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i love you - boyfriend!tom

Summary: You and Tom say “I love you” for the first time.

Tom had known he loved you for a little while. It had really solidified for him several weeks earlier, a week after he’d met your parents. He’d had a rough work week in LA, and had planned to visit you for the weekend, but wasn’t sure he was up to it come Friday morning.

So with a bit of reluctance, Tom flew out as planned and found himself knocking on your apartment door, excited to see you, but tired and grumpy all the same.

When you opened the door, you gave him a sympathetic smile and pulled him into a tight hug.

“I’m glad you’re here,” you said, pressing a kiss just below his ear.

He dropped his bag in the living room and returned with you to the kitchen, where several pots and pans were resting on the stovetop. Spoons, measuring cups, and spices were scattered across the counter next to a printed recipe.

“What are you making?” he asked, resting his chin on your shoulder as you stirred.

“That thing your mom always makes, that you made me when I was sick last month? I thought it’d be nice to come back to.”

He quirked a smile at that, genuinely taken aback by your thoughtfulness, and lifted his head to press a kiss to your temple. “I’m gonna go change,” he said, grabbing his bag and taking it to your bedroom.

He came back a minute later shirtless and in gray sweatpants, stretching out on your couch. “Mmm, I forgot how comfy your couch is,” he called over his shoulder to where you were in the kitchen.

You quickly wiped your hands on a dish towel before strolling into the living room and plopping down next to him. You snuggled into his side as he lazily scrolled through his Instagram feed with squinty tired eyes. After a few minutes you spoke. “So…you had a really long week?”

He sighed, dropping his phone on the coffee table and wrapping his arm around you. “Yeah. Lots of paps. Everywhere, all the time. And then my manager’s been calling me nonstop about a new deal we’re negotiating. I didn’t really get any sleep.  I just feel drained.”

“I’m sorry, baby. Hopefully you’ll catch up on some sleep this weekend.”

He nodded his head, running his fingers up and down your back. “How has your week been?”

“Eh, y’know-”, you were about to respond when a loud alarm sounded from the kitchen. You sat up startled.


“Oh fuck!” you exclaimed, racing into your smoky kitchen to pull your burning lemon sage chicken out from the oven.

Tom came running in behind you, assessing the situation, before grabbing your discarded dish towel to fan the smoke away from the alarm. You threw the burnt chicken on top of the counter, shutting the oven with a huff before grabbing another dish towel from the drawer to help Tom fan the smoke alarm.

Tom looked over to your frazzled state and frustrated expression. Your hair was sticking up in all different directions, you shirt was covered in splattered lemon sage sauce, and your cheeks were flushed red both from the heat and embarrassment. Tom couldn’t help but smile, and it dawned on him that he was crazy for even questioning whether he wanted to spend his weekend next to you.

“What’s so funny?” you questioned when you noticed Tom staring at you, giggling, and cracking his first real smile that night.

“Nothing, I just.. I -”

I love you, he thought to himself.

He’d kept it to himself that night. He hadn’t wanted to scare you off, or ruin what you guys had. But as time went on, he found himself thinking it more and more often, and getting closer to letting it slip out.

A few weeks passed and another weekend scheduled for you to visit Tom on his press tour rolled around. It was late and the two of you were fooling around in his hotel room.

You were straddling Tom on his bed, and he was extra eager, as it’d been a couple weeks since you’d been together. He roughly pulled your shirt over your head before reattaching his lips to yours. He reached around your back to unclip your bra, but got thrown off by your new clasp-less lacy bralette. Frustrated, he tugged too hard and ripped it down the back.

“Tom!” you laughed, pulling away from him in surprise.

His jaw dropped a little. “I swear I didn’t mean to do that. I’ll get you a new one, I promise. I am so sorry.” He chuckled at the stunned look on your face, making you laugh harder.

“It’s okay,” you giggled. “I still love you.” You paused for a second, realizing what you’d just said, and quickly pressed your lips back to his in a panic thinking, Dear god I hope he somehow didn’t just hear that.

