i am tagging you alex because you ruined my life with this show


Brian: I’m also selling the loft and the club.

Justin: Without even knowing what my answer would be?

Brian: I’m taking a chance on love.

Justin: Then you mean it.

Brian: I’ve never meant anything more.

Justin: Ok.

Brian: Ok?

Justin: Lets do it.

Brian: Say it.

Justin: Yes.

Brian: Yes, what?

Justin: Yes. Yes, I will marry. I will marry you.

supergirl tag!

tagged by my amazing friends @alexzorels​, @maggiesalex​, @potstickersftw​, and @westsanvers

1. When did you first hear about Supergirl?
heard about it when sanvers was introduced. it was all over my dash, so i left my old fandoms for this one.

2. Why did you start watching Supergirl?
i started watching because of sanvers, mainly, but i fell in love with the characters immediately.

3. What’s your favorite season and why?

it’s so hard to choose. s1 had better storylines, obviously, especially for kara, but s2 had sanvers and alex coming out and lena luthor ruining my life, so probably season two.

4. What’s the thing you like most about the show?
probably the characters. i don’t watch any shows, ever, unless i am completely in love with the characters or cast.

5. Which aspect of the show should they improve?
give kara an independent storyline! she doesn’t need a romantic interest in order to keep people watching. i think the show might actually do better if she takes a break from romance for a bit.

6. Who’s your favorite character and why?
lena luthor. i love kara and alex and maggie and the superfriends of course, but lena just stands out to me. i don’t know how to explain it.

7. Which character do you dislike the most and why?
right now, mon-el. i still think he’d be an amazing character if they took a bit more time with him (not rushing him into a generic romance, not making him a tragic hero, etc) but right now he’s taking away from kara’s development and causing a lot of problems for everyone.

8. Which character deserves more screen time?
lena and maggie, equally.

9. Favorite episode?
all of them.

10. Favorite platonic relationship?
kara and alex, without a doubt. they have the most important, beautiful relationship on the entire show.

11. Favorite romantic ship?

sanvers canon, supercorp non-canon. i cannot choose between them.

12. Did the show have any special impact on you?
probably, but i’m really too tired to figure it out.

13. Favorite quote?
“You are too good and too smart to follow in her path.” // “Be your own hero.”

14. What would you change about the show if you had the direct ability to do so?
i’d definitely want to bring back some characters like cat grant, carter, and lucy lane. also i’d obviously want supercorp and monwinn, but primarily i’d bring back those characters because i feel it would make more people happy.

tagging anyone who wants to do this.