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for @forestpenguin​ for the prompt: i see you carrying around a bowl of dog food and calling for your dog and, let’s be honest, i definitely think this is trap but on the other hand there is the potential to pet a dog at the end. so i stop to help you and you’re so relieved as we spend the next several hours searching for your dog until we finally give up and i take you home since you’re inconsolable only to find your dog asleep on your fucking porch wtf.

in which Cassian’s adopted ex-racer greyhound, K2-SO is awful, willful, misbehaved, and the light of his life. When K2 goes missing, Cassian frantically searches the neighborhood, his desperate calls awakening Bodhi, his neighbor, who offers to help. Just as Cassian has given up hope and gotten drawn and surly, Bodhi walks him back home - and lo and behold, K2 has been scratching at the front door and nearly knocks Bodhi out bounding into Cassian’s arms.

Fanfiction Appreciation Post: Haikyuu!! (KuroTsuki)

I am super grateful for all the wonderful people who put all their hard work into writing fanfiction beautifully. So, since Fandom Fic Rec Days are coming soon, I’m going to make a couple of posts dedicated to my favorite fanfics! I have too many in Haikyuu!!, so there are subsets based on the main relationship in the fic. Enjoy!

(These are in no particular order)

Days without you are horrible by boy101 (T; 1.1k; English; Complete)

Tsukishima comes home late after a shit day at work and mentally beats himself up for it. Kuroo’s there to make things a little more OK again.

Comments: I’m not even sure why, but I loved this one so much when I first read it, and sometimes I go back and reread it just for the heartwarming feeling it gives me.

What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve? by MelissaWritesStuff (@melissawritesstuff) (G; 6.4k; English; Complete)

“You don’t have anyone to kiss at midnight, do you?”

Tetsurou could sense Kei tense up beside him as he hesitated. “…No. I don’t.”

Tetsurou took a deep breath before looking up at Kei, and Kei’s expression was impossible to read, so Tetsurou just said it. “Would you mind if I kissed you?”

Comments: OMG ONE OF MY FAVORITES IN THE “GETTING TOGETHER” CATEGORY. Just, all that pining, and how they finally, finally realize how the other feels. Ugh, my heart.

xiv by ronan  (@kasbrekker) (M; 7.2k; English; Complete)

He counts the many moles on Tsukki’s unblemished skin and kisses the ones on his back. He’s always joking about them composing a constellation.

“This one looks like Scorpius’,” he lied once, tracing a random pattern between Tsukki’s shoulder blades.

Comments: I love the well-done details in their moments and the delicate fashion in which this fic handles things like coming out. Sexual orientation is difficult to explain as it is, but romantic orientation is a whole other uncharted territory. Also omg the plant.

Two Week Fold by surveycorpsjean  (@zanimez) (E; 28k; 7 chapters; English; Complete)

Tsukishima is a blackjack dealer in Las Vegas.

A gorgeously rich businessman keeps stopping by his table- cat eyes so dark, swirls of interest dragging where ever they look.

“I need something pretty to take with me to the match.” He purrs, “And you certainly are pretty.”

Comments: I tend to avoid AU’s that are canon-divergent, but goddamn this one just stole my heart. Amazing!

to the beat of my heart by kittebasu (chanyeol) (E; 68k; 2 chapters; English; Complete)

Former boyband member and acting idol Tsukishima Kei’s continued entanglement with Nekoma’s lead singer Kuroo Tetsurou is just a series of missed steps in choreography he can’t quite master. (It doesn’t help at all that Kuroo Tetsurou makes a habit of constantly changing the music.)

Comments: Again, I usually don’t read fics with AU’s that are canon-divergent, but this one just blew me away. Incredible fic. 

This list is in no way complete. These are just five of the several fics that have given me the feels, warmed my heart, made me melt, brightened my day, and/or inspired me. Even if those fics aren’t up here, I really appreciate the hard work of all those writers.

Stay tuned for appreciation posts of fics with other Haikyuu!! pairings, and for appreciation posts of fics for other fandoms!

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#transformationtuesday Today I turned 32. Felt like an appropriate moment to stop and appreciate how much I’ve grown and learned in the last year– How much more comfortable I am with myself and how peaceful my heart feels. Super grateful for my loving and supportive family and friends, and so grateful to finally feel unburdened by lifelong fears and insecurities. Life isn’t always 100% peaches and sunshine (it never is) but I feel like I’m living in color again and living as authentically as possible.

[TRANS] Shukan Josei - Main Interview

Q. “You just released your first ‘BEST OF’ Album, ‘THE BEST OF BTS,’ which covered all of your activities in Japan for two and a half years. Are there any songs that deeply attached to?”
JH: For me it’s “FOR YOU.” It was our first original Japanese song, so it’s very meaningful to me.
SG: For me it’s the Japanese version of “I NEED U.” I like how the Japanese lyrics are slightly different than the Korean lyrics. 

Q. “Within the Japanese activities until now, what has left an impression (on you)?”
J: This is not exactly what you are talking about, but… during the last song of a concert, I always look all around the venue. During that moment, I feel something that isn’t quite happiness nor sadness, it becomes this feeling where I am unable to say anything. That lingering feeling during the ending left the strongest impression. Every concert truly leaves me warm hearted.
JM: Our first showcase (December 2013) was in front of about 500 fans. As we did more performances, our venue has grown as well. Now, we have been able to meet lots of fans through our arena tours. Every time, I am very grateful for everything that has happened.
SG: I was also super happy when we were able to participate in large music festivals such as Summer Sonic and a-nation!

