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Birthday Girl (NSFW/Smut)

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Author: Arfrona-and-Marvel

Word Count: 2965

Warnings: Cursing/Sex

Pairings: Peter Parker x Reader

Type: Fluff, Smut

Note: Virgin reader and Peter :) 

Requested: nope



Peter covers my eyes with a blindfold and helps me stand up.

“This is kinky, Parker, what are you planning?”

Peter laughs nervously and I feel him getting more timid with his actions.

“Will you stop, Y/N? It’s just to keep the surprise a surprise.”

I giggle at his obviously flustered state from my sex joke.

I let him lead me out of the room to the unknown destination, one hand holding mine and the other on my waist as he gently pushes me along.

“Peterrrrrrr it’s taking so loooooong,” I whine, just to annoy him.

“Just a little farther, Y/N, bear with me here.”

My foot brushes against something soft.

“Is that another gym sock?”

“Uhhhhh… No it isn’t…” There’s a loud shuffle as he tries to kick the offending article away discreetly.

Oh, he’s so adorable when he’s lying.

He stops and lets go of my hand and waist. There’s a soft scrape to my left as he pulls out a chair.

Heh. Pulls out.

“Here ya go, love.” He takes my hand and gently guides me into the seat. He slips and I miss the seat, landing on the soft, carpeted floor instead. There’s a solid thunk as what sounds like Peter’s head collides with the wall.

“OH MY GOD PETER ARE YOU OKAY?” I tear off the blindfold and see the poor boy rubbing his head, where there’s bound to be a bump forming.

“I’ll live.”

“Oh you poor man-child, let me get you some ice.”

I rush towards the kitchen, noting the very nicely set-up dinner table for two.

He must be devastated that he couldn’t properly surprise me.

I stop as I enter the kitchen, trying to process the scene before me.

He hobbles up behind me, trying to stop me.

“Wait, Y/N, don’t go into the- ah shit you’ve seen it.”

I look around to see the room decorated with strings of lights and roses.

“Oh, Peter. You shouldn-” Peter kisses me before I could finish my sentence.

“You like it?” He asks as he pulls me closer for another kiss, deeper than the last.

I pull away before nodding, “Yes, Peter, I love it. Thank you.”

He beams at me before leading me to the table and pulling out a chair for me.

“My princess,” he jokes, gesturing for me to take a seat.

I sarcastically bow, “My knight.”


After dinner, I stand up to help clean up the dishes.

Peter shoos me away and tells me to sit down while he takes care of it.

I don’t bother arguing with him, because I know fighting with him would be pointless with his stubbornness.

I stay seated while he collects the dishes and kisses my nose before leaving to wash them.

I watch him walk away and smile to myself as I take a rose from the vase on dining table and twirl it in my hands.

I giggle to myself as I think about our past two years together.

How sweet Peter was with his cute pickup lines and our weekly movie dates.

How shy he is when we kiss and how much of a gentleman he is.

I continue to reminisce until I see Peter standing in the doorway.

His cheeks are red and his hands are shaking a little.

He’s nervous.

“Peter, love, are you alright?” I ask.

He gives me a half smile and he walks over slowly, his body language screaming nervousness.


“I, uh, I have one more gift for you,” he says.

“Peter! This is already so much, please that’s enough,” I laugh and I stand up to hug him.

He hesitates before hugging me back and now I see how nervous he really is.

“Peter? What’s wrong?” I ask, noticing that his legs are shaking.

He looks away from me as he reaches into his pocket and gives me a small index card with the letter V written on it.


I look up at him questionably and he rubs the back of his neck, his face slowly acquiring the color of the roses on the table.

“It’s um. I-I, uh,” Peter stumbles.

“I get it Peter, V-Card,” I look up at him and smile before kissing his chin and then his nose.

“It’s a very unique present, Peter,” I say as I lean closer to Peter and kiss him again. He places his hands gently on my hips.

I lean back and smile, “So I can cash this in anytime I want?” I ask.

His face reddens a little before he nods.

“How about right now?” I ask slowly, hoping he would get a hint and suggest something.

He looks at me in the eye for a few moments before breaking contact and looks down at his feet.

“I’ve got another surprise for you, love,” Peter says, reaching over to the counter and giving me the blindfold again.

I look at him suspiciously before putting the blindfold on again.

“Just trust me, Y/N,” Peter says softly. I relax a little and reach out to hold his hand as he leads the way.

I am assaulted with a barrage of smells as we turn into a room, where everything sounds slightly muffled, as if it’s filled with soft furniture. My feet brush against… rose petals? I smell my favorite scented candles as well as… Febreze. Lots of Febreze.

Dammit Parker why don’t you clean this house more often?

His hands leave my shoulders for a few seconds and I hear some shuffling around me, no doubt he’s cleaning up whatever’s been left strewn around his ro-

The blindfold falls off suddenly and I’m left shocked at the scene in front of me.

Though I’ve been in his room a million times before, I’ve never seen it this clea-

Romantic. It’s never been this romantic.

Everything’s been swapped or covered with a red velvet and the lights are off, leaving only the candles to light the room. A gasp  escapes my lips. Peter, who is in the process of furiously trying to shove what looks to be a red and blue suit into the closet, whips his head around, eyes wide open.

“It fell off? Shit, now I can’t badmouth the baddies anymore about their lousy knots… Anyways, surprise?” he tries with a tight smile.

God, he’s so adorable when stuff goes wrong.

“Peter… just ask me…”

“Well, I mean you don’t have to, but… I…” Peter tries to start but fails to finish his sentence as I

lean closer, until our noses are almost touching. We stay that way, looking into each other's’ eyes for a while.

“Hi,” Peter greets me.

“Are you going to kiss me yet?” I ask, slightly impatiently. Face redder, than the cushions, he does just that.

He makes the first move, turning his head and closing the space between us. My lips meet his, agonizingly slowly. His hands cup my face and pull me closer, and I return the kiss with a passion I didn’t know I had. Our lips locked, he pulls us down onto the bed. One of his hands finds its way into my hair while the other one grasps my neck. My own hands find their way under his shirt and around the back of his head. He bites my lip, accidentally, and I jerk back, not expecting the bite.

“Oh my god Y/N I’m so sorry oh my god are you okay oh my god are you bleeding?” he babbles, moving his head around to check my lips.

I quickly run my tongue over my lips to check for blood

“I’m okay, Peter.””

“Hi, okay, Peter, I’m Peter,” he quips back,not missing a beat.

I laugh at Peter lightly before pulling down his pants.

“W-Wait, Y/N, are- are- are you sure ab-”

I cut him off with a finger pressed to his lips.

“Shhhhhh. Yes, Peter. I am sure. Now shut up and let me make you happy,” I say, kissing his nose to reassure him.

“But, I want to make you feel good fir-” Peter tries to object but lets out a moan instead as I palm his member through his boxers.

I smile as I gently squeeze tighter and watch him throw his head back and moan a little louder. I then pull down his boxers as I eagerly snake down his body and watch as his member is freed from its restraints. I wrap my hand around it and give it a small pump, a little intimidated by his size, even though it’s not fully hard yet. I watch as small beads of precum leak from his head and roll down his shaft. Without a second thought, I lick along the underside of his cock, starting from the base all the way to the tip. I swirl my tongue around the head, lapping up the droplets of precum.

I hear Peter groan as I pull him into my mouth, inch by inch, using my tongue to lick him slowly and hollowing my cheeks to suck him deeper.

I smile to myself as I hear Peter curse and moan above me, I feel his hands in my hair as he caresses my face, urging me to continue.

I lean back and pump him a little more before sucking the head of his cock again.

“Fuck, Y/N,” Peter moans as I start to slowly take in as much of him as possible and pull back. The tip of his cock hits the back of my throat as I take him deeper and deeper. I pump his shaft at the base with my free hand as I begin to feel my panties dampening.

“Y/N, please slow down, I don’t want to cum yet,” Peter practically begs.

I look up at him and smile to myself as I let him go with a pop.

He squeezes his eyes shut, trying to calm himself down.

I take this opportunity to turn my back to him and take off my pants slowly. I bend over more than I have to so that I give him a good view of my ass. I can see his jaw drop in the mirror.

Pffft. He ain’t seen nothing yet.

My jeans join the not-so-well-hidden pile of dirty laundry in the corner. I lift my shirt slowly, especially around my chest, since I want him to see that I’ve “forgotten” my bra at home. I hear a sharp intake of breath as he realizes this. The shirt joins my pants and I’m left Stark™-naked except for my panties. I turn around to face him.

Are human even supposed to be that red?

He has a dumbfounded expression on his face that I’ve never seen before.

I laugh a little as I climb back onto the bed and kiss him.

He kisses me back after recovering from his shock. He flips me over so that I’m on my back.

He attacks my neck before traveling downward, past my exposed breasts leaving a trail of kisses past my stomach.

I moan loudly as he reaches my hips. He kisses all along the band of my panties and kisses my nether lips through the thin fabric.

I whimper as he hooks a finger into the elastic of my panties and pulls them down slowly. He leaves small bites on the inside of my thighs as he passes them. Out of the corner of my eye, I see the sodden article of clothing sail across the room in the general direction of the rest of my clothes. He works his way back up my legs, fingers ghosting the insides of my legs before parting them gently. His left hand grip the top of my right thigh as he uses his hand to spread my lips. I clutch the sheets as he dips a finger into my wet and aroused center. He smiles to me before scooting closer to my crotch, all the while making a “come hither” motion with his finger. His lips meet my other lips as his head comes down.

Within moments, his tongue finds my clit.

Has he done this before?

“I pay attention in sex ed, Y/N,” Peter jokes as my cheeks redden in the realization that I had said it out loud.

