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I Am An Alpha (EXO Ot12 Wolf AU)

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Good Morning With EXO

“Alpha” Glamour

This glamour is meant to give you a powerful appearance, like the Alpha of a pack. With this glamour people will think twice before fucking with you.

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What You’ll Need

  • Blueberries
  • Clove
  • Carnation
  • Devil’s Bit or Devil’s-Bit Scabious
  • Elm bark
  • Foxglove
  • Licorice
  • Salt Water
  • Limpet Shells
  • A Red Candle
  • Mortar and Pestle
  • 2 medium sized bowls
  • Confidence

What To Do

  • Surround yourself with the Carnations and Foxgloves in a circle.
  • Pour the salt water into the bowls and place the shells in them too.
  • Take the blueberries, carnation, and devil’s bit and muddle them together until they are finely mixed.
  • Burn the elm bark, clove, and licorice to ashes and put them in the mortar with the rest of the stuff.
  • Muddle the ashes into the mix.
  • Pour/scrap out the muddled mush into one of the salt water bowls.
  • While stirring the mixture with your finger counter clockwise say/think with full confidence in yourself “I am the wolf, I am the Alpha, they are the Omegas, they are not above me, they do not even think of attacking me because I am not someone to attack.”
  • Dip your fingers in the mixture to make them metaphorical claws.
  • Then dip your fingers into the clean salt water and limpet bowl to seal these claws.
  • To keep your glamour up you must not let your confidence wane.
I Am An Alpha Ch 23: Never Separate Family

I know a lot of you have been asking for this so I hope you enjoy!

A Week Later

“Are you sure you want to try this again so early?” Jongin questions once we step out of the car. I take a deep breath; the familiar chemicals fill my lungs unpleasantly. The rest of my mates unload from the cars to crowd around me.

“I freaked out last time, I didn’t really get a chance to look around at all,” I remind him.

“Let her have some fun,” Minseok encourages wrapping his arm around my shoulders and pulling me along. Jongin is on my other side, holding my hand tightly in his own while the others group behind us, mumbling under their breath. Their grip on my tightens when we step out of the parking garage into the shopping center. It’s a Tuesday at ten in the morning, I’m honestly not sure what that had to do with things but Luhan told me that it’s a good thing since not as many people will be here. He is right, last time it was hard to walk without bumping into anyone, now small groups are far apart, leaving plenty of room to wander. We stop in the door way, allowing me to get used to the artificial smells.

“How are you feeling?” Suho questions from behind me with a soft voice.

“Alright,” I admit. Though there is lots of different noises and smells it’s not as over whelming as last time.

“Good,” Kris comes around and beams a handsome smile at me, “Should we head in farther?”

I nod.

Kris gives my mates behind me a look, four come forward while the other five stay back, creating a protective circle around me. The farther we go the more scents sneak into my nose, fake floral, processed fabrics, humans, and wolves. Our walk stops when we reach a large fountain in the center of the intersection. There are now three other halls to go down, looking up I see two more levels with who knows how many stores.

“Do you want to sit down?” Kai offers, pulling both Minseok and I to the fountain’s edge. I take a seat, take a deep breath and just watch for a few minutes. My mates take a few steps away, giving me plenty of room to watch others go by with large bags in their hands. The two wolves hanging on to me slowly start to pull away, most likely because of Kris, who is sending warning glares their way.

“So what to people really do at shopping centers?” I ask after about ten minutes.

“Well they usually just go shopping, meet up with friends, get something to eat, there are lots of things to do,” Suho informs me. “Would you like to look around a bit? We still haven’t found any clothes for you so maybe you could pick out your own?”

I nod.

Jongin and Minseok reattach themselves to my sides as we continue on our walk. My eyes scan over the stores, most of them have colorful themes to them while others are more classy with basic black and white. Something in one of the windows catches my eye. Without a thought I pull away from my mates and rush into the store straight up to a bright red dress.

I feel the fabric between my fingers, noting the soft texture and sweet scent coming off it. My childhood flashes through my mind, images of my mother standing next to my father in a red traditional dress. I remember how beautiful it looked against her tan complexion. I remember receiving a matching dress from my father, the same beautiful red. I remember my brothers taking it and ruing it before I even had the chance to wear it. My mother had watched and rolled her eyes when I started to cry.

“Excuse me,” A young woman calls to me.

I look up at her, dazed from my thoughts, “Yes?”

“Are you looking to purchase that dress?”

I stare at the beautiful dress. Never in my life have I been able to wear something like this. It’s short, ends just above the knee. It’s off the shoulder with a tight waist and goes out from there. It’s so beautiful.