Q. “At the 2016 Mnet Asian Music Awards” you won the grand prize (Daesang), given to the ‘Artist of the Year.’ We saw the tears up on stage, what did you feel then?”
SG: When we heard the announcement, I started to remember everything we achieved from when we were trainees 7 years ago. The tough times, the happy times. So many memories were going through my head and my heart was full of emotion. Before I realized it, I was crying. I couldn’t stop the tears…
JK: I was really grateful to our ARMYs. That’s why, whatever happened, I didn’t want to cry on stage, but I saw the fans and couldn’t help but cry because they have worked hard with us and supported us. I was so grateful that I cried. I am really…, we are really lucky.
RM: We were so happy that we went to eat dinner right after arriving back in Korea from Hong Kong! We ordered pasta and pizza.
JH: Since the day after we won the award was also Jin-hyung’s birthday,
V: We were able to celebrate both (at the same time).
J: I ate suuuper delicious food (serious face)!
JH: While we ate, we all reminisced.
JM: It was fun.

Q. “Apart from the award, BTS was the first Korean artist to place 26th on the American Billboard Chart and placed 1st for the iTunes Chart for 27 countries. 2016 must be a year you’ll never forget.”
: When we go to countries like Brazil, which are on the opposite side of the world from Korea, and feel the love from fans in those countries, I feel that we are really benefiting from this age in time.
V: But…, I want to be more love in Japan as well! (he then made a dog with his fingers and pretended to bite the arm of Jungkook who was sitting next to him)
JK: (As if this was familiar (to Jungkook), while escaping from V [he said]) That’s right, we really think this.
RM: It’s really interesting. When we perform overseas, fans of completely different nationalities and languages sing our songs with us.
V: It’s amazing.
RM: This year will be the start of a new “time” that is different from before, for both us and the fans.
JM: The truth is, right now, there is a performance that we are thinking of. One which will look cool to anyone and shows us enjoying the stage. We will continue running towards that goal.
JK: I want to grow more! In order for that growth to become our weapon.

Q. “Continuous hard work made the BTS who they are today. By the way, what is something that has and has not changed about BTS since debut?”
: Something that hasn’t changed since debut is our mindset that singing and performance are the top priorities. Even though there are things each member wants to try, we think that we should first think about the goals of the group and what we should aim to be as a group. I think that is one of our strong points (as well).
: Another one is practice. First, practice. Second, practice. Recently, things that used to take 10 will now only take 5. I think that we’ve become more efficient.

Q. “Seeing your performances, the dances are so complex, it looks really tiring…”
SG: (serious face) To be honest, it is tiring.
BTS: (lol)
: But that intense practice is what made us who we are today, so we can’t stop.
V: Don’t stop~!

Q. “I want to recommend that you guys stop and rest sometimes.”
SG: Recently, it’s been very difficult because we’ve had to practice tough choreography continuously for many performances. Until around last year, it’s accurate to say that we just pushed through with it. But we realized that that could damage our health, so recently we eat healthier and take supplements to stand on stage while maintaining our health.
JK: We have to increase our endurance.

Q. “We’ll go back to the (previous) topic, but what has changed about you (since debut)?”
V: When we debuted, we didn’t know anything, so we just worked hard at what we were told to do. Now we can express our own opinions and think about what to do next.
JK: Yeah, we’ve now come to think deeply about a lot of things. Rather than say this was a change, it seems that our attitude towards work has matured.
JM: Our feelings towards the stage and our fans have changed as well.
JH: Our growth as humans, in performance, and in how we interact with everyone. So many things have changed, but what has changed most is our internal feelings. It’s as if we’ve accepted and acknowledged that “we are professionals.” Things that are seen by the public and thing that aren’t.
JM: “We are professionals”?… Surely, the way we look has changed a lot too.
RM: When we were trainees, for all of us, our singing, dance, and fashion sense were not refined (lol). But now, I feel like we look a bit more like celebrities. 

Q. “So, from now on you will continue to grow as artists and continue to ‘Attack on Bangtan.’”
J: We will continue to attack!
: We can’t stop now (lol).

Trans cr: Mia & Kylie @ allforbts
© Please credit when taking out

Braveten: A Witty and Spontaneous Writer

AO3 Profile


I bet everybody in the Yuri on Ice fandom already knows braveten. She’s only seventeen, but three of her works are already part of the top twenty Yuri on Ice fanfics that have garnered the most number of kudos in AO3. She is the writer who brought us All the World’s a Stage, Centripetal Force, The Fundamentals of Caring, and eight other entertaining stories. She has made us smile, laugh, cry, and has moved our hearts in a way that one can never forget.

Braveten couldn’t believe how surreal it is that many people enjoy her stories. She has always written for herself and for fun, so seeing that many people love her works is mindblowing. “And crazy exciting!!!” she adds.  “And also a little bit nerve-wracking, if I’m being honest. This show means a lot to me so knowing that I’ve had some sort of an impact on the fandom makes me really happy and I am super grateful!”

(We are grateful to you too, braveten.) However, aside from the stories she had written and her distinctly witty writing style, what else do we know about her? For the fans of braveten (and for those who don’t know her but are now interested), I have interviewed her and written this feature article for you.

Know more about the mastermind behind some of the fandom’s most beloved fics under the cut.

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waterofthevalley  asked:

Will we ever learn what happens to Jack and Jill after Every Heart a Doorway?


Future books are always based upon one major factor: sales of current books.  Every Heart a Doorway did so well–and I am super grateful for that–that they were willing to bring me on to do two more, Down Among the Sticks and Bones and Beneath the Sugar Sky, which comes out in January 2018.  Whether more are commissioned after that will depend largely on the sales of Down Among… .

(Which is not to say that Beneath the Sugar Sky isn’t going to matter.  Odds are good that as we get more data on Down Among…, Tor.com will be able to make the decision about whether we want to continue, and re-up for one or two more.  And then they’ll do the same after Beneath…, and so on, and so on, until the books stop selling or I get bored and wander off into a swamp to become queen of the frogs.)

As long as there’s hope of more books, I won’t rule anything out.  I’ll say there are things that are less likely–like I’m less likely to write Nancy’s “before school” book than I am to find an excuse to spend a whole book with her in the Halls of the Dead after the school, since we know she never had a grand quest, she just really liked being allowed to be still for a change–but that’s really splitting hairs.

