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Magnus: so i kidnapped two guys and later they died purely because i was curious abt something
Fandom: lol love u magnus!!!!!!! it wasnt ur fault they died!!!! u did ur best!!!!!!
Lucretia: i was out voted, and what happened next was a terrible mistake i didnt even want to be a part of, and i did everything i could to make it right again despite that and im so sorry for not being completely honest. i am so sorry. i kust didnt want you to know you were responsible for deaths of thousands and thousands of people and wanted you to feel like heroes instead. im so sorry for my mistakes.
Fandom: hmm….still sounds fishy……….i mean she stole the baby voidfish…………..like…….obviously she cant be ALL GOOD right? like………..shes not the big bad but that doesnt mean i can trust her yet……….
me: yeah okay okay okay okay okay okay okay okay okay

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My Champ - Roman Burki

It was one terrible game, not terrible terrible, but those time of games where you want to scream and shout at the everyone because of some small stupid thing, it was that kind of a game. Both Bayern and Dortmund were playing hard, it was two great teams, and those are the times where you want to shout at everything that its done on the field. You wanted your boyfriend’s team to win, you wanted your team to win, you wanted Dortmund to win. You wanted to see Roman celebrate with his team mates, you wanted him to celebrate with you. You wanted to be along the fans and yell happy that your team had won.
You were watching the game next to the rest of Borussia Dortmund’s fans, not with the other WAG’s, because there, on the stands is where the game is perfectly watched, listening to the fans screams for their team, that was the perfect place to watch the game. You of course were wearing your boyfriend’s jersey  on, other fans had other players, but you stood faithfull to the man you loved. 

You were nervous for him, if he let the ball in the fans were going to turn against him, for a little while, but he needed to keep his goal, well goal free. That would be an amazing pun if you were trying. 

You were watching the game, if you had nails, well they are now gone from the stress of watching that nerve wrecking game. But you and everyone else had hope that Dortmund was going to win, so when the first goal was made by Marco everyone stood and started shouting with happiness, even you did that. You looked at your boyfriend that was also celebrating. But then Bayern got a penalty and Robert scored and the game was now at 1-1. Both teams were equal, and Dortmund needed to win. 

It was almost in the end, a few seconds to the end when Auba decided to score another goal giving Dortmund the advantage. When the last whistle blow sounded we were holding our breaths waiting for it, and when it came, well ever heard of that quote “Hell broke loose”? Because it happen, screams of happiness were could probably be heard everywhere. It was a nice game, but Dortmund won. Your team won, your boyfriend won.

After a few minutes the players started leaving the pitch, fans started to leave. You had to wait to take your boyfriend home, so you walked out of the stadium towards your car waiting. Fans could be watched waving their yellow and black flags and scarfes. The Bayern fans were doing the same, even if their team won, it didn’t stopped them from celebrating a great game. 

A few minutes passed but the fans could still be heard, a little far away but still. You looked at the stadium exit and smiled when you saw Dortmund’s team leaving and saying goodbye to each other while they made their ways probably towards home with their girlfriends. You couldn’t stop smiling when you saw your boyfriend. He was smiling back, when he walked towards you first thing he did was put his things down and wrap his arms around you kissing you.

  - Hello there champ. - you kissed him back.
  - Champ? Did you saw the game, I let one ball in.
  - It was a penalty.“ A penalty is a cowardly way to score.”
  - Where did you heard that in the first place? - he asked laughing.
  - Pelé, The Autobiography. So it doesn’t matter, we won Roman, that is all we need to think now.
  - It was a hard game.
   - And we won, now lets go home and celebrate shall we?
   - Yes we shall. - he smiled getting inside the car.
   - “The more difficult the victory, the greater the happiness in winning”
   - Another Pelé quote?
   - Yeah. I love you champ.
   - I love you too.

It was a hard game, it was a stressfull game. But they won.

I’m sorry I could never be the daughter you wanted

Can i make a wish? I wish that humanity would treat mother earth gently. I would love to see her recovering from our faults. I am so sorry for all the animals who died and went extinct because humanity is terrible and cruel. Let our children grow up in a better world. In a kinder world. In a understanding world. Let us live in peace with everything that surrounds us. Let us watch the sun rise and set with love and admiration. Let the trees grow old. Let us listen to ancient secrets and wisdom only mother nature can tell us. Let us be wild and free.


