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Counting Down My 8 Favorite Movie Mean Girls

I honestly wouldn’t be the woman I am today without some of these girls. Even though they are bitchy as hell they all have self confidence and don’t give a fuck about what anyone says. My next post will be a think piece on movie mean girls so keep an eye out for that! Enjoy my favorite bitches. *SPOILERS* but I’m honestly judging you if you haven’t seen movies 6 through 1.

8. Lindsay Edgecomb (Halston Sage)

Movie: Before I Fall (2017) [Read my review for it here]

Best Line: “Are you trying out for a tampon commercial?”

Lindsay is the newest mean girl since her film was out this year but she deserved a spot. She was certainly cruel but we found out why she was so mean which makes her soft which puts her at the top of the list.

7. Madison Morgan (Bella Thorne)

Movie: The Duff (2015)

Best Line: “And then she’s all like bitch if I wanted your opinion I’d ask and I was all like bitch if I cared what you thought I’d ask. Ugh, my grandma is so annoying.”

Madison is straight up just there to make your life a living hell. Most mean girls learn their lesson at the end of films but Madison gave zero fucks the entire time. Although she could be up there with the heavyweights she isn’t as iconic as the rest of the list so I’ll let her sit pretty at number 7. 

6. Taylor Vaughan (Jodi Lyn O’Keefe)

Movie: She’s All That (1999)

Best Line: “I could win this thing in fluorescent lighting, on the first day of my period, cloaked in T.J. Max OK?”

Taylor Vaughan was your typical 90′s mean girl. All she wanted to do was win prom queen and destroy an outsider’s life. She’s overlooked and honestly she’s just an unstoppable force. You could say she’s… all.. that. HA.

5. Jennifer Check (Megan Fox)

Movie: Jennifer’s Body (2009)

Best Line: “It smells like Thai food in here. Have you guys been fucking?”

Jennifer Check is not only evil but the biggest bitch ever. The worst part is that she’s the meanest to her best friend. I mean sleeping with someones boyfriend is disgusting but eating someone’s boyfriend is unforgivable. Jennifer is number 5 cause she’s got a taste for petty and useless teenage boys. 

4. Regina George (Rachel McAdams)

Movie: Mean Girls (2004)

Best Line: “Good. So it’s settled. So you can go shave your back now. Bye Jason.”

Oh Regina George so beautiful, so iconic, and sharp as a tack. She’s ruler of Northshore high and her posse even has their own name. Not only did she make mini skirts and pink cool but she even learned to be nice in the end. Although Regina was a mega bitch she changed her ways and channeled her feelings into contact sports. I know all are you are probably thinking how can such an iconic person be number 4? Well when I post the next 3 ladies you’ll see why. 

3. Kathryn Merteuil (Sarah Michelle Gellar)

Movie: Cruel Intentions (1999)

Best Line: “God forbid I exude confidence and enjoy sex.”

Kathryn is my favorite kind of bitch, rich bitch and the reigning queen of the Upper East Side. I can’t even begin to name the things that make her basically evil. She made a bet with her step brother that included sleeping with him, she ruined an innocent girl, and in the end she’s still maintaining her bad girl habits at her brothers funeral. If that’s not the definition of mean girl I don’t know what is. Blair Waldorf wishes she was her. 

2. Heather Chandler (Kim Walker)

Movie: Heathers (1988) 

Best Line: “Fuck me gently with a chainsaw do I look like Mother Teresa?”

Oh Heather C I do love thee. She was ruthless and literally was rude to everyone even her best friends. No wonder why Veronica wanted her dead. Heather literally watched Veronica puke at a college party and laughed after. I mean who wants to be friends with that? Heather started mean and she died mean too which places her on top at number 2. 

1. Courtney Shayne (Rose McGowan)

Movie: Jawbreaker (1999)

Best Line: “I killed the teen dream, deal with it.”

Oh Courtney my personal favorite. She had the hip 90′s outfits, a cool car, and a posse to follow her around. All l things you need to be Queen B. I like Courtney cause she’s great in a crisis. Someone witnesses you guys moving a dead body? Give her a makeover and make her cool. What kills me about this movie is that Courtney’s demise isn’t killing her best friend it’s turning a girl into a monster just like her. I mean to take down the best you gotta learn from the best am I right. Even when Courtney is getting screamed at at the dance she still doesn’t deny the fact that she literally killed her best friend with a jawbreaker. Courtney has the best compusure and the best lines and this is why she’s number one.

attack-on-social-skills  asked:

Hi there! I saw your post on 99 predictions and I wanted your prediction on something else too. What do you think the chances of survival are for the Marley/Warrior crew? And what role do you think each of them will have to play in the upcoming chapters? I saw someone on reddit saying they thought Colt, Pieck, and a couple others were bound to kick the bucket due to lack of development. I've gotten so attached to them that will totally break my heart if it happens :(

Oh dear… It’s clearly too late but this is my urgent advice to you:

Sadly, I have no hope in the survival of any of the Marley cast except maybe Falco, and that might well be more wishful thinking than logical.