He gripped your waist but pulled his mouth away from yours, certain he’d heard the words he’d craved for weeks. “What’d you just say?”

“Nothing,” you said, moving his hands up to your breasts in an effort to distract him and leaning in to kiss him again.

After briefly allowing your lips to press to his, he pulled away again, flipping you over and pinning your hands down on either side of your head.

“Tell me again,” he said with a smile.

“Hmm?” You scrunched your forehead still trying to deny what you’d confessed.

“Tell me again,” he teased, kissing your jaw, “that you love me.”

“Did I say that?” you teased back, wiggling your body in attempt to break free from his grasp.

“Mhmm,” he smiled into your neck before pulling back to look at you and releasing your wrists.

You sighed in defeat, wrapping your arms around his neck. “I guess I did….because I do. I love you.”

He grazed his upturned lips against yours. “Good. Because I love you too.”


highly highly highly requested. we’re squealing.


Imagine your fiance, Jensen, being furious to find you at Tom’s house, who is your ex, after you had a terrible fight and you run away, and almost fighting with him. Only for the truth about you to start being revealed slowly.

Related to these: Imagine while at the Comic Con with your boyfriend Jensen, you run into your ex Tom whose feelings for you have not changed one bit. (Part 1)

Imagine getting a role in a movie with your ex Tom and Jensen, your current boyfriend, getting jealous and worried. (Part 2)

Imagine Jensen, your boyfriend, visiting you on set when you have a intense kissing scene with your ex and costar, Tom. (Part 3)

Imagine being engaged to Jensen and being involved in a scandal when you’re seen out on a “date” with your ex, Tom Hiddleston. (Part 4)

Imagine having a bad fight with your fiance, Jensen, when he thinks you’re cheating on him with your ex, Tom, and running to him for comfort. Only to worry Jensen even more when you don’t answer any calls. (Part 5)


It felt like Tom’s voice was ringing in your ears after the word you heard leave his lips. Your eyes widened and all air got caught in your throat, you were only glad you weren’t holding something in your hands or else it would have fallen and you certainly didn’t want that in the moment. You were paralyzed mostly because you were too shocked he had come here looking for you. Somehow part of you wanted Tom’s comfort but other part of you had seeked for shelter in his house because you knew, or at least hoped, that Jensen was not going to come looking here for you or speaking to Tom about it in the first place.

But you were wrong.

“What- what are you doing here?” the British asked him, clearly just as surprised.

“I uh I didn’t mean to bother, I’m sorry in case you’re busy, but uhm-” Jensencleared his throat that sounded more raspy than ever before and even if you didn’t want him to realize you were there you actually tiptoed to get closer to them without being seen.

“Jensen what’s going on?” Tom’s voice was stern and as you peaked through the corner you saw his jaw and fists were clenched and his chest puffed out. He was getting protective, you’d seen that look plenty of times before, but this time you were worried that in his anger he was going to say things that he shouldn’t.

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Infatuation - Part 2

Originally posted by creepygenitals


Summary: You are now a Pre-K teacher and you meet Jaebum, a single dad. 

Genre: Romance, teacher, single dad

Warnings: smut in later chapters, swearing

Definition of Pre-K: teacher for children at the age of 4

Authors Note: A lot of unanswered questions in today’s chapter! I am trying to make this fic interesting. I apologize for the grammar! Again, this is my first fic. I am trying my best! I started off with 4 followers, but now I have 113 after part 1! Also, Part 1 has 283 notes! I am really happy! Thank you so much for reading! Please message me or ask me if you have any questions about this fic! 


It was the weekend and that meant partying. Although you were a teacher and you had to maintain your professional aura, everyone deserves some fun right? You went out with your best friend from college, Ashley. She always encouraged you to have a bit more fun, out of your comfort zone, but sometimes she had some shitty suggestions. 

