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Any fics where Jongin is like a playboy but has some control over kyungsoo? Like he won't allow kyungsoo to date anyone or something like that? I know this is typical ask but I really need new fics of this kind <3

SO actually this list was super hard. I don’t know a lot where Jongin won’t allow Kyungsoo to do things because usually in playboy stories Kyungsoo is a pushover and doesn’t date on his own, so I did what I could. Because I was unhappy with this list I added regular playboy Jongin that I haven’t recced yet at the bottom for fun. I hope they work…. also, you can find old playboy lists here and here

Somebody’s Heartbreak: Ongoing. Yea! This story is back and I am happy, even though it only kind of fits. But Jongin has all kinds of power over getting Kyungsoo to do whatever he wants until Kyungsoo gets fed up

Heteroflexible: Ongoing (kind of this) Jongin is a porn star who meets Kyungsoo when he is doing something reckless, and then they continue to see each other in an open setting

Migrane: Complete 3 chapters. They are friends with benefits and Jongin does whatever he wants but he doesn’t like it when Kyungsoo starts talking to someone else

Trust Me Your Heart: Complete 10 chapters. Jongin uses Kyungsoo to break up with people as his pretend boyfriend

Hiraeth: one shot. They are in a relationship but Jongin is famous and playing a lot with other people and Kyungsoo is over it

Try: Complete 2 chapters. Jongin doesn’t like relationships and doesn’t want to be with Kyungsoo, but doesn’t want anyone else to be either

Playing Into The Game: One shot. nonau. they are hooking up and then Jongin starts hooking up with someone else and still wants Kyungsoo to only be with him (not so much playboy)

What’s Hers is Mine: one shot. not playboy Jongin but he has a girlfriend and is sleeping with Kyungsoo (his best friend) on the side and is a little possessive over him

Regular Playboy Jongin Stories 

drown all the lovers: Ongoing. Everyone warns Kyungsoo about Jongin, but he doesn’t listen

Smells Like Teen Spirit: Complete 8 chapters. Kyungsoo gets paired up for a project with a very promiscuous Jongin, who flirts with him but Kyungsoo knows he is too unpopular to really have a chance (v. well written)

Dreamwalking: ongoing. they meet after a one night stand and Jongin is a model with a lot of problems and Kyungsoo starts helping him out

Running In Circles: one shot. Kyungsoo ends up sharing an apartment with player Jongin and has no patience for him

Help us bring back 1.05 default Sara

As I’m sure a lot of you guys know by now, I am super unhappy with the changes they made to Sara in the 1.05 patch. She did not need beautifying, and she definitely did not need all that makeup. I fell in love with her just the way she was, and now it just isn’t the same. So, @drsuviryder , me, and a few other people have been Tweeting the devs, asking for them to change her back. And you know what they’ve done? Completely and utterly ignored every single one of us.

We need your help, and we don’t have a lot of time. They won’t provide patches forever and we are thinking next patch will be bigger. If this matters at all to you, we need to act while we can.

Please join us in Tweeting devs @GambleMike and @tibermoon on Twitter to bring old default Sara back, to revert her back to 1.05 and prevent the further tweaking. We need a larger voice. My Twitter is @kadarakings and @drsuviryder is at @sararyder22

Let’s bring back the girl we fell in love with.

Been roughly a year since the start of The Smothering.

Here’s a run-down of what’s happened in the last year and where we are now.

So originally I wrote out the storyboard for the episode out on 7 huge pieces of A2 paper, laying them out on the floor of my small room.

I then took the super sketchy ideas on the page, blu-tacked them to the wall above my Laptop, and redrew them all digitally as roughs. I added backgrounds, changed poses, modified shots I was unhappy with and just generally refined the storyboard as I drew.

After completing the roughs I started on the Line art. This is the process of redrawing the rough crappy sketches into much prettier, more appealing, art.

Currently I am finishing off page 5 of the line art, meaning that I only have 2 more pages to go until all the art for the project is finished.

(This is ignoring the backgrounds of episode, none of which have been done, but I do have some thoughts on how to rush those)

The remaining pages will not take that long, considering the fact that my later roughs looks less like crude, messy  sketches, and more unpolished line art that I merely need to draw over. You’ll notice that when the episode finally is released that the my ability to draw the characters massively improves as I progressed with the project. Like a microcosm of season one.

I’m hoping to have all the assets for the episode completed mid February. Then all that would be left is the editing. Which I would thankfully not have to do.

Have a Merry Christmas SU folks. I hope you’ll all like the episode when it’s finished. 


Look, I know you guys are mad because Jonghyun and Samuel didn’t debut, but please don’t bash knetz too hard.

A lot of knetz were super unhappy when Jonghyun was 14th place. Everyone was in shock. They didn’t sleep on Jonghyun or his talents, people just thought he was going to debut anyway so voted for other trainees. It’s unfortunate but please know that we know his talents.

Also Samuel. We also think Samuel is multitalented and should be in wanna one. There were all lot of people who supported Samuel in my school. One time, I heard some girls talking about how Samuel is handsome and talented and saw them encouraging their teacher to vote for him. It’s not about race.Sure there were a few people who bashed Samuel online but a very very VERY few. Also if Samuel was hated for his race, why did he get 2nd place in the fourth ranking and 5th place for last week? It doesn’t make sense. I think lot of people liked Samuel but not enough to be their one pick. Or, like Jonghyun, people just thought he would be in the final lineup no matter what.

I personally wish they have been in the line up but we can’t change the results. I just wrote this post because many international fans are hating on knetz and supposedly ‘untalented’ trainees. It hurt my feelings watching gifs of us knetz being bashed for the wrong reasons. Please stop the hate and let us love because in the end, we all love the produce 101 boys.

Sincerely a Highschool girl knetz

Basically a slightly modified RANT i made about @MARVEL as LEGNA on a fanfic(had literally nothing to do with the fic. Biggest tangent on a comment ever. but i did it, and i got to get it out of my chest, its been EATING at me for a while.)