 I don’t think it’s lack of development that will to cause them to kick the bucket. It’s more the horrendous nature of the world they live in and the evil mangaka who is controlling it. Have you seen what he does to cute kids in this manga? Let me remind you.

Keep in mind that I am terrible at making predictions as I give you my random wild thoughts about the demise of the Marley Crew. Or maybe stop reading if you don’t want to know.

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five letters sansa didn’t send and one she did


The North is different without you. Colder. The people are getting more restless by the day, I fear the worst is coming soon.

Littlefinger has something up his sleeve. I don’t know what but I know that it’s not good. He’ll try to sway me with his pretty words but know that I will never break the trust that you have given me.

I saw you before you left for the South. You came out of the crypt, Littlefinger behind you. Did you hurt him Jon? If you did I fear that he’ll try and make your downfall quicker and more painful. Please Jon, don’t do anything irrational, I know your temper can get the best of you sometimes.

Stay safe.

I miss you.


Arya is home. I missed her.

She’s different than before, though I guess everyone is. She’s scarred and seen things that I wished and prayed she would have never seen. Her eyes though seem to be void of emotion are swimming in rage and sadness.

Arya’s stronger, I’m very proud. Though I fear for her and dare I say it, a piece of me is afraid of her too. I can’t bare to think of what she’s done to survive, I do know it’s not pretty though. Maybe she and I are more similar than I thought.

Littlefinger is curious about her. If I know him correctly a plan is taking place in his mind. I need to put a stop to it. I need my family here. I need you here.


You betrayed the North. Your family. Me. I don’t know if you understand how much I went though to make sure we get our home back Jon, our home. How much I bled, how much I cried and screamed for it. It was so easy to give though, wasn’t it? Gift something that I bled for easily.

I trusted you. You were the only person I trusted, Jon. The person that I put my hands to, showed my scars and told my unfortunate stories, yet I bet that was never on your mind when you bent the knee and gave her the North, did you? Tell me, is the Dragon Queen so beautiful that you forgot your loyalty to the North and your family.

Do not think that the North will forgive this easily Jon. You may be able to sway them to join you into the battle, but after that the war for the North’s independence will rage. Whose side will you be on?

The North remembers, do not ever forget that.


It’s hard not to watch you watch her, it’s hard not to notice the lingering looks you share. It’s hard not to notice my heart hurting every time you do so. Tell me brother, why are my feelings like this? Am I no better than Cersei Lannister? Am I truly fashioning my life after the woman who caused our family’s demise?

It aches, Jon. It shouldn’t though, shouldn’t it? If my feelings truly are sisterly for you.

Even when I deem to hate you I cannot. Hating you should be so easy after what you’ve done…so why is it so hard?


Aegon Targaryen. Are the Targaryens so crazy that they’ll name two sons from the same family the same name? That’s not your name. Not to me, Arya, Bran, Sam or Tormund, not to those who know you, the real you. Your name is Jon Snow, you belong to House Stark, you have Stark blood running in you.

I told you once that I considered you a Stark and I will always mean that.

Rhaegar Targaryen may have placed his seed into Aunt Lyanna but it was Father that raised you, that taught you to be the person you are today.

The Northern Lords will not be pleased but I will be there for you, so will the rest of your family -the rest of your pack.

You will always be Jon to me.


I thought we would never see Spring. I thought I would never hear the laughter of the children again, or the flowers in bloom. See genuine smiles upon the faces of people.

It’s there now though. It’s because of you that happened. No matter how much you try and say that everyone did it, it was you that led them to defeat the Army of the Undead. Who told everyone, who feared for everyone’s safety in Westeros.

I’m proud of you Jon and I know that Father would have been too.

There are talks of you going South with the Dragon Queen.

Don’t go.

Arya and Bran needs you. I need you here, with me in the North trying to rebuild what’s ours. The pack needs to stay together, to survive.

It’s up to you though in the end, my words are nothing, the choice is yours. I know that you have Targaryen blood in your veins but I beg you to not forget us.

If you go South and decide to rule, do not forget the North, your family, me. As we will never forget you.

I lov


Jon held the piece of parchment in his hand, he stood up once again pacing her solar for what seemed like the tenth time. He looked down at the bed and saw the other parchments littered with Sansa’s handwriting. It wasn’t his fault that he found them, truly. It was laying on her desk, half-covered with a book, but he still saw his name and curiosity peaked in him.

The door finally opened and he saw the woman that he was looking for. She still hasn’t noticed him and he was torn between berating her for not seeing there was an intruder in the room, and looking at her.

It seemed like the last time they were alone and he could really speak to her was before he went South. After that, she disappeared whenever he was near and his heart clenched whenever he didn’t see her comforting presence.