I shake my head.

She eyes me strangely for a few moments, “Have we met?”

I look at her face for the first time, she is a pretty girl. Long black hair pulled into a tight bun, dressed in a neat blazer and matching skirt she looks absolutely professional.

“No,” I answer without a thought.

“Are you sure? You look extremely familiar,” She takes a step closer to examine me closely.

“Is everything okay?” Jongdae appears behind her looking only slightly friendly.

“Everything is fine Hyung,” I say as I step around the girl and go to his side.

The girl continues her assessment of me even with him there, “You are a boy?”

I nod.

“Soo-ya,” Jongdae ignores the girl, “Did you like this dress?”

I shake my head.

“Are you sure? You rushed off pretty quick to look at it.”

“I don’t need something like that.”

“Nonsense,” He points to the dress, “We’ll take it.”

She frowns slight, “For him?”

Jongdae doesn’t falter, “Yes. Now, if possible, your staring is making Soo uncomfortable.”

She bows and makes quick work of getting the dress off the mannequin. With it in her hands she gestures for us to follow her to the register. Jongdae is holding my hand, smiling softly at me as he pays for the dress and accepts the bag.

“Have a good day,” The girl bows once again as we go.

“What a strange girl,” I hum looking over my shoulder at her. “Are all girls that strange?”

He chuckles, “Some yes, not all.”

Back in the hallway we only find Sehun and Tao making me wonder, “Where did the others go?”

“We thought that all of us together would be too much so they went out in search of some other necessities we might not get too.”

“So what do we do now?”

Tao smiles down at me, “What you just did. Wander around until you find something you like.”

“I don’t need many things,” I inform them for the millionth time.

“We know that but just do this for us,” Sehun requests. “We haven’t been able to take care of you your whole life, let us spoil you now. It’ll be fun after awhile.”

I sigh, “Okay but no more dresses like that. I don’t even know what to do with that.”

They shrug, “Whatever you want.”

We walk into a few different stores, all different kinds, some face floral designs, another had lots of dresses, and another had a lot of leather. Tao really likes the last one. He looks at a lot of clothes for himself, which I’m happy about since that means he is no longer showing me lots of things I should like. I much prefer helping him, complimenting the way something fits and how his style fits him well. Out of the three he is the clingiest. His rut only lasted two days with my help, the others told me that it usually lasted a week, it’s been a few days since then but his alpha still demands my presence.

The moment I disappear behind a rack of clothing he isn’t far behind, he asks me where I’m going or if I see something I like. Jongdae and Sehun try their best to get the other wolf to let me wander but Tao isn’t a fan of that idea. I don’t mind, I honestly find comfort that he is keeping such a close eye on me.

“Soo-ya,” Sehun calls me over, giving Tao a stern look to stay where he is. I shuffle over to him to see him holding a leather jacket with something written on the back. He holds it out to me, assessing how it would fit on me by the looks of it. “What do you think?” He turns it around to show me.

“It’s pretty,” I decide reaching out and holding the sleeve in my hand.

“I have one,” He admits, “Would like one too?”

I smile at him, “I would love to match you Hyung.”

He returns the action, “Good.” Sehun takes me around the store, pointing out things he knows his brothers have and things that they would like. He grabs a few things as we go, only ones that I agree to thankfully other wise there would be no room in the cars for anyone else.

After a few more stores and half a dozen bags of clothing we finally run into some of the others. Suho, Kyungsoo, Minseok, and Luhan greet us with big smiles. They are carrying even more back than us making my jaw drop, “Those aren’t all for me are they?”

Suho chuckles, “No my dear. Two of them are, the rest are for your pack.”

I cock my head, “My pack?”

“I had a conversation with Namjoon at breakfast and offered to get them some new clothing on this shopping trip as well. It took a lot of persuasion to get him to agree to let us get even some basics but I did it.”

I want to cry. I rush forward and wrap my arms around Suho’s neck, “Thank you.” He drops the bags he as carrying to hug me back.

“Anything for you. If they are your family they are part of ours now too.”

I hold him for a moment longer before pulling away, “I’m surprised Namjoon hyung agreed at all, he is a very prideful man.”

“I had to offer him something he couldn’t refuse.”

I raise a brow at that, “What would that be?”

“I will tell you later, we still need to find some new shoes, you don’t by chance know what sizes they wear, do you?”

“Of course I do!”

I eagerly follow Suho to a shoe store where attendants are already waiting at the door. They usher the seven of us in quickly and begin asking questions on what we are looking for. Suho asks for the nicest boots they have, I tell them the sizes and wait for them to return with the seven pairs of shoes.

