i am still stunned by surprise

Her Having Inverted Nipples: BTS


He knew that nobody is perfect, but would help you overcome that little anxiety you had over the issue by praising you in compliments.


Would probably stare at them for the longest of times the first time, asking a quiet “How?” before going down to business and completely forgetting all about it.


Zero fuccs were given that day; well at least the fuccs in a cognitive kind of way, not physical :)

Rap Monster:

“Doesn’t really get in the way, though. Don’t fret over it. You’re still as stunning.”


This little shit loved to poke them whenever he got a chance to do so because why tf not, am I rite?


Didn’t even notice that fact until you asked him what he thought about it because of your insecurities.


A bit surprised but comes to loved them the most as time goes on.

Random Drabble #2: Ditched

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Title: Ditched

Random Matchup: Wonho | Your Date Ditches and He Takes Your Dates Place

Pairing: Wonho x Reader

Genre: Fluff

A/n: This is like supppperrr Sappyyy and i love it lmfao. Sorry

Send Me Two Numbers from 1-26 and I Will Make A Drabble From It. 


“Are you seriously doing this!” You raise your face slightly as you look up at your date, his arms wrapped around the waitress that he had been staring at the whole dinner.

“Sorry y/n you just didn’t catch my eye,” he said as he smirked, turning and walking out of the restaurant with the waitress.

You groaned and placed your face in your hands and signed frustrated. You really like this guy and had been on several dates with him, apparently, the feelings were one sided.

Peeking through your fingers you glanced at the check that had been left on the table. “What a scumbag you mumbled as you pulled out your wallet, preparing to pay when suddenly a man sits down across from you, right where your loser of a date had been sitting.

He smiled at you, his eyes twinkling. “Hi,” He said quietly as he looked at you.

You stared at him in shock, studying his face trying to figure out if you recognised him. His hair was pretty much white, with a bright blue fringe. He looked pretty fit, his suit jacket clinging to him just enough to show his muscular arms. Blinking a few times, once you figured out you didn’t know him you responded quietly as you grabbed your check, “Hi.”

He swatted your hand away from the check and pulled out his own wallet and placed his card in the tray. “No need for that, I got it,” he says smiling sweetly.

You lifted your brow and shook your head. “No thanks, I don’t take pity gifts,” you said as you went to grab the tray before he swatted your hand away again.

“I am not taking pity off of you. I just want to help you out, okay.” The waiter picked up the tray and went over to a register.

You sighed, as you placed your wallet back in your purse. “Okay, so exactly what do you want in return? Sex? Money? Usually, people don’t just do things without expecting something. What do you want? I am not stupid.”

He chuckled a little as a smirk spread across his face. “Well, I mean if you want to have sex with me you could have been a less blunt about it, but no that’s not why, and if I wanted money I wouldn’t have paid for you in the first place.” He paused for a moment as he stared at you before continuing. “I want to make up for that crappy douchebag that just ditched you, I’d like to be your fill in date,” he said as he rubbed the back of his neck a little embarrassed by what he said.

You tilted your head taking in what he said: “So, you want to be my date instead?”

He nodded, “Yes, you deserve a lot better than that scum bag anyways. You are beautiful and I can’t believe he chose that sleazy waitress over you.”

Blushing you look down at your empty plate, “Oh, thanks.”

The waiter brings his card back over and he signs the receipt, placing his card in his wallet before placing his wallet back in his pocket.

“Well, what were you planning on doing after dinner?” he said as he leant his elbows on the counter, leaning over to you, getting a closer look at your rosy red cheeks.

“Um, we were just doing dinner honestly,” you say as you glance up at him, nervous that he will change his mind.

“Seriously, so he just wanted to wine and dine you then. Jesus what a dick.” He rolled his eyes. “In that case, I have a plan, follow me,” he said as he leant back and stood up, tucking in his chair and holding out his hand to you.

You stand up and take his hand, “Yeah, I guess we both were thinking about different things.” You followed as he began to walk out of the restaurant and down the street. His hand still in yours.

He shook his head. “I hate guys like that, they give the rest of us a bad rep.” He pauses before turning the corner, he looked at you and smiled, “I realise though, I am being just as bad. I never asked for your name.”

You chuckle, “You could never be as bad as him. My name is Y/n, and yours?”

He smiles a little. “Wonho.” He stops and looks up at the park entrance. “I figured we should just sit and talk since we don’t know a lot about each other yet.”

“Yet?” You look up at him puzzled.

He chuckles as he guides you to a bench next to the pond. “Why of course, I don’t intend to make this just a one-time thing,” he winked at you causing you to giggle.

“Well, what if I don’t want to to see you again?” Your lips parted into a smirk.

“If you didn’t want to see me, you wouldn’t have agreed to come with me in the first place my dear y/n,” He said as he lifted your hand up, kissing your knuckles softly.

You rolled your eyes a little, “cheesy much?”

He laughed and shrugged, letting go of your hand. “I guess it is a little cheesy.”

You smile, “That’s alright, I need some sappy cheesy romantic crap after that scene back there, which speaking of which why were you there?”

His face dropped a little. “I was waiting for my date as well, she didn’t even show. So when I heard you yell at your date I figured, hell why not try to make the best of the situation.” He shrugged before he looked up at you. “I am happy my date ditched me now though.”

You blushed, as you looked at the pond. “Well, I guess it destiny then isn’t it.”

He chuckled again, “Now look who is getting cheesy.”

You laugh, “Well ya know, I am just trying to make the best of the situation.”

Both of you began to laugh before Wonho spoke up again. “Good.”

You both spent hours on the bench talking about your life, work and family. Before you realise it was midnight.

Wonho smiled and yawned. “I guess we better get going.” He stood up and looked at you, “But before leave can I ask you something?”

You nodded, as you stretched realising how stiff you had become from sitting still for so long. “Sure go ahead.”

He smiled, “Can we meet again, that way I can take you on a proper date.”

You blushed as you stood up. “Of course, I would like that.”

His face lit up in excitement, “really!?”

You laughed as you both began to walk back out to the street. “I said of course, did you really expect me to say no?”

He chuckles, “No, but I am still surprised that someone as beautiful as you would say yes to me.”

You pushed him lightly. “Oh stop that”

He looked at you as you reached the restaurant again. “I am being dead serious y/n.”

You smiled a little, “Well then if that’s the case I am still surprised someone a stunning as you wanted to go on a date with little old me.”

You both looked at each other for a moment before you both smiled. “Can I get you number?” he said quietly.

Nodding you both exchanged numbers before saying your goodbyes.

Stepping into your car you let out a deep breath, even though you barely knew him, something told you that you would both be together for a long time.  



In My Dreams

IT’S FINALLY HERE! I thought we could all use some MareCal fluff after King’s Cage. Mare is a jazz singer in the 20s and Cal comes to see one of her shows. Blood discrimination is alive and well, so reds are allowed to work in Silver establishments, but can’t eat there. Mare is a red, Cal is a silver, and mixed blood relationships are never in the public eye. (Cal’s not a Prince, and everyone has their abilities.)

Warnings: Only like a few swear words


       Hers was a voice that made you stop and listen with the first note from her mouth. It was a voice that started as a summer breeze, an innocent kiss, then the next thing you knew, you were walking through a hurricane.

