i am tattoos


the drawing that jumin with the tattoos has problem, so I deleted it.
if you already reposted it, I ask to take down.
I will reupload modified drawing soon-!
thank you for reading
and if you feel bad about that tattoos, I am so sorry. I am so ignorant. I hope you feel getting better

pomrania  asked:

Wait, did Ford's scarring partially cover That Tattoo? I am inordinately amused by that concept.

yeah, me and @skillfulstudio talked about that once. and I realized that logically my chosen placement for the All Star tattoo would end in it being partially obliterated. XD

Soulmate AU where everybody is born with a simple tattoo on their wrist. A circle, a straight line, a dot, etc. When you start interacting with your soulmate it starts getting more complex. Your first kiss, leaves grow. Your first time, flowers sprout up. Get married, swirls fill your arm

when ur both the tattooed cousin and the gay cousin

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