My dumbass is starting to realize that 616 will only ever satisfy people with their stories on an Action level. Because, the thing is, these characters have being around a long time, and will be around for even longer. Because it is believed that the audience doesn’t wanna see their characters grow old, comics freeze them in time. This creates perpetually young characters with a bunch of action and shit going down, constantly, through a long period of time. Like, 40 years to the reader, equals, say, 10 years in the X-Men, for example. Add the fact, that the idea of writing a happy couple doesn’t appeal to writers, for the reason that the sole idea of keeping that up, for who knows how long, might bore the audience(completely debatable). The only couples that are allowed to be happy, these days, are the ones that might, in the real world, be given a harder time by our awful society simply for existing (Take Biracial Couples: jessica jones/luke cage, or Same Sex Couples: rictor/shatterstar). I reallyREALLYreally hate ABSOLUTE FALSE idea that the idea of writing an established couple is the ruination of two great characters. (This implies that the most exciting thing that can happen to a couple is a dramatic rupture, almost as ridiculous as the idea that the very best thing that might happen to someone is being in a relationship). You can still write life partners, in an interesting, entertaining way, that stick together through thick and thin, regardless of how hard it gets(Mystique/Destiny, until Irene died). The way comic writers keep tearing people apart, for what almost appears to be a lazy try at the glorified “Gritty Realism”. ’S got me yawning at this point  ya’ll, tbh. We all have a pretty clear idea, how the X-Men would have been wrapped had it been meant to be a short story, or at least a story with a specific date of caducity. I am not ranting for the sake of Romy(ROGUExGAMBIT), because as much as I love the couple, that is neither here nor there. What annoys me is the fact that Rogue’s characterisation is a fucking tragedy (I’m using her, as an example, never mind the fact that most heroes act like goddamn teenagers in these books). No one who’s gone through the stuff she’s gone through, acts the way she does in the comics (the way she’s been written by certain authors). She’s literally the Token Angry Person. Know what I’d REALLY appreciate at this point? ACTUAL Gritty Realism. Not glamourised SuperBullshit. Give me Heroes in therapy. Give me Heroes with PTSD. Give me Heroes that switch sides(whether it’s for the better or as a mistake). Give me heroes that struggle with killing, and collateral. Give me Heroes that cash out in the pursuit of their own happiness. Give me Heroes with anti-climatic deaths. Heroes who struggle with addiction. Realistically positive things, even. Heroes who part relationships amicably. Give me Piotr Raputin AND Kitty effin’ Pryde, actually, compromising about their Personal Ideologies(They are both heroes who believe in the Greater Good. The only people who do not manage to compromise on these types of things, are those who care more about being right, than they do about their own happiness). Because, while I do believe, that a Superhero’s life would be HARD AS ALL HELL. Even more so as a couple, I also believe that surviving the amount of shit that they already HAVE together would create a very specific type of bond that isn’t addressed in 616!canon. Using Gambit and Rogue as an example: With that  whole SHITSHOW with Vargas under their belt among everything else… There is no way that a break up down the line would NOT have been cataclysmic, emotionally. To an extent that a civilian would never understand. That shared life experience is under NO circumstances on the same level as “Oh, we had even rented our wedding venue, and now we are perfect strangers” (which is totes what one would guess with the tepid, half-assed, pussyfooting BS we read about them now a days). This is: We have literally, in a relationship or otherwise, brought each other back from the dead and now we don’t talk anymore. I’m not touching the whole Antartica fiasco with a 10-foot-pole (they addressed it like, once.  Rogue absorbed Remy’s despair and desire to die, and I’m just here like… weak. WEAK. Like…….. Should’t we talk more about this??? Did she try to come back when his psyche faded??? Ugh. UGH.) Comics Rogue is super indecisive, right? She’s like I’ll follow u till the ends of the earth to save you from yourself, and 3 minutes later, She’s like: I need some space. I need some time. I need to be alone. Like ??????????????????  In their line of work where they could be dead tomorrow that makes no sense. The kind of perspective that sort of lifestyle grants you doesn’t fit the high school level coping mechanisms. Like, yeah. perhaps if you live under normal circumstances, with a 9-to-5 job thats like a thing. BUT THEY DO NOT??????????????? THEY LIVE UNDER THE MOST BATSHIT REALITY? Like if those were her legit emotional resources she would’ve offed herself years ago????? BUT LETS SAY IT IS A THING. Let’s say that she does have that impulse to push everyone who loves her away. Realistically, she’d done it like at first????? and then I don’t know, GROW UP? ???????????????????

and the worst WORST PART
Is that lazy writing has gotten her character to read as this petty, insufferable bitch that Gambit puts up with??????
that was not what her character was meant to be



AND TO CULMINATE THE RANT: I have no doubt in my mind that their relationship would have NEVER deteriorated to the point it is today, had writers not fallen into drama for the sake of it. To have her push him away, as if that should be the deciding factor of Remy Lebeau being or not an adventurer. She wants him=Relationship(boring). She doesn’t=He lives it up around the world. At this point. I swear. Even if a writer were like: Yeah, you know what? kiss and make up. In a minute, another would be like: OCC (TAKING INTO ACCOUNT SAID CHARACTER’S CURRENT DEVELOPMENT) SLEEZY AFFAIR ANYONE HMM?. Then, the next one, would make the other get kidnapped by aliens, and since it has no fixated ending it’ll just go on and on and on. Pulling them together and apart, for ~Shock Value~. 




fuck you for always.

TL DR: Real Life does, absolutely, deal with break ups and estrangement, and personal tragedy, and a whole lot of really REALLY shitty BS. But if I, as a 23 year old woman from a third world country, know enough about psychology, and wellness, and mindfulness, to fucking AIM to acknowledge and rid myself of toxic behaviour, to be better and HAPPIER. I have no doubt in my mind NEW YORK HQd Heroes, that are as well traveled as they are. Know as much as they do about the world, have just a bit more of a grip on their Emotional Inteligence than the cast of Jersey Shore. just saying’.