“I think this is the most excited I’ve seen you all day,” Jongdae points out, sitting down on the bench next to me.

I shrug, “I don’t really like looking for things for myself.”

“But for your pack you seem over the moon,” He notes.

“I’m happy that they will have proper clothing for the cold months coming up. You have no idea how man winters I’ve almost lost a toe because of holes in my shoes.”

They all frown, “Are you serious?”

I nod, “It gets cold out, we usually try to stay put and build a shelter but when there is no food around you have to choose between starving or freezing.”

“Well you never have to worry about that again,” Minseok reminds me stroking my head lovingly.

“But my pack will,” I give them a bitter sweet smile.

They all look to Suho.

“No,” Suho sighs, “They won’t. Not if they don’t want to.”


“I offered Namjoon and your pack the cabin. I told him that I can’t imagine what them leaving would do to you so I offered them to stay.”

“You’ve got to be kidding me!” I jump to my feet, grinning like an idiot.

He chuckles at my reaction, “Yes, your family will not be going anywhere so please don’t worry about could winters or loosing toes or not having enough food. We failed as your mates for the last hundred years of your life, we are going to do our best to change that and tearing you away from your family isn’t how we do that.”

Once again I wrap myself around this wonderful man, though this time I manage to take him to the ground. I can’t help it. I love my mates very much and I can’t imagine my life without them but I can’t live without my family either. Suho and I are so wrapped up in each other that we don’t notice the attendants returning and the rest of my mates joining us in the store.

“Looks like everyone is having a good time,” Kris chuckles.

“Is Insoo giving out hugs! I want one!” Baekhyun rushes towards us eagerly.

Luhan gets in his way, “Get in line.”

“What is she so excited for?” Yixing wonders with a smile.

“My pack is staying!” I yell.

“You told her?” Jongin hums, “I thought we weren’t telling her until dinner.”

“She was talking about loosing toes and starving,” Kyungsoo grimaces, “She looked upset, it couldn’t wait.”

“What?” Chanyeol’s eyes go wide.

“That’s a story for another time,” Suho decides as he gives the attendants his card to pay. “We have been out for awhile, Insoo, you must be getting tired or hungry.”

I hum, “A little hungry, yes.”

“I’ll start making dinner when we get back,” Kyungsoo smiles at me.

“It’s probably too soon for us to take her out to a restaurant,” Tao wonders.

I perk my head up at that, “That’s where you buy cooked food, right?”

“During our next outing we will go to a restaurant,” Kris promises, “We don’t want to overwhelm you with everything, okay?”

I nod.

“What do you want to eat when we go out?” Chanyeol asks.

“I want to go to one of those places that we saw on TV! Sehun and I were watching it!”

The youngest pops his head up, “A BBQ place? The one where they were grilling the meat at the table?”

“That one!”

“That is definitely possible,” Kris chuckles.

“Could I bring my pack along? Seeing that made me think of us grilling meat around a fire after a good hunt.”

Luhan hums, “We will have to talk with Namjoon to make sure he is okay with it. I know he mentioned that he isn’t sure if they want to intergrade into modern society right away.”

“We will start with getting you used to the modern world than you can tell them about it and see if they want to do it too,” Baekhyun suggests.

I jump to my feet, “I can’t wait to tell them about today already!”

They all chuckles as we head out of the store. They are each carrying at least two bags but refuse to give me anything, no matter how many times I ask on our way to the exit. We pass by the first store I went in, I glance and notice the girl from before talking to a group of well dressed men. A familiar smell tickles my nose but I ignore it. The girl notices me looking, our eyes lock for a moment as I pass the window, her expression looks absolutely surprised.

We are about half way down the hall when I hear her yelling, “That’s the pretty boy I told you about Oppa!”

“Kisum,” A deep voice scolds, “it’s rude to point.”

“Oppa, I’m serious. He looks like he could be your sister or something!”

“You are being ridiculous,” There is a pause, “Kisum! Come back here!”

“Sir!” She yells, “The boy who bought the red dress, please wait!” She yells louder, I stop to look over my shoulder and find her rushing down the hall. My mates follow suit, most look irritated or confused by her actions. My attention is drawn away from her when I see the men following her down the hall, calling after her. She stops about ten feet away, looks to the men following her and points. “See!” She sings, “Looks just like you!”

The tallest of them gently grabs her arm and pulls her towards him, “Sorry about my girlfriend.” He looks over the angered faces of my mates before landing on mine. Familiar green eyes that match my own widen in surprise.