Ship Posters: ♡ Damon Salvatore & Elena Gilbert ♡

Fine. Then I’m not sorry, either. I’m not sorry that I met you. I’m not sorry that knowing you has made me question everything. That in death, you’re the one that made me feel most alive. You’ve been a terrible person. You made all the wrong choices and of all the choices that I’ve made this will prove to be the worst one, but I am not sorry that I’m in love with you. I love you, Damon.


 I’m not sorry that I met you. I’m not sorry that knowing you has made me question everything; that in death you’re the one that made me feel most alive. You’ve been a terrible person, you’ve made all the wrong choices and of all the choices that I’ve made, this will prove to be the worst one, but I am not sorry that I’m in love with you. I love you, Damon… I love you. 

Moana Fanfic - You’re Welcome

Author’s Note: So, I haven’t written fanfiction in forever. I am incredibly rusty. Please forgive me. BUT, I was so inspired by @youkaiyume and her amazing Moana fanart, that I just had to write this for her. I hope others can read it and enjoy it too. I’m sorry if it’s badly written and/or falls into terrible tropes. Please don’t hurt me D:


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The “A Series of Unfortunate Events” Netflix series is so ridiculous and so objectively bad, but it’s also completely perfect. I am so satisfied, a word which here means “this show is everything I could’ve asked for and everything my childhood deserved.”

Fic recs? Fic recs!

For Fandom Fic Rec Days because this is a fantastic idea. These ones will be for Voltron, but if people want fic recs for other fandoms I’ve clawed through extensively (Batman, FMA, Young Justice, One Piece) I can do those too.

(Also, sorry to any writers who aren’t tumblr-tagged. I am terrible with names and probably don’t know you’re here. But I’ve still linked to your fic profiles in this case!)

a.k.a. “you should read everything they do it’s all quality okay”

@maychorian Okay look, if you are in any way excited that I’m in this fandom, you owe maychorian a big ‘thank you’ since she was unwittingly the reason I decided to stick around after watching S1. Boom Crash The Sound Of My Ship was one of the first fics I found after wandering into the fandom and holds a special place in my heart to this day. I have fond memories of eating up the whole series by staying up late or sneaking chapters at work on my breaks. I once hid in my car during my lunch break to read a chapter right after it released? Recs all around, just read all her stuff.

@bosstoaster You’ve probably read BT’s stuff already because who hasn’t but I don’t care I’m reccing her stuff anyway. BT writes everything. Like, everything. With a Shiro focus primarily, but she’s got a great handle on the other characters and will tackle such an insanely crazy variety of prompts I am continually stunned by whatever is produced next. Known for making you suffer but will make you laugh or feelz too. Special shout out to Spark to Ignite which is probably my favorite. Is this cheating because it was an exchange fic for me? Hell no. This was my One Thing that I desperately wanted to see in the fandom and it was not anywhere. BT did a fantastic job making it come to life and making me suffer but I asked for it so it’s okay and I reread this one all the time.

@butteredonions Where do I even START? So much good fic, guys. Onions fills my cravings for all things AU and she has such an insanely wide variety. If you like AU’s there is something there for everyone and they are always so well thought out and still fit each character so well. Also (in)famous for smol!Shiro, and I’m not actually partial to a lot of deaged!chars fics because people have a bad tendency to write toddlers and young children so innacurately, but this one is gold and so it’s great. But my personal fic shoutout is gonna go to The Throne In The Hall which is just all around amazing. Gorgeous imagery, great setting, solid plot, beautiful characterization, and badass fight scenes, this whole thing is just a delightful treat from start to finish.

@ashinan Has some great works all around and you should read it! I can’t speak for Ash’s ship fics because I’m not really into ships, but people swear by both Ghost of a King and Bombs and Bullets, so I assume they are top quality for ship stuff. Me? I’m gonna rec you all Something Strange which is the most best, shut up, I will fight you on this. Amazing piece that is the modern supernatural cryptids-and-ghosts AU I didn’t know I need until I read this. Amazing characterization and so many little details that I just love picking out of the narrative and basking in. This fic is both hilariously entertaining because of the group shenanigans and frightfully haunting because of the ghosts (pun sort of intended?) Ash has also hinted at maybe doing more for the series and I’m clawing at the walls waiting for it. Read now. Do it.

@mumblefox Rounding out the Think Tank, mumble’s work is worth checking out too! Like ash, a lot of mumble’s stuff is tagged for ships, which I don’t really do, but I absolutely adore Reconnaissance which is all I need to tell me mumble’s got top quality word weaving skills. Mumble does character dynamics wonderfully and I love watching Pidge and Keith work together in this, playing off each other both in the safe Castle environment and the heat of battle. There’s gorgeous imagery all throughout this fic and tons of little details buried in the narrative that just add so much character to the story itself. Also, I am a sucker for building any kind of alien culture or worldbuilding in general, and it’s here in spades.