Quite Frankly? Like how much better would comics be, if we didn’t just get the Ultron’s back for the 67th time story, or “X” is back from the dead trope. IMAGINE if they used a mix of mundane/extraordinary elements to create a story. Like, i don’t know. Bobby coming out of the closet, and doing something lame like speed dating, and hanging out with Kyle and Jean Paul, and Star and Ric, while he tries to save the world. Like, give me SOMETHING heartwarming before you dash my hopes and dreams. Comics would be so much better if instead of trying to be a full on escape from reality with their far fetched, and at this point, quite honestly, pointless and repetitive adventures, we saw heroes, simultaneously, struggle with mundane, human problems, that they, in the end, managed to rise above of. TALK ABOUT WIN-WIN. 

Needless to say. I don’t believe that heroes are PRE-REQUISITELY supposed to come with an element of tragedy, or misery, in order to be a legit hero(SIDE-EYEING THE HELL OUT OF YOU DC COMICS

There are positive forces that push people into heroics, I like to believe. I do not subscribe to the idea, that it is a superheroes’ dissatisfaction with other elements in their life, that push them to be devoted heroes.

I am absolutely in awe of the Snyders in light of the news about their daughter. They lost a child and somehow found the strength and dedication to still do 3-months-worth of work on JL and the DCEU. They were struck by the most terrible blow that can happen in a family and a pair of parents and they put their own pain and their own well-being / healing (if one can ever heal from this) and they worked on the movie. I lost my mom when I was 8 and 17 years later I still struggle with it. If their pain is anything like mine (it’s probably much greater) then I am in awe of the fact that they are even still breathing. Still here.

At the same time my heart breaks for these two people. They seem kind and they put so much heart and love into what they do. Their work brings so much joy and it’s brought so many people together.

If a movie flops there can always be a remake. What Deborah and Zack lost - they can’t remake. They can’t make up for. My thoughts and my heart are with them. I hope that they find solace and I know that their daughter, whereever she is now, will be watching over them from a better place.

In light of this tragedy, the JL movie hardly matters. I am disgusted to hear and see people hating on the Snyders for it. It makes me think that these people have never experienced any loss in their lives. Or maybe they are that vile and selfish to think about their own gratification and satisfaction when two other people’s world has come undone.

I am not thrilled about having Whedon on board either - but here’s a newsflash - you can be super unhappy about having to deal with him AND STILL NOT BOTHER ZACK AND DEBORAH.

Hating on the Snyders is grounds for blocking on a regular day, but it’s tenfold more so now.

Penney’s Guide to Characterization

Anyone who knows me or has been following my writing for a reasonable amount of time will know that there is honestly very little in the world that I love more than character development. I love stories and storytelling, but the characters are the part that sticks with the reader and makes the story come alive more so than many of the other aspects (short of the actual, physical words of the story). Because of this, I’m really passionate about creating and developing characters that come off as realistic, detailed, and interesting people. This starts with a very long and detailed process that I’m going to share with you now!

Before I move on, however, I’d like to touch on the definition of character development and how it differs from characterization. I promise this will be quick because I don’t want to bore you or myself with a long lecture, but the difference is important and should be acknowledged before we begin. I’ll even put it in some easy bullet points for you:

  • Characterization refers to the details of a character that defines the basic aspects of their identity.
  • Character refers to who they are as a person, as defined by the choices that they make throughout the story (specifically those that they make under any degree of pressure. The more pressure there is on a situation, the more the character’s choice says about them).
  • Character development is the marriage of these two aspects, taking the details established during characterization and using them to help the choices that define the person’s character make sense to the story and the reader.

This article will focus almost exclusively on characterization. As I mentioned before, my own process is a bit extensive and I am in no way suggesting that you have to do all of this to create a good character. The process in full has helped me immensely over the course of my writing and I hope it’ll help you as well, but feel free to pick through and choose what makes the most sense to you and your writing and just roll with that. The beautiful thing about being a writer is that you get to make the executive decision on what is and isn’t a good idea.

Now that I’ve gotten all that out of the way, here are my tips!

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I feel like my days are too short to do anything more than study and homework. Any advice for how to change that?

Well … maybe they are. You didn’t say if you’re in high school or college, but particularly in high school, man they expect a lot from you. I have no idea how anyone thinks that putting that amount of work, pressure and sleep deprivation on people who are having a tough time just figuring out who they are is a good plan.

I can’t really help you with making days longer, but I will say this: there’s this meme that unless you get a 4.25 and found a charity and letter in 14 sports per semester and ace your SATs and get into that one school, your life will be shitty.

I am here to tell you that’s not true. I had a terrible GPA in high school because I was deeply unhappy in a number of ways. I did not get into any good schools, so I stayed in-state for a year. Then, I adapted to college very well and transferred to a school that I really loved. HEY LOYOLA NEW ORLEANS! It’s not a super-prestigious school in the Princeton Rankings sense, but it was the perfect place for me. I loved my professors and knew them all, and it got me perfectly ready for my grown-up life.

So, if nothing else, know that it’s not the end of the world if you get a B. Or even a C. This is not what makes a good or bad life.

Top row: super-bloated vs normal (approx. an hour apart)
Bottom row: shitty lighting vs nice lighting (approx. 2 mins apart)

Your body, and the reflections you see of it, are continuously changing. So it makes no sense to beat yourself up every time you’re unhappy with how you see yourself.

This is a lesson I am desperately struggling to teach myself as I battle with a lifetime of eating disorders, exercise addiction, & all manner of body image issues.

I am terrified of sharing these pictures that I am frankly immensely ashamed of with the Internet. But i hope that it may help me…Or even better; that it may help someone else.

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I read your tags on that post with Big Brother Stan fanart. Can you elaborate why it could be so painful?

Hi, anon!  Oh gosh, you’re in for it now.

Well, first, this is in reference to @doberart​‘s cool recent pics depicting the what-if or AUs of “teen Stan with young Ford” and (from earlier) “teen Ford with young Stan”; and in the tags to the more recent one, I’d commented that if these AUs went like canon, they struck me as really potentially painful.    So, the second point I’d make here is: I don’t at all mean to step on ideas that Dobermutt may have had while doing the pieces; nor on ideas that the people suggesting those prompts may have had.  These were just my reactions, in absence of other details about that type of AU.