I know how, at minimum, the next two “school” books and the next two “portal” books would go, if I’m allowed to continue.  But that’s about it.

If you want to make it more likely that we’ll find out, the best way is by either a) buying the books, or b) encouraging other people to buy the books.  Tell people why they need their own copy.  If someone asks for a free download on a forum, ask them to either go through their library or consider buying a copy, because you want to see the story continue, and sales are the only way that happens.

So…yeah.  Maybe.  Someday.

Gosh, I hope so.

i cannot possibly express my gratitude enough, thank you so, so much for helping me hit a follower milestone! thank you for your reblogs, likes, heartwarming messages and comments, your support and encouragement all this while ♥ i’m incredibly touched ( ; u ; )

even though i’m just an amateur trying to do what i can do to contribute to the fandom and community, it makes me really happy to know that there are people out there who like what i do. it keeps me motivated and pushes me to work hard to polish my skills (`・ω・´)ゞ let’s keep doing our best together!

( ^ω^ ) i’m also very grateful for all the lovely people i’ve met and all the amazing friends i’ve made ♥ even if we’ve never directly interacted before, you are part of the community that’s helped me grow as a translator, writer, etc, and most importantly as a person, and so for that i am thankful! [bow]

i’m honoured to have been given the chance to (even if only for a bit) make you smile. from here on too, i’ll keep doing my best to produce content that i hope will colour your lives a little, and bring a smile to your face. thank you very much!!! (≧◇≦)

Fanfiction Appreciation Post: Haikyuu!! (KageHina)

I am super grateful for all the wonderful people who put all their hard work into writing fanfiction beautifully. So, since Fandom Fic Rec Days are coming soon, I’m going to make a couple of posts dedicated to my favorite fanfics! I have too many in Haikyuu!!, so there are subsets based on the main relationship in the fic. Enjoy!


sometimes your heart will ache but that doesn’t mean you’re weak by takokun (G; 6.6k; English; Complete)

When Kageyama wakes up he finds tears on his pillow.

Disclaimer: This is endgame HinaYachi, but honestly the KageHina portrayal requires this fic to be in this post too. 

Comments: I NEVER thought I would have one favorite fanfic in all the fanfiction I have read, but this is IT. Every now and then I go back and read it again, and it still makes me feel the way I felt the first time I read it. I cry throughout the whole story now, but honestly, I’m so glad this exists. Thank you, thank you, thank you. 

Painting With Words by iwillstillopenthewindow (@iwillstillopenthewindow(G; 5.1k; English; Complete)

Hinata just can’t seem to write anything these days, until he gets an invitation to an art exhibit.

Comments: I have no words for this one. It’s just such a wonderful piece of art. In fact, the whole series is awesome, if you choose to read it.

and i would say i love you but saying it out loud is hard by calliopinaround (@calliopin-around(T; 1.6k; English; Complete)

No matter how hard he tries, Kageyama thinks, he always ends up like this.

Comments: Just… the simplicity in getting together. I love it when ordinary antics and moments lead to extraordinary developments. 

you’re the wings on my back, and together we conquer the sky by earlgrey_milktea (@puddingcatbae(G; 5.1k; English; Complete)

“Oi. Your turn to make dinner.”
“No, it’s your turn.”
“No way, I made it last night. Remember? We had ramen.”
“Instant ramen. Which doesn’t even count as cooking.”
“I did it in a pot on the stove, so it does count.“
or, kagehina in their twenties;
adulting is an everyday adventure when you’ve got your best friend right there next to you.

Comments: I read this right after I got into a QPR myself (and I got my lovely QPP to read it too), and it just blew my mind. The realistic portrayal, on-point characterization and relationship development, amazing. 

Count by someonestolemyshoes (@someone-stole-my-shoes(G; 5k; English; Complete)

Kageyama’s first kiss was with a volleyball.

He was six, and the smooth, cool leather stung where it smacked to his mouth. It tasted like dirt, like dust and gym shoes and a little bit like sweat, too, and it stole the breath from his lungs and took his two front teeth away with it.

It…probably doesn’t count as a kiss, honestly, because balls don’t even have lips to kiss with, but it made him fall in love with volleyball the way real kisses make boys fall in love with girls on the playground, so Kageyama thinks it’s probably good enough.

It didn’t matter that it hurt - that it bled, bust his nose and ripped his gums and stained his mouth in red and blue and purple - what mattered was that it was his first kiss, his best kiss, and nothing was ever, ever going to change that.

His second kiss is with Hinata.

Comments: I don’t even know why or how I came to like this one, but I do. Maybe it has to do with the fact that I counted the kisses I received just like Kageyama does here.


love and victory by bigspoonnoya (2 works; 36k; English; Complete)

Comments: This entire series just… gave me the feels so bad. Gosh, if you ever need lots of angst but also happy tears and you like the college AU and have enough time on your hands to read a ton, this series is for you. Actually, even if you don’t have time, this series is worth all the procrastination in the world. (Be sure to check the warnings on each work first; I haven’t put them up here.)

This list is in no way complete. These are just a handful of the several fics that have given me the feels, warmed my heart, made me melt, brightened my day, and/or inspired me. Even if those fics aren’t up here, I really appreciate the hard work of all those writers.

Stay tuned for appreciation posts of fics with other Haikyuu!! pairings, and for appreciation posts of fics for other fandoms!

For KuroTsuki fic recs, go here!

For poly ship fic recs, go here!

For TsukkiYama fic recs, go here!

For a masterpost of my fic recs, go here!

To follow the tradition of “Ed-posts-something-actually-legit-on-april-fools-day”, I want all of my followers to know that I appreciate all of your support and love.

Still blows my mind how many followers and fans I have, I never would’ve imagined I’d get to this level, especially since to this day I still only see myself as… an okay artist at best. Without my followers, my fans, my commissioners, I’d be /nothing/. I have no idea why I always get in this type of mood on April Fool’s Day, but, please, I want you all to know that I am super ultra mega grateful for each and every one of you. 