GriffinRose: I don’t see this fic writer recced a lot? It’s a crying shame, they’re good at what they do. Lots of Keith-centric stuff but not necessarily in a shippy way (which is usually what I see for Keith-centric stuff), but they also tackle some other characters too! My favorite is actually Mama Holt because we see a lot of Matt and Sam hanging around the Castle with the paladins in fics but Pidge’s mom? Not so much. This is a sweet little piece that hits all my found family feels, in which Mama Holt ends up on the Castle of Lions and slowly ends up adopting absolutely everyone in it, and I love every word in it. Yes. Check out Griffin’s stuff, you won’t regret it.

a.ka. the “holy shit I found this amazing story I love and you should read it” section

You Can’t Take the Sky From Me by isabeau225
Voltron fan? Firefly fan? This fic is the fic for you! Now a series and too damn adorable. Shiro’s not expecting any kids but somehow he just keeps getting more, and somehow he’s okay with that. Again, one of those fics that does child characters well. After I read this I squeed for half an hour and melted onto the floor.

Accepting Amelioration by XILVerify
Daemon fics are my other weakness…when handled well. The problem I see with a lot of daemon fics is that writers will include the daemons but they are there more as a prop then as another character. This fic does a GORGEOUS job of avoiding that pitfall and a BEAUTIFUL job of writing the daemon concept in space with these characters and I fell in love with it. Also has some very interesting interpretations of daemons that differ a bit from the novel, but in ways I really enjoy…like breaking some of the standards for what animals mean what personalities, or making touching another’s daemon less of a sexual interaction and more of a close trust or strong platonic bond kind of thing. Beautiful work. Check it out.

One for All, All for One by KaijuDork
Absolutely gorgeous Shiro-centric (but also team based) fic. Hurt comfort in spades as Shiro tries to help the paladins and they try to help him at the same time. Some beautiful and haunting imagery in this one. Still a WIP, but I’m hoping the writer can finish one day. I believe in you :)

Of a Sort by hameru
For the sickfic fan. Shiro is really, really sick, and the others do their best to help him out. Also a WIP but the first two chapters are just…quality sickfic and will fill all your hurt/comfort needs by themselves. (Still will be excited when/if more posts though)

Empty Spaces by Oreramar
Kind of a modern AU without the space stuff. Shiro loses his arm in an accident and things start to go downhill from there, until he unexpectedly finds the perfect new career…in daycare. Again, one of those rare fics that handles kids well (although they’re kind of there peripherally in this one), and the modern AU aspect is handled really skillfully too. Makes you feel all happy inside when you’re done reading it. The kind of fic I would love to see more extension on, although I’m content with this too.

Shadows of our Dreams by KUG
Because sometimes you just need a cuddle pile. This one fills the niche for both cute and fluffy as well as angsty and hurt comfort. If you need all kinds of feels all in one place this is your one-stop shop.

Lean on Me by GlassSoldiers
Wouldn’t be a good fic rec without a good 5 times! This is one of my faves. Shiro looking out for all his team, and his team looking out for him. I’m a big fan of this theme, obviously, so this one really hits the spot. Everyone gets a chance to shine, which is great :)

how to win friends, influence people, and form voltron by brosura
A WIP but a very worth it WIP, holy crap, read this. An AU in which Keith doesn’t get booted from the Garrison, and ends up slowly integrating with the rest of the Original Trio. Primarily Hunk’s PoV too which is awesome. Double awesome, it literally just updated as I was writing this list, which means there’s a new chapter, which means I need to find time to read it. AAAAAH.

These are amongst my favorites. Good job to everyone on the list, and thanks for making my nights and work breaks exciting, for making me stay up late to finish just ONE MORE CHAPTER, for giving me something to read while eating, for giving me something to motivate me to get my own work done, and for giving me things to look forward to after terrible days. Love you all and this fandom has been amazing to me so far. :)


Fine. Then I’m not sorry, either. I’m not sorry that I met you. I’m not sorry that knowing you has made me question everything. That in death, you’re the one that made me feel most alive. You’ve been a terrible person. You made all the wrong choices and of all the choices that I’ve made this will prove to be the worst one, but I am not sorry that I’m in love with you. I love you, Damon.
—  Elena Gilbert (4x23)

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Part 1/3

Summary: After confessing your feelings you knew it was going to be difficult to get rid of those and hearing him talking about her didn’t make it any easier but you were trying. You really were and on that particular morning everything came crashing down and now you were forced more than ever to move on.

