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Pairing: Zach Dempsey x Reader

Request: “3 - Zach Dempsey”


3. “Home is whenever I’m with you.”

Word count: 1.196

Posted: 12th of May 2017

A/N: It is finally Friday and it means that I am posting many imagines tonight! Here’s a Zach imagine to start, requested by my lovely Aja. I am trying to complete her long list of imagines and I am enjoying it!
Anyway, I hope that you enjoy it and please don’t be afraid to send me some feedbacks, my ask is always open for them, even when you need someone to talk to.
I am so overwhelmed for the requests and I hope to finish them before I start my training period, but I doubt it. I am trying my best to write as many imagines as I can in these days though. I just hope that you love my imagines and you enjoy them. Thank you so much.

P.S.: I am not accepting part 2 requests as I have more than a hundred prompt requests in my ask box. There’s a little bit of chaos in my head right now and I would appreciate if you ask for something else, than staying on the same story lines. Thank you.

- G. x

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Warning: a little bit of angst.

“Zach, I’ve made myself clear earlier today,” Your recently ex-boyfriend was revealed by your front door as you decided to open it after several loud deafening and annoying knocks. “I don’t want to see you anymore.” You emotionlessly stated, you still had fresh tear stains on your cheeks as you spent your whole day crying on the couch.

“(Y/N), please let me explain.” Zach worriedly insisted as he knew how much he hurt you, although he didn’t want to and he never meant to do it. “You know that I’ve never wanted to hurt you, right?”

“Zach, you’ve already hurt me.” You shook your head as you bit your lip, trying to stop yourself from crying. You were sure that you were vulnerable, but you wanted to put some barriers between Zach and your heart, he hurt you and you couldn’t just let him in like that again. “I heard you and Marcus, talking about some sort of bet.” You explained and a tight knot was being formed in your stomach by the thought of it. It hurt you and you couldn’t not point it out.

“(Y/N), I am here to explain you what that bet really meant.” You heard in his voice that he was trying to convince you. You were hurt and he knew that you wouldn’t let yourself in that easily.

“Zach, everything’s clear to me now.” Your lips suddenly shook as you tried your best to mask yourself, to be strong. You spent happy days with Zach before and then you would find yourself crying over some stupid issues, that was stressing.

The thing really hurt you: you heard him talking to Marcus about some bet and Marcus mentioned your name, as if they were betting on you. You didn’t expect it, mostly from your boyfriend, because you believed that Zach couldn’t do such thing and he would never do anything to hurt you.

You believed it, until he proved that you were wrong. You were having a very healthy relationship, but then you would realize that he was being a gentleman just because of a stupid and useless bet. What a shame, wasn’t it?

Zach surely cared for you, he showed his love and his interest in you. He would listen to your problems, to your thoughts, to your bland jokes. He would cheer you up, when you needed someone by your side. He would sing you to sleep whenever you felt alone or terrified of your talkative and noisy thoughts at night.

He would do anything for you and he was the perfect one because of those factors, but he just broke your trust, he played with your feelings and, most of all, he made fun of you, together with his friends.

Disappointing, right? How did he have a peaceful mind after all these months? How? You didn’t know and you didn’t even want to know.

“(Y/N), you heard Marcus’ version of things. You never heard mine!” He held your hand, but you quickly pushed him away. You noticed that he looked disappointed and unwanted. He felt rejected, because he thought that you would understand him, that you would show a little bit of your compassion, even after he hurt you.

Zach loved you because you were understanding and you never judged him when he did something wrong. You would always listen to his version of things and you were happy that you were able to talk to him of his mistakes, but in that instance? It was hard for you to listen to him, it was hard because your ears and brain were already stuffed with your negative thoughts of him, with his little white lies.

Maybe you were just jumping into conclusions, maybe Zach wasn’t really betting on you, maybe you were wrong and you felt guilty for eavesdropping, but everything hurt you. You had a heavy weight in your chest and you couldn’t swallow your pride that fast. Unluckily.

“Go home, Zach!” Little tears started running down your face, wetting your still-red and burning cheeks once again. You pushed him away, because you couldn’t stand to hear more lies from him.

“No, I am already home!” Zach protested as he took some steps forward, diminishing the distance between your bodies.

“What are you talking about?” You slightly pushed him away, but he was surely stronger and taller than you. The push didn’t even affect him and you hated him even more for that.

“(Y/N), I am already home because,” He cut himself from speaking when he grabbed your forearm and he insisted on touching your soft and warm hands. “home is whenever I am with you.

By hearing those pleasant and sweet words, you cried him a river as the weight in your chest became lighter and it was easier to deal with it. You were flattered and you felt lucky and loved, because he wasn’t giving up on you. In fact, he was fighting even more, fighting to win you back.

“I didn’t mean to hurt you and I know that I never did anything bad to hurt you.” He pulled you into a tight and warm hug as he noticed how broken and sad you were, letting you to pour your heart out.

You let his muscular arms wrap around your fragile body and you leant your head on his chest, letting him to mend your broken heart, to gather all the broken fragments of your heart.

“I’m sorry for what you’ve heard, but I think that you should listen to my version too.” He caressed your hair and played with it as he rubbed your back. You bit your lip as your tears slowly stained his varsity jacket. “Marcus’ truths aren’t my truths. Are you letting me to explain?”

“No excuses and no sugarcoated lies?” You asked him as you tried to assure yourself that talking to him would worth something.

“No excuses, no sugarcoated lies, just the truth, my truth.” Zach assured you as he pressed his lips on your forehead. “I really love you and I will never hurt you.”

Zach has always been sincere and true to you. He was a gentleman, right? Maybe he was saying the truth or maybe not, but you knew from the bottom of your heart that you loved Zach. No one and nothing could stop you from doing it, because he was your life, the love of your life.

People messes up, but there would always be a second chance for the people that we loved.

“I love you too, Zach,” You finally said after a long and peaceful silence. You realized how important Zach was for you and you couldn’t lose him just like that. “so much.” You added with a smiled and you wrapped your arms around him as he hugged you tighter. You adored the warmth that his body emanated, while he felt lucky and relieved that you gave him a second chance. You were finally thankful to get back home, after a long and tiring day of crying.

After all, Zach was your home too and he would always be the one you would come home to, no matter what happened.

My brother’s best friend 4 || D.H.

A/N: I hope this turned out alright. There is not much action/ drama but it’s still cute  (I hope so at least). This is the last part.

Word Count: 1.4K

3rd and first perspective


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A short silence followed. The two of them just breathed into the phone.

“What do you mean ‘she is not at my place’?” Phil eventually asked his best friend, trying to remain calm.

“Well, she just isn’t. Why is she not at home?” Dan wanted to know, confusion noticeable in his voice.

“I don’t know, okay? I thought she’d be at yours. Do you think she just left?” Phil was by now enormously worried and Dan could tell.

“Let’s find her.”

After Phil had hung up he immediately called his sister. It rang a few times and then it went to voice mail. He didn’t leave a message instead he just tried to ring her again. Once again no luck.

Y/N would have probably picked up if she weren’t cuddled up on the sofa in her best friend’s living room. The two of them always have girl’s nights whenever one of them feels down. So they watched a Zac Efron movie while eating ice cream at nearly 1 am. Shortly before they turned on the TV, Y/N told Sam everything that had happened and she ensured her that the whole dating Dan thing will surely work out in the end. Meanwhile her phone was in her bag in Sam’s room, out of reach and unable to hear.

“Dan, I called her like 5 times and she didn’t pick up!”

Phil didn’t have the time to even say hello. His sister had never done something like that before.

“Okay, I’ll be at your house in 10 minutes.”

Just like Sam earlier that night, Dan came to rescue his best friend. Phil was already waiting in the drive way although it was freezing outside. He immediately jumped into the car when it arrived.