       I lean back on the bar, taking a sip from my drink. The man working the bar couldn’t be older than eighteen, but he watches her performance with nothing but pride. “Never heard a dame who could sing like that.” I say to him. “I have. Almost my whole life, actually.” He responds, if reluctantly. “You know her?” I question, turning to him. “Yeah. We grew up together. Still friends today.” It isn’t hard to tell that he’s a red. Tanned skin, bottle green eyes, and tawny hair. “Tell me, what’s it like growing up with the Infamous Lady Barrow?”

      A dry laugh leaves his mouth. “Well, she’s not a…flirt like advertised.” He doesn’t say anything else, but I can hear the unspoken “like Silvers advertise her” in the air. He’s not wrong, if a Red gets famous enough to be recognized on the spot by Silvers, especially if they’re a woman, they’re villainized and labeled a cheap whore. It wasn’t any different with Mare Molly Barrow, or as Silvers proclaimed her to be, “The Red seductress who fucked her way to the top.” Or as close to the top as the Silver hierarchy would allow.

     Reds knew her differently. They knew her as the girl with an electric voice who embodied the struggles they’ve faced over centuries. They knew her as their Lightning Girl. She wore that name with pride. The only reason Silvers don’t like her is because she gives Reds something that Silvers can’t force into submission. Hope.

     He doesn’t tell me anymore about her, probably blaming me, or my blood, for her reputation. I didn’t dare ask for his name. I turn back to her as she finishes out her performance with that whirlwind voice sweeping through the crowd. Only a few dared to clap, and after a few glares from fellow patrons, they were quieted. She smirks at that. A hierarchy among the hierarchy. She’s led off the stage by a similar-looking man. Her brother, probably.

     As she walks off the stage, her signature lightning bolt print on her dress is visible. Tonight, the gold marking stands out down the back of the midnight color of her gown.

     Almost as if she’d been pulling me by the tie on my neck herself, I found myself getting up from the bar and leaving the nightclub. It’s a foolish thought, but I want to meet her. 

     I caught up with her when she was riding the subway. Since she’s a Red, she had to leave immediately after her show. She walked with her brother, both of them mindful of their surroundings. No Red would walk on Silver streets without expecting trouble.

     I walk over to where sits with her brother. Her eyes widen, and he moves closer to her. Reds protect their own. “I saw your show at the Hall of the Sun.” Her coffee brown eyes are guarded, but she waits for me to continue. “You’re amazing.” Her eyes go wide, surprise flashing on her face. Her brother nudges her side when she doesn’t respond.

   “Thank you,” she chokes out. “I don’t often get compliments from Silvers.”

   “You should. You deserve credit for that stunning voice, but Silvers have strength and power shoved too far up their ass to actually enjoy something.”

    She stares at me in awe. “I wouldn’t have expected a Calore to enjoy my show.” Hmm. Usually people will only care about my father. 

  “You know who I am?” I ask, surprised. “Your father over half the nightclubs in the country. You’re basically the Crown Prince of Norta.” She remarks, brow furrowed. She’s still wary of me.

   We sit in silence for the rest of the ride, her trying to avoid eye contact with me. When the train stops, her brother nudges her side.

   “Mare, this is our stop.” he whispers, taking her hand. She takes one last glance at me before following her brother off the train. Her golden lightning is still evident in the back of her dress, but as she walks away, the rest of her looks made of starlight.

Title: Forehead touch

Pairing: Fraxus (Freed x Laxus)

Rating: K+

a/n: Feeling a little Fraxus deprived but this is all my writer’s block let me write right now. Hope you enjoy this piece of fluff nevertheless!

Their entangled legs were covered by the blanket, bare upper bodies free but not feeling cold in the slightest. Chests were heaving and lowering a bit heavier still, waves of satisfaction claiming them both entirely as they bathed in the slowly stretching afterglow of what had been gentle moments of intimacy.

It always felt great. Neither Freed nor Laxus could recall one single time they hadn’t felt absolutely indulged and contented, happiness surging through them as they noticed just how much they loved each other more every day, with every touch and every moment spent together. Their bond grew stronger, if that was even possible.

“Hmmm.” Freed hummed in pleasure as he noticed Laxus’ lips running across his neck slowly. Even though he had been stimulated moments before it was still causing a pleasantly tingling sensation to run through him as it tended to do. His neck belonged to his most sensitive spots and Laxus loved to take advantage of it.

“Laxus…,” the rune mage chuckled and shifted a bit as he sought for the dragon slayer’s orange gaze. When he found it he looked into utterly loving and satisfied eyes and decided to lean forward, taking advantage of the situation as well, and press a peck against the blond’s scar. The gesture obviously caught his boyfriend off guard and so it caused an ever so faint flush to tint his cheeks as an awkward grumble escaped his lips. Getting his scar touched was still something he had to get accustomed to… But Freed liked to reassure Laxus that he was stunning and loved and strong, no matter what.

“Are you alright?” The greenet snuggled up closer, moving his arm so he could run his fingers through blond hair one time.

The question surprised Laxus but this time all he could do was to grin softly. “Are ya serious?”

“Otherwise I wouldn’t have asked.”

Of course not. “How could I not be alright? Geez, Freed, honestly… Thought yer a smart and observant guy.”

“Well I am,” came the assertive and slightly smug reply, which had Laxus semi-seriously roll his eyes. But then he saw Freed smiling and knew that he had just been teasing in return. Well, semi-teasing.

It had by far not been the first night of intimacy. All of Laxus’ limbs felt pleasantly exhausted and he knew that Freed had left the one or other hickeys on his skin, just like he had done to him in return. Turning onto his side he couldn’t help but notice the same satisfaction on his boyfriend’s face and he loved to see it. One broad arm sneaked around the other man so he could tread his fingers through now messy emerald hair and he felt how Freed leaned into it ever so slightly.

Now that he got the chance to do so the rune mage quickly pressed a tender kiss to Laxus’ forehead. When they were standing in front of each other he unfortunately was unable to do so- being almost one head shorter than him even though being perfect average height himself. Oversized guy, honestly. But that didn’t dimish his love for him one bit. If anything it could also have its nice aspects.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it.”

“‘Course I did.” He was with the man he loved after all. Oh, good Freed couldn’t hear this kitschy thought right now.

“I love you.”

“Love ya, too,” Laxus replied with a smile that only ever Freed got to see and then they gently pressed their foreheads together.

Their breaths had calmed down, all tension removed from their bodies and comfortable silence settled between the two men for a while. All they did was to remain half-entangled, listen to each other’s breathing and share the warmth of their presence. It was perfection in its own way, one neither of the two would ever trade for anything else.

Cerulean half-lidded eyes gazed into orange ones lovingly, barely visible but soft smiles gracing their features. If anyone could see them right now… They’d probably never expected to see such a cheesy scene between these two ever. Then again there were quite a few tough guys with a reeeeally soft core at Fairy Tail.

Then Freed’s nose twitched softly and for a moment it looked like his smile was about to widen… or was he about to say something?

No, it was neither.