A/N: @ayoderpo I’m sorry I took so long to even just write the first part. Please tell me If I can make it up to you because I am terrible for making you wait so long. I’m begging you for forgiveness on my knees. And I hope this makes it up to you for a slight bit. I love you though. 

Genre: Angst

part 1 part 2 part 3

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You couldn’t describe this feeling you felt. Was it sadness? Was it emptiness? Lonliness? Maybe you were afraid? You always had locked up your feelings, only showing your smile and delightful moments. And everytime if you were with your friends or even Jimin, when the conversation seems to shift towards you, you quickly changed the subject. Yeah sometimes it made you very sensitive because you didn’t let it out on a proper way and you would get into a fight again and it was always Jimin you argued with. You felt bad. You wanted to talk about it with him but for some reason you just couldn’t. Everytime you decided that this was the day you would bare your soul naked to him, you crawled back the last minute. You didn’t even understand why. Jimin was the most trustworthy person you knew. He wouldn’t laugh at you, he wouldn’t just ignore you. Jimin always wanted to help. You were blessed to have a friend like him in your life. 

you were surrounded with angels since you met him. Even his friends were such a buch of cheecky, funny, adorable sweethearts. They were there for you aswell. You whined loudly as you sat up straight again after you laid your cheeks on the table just to stare at the 6 buttercups in the tiny vase you bought just for them as they are now enjoying the water and just that one sunray who sneaked into your room so it could tickle their little yellow petals making them stand out more. 

A tiny smile reached your face as you looked at them. It’s weird how a little flower could calm you down. You shoved the chair away from the table, stood up and with light footsteps you approuched the yellow floret, crouching before them. Your fingertips lightly touched the blades, the smooth feeling giving you a calm vibe. But that calm vibe quickly was disturbed when you felt two hands squeezing your shoulders suddenly. You flew up causing you to almost tobble over the table but the quick reflex from that person behind you caught before you could injure yourself. “Geeez I knew you were thinking but I didn’t know you were so out of it” you heard Jimin laughing as he steadied you and turned you around to meet his eyes. He let go of your arms and tapped your nose as he smiled at you. “Shut up” you mumbled. You felt your cheeks burning and you quickly burried your face into the crook of his neck feeling embarrased he had caught you spacing out. “Oh innocent y/n. How many times have I caught you spacing out already? No need to be embarrased anymore” he said, patting your back lightly telling you it was okay and nothing to be feeling shy about. 

Stepping back and freeing yourself from the hug, you walked past him to grab a drink for him. Well you just wanted to keep a bit of a distance between the two of you. You had confessed your feelings to Jimin last week and well he didn’t return those feelings. It wasn’t a bit of a shock, you knew he didn’t felt the same way but you needed to get it of your chest because you were going crazy and you thought you would feel better afterwards but unfortanutely you didn’t feel better. Just knowing that you will never have him the way you wanted to didn’t sit well with you. It sounds selfish yes and some of your friends told you that you should still be happy because he is your best friend and that he did not treated you diffrently after your confession. You were happy! You were but… but your heart didn’t wanted to heal, it was yearning for his love, for his hugs filled with love, for his kisses, for that extra spark in his eyes when he sees you. You tried to tell your heart that he gave you love, he gave you hugs and kisses on the cheek. Shouldn’t that be enough? “No! It is not enough” your heart would answer you and weeped. Weeping for his heart, hoping it would heal it back to it’s original state. 

 This went all through your mind while staring at Jimin, listening to his stories about his morning, seeing that tiny little twinkle in his eyes when he talked about her. You hummed there and then to tell him you were listening, here and there giving him a smile or a laugh, hoping he could not see that your eyes were screaming for him to stop talking about her. “Hmmm. That’s nice. So when are you going on a date with her?” You asked him as you lay your head on his shoulder. “Well I’m glad you asked and that is also the reason why I came actually.” His cheeks coloring that rosy color as his eyes faced the carpet. Oh oh, you did not like where this was going. “So what are you waiting for, tell me silly!” You laughed and punched him playfully on his arm. Jimin turned around on the couch so he was propperly facing you and grasped your hands in his. “Well the thing is that I asked her if she had any plans tonight and I already panicked before she could answer so I asked her if she wanted to drink something with me and my friends and that she could bring her friends along also if she wanted to.” He finished but didn’t let go of your hands. You were confused. “And what has that got to do with me?” You tried to free your hands but everytime you did so he only tightened it more. You were nervous and your body seemed to act like it already. Your hands were sweaty, your heart picked up it’s pace and you did not like that feeling in your stomach. 