I’ve been getting a lot of messages lately from creators of all skill and experience levels telling me that I’m their biggest source of inspiration,  as much as that still baffles me. But, I want you all to know that /you/ are my biggest source of inspiration. If I can continue to draw pictures that can at least cause someone to go “hey, this gives me an idea” then my art career is something worth continuing.

So, to prevent sounding too sappy on April Fool’s Day of all days, I just wanna say one more time: thank you all for following and supporting me.


Happy Mother’s Day!! 💕👑

Ahh, what can I say about my little Frenchie? This little light skinned lady has done so much for me and I feel like I can never do enough to thank her for everything. She and my dad had me when they were really young and they’ve both done a bomb ass job raising me but we’re not here to talk about my dad. That’s what Father’s Day is for 😂 My mom constantly drives me crazy with her goofiness and her motherliness but she’s also the reason why I haven’t gone bat shit crazy over the past 21 years. She’s gotten me through a lot of things and I am super grateful. She always has my back and I don’t think I could’ve dreamt of or wished for a greater mom. Thanks for all you’ve done Ara! 💕

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there, existing and soon-to-be! You all deserve the world today and always 💕

Fanfiction Appreciation Post: Haikyuu!! (Poly Ships)

I am super grateful for all the wonderful people who put all their hard work into writing fanfiction beautifully. So, I’m going to make a couple of posts dedicated to my favorite fanfics! I have too many in Haikyuu!!, so there are subsets based on the main relationship in the fic. However, since there aren’t as many poly fics to rec, I’m consolidating all poly relationships here (the pairings will be mentioned for each fic). Enjoy!

the numerous assorted issues in the life of tsukishima kei by symphorine @asexualkurootetsurou (T; 35k; English; Complete)

Relationship: Hinata Shouyou/Kageyama Tobio/Tsukishima Kei

Tsukishima Kei’s life is getting very difficult. He would start a revolution against fate and the universe if he wasn’t so painfully aware it’s entirely his own fault. He’s starting to think he secretely hates himself, honestly. Or maybe he angered some deity, somehow. Or it’s karma from a previous life. Whatever it is, he’s fucked.

(Yamaguchi just thinks he’s scared.)

Comments: This is just incredible. I enjoyed it so much, gosh, i can’t express how much. Such an incredible contribution to the tag.

High Dive by BlueColoredDreams (M; 19k; English; Chapters 4/?)

Relationship: Tsukishima Kei/Yachi Hitoka/Yamaguchi Tadashi

Kei thinks that he can handle being roommates with Tadashi and being in love with him at the same time. He can’t, but he’ll take what he can get, even if it’s just being friends with benefits.

Tadashi and Hitoka want to give him more.

Comments: OMG this was so good. My heart ached for Kei multiple times, and I just loved how the plot has been built up.

Mannequin Men by surveycorpsjean @zanimez (M; 76k; English; Complete)

Relationship: Akaashi Keiji/Bokuto Koutarou/Kuroo Tetsurou/Tsukishima Kei

The modeling world is full of hungry wolves, constantly clambering over the other, snarling and desperate. They fight, and they kill, trampling over anything in their path.

In this case, Akaashi fell in love with the wolves.

Comments: This was a rollercoaster of emotions. I laughed, cried, ‘aww’d a lot throughout this one. 

happy mother’s day! by MissMairin @anyhao (T; 2.8k; English; Complete)

Relationship: Hinata Shouyou/Kageyama Tobio/Tsukishima Kei/Yamaguchi Tadashi

As captain of Karasuno Volleyball Club, Yamaguchi had changed a lot since his first year. He finally mastered the float serve. Puberty was gracious to him. He had gotten piercings and tattoos. Most importantly, though, he had picked up a new skill. His maternal instincts.

[Four times Yamaguchi’s maternal instincts had helped his team, and one time the team helped him.]

Comments: This is so pure and beautiful. 

Together, We’re Infinite by thunderingskies @josai (M; 8.9k; English; Complete)

Relationship: Akaashi Keiji/Bokuto Koutarou/Kuroo Tetsurou/Tsukishima Kei

Tsukishima has never liked being touched.

A pat on the back, a hug from a relative, a friend nudging his ribs - it’s an invasion of his personal space, and he hates it. It’s awkward, uncomfortable. A reminder of how different he is, because normal people seem to like it, and that’s just not him.

That is, until the day Tsukishima finally learns that maybe being touched isn’t so bad after all - at least, not when it comes to them.

Comments: One of the best getting together fics with poly ships. Lovely.

So, You’ll Be Joining Us? by helloyesIamtrash (G; 5.4k; English; Complete)

Relationship: Akaashi Keiji/Bokuto Koutarou/Kuroo Tetsurou/Tsukishima Kei

Though no one knows how or why, at midnight on a person’s 16th birthday, they get writing on their wrist, almost like a tattoo. This writing, whatever it says, has something to do with your soulmate. It’s usually something like the first thing they say to you after it appears, or an inside joke you two will have, maybe a phrase they say a lot. Simply a push in the right direction, fate’s little nudge-nudge wink-wink about what future you have in store. This is the story of how Tsukishima Kei got three soulmates.

Comments: This was so funny but also really cute, and I love what Kei’s first words to the others are.

This list is in no way complete. These are just a handful of the several fics that have given me the feels, warmed my heart, made me melt, brightened my day, and/or inspired me. Even if those fics aren’t up here, I really appreciate the hard work of all those writers.

Stay tuned for appreciation posts of fics with other Haikyuu!! pairings, and for appreciation posts of fics for other fandoms!

For KageHina fic recs, go here!

For KuroTsuki fic recs, go here!

For TsukkiYama fic recs, go here!

For a masterpost of my fic recs, go here!

Flying high - The teaspoon girl pt 7

A witch turns Y/N into a teaspoon sized woman, and Sam and Dean has to make sure she doesn’t get squashed – and find a cure.