Also, the emphasis here really is on “if these AUs went like canon”, which of course, is a big “if”.  It would be equally interesting to explore the way those age differences caused things to happen completely differently from canon!  And potentially, turn out a lot happier.

So really, I was only thinking that in either case, with an age difference like that, if you remove the older sibling due to reasons that were similarly tragic to the canon circumstances, it would be super painful to both of them, and especially to the younger sibling.  

(And here I am drawing on my own experiences a little bit?  My only sibling is a lot older than me; he did not depart under any unhappy circumstances!  But I was still pretty young when he left the house, simply because he’d become an adult and graduated from college and gotten married, and it shook up my sense of comfort with my family unit. No matter how happy the situation, I was kind of distressed to lose having him at home.  There was also some conflict between my parents, and his leaving meant that there was not an extra buffer between my parents in the home. I don’t want to overplay this!  They were not abusive or anything else like that, but when I was young I was pretty sensitive to conflict, and I perceived my brother as being an extra buffer against conflict that afterwards, I would be alone to weather.  So I am undoubtedly projecting a bit there.)

Anyway, my point is that if you are thinking along the lines of canon – if you have teen Ford and small Stan, then you might still have small Stan being really really anxious and insecure about Ford going away to college, especially if small Stan is afraid of being left as the only child in the house with parents who fight a lot, and/or, in the circumstance that Filbrick is an abusive parent.  I’m not even getting into whether older Ford was also subject to emotional or physical abuse from Filbrick, and how much he is aware of his younger brother suffering from that.  I’d like to think older Ford would be aware of it?  But wanting to leave the house and go away to college then also puts Ford into a painful situation, if he knows he is leaving his little brother alone with their father, without Ford to protect him; and during a time period and at an age where teen Ford has relatively few options to save his brother from that situation.

(Cards on the table: yes, my view is that Filbrick was an abusive parent. I think that we were shown enough in ATOTS to conclude that he behaved abusively towards both of his sons, both emotionally and physically; although, the greater evidence is for his abuse of Stan.  But I don’t think there’s direct evidence that he greatly favored Ford or anything, so I tend to headcanon that he was emotionally abusive towards both boys, perhaps in different ways; and that he was casually physically abusive with both of them.  Analyzing the level of physical abuse is an exercise for a different post, but I’ll just say that what we saw of the way he handled throwing Stan out in ATOTS is enough for me to regard him as physically abusive.)

Beyond that situation, there is also the question of whether in such an AU, something happens like in canon, where small Stan might have any role at all in doing something that negatively affected Ford’s attempt to get a scholarship to WCT.  This would depend on whether someone wanted to follow the outline of canon that closely of course!  But if you did – small Stan would have less reason to be at the high school after hours (…not that he did in the first place, grr), but events might have played out differently so that small Stan accidentally damaged Ford’s project in the home, or something.  

I’d also like to think that the age difference would make the ensuing confrontation play out differently.  (I see Ford blowing up at Stan as, in part, the kind of fight that happens between equals.)  I don’t of course think you’d get Filbrick throwing 13-year-old Stan out on the streets!  But there’s still the tragic possibility of older Ford feeling devastated and betrayed, and then leaving the house anyway for college; and young Stan feeling sad and guilty and abandoned, on top of whatever punishment Filbrick would give a younger Stan for such an incident. Ford leaving for college while Stan is still young creates the separation between them, and Stan having to stay alone (? - I’m not factoring Shermie of any age into this, at the moment) in that house for several more years might have been its own kind of hell, especially if his father kept blaming him for that incident. 

So yeah, that makes me sad. 


With an older teen Stan and a younger Ford… well, on the home front, there’s some of the same fears and anxieties possible.  Perhaps older Stan took the brunt of Filbrick’s abusiveness, but again, I tend to see that as falling on both of the boys.  I could see an older Stan being really worried about younger Ford (still sensitive and not very tough yet) being left alone in that house when Stan departs.  And then there’s the question of… how and why DOES the older Stan depart?  Is he thrown out by Filbrick due to some other perceived transgression or accident?  Maybe involving Ford, and maybe not.  In this AU it’s much harder for me to imagine Stan doing something similar to canon, because Ford isn’t at that point in his development, and anyway, due to the age difference, the central issue is that Stan is the one who will achieve independence first, and move out.  Still, if you wanted to come up with something similar enough, it wouldn’t be that hard to figure out a reason for Filbrick to kick Stan out of the house.  (It’s harder for me to imagine it being related to something Stan does that leaves Ford feeling betrayed; but a young Ford might still feel abandoned.)

But, under what circumstances would older Stan leave?  The field is kind of wide open.  Drafted into the army to fight in Vietnam?  Knocked up a girl and got kicked out by his father because of it?  Some money-making scheme went bad, or he fell afoul of some gang because of gambling?  etc.

Actually, for both of these AUs, there’s another question.  As twins and equals, Stan seems to have coasted a lot, academically, with Ford’s cooperation.  (We see him copying off of Ford, and Ford allows it.)  Stan clearly has little interest in academics, and he has always taken a back seat (willingly?) to Ford’s intellectual achievements.  But how does that change, with the age differences?

In the case of teen Ford and small Stan – well, older Ford can try to help tutor small Stan. But there is still the kind of tragic possibility that Stan is simply not the kind of learner that Ford is.  That is NOT to say that Stan is not as smart as Ford, just that different methods of learning work better for them; and that might mean that Ford might not be able to figure out how to be the best tutor for small Stan.  I’d like to think he would try to help his little brother!  But, while I love Ford, I don’t think he’s that good at getting out of his own head and figuring out what works best for others (until he is hit over the head with it).  With an older Ford, he would have set the example of academic achievement in the household, and poor small Stan might have been constantly compared to his high-achieving older brother by both parents and teachers.  So that would have sucked, and again, as much as I love Ford, I really do, I’m not sure that he would have been that good at ameliorating the situation for small Stan.  Plus, then Ford would leave, and Stan would have to finish out school himself.