You guys went to your favorite club, and as per usual,  Ashley got drunk after like one drink.

“Hey Y/N, I dare you to sleep with someone tonight and then tell them you have a boyfriend to freak them out. Tell them that your boyfriend will kill them, tell them he’s in the mafia!"  she giggled drunkenly to you.

"What the hell is wrong with you Ashley? You have bad ideas.” you playfully hit her.

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Bonnie & Clyde - pt 6

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“What are you doing here?” You asked.

Yoongi stood at your door and held a cup of coffee in his hands.

“I’m here to take you out. What, you’re not going anywhere today?” He asked, handing you the cup.

“Thanks, but I’m staying in today. Mason’s coming over soon. Maybe I’ll call you tonight if I want to go out for dinner with Nari.”

He looked at you, offended and confused.

“Maybe?…don’t you think you’re becoming a bit too obsessed? It’s like the third time you’ve seen him this week.” Yoongi said, refusing to take the coffee back from your hands.

“So what?” You retorted.

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The Weight [i]

So this has always been one of my favorite songs by Shawn so I thought it would be cool if I did a small fic based on the song. All of my ideas come from songs so if you ever wanna have something done, send me a song and I will give you the best fic my stupid ass can.

Painted in black,
When you left me alone
I never knew, she was sleeping next door
With the kid I grew up with,
And I can’t go back to her anymore, no more

The alarm on my phone jolts me awake, my eyes springing open and taking in my surroundings. The smell of unfamiliar laundry detergent fills my nose and the sleeping body next to me is still radiating intense heat, unperturbed by the alarm or the early hour. I shut off the alarm and climb out of the bed, searching around for my clothes scattered on the dirty bedroom floor among the random boy clothes and assortment of junk all over. He stays asleep, barely noticing I am no longer there next to him.

Matt can sleep through anything, which is a good thing because I doubt he would be happy to be awoken so early for no real reason. He lets out a small snore, turning his body just slightly and reaching over to the space I just occupied moments before. I finish getting dressed and lean over to give him one last quick kiss before I go. He tries to pull me back into bed and waves me off when I bat his hand away, whispering I need to go because I have to work in an hour. 

“Bye,” he mumbles, nestling back down into the sheets and falling back asleep within a few minutes.

I glance around the room one more time, making sure I didn’t forget anything. Spotting my phone, I grab it from the bedside table and shove it into my pocket. Once I am sure there is nothing I am leaving behind, I slip out of his bedroom as quietly as I can. Gathering my car keys and bag where I left them laying when I came to see Matt really late, I steal the last muffin sitting out on the counter before rushing out the door so I have time to drive across town to shower and make it to work on time. 

As I am rushing out the door and going to my car, I bump into someone. I let out an “oof” as I hit a solid chest and look up to see Shawn staring at me with widened eyes. I open my mouth to speak, but he just looks back at the house I just came out of and resumes his morning run like he hadn’t seen me at all.

I barely make it to my job at the local indie bookstore at time, rushing in at the last minute with my hair still wet from my shower and two coffees to apologize to my boss for being late the second time this week. I don’t know why I am not surprised to see Shawn lingering near the music section, browsing books and glancing at the door like he has been waiting for me to arrive. He looks a little tired, but I can tell he has showered since his run. His curls are all disheveled with his sunglasses pushed up on his forehead, looking just as attractive as he has always been. I clock in on the computer quickly and give my boss her coffee before walking over to Shawn to see what he needs assistance with.

“Do you need help finding something?” I ask him in my best customer service voice. I know he is here to talk about what he saw. The way he just walked away from me this morning means he has been thinking over the best way to express his feelings. I pick up a book he seems to be staring at and open it up, wondering why he was even looking at a book about the history of brass instruments in the first place. He just shakes his head at me, reaching towards the shelf to grab another book I am sure he would never read.