“Jon.” Sansa turned around and was surprised at Jon standing in the middle of her solar, a small parchment in his hand.

“I received your letter,” he mumbled.

Sansa nodded, “I can see that.” She moved forward towards her window.

“There was never a choice to make.” He needed to put that out there. How could she ever think that he would choose anything over the North, his pack, her?

She gave him a brief glance, “You never know. People change and so do their opinions.”

“The North is a part of me,” Jon walked up to where Sansa was. He stood next to her, and looked out the window. “I would never leave the North unless I have to.” I would never leave you unless I have to. How much he wanted to utter those words but he knew that he couldn’t right now. Sansa looked at him and he knew right then that she somehow heard the unspoken words.

“If there’s one thing I know in this world for certain, is that I would never choose anything over our family. Nothing in this world can do that. Not for a crown, not even legitimizing me. Do you understand that?” He gently turned her so Sansa could look at him. “Sansa.”

She nodded, “I do.”

Jon took a deep breath, it was now or never. “I need you to understand another thing as well.” She tilted her head a fraction imploring him to go on. “There is no woman that could ever compare to you. There is no woman that I would choose over you. There is no other love I would choose than yours.”

He looked at her and surely he saw her walls crumbling down. He finally saw the eyes that he loved, the eyes that held the warmth and love whenever he looked into them. Gone was his Queen of Ice, here now was his Sansa.

“I never thought,” Sansa started. For once she was at lost for words and for once Jon seems that he has the perfect words.

“I know, my love,” he removed the space between, now holding her as close as he can. As the King and Queen of the North looked out onto the now melting snow of Winterfell, they can briefly see four large Direwolves. The largest looked straight on at Jon and Sansa.

She quickly turned to Jon, a familiar tug in her heart. “Jon, it’s them.”

Jon looked at the Direwolves, the alpha nodded once and then howled. The rest followed, “Aye, it is.” He knew who they were and it was no consequence that he and Sansa should see them after they’ve talked. “It seems like Father’s gave us his blessing.”

Infiltration of the Heart (Reader x Sombra)

(This should be a fun one for me to figure out but I will do my best. I have done it to where it was along the lines as to when her character was first introduced to Sombra so I hope I can do justice for you. Longer than I thought but I had fun with this one so Please, enjoy! ^_^ Mod Firefly)

The task was simple, get in, kill the target and get out but I don’t know if I can do it. Not because I was caught but because something about that person was striking my interest. Sure, I could find out everything and anything about them but for some reason, they seemed to cause me to stop in my place. This was all going through my head as I hacked into the security mainframe of their protected compound, a smirk on my face because for someone so smart and powerful, they seem to not know about a stronger firewall and security system. “Sombra, do you have the target’s location?” I hear the dark voice come from my communicator.

“I am looking, just give me a second.” I mumbled back as I finally found them in a freight elevator going to explore some inventory in the lower level. “Found them.” I reply, some guilt in my voice as I kept watching how they seemed so focused at the task at hand, not realizing how much danger they are in. “Widowmaker, do you have them?” he asked as I kept watching them from the computer. “They just need to come a bit closer. It looks like they are giving a speech to someone.” She replies as I hack into the audio to hear what is being said.

It seemed like they enjoyed the inventory and there was a twinkle in their eye when they said that they will stop at nothing to make sure that the world is safe, one computer and data mainframe at a time, even if they have to go as far as becoming part of the mainframe themselves. That they wanted a deeper understanding of how the world works and nothing would stop them from making their dreams a reality.

“They have a good point.” I mumble as I realized that they are exactly like me. “I have them in my sight” Widowmaker states to us as I knew that if I wanted to feel like there was someone other than me, I would have to protect them. With a simple press of a button, I turned the alarms on. “Widowmaker, hold the perimeter, we are going in.” I hear an angry voice yell to me as I act like I was innocent. “They discovered us, I will catch the target on foot.” I yell as I keep going, ducking and fighting around them. “Sombra! I’m cut off! It’s on you now.” He yells as I felt something inside of me bubble up.

“I’m all over it.” I yell as I keep working on getting closer to our ‘Target’. I dodged bullets and kept fighting before putting my teleporter down in a certain section, away from unsuspecting eyes. All was finally going well before I was thrown from the catwalk and almost fell to my own demise. “Sombra, status!” is yelled into my ear as I use my technology to bring the mechanical arm I was falling near. “I’m working on it!” I yell as it finally comes to life and I am lifted up to where their office was. The guards spotted me before I used my camouflage to vanish, following them closely until I reached the office, as they were about to shut the door, causing a lock down.