My world stops as the word drops out of my mouth without a thought, “Oppa?”

Is this a dramatic cliff hanger? (insert evil smily face)

So I commissioned my friend and awesome artist @ding-dong-its-chris to draw the first kiss scene from my fic To Trust an Alpha Wolf (Is in Itself an Act of Madness). They were an absolute delight to work with, and I’m so happy they agreed to draw this scene, as I’ve been dying to see it illustrated! Words cannot describe how thankful I am!!!

And go check out their art, because it’s awesome!

To Build On Ruins by SillyBlue

When Dean comes of age, he’s presented with a choice that is supposed to keep the Winchester pack strong and unified: exile or submission. With war having recently ended and the winter being bitter and dangerous for a young exiled alpha, Dean doesn’t really have a choice but to submit. But less than four years later Sam is presented with the same impossible question and Dean’s forced to act.

Tags: Alternate Universe - Historical, Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics, Pack Politics, Implied/Referenced Abuse, Bad Parenting, Post-War, Forced Submission, Claiming Bites, Angst with a Happy Ending, Brotherly Affection, Sick Sam Winchester, Sick Dean Winchester, Hurt Dean Winchester, Slurs, Non-Graphic Violence, Crimes & Criminals, Alpha Dean Winchester

Rating: Mature

Read the first chapter on AO3!

Welcome to my new fic! If you’re familiar with the lamb!Cas verse this might interest you! Even if you’ve never ever heard of it before you can easily read this story if you’re up for some Dean centric angst. He’s a poor guy in this one, so if you’re as terrible as I am: enjoy! ♥

(Art post for chapter two)

Fast and rough Peter Hale cosplay test.

I was in the middle of an alpha Derek practice and thought this particular test brow was more Peter. Nothing was applied fully, hence the editing.

Attempting to flesh out my cosplay tag a little. I’ll be wearing this outfit to WolfCon and possibly HowlerCon. It’s tempting to squeeze it in for Petopher and Steter cosplay pictures as well as my JR photoshoot…

Peter/Ian’s sport coat

Stripper!Stiles sure likes to be a mean hussy and tease his shape-shifting boss Alpha!Derek to the point where he starts to shift.

I Am An Alpha Ch 20: Playful Wolf

I hope you are looking for fluff because that is all I have for you tonight! Good night and sweet dreams I’m going to bed.

I stare at the empty chairs near the head of them table and the one near the other end. Four. Four of my mates are missing and it’s driving me freaking insane, regardless of the fact that the other eight are happily enjoying lunch in front of me. I nibble on the sandwich Kyungsoo sweetly made for me but I’m not in the mood for food at the moment. My omega whines, she wants comfort, she wants to be held and soothed until the others return but I can’t get myself to ask for it. I wonder what they will think of me for panicking over such small things. The three oldest are out and should be back soon, Suho promised me that after I kept questioning about how they are going to punish Kris. The second youngest is out in the snow, he will also return soon, Sehun told me that. But that doesn’t stop my wolf from clawing at my insides.

Jongdae asks me a question though I’m not sure what it is, they all stare at me waiting for some kind of response but when I open my mouth all that comes out is a whine. Their eyes glow red, even though there is concern in their eyes their alphas are upset about what could be wrong. Yixing, who is sitting next to me, places a hand on my shoulder. I eagerly lean into the touch, not saying anything.

They share a look but Suho is the one who questions it, “Are you okay little wolf? You haven’t said much since we have been home.”

I’m hesitant to open my mouth again, not trusting myself to say an actual sentence without whining again.

“It’s okay love, take your time,” Jongdae reassures with a smile.

I do, I take a deep breath and give my omega a moment to calm down before saying, “When will the others be home?”

“You are still waiting for Kris hyung?” Yixing slowly begins pulling his hand away, I follow his hand, leaning so I’m almost falling out of my chair, another small whine escapes me.

“It just feels weird to not have you all here,” I admit.

Suho is the first to understand, “I’m sorry little wolf but as I said they should be home soon. Is there anything we can do to make you feel better until then?”

Again I don’t trust my own mouth. I don’t want to whine again, it’s humiliating for something like this. Thankfully I don’t need to, Baekhyun, who is on my other side, places a hand on my shoulder like Yixing had before. When I lean into his touch he smiles.

“I just think her wolf needs some attention.”

I stare down at my hands but nod.

“Is that all?” Baek muses.

“Yes,” I answer meekly.

“How is it that you can so bravely go head to head with a strange alpha without question but when it comes to us you seem so bashful? Minus the time you punched Kai in the face.”