“Didn’t know you would be there this morning,” he says, acting all casual and nonchalant like none of this is a big deal to him at all. He puts the book back on the shelf and then provides me with his full attention. “It was really early when you were leaving.” He looks at me like he is trying to figure out if I am going to tell him anything more, his eyes stopping when he sees I am still wearing the ring he gave me a lifetime before on a chain around my neck.

“You really shouldn’t be wearing things your ex boyfriend gave you when you are leaving his best friends house at like six in the morning,” he says in a low voice, turning away like it hurts to look at me, which it probably does. 

“No, I shouldn’t. But you should’t be telling me what I should or should not be doing when you are the one who agreed with me when I said you and I would be better off not being together. You even said it was no issue about whatever else would happen because you wanted me to be happy,” I reply. Shawn goes to open his mouth, but there are customers who I need to help. I help them choose a few books they were looking for while suggesting some extras, and they end up leaving the store happy and thanking me for my help. Shawn watches me the whole time, his eyes catching mine at times and others looking away when I dare to watch him for longer than he wants me to. Once I am sure we are going to be alone for a moment, I pull him outside so I can speak frankly to him without anyone overhearing the conversation.

“What are you doing here?” I ask, hands gesturing at him and then the store. He just stares at me for a minute before putting his sunglasses back on so I can’t read his expression clearly. “It just doesn’t make any damn sense you would come here when you and I are no longer together. You just don’t show up at my job for no reason unless there is something you want to say to me, and since you are here, you may as well just get it over with already.” I shake my head at him, feeling the same kind of butterflies in my stomach when we were first together, but it doesn’t matter anymore when he was the one who moved onto someone first when I suggested we take some time to be apart.

“Well, you know… I came here to get…” he pauses, searching for the right words. “I came here to get a book for Hailey because she had mentioned there was something she had been dying to read for awhile, and I wanted to surprise her today so that is why I am here. No other reason at all.” He shrugs his shoulders, like it is no big deal and pulls out his phone like he has something very important he needs to be looking at this very moment.

I am stunned for a moment, surprised he would even bring up her name when he said there was not going to be anyone else for him after we broke up. I mean, I shouldn’t care because I am with Matt, but there is still a little sting in my chest from hearing him speak her name so casually. 

“That is really thoughtful of you, I would love to help you find the book if you need any help,” I offer, hoping this will broke a kind of peace treaty between us so we can stop having this awkwardness hang around us. He and I had broken up amicably and there is no reason we can’t just be friends now he and I have both moved on with our lives. 

“Sure. Sure, that would be awesome,” he mumbles and looks down at his phone still, not giving more to the conversation to let me know how he feels about the offer.

“Well, I should probably get back to work since that is the only reason I am here in the first place,” I tell him, taking a step back and gesturing at the bookstore behind us. I give him a tiny wave before I head back inside.

“Yeah, tell Matt I said hi too,” he calls after me, starting to walk towards his car. “Tell him I am glad my ex girlfriend is fucking one of my best friends.”

Haha, I knew this was going to end in angst because that is what I live on. I just needed to get this idea out because I have been dying to do a fic based on this idea for like a week so here it is and I hope this is a good start because it was pretty fun to write. There is going to be a part two but let me know your thoughts because this is the first series I am doing since I completed amor proibido and I am just a mess. 

Bam! Cliffhanger ending, folks. Please don’t be mad at me. I’ll keep working on the story and get the next part uploaded as soon as possible. In the meantime, enjoy!

Prompt[s]:  Yesssss.  I love this with my whole heart.  Thank you so much!  This is fantastic and enchanting, I love this fic!

 I am seriously in love with your Loki ‘Tower’ fic! It is so amazing!!

‘The Tower’ (Part 11)

Part 10

“Are you going to be nicer to me today?” You asked, chewing the inside of your lip.

