i am the cooler


Look, I was really disappointed with PotC5 for several reasons..but this guy’s design was 👌 👌 👌

Anyone else get that euphoric feeling when it’s close to fall? Like it doesn’t even matter if it’s still hot outside. You can just feel the happiness in your soul. Almost like a 6th sense thing. Like idk how to explain it. I feel like I’m the only one who feels like this lol. You can feel it in the breeze too especially when it’s slightly cooler than usual. AM I WEIRD ORRRR? LOL


eeeek more world history notes and rushed handwriting ew !!! the weather has been getting cooler over where i am, hooray for that bc i love cool weather and it means autumn is getting closer and autumn is a beautiful season. but of course, if it ever gets too cold for you guys, remember to stay warm ;v;

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Okay so I was at the beach earlier and there was a family sat on a towel next to us, and all of a sudden these two little girls came running over looking super excited about something and they were like “GUESS WHAT?!” and the little boy on the towel said “DID YOU FIND A LIZARD?!” and the older one of the girls said “NO, but we found two gay people!!” and she was so amazed I was dying trying not to laugh at this like 11 y/o girl making me feel like a fuckin cryptid on my towel right next to them

this started out as me wanting to draw him in suspenders again (does anyone remember that? LOL), but he looks either like he’s in a secret agent or serial killer AU and well i hope it’s the former bc the latter sounds messy