I sigh, “Because it’s just different. I’m so used to the violence, I can do that stuff in my sleep but asking for affection, especially when my wolf is really needy for it, is a bit foreign still. I could touch and hug my pack mates without question but that is after 100 years together, I don’t know what is really okay for me to do and not do with you guys.”

“You can do whatever you want,” The alpha says with a cheeky smile.

Chanyeol hums, “I’ll never turn you down, whatever you want. A hug, a kiss, some love, anything.”

“All you have to do is walk up to us and demand it,” Jongdae chuckles.

I nod turning the face Baekhyun fully, already knowing my cheeks are burning red, “I-I want to snuggle.”

“Of course my love,” The pink haired alpha scoops me up and carries me into the living room where he lies down on the couch and drags me along down on top of him. I’m unsure of what to do with myself lying on top of him but he quickly moves me into the right position. He has me sandwiched in between him and the back of the couch, our legs tangled together. His one arm is wrapped securely around me, while his free hand tangles through the hair on the back of my head and guides my face to the crook of hi neck where is sweet scent is calling me. “How is this for snuggling?”

I manage to pull myself even closer to him, gripping the front of his shirt with both hands, basically conforming our bodies together. “Perfect,” Both my omega and I purr, completely satisfied with so much affection. His fingers run threw my hair putting my wolf over the moon.

“Ya,” Someone growls from beside us. I peek up seeing Chanyeol standing over us. “Make room.”

Baek snarls, “Go away Yeol.”

The other alpha ignores the older and manages to squeeze his giant self behind me making me into an alpha sandwich. To be honest it makes my omega even happier, I snuggle deeper into their embraces, enjoying their warmth and sweet scents. The others come into the room, mumbling about wanting to be in their place, I chuckle at their childishness. They turn on the TV, catching my attention, making peek past Baekhyun.

I notice Jongdae watching me with a small smile, “Any requests?” He muses.

I hum, “I don’t know what there is to see with this thing.”

“Well we can watch a movie, a TV show, I’m not exactly sure what else to list,” Yixing looks to is brothers for help.

“How about we just watch a documentary?” Suho suggests.

“Something about modern civilization,” Tao nods.

“You are going to put her to sleep,” Sehun whines.

I yawn, “That’s fine.”

Without another word everyone settles into their spots, the younger two on the floor with pillows, Jongdae and Suho sit in the comfortable looking chairs, and Kyungsoo and Yixing are on the side of the L shaped couch. My body buzzes, my wolf is content like this, my mates all calm and suddenly sleep. I feel as if I can rest now. My eye lids get heavy, the alpha pheromones in the air make me feel so safe and loved that I fall asleep the minute they flip something on the TV, though I don’t think I’m the only one.

I wake up to the sound of a door opening and closing. My mind flashes to cat like eyes, firewood, a pretty face, and tan skin. The only other sounds that echoes through the halls is soft foot steps and heavy breathes from the eight men surrounding me, still fast a sleep. The bitter scent of anger and  sweet caramel fill my nostrils sending me over Baekhyun to greet the man coming through the house to us. The pink haired man groans.

“Are the others back?” He mumbles half asleep still.

I don’t respond and I don’t think he notices before his breathing returns to his deep breaths and he falls back asleep. I’m on my feet rushing through whatever halls I think will get me to him faster. My wolf urges me closer, ignoring my usual concerns about the tan man I finally see at the end of the hall. He stops and stares at me with red eyes that slowly turn into a warm gold. He gives me a small smile but I can’t get myself to return one, I’m too focused on keeping m wolf from jumping him. My mate is back, she whines.

His smile falls, he awkwardly clears his throat, “I’m sorry, you must have thought I was the hyungs. It’s just me so you can go back.”

“I knew it was you,” I manage to say, not being able to take the sad look on his face. I take a step closer, my wolf whines for me to just run to him and jump in his arms, missing his sweet caramel scent.

“Really? And you still came?” The shock on his face makes me feel a bit guilty.

I nod, “Where have you been?”

“I was really riled up after the news, I wanted to go for a run to get rid of some energy. Did I miss something?”

I shake my head once again coming closer, “No. I was just worried.” The alpha watches me but doesn’t come closer, which surprises me.

“Worried? About what?”

I bite my lip before mumbling, “That you would never come back.”

“Never come back? Are you okay Insoo?”

“I-I-I,” I struggle to find the right words to not sound like some pitiful little omega but there is no way to explain it without a little whimper slipping through my lips. “I-I thought that you were mad at me. I don’t like having you so far away. I don’t like having so many of your gone at once, it makes my wolf restless, and it drives me insane.”