“We should drive through the neighbourhood.” Phil suggested, again without greeting his best friend, there wasn’t enough time for that.

So Dan started driving while Phil hectically stared out of the window and got excited whenever he thought to see somebody move in the dark, but the shadows he saw were just cats.

“This is all your fault” Phil mumbled and Dan couldn’t believe his ears.

“What?! I just kissed her.”

“I know.” Phil breathed in frustration. “It’s not your fault at all.” He then added sounding devastated.

It was silent again in the car, both of them weren’t in the mood to listen to music in a situation like this.

“I’m sorry.”

Phil’s voice was so quiet that it was barely audible.

“I was way too rude to you and Y/N. I don’t know why I overreacted like that.” he admitted and could feel a little part of the weight on his shoulders vanish.

“She’s your little sister it’s completely normal to feel the need to protect her.” Dan tried to cheer his best friend up, he was just glad that he was insightful.

“I think I was just shocked to see you two like that. I know that you are not a bad guy but I- I still got so angry at you. I thought you were just sneaking around with her behind my back for fun, but I noticed that she means a lot to you.” Phil couldn’t stop explaining himself and apologizing.

It was all his fault that they had to drive through the whole neighbourhood to search for his sister and he knew that and it crushed him. At first, he thought Dan was the bad guy in this story, but it was actually him. The awareness of that put his stomach in a twist and he fiddled with his hands out of worry.

“Phil, I really like Y/N.” Dan calmly declared and he meant it.

“I know.”

“I should have told you about my feelings for her earlier.”

“I shouldn’t have freaked out.”

After driving around the block for more than half an hour Phil had nearly lost all his hope. He leaned his head against the cold class of the car window. His eyes still didn’t leave the pavement.

“Dan?” Phil asked carefully.

“Yes?” his best friend answered. One could tell that Dan was curious by now.

“When you and my sister start dating, promise me to not forget about me.”

At first, Dan thought he was joking but he realized that Phil was being serious.

“Phiiilll, why would we ever do that?”

“I don’t know, I’m gonna be the third wheel and you two will only hang out with each other. Without me.”

Phil was afraid to finally put his fear into words. It was true, he was afraid of losing both his sister and his best friend and they were the two most important people in his life.

“Nothing is gonna change, we could just hang out together. It’s not like we are just gonna forget you, Phil.”

Phil took a deep breath and felt that he had calmed down a bit now and he felt a lot lighter.

“Do you think we should give up and drive-“ before he was able to finish his sentence he got interrupted by the sound of his phone ringing. It was so loud that it nearly made him jump.

“Hello!” he nearly shouted when he saw the caller ID and immediately picked up.

“Hi, why are you not sleeping?” Y/n asked she sounded confused and tired.

“Sleeping? How am I supposed to sleep when you just ran away?”

“Ran away? I am at Sam’s house.”

Sam’s house. Of course! Phil felt stupid for not thinking about that earlier, she’d always go there for girl’s nights.

“I was so worried about you.” Phil admitted instead of being angry at her. He had already caused enough trouble today and it was not her fault for needing a nice chat with her best friend after all the horrible things he had said.

Phil and I had a long talk after all that happened that night. He sincerely apologized for the way he acted and we went back to normal.

*5 months later*

“Prepare to lose Howell!” I shouted as I pressed play on my controller and started the game.

We were sat in the living room in front of the TV and played video games. At first Dan, Phil and I all played against each other and the best two got into the finale. Dan wasn’t wrong when he said that I’m better at this game than my brother.

“Never in a million years, Little Lester.”

I rolled my eyes at the nickname but had to grin like a fool anyway.

After a few minutes, it turned out that I was clearly the better player.

“I will never understand how you can be so good at this?” Dan sighed, annoyed that he was going to bitterly lose against me.

“Well, I had the best teacher.” I explained while high fiving my elder brother.

Phil had a huge smile on his face while Dan fake pouted.

“I wouldn’t be that confident of your victory, baby.”

“You are so far behind, it is nearly impossible for you to win.” I grinned amused.

“I wouldn’t be so sure about that either.” Dan said with a smirk and I knew something was off.

In the matter of a second he had taken the controller out of my hand and started tickling me with his huge hands.

I immediately started laughing so hard that I didn’t make a sound anymore. I tried to push him away from me put he had lifted me onto his lap and wouldn’t let go no matter how hard I kicked him with my feet.

“ST-OP” I manged to croak in between heavy breaths in desperate need of air.

“Say I am the best boyfriend in the world and also the best at any video game.” Dan suggested grinning widely. He stopped tickling me for a second so I could take a breath.

I shook my head no, teasing him.

Dan immediately attacked me with his large hands again, tickling my sides. I squirmed under his touch and felt how my face got red because of the lack of oxygen.

“OKAy! I- I’ll say it. Anything just please stop!” I squealed, giving in.

Dan seemed satisfied and actually stopped. “Let me hear it then.” He said cockily.

“I am the best boyfriend in the world and also the best at any video game.” I giggled and Phil who had to witness the whole scene started cracking up.

“Dad jokes? Really, Y/N?” Dan sighed annoyed but he was still smiling.

“Don’t act like you don’t love them, Dan.” I chuckled proud of myself.

“I really do love you.”

I couldn’t help but blush at his words. He was just too cheesy and cute.

We both leaned in for a kiss. Our lips met. They slowly moved against each other. I ran my hands though his brown hair as his tongue brushed my –

“GUYS! Not when I am here.” Phil complained and acted like he had to cover his eyes.

“I lived as Bok Joo so I feel like I actually did fall in love. But I don’t have much interest in guys to start with. This is a key characteristic of solos. I look forward to and am happy for weekends spent alone. I’m happy even when I drink coffee by myself. I don’t have fantasies about boys and I treat them just as comfortable human beings. Sometimes I do get depressed and need somewhere to lean on but I don’t think having a boyfriend will fill that emptiness. I can feel like I might want a boyfriend when I get lonely but I think it’s a time that I need to overcome by myself. I think it’ll be best to date when I have relaxed, free time.” 

-  Lee Sung Kyung (of Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo)

She is amazing. She must be the prettiest girl on earth and she doesn’t even act like it. What I love about her is how down to earth she is and how she can play very different characters, exaggerate and amplify everything… specially the emotions of those characters, and here, with Kim BokJoo you can feel her love.

I will miss this show dearly.

good trans will fic ideas besides the usual “coming out” tale;

1) binder fashion show - will is the self proclaimed Binder Boy and buys every single binder design ever. its a good thing he lives at camp and has wealthy friends (nico - “your boyfriend should be your best friend” - and cecil) otherwise he’d be suffocated by debt

2) nico (or lover of your choice, though i myself am partial to a finely aged Solange TM) having to buy menstrual products and being a total weenie about it. please consider this. bonus: cashier jokes “for your girlfriend?” and he gets steely and protective and growls “my BOYfriend, actually” and leaves the store glaring at the cashier for assuming. bonus bonus bonus; dont use the term “feminine hygiene”. keep things as gender neutral as possible. bonus bonus; “menstruation… more like, MANstruation!! hahaha geddit nico, cuz im a dude? ….nico? neeks, where are you going, come laugh at my-”

3) beach day fic, because every anime needs a beach episode and pjo is my favorite anime, obviously. you get to have fun picking out beach wear, plus everyone gets to be cute and splash around. maybe will cant go into the water because he doesnt have one of the special binders and mentions this, or hes wearing a bikini top (“its my MANkini. wait is that already a thing”) with a tank top over it so you can see his Moobs TM. bonus if a monster attacks and everyone is ready to fight, but will (who has taken down HOW MANY?? enemies with a single whistle) just waves his hand like hes shooing a bug and a flash of sunlight cuts the huge creature in half. he then goes back to reclining in the sun, calling to nico/your lover of choice to “come back over here, baby, sit with meee~!! its so nice out today, isnt it?”