Because all of a sudden he had to sneeze, something bothering his nose, and without any chance to suppress it he suddenly let out a noise and- smacked foreheads with Laxus in the process as his head whipped forward a little.

Another noise could instantly be heard. The blond shifted back a bit, the two men inching away from each other slightly and a hand came to his forehead instinctly. Growling Laxus rubbed the skin and while Freed too felt the spark of pain he rather focused on what he had just accidentally done to Laxus. Dammit!

Crap- Laxus, are you alright?!” Swiftly rubbing his own forehead and barely keeping a grumble of his own from slipping past his lips he sat up, looking down at the broader man who had rolled away ever so slightly. “I’m going to get you some i-”

“I’m fine!” The blond protested instantly before a snort could be heard. “Dammit Freed.”

“I’m sorry!”

But then Laxus was suddenly chuckling, even more so as he spotted Freed’s confused look. Man, that fucking hurt! But he couldn’t believe his boyfriend had just ruined the moment with a damn sneeze.

“What–” Though before he could question anything the rune mage briefly averted his eyes, huffing in what looked like exasperation at first before he too began to chuckle quietly. This… had definitely never happened before. “I’m really sorry, Laxus.”

“Yea, yea.”

They both were chuckling deeply for another moment, Laxus rubbing his forehead once more and then he pulled Freed back down to him, successfully educing a surprised sound. “It ain’t ice I need. But ya could kiss it better.”

“Idiot,” Freed snorted but smirked softly.

“Who’s the one who’s knocked his forehead against mine because he sneezed?”

“You will never let me live this down, will you?”

“No.” And Laxus grinned, arms wrapping around the other male just before he could feel Freed’s lips against his forehead once more after all. That was much better. And much more gentle than the previous touch…

Bonnie & Clyde - pt 6

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“What are you doing here?” You asked.

Yoongi stood at your door and held a cup of coffee in his hands.

“I’m here to take you out. What, you’re not going anywhere today?” He asked, handing you the cup.

“Thanks, but I’m staying in today. Mason’s coming over soon. Maybe I’ll call you tonight if I want to go out for dinner with Nari.”

He looked at you, offended and confused.

“Maybe?…don’t you think you’re becoming a bit too obsessed? It’s like the third time you’ve seen him this week.” Yoongi said, refusing to take the coffee back from your hands.

“So what?” You retorted.

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I’m still left in a state of unease. I can’t seem to come to terms with the death of Chris Cornell, but I think there are various reasons why.
Nobody expected it.
No one.

I woke up Thursday morning, rolled over in my bed to the gleaming light of my phone with my father informing me at 5:37 AM he passed away. And it left me stunned. Not to say I did not have a similar reaction when I found out about Scott Weiland, but upon realizing the incident was drug related, it shook me, but did not take me for surprise. It made me upset that he returned to the path of that demise. Which all ties into why this incident hurts me so much. I saw Cornell (and Vedder) as the two who were to grow of age and overcome, crawling out of the desolate path of grunge apathy and drug fueled scene that struck Seattle in the 90’s taking out loved souls.
Andrew Wood.
Stephanie Sargent.
Mia Zapata.
Kurt Cobain.
Kristen Pfaff.
Shannon Hoon.
Demri Parrott.
Layne Staley.
Scott Weiland.

(And I’m sure I’m missing others.)
I saw Cornell as the man who made it out.
So hearing on Thursday afternoon that suicide was called into question took a jab at the heart. We need to sit down and consider poor mental health, since the silent killer of depression took him. This man, and Soundgarden as a whole played an integral part of me growing up, despite me only existing for a blink of an eye in the 90s. I’m a ‘99 kid. But my parents launched me into the music, mainly my father, and I caught it all in a second hand wave– the aftermath of most of it. Driving down the beach with my family in the early to mid 2000’s, cranking “Burden in my Hand” or “Blow Up the Outside World” through the worn speakers of our Toyota. The sun beating down on us. Asking my father “When is Soundgarden ever getting back together?“ Then seeing my face light up at 11 years old when I saw on a music channel they were finally back together. I tried convincing my father after seeing Pearl Jam and Alice In Chains that it was our absolute mission to catch Soundgarden live. But time just didn’t work out that way. This is what resonates time again when I’m feeling nostalgic.

This summer I’ll still be driving down to the beach in my car, (now turning 18 in June) to my old Soundgarden A-sides compilation album my father gave me a long time ago. Windows down, and a smile on my face. I’m hurt. But like others who passed in the 90s, they are apart of me. The music created here, made me realize who I am.

Episode recap/review 12.19: "The Future"

THEN: Oh, goody. It’s going to be a mytharc episode.

NOW: Sad, dirty Kelly Kline is being force-fed vitamins by Dagon. Dagon reminds her again that she’s going to die when the Lucifetus is born, and I wonder again why she would have showed her hand like that. She had Kelly right where she wanted her; a willing, compliant, trusting incubator. Why did she throw that away? She nags Kelly into taking a bath, in the saddest bathroom ever, complete with broken mirror. Kelly fills the rusty tub with a garden hose, apologizes to her unborn baby, takes a shard of the broken mirror, and slits her wrist.

Title card!

We have a lovely montage of Sam in the bunker, in full-blown research mode, looking through books and writing arcane markings on the map room table and just looking absolutely fantastic. He’s wearing a black button-up shirt with no apparent t-shirt underneath, and he’s extra scruffy. Not “The Born Again Identity” levels of scruffy, but scruffier than we normally see him, and it’s marvelous. I don’t know if it’s supposed to indicate something wrong, some level of obsession or lack of self care, but daaaaaamn. It’s fantastic.

The future looks fucking awesome, my friends.

Dean shows up, equally dark, also a bit scruffy (thank you baby Jesus) and is impressed by Sam’s work. Since he hasn’t seen any of it, either he’s been away, or Sam did all of this overnight. I’m going with B. He calls Sam “Beautiful Mind,” which I believe last happened when Sam was first having halluciferinations, and I know there’s no reason to assume this episode’s writer is actually aware of that. It’s probably a coincidence. But in a season full of callouts to earlier (better) days, it makes me wonder.

Sam’s been figuring out when the Lucifetus will be born, which doesn’t explain the symbols written all over the table, but that’s okay. We will deal. It does explain why we saw him circling the number 18, because he’s predicted the nephilim is due on May 18, which is coincidentally the day of the season finale.

(Sidebar: I’ve complained before about Entertainment Weekly ignoring SPN when they have roundups of the best shows to watch this week, season premieres, season finales, etc. This week’s EW actually did have a blurb about the SPN season finale. And I couldn’t read it because spoilers. File this under “be careful what you wish for.” Or maybe under “seriously, she’s never satisfied.”)

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The Game- Bad Boy Taehyung (part 6)

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5 , Part 7

“What about you Y/N?” Taehyung asked smugly, a nasty smirk plastered on his face, his eyes burning with bitterness and resentment, as he pointed towards you with that damned bottle.

“That is none of your damn business brat.” You spat out at Taehyung. Had he not been completely inebriated, he would have heard the gentle tremble of your voice, the pain behind it, the embarrassment, and humiliation.