Suddenly he is towering over my trembling form, his hands hovering over my shoulders, “You can’t stuff like that little wolf when I know I shouldn’t touch you. My wolf is trying to take over so you need to go.”

I almost obey but my wolf grounds my feet. She makes me whimper once more before falling into his embrace. His arms hold me in an iron clad grip, his face finds the crook of my neck and takes a deep breath, calming both him and his wolf. I snuggle deeper into his arms my wolf purrs with happiness, she has been annoyed with my lack of trust in the tan boy and has wanted nothing more than to hold him close and breath in that scent again.

“I could never be mad at you, my little wolf. I just felt so guilty for not being able to control myself around you and wolfing out all the time. I tackled you. I attacked your pack. I’m so sorry.”

“I already forgave you for that.”

“I know but I don’t feel any less guilty. I should never do anything to hurt you or make you feel sad or unloved. But here I am making you worry.” He sighs before pulling away to look at my face, he cups my cheeks and strokes them gently. “Though I’m happy I disappeared for away, I finally get really see you up close without being rushed by my hyungs.” Butterflies dance in my stomach, swirling warmth through out my body and making me smile up at him. He kisses my nose, his eyes flicker down to my lips, only inches away but he is hesitant. My wolf moves on her own, pushing me up on to my tip toes, clearing those few inches in a second, locking our lips together in a warm kiss. It’s soft, not at all what I was expecting from the alpha, his lips feel like clouds against mine, it’s almost chaste except for the last moment when he nibbles playfully on my bottom lip.

He pulls, his smile resembles a puppy, “Do you want to go play outside?”

I blink up at him, still dumbstruck from the kiss, “What?”

“I promise to behave, we can transform and play in the field behind the house, it will be. As long as you stay in the field,” He warns softly.

“Yes! You promise not to get mad?”

“As long as you don’t take off again.”

“Deal.” He takes my hand and leads me into down a hall I haven’t been before, there is a door on the end that I realizes takes us to the field. Something occurs to me when he begins pull his shirt off, “We won’t get in trouble will we?”

He hums, “We shouldn’t. We are saying on the property, most of the pack will be able to see us so we should be okay.”

I bite my lip nervously.

“Since when are you so well behaved?” He muses, suddenly there is a playful glint in his eyes.

I puff out my cheeks, “I am not a dog.”

“Than stop acting like a bashful pup and come outside,” He opens the door and takes a few steps into the snow backwards, his challenging smirk never leaving his face until he turns around and shifts. His pants are left in the snow, leaving a platinum wolf staring at me. I snicker as I throw off my clothes, for once not caring about who is looking, in his wolf form I find him much less intimidating. It takes me a moment to shift, landing on all fours more gracefully this time, at least I thought I did until Jongin lets out a wolfish laugh. He comes closer to me, slowly, to not scare me off, and presses his nose to mine softly.

This is so strange. Being this close to Jongin feels a bit surreal. I smile at the sweet moment before deciding that I should ruin it by tackling the alpha to the ground. Even with being so small I use all of my strength to bring him down before rolling away with a wolfish grin. I get a few yards away before he gets up and looks at me, I’m half expecting to see red eyes but he surprises me. Golden eyes stare back at me with the same hint of mischievousness from before. He comes after me, it only take a moment for me to be running away. I remember to stay in the field and run along the tree line to avoid him. He follows close behind me, I know he is playing with me, he could easily catch me in a small area but is sweetly, or just humoring me, chasing mea nice pace.

We do this for a good amount of time before he finally just tackles me, rolling a few times until he is on top. He nuzzles his muzzle into my fur with a satisfied growl. My heart is beating fast in my chest from running so much, god I’m out of shape. The alpha chuckles sitting back, of course he isn’t winded at all. I jump and nip at him, trying to rid him of his cockiness.

He snarls playfully, daring me to try again.

Apparently it didn’t come across as playful to the rest of the pack who are coming out of the house. The head alpha roar, scaring the shit out of Jongin and I. Jongin’s automatic reaction is to get in between me and whatever is causing my fear to spike. He snarls back at his alpha. There is nothing but silence between them for a few minutes, I look over the massive alpha to my mates who continue to glare.

Kris finally speaks, taking his eyes away from his brother to me, “Insoo,” His voice softer than what I was expecting. “Are you really playing?”

I nod without hesitation.

“You are out her willingly? Jongin didn’t use his alpha ability to make you say any of this? You can tell me love, I won’t let him scare you.”

Again I nod, the doubt of my answer on all their faces. I jump on Jongin’s back before shifting back to my human form, clinging to Jongin for warmth. They all take a step closer, surprised by my actions.