Word count: 3340

I’m sorry this part has taken so long. Unforeseen stuff happened (1,5 weeks in hospital among other things), but hopefully you’ll forgive me the delay.

This is the last part of this series. Hope you have enjoyed it. If you have, please let me know: I love hearing from you guys. Also let me know if you want on – or off – my tag list.

From part six:

“It’s too heavy. You won’t be able to carry it back to the window.”

She thought for a bit, then tugged on the string in the hood. “Tie this around me. That way you can pull me back.”

“That’s… actually a great idea,” Sam agreed, offering his thumb up for a high five. “You’re a genius!”

She blushed, but puffed up, taking every bit of praise from Sam to heart, feeling bigger than she had in ages.

They needed two attempts before the folder cooperated, but finally Y/N managed to get a good enough grip on the slippery paper, clinging to it with both arms and feet as Sam pulled her back to the window.

As Dean flipped through the information, tutting and shaking his head, Sam lifted Y/N up so she was level with his face. “Seriously,” he said with an adorable smile, “we couldn’t have done this without you.” He leaned forward and touched his nose to her head. “This will give us just enough time to get everything done before we have to hide again.”

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The River, 2016

Coffee Shop Love [Part 2]

Words: 2882

Genre: Romance, Fluff, Angst 

Characters: Park Jihoon x Reader (Y/N = Your Name) 

Plot: This might sound like your typical Korean drama scenario (cue coffee prince) where a barista finds himself falling heads over heels for a customer and vice versa, or at least that is what Y/N thought. Who knew that she might actually have met her first love in a place as simple as a quiet coffee shop off the streets of Hongdae?

A/N: And this is the second part of the fully written one shot from me as a gift of appreciation for all my readers, followers or people who have reblogged and liked my content. :’) Just wanted to say that I am super grateful for all the positive feedback so far ( @commedestae and @jihoonslattee ) and it really did make my day after a tiring day at school! Hence, here I am again with the second part and I hope that you guys would enjoy it as much as the first one! ^^ Once again, happy reading! 


Warning: Mentions of sexual harassment 

From that day onwards, it turned out that we did see each other more often, apart from going to the cafe. When he was off work, we would find ourselves back in the cafe anyway, but this time, instead of being the one serving me, he became my study buddy. Despite the occasional coos from his co-workers, he would brush them off and shake his head. If I did have a problem, he would help me straight away and would explain the solution thoroughly and easily.

Apart from studying, there were days when we would casually hang out after school. He would pick me up and we would have lunch together, either at a traditional fast food restaurant or even a hearty meal of street food. During the weekends, we would decide to take a walk at the Hangang River, ordering fried chicken when we finally stopped to take a rest and sipping on icy cold cider to beat the heat of the up and coming summer.

From the time spent together, I started seeing him past his looks and realised that it was only a bonus that the Almighty had probably blessed him with. True enough, he was a very sweet and loving boy, putting his friends and family first before himself. He was not much of a talker, but his company was enough to make one feel comfort and ease, and one could easily talk to him about one’s problems. He would not interrupt and would simply stare at you and listen to what you would have to say before giving his input.

He was also caring, making sure that I was always okay whenever we went out. If I made a statement saying that I was hungry or thirsty to no one in particular, he would come back with food and drinks in hand, to my surprise. Also, he would tend to pick up my favourite foods when I was simply craving for them and occasionally treated me to almost everything. Of course, there were many days (after much protests) and we would go dutch, but we always shared with one another anyway, whether it was food, thoughts or simply casual conversation about everything and anything under the sun.

The months passed and despite the stresses of our CSATs, we had managed to pull through, encouraging one another to keep pressing on. We met each other more often during that period because his boss had given the final year high school students a month’s break to study and consolidate all the material that they possibly needed to sit for the “most important examination of our lives”. Jihoon was a little less confident than usual, but we became each other’s support system and hoped for the best. When I could not sleep, he would pull off all-nighters with me, or come to my place with energy bars and drinks (not like my parents minded since they love him so much).

Hence, there came the day when my friend had convinced me to confess to him. It was a gamble that I was taking, but she said that I was already “too far gone to be saved” and it was up to me now to decide what I wanted to do with my feelings.

“Go big or go home.” That was what she always told me.

Unfortunately, I got a call and ran late due to the fact that my part time job employer had arranged for an interview and there I was, not exactly showing up in the most proper attire for the interview but I had no choice. I mean, who would not want to be the photography intern for Cosmopolitan Korea? It was crazy if I wanted to give it up because this was not an opportunity to be missed and hence, I threw all caution to the wind and showed up in smart casual attire. The interviewers were not surprised, and said that I was probably the most simply dressed one for the day.

By the time I was done with my interview, changed and ready to go with my plans to confess, it was already sunset and the area was bound to bounce back to life at night time. It did not help that it was a weekend and it was nearing Winter soon, explaining the reason why most people found themselves frequenting bars more often due to the cold. I had arrived in the district and tried my best to put on a brave front, even though there was numerous catcalling from some clearly drunken men down the bars that I had walked past.

To my shock and horror, there was a sign outside Angelinus Coffee and it read,

“We are having a staff meeting today and hence, Angelinus Coffee House is closed earlier for the day. Do come back again tomorrow and we apologise for any inconvenience caused. If you have any enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact 82-445-354-92! If you happen to be looking for anyone (why would you?), he will be done by 10pm. Thank you very much!


Angelinus Coffee House team”

It was an adorable note and I had a feeling that it had to be written by one of the baristas, just by the tone of it. It was already 9pm, so it won’t hurt to wait another hour right?

Hence, I took refuge outside the door and watched the world go by. I saw a couple of cars come and go, with some of them blasting music so loud that one could clearly hear the bass and the beat of the music. There was no way that I would have walked back to the line of bars, even if it was more lively and less secluded.