“Are you scared? Have you been with so many? Or is it you are a virgin?” He asked you, his slurred speech getting worse. Jimin put his hand on Taehyung’s shoulder, a weak attempt to stop him before he dug his hole deeper.

“Shut the fuck up Taehyung, before I shut you up.” Suga snarled at him, fully able to tell your discomfort, even though he was completely high by this point.

Taehyung glared at him, his hyung’s voice making the blood in his veins boil.

“I didn’t fucking ask you hyung. I asked her. How many men have you slept with?” He asked you again, his eyes burning into yours with a look so intense you felt yourself shrink in size just by looking at him.

“That is for me to know. I don’t have to tell you what I’ve done or haven’t done. You’re no one anyway. Why should I tell you anything?” You spat out, saying the right words to hurt him.

Taehyung’s eyes opened briefly, in shock, and perhaps pain too, but you were too pissed off to even care. How could he put you on the spotlight like that, in front of everyone else? Who the hell did he think he was anyway?

Your words cut him like knives, bringing him back to the reality he was trying to escape from. He was no one to you, he meant nothing. He was just a stranger you happened to share class with. Your voice, packed with poison stung at his open wounds. He felt his heart constrict in his chest, and the air leave his lungs suddenly, like someone had just punched him in the stomach.

“I knew it. You’re a slut.” He laughed bitterly. He regretted his words the moment he had said them, but there was no way to take them back once they had rolled off his tongue. Why couldn’t he act like a normal guy around you? What was it about you that made him so nervous?

You felt the tears immediately well up in your eyes the moment those words reached your ear. You felt as if you’d be stabbed in the heart repeatedly, with a blunt knife. The blade ripping at you, rather than leaving a clean cut. You felt your heart being torn and walked all over. This is why you didn’t trust men.

You watched Jin and Namjoon immediately turn to say something, but before they could open their mouths, you had already stood up, walked over to Taehyung, and slapped him across the face. The sound of your palm on his cheek resonated from the walls. A red print of your hand on his cheeks was visible almost straight away.

“You disgust me.” You growled, tears already dripping down your chin, as they rolled furiously from your eyes. Taehyung’s eyes opened widely, and his hand reached up to cover his cheek. He was shocked, he was hurt, but above all, he knew he deserved it.

“Y/N, I-“

“Save it Kim Taehyung. I’m not interested.” You composed yourself, wiping your tears with the back of your hand. You went over to grab your bag, and left, chased by Jin, Suga and Jimin.

You didn’t even look back, you didn’t care, you weren’t in the mood to talk to any of them.

“Y/N! Please stop running! Let me drive you back home!” Jin called out, waving his car keys up in the air. You stopped walking, and turned around, your face the perfect image of an emotionless marble statue.

“You’re drunk. No offence Jin, I really appreciate your offer, but I’d rather walk home and stay alive.” You replied as softly as you could. You’d never been a big fan of drinking and driving, to you it was an unconceivable sin.

“Well at least let one of us walk with you. You won’t be safe at this time of night.” Suga told you, his chest heaving with the troubled breaths of chasing after you. You looked at him, and you could see in his eyes that he genuinely cared for you. Not in the romantic, knight in shining armour kind of way, but in the “You see right through me, and I know you are in trouble right now, perhaps we can both be troubled souls who help each other out when we are in the darkest pits of pain” kind of way.

“You’re right hyung. I’ll walk with her.” Jimin told him a little suspiciously. You could see the way he was looking at Suga with suspicion. He didn’t trust Suga not to do anything to you. Why? You didn’t understand, but you weren’t in the mood to argue.

“Whatever.” You rolled your eyes, as you fixed your backpack on your shoulder, and began walking away. Jimin said something to Suga, who immediately backed off, and walked back to where the rest of them were.

“You aren’t here just to walk me home are you? You want to ask me stuff.” You affirmed, making him jump slightly in surprise.

“How did you know?” He asked, his face the cutest expression of shock you could find.

“I know things. I know the way you look at me.” You muttered, still looking directly ahead.

“Then I assume you already know I am going to ask why you don’t want to go home?” He asked you, stunning you for a moment. Your footsteps stopped completely.

You turned to look at him, the tears welling up in your eyes once again.


total-kylo-trash  asked:

Kylo with 31 and 33 please❤️

Okk, so I got a great idea so I hope you don’t mind me running with it. Haha, it’s a sorta continuation of another Kylo drabble I did (I’ll reblog it before this). Hope you enjoy hun!

Modern AU Kylo + “I love you, okay!? I’ve loved you for years!” + “I can’t lose you.”

The silence in your apartment started to slowly creep over you, only worsening the pit in your gut. Your heart only began to ache more notably as the seconds flew by. There wasn’t a real explanation for it, despite seeing the look on your best friends face as he walked out and shut the door. 

It was an expression you seldom saw him display, and one that never came as a result of anything you did or said to him. Of course, there was a first time for everything.

With your lips parted, feeling your breath release in almost strangled sigh you stared at the door. You couldn’t possibly leave like this, with the evening ending like this. 

Not bothering to do anything else except grab your keys and run out the door, you instantly swung the door open and began running down the stairs. Despite the few flights you had to manuever in order to get downstairs, you knew that it wasn’t something you could fret over. If you didn’t make it down to Kylo in time, you would likely regret it for months on end.

Ignoring the small shiver your feet sent up your legs as your bare feet hit the pavement outside, you urgently started scanning the area. As your eyes gazed over to the right you instantly found the towering and undeniable figure Kylo had moving down the sidewalk. Rushing off of in his direction you yelled out to him.

“Kylo wait!!”

He halted, his head faintly raising from his slumped position. Cautiously he turned to face you, still in your stunning yet simple red dress and barefoot staring at him with solemn eyes.


“Are you serious? You look at me like that and then get pissed at me out of nowhere and expect me to drop it? Who the hell do you think I am? I’m not an idiot.”

Kylo scoffed, “You’d be surprised.”

Your brows furrowed as your solemn regret washed over with a tinge of rage.

“What the fuck is that supposed to mean?!”

Kylo’s tone grew even colder as he spoke, practically spitting venom.

“You’d be surprised how many things you’re oblivious to.”

“Oblivious?! Really? Like what you pretentious-”

Kylo ran a hand down his face, as if forseeing what he was about to do. Feeling the emotion boil inside of him, brimming past his point of control he blurted out abruptly, cutting you off.

“I love you okay?! I’ve loved you for years!”

You stopped, your furrowed brows slowly raising in surprise as you stared at Kylo. His chest was faintly heaving now, his notrils flaring as the glum look in his own eyes became more evident. As your lips faintly parted again, your voice escaped barely above a whisper.


“Don’t make me say it again. All these years, all of these FUCKING years (Y/N) and you can’t so much as notice what’s right in front of your fucking face!!”

Kylo took a deep breath, visibly trembling as he ran a hand through his hair.

“I don’t know what else it could possibly fucking take to get you to notice me and how I feel about you…you obviously are entirely oblivious to it if it’s gone unnoticed for 8 years.” 

The aching in your heart only seemed to increase with every word that escaped Kylo’s mouth, growing heavier and heavier. 


“Save it…if I need to scream in your face for you to notice…you’re obviously not interested.”