He chuckles a little bit before leaning in and kissing my thighs before sucking my clit again.

I moan loudly and clutch the sheets harder. I feel another finger join the first and his other hand moves up to hold my hips in place. I squirm and whimper as his tongue runs over my clit, lapping at the sensitive bundle of nerves. His fingers spread my opening  to give his tongue to my core. I shiver as his tongue moves in and out of my entrance.

“Ohh, fuck Peter…” I moan, willing him to go faster. He pulls his tongue out of me and he moves his two fingers again, thrusting faster than before.

His tongue moves back up to my clit and begins attacking the small nub at the top of my folds.

My moans become more incoherent as he continues to lick, suck, and lap at every single part of my most private area, leaving me a babbling mess.

As my walls begin to clench around his fingers, Peter speeds up his thrusting and ravages my clit harder as he feels me gets closer to the edge until he brings me over the edge. My back arches and my toes curl almost painfully as the immense pleasure of the orgasm wracks my body completely. I see stars as my eyes roll back into my head and a loud, breathy moan escapes my lips.

Peter sucks gently on my clit and slows his thrusting as the waves of euphoria roll over me, further intensifying the pleasure and prolonging my orgasm.

As the pleasure gently fades away, Peter kisses my clit, then kisses a trail up my stomach, stopping at my breasts. He licks each nipple, gently sucking on each one before moving on. He stops at my neck, planting a kiss there before moving his head up so that his eyes are level with mine.

“Do you want to go further?”

“No, Peter, I wanted to stop and talk about multi-variable calculus,” I deadpan, lacing as much sarcasm into my voice as possible.

He smiled devilishly and deadpanned right back, “It just so happened that I needed a little help with my calculus homework, can you help me integrate my natural log?”

I whack him softly with one of the red heart pillows on the bed. “I HATE YOU”

“No you don’t,”

He leans down to kiss me again before reaching over and grabbing a condom from the nightstand.

I laugh as he fails to open it before offering to help. He smiles at me gratefully as I put it on for him. I wrap my arms around his neck to pull him closer and kiss him.

I pull him down to the bed.

“I love you,” he whispers.

“I love you too, Peter,” I say as I guide his cock to my entrance.

I always thought I would be really nervous during my first time. But Peter made it comfortable. Peter slowly moved his hips forward and I gasped, not used to his size.

He’s bigger than I thought.

“Are you okay? Am I hurting you?” Peter asked nervously.

“No, it just feels kinda tight,” I say, trying to ease his nerves.

Peter continues to insert himself carefully. The pain fades away and it begins to feel pleasurable.

I moan a little and clutch Peter’s back as I quietly beg him to go faster.

Peter starts to thrust his hips at a moderately faster speed and I throw my head back and moan loudly, enjoying this new feeling beyond words.

Peter leans forward to kiss my neck making me mewl in pleasure as I move my arms around the back of his neck to pull his hair.

I kiss his neck and Peter groans loudly.

“Keep doing that and I am not going to last much longer,” Peter says as he leaves another hickey on my collar bone. He hastens his movements and starts thrusting harder.

“Maybe I don’t want you to,” I whisper breathily.

Peter straightens up and moves a hand down to my clit and rubs his thumb over it in quick, small circles, pushing me over the edge.

“Peter,” I moan before I see stars for the second time that night. As my walls clenched around his member, I felt Peter also reach his release, groaning loudly and burying his cock deep in my tunnel. His cock twitches and I feel the condom fill up as he releases his seed into me. He lies down, burying his face into the crook of my neck as he tries to slow his breathing. We lay like that for a while, both panting hard and coming down from our orgasms. After a few minutes, he pulls out slowly and kisses my face. I moan as he slides out, and I feel empty when he pulls out completely.

“You okay?” Peter asks.

“Mmm,” I respond, exhausted.

Peter laughs and goes to the bathroom to get rid of his condom. I whine, not wanting him to leave, but am too tired to go after him.

Peter comes back a few minutes later with a warm washcloth. He gently moves my legs to clean then before handing me one of his shirts and to wear.

I smile and put it on before lying back down on the bed and drifting off, murmuring, “I love you,” to Peter.

“Happy birthday, Y/N” is the last thing I hear before my reality fades into pleasant nothingness.


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Lucifer Morningstar Imagines

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“Guess who I am!” You smiled cheekily as you twirled around in costume. 

“You have got to be kidding me,” Lucifer exclaimed.

“What? Don’t like what you see?” you teased. 

“Not with that dreadful thing you’ve got on. Really, Y/N. I do not have little red horns or a pointed tail. Have you ever seen me even wear red?”

Striding to where Lucifer leant against his bar, you leaned in close as he watched you curiously.

“What are you doing?” he asked suspiciously.

“What is you most desire?” you whispered, trying to mimic Lucifer’s accent.

“For you to take that off that ridiculous costume,” he deadpanned. “It’s insulting.”

You pouted. “Party pooper.”

Across the Divide

TITLE: Across The Divide

CHAPTER NO./ONE SHOT: Chapter Twelve

AUTHOR: wolfpawn

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki sneaking out of the palace as a youth to see the city and countryside, while out one day, he accidentally gets in trouble for something, but a young girl deals with the situation, allowing him to be left alone and his true identity be kept secret. She is a poor girl who is only in the city to sell goods with her father, so she does not realise it is Loki, even though she sees his face. They form a friendship as she shows him around the city, and tells him the date she comes to the city every month for a particular market.

RATING: Teen and Up The manner in which Loki fled the palace had people wondering if there had been some form of fire or other disaster to befall the palace, such was his pace. He raced towards the stables, only for Thor, Hogun and Volstagg to notice him, Thor standing in his way. Without so much as a word, Loki flicked his hand, sending Thor careering into the other two with a loud thud. “LOKI!”

“Not now.” Loki snapped, not even looking at them as he walked.

Thor righted himself and rushed after his brother, “What has you in such a mood?”

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In light of recent news (YAAAAAAAS JIN❤❤) can I suggest an OT7 drabble featuring each member gifting Jin something they think he'll need in the jungle?

“Guys, do we really have to do this?” Jin whines, backpack slung over his shoulder as his members line up in front of him.

“We want to make sure you have everything you need to survive in the jungle,” Jimin tells him arranging them all in the proper order.

“Did anybody vet these gifts? ” Yoongi asks, concerned, and Hoseok just shakes his head. 

“Uh, we do not need to be vetted, we are adults,” Jimin bristles haughtily. “Tae, go ahead.”

“I want you to have this,” Taehyung says solemnly extending his hands towards Jin. “I want you to take it with you.”

Jin makes a slightly disgusted face. “Tae, I don’t want or need a lock of your hair.”

“Take the hair Jin.”

Jin just bites his tongue and accepts the tiny plastic baggie, moving down the line. 

Jungkook unceremoniously slaps a small bottle into Jin’s hand. “Mattifying creme. Because you’re gross and shiny in the mornings.”

“Excuse you,” Jin draws away in offense, but after a knowing look from Jungkook, he grudgingly accepts it. 

“Open this later,” Jimin tells him quietly, suspiciously, with a wink. “For the long, cold nights.”

Jin rolls his eyes and tears into the envelope, ignoring Jimin’s flailing hands and cries of protest. He sighs heavily. “Where did you get this photo of Yoongi?”

“This WHAT?” Yoongi cries from the end of the line. 

“It’s from when he got drunk on his birthday,” Jimin shrugs.

“What am I doing to that poor eggplant?” Yoongi marvels.

“Hurry up guys. He’s gonna miss his flight,” Hoseok reminds them. “Here, take this. It’s a shovel. It’s for shitting in the wilderness,” Hoseok adds, and Jin cringes a little. 

“Why would he shit on a shovel?” Jimin asks, looking revolted. Taehyung shrugs.

Namjoon steps forward and hands Jin a thin book-shaped package. “Since nature has a tendency to make humans introspective, I got you this book on the link between the anarchist movement in Spain and 20th century surrealism. I think it’s a good partner piece to that book on French existentialism I gave you for Christmas.” He pauses to cackle at the disgusted look on Jin’s face. “I’m just shitting you. It’s porn.” 

Yoongi is last, and everyone looks at him expectantly. He silently presses a small, neat case into Jin’s hands. 

“What’s this?”

Yoongi tucks his head and mumbles, “You know. Minor first aid, flint, emergency blanket, vitamins, water filter, and some spices…. because, you know, you can’t eat bland food.”

A fond, gentle smile spreads across Jin’s face as he tucks the little case into his bag. “Thanks, Yoongi.”

“Just… Come back safe, okay?” Yoongi murmurs, face aflame, and Jin reaches out to squeeze his hand reassuringly. 

It’s quiet for a few moments before Hoseok breaks the silence. “You guys are fuckin’ gross.”

Bad Ideas (Chapter 1)(Spideypool)

Welcome to the Story!
Peter meets Wade, Wade says inappropriate things, Peter likes him anyway. Of course that is how it happens!
Peter in this fic is more along the lines of Andrew Garfield, partly because Homecoming isn’t out yet so I can’t write about Tom, and of course, the age thing (yikes!) Peter is definitely older in this fic!
Anyway, I hope you enjoy, drop me a like or reblog or comment if you’d like to be tagged in updates, I post once a day!

Thanks Lovelies!

Check out the MASTERLIST for additional chapters

Wade looked up from his beer when a beat up old van rolled to a stop in front of the garage. He didn’t bother getting up from his chair, not willing to stand for some lost ass hippie looking for directions.
His eyebrow did raise though, when a lanky brunette stepped out of the passenger side and waved the driver on.

After the dust cleared, the man-nah, that’s a kid- trekked up the driveway, holding a faded red backpack.