“Can you answer me honestly what I am going to ask you right now? And please y/n, please be honest with me okay?” He was pleading you now and his eyes bored into yours, not daring to speak, you nodded. “Did it become less, did it reduce? Your feelings for me I mean.” You gasped at his question. “What? Are you serious?” You yanked your hands out of his and stood up from the couch where you both had been sitting. “Why are you even asking? I… ” you did not even know what to say or how to answer that question. “Y/n… ” He stood up and tried to hold your hand again but before he could, you slapped his hand away. “Don’t give me that look Jimin.” Instantly feeling quilty when he looked like a child who’s ice cream fell on the ground before he could even get a taste. 

Tears began to blur your vision. You turned around, your back facing Jimin as you took a deep breath and pinched your nose to prevent those tears crashing down your cheeks. Should you tell him the truth? Or should you just tell him a little white lie. “I think I know the answer.” Jimin soft voice filled the room. At that your shoulders slumped down and sobs were now heard coming from you. You turned around and lifted your eyes to meet his and what you saw broke your heart even more. Tiredness, dejection, lost eyes, not knowing what to do. “I’m sorry Jimin, I am trying I really am” you sobbed as you kneeled down, clasping your hands together asking him not to leave. “Believe me I am but for some reason it just… my heart just won’t listen to my mind. They’re battling everyday and my heart wins everytime, yearning for yours but it will get tired someday, it is tiresome to fight for a love that will never be so it will be alright, so please I am begging you, don’t leave” you were now full on sobbing, your heart wanted to jump out of your chest, to merge with his, to feel whole again. Your hands were clenching his trousers, holding on for dear life. Your sobs were heard loud and clearly in this silent room making you more aware Jimin wasn’t saying anything. “Just please give me some time okay? It will get tired, it will, it will.” You repeated again. “I think it’s better if we take a break. Not seeing eachother or contacting. I think it’s better that way, you know until everything’s back to normal again.” Your snapped your head up, your teary eyes looking into his dull ones. Your heart broke again, he could not even look at you. At that you let go of his trousers. Blocking out everything until a slamming door brought you back again. He left. He just left.

‘’I’m sorry for loving you’’ 

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Name: I Am Here For You
Pairing: Castiel x Reader
Comment: After a long week, you call Castiel to make sure that the Winchesters are alright, but he realizes that you are upset about something. For @zoevesper. I am sorry it took me so long, hon.

You fall on the couch in your apartment and sigh heavily, exhausted after the terribly long week. You take the phone and first dial Dean’s number, then re-think it and dial Castiel’s.

“Y/N,” Castiel picks up his phone. His voice is just as usual - calm and serious. “How are you doing?”

“I am fine, just tired,” you answer quickly and change the topic. “How are you, guys? Everything ok?”

“Yes. Dean and Sam are asleep now, they have just exorcised two demons. Y/N, you sound strange,” before you tell him that everything is alright, Castiel hangs up and appears in front of you with the phone in his hand. “Do you need my help?”

“Hey,” you move your legs to make space for Cass, as he sits next to you.

“You sound strange,” he repeats.

“No, I am ok. Just very, very tired,” you sigh and lean against the back of the couch. Castiel takes your hands and looks you in the eye.

“Can I help?” you shake your head, and rest your head on his shoulder, breathing quietly. “Did someone hurt you?”

“No, just life is hard,” he smiles and strokes your hair. “Can you just stay with me? I really don’t feel like being alone now.”

“Of course, Y/N,” Castiel nods and carefully puts his hand on your shoulder, pulling you closer. “Do you want me to put you to sleep?”

“No… Let’s watch something. Have you seen Sherlock?” he shakes his ahead, and you shine a smile at him, taking your computer and opening the first season. “Let me show you the show of all time,” you proclaim proudly, not telling him about all the tears and pain. “You’ll love it.”

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Kaisoo Analysis | Water Park Date

Hey guys! Here I am again to make a Kaisoo anaysis, this time about their moments at the water park. I’ll talk about my opinion about some events showed there and everything I say will be based in my interpretation of facts. I advise you that I’ll try to be rational, but sometimes I won’t. Just deal with it. After all, the Kaisoo shippers are destined to be desilusional inside EXO fandom. Really, it doesn’t exist more desilusional shippers than Kaisoo ones oh, the irony. And my english is terrible, I’m sorry about that.