Little did I know that I was actually being followed from the row of bars and I was soon confronted by 3 young men dressed in suits, looking like they were barely 25 and reeking of cigarette smoke and alcohol; it was revolting to say the least.

“Isn’t this the girl who played so terribly hard to get just now?” One man spoke (or more like slurred) and stepped even closer, looking down at me with clearly hazed eyes and a drunken mind that could not think straight, “What about you accompany us back tonight? We could have soooo much fun and you would never forget a night like this.”

“Thank you for the kind offer,” I replied sarcastically, “but I am waiting for a friend and he will be out soon. Leave me alone please.”

I tried to steel myself but I could feel the chills down my spine and my hands were starting to become clammy and uncomfortable as they started to sweat. At this point, I did not know whether my pupils were actually shaking because of the fear, but I definitely tried to hold my ground, standing firm. This was not a Korean drama, and I definitely did not believe there would be a knight in shining armour coming anytime soon.

Little did I expect a push to my head and a relatively light slap and I could tell that the man was livid with anger. His friends looked like they could not give two hoots about the situation and only laughed, before one of them said, “I suggest you come with us if you actually do want to see the sunrise tomorrow.”

And I soon found myself being gripped by the wrist and dragged away from the cafe. I tried, I really did, to break free from his grasp but he was way too strong for me.

“LET GO!” I shouted, but he only gripped my hand harder and I will definitely not be surprised if I found my wrist bruised tomorrow with the shape of a palm and 5 fingers.

“Hey!” A familiar voice shouted from across the road and I heard quick footsteps behind me, almost like the person was running, “What do you think you are doing?”

The men turned around, and they refused to let go of me still, but I turned around only to be faced with an angered and stern Jihoon. It was dark, but the streetlights did shine a little on his face, and he was found to be staring daggers into the souls of the men with his fists and jaw clenched tightly.

“Oh look who we have here. It’s a kid and a teenager too! Haven’t you learnt how to respect your elders, you young and insolent boy? She’s ours now and she’s gonna bring us so much entertainment tonight. Pity you can’t join because you would have to go home before momma scolds you.”

The rest of the guys were ready to go after Jihoon, but he clearly had enough backup to take down the 3 men when 10 other boys walked out curiously (looking confused and lost for some), but stared down at the men with the same intensity that Jihoon had initially, or perhaps some were even scarier and more intimidating after when they grasped the situation; one example being Seongwoo, known to be a charmer with the older ladies, but is not someone to be taken advantage of.

“Listen punk, in case you are wayyy too drunk to think,” He spoke with authority in his voice while grabbing the man’s collar, “We are definitely not appreciative of the fact that your lackey peed in front of our cafe. What did your parents teach you and how dare you waste your parents’ money? Also, how could you even have the audacity to touch a friend’s girl?”

I was a little surprised by the last question, but if I was smart, I would not complain and protest, standing quiet but ready to run when the situation allowed for it.

The men were clearly shaken by now as I felt the grip on my wrist loosen but he only gave a smug smile, before he attempted to use his leg and possibly attack him while his hands are not free. However, Seongwoo had quick reflexes and avoided the attack, before taking his wrist and pinning his arm on the man’s back. The man screamed in pain while his lackeys ran away and by then, he had already let go of me due to the pain that Seongwoo had just inflicted.

“I could break your arm if I wanted to, but I love this place a little too much to end up in jail for something that I did not do. Hence, I suggest you run along instead of being so stubborn and wanting to take us all down. I can warn you that there is absolutely no way in hell that you will be able to do that. If I see you again, God knows what I would do but I guess we would not want to find out, would we?”

And he ended off by pushing the man away with the latter running along, cursing under his breath as he turned his head occasionally to look at the team of baristas.

“Are you okay?? Did he hurt you? Did he do anything… you know… illegal?? I’m so sorry Y/N. You should have told me that you were coming and I would have come to see you straight away!” Jihoon asked with concern laced in his voice, dropping the facade of a fierce and angered teenager to the usual gentleness.

I chuckled sheepishly, still a little shaken from the entire incident before I found myself pulled into a hug. Jihoon’s grip was firm but secure, as his arms wrapped around my entire being with his head resting on my shoulder. I did not know what to do with my hands initially, but I wrapped my arms around him too, reciprocating the hug.

“I can’t believe that something dangerous almost happened to you, just like Kwonhyeop hyung. I’m glad you are still alive and well and you are not hurt. I cannot bear to lose you and what would I do if I did not come out of the meeting in time to notice a damsel in distress? What if—”

“Hey hey,” I responded, while patting his back, “I’m here now right? Stop worrying. I’m fine. I truly am, except with the fact that I might end up with a bruise on my wrist tomorrow from the jerk’s grip but I am okay, Jihoon. Thank you for coming out in time?”

“You don’t get it Y/N.” Jihoon said curtly, before letting me go and making eye contact with me this time around. His stare was a little intense but one knew that it was of no harmful intent. I looked at him in confusion, and raised my eyebrows, tilting my head to wonder why he would be so worked up all of a sudden.

“I like you Y/N. I really do. I’ve noticed you ever since you walked into the cafe for the first time and I made it a point to come every day at one point so that I could see you again and perhaps get the chance to know you a little better. You were a nice, gentle and sweet girl, and was equivalent to a ray of sunshine. You listened to me, tolerated my playful antics and accepted me for who I am, despite my difficult past. I did not plan to tell you this, but I was the one responsible for all the drinks you woke up to when you fell asleep at the cafe, except that I asked my co-workers to bring them to you so that you would not think I was a hopeless romantic or anything—”

With that, I mustered the courage to give him a quick kiss on the lips and he was stunned with his eyes open wide, while I was tempted to run as fast as I could from the embarrassment that came shortly after and I was grateful for the fact that it was in dimly lit alley so I could hide it well, but he pulled me back and kissed me again; longer this time. His lips were soft, a little chapped, but it was as if we fitted like a puzzle piece, like we were made for each other.