Abruptly Kylo turned on his heel as he began walking again. The second his feet started moving again you found yourself holding back tears, chasing right after him once again. If there was a chance with Kylo, you would more than gladly turn down any date you had planned. In all honesty, you didn’t notice so outwardly, but internally it felt as if you had known all along. 

“Kylo wait!”

He continued walking, still not acknowledging you despite the sound of your feet pounding on the pavement behind him. He’d be lying if he told himself he didn’t want to turn around and just take you into his arms, but he had to prove a point. 

Finally catching up with his pace, you tugged on his arm aggressively forcing him to turn and look at you. Tears were faintly brimming in your eyes, the situation only seeming to weigh heavier and heavier on you as it all came together through memories and Kylo’s words.

“I can’t lose you.”

You sniffled faintly, trying to laugh off the tears, “You’re my best friend.”

Kylo shrugged your grip off of him, appearing torn between his actions and his words as his lip quivered faintly.

“Find another one.”

At that, your heart became practically immobile in your chest, freezing over entirely as your gut free fell. Kylo forced a sneer, still appearing solemn as ever despite his attempt to be angry with you.

“Your date can fill in.”

afoxnamedmulder  asked:

Star Trek AU with Finn/Poe


Captain Organa would kill him.

No more heroic actions she had told him clearly, or silly stunts as she preferred to call them. So Poe would definitely hear a whole speech about rules and regulations when he was back - if he got back at all.

Right now it didn’t look too promising. He was locked in a cell, on a planet which wasn’t actually on friendly terms with the Federation, and he was scheduled to be executed in the morning.

Poe knew that Captain Organa wouldn’t be fast enough to find him in time and Poe was fine with that. He made sure that the rest of the away team got back to the ship safely. And that was the only important thing.

He lay down on the hard cot, folding his hands behind his head and closed his eyes. He could at least get some proper sleep before he said goodbye to this world. Unfortunately destiny didn’t even want to give him some peace and quiet in his last hours.

Someone came in, rustled with some keys. Poe popped one eye open to get a look at his visitor. Tall, dark skin, rundown clothes. He didn’t look like one of his captors. They had armor, weapons. He looked like a simple worker.

“You’re from the Federation, right?” He wanted to know.

Poe got up, wary but interested. Denying would be to no use. He was still wearing his yellow uniform. So he nodded.

“Can you get me off this planet?” The man kept talking.

“I thought the whole planet hated the Federation.”

The man huffed. “The Masters hate the Federation. I’m not sure if I can trust the Federation but I am considering to take a risk.”

Poe stood up, walking over to the bars of the cell. “You’re a slave?”

“You look surprised. Do your slaves look different?”

Poe opened his mouth but no words came out of them, too stunned by this question. Instead he said, “If you get me out of here, I’ll get you off this planet.”

The man hesitated a second longer before he opened the cell door.

Poe grinned widely as he held out a hand. “My name is Poe.”

The man didn’t grab the hand, just bowed his head a little. “My number is FN-2187.”

“Number?” Poe growled angrily. Now he couldn’t contain his disgust for this planet anymore. “You listen to me. I’ll get you out of here and then you are your own man. With your own name. How about Finn?” The last few words he asked with a little smile on his face.

“Finn?” Finn’s lips twitched up into a grin. “I like that.”

sansaoswald  asked:

First: thank you, second: it's nice to know that I wasn't the only one who did it, the afterword so beautiful I think I'm still not over it

I’m serious, your gifsets are gorgoues! The colours!!

And oh my god, yes! It’s stunning, the bit that NEVER fails to make me cry is the “above all else, know that we will love you, always.” line - it’s breathtakingly delivered by Karen and that line is just SO Amy that it hurts. 

I don’t think I’ll ever be over TATM to be honest. I have a lot of love for every era of the show, especially the Clara/Twelve era, but The Pond era is my era. The one I most revisit, and the one I am most consistently surprised and elated by, still to this day. I can’t overstate enough how much Amy and Rory, and their wonderful wonderful era of the show, mean to me! 

TMR Preference

His thoughts when he first saw you

Thomas: Woah, a girl. She’s beautiful, her hair, her eyes everything. I barely remembered what a girl looked like, but she’s….wow. Her eyes are sparkling and her face is glowing, how can she look so perfect after just coming out of the box? Oh crap, she sees me staring, look away Thomas.

Newt: A girl, our first girl and a pretty one too, very pretty actually. I should introduce myself, don’t I don’t wanna be too forward, why am I procrastinating? Is she’s smiling at me? She is. that’s a surprise….oh she really is pretty and she’s still smiling, I should do something. Just talk to her already.

Gally: Great another Greenie, what’s this guy gonna be like. Wait, what? Am I seeing things or is that a girl? Nope that’s a girl and she’s stunning. Much better than the previous Greenies. Look at her figure, wowza. She’s coming this easy! Okay calm down Gally, relax and just introduce yourself and don’t mess up and look stupid!

likingthistoomuch  asked:

Fav fic to read: Go down with this ship (surprise!!!!) Also, I absolutely was and am still stunned by the way you wove Give your hand to me.

*shocked face* whaaaat?? You like THAT fic?! XD but seriously, thank you! And yes that’s right! “Give Your Hand To Me” was a fun one to write. And if I’m not mistaken, a prompt from @therealbucky05. Between you and her, you could probably keep me writing goodness for years hehe. ❤️



so, inspired by naruto ending, i decided to try to watch all of it. it’s been about a month and i’ve managed to get ankle deep into shippuden, and i was just completely stunned by the episode i just watched.

these stills give you just a taste of how beautiful it was. what it can’t give you is the amazing acting, animation, and pacing. it rivals some of the best animation i’ve seen. i’ve been pleasantly surprised by naruto overall, but i am still in shock over what i just watched. this isn’t even an episode about naruto, for god’s sake.

they managed to shove a boy coping with and overcoming an incredible loss in less than 24 minutes. i am still stunned and touched and the artist in me is just salivating over this dash of flawless quality in such a lengthy series.

i’d reccommend giving naruto a chance (without the filler, of course) but even if you’re not interested, please give this episode a watch. i think it can function as a standalone if you have basic knowledge of the series. it’s episode 82 of shippuden. flawless.


Requested by anon:  Can I have a imagine/one-shot where the reader is a banshee, but she only found out now and does not know how to deal with strange things that only she hears, voices in her head and screams. Isaac, her best friend and her big crush, shows up and tries to help her, saying beautiful things and feelings that she didn’t know existed for her. But it does not work, as it continues on the ground, the reader is crying and trying not to scream, he kisses her. Thank you so much! XO

A/N: Okay, I really hope I got this right! Thanks for the request! 

Warnings: None

You are sitting in class, right in the light of day, as it starts again. The noises in your head. You have no control over it, not yet. They appear out of nothing and they overwhelm you all of a sudden, like somebody punched you right in the face. It started a few weeks ago and took you by surprise. You had no idea that you are a banshee, no reason to think so. Since then you are struggling with your new powers that seem a lot more like an eternal curse.

