b> we have to be on the same team. Any other team and my competitive ass will straight up murder him<p/></p>

So if you were wondering where I was all day I was attending some wonderful animation-centric lectures at the Waterside Arts Centre in Sale- it was uncanny, every single one of the four speakers there (Curtis Jobling, Carlos Grangel, Peter Firmin and Peter Saunders) has had a significant role in influencing my study and experience of animation! I was lucky enough to get to talk with all of them, including Mr Peter Firmin here, who is legendary in the field for his work with Oliver Postgate (which includes the likes of Ivor the Engine, Bagpuss, the Clangers etc.) This is him giving me his business card after I gave him mine! I think I must have been shellshocked because these are the most none-elastic pictures of my face anyone has ever taken XD but believe me I was ecstatic and still am I mean blimey this guy is one of the coolest and most humble men alive.

anyway yeah today was good



I heard this, and it got me thinking… 

In Glasgow, 

  • Taylor Nation asked for our names
  • asked where we were sitting
  • they took our picture, which is now on taylorswift.com
  • Within ten seconds of the show starting, Andrea came directly to us and -quite literally- grabbed us and took us to the soundstage.
  • During This Love, Taylor grinned at Sarah and I and we came out saying ‘I swear she recognised us….. did she??? surely not….’’
  • The soundstage was hugely social media fans… 

BASICALLY IT LOOKS AS THOUGH TAYLOR HERSELF HAD US UPGRADED ???!!?!!!!11111!!!?!????!1111????1??!!!?!?!??!?!