In the case of teen Stan and small Ford… to me, that presents the more interesting possibility that Stan had more time to establish himself, his goals and his abilities, separate from Ford.  Was Stan better at school, because he didn’t have someone to lean on from the start?  Or was he worse, because he didn’t have the support of a “smart” twin?  Again, I want to emphasize that I don’t think Stan wasn’t smart himself; but in the context of schooling in the 1960s, and given that Glass Shard Beach did not seem to have the best schools, I could easily see someone like Stan getting left behind by that system.  Does he double-down on his tendency to try to take short-cuts to riches and success, and does that get him into even more trouble since he grew up without a peer in Ford to temper some of those impulses (which, after he got kicked out in canon, obviously took over his life)?  Is that part of why Stan gets kicked out in that AU?  On the flip side, how does it affect young Ford, who for years might have heard a bunch of toxic stuff about his ne'er-do-well older brother (from his father or other authority figures like teachers), along with greater expectations being heaped on young Ford himself?

(In my ideal version, young Stan in either AU would have his intellectual strengths recognized by somebody, anybody, and would have been steered towards career or life paths that would have suited him better – being a performer, or an artist/craftsman, or working with his hands in some capacity.  Although, I admit, this idealized vision dodges an important question: how important is it to Stan’s character that he has this wide criminal streak?  I mean… on some level that is part of what we love about him in the show.  He’s a con-man who doesn’t think twice about committing fraud, lying, cheating, engaging in various crimes, etc.  It’s possible that, if you removed that aspect from him entirely and gave him a tough but essentially honest job and life, that something vital would be lost from the person of Stanley Pines.  Or to put it another way, perhaps something could have given him more respectable opportunities for a life and career… and he still would have drifted into criminality anyway. It’s hard to say.)

In conclusion: Listen – I’m not saying you couldn’t design either of these AUs to be much HAPPIER than canon, if you wanted to!  And I’d love to see takes on that, because believe me, I am all about fluff and happiness, and these brothers being happy!  I do love the idea that the age difference could give them more of an opportunity for bonding and support of each other.

I was only saying… wow, if you think about it in certain ways, it also COULD be SUPER SAD.  Potentially.

False-Hearted - Optional Bias Scenario, Part I

i promise i’m not dead, i haven’t written anything since january, and even that was like one small drabble, so here
(this is missing some things bc i had to post it using my phone 🙃, so im sorry)

prompt: he’s everything you could ask for, and you’ve been with him for almost a year now, but that doesn’t compare to the three years he’s also been spending with her + poc reader

cw: cheating, suggestiveness

“Shh, you have to be quiet!” He muttered in a rush, pressing his large left hand against your lower back to guide you into the closet, he shot you a glance before turning around and closing the door.

You sigh as you hear the click of heels approaching the room.

Through the slits of the closet, you can see him fall back on the bed, rubbing his face in exhaustion.

Her high pitched voice pierces the calming silence in only a few seconds.

He greets her with a smile, letting her cling to his torso before pulling away, making an excuse about being sweaty from his busy schedule.

He looks through the blinds as speaks, obviously nervous as to what you’re doing behind the door.

“I just came to visit you for lunch, I’ll be back tomorrow afternoon, after the business trip, so you don’t have to wait on me.” She tugs on his sweater, “Let’s go eat downstairs.”

They leave almost silently, the little noise there was was just her rambling about her day.

Seconds after they’ve disappeared your phone vibrates.

Hold still for 30 mins

You exit the message without an answer.

True to his word, he opens the door even earlier than expected, muttering that he told her she should get there early to beat traffic.

He hates whenever she disrupts your time together because then he spends the next 30 minutes trying to make you happy again.

“I’m sorry,” He already starts.

You shrug, pushing past him to head downstairs.

He follows behind you, basically bumping into your heels.

You walk into the kitchen, searching for ingredients to make something to eat, and he slows down, sitting at the breakfast bar, arms crossed on the table.

“Maybe we should just stay as friends…” You start, fiddling with the cooking oil cap after you’ve started the gas fire on the stove top.

“Don’t start this.” He mumbles under his breath.

You turn to him, “It’s too difficult, I’m exhausted having to sneak around all the time, and I know you are, too.”

“Give me two more months? I promise, everything will be perfect in that time, just you and me,” He gets down from the stool and starts to slyly approach you.

He wrapped both arms around your waist, settling his chin on top of your curls.

You kept the same scowl on your face, trying to ignore the butterflies in your stomach.

“You’ve been saying that for six months now.” You claw at his hands, he lets go, exhaling dramatically as he realizes now that you’re serious.

“What do you want me to do?”

“Break up with me or her.” You whisper.

“I can’t do either right now.”

You remain quiet as you cut the raw chicken, throwing garlic and cayenne pepper into the pot before putting the chicken in with it.

“After I make your lunch I gotta go home, I have an essay due for my chemistry professor.” You avoid eye contact, starting on the rice.

He pushes against you again, this time reaching for your hands and slipping his fingers through yours.

He presses his lips to your left ear before pushing your head to the side with his chin and resting it on your neck.

“She’s coming back tomorrow evening, can’t you be mad at me another day?” He nudges your cheek. “Aish, you’re a brat, you know that?”

You nod.

He turns you towards him, pushing you against the counter before taking you by your waist and lifting you onto it.

Both of his hands clutch onto the backs of your thighs as he looks at you.

“What?” You ask innocently.

He chuckles in a cute manner, pressing his lips to yours in a messy sequence of kisses.

He eases into kissing you deeper and now starts to pull you closer by your thighs.

You rest your head back as he starts down your neck, hands already moving to loosen your shirt.

He pulls it off with ease, moving his lips back up to your lips.

The phone vibrates loudly on the counter, causing you to jump and pull away from him.

You look to the side, rolling your eyes at the glance of her face on the screen.

“Hey,” He pulls on your chin, “Ignore it.”

You try to, letting him continue his butterfly kisses over your skin but you can’t help to feel your irritation heighten at each ring.

You wake up before he does, stretching your sore muscles out and trying to release yourself from his tight grip.