4) zombie apocalypse or just apocalypse au. will Refuses to bind with bandage and thus has visible boobs. you can vaguely mention he’s transgender then go back to the zombie punching and otherwise assorted badass violence

5) any fic at all. like above, all you gotta do is find a way to throw in “nah i didnt feel like binding today” or “ugh i have a boob itch” or “he/him please” or “will wore a tiny trans pride pin” etc. all you gotta do is mention that he is trans and he continues to be trans throughout the story. you dont gotta mention genitals or menstruation or even dysphoria at all. just throw the word trans in there somewhere and you done did it and im proud of you


Daddy called me his girlfriend not once… but twice yesterday…
My heart was so full and happy but it confuses me that he has a girlfriend already… so what exactly am I..?
“You’re the best girlfriend in the world”
When someone asked if he was my boyfriend he said “yes”.
What on earth have I gotten myself into…


For some reason, Y/N had gotten the bright idea of getting fit into her head. It wasn’t like she was unhappy with her body or how she looked but she was tired of being the weak human that had to be constantly saved by her vampire boyfriend. She wanted to be strong; to be able to defend herself should the occasion arrive–and knowing this town, it would. So she asked her boyfriend Stefan to teach her how to fight. He was hesitant at first, not wanting to accidentally hurt her but eventually–after much pouting on her end–he caved. He started her with light exercise which including a whole bunch of crunches and learning how to throw punches. To say that she was exhausted would be an understatement but it wasn’t all bad. More often than not Stefan did his own exercises alongside her. Giving her plenty of motivation to keep going so that she could watch him get shirtless and sweaty. 

“You know that I can feel your eyes on me, right?” Stefan teased, not looking away from the ceiling beam that he was using to lift his body up and down. Y/N shook her head, snapping herself out of her zombie-life trance, before responding defensively. 

“I can’t help myself. How am I supposed to focus when you’re doing…that?” She quickly turned her attention back to the punching bad that she had been lazily punching a few moments ago but it wasn’t long before her eyes drifted back over to her boyfriend. Damn, he was hot. Feeling her eyes on him once again, Stefan lowered himself to the ground before making his way over to her. 

“You know, I find you very distracting as well.” He whispered from behind her, his breath sending the best kind of shivers down her body. “ What are we going to do about that?” All thoughts of continuing her exercise flew from Y/N’s mind as Stefan’s hands began to run over her body.

Bail (pre-apocalypse!Daryl x Reader) Pt 2

Characters- teenage!Reader, teenage!Daryl Dixon, teenage!Rick Grimes, teenage!Shane Walsh and teenage!Lori Grimes.



Y/N and Daryl slept over at her house after the whole mishap with the police station and Merle, but Y/N has forgotten that family friend Rick is supposed to stay with her while her parents are away. Rick is very protective of Y/N and sees her as his little sister and if he finds out that Daryl is there, he’ll flip out. Y/N calls her best friend Lori over to help because she knows Rick has the biggest crush on her. Everything goes well until Shane tries to make a few advances towards Y/N, making her extremely uncomfortable.

 Warnings- strong language, fluff, angst, a little bit of violence, sexual assault.

Part One 



“Rick? Shane?” My eyebrows knit together in confusion.

“Hey!” Rick smiles.

Shane looks ridiculously bored and not at all interested in me or whatever Rick’s agenda is.

“What’s up?” I ask Rick.

“Did you forget?” Rick replies, tilting his head to the side slightly.



Fuck, shit.

I completely forgot that Rick is supposed to stay with me while my parents are in Cuba. Rick is the son of my parents’ best friends and we’ve pretty much grown up together, so he’s kind of like a big brother to me. A big brother that doesn’t know that I have a boyfriend that’s been thrown in a jail cell three times.

“Nah, I didn’t forget!” I lie, chuckling awkwardly. “I just slept in, is all.” I add, still standing in the door way.

Rick and Shane loo at each other and then look back at me like they’re expecting something.

“So can we come in, or..?” Rick asks.

“Oh! Yeah, yeah sorry.” I move aside, letting both boys walk past the threshold of my home. I close the door and then turn to see Shane taking in hi new, unfamiliar surroundings.

“Nice place.” He mumbles.

“Uh, thanks.” I reply.

A clatter sounds upstairs, immediately catching our attention.

“The fuck was that?” Rick begins to walk up the stairs to investigate, but I’m soon to leap in front of him.

“Probably just the cat!” I laugh.

“You don’t have a cat.” Rick scowls.

“Right. Oh! It’s probably just Lori! She stayed over last night.” I giggle, continuously making up lies and untruths on the spot.

“Lori’s here?” Rick’s eyes light up like a Christmas tree.

Rick’s had a crush on Lori since I can remember. He’d always tag along to our soccer games and say it was to support me, but I knew that he only wanted to gawk at Lori.

“Yeah… yeah! And she… um… just got in the shower!” Luckily for me, it sounds like Daryl actually did  get into the shower, so Rick believes me straight away.

“I uh… I’ll go get dressed. Back soon.” I say, backing up the stairs, my awkward walk eventually turning into a run.

I run straight to the phone beside my bed and dial Lori’s number.

“Hello?” Lori picks up after a few dial tones.

“”Lori, it’s me.” I whisper, so the boys downstairs don’t hear me scheming.

“Oh hey! I was just about to call you!” Lori says cheerfully.

“Listen, I need you to come over, I need your help.” I beg, looking over my shoulder because of the looming possibility that Rick or Shane could come in at any moment and foil my lies.

“What’s wrong? Are you okay?” Her tone switches from Jolly to concerned within a matter of seconds.

“I’m fine, I just have a major dilemma. Rick and Shane are here.”

“I’m struggling to see why that’s an issue.” Lori retorts.

“Because Daryl stayed here last night and now he’s in the shower!” I exclaim.

“Oh shit… that’s not good.”

“You think?”

“Wait, wait, how am I gonna make this any better?”

“I may or may not have told them that it’s you in the shower.” I reply sheepishly.

I hear Lori let out an amused scoff, making it obvious that she finds my mistake downright comical.

“I’ll be there in to minutes. I’ll climb the tree, make sure your window’s open.” She’s not even trying to make her laughter discreet at this point.

“Thank you!” I let out a relieved sigh, also thanking whatever higher power just saved my ass.

A couple of anxiety filled minutes later, Lori appears in the tree outside my bedroom and pulls herself through my window.

“You owe me. Big time.” She sighs, rolling her eyes as she stands upright and brushes herself off, pulling leaves and twigs out of her long dark hair.

“We can have this discussion later!” I hiss, pulling her to the bathroom. I signal for her to wait as I creep into the bathroom, where I find Daryl wrapping a towel around his waist.

“Someone’s impatient.” He smirks, stepping forward and leaning his head down to kiss me.

“We have a problem.” I tell him, placing a hand on his chest to stop him.

“What kind of problem?” He asks.

“The kind of problem where I completely forgot that my friend Rick is supposed to be staying with me this week because my parents asked him to and I haven’t told him about you and he thinks I’m still a virgin and him and his friend Shane are actually downstairs right now. That kind of problem.” I confess in a rambling fashion.

Daryl face-palms at my little slip up, not knowing whether to laugh or cry at my idiocy.

“And what the hell am I supposed to do?” He sighs.

“I told them it was Lori in the shower.” I reply.

“Who the hell is Lori?”

And as if on que, Lori pokes her head around the door with a mischievous grin spread across her glossed lips.

“That would be me. Go hide!” She smiles as she trots into the bathroom and shoves her head under the still running water, so it looks like she’s been the one making all of the noise.

“Where am I supposed to hide!? Daryl exclaims. I frustratedly shush him in fear that Rick and Shane will hear a male voice that clearly doesn’t belong to either myself or Lori 

“I don’t know, in her room or something!” Lori suggests, the water still making it’s way through her hair.