“WOAH. I didn’t come here to the back to see this. Congratulations kid, I’m so proud of you!” A voice was heard, and Jihoon broke away quickly, glaring at Jaehwan who pulled off a sheepish grin.

“Please continue and pretend that I’m not here. I don’t wanna be the cause of the anti-climax.”

“Hyung, you ARE the anti-climax.”

“Oh? Oops, didn’t mean to but I’m so glad this happened Y/N, he would not shut up talking about you. If he put all that description and sentiments in a book, it would be thicker than the entire Harry Potter series combined.”

Jihoon said nothing, but only stared at Jaehwan with the best death glare that he could muster, but Jaehwan only laughed a maniac-like laugh and walked back, saying, “Geez, calm down lover boy. I’m just confirming that the feelings are mutual.”

I laughed heartily at Jaehwan’s comment but proceeded to hug Jihoon tightly again and he did the same.

“I wanted to confess to you actually, and hence I brought these for you.” I said, and showed him the contents of the brown paper bag that I had been carrying for the longest time, consisting of my favourite soft baked chocolate chip cookies and my love letter that I had painstakingly written the night before.

“Awh Y/N, you shouldn’t have, but I do have something for you too. I was supposed to ask you out tomorrow actually, but the florist called and said that she would be closed tomorrow so I had no choice but to pick my bouquet and teddy bear up today. I hope they have not died yet.”

“They are still well and alive!! And by the way, it’s really pretty.” Another voice was heard, before laughter ensued and Jihoon slapped his forehead before looking back at his co-workers.

“Seriously guys, why do you have to ruin EVERYTHING for me?”

They only shrugged their shoulders, before getting excited all over again, as if they had never seen a couple get together before. In fact, they probably felt like they were watching a drama in real time and I only said, “Guys, we do feel a little bit uncomfortable so do you mind giving us a little time? We will join you, don’t worry!”

“See Jihoonie, all it needed was a little kindness. See you Y/N!”

“How did you even do that?” Jihoon asked and I shrugged my shoulders with a mischievous smile and all he did was laugh, ruffling my hair again for the nth time since I had met him. With that, he put his arm around me and walked me into the cafe, opening the door and trying his best to be a “gentleman”.

“Come on, get inside and I’ll prepare something warm to drink. Perhaps we can consider this our very first official date? I’ll prepare some hot chocolate or whatever you’d like for the both of us and we can go to the park to catch the stars, don’t you think?”

Missed Part 1? Fret not because it’s right here! 

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may i ask why you like phil so much??

ok let me just take a deep breath….. alright here we go

the first time i saw phil in 2011 my thoughts were something along the lines of “he has such a unique look, he’s so cool, i love his voice.”
you’d think i’d remember my first phil video, but alas, my memory fails me. all i can remember is a flash of dark hair, icy eyes, and a feeling of wonder.
i started as a casual fan like most of us do, but with each video i got more and more invested in his content and i wanted to keep up with whatever he was doing. i wasn’t even sure why i had such an intense infatuation with him, he just.. made me feel. good.
fast forward a couple of years, phil became my safe space. the warm atmosphere that surrounds him always helped to relax me. his kind nature was sweet and refreshing, his intelligence motivated me, his creativity inspired me, his sense of humor lifted my mood, his laugh made my heart soar, virtually everything about him made me feel lighter.
and now here i am. owner of a phan blog, completely invested in phil and his endeavors. he continues to put me at ease when i need a reason to calm down and i continue to love him with every fiber of my being. i am forever grateful for him.


Last Spring one of my good friends and I headed downtown super early so she could snap some shots of my Five cosplay. I never got around to posting them here because my life went into overdrive at that point. This costume means a lot to me because it was the first one I made from scratch. There are so many things I would change about it now looking back and I don’t wear it anymore because it was terribly uncomfortable, but whatevs. Anyway I am having trouble with motivating myself to finish my SWC cosplays so looking at a complete costumes (and looking at how much I have grown) helps a little haha. Hannah unfortunately doesn’t have a page for me to link to but I am super grateful to her for doing this for me!

Cosplay: Five- Zankyou No Terror/Terror in Resonance  

Fanfiction Appreciation Post: Haikyuu!! (TsukkiYama)

I am super grateful for all the wonderful people who put all their hard work into writing fanfiction beautifully. So, I’m going to make a couple of posts dedicated to my favorite fanfics! I have too many in Haikyuu!!, so there are subsets based on the main relationship in the fic. Enjoy!

(These are in no particular order.)


Because, Friends Hug by SheenaChan (M; 39k; English; Complete)

“Something was irritating.

Well, for Kei Tsukishima most things in life were pretty irritating, but this particular thing, that had been weighing on him for the longest time, was just about enough to make him snap.”

((Or, Yamaguchi gets Tsukishima to watch this sports’ drama he’s been really into lately, and that somehow leads to the most heated summer of Tsukishima’s life.))

Comments: I found this fic a while back and then lost it and had to find it again before making this post because this appreciation post would have been incomplete without this fic. Absolutely incredible work of art; this fic is a lovely and pleasant blend of humor, pining, romance, smut, and angst. 

These Words You Don’t Hear by ohhello (E; 31k; English; Complete)

Tadashi is convinced entering into his third year at Karasuno means that he is one year closer to losing what he holds most dear: his team, his friends, and most importantly his daily moments with Kei. While Tadashi wrestles with his fear of lasts, Kei struggles with how to offer him firsts.

Comments: One of the best fics in the “Getting Together” category for this pairing. I love it when fics keep the characters true to their canon selves and when the plot is canon-compliant, so this was a must-read for me. 

Piano Strings by surveycorpsjean @zanimez (E; 13k; English; Complete)

Yamaguchi is in love with his piano teacher.

Okay, no. You’ve got to understand, this isn’t a crush. Crushes are for the weak. Crushes are for those who pass by the football jock in the hallway and giggle. Okay, no. No, no . This isn’t a crush.

This is like, a goddamn sickness.