“What’s up, man?” Wade tipped his beer towards him, noticing that the kid managed to maintain eye contact, even after getting close enough to see the absolute scarred up mess that was his face. “You need a tow from somewhere?”

“Uh, what? A tow? No man, I don’t have a car.” a nervous smile and Wade kind of hated how much he liked it.

“Well, this is a mechanics garage. Why else would you be here unless you had car trouble? Unless–” Wade looked him over and smirked. “I didn’t expect my rent-boy to here until Friday night, but I’m not going to argue.”

“What?” the brunette laughed, and Wade couldn’t help the interest curling through him at the sound. “No, uh, someone in town said you were looking for an employee? Gave me a ride out here. Wanted to see if you were still looking, or if this was a total waste of my day.”

“Employee.” Managing to look completely disappointed, Wade drained the rest of his beer. “Not a rent boy. That’s a damn shame. Ever thought about pursuing that line of work? I feel like you’d make a killing.”

“Well, uh, if you don’t give me a job I might have to, so maybe give me your number just in case? You know, future reference?” With a frankly adorable tilt to his head, a quick bite into about the fullest bottom lip Wade had ever seen, the boy glanced away and glanced back shyly and Wade was fucked.

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Mon-El is also canonically a misogynist former slave owner but I guess you'll ignore that and continue calling him a "puppy" or "cinnamon roll" even though some of these slaves were probably women that he could, in his own words, "objectify" and I think we're all suspicious that that means rape. But hey, as long as he's a "funny puppy."

Wait… OMG is this what I think it is? I just got anon hate?


I’d like to thank the academy for believing in my potential, I worked so hard to be where I am now, I also would like to thank Rao for this moment, and wow I’ve been waiting for this for so long I don’t even know what to say, I feel so blessed! Wait! Can I call myself a Tumblr famous now?


1) Which part of “There were a lot of things there [on Daxam] I didn’t agree with”, or “You never met my parents. They weren’t exactly role models”, or “I would run because he [his father] was not a good man” didn’t you understand?

2) Go away.

Strangers ~ Chapter Eight

Not requested

Genre: Angst

Members: Byun Baekhyun & Zhang Yixing

Summary: (of this series) For the past two years, you and Baekhyun have been dating. But for the past six months, he’s treated you like a stranger. Tight schedules and different careers drive the two of you apart from each other. What happens when you decide you’re no longer happy and enough is enough?

Summary: (of this chapter) Four months after last chapter, one year after it all started…

{Chapter one} {Chapter two} {Chapter three} {Chapter four} {Chapter five} {Chapter six} {Chapter seven} {Chapter nine} {Chapter ten} {Chapter eleven} {Epilogue}

“You cut me off so I’ll cut you of too, Baekhyun. I owe you. And her. I made things go to hell. It’s fine, if it’s not to happen with me and her, it’s not meant to happen. But with you, you guys have history. Don’t throw that away.” Yixing says. Looking at Baekhyun for the first time since they started talking, he can see the pain. He can feel the pain. He can see the fear and the despair and everything else. Baekhyun doesn’t feel numb, he just wants to because he doesn’t want to cope with it.

“I remember…that’s what you told her.”

“Yes. I’m telling you that now too, Baekhyun.”

“Hyung…what’s happened between all three of us?” Baekhyun asks.

“Life. Life has happened.”

Four months later.

It’s been four months.

Four months since you last saw Baekhyun.

Four months since you last saw Yixing.

Four months since you last talked to Baekhyun.

Four months since you last talked to Yixing.

One year since everything went to hell.

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The Secret Life of the Misfit Princess

Summary: Y/N is happy with being the nobody in her daily life. From school to at home, she’s always been the misfit. Dean is a popular football player who is more focused on keeping his parents happy than himself. Meeting Y/N makes Dean see things in a different light. One night with the misfit girl and Dean’s hooked.

Word Count: 3208

Song: When the Day Met The Night by P!ATD

High school was hard for you. School in general always had been. Your older sister had graduated with honours and was gone off to University to become some big shot Lawyer. You were in your last year and honestly could not wait to get out of the shit hole of a school that you had been stuck in for three years now.

In English class you sat and stared out the window. Surprisingly English was one of your favourite classes. You thought Shakespeare and novels like Lord Of The Flies and The Catcher in the Rye were far more important to your life than Mathematics quadratic formula’s and algebraic equations. Still, this class you just couldn’t focus. It was last period and you were jonesing for a cigarette already.

Unfortunately the cigarette habit came hand in hand with the misfit label. That’s what you were. A nomad. You hated school. Hated your parents. Hated the law. You had a few friends who also fell under the misfit category. You didn’t have good grades and you were always living in your sisters larger than life shadow. What else would you be.

But you liked being a nomad. A nobody. You weren’t smart enough to be a nerd who got picked on. You didn’t wear crazy clothes and go looking for attention so that you could get called names. You kept to yourself and no one ever noticed you. And you wanted to keep it that way.

People actually liked you even if you didn’t like them. You could buy cigarettes so a lot of the cheerleaders and jocks who smoked casually on weekends or at parties came to you to get them for them, afraid if they got caught that the school would kick them off their sport teams or something. Sometimes you got invited to their parties, but you never showed up.

The bell rang and snapped you out of your trance. You quickly got your stuff together and headed out of the class and down the hall. The fresh free air hit your face and you felt like you had just got out of prison after years of being locked behind bars. You pulled out a cigarette and lit it as you headed to your car. The smoke you blew out quickly disappeared as you walked across the parking lot. That’s when Benny came up to you.

“You coming tonight?” he asked, grabbing your cigarette from you and taking a draw. You rolled your eyes and let it happen.

“Yeah, I’m coming. I’m not missing this one because my parents are dicks. I swear one of these days I’m getting emancipated.” you let out. Benny chuckled and passed your cigarette back to you before reaching your car.

“Alright darlin’. I’m counting on you being there, you’re our best you know.” you grinned and reached up to give Benny a kiss on the cheek.

“I know.” you said with a cocky smirk. Benny rolled his eyes and opened your door to your car for you.

“Eight o'clock sharp. You know the spot, don’t be late.” Benny demanded. You smiled and nodded and he closed your door before you drove off.


You decided to leave your house at seven to give yourself some time just in case anything went wrong. You put on a oversized grey sweater and black leggings. Over the sweater you wore a leather jacket that matched your black combat boots. To top that all off you wore a black beanie. You always dressed dark which was how you liked your make up too. The only bit of colour you had on was the deep red lip stick you wore on your lips.

You packed up your backpack and made sure you had your bottle of Vodka stuffed in there too. You weren’t risking getting caught by your parents this time so you climbed out your window and onto the roof. It was a long way down to the ground so you had to strategically climb down a tree close to the house. Once you got down and into your car, starting it up without them noticing was the issue. But you had a plan in place.

Your neighbour Bobby Singer had always been like a cool Uncle to you. Your parents thought of him as just an old drunk but you thought he was great guy. He got you more than they ever did. He helped you sneak out from time to time too.

“Put her in drive kid and I’ll start pushing.” Bobby called out in a whisper. You did so and the car started rolling down the road until it was at a safe distance that you could start it without your parents hearing.

“Thanks Bobby!” you called out as he walked back down the road.

“Don’t mention it kid! It’s a Friday night, your parents need to get the sticks out of their asses.” he exclaimed. You laughed and nodded your head.

“Tell them that!” you chuckled before driving off. You got about fifteen minutes away from your house when your car decided to give out. Opening up the hood smoke came bellowing out. “Fuck!” you exclaimed and looked down at your watch. It was seven twenty eight. By now everyone was probably there, your phone was dead so you couldn’t call a tow or a ride, and you were on a back road with barely any traffic and it was getting dark.

You were basically screwed. Benny was going to kick your ass. Your parents were going to kick your ass. You had nothing better to do than sit on the trunk and drink your Vodka. After a couple swigs you felt a little buzz coming on. At the same time you saw a pair of headlights coming your way. You jumped down off of the hood and waved them down. Once they got closer you recognized the jet black Impala. It was the beautiful car that belonged to Dean Winchester.

The roar of his engine died down and he climbed out of the car. The first thing you noticed was his emerald eyes that were flickering up and down as he scanned over you. You felt a little nervous under his glare, like he was judging you or something.

“Hey. Thanks for stopping.” you let out, breaking the silence.

“Yeah no problem. What happened?” Dean asked. His eyes quickly left yours and looked down at the bottle of Vodka in your hand. He furrowed his brows when you brought the bottle to your lips. After taking a swig you closed it and put it in your bag.

“Don’t worry. I didn’t start drinking it until after the car died.” you chuckled. Your mind was a little hazed now and you felt a little to confident at this point. “Do you know much about cars?” you asked.

“Yeah actually, I do.” he replied, walking over to the front of the car. You followed behind and watched as he studied the engine. Dean shook his Letterman jacket off, exposing his muscular arms. You couldn’t help but stare. Normally this didn’t phase you but right now, while he was knelt over the car examining the engine, Dean looked rather sexy.

Dean Winchester was football player for the school team. He wasn’t captain or anything but he was pretty popular. Everyone liked him, even the misfits like you. He was just a nice guy who got along with most everyone.

“You blew a gasket.” Dean spoke up, snapping you out of your trance.

“Can you fix it?” you asked.

“Not here. But I’ll tell you what, if you can get me cigarettes for free for a month, I’ll get it towed to my house in the morning and I’ll fix it there. No charge. It’s a good deal.” he smiled. You gave him a questionable look for a second but that quickly turned into a smile.