“Okay, who is this!?”

“Ugh, Daryl, my best friend Lori. Lori, my boyfriend Daryl. Glad we’re all acquainted, now can we please-”

“Y/N? Everything okay up there?” Rick shouts from downstairs.

My eyes widen with panic at the sound of his voice, realizing that he’s clocked and is starting to get suspicious. I don’t blame him. I would be too if I heard a hushed argument between my life-long my friend, my crush and another mysterious entity.

“Yeah, all good Rick! We’ll be down in a second!” I yell back.


“No more questions, come on!” I hiss, cutting Daryl off and shoving him out of the bathroom, over into my room and then onto my bed.

“Can’t you just get rd of them?” Daryl pleads, slightly adjusting his towel.

“I’ll try my best, but Rick’s real stubborn.” I sigh, scratching my head in thought.

“Who the fuck is Rick?”

“I told you about Rick. Family friend? My parents are friends with his parents? Rick Grimes?” I attempt to jog Daryl’s memory.

“Rick Grimes?” He mocks, causing me to roll my eyes.

“Yes, Rick Grimes. Now, be quiet, be patient, and for God’s sake- behave.”

Daryl salutes sarcastically and flops backwards to lie down as I change into regular clothes that aren’t joggers and a sweater with David Bowie’s face on it. I pride myself on how classy my nightwear is.

“I look okay?” I pant dues to rushing around to find something clean, fitting, and actually presentable.

“You look fine.” He sighs without even glancing at me. “As long as it’s okay for Rick Grimes, right?” Daryl mumbles bitterly.

I stand in shock at Daryl’s snide and petty comment as he idly taps his stomach with his fingers, clearly being a jackass on purpose.

“Screw you, Daryl.” I scoff and storm out.

I jog downstairs and discover all three of the others on my couch. Lori and Rick are deep in conversation while Shane aimlessly flicks through my TV channels.

“You guys want drinks or something?” I ask, but with no response from anyone.

“Great.” I whisper and stroll over to the kitchen, grabbing a beer out of the fridge. I lean against the counter and stress about the two boys in my lounge and the petty one in my bedroom. I take a sip and close my eyes, attempting to calm down and not overthink the situation. As I’m mid-thought, I feel another presence in the room and turn around to find Shane sitting on the counter opposite me. He tilts his head to the side and runs his eyes over my body, making me shuffle awkwardly.

“You okay?” I ask, starting to feel a little uncomfortable.

“Oh yeah, just fine. What about you? You good? You seem a little tense, sugar.”

His voice is husky and rough, but not like Daryl’s; Shane’s is predatory and has the ability to send shivers of discomfort down my spine. His deep brown eyes travel down to my chest, causing me to cross my arms to stop him staring.

“I uh… I’m just tired, Shane.” I force a smile to look somewhat polite.

“Don’t you lie to me, Y/N… I know what you were up to last night. Saw you hangin’ around the Sheriff’s department making out with Dixon.” Shane teases

My entire body stiffens at his words, my throat and chest tightening. I gulp out of nervousness and force a false chuckle.

“I have absolutely no idea what you’re talkin’ about, Shane. Lori and I were here all night last night. Must have gotten me mixed up with someone else. I have one of those faces.”

Shane shakes his head and lets out a dark chuckle.

“Trust me, I’d know your pretty face anywhere, Angel.”

I grimace at the term of endearment. That’s what Daryl calls me. Only Daryl. Coming from Shane, it sounds like pure garbage.

“Listen, I won’t tell Rick.” Shane smiles.

I let out a sigh of relief and my whole body relaxes, but that all comes to a halt when Shane utters those three little words.

On one condition.”

My heart pounds in my chest as I force my legs to stop shaking in fear as Shane edges closer and closer.

“What do you want from me, Shane?” I quiver.

“Oh, you know what I want…” He runs his fingers down my bare arm, leaving a trail of terror-induced goosebumps.

“Go to hell, Walsh.” I growl, still too petrified to move.

“Hey, Rick?” Shane shouts, his eyes still locked on me.

“No! Shane, please don’t.” I whimper.

“All you have to do is yes, Y/N. It’s just a quick fuck.”

I hear Rick’s footsteps approach the kitchen and my entire body starts to tremble with panic and anxiety, my heart beating out of my chest and my breath getting caught in my throat.

“Fine… fine, I’ll do it.” I cave.

Rick enters the kitchen and Shane turns to face him.

“What’s up?” Rick questions.

“You and Lori want drinks?” Shane asks, earning a small sigh of relief from me.

“Yeah, sure. Y/N, your Dad won’t mind, right?” Rick asks, completely clueless as to the pressure and blackmail that just took place in this very room.

“N-no, it should be fine.” I stammer nervously, resulting in Rick shooting a concerned gaze my way. I smile reassuringly as to not raise any questions.

“We’ll bring them out in a sec.” Shane nods and Rick eagerly walks back to Lori, thankful that he finally has some time with her. Shane turns back to face me, an evil grin stretched across his lips, eyeing me up like a lion does it’s prey.

“Shane, I have a boyfriend, I can’t just-”

“Daryl Dixon? He’s a redneck piece of shit.” Shane scoffs.

“Shut your mouth. You don’t know him like I do. The only piece of shit around here is you.” I scowl, attempting to drum up some confidence.

Shane leans forwards and puts his lips to my ear.

“You’ll think very differently once I’ve had my way with you.” He whispers and walks away. A wave of nausea washes over me and I lean against the counter-top, letting out a shaky breath. I have to clench my eyes closed to stop tears from running down my face and force my shoulders to relax so I don’t curl up into a ball and just completely break down. How did I get myself into this? Why didn’t I just tell Rick when Daryl and I first got together? I could’ve made this so much easier for myself and now I’ve backed myself into a corner. 

A little while later, when Lori, Shane, Rick and I are sat in my lounge watching TV,  Lori throws her head back and lets out a complaining groan.

“I’m so hungry! Should we order a pizza?” She asks.

“Better yet,” Shane starts. “Why don’t you two go get it? Pizza place isn’t too far and it’s real nice outside. You two can y’know… talk.” He smirks.

I realize what his ulterior motives are. Getting Lori and Rick out of the house so he can do God knows what to me… my eyes immediately dart over to Lori and silently beg her not to go, but she doesn’t notice my pleading stare and blushes a little.

“Sure. Rick, you want to?” Lori smiles.

“Yeah! I mean, yeah sure. Why not?” Rick replies.

The two get up and Shane grins slyly at me from across the room, striking fear and disgust into my very soul. He won’t really make me… right? He’s not that bad. 

My train of thought is broken by Lori giggling and the front door slamming shut. I jerk my head in Shane’s direction and immediately stand to my feet in a defensive manner.

“Shane… please. Look, I’ll tell Rick, okay? About Daryl, about everything.” I plead.

“Deal’s a deal, baby girl.” Shane relaxes back into the couch and keeps his stare on me, his hard, emotionless brown eyes taking in every curve and inch of my body.

“Y’know what, screw you. I don’t have to do shit.” I scoff and begin to walk away. Shane jumps over to the back of the couch and pushes me up against the wall by my shoulders with a great force that causes me to hit my head and let out a pained groan.

“Where’d you think you’re goin’?” He snickers.

“Let me go, Shane!” I cry out.

“Y’know what, I think we’ll have some fun first,” he rips the strap of my shirt down my shoulder as I continuously struggle against his strong grip. “I’d stop squirmin’ if I was you, it’s just going to make this more difficult. Well, for you anyways.” 

He kneels down, throws me over his shoulder and carries me over to the couch, where he throws me down and almost immediately pins my body beneath his.

“Shane, stop!” I scream. “Please!”

“You can yell all you want, ain’t nobody going to hear you-”

Shane’s word’s are cut short as he’s dragged off of me and tossed to the floor by Daryl, who then goes on to violently kick the shit out of him. Shane attempts to get up, but is unsuccessful when Daryl leans over him and brutally punches him in the face over and over and over again.