Comments: I don’t read a lot of canon-divergent stuff, but this was absolutely worth it. The pining, oh man, the pining. The feelings are so well-articulated that I could see everything through Yamaguchi’s eyes.

Moongazing by ZephyrCamida (E; 30k; English; Complete)

Yamaguchi stands paralyzed, cement at his feet as amber eyes pierce him – infiltrate his mind and his sights and his senses. His frantic space. Trapped and transfixed on the sensation of digits cradling his nape, he helplessly sways forward.

Tsukishima parts his lips, lashes low, “I know what you want, Yamaguchi.”

Comments: OMG a lot of this is smut but everything has been written so well and the expression is so high-caliber that I had to give this fic a mention. This story has great pacing to leave the reader feeling satisfied at the end. 

Second Best by squidmemesinc (M; 17k; English; Complete)

Maybe the best way to get over Tsukki is to dive headfirst into someone else. But that’s not his only motivation. He genuinely likes Oikawa, too. Given a little time, he might like him as much as Tsukki. You can love more than one person, after all. This, in all likelihood, would just be speeding along the inevitable.

Comments: It’s true, I was wary of this fic at first because it had OiYama (and you’re probably wondering why this is in the TsukkiYama recs, but trust me on this one), but once I read it, gosh. I love how the characters’ choices make sense and keep them true to their personalities; kudos to the author for writing everyone so well.


Rivers And Roads by BluecoloredDreams (79k; English; 2 works)

Comments: This series is not complete, but it’s so wonderful and the works in it are definitely worth a read! Do check the warnings on each fic before reading. 

This list is in no way complete. These are just a handful of the several fics that have given me the feels, warmed my heart, made me melt, brightened my day, and/or inspired me. Even if those fics aren’t up here, I really appreciate the hard work of all those writers.

Stay tuned for appreciation posts of fics with other Haikyuu!! pairings, and for appreciation posts of fics for other fandoms!

For KuroTsuki fic recs, go here!

For KageHina fic recs, go here!

For poly ship fic recs, go here!

For a masterpost of my fic recs, go here!

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Enneagram and MBTI types you're most and least compatible with? I feel like ISTJs tend to gravitate toward xSTPs, and ISTJs seem really awkward around INFJs?


INFPs: 👍 (same functions, both introverted so almost no communication issues), they can be annoying ngl but it matches well with my boringness so it’s a fair deal and like the most same-level-friendships that I have.

ISFJs: 💕 10/10 they are so cute I always want to protect them but at the same time I feel like I’m exploiting their kindness too much?

ENFPs: I’ve had several amazing ENFP friends but mostly their lifestyle gives me heart attacks and is not compatible with my sp-dom ass.

ISTPs: A+ great type. Usually works really well when I manage to scale down my J-ness a bit. Also best type to share a hobby with: being in the same room but everyone does their own shit in quite peace, beautiful.

ISTJs: my positive experiences outweigh the negative ones by far so 9/10.

xSFPs: 💖 I’m hardcore crushing on xSFPs. Se+Te is just 👌 But same like with ENFPs: too many of them are sp-blind and I know one of us wouldn’t survive it. (But a sx/sp or sp/sx xSFP, man that would be the dream).

ESTxs: You are super cool dudes and I respect you. And I am deeply grateful for how you encouraged me in the past to take more risks and grow. But also I don’t ever want to get into the same hobbies as them because then their extrovertedness overwhelms me, expecting that I met up with them 5 days a week when 2 days are more than enough for me.

ENTPs: the friendships that I’ve had with ENTPs always started out from a point where we both found each other intimidating and then later found out that we are actually much softer than the impressions we give off. So general mutual respect even when they are a few communication issues.

INTPs: Comes in two categories: sweet and kind vs. pro-troll. The first one works well while with the second one we usually find each other pathetic.

ENTJs: way kinder than all the stereotypes make you believe. but also way more scatterbrained. how they tackle projects can almost seem Ne-ish at first glance. great chemistry when working together. (also, odd note: I’ve met 4 ENTJs irl in total and all four of them were married to ISFJs??)

ESFJs: total hit or miss. I’ve met one 7-core ESFJ and she was amazing, but I’ve also met several 3w2/2w3 ESFJs and let’s just say that I had the urge to put them in a trashcan.

INTJs: If you believe it or not, I haven’t met a -single- INTJ irl so far. (Maybe I crossed them on a street somewhere, but not in a friend/classmate/colleague sense). So I honestly don’t know? That’s also the reason why I can’t say anything regarding your visual typing question @lophiusdragon. I have no data at all.

xNFJs: the reason many ISTJs are awkward around them is that we don’t trust them an inch lol. xNFJs have this aura that everybody seems to like them because they are so kind and knowledgeable and I’m the only person sitting there like “can’t you all see that they will drop you like a hot potato once you are not useful to their Ni-Fe-shenanigans anymore??”. Also the only person ever who was successful in offending me was an ENFJ so maybe I’m just bitter lmao.


1 extreme hit or miss, depending on their personal beliefs, but mostly I’ve met great ones

2 just no

3 what even are 3s. everytime I see them doing their 3-ness it’s like watching a bizarre nature documentary

4 no wait, 4s belong even more into this nature documentary. you guys are just weird

5 i like nerds so you are cool

p6 the ISFJs of Enneagram, I like and protect you but your aura screams “I’m okay with people stepping on me” so I mostly just want to shake you and tell you to grow a spine

cp6 … I don’t want to jump on the cp6-hate-bandwagon but man, you are making it really difficult to like you

7 nice, in small doses

8 yo

9 9w8 is cool, 9w1 eeeeh?

so tl;dr for me personally (I can’t speak for all ISTJs obv, so I don’t want to see any comments like “but I’m an ISTJ and I love ENFJs!!”, you can love them all you want, I’m not stopping you)

most compatible: INFP, ISFJ, ISTP, 5, 8, 1, 9w8

least compatible: INFJ, ENFJ, ESFJ, 2, cp6