“Stop moving.” He grumbles from behind you, if you turned around you’d probably see the scowl on his angelic face.

“I’m sorry for being hard on you yesterday.” You mutter.

He seems to be asleep, but after a few minutes he tells you that it’s okay.

“I’m sorry I’m such an ass.” He says, “I should’ve broken up with her by now.”

“Maybe you love her.”

“Don’t go there.” He chuckles dryly.

“You’ve been dating for three years now…”


After a few more seconds of silence, you realize that’s as far as the conversation will go, so you turn towards him.

He’s already staring at you, blinking slowly because he has just woken up.

“You’re so pretty.”

You chuckle, poking at his cheek.

He fakes tiredness, which is proven when he flips himself up to straddle you, tilting your chin up with one of his fingers.

“Are you still sore?”


“Too bad.”

He hasn’t called you in almost a week now, you’ve messaged him a few times and they all go unanswered.

On the second week, you decide to pay a visit to his house, ringing the doorbell in confidence while rocking back and forth on your heels.

She answers the door.

“Ah, Jiyoung… how are you?” You awkwardly mutter.

She answers cheerfully, asking about yourself and then going on about how he has stepped out to go get groceries.

“Has he told you the news?”

“The news?”

The ugly grin on her face tells you something’s up and it’s proven when she thrusts her hand into your face, “We’re engaged!”

You almost faint in that instant.

Now the tables have turned.

He had been trying to get in touch with you for a month now, and you refused to answer.

You’ve spent nights trying to officially get over him, falling into beds of guys from high end clubs almost every week, but nothing seemed to get the feeling out of your head.

He was lying to you the entire time.

He was planning to marry her this entire time.

And he told you differently just so he could get what he wanted.

He’d shown up to your apartment many times, knocking for even hours without end, but you never answered and you knew he respected you enough to not persist.

That changed today when you were setting out to go meet your friend at a new club downtown, he was already halfway up the steps when you opened the door and you couldn’t be fast enough to go back inside and lock the door.

“I’ve been looking for you for a month now.”

“I don’t think your fiancée would appreciate it if you continued to speak to me.” You said as you pushed past him to get to your car.

He grabs onto your wrist, “I can explain if you let m-”

“I’m tired of giving you chances to explain things, I think maybe we should just not speak anymore, our relationship died when you decided you wanted to marry her.”
“I can’t do anything to stop it!” He shouts. “My mother made me.”

“You are in your mid 20s, I am sure as hell you can make your own decisions at this age!” You shout back.

“I’ve been going crazy without you around, look at me.” So you do.

He, obviously, looks terrible.

Skin drained of color, hair greasy, and eye bags super prominent.

“Everytime I’m with her I think about how much I’d rather be with you, it’s killing me to be so unhappy.”

“What am I supposed to do when you actually get married?” Tears begin to spring at your eyes.

“Be a good bride.”

Good one.

“I don’t have time for your sly pick up lines, right now, I’m serious.” You play with the hair on your shoulders. “Why do you refuse to break up with her and tell your family about me?”

He stays silent, looking down at the floor in uncertainty as his face begins to glow red.

“What is it? I can take it.”

“If I introduced you to my mother, she’d lose her head.”

“…And why’s that?” But you already knew the answer.

“…You look….different….”

You obviously did, your dark skin, wide eyes, plump lips and kinky hair made you stand out in Korea and you often felt it with the abnormal amount of staring you’d receive every time you went out in public.

You look down at the ground.

“So… you’re embarrassed of me.” You couldn’t stop the crybaby tears from falling down your puffed cheeks.

You didn’t feel like going to the club anymore.

You felt like going inside and buying a one-way ticket back home.

You march back up your stairs, fiddling with your keys to unlock the door.

“No, no, no- that’s not it-”

“You don’t need to sugar coat things for me, everyone would make fun of you for having a girl that looks like me so you decide to take the easy way out and marry the conventionally pretty girl while you string me along, makes sense.”

You’re surprised you are able to get so much out with how bad you want to cry right now.

You finally get the door open, but before you shut and lock it, you turn to him.

He’s obviously devastated, and terribly confused as you open your mouth.

“I don’t want you to contact me ever again,” You sigh. “Stop trying to speak, this is what you want anyways, now you won’t have to deal with the embarrassment anymore.”

With that you shut the door in his face and run up your stairs, ignoring the loud bangs on it that follow.
wow that was dramatic, but anyways, yeah idk how long this will be just look out for the next chapters, so yeah

thanks for reading~

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Hi my friend suffers from borderline and she's acting kinda crazy she treats me and my other friends often badly still we support her. Yesterday she again behaved super stupid and mean. She also lies. She feels like nobody loves her. And yesterday we couldn't offer her anything because she was just mean so she drove dramatically home. (1)

In some way I am done and cannot take it anymore to cope with her stuff. But on the other hand I want her to feel loved. I’m super angry but I also feel sorry. Should I text her I love her. Just so she knows or is it needed to show her once the reality and to not give her anything she wants ? 

i think u should tell her u love her. mental illness can rly be a bitch sometimes u know! but if it gets to that point where she’s dragging u down and making u feel unhappy i think u should distance urself a little from her, just so u can catch ur breath and heal urself before u get back to always being there for her. try to be patient w her but also look out for urself first bc u deserve happiness just as much as she does

legit, i think SteinMarie is a beautiful pairing and that it’s done super well in the manga but, fuck, man, I understand if people are unhappy with it because the fandom just reduces it to ‘Marie is Stein’s nanny, how cute!!!!’ and I am not here for that sexist bullshit, do you hear me? I am NOT

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I'm just wondering how you feel about kpop groups/soloists appropriating black culture

lmao I’ve been gone for a minute, but I’m gunna answer this b/c I think it’s important in response to certain events. 

Black cultural appropriation in kpop culture have been super prevalent these days due to the emergence of hip hop as mainstream music in both America and Korea. It’s frustrating seeing asians (obviously non-black) getting dreads and/or braids, spouting the n-word,

It’s, for lack of better words, inappropriate and disgusting considering, truthfully, asians are some of the most anti-black people out there. We don’t want to acknowledge it, but for years and years, and to this day, asian people tend to be very anti-black, avoiding them in public, touching their skin unsolicited, speaking poorly of them based on the color of their skin, ridicule their appearance, etc. 