First of all, I need to say how I loved every minute of it. It’s amazing to see the guys relaxing and having a free time, even if it’s for commercial purposes. I think all of them had fun, and could express themselves pretty well: Jongdae as the one who talks the most between the three of them, Jongin being excited and cute all the time and Kyungsoo smiling like a fluffy ball of sunshine. But I saw a lot of interesting things about Kaisoo that I want and need to point out for you, guys!

1. How different they act when they’re together and when they’re not.  I noticed the difference, and some other people did too while watching other parts of EXO Second DVD, like Kyungsoo in Spain and Jongin in England. When they’re apart,they’re more reserved, don’t talk much and don’t participate very much of things happening around them. But, at the water park, they made a unspoke alliance and teased Jongdae together a lot, stayed side by side almost all the time and were in their little world sometimes, it was very cute.

2. Their clousure almost all the time, including while at the park attractions. This was pretty obvious, come on! But I enphazise just because I don’t want anyone to forget.  

Kyungsoo and Jongin at the speed boat and looking at each other’s reaction, so cute! And Jongdae having fun by himself, poor boy~

3. Some Kaisoo moments didn’t capture by the cameras or subs: I saw this account (I guess a lot of people saw her comments before the DVD videos were released) and she, as a person who lives in Korea and talks the language, she noticed some moments that weren’t subbed or they weren’t on focus, but you could hear/understand what they said to each other.

I actually heard Jongin talking (it’s his shorts that appear on the frame), but, thanks to this beautful person, I get what he said to Kyungsoo <3

You can see when you watch the video that the first person Jongin looks after falling into the water and worries about is Kyungsoo.

This wasn’t captured by the official subs as well.

4. Kaisoo inside their little world + Jongdae as the thirdwheel: In a fifteen minutes appearence of these three, Kaisoo had a lot of moments that just paid attention to each other. I felt pity for Jongdae, really.

You can cleary see Kyungsoo and Jongin paying atention only for each other and Jongdae smiling alone.

You can see the bubble around them? Yeah, me too.

Jongin suddenly changed his mind and choose with Kyungsoo another thing to do and ignored Jongdae completely. 

Jongdae was totally forgotten behind Kaisoo, poor soul! 

5. Kaisoo unspoke alliance to tease Chen: I just loved this Kaisoo side! I don’t know if they planned this before, but they were really teasing Jongdae together, sometimes in a “subtle” way, sometimes in a obvious way. They’re so mean when together, I like it!  

Kaisoo wanted to go to Blob Jump, but they sent Jongdae to go there first.

Jongin shaking the bridge on purpose to make Jongdae fall and treat them dinner. NOTE: while watching the video, you can see Jongin jumping on the trampoline when Kyungsoo walks, but I think the movements he made there didn’t interfere much (at least, that’s the impression I had). But, when it’s Jongdae’s turn, Jongin jumps rapidly and it result in Jongdae’s failure. But see the videos to make a conclusion of your own.

Look at this! They were ganging up on Jongdae. Kyungsoo’s smile was the best part, because he didn’t planned this with Jongin. And seeing him teasing Jongdae and being mischevious (kind of) makes him laugh, how cute! Here is the link of the gifset.

6.  Kaisoo complementing each other: I noticed this when Chenkaisoo said they were hungry.  When Jongdae asked what they wanted to eat, Kyungsoo answered: “I want to eat ramyun”. Jongin complement him telling that he wanted ramyun and fried chicken. Some minutes later, Kyungsoo repeat his and Jongin’s tbh wishes to eat chicken and ramyun. Maybe this doesn’t mean anything, but I found it cute like everything they do, I need help.

7. How they worry about each other’s health and safety: Kyungsoo and Jongin don’t only play around and laugh with each other! They’re both there for each other, pulling them up and asking if they’re okay (you can see some moments above if you missed it). 

Kyungsoo didn’t need to help Jongin, considering that Jongdae had already helped him, but there he was, just to making sure he was okay without using words and holding his elbow two seconds longer that necessary.

Jongin’s reaction when it was Kyungsoo’s turn to try the Blob Jump. He looked so concerned about his hyung’s safety and he mumbled “omo” and it was so cute! Here’s the gif for the full gifset.

This is so important, you have no idea! I think Kyungsoo could lift himself pretty well, like Jongdae did, but Jongin (in my opinion) volunteered himself for lifting his hyung, you know, just to show how strong he is. He ignored Jongdae completely (again) while helping Kyungsoo, but, when he realized that he was heavier than he previously thought, Jongin for Jongdae’s help and everything became a litte chaotic. So chaotic, that Kyungsoo’s head was between Jongin’s legs for two seconds, everyone saw that. Link for the gifset.