“Deal. But you have to give me a ride.” you exclaimed. Dean put out a hand to close the deal. You shook and then made your way over to his car. When you got in you noticed the smell of cigarettes which was kind of comforting. You had sold to Dean for a while now but it was obvious that most of the smokes were smoked in this vehicle.

“Home?” he asked. You quickly shook your head no.

“Oh no. Hell no. I’m not going home tonight.” you replied. Dean gave you a puzzled look.

“Why not?” he questioned as he lit up a cigarette and handed to you. You gladly took it.

“First of all, my parents don’t even know I’m out. Second, if they find out I was out and my car broke down, they will kill me. Third I have somewhere that I have to be and if I’m not there in fifteen minutes, I’m toast.” you explained. Dean nodded and looked at the clock.

“Where do you need to be?” Dean asked. You took a draw and blew out smoke.

“Downtown, harbour side. It takes exactly fifteen minutes to get there from here.” You let out.

“I’ll get you there in ten.” Dean said, and with that his tires spun in the dirt and you were off.


Ten minutes later, just as he had promised, you and Dean pulled up to an abandoned warehouse. Dean looked at the place and furrowed his brows.

“This is where you need to be so badly?” he questioned. You nodded and pointed at a parking lot down by the boats that had a few cars.

“Park there, it’s less suspicious.” you exclaimed.

“Why am I parking?” Dean asked as he pulled into a parking spot.

“Aren’t you a little curious as to what we’re doing out here?” you said, taking another swig of Vodka before putting the bottle away.

“Well yeah but-” Dean started but you cut him off.

“Well c'mon then, I’ll show you.” you got out of the car and hauled your backpack over your shoulder. Dean was hesitant but he got out and followed behind you.

As you approached the warehouse you slipped in through a loose fence board that lead down an ally on the side. Dean nervously followed and you could tell he’d never done anything like this before. When you got to the end of the ally, it opened up into another larger ally at the back of the rows of buildings. Benny, Ruby, Meg, and Gabe were sat around waiting for you to show up.

“Hey kid, didn’t think you’d show.” Benny chuckled.

“I told you I’d be here.” you said, playfully punching his arm as you walked by him. Dean appeared from the ally and everyone’s eyes landed on him.

“What’s he doing here?” Meg asked.

“Winchester? He’s cool guys. If not for him, I wouldn’t be here.” you laughed. “The shit box broke down once again.” Everyone let out a chuckle and Benny put out a hand to Dean.

“If you’re cool with the kid, you’re cool with us brother.” Benny let out. Dean smiled and took his hand. He looked around at his surroundings. There was nothing but brick walls.

“What are you guys doing anyways?” he asked. You smiled and handed him the bottle of Vodka. He took a small swig and grimaced. He was always more of a whiskey man.

“You’ll see.” Ruby said. “You go first Y/N.” you nodded and took out your spray paint. Dean quickly realized what was going on and his mouth hung open a little.

“You’re vandalizing?” he said with a harsh tone. You started anyways.

“We are making ark work. It’s different. We’re not writing curse words on brick walls. It’s real art.” you explained.

“It’s also illegal.” Dean protested.

“And drinking and driving isn’t?” you said gesturing to the bottle of Vodka in his hand. Dean thought about it for a minute. He never got to do stuff like this. His parents expected so much from him that he never broke the rules just to keep them happy. It was time to be a little reckless. He took another swig of Vodka.

“Touche.” Dean relaxed and sat back with Benny and the others, watching you work. He liked how happy you looked doing it. The way your tongue stuck out when you were trying to focus on one thing. You looked so care free. He wished he had something like that. Football was it for him and he didn’t even like it all that much.

After an hour you finished up the painting and stepped back to admire your work. Dean and the others had just about finished off the bottle of Vodka but left the last bit for you. You took it and downed the rest, felling satisfied with the buzz you had. Everyone looked up at the art work you had just placed on the wall.

“I think this is your best yet.” Benny said patting you on the back. You smiled and sat back next to Dean as the others grabbed there cans and started making their paintings.

“What do you think now?” you asked Dean. “Still vandalism?” Dean shook his head.

“You’re really good. It’s beautiful.” Dean said admiring your work. You had painted a girls face on the wall. Her hair was all messy and falling everywhere and her eyes were wide. Over her mouth were two pieces of duck tape and on her wrists which were up by her face she wore hand cuffs. It was all done in black and white with a little blue here and there. “Why this?”

“What do you mean?” you asked.

“The duck tape. The handcuffs? What does it mean?” Dean replied.

“I don’t know…It’s just sometimes… sometimes I feel like this. A prisoner I guess.” you said with a sigh, staring down at your feet in front of you. Dean smiled. He got it. He felt the same way.

“Me too… I mean I know it seems like I have everything figured out and everything I ever wanted. But I don’t… I have everything everyone else wants me to have.” Dean let out. You looked over at him, your eyes searching his for some sort of lie. But he was telling the truth.

“You know, you don’t have to be perfect for anyone. You can say no to people. I did. My parents hate me and my marks suck and I’m probably going no where, but I’m happy.” you smiled over at Dean. Dean smiled back but this time his eyes couldn’t leave yours.

He was drawn to you for some reason. It might have just been the booze and the way that your hair was falling around your shoulders and the way you lips were curved into this perfect smile. What ever it was, in that moment he wished things were different. If they were than maybe he’d kiss you right now.

You felt Dean’s gaze burn into. You wanted to inch closer to him but something in you stopped yourself. Instead you settled for his fingers tangling in yours casually. You both kept your gazes on each other for a while. Until you saw a flash of blue and red lights behind Dean. You looked up to see a cop car at the end of the ally.

“Shit! Benny, we got company.” you said, getting up from the ground with the help of Dean. You could see the panic on Dean’s face.

“I-I can’t get busted for this.” he exclaimed. You grabbed his hand and tried to calm him down.

“Don’t worry, we have a plan.” you said.

“Yeah, everyone split up. We meet at 58, got it?” Benny said. Everyone nodded and ran in opposite directions. You and Dean headed for a small ally on the other side that lead up to a small street.

“You go first.” Dean said as you came upon a fence blocking your way. You could see the cop coming for you now and closing in.

“No, you go. If you get caught that’s the end of football and your parents will kill you.” you explained. “I get caught and it’s just another day of the year… well sort of.”

“I can’t let you do that for me Y/N.” Dean said. The cop was getting closer and there wasn’t much time.

“Yes you can! Now go. 58 Blackwood Street. They’ll be there.” you told Dean. Dean and you shared a glance and he was hesitant on leaving you. “Go.” you shouted. He climbed the fence and got to the other side. Looking back he saw the cops hand land on your shoulder. He decided to run. You wanted him to run.

You looked the officer straight in the eye and smiled. “Heya Jody! How’s it going?”

“Alright Y/N. Cut the bull shit, where are your friends?” Jody Mills, the Sheriff asked.

“I’ll never tell you.” you shouted dramatically.

“Tell me or you’re going to the station.” Jody demanded.

“Jody, you know I’m never going to break. Haven’t we done this enough for you to know that I’m no rat.” you smirked. Jody shook her head and took you by the arm.

“The station it is then.” the Sheriff said, guiding you to the car.


Dean ran and ran until he made it to 58 Blackwood. He was alone for a few minutes and then one by one Benny and the others showed up, all out of breath. They all started looking around.

“Where’s the kid?” Benny asked Dean.

“She got caught. She wanted me to go so I didn’t get in shit.” Dean said, still out of breath.

“You let her get caught!” Meg shouted. Dean looked down at the ground feeling more guilty than ever.

“Hey, it ain’t his fault. She brought him and he was her responsibility. Plus the kid is always fine.” Benny chuckled. The group all laughed a little and Dean lightened up.

“How are we getting home?” Gabe asked.

“My car is down by the harbour. I didn’t have that much to drink and that run sobered me up mostly, I can drive you all home.” Dean let out. They all nodded and when they felt it was safe, made their way back down to the harbour.

Dean wondered if he’d see you tomorrow. How mad would your parents be? He wanted to see you. He never wanted to stop seeing you. At the beginning of the night he barely knew you, and now it felt like he’d known you all his life. You made him feel like he could be himself and not the person everyone wanted him to be. It was like when he was with you, the weight on his shoulders was gone. He felt free. He was falling for you and didn’t even really know it yet.

Chamber of Secrets Timeline

Mid-August - Ginny is given the diary

[Lucius] reached into Ginny’s cauldron and extracted, from amid the glossy Lockhart books, a very old, very battered copy of A Beginner’s Guide to Transfiguration.

End of August - Ginny’s already writing in the diary

They had almost reached the motorway when Ginny shrieked that she’d left her diary.

Beginning of October - Ginny’s appearance starts to attract attention from her brothers

October arrived, spreading a damp chill over the grounds and into the castle. […] Ginny Weasley, who had been looking pale, was bullied into taking some [Pepperup Potion] by Percy.

1st week of November - Mrs. Norris petrified

Ginny Weasley seemed very disturbed by Mrs. Norris’s fate. According to Ron, she was a great cat lover.

“But you haven’t really got to know Mrs. Norris,” Ron told her bracingly. “Honestly, we’re much better off without her.” Ginny’s lip trembled. “Stuff like this doesn’t often happen at Hogwarts,” Ron assured her. “They’ll catch the maniac who did it and have him out of here in no time. I just hope he’s got time to Petrify Filch before he’s expelled. I’m only joking —” Ron added hastily as Ginny blanched.

A few days later - Rumors are flying about what happened to Mrs. Norris

“That’s what I told Ginny,” said Percy fiercely, “but she still seems to think you’re going to be expelled, I’ve never seen her so upset, crying her eyes out, you might think of her, all the first years are thoroughly overexcited by this business —”

2nd week of November - Colin is petrified

Ginny Weasley, who sat next to Colin Creevey in Charms, was distraught, but Harry felt that Fred and George were going the wrong way about cheering her up. They were taking turns covering themselves with fur or boils and jumping out at her from behind statues. They only stopped when Percy, apoplectic with rage, told them he was going to write to Mrs. Weasley and tell her Ginny was having nightmares.

