i am that pretentious lady

Today I went to Barnes & Noble and was checking out the teen fiction section when I found the greatest quote I have ever read in my 24 (almost 25) years of living. You’re not ready so just take a breath before this happens to you and you can never go back, okay?

“Poppy slipped her long, white limbs into her pale yellow dress, like milk sliding into melted butter.”

anonymous asked:

Gen never fails to surprise me! Read from your post that she was added only later for the "I am Human" music video. Because the pretentious little lady wanted to be, they had to change it? Woah, that's just ridiculous! You have any source where you got this from? Always nice to have receipts

No problem! Jared said it during ChiCon 2012 and Brian went into a more in depth interview when the video wasn’t out yet and because it was his video, obviously. Sadly I don’t have a link to where Brian talked about this because the one blogger I LOVED that had archived almost every single interview known to man is no longer on here and I can’t seem to find it on Brian’s website where it once was. Like many websites, theirs went under major construction over the past years and they just never added the old interviews.

Also, can we please talk about this convention? Jared is NOT putting Gen in a good light at all. He makes her sound needy, controlling and completely done with her shit. Honestly that was one of my favorite meets and greets because Jared was just done with pretending she was perfect.