i am terrible but you can't stop me


I’m like six years late to the fandom but here’s some terrible Valentines from everyone’s favorite Roman LARPers

send them to the profligates you least wish to kill

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You killed me OH my god. Are you part of Viktor's mafia? Are you in a plan to make our heart stop in every matter of way. (not that we're complaining anyway lol) btw Viktor that was too daring I'm surprise you didn't have a heart attack. I CAN'T WAIT FOR PHICHIT OR SEUNG GIL'S CHARA MORE. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS ART. YOU'RE THE CHIEF OF THIS MAFIA

Hahahaha XD
But yus, Victor was very daring X3
I dunno if we will see Seung Gil o3o
And I am happy that you like my art <3

I can't stop.

I know it’s wrong. I know I shouldn’t do it. I know that if anyone knew about it, they’d look at me with disgust and they’d think I was a terrible human being. Maybe I am. But… I just can’t help myself.

I’ve perfected my technique over the years. I know the best tools to use, and where to use them. I know the places on the body I can hurt the most and how to make you really bleed. I use my pillow to muffle any whimpers or cries for help - not that any help would come.

Nobody has any idea what goes on in my room. You would’ve thought my parents would have caught on by now, but I’ve gotten so good at hiding the evidence, no one suspects a thing.

I suppose it’s an addiction, really. I know I should stop, but I just can’t. I’ve tried before, but there’s just no feeling like that of slicing through human flesh, of seeing the skin break and feeling the blood seep out.

Especially when it’s your own.


I am here tonight because Ava told me that I could have my family back.

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my family puts me down constantly and it's giving me horrible anxiety, I can't function in the real world and I'm also kind of heartbroken because of it. I'm trying to ignore their remarks but I can't

I am so so sorry you’re in this situation. It’s terrible that your family is causing you so much pain.

If it’s possible, talk to your family about the issue and hopefully they will recognize how you feel, acknowledge that they were wrong, and make an effort to stop putting you down.

However, if that’s not possible or they choose to continue anyway, distancing yourself is probably the best option. Toxic relationships cause a toxic lifestyle. If it’s impossible to distance yourself for the time being and a quick solution is no longer possible. I understand it’s hard to ignore the messages your family is sending you, but you must understand that hurtful words are said out of pain, ignorance, and anger. Often when people say spiteful comments they come from a surge of emotion, causing the speaker to be irrational and say things that are not true.

You have my full support and if you ever need to talk I’m happy to listen.

Best of luck.


there’s a difference between “wow, if I met the person I was in 2011, I would hate them” and “ugh, this thing I did half an hour ago was pretty terrible, I hate past me”
and I don’t think most Karkat fans understand that difference

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Do you or anyone that follows you have advice on how to cut out on ice cream? I LOVE ice cream, and I know that milk is a terrible terrible industry but I just can't seem to stop ): cutting out everything else was ez pz but i can not give up ice cream. It doesn't even matter if it's like -50 degrees outside I am having some ice cream. It's so hard & everytime I eat it I feel terrible for doing so but I just can't stop and vegan ice cream is too expensive for me ):

Yeah, vegan ice cream is usually more and pisses me off because 1) it’s delicious 2) small portions. It’s because of the quality ingredients though, so I get it. Anyway - you can make your own, pretty damn easy and cheaply. Like with any base you want too. Lots of people make banana based ice cream because it’s so easy, literally freezing bananas and adding in other stuff later, if you don’t like the taste of banana you can mask it. I’ve been wanting to make my own - especially cashew based or coconut milk (extra creamy). I’ll leave some links and I have a tonnn in my ice cream tag here.