 But now that hip hop has become so mainstream, it’s seemingly okay to imitate black culture, not even blinking an eye to the prejudice that black people face under our (asians’) actions. 

Kpop stars and korean artists aren’t stupid; the explanations fans use to justify their actions aren’t sound. These artists, and people in general, are well-aware of the prejudices that are pushed onto black people in Asia, and often even contribute to the scrutiny through their own actions. The exposure and influence of western culture on Korean media has made it very clear what elements make up black culture, many of which have been ridiculed and looked down upon by asians for years. It isn’t okay to just rip off their culture just because it’s trendy now to have dreads and say the n-word. 

Point is, I am very unhappy with the amount of cultural appropriation in the kpop community; it’s rude and ugly.

Also sorry for not posting in a minute, us “admins” gotta make bank for tuition. (also it’s super late rn and I’m not sure that this makes 100% sense grammatically)


Yay, I tried that meme thing where you draw the same picture with all of your hands and feet- 
It’s amazing, I am left handed and my left foot also worked better than my right foot so this is a beautiful proof for the fact that it’s really about the brain and not only about practice.

(the cat is my favorite because in the first picture it looks surprised, in the second picture it looks concerned, in the third picture it’s very unhappy and in the last one it’s just super pissed.) 

Loud Neighbour vs. Short Tempered German.

Warning: This story is very long but well worth it. Also there is “Too Long; Didnt Read” at the bottom of the story.

This was about a year ago. I had just moved into my new flat because the previous one was quite uncomfortable, as the owner and other flatmates were generally dicks. Lots of clashes with them and LOTS of leassons learned on how not to deal with people. Your usual college experience stuff, you know?

Now I had a job and money: Time to live on my own!

I move in and all is fine for a month. But I am exposed to loud gaming noises. I’m a gamer myself, so naturally I am not too annoyed about this. But these game noises would normally not stop until 1am/2am. Which is kinda shitty for my sleep-cycle and the enjoyment of weekends.
Trying to do the civil thing I ask the neighbour to turn it down. Turns out my neighbour is from New Zealand and doesnt speak German. (Hint, this is all taking place in Germany)
My english is good enough to have some chitchat and I try to build a friendly “bond” by idenitfying that he is either Aussie or NZ. He’s amazed by my english and confirms to be a Kiwi. He concludes with saying that it is no problem to game quietly; says he can do that definitely.

Keep reading

that time Bull motivated me and helped me through self-hate

i never really make posts like these, but to tl;dr i just really hate my body so much and it puts me in a very bad mood. i feel very uncomfortable and unhappy 99% of the time. it’s my own fault, because i am super lazy, but i completely lack any motivation and a lot of issues with my health bring me down, too. i can’t lift weights, or else my back will collapse. i have to use my own body strength and it’s very difficult and i hate it.

but i want to do it so badly. i want to feel ok with my body, i want to feel confident enough to dress a certain way. i want to be strong, i want to have nice definition and feel healthy instead of groggy and weak and stop hating myself.

starting to play da:i i found a ray of hope; iron bull& krem. i’ve seen posts before about how these two have helped them with body positivity, and this is one of those posts. honestly, i admire them so much and i feel like i’m a part of the chargers. i want to be. i want to train and be strong and do cool athletic things and be fit so that i’d actually survive in a setting like dragon age. i’m a fucking 20 yr old and the closest i have to a training coach is an imaginary man with horns from a videogame. but it’s alright. it makes me feel motivated and i hope i can train well and feel  better with myself. 

this is to all of us out there in this situation: you can do it!! take it easy. you can get that muscle mass, that weight loss, those collar bones, those abs, anything you want!! keep working hard and don’t give up. the chargers are proud of you. take care of yourself and honor your body like the temple it is. horns pointing up!!! 

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im not that anon but i am interested in your house and life!!!!! what is your off grid life like? how have you changed since 2007? would 2007 you think you would be livin it large with the chickens?

Hahahaha! 2007 me was an angry/cynical high schooler who wanted to be a beatnik poet, listened to ani difranco, had gotten her heart broken terribly by some shit head(!), had no direction in life/thought modern aspirations were a sham… (I was such a little shit, but the last bit is still true for me lmao)

No idea what I would think of myself now except I’d probably hate me because I hated pretty much everything and most everyone then. I was honestly super unhappy in the little suburban world I was forced to be a part of but had no idea what else was out there in the world either. It’s been a slow and uneven climb to where I am now. I remember writing all the time about how I wanted my life to be just FULL, full of beauty, art, passion, love, even the sad things… reality went on to become extremely drab and terrible as I worked minimum wage to support myself, very much alone, went through abusive relationships, couldn’t find my way or anything I felt passionate about, for years.

About three years ago I started to really form a vision for myself, and as I took the necessary risks to make that happen, other things have fallen into place for my life to be even more FULL than I could have even begun to hope for at that point. I have so many good hearted people in my life, and my partnership with Nick has totally opened so many doors for me.

So I think seventeen year old me would be really surprised at how full of good people and happiness and genuine excitement my life is. The fact that I’ve genuinely found a path that is so exciting and challenging and fulfilling for me is like, surreal. I know I still feel surprised all the damn time when I think about it. But yeah, 17 year old me also definitely wouldn’t have expected me to say I’m becoming a farmer…

Life for us is a lot of hard work but it’s extremely fulfilling and rewarding. We feel a great sense of accomplishment to see our property and look at all of the structures we’ve built by hand, wood stacked and split by hand, animals raised, garden beds planted, etc. and for us the freedom and solitude of the woods we have access to is so special. We have a five year plan for ourselves and it’s this crazy dream but I also believe it’s totally possible for us. We don’t feel like we have to settle for jobs we can just tolerate or a life that’s just okay. We are working our damnedest to work for ourselves and provide for ourselves and just not be dependent on systems or ways of living that don’t fulfill us.