Well, to end this analysis/spam/whatever, I just want to say how I love Kaisoo’s interaction. In every one of them, we can see different sides of them, and how can they can be conforable and understand each other’s easily. It’s a deep relationship, and I adore it very much!

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Are you going to make a guide on all the endings? I am really enjoying BTD2 so far but I am terrible at getting all the endings ;; I like the dialogue and all and a guide helps me enjoy the game, since I like reading the stories. (btw I must be stupid or something, but I still have not found out how to get to Ren's routes, argh.

We’re planning  on doing guides to most of them, we’re not sure on Cain yet because his route makes us uncomfortable!

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May I request were the GOM are in long distance relationship, and they meet up with their female s/o first time? Thank you! Hope your day has been well ^^

hi, omg, i am so terribly sorry with how delayed this post is. i answered this post about a week ago, but i fell asleep on my bed writing it that it deleted everything when i woke up *cries*. i never got around to finishing it because school started again and so it is finally rest day and i have time to answer and i’m so happy for this thanks love! xxx (i made them meet once or twice bc i don’t rlly believe in ‘never-meeting-relationships’ so hope it’s okay!)

Kuroko Tetsuya: He stood at the entrance of the gates connected to your plane, externally composed, but internally worrying and fidgeting about. He held Nigou in his practice bag, shushing sporadically when he made a shuffling noise or a whine. He hasn’t met you in over six months, the last time being the Winter cup where your school had come to compete. You were the coach’s daughter and manager of the team, and the two of you had bumped into each other outside the stadium after Seirin won against your school. Instead of anger, or discomfort, you had gone up to him, thanked him for a great game and wished to play again together. He fell for your quiet grace, and exchanged emails and phone numbers, developing a closer relationship.

The intercom called out your plane number, and notified the enitre building of the exact time you and the rest of the passengers would be out. He readjusted the straps of his bag, the weight getting heavier and heavier each minute.

“Kuroko-kun!” Your voice reached out and was heard above the crowded people all rejoicing at being with their loved ones or being back home again. Kuroko put his bag down, stretching his arms out in time for you to jump into his arms, holding onto his neck as tightly as possible. He breathed onto your neck, smiling at your obvious excitement patting your hair down.

“Hello, ____-san, it’s been a while. I’ve missed you, a lot.”

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Kise Ryouta: He tapped his foot up and down, anxiously waiting for your arrival. He had just come straight from his shoot, blond hair wind blown, with correction make up, and whatnot. He held a bouquet of flowers, although very uncommon in Japan, he had wanted to make you feel loved, since the two of you had been lacking it several days now. You were busy with your own school, and your own job, and the additional fact that you lived in a different country put a damper to his plans, and so endless texting, calling, and facetiming were the norm for the both of you. His blue phone rang, signaling either a message from you, or his manager. It was the latter, which greatly disappointed him, eyes downcast, he picked up the phone,

“I know, I know, we’re on a tight schedule, but I cant miss this day, y'know that mane-cchi san!”

“I understand, Kise-kun, but the producer really needs you here, asap. The next filming is soon and if you don’t make it by 3:00, you’re in big trouble! We’re both in big trouble!”

“She has to be coming out now! Just give us five more minutes! I pro-” He was abruptly cut off by a tapping on his shoulder.

“Hi, Ryouta-kun!” There you were, adorned in comfy clothes, in all your glory, standing before him. He missed his chance to be the first one to go to you, being caught up with his manager. He enveloped you in a hug, letting out a squeal.

“Ah! ____-cchi! I’ve missed you so much!”

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Midorima Shintaro: He pushed up his glasses, sighing at the delay of your plane. It had already been thirty minutes since he got there, and the lucky item for the day was getting heavier and heavier on his back: a big backpack full of mineral rocks. He met you once at a school event, where they took in international students for a month, and was assigned in a group project together. He expected language barriers, of course, but you was a fluent speaker, being of Japanese descent. He disliked you at first, being a bit loud and certainly unappreciative of his lucky items. He was able to get to know you through Takao, when he invited you to practice,and watched you shoot some hoops.

He hasn’t seen you in months now, the last time being the day you had to leave the school, and the day he confessed to you. There was more urging on your part, but he succeeded nonetheless. He noticed you looking around, and pushing up his glasses once more, he quietly walked over to you, a bit of relief and embarrassment glazing over his cheek.