“Daryl, he’s done!” I yell, desperately trying to prevent him from killing Shane, despite everything.

And then, just when I manage to pull him away, that’s when I hear it.

“What the fuck is going on here!?” Rick cries out.


anonymous asked:

I honestly just realized a few hours ago that I have a crush on this girl (I am as straight as a squiggly circle) and like I'm so fucked? Because she has a boyfriend and shes very straight but like I'm so... im so gay for her and I just realized it? I can't stop smiling near her and giving myself away... what do I do????

id do my best to get over it. tough love, sis. nothing good ends up down a road where you’re crushing on a person who is a) taken b) doesn’t play for your team. it’ll only put yourself in a potentially mentally dangerous situation. i wouldn’t recommend it.

Will you be Mine?

-Grant’s POV-
Y/N is magnificent from the way she talks that makes my heart skip a beat too, how she makes me feel loved even on the hardest days. She is my anchor that keeps me from floating away, my best friend to share everything…almost everything with. I can’t wait to get home to Y/N to show her how much she really means to me. Walking up to our apartment I couldn’t help but feel anxious. Every possible scenario has played out in my head, what if she says no or says that it’s too soon or she laughs in my face. I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I ruined the best thing that has ever happened to me. I hesitate at the door and think about how I am going to ask her.

-Third person POV-

Y/N sitting on the couch in her gray jumper and pajama shorts with her hair carelessly falling over her face. She was watching her favorite show on Netflix when she heard her boyfriend of two years walk into the room. She had noticed he was acting strangely, he wasn’t as cheerful as he usually is when he comes home. He was acting shyer and slightly scared.

“Grant, what has gotten you so shaken up?” You asked curiously.

“Um…nothing at all babe…well it is something, but ah…god, why am I so awkward.” He said rapidly that you barely understood what he was saying.

“Grant, baby calm down and just say what you want to say.” You giggled lightly walking over to embrace his trembling form.

After taking a deep breath, Grant started to talk.

“Y/N you have been the best thing to enter my life. You have stayed with me even when I was being a complete dick, cried with me during movies and laughed when I, unintentionally, tripped over that pile of clothes trying to surprise you on your birthday.” You giggled at the memory.

Grant was coming back from filming for the Flash so he decided to try and surprise you for your birthday since he saw how sad you were when you talked over skype. Walking through the apartment in the dark proved more challenging than he thought. He started stumbling over everything and as soon as he made it the bedroom he saw you laying down and rushed over to hold you. He what he didn’t see the pile of clothes on the floor and tripped over them. The sound from the impact woke you up and turned to see Grant grunting in pain on the floor. You burst out into a fit of giggles that soon turned into full on laughter that made your stomach ache. Soon after, Grant joined your laughter and you both laughed the entire night.

Slowly getting down on his knee Grant continued on, “You have been my rock even in the toughest of times. I couldn’t imagine my life without you in it so, Y/F/N, will you do the honor accepting this symbol of our love, the love that we have given in the past years that we’ve been together and the love that we will give each other in the future, our future. Holy crap, I’m rambling.

You shook your head, tears of happiness clouding your vision. “No, no. You’re doing fine.”

“Okay, where were we? Symbol of our love, our future. Oh! Um, Y/F/N, will you marry me?”

You were so happy you couldn’t even speak, all the wonderful memories, his sweet words and everything you wanted to say just got stuck in your throat. So you just nodded rapidly. Grant swept you up into his arms, tears streaming down his face. You both were crying so hard it seemed like nothing else mattered. As soon as you both calmed down Grant slipped the ring on your finger and you admired the ring the glimmered on your finger.

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You pulled him forward into a kiss. This kiss was full of love and adoration. Salty tears from both adults mixed into the kiss. Lips molded into lips as if they were designed for each other. They pulled away, slightly breathless. Y/N rested their forehead against Grant’s.

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“I love you so, so much, Mr. Grant Gustin,” you whispered.

“I love you too, future Mrs. Y/N Gustin,” he chuckled.

You both stayed in that position for a small while. It was you decided to break the comfortable silence.

“So, Chinese?”

Authors Notes: My first fanfic was really fun to write and sorry if it’s not that good. This is my writing so don’t steal it please, but you can reblog if you want. A special thanks to @meet-me-at-dennys for helping me edit.

Me: *Is in love with Taehyung. Wants to date Namjoon. Decides that the best match is Yoongi. Thinks that it’d be really adorable to have a boyfriend like Hoseok. Wishes to date Jin, So can cook him nice meals and have dinner dates. Google’s ways to keep up with Jungkook, wishing to date him. Jimin makes it real hard to stay loyal to the rest of them*

Me: *is a hoe for Bts*



This has been a ride to remember. Disappointed SC aren’t together, but more disappointed that this reveal was done in such a low manner. I blame myself because after WS came to this fandom and Jess was treated so badly, i really thought that Sam was a victim as well. Stuck with another fandom troll, but one of high profile. Even after Jess and others left, still nothing from Sam. He did a great job ignoring. Love him as an actor, but as anything else he just seems to have fallen short.

This reveal was like teenagers dealing with responsibility. How hard is it to say something to your fans, besides vote or donate. Check out my IG and guess who I am with now.?

Some will stick this out. For myself I will not ship Sam and MM. I admit I dont like her actions, especially to her ex boyfriend Billy. No matter what happened between them, he did not need to be humiliated by MM on her IG during NYE. His nose was rubbed into their relationship and even taken to his IG. It was wrong in every way. You dont have to know someone to see how they treat others.

After three years of waiting this out as a fan, this is the best Sam could do? No he owes us nothing with his real life and how he lives it, but the innuendo and the constant GASLIGHTING of fans was really wrong. No matter what anyone says or thinks, it was what it was and manipulation was all over this fandom even during times MM was not around.

We don’t know the complete situation with Cait, but we do know she wasn’t innocent in this. She did say during the IFH that it was all for show. Whatever it was really fooled a lot of us.

WS is still trolling through this fandom and treating fans like shit. Sam has let him take over his fandom and I doubt he will ever get it back.

I need to remove myself from all this negativity and constant misdirection. I will come back once in a while. I know i will miss everyone so much, but this has been a sad place this last year.

i wish Sam and Cait the best of luck. I think this long wait till September is not going to be good. Now with this reveal some will leave, others will join in. I think the joy and enthusiasm that was here during the first Season and even the Second will not be as great. I will watch the show, but I know it will have lost that wonderful spark it used to have. The books will always be there for us to remember what it should of stayed as.

RDM and Maril are moving into new projects. I don’t think the show will get the TLC it deserves.

Being honest with you all - and myself, I never truly relate to my intercepted Venus until the realness of it slaps me in the face. I’ve always related to Venus in Aries/1st House but every so often it dawns on me just how excluded I feel from love in general! If I’m watching a romance film or listening to a love song, I suddenly am overwhelmed with the sensation that I am looking at love from the outside, like I know that love is a thing but I never actually expect myself to be a part of it. Don’t get me wrong, I have a loving boyfriend and family who I love dearly but the very concept of love has always been a very “on the outside looking in” experience for me and I really think that’s the best way to verbally explain and intercepted Venus.

hello friends here is a part 2 for my most recent one shot! i am really just about to babble a bunch of words onto my screen but i hope they are good words


You were recovered, fully, and on your meds 24/7, no exceptions. (Your family [and you] didn’t want a repeat of what happened the last time you didn’t take them.) People thought of you differently, of course. That was to be expected when people find out that you had to go to an asylum for the criminally insane for attacking a boy with a lacrosse stick. You didn’t mind, you had kind, loyal friends who never thought anything but the best of you. Anyone else didn’t really matter. You were allowed back on the team eventually, and got right back into the game like nothing had ever changed.