  • Someone: Stop crying they're just animated drawings
  • Me: Please just stop talking. My emotional state balances on these cartoons and if it weren't for them i have absolutely no idea who or where i would be. Amethyst and Sadie make me proud of my stomach bulge, Steven reminds me to stay optomistic no matter what, Mabel reminds me to keep my head held high and to be confident, Star taught me that i can be strong without having to be violent or brash, Pearl reminds me to never give up on a task no matter how embarrassed i feel, Garnet reminded me not to forgive people just because they say they're sorry, but that they need to work their way back up to gaining someones trust back, and these cartoons have taught me extremely meaningful things and my self-esteem and confidence would be nonexistent without them. When the characters get hurt or they get into a bad situation, i feel terrible and actually cry for them because they help me feel better about who i am and when they don't feel good about themselves, i feel sorrow for them. When i see characters again, i remember how much they make me feel better about myself. I'm so sorry you can't comprehend that, so please, stop speaking.
First Kiss
  • Ashton: Another party thrown at your house. Another night of your brother dragging you into everything even though all you want to do was leave and find somewhere away from your house where you could read in peace. Not tonight. Never in fact. You are pulled out of your book by your brother calling your name. You look up and see the bottle in the center of the circle pointing at you. "I'm not even playing," you tell your brother. It wasn't a lie. You are sitting on the very edge of the whole party, curled up with a book in your lap and your headphones on, trying to drown everything out. "Rules are rules, sis. And you're at this party. Into the closet you go," he tells you. You start to protest, but he's so much larger than you and just drags you to the closet, shoving you inside. You don't even know who you're in here with. This game was some hellish mixture of Spin-the-Bottle and Seven Minutes in Heaven, just what you needed. You feel a hand reach out to you, settling on your arm. You jump at the sudden contact. "Hey, hey, relax. We don't have to do anything if you don't want to. I'm Ashton, by the way," the guy says. Your breath catches in your throat. Your brother had shoved you in here because he knew you had a massive crush on Ash. You stutter out your name and he chuckles. "Figures. Your brother knows I think you're pretty," he tells you. "You think I'm what?" Your voice cracks at the end. "Pretty. I think you're pretty and different. You've always got a book in your hands and your cute little glasses on and you're never actually part of our parties. You just, you fascinate me and I never thought you'd ever speak to anyone, let alone me, and I'm rambling now, so I'll stop." You don't know how to respond to his confession. "Ashton?" you ask, deciding on a response. "Yeah?" he responds. You reach out for him, finding his neck in the dark, pulling him close to your body. He understands and his lips find yours in the dark, your first of many, many, many kisses.
  • Calum: Your head is on his lap as a stupid movie plays in the background. Your best friend is finally back from months on tour and you both are too busy catching up to watch a movie. "So, any new guys I need to beat up?" he asks casually. "Or are you still into that guy you said wouldn't give you the time of day?" You laugh and sigh before saying, "Still into that guy." Calum rolls his eyes and tells you, "Either man up and tell him or let it go. He's definitely too thick. You're great. He'll definitely go for you." You bite your lip, thinking if you should actually take his advice. After all, Calum is the guy you are hung up on. If that's what he'd want, you figure you should do just that. You sit up, facing him on the couch. "Cal, I love you," you say simply. "Love you too," he chuckles. "Do you want to restart the movie? I mean, neither one of us were really watching it." You let out a frustrated groan before saying, "No, Calum, I'm in love with you. You're the guy I'm hung up on." His eyes goes wide as they move to look at you. He swallows hard and whispers, "You're not serious." Your breaths start to become shaky because you're sure you just ruined over ten years of friendship in two sentences. "I'm serious," you say. Without hesitation, his lips crash against yours. You gasp in surprise, giving him an opportunity to slide his tongue between your lips. He pushes you back on the couch as his tongue moves expertly against yours. He's now hovering over you on the couch as your hands run up and down his chest. "I've wanted you to say that for over a year," he whispers against your throat where his lips now rest. You laugh, running one of your hands through his hair. You gasp in surprise when you feel his teeth dig into your skin. "Calum," you breathe out. "You're mine now," he whispers in your ear. "I'm making sure everyone else knows that."