This time it’s a pounding sound. At first it’s so quiet and distant that you believe it’s something happening outside of the building, like some craftsman working with wood. It distracts you from Coaches’ monologue for a second and you look up curiously, eager to find out what they are repairing. Your pen hovers over your paper as you scan your surroundings and realize puzzled that the yard out there is empty.

But the sound doesn’t stop. It even becomes louder. More demanding. You grimace and direct your gaze back towards your paper. Your grip on your pen tightens. By now it’s clear that nobody except for you hears anything. All of this must be in your head.

Desperation bubbles up in your stomach. You have no idea how to stop this. Usually it happens when you are alone or with your supernatural friends, but not in a school full of innocent and unknowing people. You close your eyes and concentrate, tell yourself that it’s not real, that you can stop it if you are only willing enough. It doesn’t help at all. Instead of erasing the pounding out of your head, it’s mixing. With other noises. With the sound of closing lockers, the voices of whispering students and lecturing teachers. You hear them without really understanding what they’re saying. They’re hissing in the back of your head and make it ache horribly.

“Y/L/N, are you alright?”, someone suddenly asks you.

You open your eyes quickly only to look directly at Coach who is standing in front of you, placing his hands on your table and observing you with a worried expression. Behind him, your best friend Isaac turns around in his chair to do the exact same thing.

“I…I don’t feel so well…”, you mumble and you are pretty sure that your trembling voice and your pale face make this evident.

The noises are growing. So much that it becomes harder and harder for you to hear anything else. Coach answers something and you see his lips moving but his words can’t reach you. You know that you don’t have much time. You need to leave or you will hurt them.

You feel everyone’s eyes upon you as you suddenly jump up and stumble out of the room, ignoring Coaches’ shouts. You bounce against tables and the door but you don’t even realize the pain that causes. It disappears under the layer of torturing noises in your head.

You pull the door to the classroom shut right behind you and take some heavy, desperate breaths before you hurriedly look around for a place to hide and bear this out. You’d have to leave this school, to run deep into the woods to make sure that you can’t harm anyone but it’s too late for that. Your gaze falls upon the door to a classroom at the end of the hallway that’s almost always empty and you rush forward to get there. As you reach it, you practically fall into the room. Nobody’s here. Thank God, you’re alone!

A choking sound escapes your mouth as you grasp the edges of the first table that your fingers can find. Your head feels like it’s gonna explode every second. It’s an agony you can’t really explain. Like somebody locked you into a very small iron cage and started to beat against it, again and again and again. And it’s never gonna stop unless you scream your heart out. But you can’t. You can’t scream in here, everybody would hear you!

Tears already break their way as somebody suddenly opens the door. You turn around with widened eyes, so scared that someone found you who shouldn’t. But it’s Isaac. Your worried, reliable best friend that stares at you in utter panic.

“Oh no”, he exclaims as he steps towards you.

“I can’t stop it!”, you cry out. By now your whole body is shivering and he grabs your arms to hold you still. “Isaac, I can’t control it!”

A hint of real fear appears behind his blue eyes but he blinks it away quickly. It’s obvious that he thinks hard to find a solution.

“I’ll call Lydia, she’ll know what to do!”, he mumbles and already pulls out his phone but you shake your head.

“She’s at home. She can’t get here in time”, you pant. “You need to…you need to distract me!”

“With what?”

“I don’t know, anything! Just talk to me about something!”

He hesitates for a second. Then something dims on him and he quickly asks: “Do you remember our day at the beach?”

You press your lips together, try hard to focus solely on his voice and nod. How could you ever forget that day?

“Me too. I mean, it was literally one of the best days of my life”, he continues softly. You sink down a little but he supports your weight reliably. “I remember how you beamed as we arrived and immediately ran into the ocean. You didn’t leave it for hours and you had the fun of your life out there, it was absolutely adorable. I remember how we bickered as we build up that stupid tent and how you were right about me doing everything wrong, just like you always are. And I remember how it got colder at twilight, how you stole one of my hoodies to wear and how we sat together around the campfire. You grew more tired while Scott and Stiles told a thousand stories and you snuggled against me, your hair still a little wet. It was such a peaceful moment and I thought to myself how I am the luckiest guy in the world to have met someone like you. Such a strong and gentle soul.”

You are absolutely stunned by his words and he seems a little bit surprised about them himself, nevertheless one hundred percent sincere. You stare at each other. You cling to his eyes and him. But even his beautiful words couldn’t make the voices stop. You want to reply something, to assure him that it has been the same for you. Instead you finally lose your balance and drop to the floor on your knees.

Your head is pounding now, the tears draw traces on your cheeks and your view becomes blurry. You see how Isaac sinks down in front of you but it’s all foggy. The realization hits you that this is over. You are not strong enough. You can’t hold it back. There is only one possibility to stop this war in your head. You have to scream.

And that’s what you do. With all your heart and in a shattering volume. The piercing echo sounds through the room and makes the smaller objects on the shelf vibrate. You are sure that you are gonna destroy something, that you are gonna hurt Isaac.

That’s when his lips suddenly land on yours, seal your mouth and choke the scream in your throat. Your heart skips a beat and the noise stops at once. It perishes behind something that’s far more important, this sensation that engulfs your whole thinking. Isaac cups your face, pulls you even closer and you sink into the kiss while it unfolds. The love for him replaces your worries and heats up inside of you like the campfire on the beach you once sat at.

As you pull apart to catch your breaths, he embraces you immediately and you lean your head on his shoulder, blinking away the rest of the tears. You are a mess of emotions. Of confusion and joy, fear and love, dread and hope. In the meantime Isaac gently caresses your back.

“Don’t worry, Y/N. We’ll figure out a way to handle this. We always do.”

Requests are open and welcome :) 

A Different Kind of Strength - Part 1

“Knock knock.”

Frisk’s head popped out of their blanket coccoon in surprise.  It was the middle of the night, when shadows and silhouettes had every opportunity to be something sinister at first glance.  They stared at the bedroom door, terrified for a moment, until they recognized Sans’ lazy grin in the dim light.

The child sniffled.  “Who’s there?” they croaked, then tried to clear their throat.

Sans straightened his posture.  “Hawaii.”

“H… Hawaii who?”

“A little tired, but fine, thanks,” he shrugged as he strode to Frisk’s bedside.  “How’re you, kid?”

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When They Make You Lunch (BMP Headcanon with bonus)

Edward: The lunch he made for you was very sweet and had a napkin and then another one folded into a rose. He included a note saying, “My little flower fairy, you’ve done so much for me, so I decided to make you lunch. It’s nothing compared to the amount of love you’ve given me. There is no way I will ever be able to repay you. I hope you enjoy it, my love. - Edward”. You blushed at his note. ‘Oh, Eddy,’ you thought. ‘You’re too sweet sometimes!’ You ate the lunch and it was delicious. When you got home, you went to Edward’s office. “___, sweet rose!” He walked over to hug you. “Did you enjoy your lunch?” “Yes, I did, Edward. Thank you so much!” you said as you gave him a kiss. “Anything for my little flower fairy.” You giggled. “You’re too sweet to me, do you know that?” you said. “Nothing is too much for the love of my life,” he said as he kissed your cheek. You blushed madly. “E-Edward!” “You’re face looks just like a rose! It makes you even more beautiful. How was I blessed with such a lovely fairy?” he said as he kissed you again. You couldn’t speak; this was normal for him to speak like this but when he’s kissing you like that… “My little moon fairy, may I have a kiss from you so that I may be blessed again?” This time, you started to play along. “Oh, Prince Edward. ‘Tis I that is blessed to be loved by you. I shall grant your wish.” You reached up, pulled him closer, then slowly and softly kissed him. “Thank you, you beautiful and wonderful woman..Now, let me give you a kiss…” he whispered. He then kissed your ear and you shivered a bit. Suddenly, he dipped you and gave you a passionate kiss. “Mmph!” You certainly weren’t expecting that. He slowly brought you back up, smiling. “Did you like that, my little fairy?” he whispered in your ear. “Mmhmm..” you barely made a noise. He began to lead you into a Waltz where he would give you many kisses in between.