I appear and smile, waving my fingers as the door slammed on the guards’ faces and this time, I am certain that I smile as I look at them, some concern in their eyes as I hold my gun to their face before removing it, trying to get them to see that I mean no harm. “S/O. Ha! You have no idea what it took for me to make this meeting happen.” I smile as I hide the giddiness inside of me, I can’t believe it. I guess I was falling for them the first time they released the upgraded firewall about 3 months back. I do love a challenge.

“S/O/L/N! Are you alright?!” Is heard from the other side of the door as the guards were pounding on the door and I look at them, seeing that they were not that afraid but still, they looked as beautiful/handsome as ever. “Relájate, I’m not going to kill you! I mean, I’m the one who set off the alarm.” I admitted as they looked shocked at me. “You…you set them off, but why?” They ask but before I can respond, I hear someone yell in my ear. “Sombra! Do you have the targe—“ Is all that is heard before I remove and turn off the headset, finally happy to have him off my back for longer than 5 seconds.

I smile as I look at them, the confused look still plaguing their face. “Okay, listen. I just told you that I won’t kill you but I have an offer that you can’t turn down but all I want is something in return” They look down and I smile “I don’t have much of value, other than the information that you seem to know about already so what could you possibly want?” They ask and I smile, this may work out in my favor. “It’s simple…a date.” I reply as they look up at me, confused and trying to figure if they heard me correctly.

“Did you really just say that I think you said.” They ask as I smile. “You are the most powerful person in all of the whole digital world, next to me obviously; Hah, I’ve always wanted to date you!” I admit with a slight blush on my face as they look at me. “What do you mean you wanted to be with someone like me?” They ask with a slight blush before I go to kiss their unexpected face. Their lips were sweet and full of surprise but I think I enjoyed it more than they did. “S/O/L/N answer us!” Is still being yelled as I look at them.

“Here is the full deal; so I’m thinking, I don’t let anyone harm a hair on your pretty little head and you go out with your new girlfriend on a date night every now and then. What do you say? Clock’s ticking, dearest.” I say as I saw that the guards almost had the doors opened and I could see my dearest face and something surprised me.

The smile on their face was a dead giveaway that they were not thinking too hard on this, that they were going to enjoy this. “As if I had a choice. Now what, ‘dear’?” they said as I smiled, gently pecking their lips and backing up. “I’ll be in touch so keep that private line open. Boop!” I say as I touch the tips of their nose gently as I teleported away before the guards come in. “Mission failed. Target escaped.” I say with a slight shrug with I stood around, seeing that the coast was clear and I gather my supplies up. “Get back to the ship.” Is heard from the reluctant and obviously pissed Reaper.

I start to walk away but then see a notification appear on my phone.

                      Computer café in Kings Row, 8pm, don’t be late.

Yep, looks like this is going to be the start of a great relationship.

*- ^_^ Mod Firefly ^_^ -*

Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild Theory

Theory 1


The Link that is being awakened is the Hero of Time.

No matter the timeline Link always has a bad ending.

Adult Timeline: Zelda sends Link back in time to relive his childhood leaving his world defenseless against Ganon.

Child Timeline: Link’s information gets Ganon sealed, however it’s well known that he feels remorse and becomes the Hero’s shade.

Finally we are left with the Fallen Timeline where The Hero of Time dies.  

Link is being awakened in a place called the Shrine of Resurrection. There is only one cannon timeline and game where the hero fails. The Hero of Time is being called back into action to save Hyrule and become the hero he was destined to be.

Theory 2


Where does Breath of the wild take place in the Zelda timeline? A popular question that has spanned multiple theories across the internet, some place this in-between OoT and WW while others are saying it’s after WW. A few of the crazier theories claim that they will be a second split in the timeline however; I believe that this game will be a unification of all the timelines thanks to the paradox of Link’s failure.

If we take a look at the map we can see that Nintnedo is incorporating different aspects of past Zelda games. Along the right side of the map you can see a similar map to the original Legend of Zelda for the NES. The middle portion of the map is Ocarina of Time map supported by the Temple of time in a relatively similar spot with Death Mountain behind it. Finally the left side of the Breath of the wild world map is early similar to Twilight Princess.

Why do the timelines combine into one?

The number one reason why all 3 timelines will combine is Ganondorf. At one point or another each reincarnation of the hero successfully defeats Gannon however it is shown throughout multiple games that he can be revived by his followers. What happens if Gannon and Ganondorf are separated from one another? Gannon is a representation of Demise hatred. In Wind Waker we learn that Ganondorf acted in behalf of his people even gaining some sympathy from Link and the players.

“Do you sleep still? Wait! Do not be so hasty, boy… I can see this girl’s dreams… Oceans… Oceans… Oceans… Oceans… Oceans as far as the eye can see. They are vast seas… None can swim across them… They yield no fish to catch… What did the King of Hyrule say?… That the gods sealed Hyrule away? And they left behind people who would one day awaken Hyrule? How ridiculous… So many pathetic creatures, scattered across a handful of islands, drifting on this sea like fallen leaves on a forgotten pool… What they can possibly hope to achieve? Don’t you see? All of you… Your gods destroyed you!”