“_____.” Your eyes lit up, hands clasping his forearms, and movng in to hug and kiss your cheek.

“Shintaro, long time no see! It’s been too long; I missed you!” His cheeks were ablaze, though he tentatively set his arms around your waist.

“I-I have missed you, too, nanodayo.”

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Aomine Daiki: He was already running late because of the ‘power nap’ he tried to take which turned into a three hour sleep, only awake since Satsuki was there to remind him with 47 messages your plane would be arriving soon. Still in a basketball jersey and sweat pants, he checked his phone every minute, watching for your message. Sighing angrily, he raced up the stairs of the airport, eyes swimming around, searching for your familiar face.

“You’re late, Daiki.” Foot tapping irritably on the surface of the concrete, arms crossed over your chest, and expression cloudy you stared at your huffing boyfriend. He grinned, scratching the back of his neck, footsteps slowing as he reached over to you. You were still as feisty as he could remember, and he couldn’t help but smirk at when you gave him an earful for being late to their practice game three months ago. Coming from a foreign country to play against one of Japan’s best, you were most excited to see how tough the competition would be for your boys, but first impressions were never your strong point. What started with a roocky start led to something definitely what you weren’t expecting.

“Ah, I fell asleep.” It was your turn to huff out a sigh of indignation.

“It’s been three months and that’s all you say to me?” He languidly stretched his arms towards you, bringing you into a tight grasp, and buried his head into the crook of your neck.

“I’ve missed you so damn much, babe.” You smiled, wrapping your arms around his toned waist. Drinking in the sight and feeling of your boyfriend, you let go, kissing him once.

“By the way, Satsuki-chan called. As punishment for being late, we’re going shopping together; all three of us!”

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Murasakibara Atsushi: Snacking on his Maiubo, the two feet giant waited impatiently at the restaurant you two promised to meet up at. Since you were aware the purple haired boy wouldn’t be up for waiting at the airport, he might as well wait somewhere he was comfortable at. You raced to the restaurant, already ten minutes late your promised time. Pushing back your hair, your eyes scanned around the room for a tall, hungry purple boy. You spotted him on the table right near the kitchen, lazily talking to someone on the phone. His enormous figure was hunched, chin resting on the white table cover, and eyes half lidded. You gingerly walked over to him, nervousness finally resting in your stomach. You haven’t seen him for so long, it was like you were meeting him for the first time again. He noticed your footsteps, lilac eyes blinking up towards you.

“Aka-chin, I gotta go. _____ -chins finally here.” He promptly hung up, and slowly rose from his chair. Although it had only been ten minutes, every minute seemed like an hour to Murasakibara.

“You’re late, ____-chin.” Your cheeks turn red, as you walk closer towards him.

“Well, I wouldn’t have been late if you agreed to meet up somewhere near the airport.” He shrugged his shoulders, hands itching to touch you and embrace you tightly.

“I like this restaurant. It’s where we met.” You lunged at your boyfriend, burrying your face into his abdomen. Murasakibara could be so sweet without realizing it himself, and you figured you could forgive him for today.

“I missed you, you big giant.” He patted your head, bringing his arms around your figure.

“Me, too, ____-chin. But can we eat first? I’m starving.”  

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Akashi Seijurou: It’s been a few weeks since he was informed you were coming back for another two months. He initially thought to surprise you with him going to your home, but busy scheduling would not allow it, and so Akashi was forced to wait till your summer vacation started in May. Since his started on the end of July, and yours ended early August, he had plenty of time to use to introduce you to Japan and his friends, as well as obtain some time alone with each other. Coming straight from basketball practice, Akashi was still in his school uniform when he arrived at the airport. Practice ran a bit longer than expected, and he would have been late if he returned home to change his appearance. His red locks a bit damp from the shower, he waited patiently for you. You came out, a bit groggy and still jet lagged from the plane, looking for your boyfriend. Red immediately caught your eyes, and you wasted no time in throwing your arms around Akashi’s neck. He caught you by your waist, smiling down at you.

“Hello, _____. I’ve missed you terribly and I apologize for my appearance. We just finished practice.” You smiled, shaking your head in response.

“I don’t care about what you’re wearing Seijurou! I missed you so much; how is everyone? Are they all well?” Caressing your cheek, he answered each question with detail, knowing how much you enjoyed hearing about his friends and teammates. Taking your luggage, the two of you headed out to the elevator, leading to his black car.

“You must be tired, love, I’ll escort you home. We can talk more tomorrow, at this new restaurant that opened near my house. I’ll see you at seven.”

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