  • Luke: You laugh at Luke attempting to sing in falsetto to the song playing on the radio. He laughs when he hears you laugh. You can't wipe the smile off your face when your laughter dies down. This has been the best first date of your life. A drive-in movie with a beautiful, funny, talent boy who knew to bring Sour Patch Kids and liked cuddling. Dates didn't get much better than that. You, despite your mother always telling you to never, ever, ever kiss on the first date, hope he will kiss you when he drops you off. You know you're falling for this boy, dangerously fast, but you're not going to stop yourself and you're pretty sure he isn't stopping either. When he pulls up to your house, he surprisingly gets out before you and opens your door for you. He walks you to your front step, still making you laugh with his bad jokes. "I had a great time tonight," you tell him as you reach your front porch. "Really? Good, because so did I," Luke tells you. "Can I see you again tomorrow?" You laugh at his eagerness. "Tomorrow? Aren't we rushing things?" He hesitates before he starts rambling, "Do you not want to see me tomorrow? I mean, that's okay if you don't, but I want to see you tomorrow. Hell, I don't want to stop seeing you tonight. You're just really pretty and funny and smart and so damn amazing and I'm not good enough for you, but I just don't care anymore. I really want to kiss you too, but I know I shouldn't since it's only our first date-" You cut him off by grabbing him by the collar of his shirt and pulling him down to your level, your lips connecting with his for the first time. He doesn't hesitate to pull your closer, his hands on your hips. You part when you hear the front door open. Your dad is standing there with a disapproving look. You knew he wouldn't like Luke: skinny jeans, lip piercing, in a band. He was your father's nightmare, but he was your dream that was quickly becoming a reality. "Call me?" you tell him. "Oh, definitely," he smiles at you. He nods and waves awkwardly to your father before retreating to his car, your lips still tingling where they met his.
  • Michael: You are sitting next to Michael, Wii remote in your hands and another in his. "Let's make a bet," he tells you. "You win, I have to do something you want me to do. I win, you have to do something I want you to do." You frown and say, "My clothes are staying on, Clifford." He laughs and says, "I promise. It won't be like that." You sigh and give in, making the deal. It's absolutely no surprise when he completely destroys you in Mario Kart. You're terrible at it anyway, let alone playing Michael, who is pretty much the master of Mario Kart. When he wins, you turn to him and say, "What am I doing, Michael? What terrible thing do I have to eat or tweet?" He sighs as he takes the remote from your hands and sets it on the table with his. "I'm not going to make you doing anything. I'm going to ask," he says. "May I kiss you right now?" Your eyes go wide in shock. "You're actually asking?" you choke out. Michael nods softly and says, "I don't know, okay? I'm bad at this romantic stuff. You just, you mean a lot to me and I don't want to screw this up at all." You can't stop the smile forming across your face as you lean in closer to him before pressing your lips to his, shocking him with how forward you're being. He immediately takes over control of the kiss, but doesn't take it too far. When he pulls away, you pout softly. "What?" he asks you, a chuckle in his voice as he speaks. "Why did you stop?" you reply. "Because I'm an idiot," he sighs before kissing you again. This time he deepens the kiss, making you tangle your fingers in his crazy hair as he wraps his arms around you, pulling you into his body. "My girlfriend," he mumbles when you finally pull away. "That wasn't a question, but I say yes anyway," you laugh, making him laugh with you.

who shalt not be named is pissing me off greatly. Along with their followers. I have learned SO MUCH self restraint and control not responding to most of who shalt’s IDIOCY. I think they know that they fucked up their career (which is probably now over or will be soon).They have burned so many bridges with the show. And in the entertainment industry people know people. 

The show is proud of their canon ship and the character of Lexa, that is why they talk about them. If you were proud of something you created and that has affected so many people positively….why wouldn’t you want to talk about it? Also, that is the story they are telling, if you don’t like it then LEAVE. If the story is pissing you off that much…GOODBYE. Go watch something you enjoy and stop spilling hatred. ALSO, saying that guest stars don’t work as hard as main cast members is complete bullshit. I’m out.