Mid-December - People think Harry is the heir because they find out he speaks Parseltongue

Ginny didn’t find it amusing either.

“Oh, don’t,” she wailed every time Fred asked Harry loudly who he was planning to attack next, or when George pretended to ward Harry off with a large clove of garlic when they met.

Mid-January - Ginny ditches the diary

“Here I am, minding my own business, and someone thinks it’s funny to throw a book at me. […] I was just sitting in the U-bend, thinking about death, and it fell right through the top of my head,” said Myrtle, glaring at them. “It’s over there, it got washed out…”

Mid-February - Ginny gives Harry a valentine and sees the diary in his bag

“Wonder what Potter’s written in this?” said Malfoy, who obviously hadn’t noticed the year on the cover and thought he had Harry’s own diary. A hush fell over the onlookers. Ginny was staring from the diary to Harry, looking terrified.

Mid-May - Ginny breaks into the boys’ dormitory to get the diary

The contents of Harry’s trunk had been thrown everywhere. His cloak lay on the floor. The bedclothes had been pulled off his four-poster and the drawer had been pulled out of his bedside cabinet, the contents strewn over the mattress. Harry walked over to the bed, open-mouthed, treading on a few loose pages of Travels with Trolls. As he and Neville pulled the blankets back onto his bed, Ron, Dean, and Seamus came in. Dean swore loudly.

“What happened, Harry?”

“No idea,” said Harry. But Ron was examining Harry’s robes. All the pockets were hanging out.

“Someone’s been looking for something,” said Ron. “Is there anything missing?”

Harry started to pick up all his things and throw them into his trunk. It was only as he threw the last of the Lockhart books back into it that he realized what wasn’t there.

“Riddle’s diary’s gone,” he said in an undertone to Ron.

The next morning - Hermione is petrified

Hermione lay utterly still, her eyes open and glassy.

Last week of May - Ginny tries to talk to Harry/Ron

Just then, Ginny Weasley came over and sat down next to Ron. She looked tense and nervous, and Harry noticed that her hands were twisting in her lap.

“What’s up?” said Ron, helping himself to more porridge.

Ginny didn’t say anything, but glanced up and down the Gryffindor table with a scared look on her face that reminded Harry of someone, though he couldn’t think who.

“Spit it out,” said Ron, watching her.

Harry suddenly realized who Ginny looked like. She was rocking backward and forward slightly in her chair, exactly like Dobby did when he was teetering on the edge of revealing forbidden information.

“I’ve got to tell you something,” Ginny mumbled, carefully not looking at Harry.

“What is it?” said Harry.

Ginny looked as though she couldn’t find the right words.

“What?” said Ron.

Ginny opened her mouth, but no sound came out. Harry leaned forward and spoke quietly, so that only Ginny and Ron could hear him.

“Is it something about the Chamber of Secrets? Have you seen something? Someone acting oddly?”

First week of June - Ginny is taken into the chamber

“The Heir of Slytherin,” said Professor McGonagall, who was very white, “left another message. Right underneath the first one. ‘Her skeleton will lie in the Chamber forever.’ ”

And this is the version of events according to Tom:

“Haven’t you guessed yet, Harry Potter?” said Riddle softly. “Ginny Weasley opened the Chamber of Secrets. She strangled the school roosters and daubed threatening messages on the walls. She set the Serpent of Slytherin on four Mudbloods, and the Squib’s cat.”

“No,” Harry whispered.

“Yes,” said Riddle, calmly. “Of course, she didn’t know what she was doing at first. It was very amusing. I wish you could have seen her new diary entries… far more interesting, they became… Dear Tom,” he recited, watching Harry’s horrified face, “'I think I’m losing my memory. There are rooster feathers all over my robes and I don’t know how they got there. Dear Tom, I can’t remember what I did on the night of Halloween, but a cat was attacked and I’ve got paint all down my front. Dear Tom, Percy keeps telling me I’m pale and I’m not myself. I think he suspects me… There was another attack today and I don’t know where I was. Tom, what am I going to do? I think I’m going mad… I think I’m the one attacking everyone, Tom!’”

Harry’s fists were clenched, the nails digging deep into his palms.

“It took a very long time for stupid little Ginny to stop trusting her diary,” said Riddle. “But she finally became suspicious and tried to dispose of it. And that’s where you came in, Harry. You found it, and I couldn’t have been more delighted. Of all the people who could have picked it up, it was you, the very person I was most anxious to meet…”


“Imagine how angry I was when the next time my diary was opened, it was Ginny who was writing to me, not you. She saw you with the diary, you see, and panicked. What if you found out how to work it, and I repeated all her secrets to you? What if, even worse, I told you who’d been strangling roosters? So the foolish little brat waited until your dormitory was deserted and stole it back. But I knew what I must do. It was clear to me that you were on the trail of Slytherin’s heir. From everything Ginny had told me about you, I knew you would go to any lengths to solve the mystery — particularly if one of your best friends was attacked. And Ginny had told me the whole school was buzzing because you could speak Parseltongue…

"So I made Ginny write her own farewell on the wall and come down here to wait. She struggled and cried and became very boring.

I love how easy JKR made it for the reader (and Ginny’s brothers) to attribute all of Ginny’s symptoms to being an 11-year-old girl. Her having a diary in the first place, crying about Mrs. Norris/Colin, and being frightened by talk of "catching the maniac who did it.”

Talk Punk to Me

I had this idea of Punk!Toudou for a while now and it didn’t help that my bestie showed me the anime Kenka Banchou Otome: Girl Beats Boys. And Toudou’s seiyuu, Kakihara Tetsuya, is one of the characters, Mirako Yuuta, who’s a fucking punk idol and he’s sUPER popular with the girls and is suspicious of the main protag being a girl (and not to mention he talks in his Toudou voice, unf). It burned more fuel of my need of Punk!Toudou, okay.


But please reconsider Punk!Toudou guys, because:

  • He’s always annoyed and picking a fight with Arakita.
  • They aCTUALLY GOT INTO A FIGHT and now they’re like, best bros. And they later become more, okay.
  • Even though he’s aLWAYS growling at people and tends to bite, people still find him adorable and fun to mess with and tease.
  • NO HEADBANDS, BUT IMAGINE HE TIES HALF OF HIS HAIR UP. I promise I’ll post a drawing later.
  • Unbutton shirts, leather jackets, boots, chains, c’mon.
  • Guys with cuts and bruises on their face are oddly more attractive, like, what the fuck.
  • Bandages all the time.
  • He’s weak to small puppies, so imagine him going to Arakita’s house and giving all his attention to the cute puppo instead of his boyfriend best bro.
The Most Amazing Thing

Upon arrival at S.T.A.R. Labs, you realize that Team Flash is a little different than what you expected.

A/N: hey!! it’s so funny to me that the first part of this series has like 7 notes, then the second has like 49 lol. we’ll see how this trend goes!! this is kind of a necessary transition ‘chapter’, so to speak. the next installment should have some romance (4 parts in to this flash fic lmao…gotta love a slow burn). my ask is always open so if you like the series, shoot me some comments/questions/etc!! sorry if you’re athletic and some of this doesn’t apply to you but the dialogue was too funny not to write.

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anonymous asked:

Wait is the hate on dee kosh about that video with bam bam in it? Because if it is honestly I don't see what happened where he deserved that much hate. Sure maybe he isn't very sensitive to other people's feelings but personally I don't think it's that uncommon for friends to joke to each other like that. Am I wrong? Please educate me >.<

yeah I saw nothing wrong really at first just some friends picking on each other which is normal?? if Bambam hadn’t really known him for this long I would’ve been a lil suspicious but that’s not the case??? but I just got on twitter n everyone talking about how bambam has fake friends that are disgusting and are using bambam for fame LIke hHHWW?? jk he’s done a lot of other bad things I see now 


*Requested* Imagine with one of the Mikaelson brothers where the reader is mysterious and avoids the supernatural at all costs and the family kind of dislikes her for it. later they find out she was kidnapped by a mind controlling vampire when she was younger and he was obsessed w her. When the mind controller shows up she calls Vincent for help.

(I decided to write this in two parts, I hope that´s alright. The second part will be the confrontation with the vampire from the reader´s past. I chose Kol because it has been a long time since I had an imagine about him and I kind of missed him. Also, finally something with Vincent. Yay! I hope you enjoy and happy reading my lovelies!)

Characters: Reader, Kol, Vincent

Story Title: “Stalker”

Word count: 884

Your name: submit What is this?

The sun is at its highest point, illuminating the streets of the Crescent City with it´s light. It´s another boiling hot day in the south and you wish for nothing more, than a few raindrops to cool off this heat. Until then you´ll just have to stuck op on all the frozen goods to at least cool you of for a little bit. And that´s exactly what you´re planning to do right now.

You walk along the familiar streets you grew up in, to the shop near you, as you suddenly bump into an unknown chest. You look up and you see Kol looking at you with a smirk on his face.

Kol: “Hello darling.”

Great. A vampire bothering you is exactly the thing you need on such a day.

Y/N: “Sorry I´m in a hurry.”

You walk past him, not feeling up to exchange further words.

Kol: “Wait.”

He doubles his steps until he stops in front of you, preventing you from going any further.

Y/N: “I don´t have time to chit chat right now, so if you would excuse me, I have to be anywhere but here.”

You try to walk away from him again, but he stops you another time.

