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Hello everyone!♥
    My name is Nana, I’m from Balkan and will be 18 years old in October~ 
It’s summer break therefore I finally had enough time to start my own studyblr and I am just so excited to be a part of this new community!
     I made this blog so I can focus on studying more in my final year of High School, but also to meet new people who are interested in the same academics I am.

I am also in my 4th and last year of highschool which makes me a highschool senior. I will be graduating next year and after that I plan on majoring International Politics in Nankai University, Tianjin, China.

Besides politics I am interested in languages, literature, history and sociology. My target languages are Mandarin Chinese, German, Bulgarian and Russian. 

My main focus right now is Madarin Chinese because I’m taking HSK3 test in December.
Also I will try to provide my followers with original context as much as I can!

Some studyblrs that inspired me to make my own:

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Thank you for reading!! Oh and if you reblog this post i’d appreciate it a lot, definitely will check out your blog and follow you if you’re a fellow studyblr~ 

Short Sunday Speech: 

I was at the gym and a woman my age was complaining that her 7th grade son didn’t know how to “hand wash a dish” or “sew a button” and stated her concern for schools not preparing kids with a class in home econ, etc. 

The Fuck? 

My 3rd and 4th graders wash dishes. Why? Because I am not a fucking octopus. I can’t do it all. If my child can build a compound in Minecraft, she can wash a fucking dish. 

I have had several women lately say they just can’t keep up with the laundry. When I ask if kids help they say, “no” or come up with a ridiculous justification why they don’t have them even try. All the women I have had these conversations with have middle school boys. I bet those boys can push a button on their unnecessary phones and find anything in seconds. I’m willing to be my left tit (the good one) that they can push a huge button on a box and make clothes spin. My 8 yr old has her own hamper and knows it is her responsibility to deal with her dirty clothes. Shit. gets. done.

Learned helplessness is a fault of parents, not a school. 

Pull your heads out of your asses, ladies.