This experience has been super transformative for me personally, as I challenge myself in so many ways (intellectually, physically, emotionally) and I am capable of so much more than I ever thought! I really feel like I have grown tenfold as a person, and feel so excited to continue experiencing my own life.

I was pretty burnt out by winters end, and frustrated with our lack of knowing where we were going next or what to do. But this spring has brought so much good into our lives, and not to mention I am getting married in three months!!!!!! I’m just at a super like, “nothing will get me down” point in my life. Garden failures, animal losses, they all hurt but I am always learning from them and growing, and refuse to be anything but glad I’m here.

As far as what life is like, we heat with wood in winter, no air conditioning in summer, solar power as our energy source, I have a propane stove for cooking in summer months, use rainwater for bathing, cleaning, etc. A Berkey filter for our drinking water. We have 15 rabbits right now, 8 chickens (planning for 21 more this week), a decent garden just starting to grow, a sawmill for our own lumber, lots and lots of firewood…


thegreatfandomdragon replied to your post: Turns out that I WASN’T tired. I had food…

Oh no! I’ve had food poisoning before and I thought I was just super tired too. Ginger Ale really helped once I stopped throwing up.

Yasss. That and sprite are my go-to drinks when my tummy is unhappy. I got some sprite yesterday and I thought it was unbearably sweet, though. Am I getting old or did McDonald’s change its formula? Hmmmm

What if the Quincy did the Hueco Mundo arc?

As requested by anon. :)

In canon, the Hueco Mundo arc was all about hollows and Aizen, of course. Aizen kidnaps Orihime, and Ichigo and company go and get her back. Fights happen. Friendship lessons are learned. Grimmjow is there. But what if the Quincy took over that kidnapping-in-Hueco-Mundo arc? What would have happened then?

1. Yhwach would send Haschwalth to kidnap Ishida.

Because if there’s one member of the company whose power Yhwach is interested in (other than Ichigo’s, of course), it’s Ishida’s. So naturally Yhwach would send his right-hand man, Haschwalth, to kidnap Ishida and bring him to Hueco Mundo.

Haschwalth: You must come with me or all your friends will die.

Ishida: Or I could come with you because holy shit the Quincy are alive???

Haschwalth: Oh okay.

Haschwalth: I guess I prepared that noose speech for nothing.

2. Soul Society would refuse to help.

In canon, Soul Society refuses to help because they claim that Orihime super wanted to be kidnapped. It was dumb. Their refusal would make *slightly* more sense in this case.

Yamamoto: Ishida is a Quincy. He went and joined the Quincy.

Ichigo: No, he was KIDNAPPED by the Quincy!

Yamamoto: He left a note that said, “See ya! The Quincy are alive and that’s rad.”

Ichigo: And would Ishida EVER use the word “rad”?

Yamamoto: When you guys invaded Soul Society, Ishida spent the entire time saying he was Quincy and hated Soul Society.

Ichigo: That’s just Ishida being Ishida!

Yamamoto: Yeah…we’re not helping.

Ichigo: BUT WHY

3. So Ichigo, Orihime, and Chad would go to get Ishida back

Later to be joined by Rukia and Renji, of course. Because friendship.

Ichigo: Let’s go save Ishida!

Chad: Possibly from himself.

Ichigo: Same thing as far as I’m concerned!

4. In Hueco Mundo, they’d meet a mysterious child.

In canon, that’s Nel. In this case it’s Liltotto I guess. 

Ichigo: Look! A tiny child in the desert! Let’s rescue her!

Orihime: She’s so tiny and adorable!

Liltotto: Uh, okay. Whatever.

Ichigo: Success!

5. Meanwhile, Haschwalth and Ishida would bond.

You know, like Ulquiorra and Orihime in canon.

Haschwalth: I made you this Quincy uniform.

Haschwalth: You must put it on.

Haschwalth: And also you must eat this Quincy food or else I will force you to eat it.

Ishida: You know I’m on board with this, right? I came willingly and that uniform looks awesome.

Haschwalth: …

Haschwalth: I’m never going to get to shove you up against a wall at this rate.

6. But sadly, Ishida would also be tormented by Bazz-B and Bambietta.

Instead of Loly and Menoly, who torment Orihime in canon, Ishida would be tormented by two Quincy who are very unhappy about the interest Yhwach is showing in the visitor: Bazz-B and Bambietta. This is probably the time to remind us all that Ishida doesn’t have his powers, since he was kidnapped before his dad could help him regain them. So Ishida isn’t super able to defend himself.

Bazz-B: Fight back!

Ishida: I would LOVE to but I don’t have powers or weapons!

Bambietta: I am going to fucking cut you in half.

Haschwalth (from the doorway): …


7. Meanwhile, the friend group would split up and have their fights.

Only against various Quincy, rather than against various hollows, of course.

As Nodt: I will now show you visions of Kaien rotting away.

Rukia: That’s pretty traumatizing.

Rukia: I mean, not as traumatizing as it would have been if you had somehow convinced me you WERE Kaien.

As Nodt: I’m not that good at makeup.

As Nodt: Also - what?

Rukia: I’m just saying.

8. Ultimately, Ichigo would fight and kill Haschwalth.

For that is the fate of anyone playing Ulquiorra’s role.

Haschwalth (reaching out his hand to Ishida): I…understand…

Haschwalth: Balance…is here…in my palm…

Haschwalth: [dies]

Ichigo: Is it my imagination or did that last line not make any sense?

Ishida: Dude! Be cool!

9. Yhwach would take the opportunity to invade Soul Society.

Suddenly revealing that this was his plan all along!

Yhwach: Now that many of the captains are here in Hueco Mundo, and Kurosaki Ichigo is crushed, I will invade Soul Society.

Yhwach: A flawless plan.

Bazz-B: Aren’t you all-powerful? Why would you need to split their forces?

Yhwach: That doesn’t mean I don’t like to take it easy.

10. Aizen would be sad.

He ascended into the sky for nothing.

Gin: I still can’t believe you got scooped so utterly.

Aizen: Shut up, Gin.