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Swoon Tactics

Fandom: Satan and Me

Ship: Natan

Word Count: 3770

Rating/Content: PG 13 for some colorful expressions and scenes that will make you blush a little.

Summary: In which Natalie makes a deal with the Devil, and Satan learns that there’s more than one way to skin a Nat.(that was me trying to make a pun ^^;)

A/N: Um hi *waves*. So to take a break from my original fiction writing, I wanted to write some more fanfiction because it’s much more fun and less draining, and I’ve had requests and love hearing from you guys about the last two one-shots soooooo (my excuses to procrastinate from the things i should be doing are weak). This one is a little less canon than my other two pieces (partly because it doesn’t really have a set place in the comic narrative. It could happen anywhere really, but also because it’s a little more, gratuitous xD), but I still think it’s pretty true to the characters so I hope you do too ^^ hope you guys like it.

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Imagine you were secretly dating school nerd Luke Hemmings. He was the son of your math teacher and excelled in every form of science. You never really paid any attention to him until one day you bumped into him during school break.
“Hi Luke.” You greeted politely as you passed him at the cereal stacks, but he just stared at you wide eyed.
“Yeah, good to see you to, luke. My holidays have been great so far thanks.” You blabbered on sarcastically, rolling your eyes at the hormonal teenage boy. You just hated it when anyone thought they were “too cool” to talk to you, I mean all he had to say was hi and you would have been utterly satisfied.
“Always a pleasure running into you, Luke. Have a great day.” You ended sarcastically and hurried away.
You were getting some avocados as Luke suddenly appeared next to you.
“Listen, y/n im Sorry about before. I was just taken back a little, about how you’d know my name. Usually people don’t address me with luke, but with freak or weirdo.”
“What? Who calls you that?”
“Your boyfriend?”
“Jess? And he’s my exboyfriend. We broke up weeks ago.”
Luke sounded almost as happy as you were about the breakup.
“Good. He is a mean jerk and a bully.”
Luke continued more to himself.
“Is Jess bullying you, Luke?”
“No, I … Never mind…”
Luke stuttered and ran off, but you followed him.
“Luke wait. If he is …oh, hi mrs. Hemmings.” You broke off as you saw his mum and luke smiled at you thankfully.
“Good to see you y/n. How are the holidays?”
“Great. I’ve been studying math non stop.” You joked and she chuckled.
“Yeah, I can imagine. Luke are you ready to go?”
“Umm… Yes.” He said looking at you. There was obviously something he wanted to tell you.
“Alright then, y/n I will see you in school.”
“Yes bye mrs. Hemmings.” You said, and whispered to luke as she wasn’t paying attention anymore.
“Meet me at the oak tree in the park at 6.”
Luke nodded and you said “bye luke” loudly for his mum to hear before walking back to your avocados.

“Hey. I was afraid you wouldn’t come.”
You said as Luke eventually walked up to you. You had been at the park early and started reading your book to kill the time.
“Yes sorry. Mum didn’t let me have the car so I had to take the bus.”
“It’s fine.” You said staring up at him standing awkwardly in front of you.
“Why don’t you sit down?” Luke nodded and sat down next to you leaning back against the oak tree.
“Hi” he smiled.
“Hi.” You smiled back. “So let’s just get straight to the point. Do you have problems with Jess? Is he bothering you.”
Luke sighed.
“So that’s why I’m here?”
“Well yeah. If he’s bullying you, Luke, you need to tell me. I can help you.”
“I can handle it.”
“Can you? For how long has this been going on?”
“A while.”
“More concrete please?”
“A couple of years.” Luke shrugged.
“A couple of YEARS? So Jess was already bullying you while him and we were dating? Why didn’t you say anything?”
“Because I didn’t think you’d care. I thought you knew.”
“I can’t believe I didn’t see it. I mean I was dating that guy, I should have at least gotten suspicious.”
“It got better when the two of you started dating. He wasn’t such an ass anymore, but a couple of weeks back - I guess around when you broke up - he tried to make up for lost time.”
“Shit, Luke. I am so sorry. I honestly had no idea.”
“Yeah. Jess is pretty smart. Hardly anyone knows what he’s doing to us.”
“Us? You mean there are others too?”
Luke chuckled.
“You really have no idea, have you?”
You shook your head and Luke got to his feet.
“Where are you going?”
“I’ll show you something.” Luke said holding out his hand to help you up. Jess never did that. He never even waited for you when you were going somewhere. It was such a small gesture, but it sent butterflies through your stomach. What was happening to you?
You strolled through the park beside Luke and you couldn’t help but smile at the peoples glances. You imagined they thought you and Luke were boyfriend and girlfriend and giggled to yourself.
“What are you laughing about?” Luke grinned at you.
“Look at that elderly couple over there, who’s watching us. I bet they think were dating or something.”
Luke’s eyes grew wide at your words and he secretly glanced over to the couple you were talking about.
“Oh shit. You’re right.” Luke cursed. “I’m sorry.”
“Why are you apologizing, luke?”
“Because they see you with me?”
“I’m a nerd.”
“Is this going somewhere?”
“It doesn’t bother you that they think you’re dating a loser?”
“You’re not a loser, Luke. Stop selling yourself under what you’re worth. I don’t know these people, I don’t care what they think about me.”
“Really?” Luke looked at you unconvinced, so you took his hand in yours and entangled your fingers with his.
“What are you doing?” Luke whispered in a low voice.
“What? Are you ashamed to be seen holding hands with me?” You teased and he chuckled.
“You really don’t care what people think, do you?”
“I care about, what people I care about, think of me, but everyone else… Nope, not really.”
And that was when Luke started opening up to you. He felt like he could trust you, even though he usually had immense trust issues.
Suddenly Luke let go of your hand and opened the door of a small shed.
“What is this?”
“You’ll see.” Luke chuckled and let you step inside, following you quickly. You were greeted by two pairs of eyes.
“Oh, hi!” They welcomed you quickly.
“Hey. Calum and mikey right?” You replied.
“Yeah, how do you…?”
“We go to school together.” You explained.
“We know, but how do you know our names.”
“Why shouldn’t I know your names?”
They exchanged a glance and Luke quickly joined in.
“So boys, y/n bumped into me this morning and we started talking.”
“I started talking, you were just staring at me.” You joked and the boys chuckled.
“Fair enough, I wouldn’t have been able to say anything either, if my cru-” Calum was cut off by Luke throwing a water bottle at him.
“Ouch!” Calum protested, rubbing his arm.
Luke ignored Calum and explained to the boys why I was here and we started talking for ages on the couch in the shed. It had grown dark outside.
“You are pretty cool. Why didn’t you ever come talk to us before?” Mikey suddenly asked.
“You could have come talk to me too, you know.” You defended yourself.
“Yeah right.” Mikey rolled his eyes.
“Like any of us would have even gotten past your "security”.“
"My what?”
“The jocks? They are basically cutting your circle off the rest of us.”
“Wait, what? Is that why all of those people suddenly stopped talking to me?”
Mikey, Calum and Luke looked at each other and then back at me, before they all nodded.
“I had no idea.”
“Why do you hang with those guys anyway? You’re not like them at all.”
“I don’t know. Kate was the only friend I had when I came to your school and she introduced me to all of her friends. I’m not really good at making friends. Usually people don’t like me much or maybe that’s just what they wanted me to believe, if what you’re saying is true.”
“I think a lot of people like you, but they think they are not good enough for you.” Mikey said.
“Yeah, just look at Luke.” Calum added and Luke shot him a glare. You checked the time.
“Shit guys, it’s already pretty late. I should get home now. I bet my dad is already worried sick. Tonight was really nice though. Maybe we could hang out again tomorrow?”
“Umm… Sure.” Luke answered surprised and got up as you did.
“I’ll walk you home.” Luke offered. “It’s on my way anyways.”
“Oh ok, thanks Luke.” You both said goodbyes to the other boys as your ways parted.
“I’m sorry, my friends are weird I know, but there the only friends I have, so..”
“I actually like them.”
“You do?”
“Yeah. I like that they are being themselves even though they hardly know me and they were really nice to me. Calum is a little funny though.”
You laughed remembering his cheeky side comments and you swore you saw Luke blush.
“Is he always that sassy?”
“Pretty much, yeah.” Luke nodded.
“I think they are cool. I can’t wait for tomorrow.”

One week later
You had spent everyday since with the boys just hanging out and you had the best time of your life. The boys took you to the beach and cycling, sometimes you just hung out in the shed. You wondered what you used to do, before you starting hanging out with them.
It was a rainy Tuesday morning, when the boys called you. You had made plans to go to the beach for the day, but since the weather was shit you had to come up with a plan b. You invited the boys over for movies at your place since your dad was working and you were home alone until late that night. You were halfway through your Harry potter movie marathon as you suddenly felt Luke’s hand touching yours. You over to him, but his eyes were focused on the screen and his cheeks were flushed. You smiled and returned your gaze to the screen as well, turning your hand up side down so your finger locked with Luke’s. You glanced over at him and saw his cheeks reddening even more and a smile on his lips. Still he kept his gaze on the screen. For a few minutes you and Luke just held hands, before Luke started rubbing his thumb softly over the back of you had. You felt the electricity of his touch and started doing the same with your thumb. After a while both of your hands were wrestling over control and a chuckled escaped your lips.
Luke quickly let go off your hand as Calum and Mikey looked up at you confused.
“That was so fun.” You said quickly pointing at the screen.
“Harry nearly died.” Mikey stated.
“Harry nearly dies in every part.” You defended yourself and mikey and Calum, who were sitting on the floor in front of the couch, you and Luke shared, returned their attention to the screen. You couldn’t help but look over at Luke who silently chuckled, making his chest shake.
“Shut up!” You whisper yelled for only Luke to hear. “That was your fault.”
Luke shook his head and laid his hand, backside down in the space between you. For a second you hesitated, weighing whether or not you should put your hand in his, but quickly grabbed his hand as he was about to pull it back. Luke smirked and squeezed your hand slightly before returning his attention back to the screen.