Keith: He surprised you this morning when he handed you your lunch. “Here you go..” Before you could thank him, he had left. You shook your head and smiled. When lunch time came around, she’d found a note. “___, Luke was saying how kind you were and how much you had changed me, and he was grateful that I had met someone like you. Later in the night, I realized you deserved something. But with the current crisis going, I can’t spend much time with you. So…I made your lunch. Be grateful, because this won’t happen often! - Keith” You couldn’t help but laugh. He was cute! Oh, you couldn’t wait to see his blushing face! When you came home, you somehow managed to sneak up behind him and hug him! “Wha-hey! Don’t scare me like that, ___!” he said. “Keith…Thank you,” you said shyly and sweetly. You could hear his heartbeat quicken. “I-it was nothing!” You moved in front of him and saw his blushing face. ‘So cute!’ “What are you smiling about?” he asked. “You’re so cute, that’s why!” “H-hey! A prince isn’t supposed to be cute!” “Well, you’re blushing. so it’s cute!” He grumbled something, but you pulled him into a kiss, and he held you back. “Thank you,” you whispered against his lips. “Shut up and kiss me,” he grumbled as he kissed again, a little more roughly. “Mmm!” You were actually quite surprised that he kissed you that roughly. “You’re not allowed to speak about how I made you lunch to anyone, okay?” “Kay..” you replied, still a little stunned. He smirked, obviously satisfied with himself. “Shall I kiss you more, my dear ____?” he whispered. You slowly nodded and he pulled you tightly against his body and kissed you over and over again. “K-Keith..!” you blushed. He just smiled and kept kissing you and wouldn’t stop. “I missed you all day today, I am going to bruise your lips with kisses,” he said.


Joshua: He had been really busy with work lately and could hardly find time for you. He knew you were lonely. So he decided to make you lunch. He made you usual, PB&J, an apple, and he packed your favorite food: three sweet rice balls. He also added a note. When you looked inside you saw the little note he had written. ‘Dear ___, I’m so sorry I haven’t been able to spend much time with you. I know you’re lonely. I know this won’t do much, but I made you lunch. I hope you like it. - Joshua’ You giggled and you were very moved by his gesture. When you got home, you’d made rice balls for him and brought them to his office. “___? You should be asleep, my love, it’s late.” Then he noticed the rice balls. “Did you stay up to make those for me…?” he asked. “Mmhmm. I…really appreciated what you’d done today so I thought I’d repay you…” you replied, blushing. He smiled softly, walked over to you and set the rice balls down. “Joshua?” You were slightly confused. He pulled you in a light embrace. “Oh, ____…You didn’t have to stay up to make something for me, you need sleep,” he said as he kissed your head. “But..” “Shh..If you insist on staying up, you’ll stay with me tonight.” “H-huh?!” you blushed. He sat down at his desk and motioned you to sit on his lap. You blushed madly, but brought the rice balls over and sat on his lap. “Now, feed me,” he said. “Wha-? Oh, alright..” You handed him a rice ball and he ate it. Once he was done, he nibbled on your hand a bit. “J-Josh!” All he did was smile at you. “Now let me feed you,” he said. Without wanting for a reply, he handed you a rice ball and you ate it. “Th-thank you..” you blushed even harder. He smiled at you and gave you a kiss. “You’re welcome..” Suddenly, he picked you up and laid you on his bed. “You need to sleep, ___, you’re very tired.” “So are you!” “Not as much as you,” he said while stroking your hair. You sighed, “But, Joshu-,” you were interrupted by his lips being pressed against yours. “I can still taste the rice balls on your lips..” he whispered. Suddenly, he kissed you more. “J-Josh, aren’t you the one that said I need to sleep?” you asked blushing madly. He smiled at you and said, “Yes, I did say that, my princess. But you’re so sweet, I just can’t get enough of your lips..Now, lay down.” “Oh…Alright..” When he turned away you grabbed his arm then pulled him closer. “_-___?” he stuttered a bit. “L-lay down with me please…?” you asked shyly. His lips curved up as he laid down next to you. “You’re selfish sometimes,___.” “Oh, well..” you yawned. Joshua pulled you into his chest and rubbed your head until you fell asleep. “Goodnight, my princess…”


Wilfred: Claude had been really getting on your nerves, and Wilfred noticed. He had no clue how to make you feel better, but then he saw you making your lunch and he thought that’d he make your lunch tomorrow. So he did. You were surprised when you saw him making you lunch. “Wilfred…? What are you doing in here?” “____, you’ll know later..” He finished packing your lunch, handed it to you, and kissed your cheek. “I love you,___. I will see you later,” he said and walked off. “U-um, okay..” You opened your lunch when the time came around and you saw a note at the bottom. “Hm?” It read: ‘My beloved ____, I’ve noticed you’ve quite irritated lately because Claude has been giving you a hard time. I didn’t know how to make you feel better, but the other morning, I saw you making your lunch, so I thought I’d make your lunch. I love you, please enjoy. - Wilfred” “Aww, Wills..You’re so thoughtful…” Back at the castle, she came into Wilfred’s office, smiling. He smiled back. “Hello,___.” He got up and hugged her. “Did you enjoy your lunch?” he asked, smiling at her. “Yes I did,” she said as she kissed his nose. He blushed and you giggled. “Oh, Wills, you’re too cute!” you said as you hugged him tighter. He was a little taken aback, but accepted it. “I think you’re the cute one,” he said. “Thank you..I love you, Wills.” “I love you,too, ___.” He lifted you face up so you could see his blue eyes. “____..” he murmured as he started presses kisses all over your face. “Wilfred!” you squeaked.  He ignored you and just kept kissing you. Wilfred soon got to your lips and kissed you slowly and sweetly, as if he was savoring your lips. Your mind went blank as he kissed you and you started to kiss back. “Your lips are so soft, ____…” he murmured. “And yours are warm..” you blurted. Your face turned a deep red as your eyes widen. “D-did I j-just say that??” He laughed. “You did, ___!” He bumped his forehead against yours. “Thank you. How about I give you another taste of my warm lips, hmmm?” he smirked. You turned the tables though by pulling him in and giving him a passionate kiss. He blushed, as he was not expecting that from you. But he gladly accepted it.  You two spent the night in each others’ arms.