“I’m fine guys!” I reassure with a big smile.

“What happened to you? We woke up and you were gone,” Baekhyun almost whines.

“I heard Jongin hyung come in and I went to greet him. We talked for a few minutes and he asked if I wanted to play outside for a bit and here we are.”

“Can we join?” Sehun surprises me by asking.

“Of course Hyung, come on out!” I urge.

The men share a look but the youngest is the first to start sheading his clothes and shifts quickly, he runs out to us and stares at me as if he is waiting for something. I stare him confused, Jongin laughs, while his hyungs sigh.

“He wants a hug,” Luhan explains to me.

I quickly release Jongin and wrap myself around the younger wolf. His wolf growls deep in his chest, happy his request is answered. I look to the others, “Is anyone else coming out?”

“I will if you shift back, you are going to catch a cold out there,” Jongdae begins the same steps his brother did. The rest follow suit, until Minseok stops the head alpha.

“You are under punishment still,” The oldest points out, glaring at the younger who is half way out of his suit.

“But Hyung,” Both Kris and I whine together.

“Little wolf,” Minseok tries to scold but falters when he sees my heart broken face.

“Can’t you punish him after? Lets have some fun!” I smile brightly at him.

He groans, “Fine! But he moment that we are done here it is solitary confinement for him, okay?”

“Sure, sure, now come on!”

Baekhyun walks out to me still in his human form and strokes my head when he reaches me perched on Sehun’s back, “What happened to being bashful?”

“It comes and goes,” I think. “Sometimes thing feel so natural, this is one of those times. Why am I being too aggressive?”

He chuckles, “No sweet little wolf. You are being what I assume is your usual self though since we haven’t really been acquainted I can’t confirm it.”

I hum for a moment, “I would say this is me.”

“Well it’s great to finally have you out. Please don’t feel like you ever need to be anything but yourself with us little wolf. We love you, omega or alpha, okay?”

I smile, “I love you too.”

“You seem to be having a moment,” Jin muses from the tree line, “Should we come back later?”

I kiss Baekhyun’s cheek before grinning back at my pack, “Hyung!”

He studies me for a moment with narrow eyes, “Do you ever where clothes here? I know you are a wolf but you get sick too you know.”

I chuckle, “I just transformed!”

“And there wasn’t a scene?”

“There was a scene but I didn’t really cause it this time, so that’s an improvement.”

“I don’t believe that,” Yoongi teases, joining his hyung, “What did you do?”

I pout, “Nothing!”

Namjoon appears next, an eyebrow raised he doesn’t even have to say anything before I sigh.

“I may have broken some guys arm at the shopping center today.”

Jimin clicks his tongue, “Of course you did. What did he do to deserve the wrath of our hyung?”

“Probably nothing,” Tae pokes with a impish grin, “she’s been loosing it lately.”

“Do you have a death wish?” I threaten. My mates growl, ready to follow through on my words, “Guys I’m kidding!”

Jungkook peeks out from behind a tree with a mischievous smile, “Hyung are you ever not causing trouble?”

I snicker, “Coming from you.”

Sehun whines in my embrace. I look to Baekhyun who translates, “He wants to play with you.”

I frown, struck between a rock and a hard place, Jongdae sense my distress and quickly comes to comfort me in his human form. Yixing, Chanyeol, Luhan, and Tao tag along in their massive wolf form.

“How about we play together?” Jongdae offers even though I know he doesn’t want to. His brothers glare at him but when I smile their anger fades away.

“Really?” I beam at him.

“Whatever makes you happy but I don’t know what game we could play where we won’t end up trying to kill each other.”

“I have a great game,” Jin muses.

I had Kai feels so he got some love today. Hope you enjoyed! Please let me know how you felt about the chapter! I love hearing from you guys!