Luke couldn’t help but secretly gaze at you during the movie. He had seen all the Harry potter movies a million times, but if anyone had asked him now, he wouldn’t even have been able to tell, which movie you were up to.
After you had finished Harry potter 7.2 mikey and Calum decided to go home and Luke said he would stay and help you clean everything up.
“Bye guys.” Calum said as he left and added “you know what you have to do Luke.” And he was gone, leaving behind a blushing Luke.
“Luke?” You asked as you brought the dirty dishes back into the kitchen. “What did Calum mean as he said "you know what you have to do”?“
"Nothing, just forget it.” Luke said clearly uncomfortable.
“Please y/n, can’t we just pretend he never said anything?”
“Fine! Whatever.” You groaned and turned around to rinse the dishes.
“What?” You snapped.
“Can I ask you something?”
“Sure, but I don’t know if I’ll answer. Since you don’t bother to answer my questions either.”
“Do you like me?” Luke asked ignoring your sass.
“Do you like me? And I’m not talking like as in like as a friend, but actually like-like.” He looked at you impatiently waiting for your answer.
“I told you I might not answer your question”
“Please, y/n.”
“First tell me what Calum meant.”
“Calum is a dork. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about.”
“so there is nothing you need to do?”
Luke hesitated for a moment at your question, but then took a deep breath and walked towards you. You stopped breathing as his soft hands stroked your neck and jaw.
“Actually there is.” Luke whispered and pressed his lips against yours.
So that was your first kiss and now you were dating the school nerd for almost a month. School had started again and except for Calum and mikey, who had occasionally crashed your dates simply because they were bored, no one knew about your relationship with Luke. You had basically spent every waking minute together during the holidays and surprisingly still hadn’t gotten sick of each other. Actually quite the opposite. You would walk extra longs ways to your classes just so you could have a secret glance at each other. You’d stay behind after school and wait for everyone else to leave just so you could walk home together. It was hard sometimes as the jocks kept hitting on you during lunch and class, while Luke had to sit there and watch you giggle. He knew it was all just an act, but he couldn’t help but to feel jealous when one of the boys laid an arm around your waist or touched your thighs. What you didn’t know was that Luke wasn’t only jealous, which you found actually quite cute, but also he was becoming more and more insecure. He started comparing himself to the other boys around you. They were all fitter and cooler than him, he thought.
Whenever he got insecure the boys would make sure to cheer him up and convince him that you had only eyes for him.
“Luke, stop frowning. That girl has fallen heads over heels for you just like you have. There is no reason to be jealous.”
“How long is it going to take until she grows tired of sneaking around with some loser?”
“Why don’t you make it official then?”
“I don’t know. We haven’t really talked about that. I guess she is ashamed of being seen with me. She once told me that she cared about what the people she cared about think of her so I figure she’ll break up with me soon anyway for some jock.”
“She would never cheat on you. She would never do that to you. Trust her.”
Luke trusted you, but he didn’t trust the jocks. He hated how they touched you, especially since he saw how uncomfortable you got whenever they did. Jess, your ex boyfriend, made Luke snap. He had walked over to you and pushed you against your locker in the hallway forcing his lips onto yours. Luke had been watching you from across the hallway talking to Kate, when Jess attacked you with his lips. Luke saw you squirm under Jess’ touch and was by your side in no time, grabbing Jess’ arm and pulling him off you.
“Stay the hell away from her!!!” Luke shouted and suddenly the whole school was watching. He had only now realized that to them he had no right to pull Jess off of you, because they didn’t know about him and you.
“Who the hell do you think you are, Hemmings?”
Jess yelled. “You think you can just pull me away from my girl?”
Luke stayed quiet, not knowing what to say. He saw his heart break in his eyes as Jess kissed you and now called you “his” girl. And Luke wasn’t able to do anything, because you weren’t officially dating yet. You never knew why you weren’t. At first you just kept it a secret because you both wanted time to see where this was heading, but as Calum and mikey walked in on you making out you figured you were “coming out” as a couple soon, but Luke never said anything and you didn’t either. So when school started you were sneaking around and it turned you on up until now. This broken look on Luke’s face was breaking your heart.
“I’m not your girl Jess.” You spat and Luke looked at you surprised. You waited for him to stop you, because you figured he knew what you were planning, but when he didn’t say anything you pushed yourself off your locker and walked over to luke. You stood by his side and took his hand in yours, looking up at him. You heard the students around whisper excitedly and giggle, but you ignored it all and just looked up at your perfect boyfriend.
“I’m Luke’s girl.”

NCT U Reaction To You Being The Sister Of A Member From Their Favorite Boy Group


Taeil would be so surprised to find that you were Jonghyun’s (SHINEE) little sister. He would be coming home to the apartment you shared one day to find him sitting across from you. At first he would be surprised, wondering why he was here and greeting him very respectfully. But after a few moments has passed and he still hadn’t caught on to the information, Jonghyun would inform him that you were his little sister. Taeil would be very nervous about all of it and since he didn’t know what to do, he would just smile awkwardly, hoping that he gave a good first impression. He did though, and Jonghyun was glad someone like Taeil could take care and love his little sister. 


Taeyong would not have expected it at all, he would think you were merely inviting him out to eat with a friend, that friend being Yunho (TVXQ). So the entire time, he would be casually, making jokes with your older brother here and there. It wouldn’t be until you guys were paying the bill that Yunho would speak up. Taeyong would suggest on paying since he wanted to treat both you and Yunho but Yunho kept insisting that he should do it. “No no, it’s my treat for my little sister and her boyfriend,” Yunho would smirk as he handed the bill over, looking at a shocked Taeyong. Taeyong would feel as if he should have been more respectful but Yunho didn’t mind, approving of him. 


Ten wouldn’t even have guessed that you were Taemin’s (SHINEE) little sister. You three would be getting ready to go out to watch a movie and Taemin would have showed up earlier than scheduled causing him to wait in the living room with Ten as you finished getting ready. “How long do you think she’ll take to get ready?” Taemin would ask, and Ten would merely shrug, knowing that it varies. “When we were kids, she’d take forever to get ready for family dinners,” Taemin would chuckled and that would throw Ten over, causing him to try to take in the new information he had just learned. 


Although you left a few hints here and there, Jaehyun still wouldn’t have picked them up. One day, he’d get extra suspicious about why you were so persistent in going to D.O’s (EXO) movie premier. He knew you were friends with him but not the point where you attend almost every event that he is involved in. “Why do you have to go? You’re already exhausted from today’s schedule,” he’d lean on the doorframe and watched as you got ready. “Because he’s my brother, no matter how tired I am I will go and support him and he does the same for me,” you would explain, causing Jaehyun to freeze at the spot. He’d ask himself how he hadn’t noticed until now, seeing as to how your singing and acting skill ran in the family. 


Doyoung would wonder how on Earth he hadn’t known the entire time since your older brother D.O (EXO) visited regularly. He was very respectful to D.O, admiring him and (although he won’t admit) getting a bit jealous of how close you two were. But he would change his mind of course after finding out. He would be walking to the foyer to bring D.O some food that you and Doyoung had bought at market to take home to the EXO dorm and would hear you saying, “come visit soon again okay? Next time let’s go visit eomma and appa.” Upon hearing eomma and appa, he would fit the puzzle pieces together and finally understand how you and D.O were so similar. 


Mark would have known if you and Xiumin (EXO) didn’t have such different and schedules, making it difficult for you two to have brother and sister time. It was only until you visited Xiumin and Mark during a photo shoot with food that he’d know. You would be carrying the food over and Mark would be glad to meet you, thinking that it was for him. But Xiumin would grab the bag of food from your hands as you hugged Mark, only to have Xiumin raise his eyebrows. “You two are dating?” Xiumin would smirk as you and Mark broke away. “Yeah,” Mark would reply, smiling shyly. “I should tell eomma and appa about this,” Xiumin would wink before walking away and Mark would turn to you, confused. “Eomma and appa?” “Ah, yeah Xiumin’s my older brother,” you would reply, causing Mark to be a little bit more shy and nervous around Xiumin.

Promise? Epilogue:

Band Member: Michael

Type: Gang AU

Description: Set a year after the events of Promise. That’s all I’m going to say. Oh, and enjoy the final installment!

Please read Promise? Part 1Promise? Part 2 and Promise? Part 3 first!

You sat with your hands wrapped around a rapidly cooling cup of coffee in the back corner of the café. You had neglected it for the last hour as you watched a couple on the next table to yours. They reminded you of you and Mikey from the mornings when you used to drag him out for coffee after he’d interrupted your sleep to patch him up. You called it your payment but really, it was more for so you could remind yourself he was okay, that he was still here regardless of the amount of blood you’d washed down the sink at three am.

After a year, you’d grown to accept that the boy you loved was gone. It was easier to breathe now that the pain in your chest had almost ebbed away. You missed him. God, you missed him so badly sometimes it dragged you under like a tidal wave. Though, the tidal waves were less frequent after a year of university. Now they were smaller waves you could handle and you smiled at the memories more than you cried at them.

The girl was laughing hysterically at something her boyfriend had said, she shook her head and smiled before reaching out for his hand. They stood up to leave when the girl looked back at you. You saw something that you might’ve mistook for pity back at home when they all found out about you and her dead gangster boy but in a city like this, nobody knew without you telling them.