Glenn: “Glenn!” called a cheerful Alan, with Yu chasing after him. “Alan, slow down!” he called. “What is it, you two?” “Let’s do something for ___!” Glenn shot Yu a confused look. “Alan wants to something nice for ___ since she’s always nice to us. I agreed to the idea, then he ran immediately to find you.” “I see..” Glenn said as he looked down at his eager little brother. “So, what will we do?” he asked. Alan’s smile became even bigger as he jumped up and yelled, “Yay!” “Well, I know some of her favorite foods. Why don’t make her lunch tomorrow?” Yu suggested. “Hmm..I think she’d like that..Thank you, Yu.” “You’re welcome, Your Highness.” The next morning, you found your lunch already made. “What..? I wonder what those boys are up too..” you said as you smiled and shook your head. You opened the box at work and saw a note on top of your lunch. You saw that the boys had written something each. ‘____! You’re always so nice to us so I thought we should do something nice! - Alan’ ‘___, the young princes wanted to do something nice, and I agreed. I told Prince Glenn your foods and we had made them. I hope you enjoy! - Yu’ And the last one was from her dearest Glenn. ‘___, we had decided to do something for you, since all you ever do is give love to everyone. You deserve this. I love you. - Glenn’ The last one made you blush. ‘These boys…’ You got home and Alan ran up to you and hugged you. “Did you like your lunch?” You smiled. “Why, yes I did! Thank you!” The little boy hugged your legs and you hugged him back. “Thank, YuYu!” you said as you hugged him. “Oh, I just helped prepare everything,” he said simply. “But, it’s the thought that counts!” you countred. He couldn’t win against you, so he smiled and said, “You’re very welcome, ___.” Then you made your way to Glenn’s office. “Glenn~?” “Hm? ____!!” He immediately jumped up and he was blushing. You laughed and hugged him. “Thank you, Glenn..” you whispered while burying your face into his chest. You really knew how to make him blush. “Y-you’re welcome, ___..” he said rubbing your back.  “Glenn..” you whispered sweetly as you looked up at him. “Yes, darling?” You reached up and kissed him. “I love you…” you murmured. “I love you, too, ____..” he said before he kissed you again. You ran your fingers through his brown locks. “Glenn~,” you sang. “Yes, ___?” he asked. “Let’s dance?” You took out your IPod and put on Drops of Jupiter by Train. He smiled at you and took your hand. You danced with him for hours. Who knew he could keep a tune, too?


Roberto: “______~~!” you heard a very familiar and cheery voice come up from behind you. “Yes, Robert-OH!!” He lifted you up from behind and spun you around. He laughed and said, “Hello, my precious princess! You remember when you made lunch for me? Well, I decided to make lunch for you!” “You-huh?” “I hope you like it, ___! I love you!” He gently set you down and held out you lunch. “Th-thank you..I was wondering what you were doing all morning..” You sat down and opened the lunch. It look amazing. “You made this?” “Well, I had some help from the maids..” he looked down. You giggled and started eating your lunch. “Roberto, this is delicious!” you said. “I-it is??” he asked. “Mmhmm!” His smile lit up the whole room, and you couldn’t help but smile back. “Come here!” “Wha-oh!” He grabbed your hands and started dancing with you, spinning you around. “Come on, ____, you’ve got to use your hips more with this dance! Move your hips!” he says as he puts his hands on your hips. “R-Roberto!!” you blushed madly. He only smiled and laughed. “What? I’m only helping you!” “But how is this helping? You’re distracting me!” “Do you want me to distract you even more?” he whispered with a smirk on his face. “Robbie…?” He gently kissed her lips. “Hey, ___..” “Yes..?” you mumbled. “Come closer, please?” You giggled and came closer as you wrapped your arms around his neck. He still had his hands on her hips. “I’m not moving them.” “Then at least move your lips closer to mine,” you said. He smiled and kissed you as he began to sway. “What, do you want to do the salsa or slow dance?” He gave another smirk and you started doing the salsa. You both laughed and were soon out of breath. “I told you to move your hips more, ____!” “Oh, hush, Robbie!” “Hey, ____?” he asked. “Yes, Robbie?” “Can you come feed me? I want to taste the food I made you!” “U-uh..sure?” You walked over to him and gave him a bite of food. “I can cook, can’t I?” “Didn’t the maids help you?” “It’s still good!” You giggled. “Yes, it is.” “Come here, ___, let me feed you,” he said as he pulled you on his lap. “Alright!” you giggled. He fed you a few bites but he soon gave in and started kissing you. “Robbie!” you laughed as he kissed you over and over again. “What? You taste so yummy!” he replied. You laughed between kisses. You spent the afternoon with bruised lips because Roberto wouldn’t stop kissing you!

Ivan: He was off on a business trip to settle out some out issue with the neighboring kingdom. It was always so cold in the castle, but luckily she had the wolves Yuri and Sunigu to keep her warm. And give her company. “I miss Ivan too..” you sighed as you pet their heads. You were outside with them and they were laying down on you. “Hey, you two, I need to leave for work now.” They whined as you got up. “I know, I want to stay too, but I’ve gotta go.” You went into the kitchen to pack your lunch, but it seemed it was already made. “Hm? Mikhail must’ve made my lunch. I’ll have to thank him later,” you said as you walked out. You found a note in your lunch. But it wasn’t Mikhail’s handwriting. It was.. “Ivan’s?!” you said aloud. ‘H-he’s home?!’ You quickly looked at the note. ‘_____, I saw you outside today with my wolves, and I was going to come up to you. Then I remembered the time I made one of your favorite foods, and I thought I’d make it for you. Surprised, my love? I’ll be in my office when you come home.. - Ivan’ Your heart pounded. ‘Ivan..You’re finally home!’ You couldn’t wait to get back home. As soon as you did you went straight to Ivan’s office. “Ivan…?” you called as you entered his room. You saw his gorgeous and captivating smile when you said that. “Hello, ___. Did you miss me, my love?” he said as he stood up and held his arms out to you. You ran and jumped into his arms and he held you back tightly as he spun you around. “Ivan!! I’ve missed you so much!!” “I’ve missed you, too, ___,” he murmured. As soon as he set you down, you kissed him and you could taste the vodka on his lips and it stung but you didn’t mind. He went wide eyed and blushed but he kissed you back soon enough. “You seem eager, ___.” You blushed. “W-well, I’ve missed you a lot…” He gave you a mischievous grin and picked you up and laid you down on the bed. “I-Ivan??” “Let me cover you in kisses, my princess deserves it..” he whispered as he started kissing you. “Ivan..” He wouldn’t let you speak, he just kept kissing you. Honestly, he might’ve had a little too much vodka, which is strange because he’s a strong drinker. Or, most likely, he just really missed the love of his life. Later, he let the wolves into his room and they pretty much attacked him with love. You couldn’t help but laugh! “Okay, you two! You’re going to crush him!” you said. Ivan got up when you said that. “I’m fine. I’m used to it.” You wrapped your arms around yourself to keep yourself from shivering, but it didn’t work. Ivan saw and picked you up and laid next you in the bed to keep you warm. “Go to sleep, ___. I will keep you warm all night,” he said. You smiled. “I know.”

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