There was one thing about that fiasco, though, that still haunted you. The screaming please of the ginger boy you had befriended during your stay. You didn’t tell any of your family or friends about him, for good reason. (They would be wary of you if you told them that you made a friend in an insane asylum. They would worry for your safety if you told them he threatened to find you.) You did your best to forget him, but sometimes his empty threat and screams, or memories of your short-lived friendship, still managed to make their way back to you. You wished it would stop.

But regardless, no one but you knew about these thoughts. You successfully got back on track in all of your classes. Being an honors student was demanding and tiring, but it was beneficial to your academic growth and college applications. You were a fast learner, to your advantage, and catching up on the material you missed only took a week or so. Life was back to normal sooner than you realized, and you were happy. Sometimes, you forgot for a moment about where you had been and who you had met. Study dates in cafes and running amuck (abiding every law, of course,) in the city allowed you to feel like it was all just a strange dream. But all dreams come to an end, and this one was about to.

The stories blaring on the news all had one thing in common- 6 prisoners in the asylum had managed to break out, and were not nowhere to be found. What scared you the most about this was that Jerome, the ginger boy, was amongst them. But you kept your cool as best you could- no one knew about your relationship with him, and you didn’t necessarily want anybody to know.

Of course, as soon as he was broken out of prison, the first thing he decided was that he was going to find you. After all, he couldn’t go back on his word (he was a man of honor, after all). He only had one condition for agreeing to do Galavan’s bidding- it was to have you. He wanted you back. What you thought of as a convenient friendship, he always thought of as something more. In his mind, the moment you allowed yourself to be comfortable with him, you became his. He was under the impression that this was an unspoken agreement- you, however, never came to see it that way.

The both of you were in for a rude awakening.

It came one day after you returned from practice after school. Your parents were out of town on a business trip, so the house was empty for him to break into and await your return. (Your dog- while you loved her dearly- was not, by any means, a guard dog. If she was given attention, she was perfectly placid.) When you got home, you found both Jerome and your dog sitting on the floor of your living room. You froze in shock and let your bags, both school and sports, fall to the floor with a thud. That was when he looked up at you and instantly broke out in a grin. “Well hello there,” he said, standing up and talking painstakingly slow steps towards you. “Long time, no see, huh?”

Your breath was shaky when you tilted you head to look at him. He was looming over you, had you backed up against a wall, and you were beyond intimidated. “Why… why are you here?” He let out a well-mannered scoff.

“Why do you think? I told you I’d come back for you, bird. I wouldn’t break a promise.” He took notice to your fearful expression. “What’s wrong? Something bothering you?”

“Please… Please leave me alone. You’re sick. You need help. Please get out of my house. I won’t tell anyone.”

(This was a lie, of course. You were calling the police as soon as possible.) He just laughed at this.

“What are you talking about, (y/n)? I’m not leaving here without you. You’re mine, we were made for each other.” You scrunched your brows in confusion. “All you have to do is free your mind… these people have it clouded. You think you’re sane, but really… you’re just trapped. I know you can’t see it just yet. But don’t worry, I’ll show you.”

Now it was your turn to laugh. “‘Show me’? Jerome, there’s nothing to show. I’m not a psychopathic anarchist like you. I don’t want to ‘free my mind’. I’m perfectly happy being sane and healthy.”

He just shook his head. “Wow. They really did a number on you. Just about snuffed out your spark! But I’ll get it back to ya in no time, believe me.”

“Why do you care?” you blurted out suddenly. “Where is this all coming from- why won’t you just leave me be?”

He tilted his head at you, genuinely confused. “Well, because- because you were made for me! You’re mine. I need you.“

"Well then you’d better stop needing me, Jerome, because I’m not yours. You can’t just come in here and claim ownership over me, like I’m some… some thing! People don’t belong to people, and I don’t belong to you. Get out.” You didn’t know where the sudden courage to say this came from. Beneath your tough exterior, you were terrified that he would lash out and kill you any second. But you composed your posture regardless.

“Is that so?” he questioned, taking it concerningly lightly. “Well then. I can see when I’m not wanted. Take care, then. But you’ll regret this sooner or later. You’ll come to your senses and see that you’re mine soon enough.” Finally, he stepped back, far enough to let you take a deep breath and not bump into him. He began to walk away, when he quickly turned on his heel. “On second thought,” he looked at you, “I can’t just leave you like this.”

You began to form the beginning of a question when he had you pinned to the wall, again, hands around your throat. You struggled against him, clawing at his arms and hands. (Damn it, you play lacrosse, why can’t you fight back harder?) “Don’t worry, I won’t kill ya. Just make ya sleep for a few hours. Don’t want ya callin’ ol’ Jimbo down at the GCPD, now, do we?” You slumped to the floor, black spots forming in your vision. “Sleep, princess. I’ll be back soon enough.” His threatening promise was the last thing you saw before you totally blacked out and fell into a deep slumber.

Hours later, when you finally awoke exactly where he had left you. You were a sobbing mess, and there were fresh bruises scattered along your throat. It registered in your mind that he now knew where you lived, attended school, and could kill you at a moment’s notice. You rushed to the phone and dialled 911, hands shaking. When the operator picked up, you spilled everything that had just taken place, taking a few, short shaky breaths after talking a mile a minute. The police, as well as an ambulance, was on the scene in five minutes. You contacted your parents next, and they booked the earliest flight possible to get back to you.

You saw his shenanigans on the news throughout the rest of that week. An oil truck heist, attempted arson, and raiding and massacring the police station.

(What scared you most about that one was when he talked about you in his cheaply-recorded monologue to the police chief. He vaguely mentioned his anger at society for tainting the mind and heart of his 'pretty bird’, followed by a rant about being cogs in a machine. It was unsettling.)

You didn’t sleep well for weeks. One night, you woke up in a cold sweat, convinced that he was in your room. You fell back asleep soon after, but in the morning, Your window was open and there was a rose by your head.

(You went to your backyard and burned it. You held it up high, just incase he was hiding somewhere, watching.)

(He was. He brought back two more the next night.)

This game of retaliation continued for a few days more, until it stopped. He was stabbed in the throat on live television, after hours of terrorizing a charity gala. You were relieved, of course, but a small part of you was disappointed.

(You did really want him to get better. You wanted to be his friend, you really did, but not if he was a psychopathic criminal who didn’t care about anyone but himself.)

(But he did care about someone other than himself.)

(It was you.) (Deep down, you knew it, too.)



i’m so tired

i thought i would let u kno im getting a lot closer to one of my friends and its making me really happy. we will refer to him as cool boy.

dumb boy still walks through my life every now and then. i can’t avoid that. he’s dating one of my best friends. he said he wanted to still be friends but hasn’t taken any initiative on that yet. am i disappointed because we used to be so close and now we don’t talk anymore? yes. will it kill me? hell no

im still so tired.

another guy friend, we will call him ugly boy because he is an ugly boy, started dating another one of my good friends recently. they are cute as hell and i hope he makes her happy bc she is a great person and her last boyfriend was a jerk.

i, myself, still have no love life. im cool with that. i’ve managed this much of my life without a man and i don’t necessarily need or want one at the moment. the boy previously known as cute boy is a bit of a bore anyways.

please gimme feedback on this fic ALSO thank you i need constant validation that u guys like what i do, since, u know, i do it for u, and i don’t get paid for this

I question myself whether we should be together or not.. But it is at night when I am alone and you are my comfort and my warmth and my protector of everything I found in the dark that I know I am making the right decision.


“Forbidden Love”

Ok I’m casually listening to I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You and out of nowhere I’m hit with a Yousana headcanon. Because apparently there ain’t one thing that won’t make me think of Yousana.

Basically, Sana and Yousef end up deciding remaining friends is best for them but those what ifs and could have beens never really go way. Especially for Yousef. Years later he’s a part time dance teacher for children because the dude loves working with children and what better way than teaching them your passion? 

Sana has gone to uni, achieved everything she’s ever wanted to and is engaged to a wonderful, funny and beautiful man. A man that also shares her faith. 

He’s basically perfect but one thing he can’t do is dance. So for their wedding he decides to ask Elias if he could put him in touch with his ‘dancer friend’ to give him some lessons. Unbeknown to him is Sana’s history with this ‘dancer friend’. 

So now Yousef is confronted with this guy asking him to help him learn to dance so he can impress the woman that Yousef never really got over. Wishing it was him that got to dance with her. 💔

Comment what you think!❤️

Thank you loving me for who I am. Thanks for making me laugh and smile when i’m sad or have a bad day. I still get excited when I see your name pop up on my phone. You’re always on my mind
You’re all I want, all I need. You’re my whole entire world. Babe, you know I love you and I tell you everyday to remind you, but you’ll never know how much I love you because my love for you can’t be expressed in words. I know I’m not the best, but I’ll always be here for you if you let me. How I wish that I could spend my whole life under the skies watching the stars with you? You’re the first and last person I want in my life. No amount of distance, pain, fights or differences in opinion can break our bond. We’re like the best of friends and the deepest of lovers. You are on my mind every second, every minute, every hour, every day and every single time I blink. You fill all the space in my mind and heart. I love you baby. When I am with you, it feels like a dream come true. You are my angel from heaven. I love you. I cannot find words to tell you how much I love you. You mean everything to me. Please stay by my side forever. I cannot possibly think of loving anyone else the way I love you. You are my life, I cannot imagine my life without you. Or relationship is like that of Tom and Jerry show. We tease each other, knock each other down, chase each other, irritate each other terribly but we can never live this life without one another. You mean so much to me. You filled my life with music, color and laughter. I can’t imagine a life without you or a life before you or a life after you. You fill my head with thoughts of you. you are in my heart and you fill my every being with just your existence. I will never ever be able to love anyone as much as I have love you. I have blindly followed you and trusted you and never could I trust another. You know my darkest secrets and my happiest moments you see me more often at my worst than at my best. You might not realize this but you and me just click. You are my strength and my weakness, my joy and my headache but I am so thankful And glad that every morning I wake up and think about you and every night I dream about you. I will always and forever love you even when words can not say it you will know this. You’re the cutest guy in the world. I love you so much babe. Every time I tell you I love you, I mean it like ten times harder than the last time. Cause my feelings for you multiple everyday. You make me fall for you everyday, over and over again. You make me so happy. Whenever I’m with you I can’t help but smile, and laugh. Or stare at you. (I do that a lot) I know we’ve been through a lot, with us breaking up and stuff like that. But it was all a test, to see if I really did like you. Cause if I didn’t we wouldn’t of been together right now, stronger than the 1st couple times. I just want you to know, no matter what we go through I will just be a call, text, chat, message away. I’ll always be here for you. Always. I hope we are always together. And this ain’t that 2 week “i’m in love” bullshit. It’s the actual feeling. And it’s fucking amazing. I want to be the reason you look at your phone and smile. I love the way you make me happy, and the ways you show your care. I love the way you say, ‘I Love You’, and the way you’re always there. Another month, another year, another smile, another tear, another winter, another summer too, never want to spend any of them without you. I want you to know how much I appreciate all of the things you do for me. you make me feel needed, wanted, and cared about. You are absolutely amazing. the most amazing person I have ever met. You always make sure i’m smiling, laughing, and having a good time. When I am in your arms i feel so safe and it makes me think I am the luckiest girl in the world to have such an amazing boyfriend. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. You have the most caring heart. For once in my life I feel beautiful and wanted. It is unbelievable how I can be myself around you and feel so close to you, I feel like I have known you forever! I couldn’t imagine my life without you. I may not be the nicest or the best girlfriend sometimes, and I promise you that I will treat you how you deserve to be treated from now on. When your not around you are ALL i think about! I’ve never felt this way about anyone in my life. I’ve never had second thoughts or regrets about us. With all the tears and trouble we’ve been through its worth it because I got to share my heart with you! You’ve opened my eyes to love and true happiness! I’ve never been so certain of anything in my life like I am us! Baby, i’m glad that you came into my life. I love you! I just love everything about you, your magical eyes, the sound of your voice and your gentle touch! I cant stop thinking about you when were apart! you mean the world to me, you are the best thing that has ever happened to me. I love you.


YEAHHH Part ten, only two again but that because I keep getting asked to do shit, so I am really sorry if they are a little shit =)


Sean and Norman - Another for the awesome @reedusteinrambles

I find myself on stage with Sean my Boyfriend for 3 years and Norman Sean best friend for year and now mine, we thought we would just get on stage together to let fan ask us about anything and everything, people were asking about if there will be a new Boondocks saints and if so if they would add me in as Connor girlfriend making us all laugh saying maybe,

But then thing turned around to the new film that I was in with Norman were our characters got together and well there was one or two sex scenes, which was my first time having to do scenes like that and Norman was a start he help me a lot with it,

“Can I just ask Norman what was it like having sex with Sean girlfriend and was she any good” a fan asked making me laugh out load watching as Sean looked at Norman with a smirk and with Norman just looking back at Sean laughing making everyone laugh,

I could not help myself but say this but it just came out “well now I can say with the truth I know which twin came out first” I said making both the boys look at me making everyone in the room laugh “We all know it’s me” Sean said “Oh you keep telling yourself that Sean just to make yourself better” I told him as Norman doing a little jump up and down,  as Sean came up to me tickling my sides “Just you wait till I get you home tonight” He said in my ear before giving my neck a fast kiss,  before going off to punch Norman who was still happy about what I said….

Norman Reedus

Norman had finally done it, talked me into being on one of his Ride episode I have been dating him for 2 years now, we meet on the set of the walking dead when I was a horse handler for them when Daryl had to ride a horse in the season,

We got along right away which was a shock for me I have never been good at making friends and most people never really understand me most think am strange to work with horse but ride around on a motorbike but Norman found it awesome, after the season was over to kept in tough talking to each other on the phone and going for rides now and then,

Now we have been dating for 2 years and now he got me on his new show were he get to ride his bike around everywhere seeing awesome places,

We now sat in a little pub close to the place we were staying at tonight talking about what we did today with some of the crew “I would so go back to the waterfall with a swimming suits” I said out as we talked about the waterfall we went to “I’ll take my camera” Norman said smiling making me smile as he winks at me “But really love hearing the rumble of my own bike then followed by the sound of another rumble from my riding partner” Norman said out “But I also like the rumble with the feeling of two arms around my waist and them getting tighter when I speed up” he then added as he pulls me off my set and onto his lap making me laugh,

“I hate it when you do that, I always feel like am going to fall off,” I told him hitting his chest “You love me really,” he said putting his chin on my shoulder putting his arms around me tighter “That I do,” I said kissing his check…..

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The Cat’s out of the Bag / Archie Andrews

Words: 1003

Jughead’s gaze keeps shifting from the screen in front of him to me. Back and forth. Back and forth. As if he was trying to work up the courage to say something-but keeps backing out. I try ignoring it at first, but Jughead has always been upfront and honest with me so his behaviour was starting to worry me.

Releasing a sigh, I drop my pen on the table and cross my arms. I look him right in the eye and wait for him to cave.

He stops typing and meets my stare, his brow furrowed-his expression full of concern. “What is it?” I ask finally. Jughead opens his mouth, ready to speak before changing his mind. “Just tell me!” I groan. “You’re being weird and I don’t like it-it’s worrying me.”

Guilt spreads across his face, “I don’t know if I should,” he admits.

I raise an eyebrow, “Well now you have to. Because not only did you confirm there is something you want to tell me-you’ve gained my attention even more now by saying that.”

“It has something to do with Archie,” he says. “So I’m not exactly sure what to do in this situation.”

Archie and I have been going out for almost a year-but we have known each other forever. When Jughead and Archie fought and grew apart, I was left in the middle. I didn’t want to have to give up either of them-having been friends with them both practically my entire life.

“What about him?” I laugh, though it comes out rather forced.

He tugs on his bottom lip, shifting awkwardly in his seat. “I saw something. Something I think you should know…but I don’t think I should be the one to tell you.” I felt as if i wasn’t breathing, if Jughead was bringing this up and genuinely unsure if he should tell me something…it was big. “I don’t want to be the middleman here,” he sighs.

“Is this something that you think will hurt me?” I ask quietly, his silence answering my question for him. “You don’t have to say anything. I’ll talk to Archie about it. Maybe it was a misunderstanding?” 

Despite his attempt to reassure me, his expression tells me enough. 

After everything that happened in the diner last night, I couldn’t sleep. Jughead had worried me and I wasn’t able to get anything cleared up with Archie today because I haven’t seen him.

Sitting on the ground beside Jughead, who stood leaning against the bleachers, my fingers tap against my knee. “Can you stop that?” he asks, “it’s distracting.”

My fingers freeze, “Sorry.”

He sighs and looks down at me, the marching band sounds far away-fading as my attention’s drawn to Jughead. “Don’t apologise. You’ll see Archie soon,” he says before casting his eyes back out to the field. He mutters something under his breath.

“What is it?” I ask, trying to look out, not having much luck from my position on the floor.

“Wait,” he says sharply, standing in front me me to block my view. “You shouldn’t look.”

“I-okay,” I mumble, casting my eyes down. I didn’t speak after that, keeping myself preoccupied with the laces of my shoes.

“Girl trouble? You?” Jughead questions, my attention snaps to him, wondering what he’s on about. I find myself looking up at not only my best friend but my boyfriend.

“Grundy and me. We’re telling Weatherbee. Or at least I am. And also, I didn’t mean all that crap I said to you. I’m sorry.”

“Telling Weatherbee what?” I ask, completely lost about the situation. “And what crap did you say to him?” I frown. 

I stand, catching Archie by surprise. “(Y/N),” he whispers, glancing back at Jughead. “I-”

“Tell her,” Jughead urges. “She should know.”

“Should know what exactly?” I demand. 

“Dude,” he glares at his old friend. 

“You got yourself into this. We talked about this last night,” he says, almost as a snarl. “Now tell her. Or I will. And I mean it this time.”

“Tell me what?”

“You had no right to do this to me,” he shakes his head.

You had no right to keep this from her.”

“Stop talking about me like I’m not here! Tell me what?”

Archie looks torn, unable to get his thoughts together. “We should talk about this later.”

Jughead scoffed, throwing hisself back against the bleachers. “No,” I say. “I want to know now. Please Archie,” I beg. “I haven’t been able to think properly all day and I had a terrible night sleep. Please just tell me what’s going on.”

Archie raises a hand to his hair, quickly running his fingers through it. “I don’t know what to say.”

“The truth,” Jughead offers. 

“Miss Grundy and I-” he starts, stopping himself.

“Is this about your music?” I ask confused, feeling something rise within me that I can’t identify. 

“We’ve been seeing each other,” he blurts out. “I like her.”

I watch my boyfriend shift on his feet in front of me, I feel Jughead’s eyes on me-awaiting my reaction. Without even thinking, my first impulse is to laugh. “Are you kidding me?” Archie raises his head, clearly not expecting my amusement. “Please tell me this is a joke.”

“I’m sorry.”

“You’re sorry?” I repeat. “You’ve been cheating on me, with a teacher, and you’re sorry?” I nod, taking all this in. “We’re done. I think you should go.”

“(Y/N),” he tries.

“You have a game to get to. Just go.”

I turn my back to him, just stand there facing the other direction, waiting to hear him leave. I feel a hand rest on my shoulder, giving it a slight squeeze. The tears start falling down my face and soon I’m unable to hold back my sobs.

Jughead pulls me into his chest, holding me tightly. “You’re going to be okay,” he says quietly.

“It hurts,” I whisper, managing to get it out through my cries. “How could he do this?”

“I don’t know,” he sighs. “I really don’t know.”

Boyfriend!Mark Tuan

| Jaebum | | Mark | | Youngjae | | yugyeom |

• this handsome fluffball is shy at first but on the later part of your relationship, he would say the most random thing to you 

• “I just farted" 

• “wtf mark" 

• “wanna smell?" 

• he prefers a movie date in his room than a luxurious date outside because he likes spending time with you alone 

 • he’s kinda shy around your friends but would still try to talk to them just for you 

 • ”(Y/N) will your friends like me? How about your brother?“ 

• "Mark, calm down they’re going to like you!" 

• he likes wrapping his arms around your shoulders and hold you tight until you feel like you’re gonna break all your bones 

• you’ll probably smell like him at the end of the day 

• he would snake his arms under your shirt and wrap it around your waist, his warmth sending butterflies to your stomach (gosh I need that kind of embrace from tuan) 

• he loves doing that so much…so freaking much that he almost always do that in public 

• "oohhhHHHH THEYRE DOING IT! Mark hyung is doing it with (Y/N)” Bambam probably 

 • “how dID YOU GET IN HERE BamBam?! And no we’re not doing anything!" 

• not a fan of PDA tbh 

• chicken laugh everytime you attempt to spit stupid jokes 

• he would sometimes roll on the floor as he laughs 

 • silent laughs when your jokes are too funny (even funnier than jackson’s, congratulations!) 

• you will always have Jackson third-wheeling on your dates 

• "mark why is Jackson here" 

• "he said he wanted to come along. Just ignore him, he won’t cause any problem" 

• "mark! Why tf is Jackson dancing onstage! He’s not even part of the show!" 

• you would probably be done with Jackson being always around and will sometimes think "I don’t know who mark is dating tbh" 

• his face will turn red everytime you say "I love you” “you look handsome” “God, Mark, why are u so perfect" 

• he would sometimes look away with a very huge smile on his face, it’s like his smile can cure cancer. ya feel me? 

• and you would find it very cute I mean WHO WOULDNT FIND HIM CUTE?! 

• he thinks you’re just making him blush but of course, you mean everything you’ve said 

• but sometimes, his shy ass would turn to a cocky little butt like he’ll sometimes respond with a wink or a suggestive wiggling of eyebrows, or would sometimes playfully roll his eyes 

• "God, (Y/N), stop stating the obvious" 

• pillow fights 

 • random cheek pinching 

• random nose kissing because he thinks it’s a cutest I need to breathe 

• cuddling while watching foreign movies 

• * in the bathroom* "uh mark, can you please hand me my clothes on the bed? I forgot to bring them here" 

• "of course, jaggiya!” *hands you his oversized sweatshirt* 

• “this is not my shirt" 

• "it is now" 

• you wouldn’t really know if mark’s being jealous because he would maintain a poker face but his acting skills would give away his true feelings like- 

• ”-and then Jaebum oppa almost fell like omfg it was so hilarious and- yah! Are u even listening?“ 

• *looks at you with a fake surprise* "oh, you were saying something?" 

• "yeah like what I said Jaebum oppa almost tripped and- yah! What’s with the face?" 

• "what? is something wrong? Go on, tell me more about what happened to JB oppa. It sounds so fun.” He said with a cheerful voice as he looked at you with a big frown. 

 • “are you jealous" 

• "nooOOOO” and would pout like a child and Jesus those lips tho and u end up biting his bottom lip ooppss 

 • and ends up in an intense make out sesh damn 

 • lots and lots of shirtless snaps 

• “you’re the best girl I’ve ever met in my whole life" 

• "I love you, (Y/N)" 

 OMG why am I torturing myself?!

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