i am the biggest dork in the world

I have cute smoochy art of Ree and Alistair. All is right in the world. I am at peace.

Thank you so much @domirine for this wonderful commission of these two dorks, it’s absolutely perfect! Love what you did with the earrings too!

okay don’t get me wrong, i love and cry over every single malec moment… but straight up my favourite to date has to be the “magnus is… um, quite magical” moment. like if that’s not a perfect representation of how someone acts when their crush is mentioned, i don’t know what is. alec is so serious and repressed all the time but the moment he sees/someone mentions magnus he turns into the worlds biggest dork and i am so for it.

I just want to say thank you, to these amazing men.
I know we are used to call them ‘boys’, because that’s how they started: as five naïve and excited teenagers ready to take over the X Factor.
Five boys full of hopes and willing to commit themselves 100% in what they were doing to fulfill their dreams.
I wonder if they imagined how massive their success was going to be in a matter of months, what the future held for them and everything they were about to experience as a five piece band.

It makes me emotional because I am so so so proud of them.
They became the biggest boyband in the world, and despite the enviroment they live in, they never lost themselves but kept staying those five hyperactive dorks, completely unable to dance or learn a simple choreography and so, so down to Earth. They matured so much in these past five years, both as individuals and as artists: they started to get involved into their albums’ songwriting process and this helped them to grew up and become the great and outstanding artists they are today.

They changed so many people’s lives with their music, including mine: I’ve met so many wonderful and beautiful people since I joined the One Direction fandom, and I’m honoured to be able to call them friends.

Being a One Direction fan isn’t always easy, and we’ve been seeing it especially in the last few months. But the effort they put into everything they do, the love and the music they give us, make it worth it: just remember who they really are underneath all the 'worldwide famous pop stars’ layers.

I want to thank their families too, for gifting us with these amazing, kind, polite, smart, funny and talented young lads: I’m sure they are so proud of the men they’ve become.

Sappiness aside: Happy Birthday, One Direction.
And thank you, for everything.