“Hey,” she said in a quiet voice once she’d told her boyfriend to pay the bill. “You look sad, are you okay?”

“You two just remind me of a couple I used to know,” you replied calmly. “They were in love too. They would have died for each other.”

You didn’t mention that one had. You couldn’t.

She smiled nervously as she brushed a strand of hair behind her ear. “Oh, that sounds like it didn’t end well.”

“It ended,” you said then bit your lip. “But I think you guys have a better chance than we… they ever did.”

The girl thanked you before joining her boyfriend at the counter.

You sighed to yourself when you saw the time. You began to collect your things together, resigning yourself to the fact he wasn’t going to show when a familiar figure began walked in the door. He had his hood pulled over his curly hair. You stood up when you saw him coming; he tugged off his hood and walked into your open arms. You pulled him closer and breathed in his familiar scent. He stroked your back then kissed the top of your head like he always used to.

“Ash,” you sighed into the front of his shirt.

“Hey,” he mumbled back as he squeezed you tighter.

You pulled away and gestured for him to take the seat across from you. He sighed when he finally looked at you then grinned like he’d just remembered something from long ago.

“What?” you asked as your lips twitched into a smile.

He shook his head as he tapped the table with his fingers. “I don’t know, I was expecting you to look like you’d been dragged through hell but you look amazing. You wouldn’t know you’d been shot last year. Maybe it’s your hair or something, you’re wearing it different”

“Yeah,” you said while you tugged at a strand, “that’s exactly what I asked my hairdresser to do. I said I was after the ‘I wasn’t shot’ look and I really think she delivered.”

He rolled his eyes at you then laughed. “I see you still think you’re funny.”

“I’m hilarious,” you said before taking a sip of the cold coffee. You watched the nervous tapping for a while before asking him the question that burned on your tongue. “Why now, Ash? Why a year after I left?”

His smile fell and he looked down at the sugar packet he was playing with. You hadn’t heard from Ash much over the last year, you’d tried to cut ties with the Reapers after Mikey’s funeral. Cal and Luke occasionally sent you texts to check you were okay but Ash called once a month without fail. The last Sunday of the month at six was the hour you set aside to talk about how you were doing and you’d try to ask how Ashton was but he’d avoid the topic. So when he called on a Tuesday, you knew something was wrong then when he suggested he drove the five hours it would take to visit you, you automatically knew it was the gang.

“Can’t we just leave it at I wanted to see how you were?” he begged as he looked around the café suspiciously.

“Ash, they don’t know where I am,” you reminded him.

It was true, there were two universities in the city and the guys had never asked which you were at. The boys stuck to small talk these days, especially Calum. The city was a big place, big enough to be anonymous and forgotten. You liked that. Hal and his henchmen would never find you here.

“Can we go for a walk?” he asked since he still looked rattled.

You nodded as you picked up your bag. He pointed to your half-finished coffee but you shook your head.

“You were late, Irwin. The coffee got cold so I think you should pay for it,” you teased before you paid for it anyway.

He held the door open for you then unexpectedly wrapped a protective arm around your waist. He led you to his beaten up car in the car park and opened the car door for you to get in.

“I thought we were going for a walk?”

“I lied,” he said with a shrug.

You slid onto the beaten leather seat that was so familiar to you from the nights Ashton would drive you home. It still smelt like faded leather, the cherry air freshener you got for him after you complained it always stank of old takeaways and Ashton. You relaxed back into the seat and rested your feet against the dash. Ash climbed in beside you and started to drum his fingers against the steering wheel.

“Things got really bad on Saturday night,” he admitted though he didn’t look at you. “Some of the Vipers that managed to get off without any charges came after us. They stormed the club house while we were raising a glass to Mikey.”

“Ash.” You exhaled. Throughout the year, you’d almost managed to convince yourself that the gang was a distant memory, something that happened in TV shows and books not in your own life. You’d almost forgotten about how you got the scars on your stomach. “How bad is bad these days? Some days, bad was Hal running out of whiskey, other days bad meant somebody had been killed.”

“One of the new kids ended up in hospital with a fractured skull,” Ash explained. “He had a bled on his brain and he died. He was seventeen. His mum’s an addict and his dad’s never been around. We’re the only family he had, how sick is that?”

“Ash, you know it wasn’t your fault,” you reassured him. “If anybody is to blame, it’s me. I’m the one who got the majority of their stupid gang locked up.”

“You did a good thing,” Ash said as he finally looked at you. “A stupid thing that nearly killed you but you survived it. Promise you’re never going to pull something like that again?”

You bit your lip as you rested your head back. “Did you get hurt?”

He muttered something which sounded like “maybe”. He turned his head away from you but you took his wrist. He sighed as he pulled up his shirt to reveal two cuts that had been roughly stitched together by somebody that was far from being a nurse.

“Ash,” you gasped as you reached out to run a light fingertip near the wounds. “Did you get them looked at?”

He nodded and dropped his shirt. “Luke’s new girl is a vet student. She’s not great at stitches on people yet. I kind of wish you were still there to help out. Your stitches were always much neater and scarred less.”

“Ash, you know I can’t go back there,” you sighed as you fell back into your seat.

Once you had enough strength to sit and use a computer, you’d researched into universities further away from home. Your new rule was it had to be far enough away that nobody could visit you unannounced. Your brother had protested against your new university choice but he eventually came around to the idea when he realised just how low you were since your boyfriend’s death.

“I’m not asking you to,” he reassured you. “I would never ask you to.”

“My scars look more impressive,” you joked as a way to change the topic.

You pulled up your shirt and gestured to the pale scars on your stomach. Ash reached out and traced where you’d had the surgery to stop the internal bleeding. He dropped his hand and rested in on your thigh gently.

“How did you get out of the club?” he asked quietly. “I don’t want to hurt people anymore. I don’t want to hurt anymore.”

You looked up and frowned but then you saw the desperation etched into his face. You saw it then, the look of hopelessness in his eyes and your heart shattered at the sight.

“Oh, Ash,” you sighed as you rested your hand over his. “I don’t think I ever got out exactly but I keep them at arm’s length which is the closest I’ll ever get to leaving.”

He rested his head back and his voice became heavier like he was trying not to cry in front of you.

“I don’t want to end up like Mikey,” Ashton confessed. “I don’t want to die like that.”

“Hey,” you said softly as you reached over to cup his cheek. “You don’t have to be like him, Ash. You have a chance to turn things around. I’m moving into a new flat this year, why don’t you move in with me?”

The question fell out of your mouth before you really had chance to think about it. You’d found a one bed apartment a few weeks ago, you didn’t need flatmates to hear you screaming at night when you had nightmares about Mikey’s death. But now you were offering to share with Ashton. Somehow you knew it was a good idea, one that would work out in the long run.

“Are you being serious?” he asked you in disbelief.

You nodded slowly as your confusion blossomed into a more certain smile. “Yeah, I am. It’s only a one bedroom thing but I’m sure we can make it work. I want to help you, Ash. You deserve better than the Reapers. You are so much more than that.”

He sighed as he thought about it.

“I didn’t come here for you to fix me—”

“I never said you did,” you cut in. “But I want to help you, you helped me last year so it’s time for me to pay you back for that. Just say yes, Ash.”

A smile spread across his face which made you smile back at him.

“Yes,” he resounded. “I’ll be your stupid roommate.”

You laughed and put your feet back on his dash. You looked over at him before resting your hand on his thigh.

“We’ll be okay, Ash.”

He slowly ran his hand up your arm and finally interlocked his fingers with yours. Your stomach rocked with a storm of butterflies. You blushed then glanced over to him, hoping he wasn’t looking at you. But he was. He was staring at you like you’d just appeared out of thin air. You felt alive for the first time since Mikey had died, you felt like every nerve in your body had suddenly woken up. Your heart pounded against your rib cage like it was looking for an escape.

“Yeah, I think we will be,” he replied as he ran his thumb against the back of your hand.

You fell into a comfortable silence that you only broke once you knew what you wanted to say.

“Hey, Ash?”


“You felt that too, right?” you asked. “I’m not going insane?”

“You’re already insane, babe,” he joked before he squeezed your hand. “But I felt it too.”

Sam X Reader: Part 2

Request: Can you Possibly do a part 2 to the fic where Sam x Reader are keeping their relationship a secret? Maybe Dean is gone on a hunt with Cas and they get a few fluffy, lovey-dovey days of freedom but then they get back sooner than expected and find them sleeping, snuggled up on the couch together. Not sure if they come clean or not, I’ll leave that up to you. Thanks in advance!

Request: Just a super fluffy Sam one???

Request: p2 to SamXReader secret relationship please

Part One

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Another little Bodhi Rook fic in which it is brought to his attention that he hasn’t slept in like 4-5 days. I may post it on Archive of Our Own or Fanfiction.net but idk yet. So, until then… here you go. Spoilers n shit

They were flying away. They were flying away. All of them.

It seemed impossible that they had all been able to make it to the abandoned freighter in time. Assuming they had. We did, Bodhi assured himself, we did…

And they were all okay. Or going to be. Chirrut had been the most frightening but the reassembled K-2SO had managed to stabilize him. Cassian looked beat to shit but he too would be alright. Given time.

Baze was torn up pretty good but he wasn’t going to acknowledge that. All he would acknowledge was Chirrut. He sat beside him, gripping his hand as though his life depended on it, murmuring, I’m one with the Force. The Force is with me.

Bodhi could only vaguely feel how badly he himself was doing. He knew his muscles ached. He knew his head was throbbing. He knew he was losing track of everything. He knew he couldn’t stop fidgeting. Shaking. He knew he’d been in a constant state of anxiety since defecting, but he’d worn it proudly because he sure as hell wasn’t going to work with the Empire anymore.

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