Ganondorf resented the chosen people claiming the God’s favored them over his own this anger attracted Demise and the power of the Triforce. The same Gods that protected the people of hyrule viewed Ganondorf worthy of possessing a portion of their sacred treasure.

“Though this is not the end. My hate… never perishes. It is born anew in a cycle with no end!”

Demise placed a curse upon the land that no matter what happens he will return. The demon we see in the E3 trailer is not Ganondorf but Demise power manifesting once more without a human host. This power is so grand that is spans across multiverses causing each timeline to intertwine with one another.

The Oldman in Breath of the wild states that Gannon is hell bent on destroying the world Ganondorf never wanted to destroy the land of Hyrule he simply wanted to rule over it to give his people a fair chance at life.

The loss of the human host cause the curse to be unleashed once more creating a catastrophe so grand it effects the whole multiverse.

Theory 3

The Oldman

The top two theories out in the world is that the Oldman is either King Hyrule or Ganondorf. I am starting to lean towards the side that believes the Oldman is Ganondorf who has finally been exorcised of Demise’s curse. Ganondorf wants to rebuild Hyrule and in a way redeem himself from his past actions.

Theory 4


Alright the final part of my theory redemption. The hero of time is being revived to correct his failure and finally defeat Demise. The paradox caused by the hero’s death caused the timelines to split creating a multiverse, when Ganondorf/Gannon was defeated by the hero’s incarnations in all timelines it caused Demise’s curse to break free of its human host.

Without Ganondorfs influence Demise came back into the world with one purpose to destroy everything the Goddess Hylia fought for. Demise resurrection caused a ripple effect throughout the multiverse causing them to intertwine. This is why we will see aspects of Twilight Princess (Great bridge of Hylia) the Korok of Wind Waker and landmarks of the original game.

If the Oldman is truly Ganondorf he is seeking help from the one person he knows has the power to rid the world of Demise, the hero of time. Both Link and Ganondorf will be looking to redeem themselves in Breath of the wild by destroying Demise and bringing peace throughout Hyrule and possibly save the multiverse itself.

Breath of the wild could be the first game where all 3 entities that represent the Triforce will gather together to defeat a greater evil.

I will walk into the fire
and build myself a forge.
In it, I will rise an altar
for you to sit and rule.

My hands will be your weapons,
and my soul will be your crown.
Cloaked in black powder,
my blood will be your poison.

Use me as you please,
command me as you will,
for my body is not my own,
it surrenders before your throne.

You will be my empire,
war will be my cause,
for I am your loyal subject,
your dagger in the fight.

—  In the ashes of battle, you will be my sweet demise, D.C.

Tell me how to write without your name sprouting in the spaces of my poetry because I forgot to speak with my own voice when all that I could ever hear is the way you sigh and say my name when it’s 3 in the morning and I am collapsing.

Tell me how to bleed not from the wounds that you inflicted on my skin for I have spent almost 300 days handing you my detached pieces only for you to spit and step on them as if they were never my everything.

Tell me how to watch you fall for someone else and act as if I am not a garden of carnation hastily wilting in disgust of your lies and affection.

Tell me how to walk without the veins of your memories dragging me to the past when I still thought it was real.

Tell me how to break you, to destroy you and to eradicate your existence so that you won’t have to taint others with your filthy hands.

Tell me how to obliterate you without causing my own demise.

—  n.a., Sakujo

I’m sorry I made you cold.

I look at you and I can no longer remember the person who reminded me that there is still a sun when I thought I  was nothing but a tropical depression. Your eyes that used to be a flowery meadow at spring became daggers piercing through the soul of anyone who dares to glance at your direction. Your voice that used to soothe all the raging waves inside me became the vibration that swallows the entire island. Your hands that used to make every trembling part of my body calm down became destructive to everything that it could ever reach. Your entire being became frozen from every emotion that used to run through your veins.

I ache for the person that you were. The one that I stole when I walked away. The person who did nothing but loved me, forgave me, kept up with me even if I threw myself again and again into the pit of agony. The person who waited for me to change, to finally decide to stay, to learn who to give love without being terrified by it and how to receive love without wanting to take it away.

I look at you and all that I can see is the remnants of my departure. I am sorry you had to come across with someone like me. I am sorry that I had to love you. I am sorry that I stopped.


You look at me with sorry eyes and suddenly I want to take them out of your eye socket.

I don’t need your pity. I don’t need your late apology. I don’t need your dropping chest and contorted face as you try to pretend that you are mourning for the person that I was. Don’t take credit to my destruction. All you did was left me behind in that sole moment when I needed you the most. I did the rest to myself. I was the one who picked myself up from the shards you have made myself into. I was the one who had to live with the memories that you have embedded to my entire being. I was the one who dragged my feet from where you were to where I am right now.

Don’t. Don’t look at me as if you could save me. You are nothing but a flickering light– indecisive on whether you would stay or leave my life. I stayed long enough to shatter. I held on long enough to cause my own demise. I turned on and off the switch for thousands of times thinking that doing so would make you decide if you would finally light up or you would explode.

You made your decision never to light on me again. So I was left with no choice but to live with darkness. I learned how to navigate through it. I have grown so used to it that I couldn’t remember how being around you feels like.

I loved you. I did. But now you are just nothing but a light that died a long time ago.

Michael: Last Goodbyes

May Be Triggering

Listen To: Close As Strangers by 5 Seconds Of Summer

To everyone who’s ever made a difference in my life,

I guess this is it. I guess this is the end of the road. Eighteen years of life and it’s all led up to this. How fucking unexpected of it all. To everyone who’s ever made a difference in my life, I write this for you. I write this for everyone who’s ever made an impact in my life. Everyone who’s ever shaped me to be who I am today. Everyone I ever loved and believed that I couldn’t live without. I write this for you. I know that if you’re reading this, it means that I’m already gone. That’s what I hoped for at least.  You see, I always knew that my life would end this way. Something inside me always told me that I wasn’t going to live that long. Ever since I was young I always knew I would be the cause of my own demise. So I write this for everyone who never saw this coming. For everyone who thought I would grow old with them. For everyone who believes that they can’t cope without me. I write this to show you that you can.

I write this to my girlfriend (Y/N). (Y/N), I’m so sorry everything had to end this way. Sweetie, if you’re the one who found me I want you to know that I’m so fucking sorry. Some part of my mind always told me that it would be you, but the sad thing is I decided that it was a risk that I was willing to take. So if it was you, who walked in on me, if it was you who called the police, if it was you who was there during my last moments, I want to thank you. Darling I want to thank you for being the most incredible experience in my life. Whenever I was around you I always felt so loved, and for a while, even if it was for a bit, you made me feel so happy. You made me feel like even for a bit, I wasn’t broken, you always saw the best in me sweetheart. I just want to thank you. I know that I wasn’t happy for a long time. I know that you knew that too. I always heard you crying in the showers every day, and even though you would always deny it, I knew it was because of me. Your friends always called me and told me to get away from you. They told me that you were too worried, too attached, too invested in me and in trying to pick me up and fix me. But darling, some things were just meant to be broken. They always told me that my problems quickly became your problems, and they knew that you weren’t willing to give up on me. They wanted me gone. They wanted you back. And sweetheart, I can’t help but feel that they were right. You deserved happiness, and I felt like your charity case, because honestly, that’s what I became. I stole that beautiful smile from you and I threw it away. (Y/N), you always cared so much more. But it was time that you stopped investing in me and started living your life. You cared too much, and even though I was the one that was drowning, I was afraid for you. I feel like I stole your life from you. Its time you have it back. I write this to tell you that I want you to be happy again. I write this to tell you that you always did everything that you could. You were always enough. But its time you had your life back. I need you to know that now that I’m gone, its time you stopped investing in me. I sure as hell did. Darling, I write this to tell you to that I set you free. You are no longer responsible for me. Its time I step up like the man you always knew me as, and take responsibility of my life, and even my death. I need you to know that you are free. I need you to know how much I love you. And no matter where you are, I’m watching over you sweetheart. I always will.

I write this for my brothers. Luke, Calum, Ashton, I’m sorry. What more can I say other than I’m sorry. I just want you to know that you gave me the most incredible years of my life. You truly are my brothers. I want to thank you for giving me such a wonderful life and I want to thank you for making my dreams come true. It was an honor sharing every moment of it with you. I know I didn’t live long, but just know that I lived my life fully. I became everything I ever wanted to, and I did it all with you. I know that none of you ever truly knew how bad I was.  You knew I was sad, but I always left it at that. And I’m here to say that I take full responsibility for it. I didn’t want you guys to know. I didn’t want you guys to see how bad I was because I didn’t want you guys to realize that I wouldn’t be with you long. I mean God, how do you tell your own brothers that you’re dying? You can’t. I couldn’t tell you that I was dying, guys. It hurt too bad to even think of you guys living your life less fully because of me. I loved you all too much. Luke, I need you to listen to me. I don’t want you to feel guilty for anything that’s happened. I don’t want you to follow the same path I was on. God, your heart is so big and you’ve always tried to take the pain from me. But you always blamed yourself every time you saw that it was still there. Luke, I need you to stop. God, you’re so young and you have such an amazing life ahead of you. Don’t shorten that because of me. You were always so easily influenced by us, but I need you to stop and take your own road in life. I need you live your life to the fullest, Luke. As if I never even left. You deserve it. You always deserved the best. Calum, we practically grew up together. You were always there right beside me no matter what we were going through. You were the most incredible friend to me throughout everything. I need you to learn to keep on going without me. I need you to learn that it’s ok if I’m not there anymore. I need you to realize that you’re going to be just fine without me in your life. You always were. I know it’s going to be different without me there, and without someone to talk to all the time, without someone to go to when you need a friend. But just because I’m gone doesn’t mean I’ve left you. Cal, I need you to know that all you have to do is call me, and I will be right there by your side. I fucking swear that I will always be there. The same way you were for me. I will always be your best friend, no matter where I am. Please, learn to leave me in the past. Ashton, you were always like an older brother to me. I always looked up to you and hoped that I could even be half the man that you were. You were always so happy and cheerful and full of life. Honestly, deep down inside you were everything I wanted to become. You had a way of spreading so much joy to so many people and you never failed to make me feel full of life again. But Ashton, don’t you dare throw away your happiness because of me. Don’t you dare throw away your spark. I need you to take your happiness and spread it with the boys. Ashton I need you to help them cope now that I’m gone. Ashton please don’t let them fall. Please carry them with you forever now that I can’t. And please, now that I’m gone please don’t distance yourself from them. They love you so much Ashton and believe me, they will help you through this just as much as you will for them. Now that I’m gone, please don’t run away. Please don’t come and visit me. The world needs an incredible person like to light the way. And I’m sorry if I took some of your happiness with me. I know it was selfish, but I just can’t think of anything but leaving right now. Please learn to smile again without me. I know you’ll fight this storm. Guys you will always be my brothers no matter where I am, no matter what becomes of us. Please don’t leave each other at a moment like this. I swear that even though I’m gone I will always look after each and every one of you, just like a brother should. I will be right beside you no matter where you guys are. Don’t you ever think that I won’t be watching over you. Because that’s all I’ll ever do, is make sure that you  guys have a better life than I did. I write this to show you that I’m never far away. Just remember to call on me, and I’ll always be right there beside you. Please don’t think that I’ve ever left. I will always protect you, even if I’m far away. I love you all so much. Never forget that.

I write this for my fans. I will never forget any one of you. All I hope is that you do the same. Please, stand by my brothers. You’re all they have left of 5 Seconds of Summer. I guess this is our goodbye now. What can I even say. My God, you changed my life. I owe everything I’ve become to you all. I want to thank you. For all you’ve done for me. For all you’ve done for the boys. You changed our lives. You’re the reason we were out there living our dreams. Because of you all, I got to live my life fully. I can finally leave with a smile on my face, knowing that I’ve accomplished everything I’ve ever wanted to. I’ve lived a full life. I’ve changed lives. And I fell in love with every single one of you over and over again. Thank you for standing by us. You made my life worth living. I’m sorry I’ve left you all. Never forget how much I love you all. And please, never follow me. I want to see each and every one of you living your lives fully. Please. For me. I will be with every single one of you, and I want to see you all do and become everything you’ve ever wanted to do and be. I want to see you all make the most of your lives. Please don’t let my death go in vain. Please, be nice to each other and stand by each other during this time. I know it’s tough, but please don’t give up. I’m so so sorry I’ve left you. I always loved you all so much. Don’t blame yourselves for anything. And please, never ever give up hope on life like I did. It’s addictive and it hurts everyone around you. You all deserve to smile. Just because I’m not there to see it, doesn’t mean that I won’t be proud of each and every one of you for everything that you’ve accomplished in life. God, I love you all so much. I will miss you all so very much. I love you. I love you. I fucking love you all so much. God it kills me to even imagine you all upset. Please don’t be upset. Please learn to forget me. Please. Move on. I write to tell you all, that you’ll never be alone. I write to tell you not to follow me. I want you all to live on. If I’ve learned anything, it’s to never lose hope. It’s such a powerful thing that can either make you or break you. Choose to have hope in the incredible things in life. Choose life. Choose happiness. Carry on. - Mikey 


Well now...

, a lot of things have come a full circle with the new revelations in the latest chapter, here is some review of the foreshadowing that Mashima has been slapping on our years ago:

1- First of all was Natsu joining the guild

Knowing Makarov, we never suspected that him bringing Natsu to Fairy tail was a mere coincidence, i mean its normal for a guild that considers everyone family to take in those who don’t have a home which seemed as a normal case with Natsu BUT… after the latest chapter i believe that its not just a mere coincidence, given the relationship between Zeref and Fairy tail that was amplified thanks to FT Zero and mainly between Zeref and Mavis who was taught magic by him, still their relationship is still pretty ambiguous given that Zeref was on the same island with Mavis, and the last confrontation between them. 

There is also the matter of Makarov saying “If Natsu, one day…”. I don’t recall which chapter was this but Makarov states something special about Natsu indirectly without going any further, indicating Makarov has some knowledge about the Zeref, E.N.D fiasco, and he might have gotten that knowledge from either Mavis or Precht.