Shadowhunters 2x18 and me: a summary (with books spoilers until CoHF)
  • Sebastian: *attacks Max*
  • Me: omg.
  • Sebastian: *offers Izzy to take a break and offers himself to watch Max in her place*
  • Sebastian: *leaves smiling with the thought that Max may die if he goes trough the procedure offered by the Silent Brothers*
  • Me: OMG.
  • Sebastian: *threatens someone life, and also this man's wife and son*
  • Jace: *gets a text from "Alec" saying Max is dead*
  • Me: I know that was you. You can trick Jace but you can't trick me.
  • Sebastian: *kills about six trained shadowhunters with two seraph blades without even blinking or getting tired so he can steal the mirror*
  • Me: That was incredible *looking at my mom* DID YOU SEE THAT?!
  • My mom: That's the bad guy?
  • Me: Yup, he is a pyromaniac, and incestuous little shit and lived in hell. That's not even his real face.
  • Sebastian: *holds the electro while smiling even when I can see between the smiles that the little electro stone it's hurting him*
  • Sebastian: *survives being stabbed multiple times only with minor grunts*
  • Me: Don't kill him yet. We need Heavenly Fire™ and "I've never felt so light".
  • Sebastian: After ten years of torture in Edom, I learned to endure pain... in fact, I rather enjoy it.
  • My mom: He is also a masochist?
  • Me: Yeaaaaahh, I may have forgotten that. It's a TV thing.
  • Sebastian: *touching Clary's lips like he wants to kiss her again and almost crying because he can't* I wanted you and the Mirror. But if I can't have both...
  • Clary: *stabs him again*
  • Sebastian: *gets the fuck out of the Institute at super fucking speed after being injured many times*
  • Me: *crying and hugging CoHF* You are precious, and you are loved. You are doing amazing, honey, keep going. I love you.
  • My mom: *gets the fuck out of the room as fast as she can while I cry*
  • And we also have my reactions to other thing like...
  • Malec: *overload of it*
  • Me: well, Tumblr is going to be full of this.
  • Malec: *is in bed with Where's My Love playing in the backgroun*
  • Me: OMG, remember what I told you last week? That Stydia and and Malec would share THIS song like Stydia and Clace share Anchor?????
  • My mom: ... yes?
  • Me: omg, can you believe there wasn't any Stydia in all of the Teen Wolf trailers but Stydia was most of the Previously On. I love my Stydia... *puts pause to SH and talks about Stydia for fifteen minutes*
  • Saia: *exists*
  • Me: omg, I can't wait until Sizzy exists too.
  • Maia: *finds Bat*
  • Me: He is your future boyfriend, baby.
  • Maia: *talks about Jordan*
  • Me: He is also going to be your boyfriend again, and then my psycho baby is going to kill him lmao You didn't love him anyway.
  • Simon: *is a vampire*
  • Me: Not for long, baby. Just wait. *sends a kiss to the TV*
  • My mom: *to the dog* why am I watching this?
  • The dog: *goes away*
  • Luke: *is a badass alpha wolf*
  • Luke: *doesn't kill someone even when that is the werewolf rule and even when he has the perfect chance to do it*
  • Me: You are so pure. You are an angel. You deserved to marry Jocelyn and be happy with her.
  • Jocelyn: *is still dead and probably she will stay that way*
  • Me: whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy???
  • The lack of Sizzy: *is a thing*
  • Me: don't worry. When Max dies this is goind down.
  • Max: *doesn't die*
  • The lack of Sizzy: *is still a thing*
  • Me: ... *dies*
  • Ollie: *puts a camera in the restaurant and watches with her girlfriend the "Welcome to the pack" moment*
  • Izzy: *sad because she thinks the Sebastian/Jonathan thing is her fault*
  • Me: no, wait. nonononono. Nothing is your fault. Please don't be sad.
  • Clary: *figures out that the Mortal Mirror is Lake Lyn*
  • Me: I love you so much, my little carrot.
Alpha!Stiles, Amiright?

I mean, come on Stiles is so clever and vindictive and ruthless, imagine what he’d be like as a wolf. Imagine him being turned by Peter instead of Scott, imagine him ripping out Peter’s throat instead of Derek, because you now he would totally be all over that. 

But then, of course, Peter comes back to life, all Alpha hungry, and Stiles is just like… All right, maybe I can work with this. So when the Darach comes, Peter and Stiles shut that shit right down because Peter knows something’s up with this Jennifer bitch and then Alpha pack? 

Stiles keeps his betas under his thumb, and you’d bet he’d keep Peter in check, if only by shoving him into walls and and making him submit. So when Deucalion rolls around, there’s no ‘letting him go’, nah, Stiles tears that fucker’s throat out. 

Alison would be alive, the twins would be alive, Erica and Boyd would still be alive because Stiles would keep track of his ducklings, goddammit. And whenever Peter gets too rowdy? When he gets too power hungry? Stiles just brings him out to the woods, runs him down until his legs ache and press him into the damp ground when he catches him, making Peter whimper and bare his throat, and oh yes, that’s right. 

And maybe as an 18th birthday present to himself, Stiles stops by Peter’s apartment and fucks him into his ridiculously expensive bed, Peter begging for it the whole damn time. Just… Alpha Stiles, Steter, yes. 


The Ultimate Teen Wolf Sticker Collection: