i am the best medic

how 2 flirt according to will solace
  • “wow my hands are shaking so bad feel them WHOOPS HAHA looks like we’re holding hands now oh well??” is a totally subtle and smooth move and you should def go for it
  • i can sense darkness in you… so i guess you HAVE to stick with me in order to stay safe, haha whaddaya gonna do, that’s the only possible solution to this
  • there’s no time like the present to banter with someone and tell them you value them! “but what about the massive approaching army or your relative who’s currently threatening to murder you??” back burner, dude, this kid’s loneliness has to be DEALT WITH
  • an important part of flirting is keeping your chill and never giving in to emotional outbursts. “i’m planning to leave camp after this” “WHAT NO YOU CAN’T HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME” nailed it
  • a great way to get someone to spend time with you? encourage them to hang out in a makeshift icu, especially if they can sense when a person is close to death! this is a genius idea, just the best plan ever
  • listen i am a doctor and it is my medical opinion that you need to take a nap and then hang out with me what do you mean that doesn’t sound like a real treatment plan how dare you i am a professional, sir

and at some point in the future, probably:

  • “hey nico are you from tennessee” “you know i’m not” “because you’re the only TEN I SEE” “why are you like this”
Ask a Therapist - Can I still be a social worker if I have a mental illness?

I’m working on my BSW, and I adore social work. I very much want to be a social worker, and my longterm goal is to earn both a MPH and an MSW. I was recently diagnosed with bipolar type II disorder. I am on medication and seeing a therapist, and I’m feeling the best I’ve felt in a least 10 years. Can I still be a social worker if I have a mental illness?

Absolutely! And I’m so glad you asked. I’ve been thinking maybe it’s time for me to share a little bit more of “the man behind the curtain”. I think sometimes there is this fantasy that therapists have it all together, that they are the exemplification of mental health. We’re not.

I’ve been in therapy on and off since I was 14. I’ve been on 9 different psych med combinations, including an antipsychotic. At various points I have carried the diagnoses of Bipolar type 2, Borderline Personality Disorder, Mood Disorder NOS, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Major Depressive Disorder, Adjustment Disorder, and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder combined type. I’m still on meds, I still go see the psychiatrist every month, and occasionally I still go back to therapy. And I’m still a social worker :-)

I would like to think my lived experiences make me a stronger ally for the clients I work with. I know that med makes you dizzy for the first few days, this one will make you feel sick in the morning, and this other one will make you want to sleep all the time. I know that not all self harm is a suicidal gesture. I know these things because I’ve lived through them.

I think the biggest barrier to being a good social worker is not whether or not you have a mental illness. And it’s not even entirely based on how long you’ve been in recovery (though that can help). Instead it’s a question of whether or not you can put your stuff down while you’re with clients and focus on them. If you’ve got so much going on in your own life (mental illness or otherwise!) that you can’t be there, really be there, mentally and physically for your clients, there are going to be issues. If you’re really dysregulated with your own crises, no way can you help clients through theirs.

But it sounds like you are well on your way! Keep plugging through school and you’ll be a kick-ass social worker soon!

[NEWS] Ji Soo Revealed To Have Received Emergency Surgery

On September 14, Prain TPC revealed, “Ji Soo received surgery for acute osteomyelitis (inflammation of bone or bone marrow, usually due to infection) yesterday. The surgery went well and he is recuperating in a recovery room.”

The agency explained, “Ji Soo was recently suffering from leg pain with an unknown cause, so he went to the hospital last week and received many examinations and treatments but there wasn’t any improvement so he got a diagnostic work-up on the 12th. Even before the results came out he experienced severe pain and had a high fever, so he urgently went to a hospital and the doctor said he had to get surgery immediately so he got surgery yesterday at 4 p.m.”

They continued, “The name of the disease is acute osteomyelitis. He is currently in the recovery room and while the surgery went well we will look over his condition and give a specific statement after listening to the medical team.”

Prain TPC further commented, “We are having discussions with JTBC’s ‘Fantastic‘ production staff in order to cause as little inconvenience as possible in regards to promised schedules. Right now we will do our best in consoling Ji Soo’s family and taking care of Ji Soo so he can recover well.”

Ji Soo is currently acting in JTBC’s Friday-Saturday drama “Fantastic.”

[Ji Soo’s Agency Provides Details About Health Condition]

Following the news of Ji Soo’s emergency surgery for acute osteomyelitis (inflammation of bone or bone marrow, usually due to infection), his agency has provided more details.

The president of Prain TPC, Yeo Jun Yeong, posted a photo of the backside of Ji Soo taken when he received his examination on his SNS account.

Yeo Jun Yeong wrote, “Since several weeks ago Ji Soo’s leg was hurting so he went to a hospital to get treatment and examinations and the doctor said it might be bone cancer. We went to a larger hospital to get a diagnostic work-up to be sure. The results will be available after the Chuseok holiday but his condition had worsened to the point where he needed painkillers and a wheelchair. In the end, his fever rose close to 40 degrees Celsius (approximately 104 degrees Fahrenheit) so he was admitted to a hospital before the sun rose. People from the hospital hurriedly did a body scan and confirmed that it was acute osteomyelitis thankfully and not cancer upon checking the MRI.”

He continued, “Osteomyelitis is also a painful and scary disease but it was less bad news since we had been praying for it to not be cancer. He had a long surgery which ended around 9 p.m. yesterday and I was able to meet him.”

The president concluded, “We have to observe his progress but we are thankful that this is a hardship he can overcome. I am deeply thankful to the medical team who did their best. We are in discussion regarding the current projects he is filming in order to find a solution that causes the least inconvenience. However, we will focus on doing our best to console Ji Soo’s family and take care of Ji Soo so that he can recover. We are sorry to those who were shocked after seeing the news and causing  them to worry before the holiday.”

[Drama “Fantastic” Reveals Plans Following News Of Ji Soo’s Sudden Surgery]

Following the news of Ji Soo’s acute osteomyelitis (inflammation of bone or bone marrow, usually due to infection), the production staff of JTBC’s “Fantastic” has revealed their plans moving forward.

The production staff stated, “We will have to watch over Ji Soo’s condition but there will be no actor replacements. We will gather our wisdom in continuing the drama without being too extreme and will wait until Ji Soo recovers and is able to return to filming.”

They continued, “We will inevitably revise the script as time passes, so there is no need for a replacement.”

Previously, it was revealed that Ji Soo suddenly required surgery due to acute osteomyelitis. He is currently recovering in a hospital.

We hope Ji Soo recovers fully soon!

cr : soompi 

Admins : fighting!!! You are in our thoughts and prayers during your time of recovery. 💙💙💙

Rags of Light

Author: @aloysiavirgata

Rating: PG

Timeline: A year after IWTB

Summary:  Dealing with the past to move into the future.

Author’s Notes: This story was written for the very patient @perplexistan who was looking for some post-IWTB angst. I hope this fits the bill! Thanks to @contradiction-to-nature, beta extraordinaire, and my squad sounding board.

The title comes from Leonard Cohen’s If It Be Your Will.


She finds Mulder behind the house, drowsing in one of the hammocks they’d strung between the ancient oaks that tower above their patch of the planet. Scully loves the clean piney air, the scents of earth and raw lumber that infuse their home. The trees are a riot of autumn color, carpeting the grass in gold and scarlet. Two floppy-eared Nubian goats are munching the grass nearby, occasionally crunching on fallen leaves. Scully named them Rosalind Franklin and Elizabeth Blackwell.

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SasoSaku Month Day 14

notes honestly?? we Deserved to see this duo in the manga. fuck you kishi ;_;; 

writing by sohhng

“To be held under the sway of that little worm is only adding insult to injury. I’ll have you know that there was a time when I could make the scheming bastard piss himself in fear.”

“That’s nice,” Sakura grunts, tying off the tourniquet and snapping the excess fabric with her teeth. Now that the bleeding’s been controlled, she can get around to the actual healing. “Tell me another, old man.”

Akasuna no Sasori, fresh from the grave, levels a glare in her direction. It ought to frighten her, what with those weird inverted eyes, smeared black framing phosphorescent pupils.

Weird circumstances aside – hello, she’s willingly waltzed into a confined space with what amounts to a very nicely put together zombie – she isn’t afraid of him. She just took an enemy sword to the meat of her thigh half an hour ago; a cranky little man isn’t going to intimidate her.

Besides, she’s already beat him to the ground once, and she can do it again.

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Hi! I have a problem; I'm in a really bad mood, being annoyed at everything, tired, angry at school and life, and feeling really bad about myself. I have lots of homework to do this weekend, but I just have no motivation to do it when I have this mood. Any tips on how to push through it, or have a better mood? Thanks xx


I think we all know this feeling… tired, demotivated, pissed off, down on ourselves. It sucks, but it’s very common, and there’s an absolute plethora of possible ways to combat it. Hooray!

Here’s what I personally find helpful when I feel this way:

  • Give myself a break. Nothing’s going to get done (or done well) while I’m feeling like this - I’m much better off chilling, watching a movie, having a bath, going out somewhere, reading a book, etc. Whatever you like doing. I forget about my homework for a few hours and do something that makes me happy.
  • Give it another go. Occasionally an academic miracle occurs and this actually works, but often it doesn’t. That’s okay - worth the try! 
  • Have a cup of tea (or your preferred beverage). This forces you to be still and calm for a few minutes.  
  • Do 5 minutes of homework. It doesn’t matter what subject it is.
  • Have a 5 minute break. 
  • Do another 5 minutes. I usually start feeling a little more motivated around now.
  • 5 minute break
  • 10 minutes work
  • 5 minute break
  • 15 minutes work 
  • and so on… until I’ve done all I can for the day.

Remember, starting is the hardest. It takes 10 - 15 minutes for you brain to become engaged with an activity, so if you can manage to work for that long then hopefully you can continue working. Worst case scenario, you’ll at least get SOMETHING done! A few 5 minute blocks are better than 0 minutes. 

Here are some other tips:

I hope that’s helpful - good luck! ^_^

It’s the same in Nepal

I am an orthopedic surgeon from Nepal. I was born in a remote Nepali village in an extremely poor Family. My father ploughed landlords’ land to feed his ten children. It is nothing short of a miracle and god’s grace that I was able to study in one of Asia’s best medical schools.

I am a cheerful person and make friends easily. But being called names, being hit for no reason, having to wash diseases after eating in a hotel, and not being allowed to enter the houses of upper caste friends was normal in our village. At ten, I was selected to study on a full scholarship to study in a boarding school, in a neighboring town. At one point during school, nearly forty of my classmates weren’t talking to me. That’s more than two-thirds the entire population. I was only 11 years old away from any support. Thank god, that I fought through that and I am now a surgeon trained from one of the best centers in this region. I never lied about my caste but it did make me miserable. I still get patients who ask my caste. It’s a very common question in Nepal. I smile to them and tell them I am ‘untouchable’ and if they still want to be operated by me. Almost always uncomfortable silence ensues.

- Dr. Bhim Shreemal (Nepal)

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Don't use hydrocortisone cream on stretchmarks!!! Steroidal creams thin the skin and make the appearance of stretchmarks worse! It will also make them harder to get rid of later or make it so they never fade. PLEASE don't tell people things that you are uninformed about!

Ah, so if the appearance of the stretch marks is a concern, then just default to aloe vera.

I try my best to research the topics, but I am not a medical professional. Please always google a suggestion before trying it.

-Lou the Lobster

hello everyone!!!
my name is daniel and i am a new mod!!!!
if you want, you can call me danny or dan.
i am 17 and neutrois. i use they/them pronouns.
i am really happy to help out here!!!!
i am good with answering all questions, but i am probably best with medical and social questions.
it is good to meet you all!!