2- The Edolas arc foreshadowing, remember the demon king dragneel stunt Natsu pulled so everyone could believe that Mystogan was a hero? Gotta give Mashima props for this cause like DAMN

3- Natsu’s meeting with Zeref on Tenrou…..

looking back Zeref was completely emotional when seeing Natsu, speculations were that they knew each other but Natsu lost his memories, its understandable that he would be emotional seeing Natsu after so many years,  but reading today’s chapter that reunion  made waaaaaaay more much sense given the reveal of their actual relationship with each other, Zeref was emotional because his brother was there standing right in front of him, the deceased brother he worked so hard to revive is right there, and now we all know the meaning of Zeref saying that he has grown

4- The many hints in the Tartarus arc…..

What Silver said after Natsu was caught in prison, which sounded that he was kind of displeased or worried about the fact of Natsu being there…

Not to mention that he knew what type of demon E.N.D was, though he might not have confirmed his identity as Natsu because knowing Silver he would have killed him straight away at the prison…

And we have Zerefs second meeting with Natsu, it was pretty solid by then that Natsu and Zeref were related in some way or another, as Zeref kept on mentioning E.N.D and Natsu together pretty often…….

And Igneel playing a big part in this story, as said by Atlas flame that Igneel failed to defeat E.N.D, Zeref mentioned this fact again and notice him saying the word couldn’t, and right now we know that Natsu was just a child when he was resurrected again as an etherious demon, which make these panels make way more sense……

Lets not forget the fact that Igneel didn’t want to destroy the book of E.N.D, he specifically told Natsu to not open it and bring it to him, not destroy it which he is originally supposed to do. Which means that the life of the current Natsu we all know and love is connected to that book, recall what Zeref said here…

We got our confirmation that Natsu is E.N.D, and since Zeref said this that means that Natsu will be the one to choose whether he can live as E.N.D his complete form, or die rather than bringing destruction and harm and possibly killing his brother…….

I just have to say that Mashima is an absolute genius when it comes to foreshadowing of previous events, if anyone has read his previous work Rave master you would understand. Currently i don’t see a complete happy ending for this as someone is bound to die in the forthcoming battle with E.ND, Zeref and Acnologia, hopefully i am wrong cause just this chapter has already made my mind jumbled up and depressed, i hope Mashima can spare our lives on this.

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I hope you get hit by a bus for being a bigot .

Your perspective on justice and causality is interesting. It would be interesting to dissect that phrase a little sometime.

For instance, what morality are you pulling from? What’s the basis for accusing me of wrongdoing? At present I’m not admitting wrong nor am I claiming to be right.

And what sort of if-then thought process would you have if you believed that my hypothetical demise at the front end of a bus was caused by certain comments or beliefs?

You’ve got me pondering tonight.

Ok. So this is my first drabble ever. I’ve never tried to write any fics or anything but I love writing so I tried my hand at it. Also, I love how last night only motivated and inspired me to crank this out faster :) Basically it’s not beta'ed and I’m not entirely sure about it (there are some loose ends and stuff but whatever, practice makes perfect!) Also the ending may seem a bit comical and cheesy, but I was not about to leave us with angst in our time of fluffy need. So enjoy, I hope you get a lot of feels, cry, and then smile and giggle like Klaus circa 4x07 at the end ;) Lmk what you think. *covers eyes and hides*

It had been only two months since Klaus saw her last, after their steamy and passion-filled rendezvous in the woods. The day they finally gave into their deepest desires and Caroline finally admit she felt something for him.

It wasn’t until a few days ago that he and Rebekah managed to discover that the witches had effectively erased the blonde vampire from his mind.

It was no surprise that Klaus returned from his brief trip to Mystic Falls looking like a man whose dreams had come true. The last thing he remembered was the incident with Genevieve where she exposed his sister’s betrayal.

He discovered that the old and powerful witch harbored intense feelings of desire for him - feelings he most certainly did not reciprocate. She had taken advantage of his vulnerable state and placed a memory wiping spell on him after she heard him utter the name ‘Caroline’ in his moments of despair. She was jealous and vengeful, doing anything in her power to win over the man she’d been lusting for over the past few decades.

Coincidentally, it was a phone call from Stefan that aroused his suspicion as to why he dreamed of this beautiful blonde angel, and awoke without being able to see her face in the day. He immediately went to Genevieve, bringing along his most trusted witches for backup. They restrained Genevieve and forced her to confess what she had done to mess with Klaus’s mind.

He awoke with a start just barely three days ago, once again seeing the face of the woman who plagued his dreams and the memories began to rush back to him, flowing through his body, and filling him with an even deeper sense of emptiness. Caroline. His Caroline. How dare that witch rid him of the only happy times in his wretched life? Of the only light to his darkness?


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