i am the background

I was serious about needing to add more Bridgette Cheng in the world~

Cutie Bridgette goes to delivers some flowers she grew herself to a certain blond kitten


please enjoy this beautiful masterpiece i made


Unfinished painting of Minami……now time to go study ahhh


Ignis: *trying to cover a laugh* Excuse me.
Noctis: *resigned*
Goddamn it.

I’ve been seeing a man in my backyard for the past two nights

Story by reddit user Opinionson

To start I need to give some background:

I am a male who lives in relatively nice neighborhood

It’s your average small town run of the mill suburbs area with not a lot of people.

I am a college kid who’s home on break while my parents have gone away which doesn’t help at all.

I have a two story house

I do not have gun nor do I have any real weapons other than kitchen knives

I am not on any medication and I have no record of schizophrenia or any other mental illnesses

I barely have any relationships with my neighbors most of whom are elderly and the rest I have minimal contact with

I do not have any people in my neighborhood (that I know of) who have reasons to attack or harm me

Now, let’s get into what has been happening. About two nights ago I woke up very late in the night and I went to the bathroom to go take a shit. Now, my second story bathroom has a window that can see the entirety of my backyard. Directly behind it is a cul de sac which you can see directly into. There is a group of trees and pile of rocks and mulch that divides it. Usually I can see everything in my backroom without turning on my because lights from my neighbor’s house dimly lights the room.

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watch my back so i make sure, you’re right behind me as before
yesterday the night before tomorrow, dry my eyes so you won’t know
dry my eyes so i won’t show, i know you’re right behind me
and don’t you let me go, let me go tonight


A lot of old drawings I never get a chance to post on time

(also, I already got some story ideas in the mafia au, but I don’t think anyone will be interest’ed in it, besides it’s too long for me to type it)


you are something  e x t r a o r d i n a r y, my dear.

insp. by [x] & poem credit