Loki’s attention was fixated in its usual direction. His mind had been racing since the day prior. After his offish comment, you’d refused to speak to him for the remainder of the night, leaving early in the morning the next day. It was a surprise that you’d even returned. Why exactly were you so intent on accompanying him? He was hardly polite to you. If he wasn’t in such a sour mood, Loki might have appreciated your loyalty. Forgiveness was not a trait he was accustomed to encountering – neither in himself or anyone else.

Just for today though, he thought. Just for today, I’ll forgive myself and then maybe she will.

“What of it? What if I decide I shall not watch my tongue?”
“Then I’ll eat this picnic by myself on the journey home.”

Loki’s eyebrow raised.
“You brought a picnic?”

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21st of December 2017



i lost count of how many times i called out your name in the past few days out of my own grief…

it’s still so weird and unfamiliar. i still stand at disbelief with the notion that you’re gone and beyond hearing nor seeing again…

i wasn’t the type to write over my grief over someone’s death… nor mourn over through narration and words… but i feel like i have to… 

this time i need to.

maybe because i’ve never seen you nor told you personally how grateful i am for your existence…

i still strongly remember how surprised, taken aback and horribly stunned i was when i first read that you were gone… i was in denial… i didn’t want to believe it…

like everyone else i wanted it to be a lie… to be a misreport, a careless mistake… 

it took minutes, news after news were published, articles were written…

until it hit me, everything was real…

the news - it wasn’t lying… it was starting to cover your passing…

it took hours before your company finally released a statement… during those lapses, words spread…

somebody started telling everyone that you were alive, fighting and recovering…

i knew it was a long shot, i knew it can be a lie…

but i believed in it anyway… i desperately prayed for it to be true…

but it wasn’t… it was a lie… a tale told to encourage hope…

i was bitter… it was satirical… i found it unfair…

the truth i desperately wished for to be a lie ended up as the gruesome reality while the lie i desperately wished for to be the truth ended up as nothing but a fantasy – watered along my falls of hope…

this was it… i remember thinking…

it’s all over… 

my mind started spinning… it was just a few days ago when i was reeling from excitement when i heard the news that you were appearing in a night program with 뉴이스트 종현… it was going to be fun… it would be a remarkable christmas special…

but now, i just can’t watch it… not without my heart breaking at least…

i was never the type to mourn over celebrities ya know… i would like to think that i wasn’t as attached - that i only watch celebrities for enjoyment…

but it felt empty… it felt horribly surreal when i heard the news…

i watched you since i was 11… that is 1 year short of a decade… almost half of my present day existence…

you were a part of my life…

it doesn’t matter if i’m one of the many within the sea of people who watches you from afar…

you made a difference in me…

i wish i did to yours… i wish i could to the same…

but that’s farfetched…

how’s heaven?… how omnipotent are you?…

i wish you would get to read this over… 

because i would just simply want to express my gratitude…

종현아, 고마워.

thank you.

thank you for for the laughs. your wit on variety shows were one of my explicable remedy during those days i felt like i was about to be consumed by my own demons… you gave me the chance to laugh when all i wanted to do was cry… i’ll never forget your punchlines – your funny tale of how you helped a chinese tourist in korea and they made fun of you then you made a remark about unicef, your clever outrages in weekly idol accompanied by gangster’s paradise, your ctrl v + control c remark, your insoles… 종현이 게임… and that’s only a few of what i can think of right now… 

i wish i could have done the same for you… i wish i could have made you laugh…

종현아, 고마워.

thank you.

thank you for the music. thank you for the exquisite music you’ve made and shared… your music is endearing – a remedy for the hopeless – a spark of optimism for the hopefuls. your music was healing… it touched lives and comforted restless minds… it gave a sanctuary in our tired, exhausted minds… your compositions are breathtaking, melancholically beautiful and beyond scenic… 

종현아, 고마워.

thank you.

thank you for the kindness… you were a beautiful flower  –  one that reeked of innocence, compassion, gentleness and consideration… maybe that’s why you went off this early… heaven needed angels and you are one of them… 

i still can’t believe you are gone 종현아…

this is something that has never crossed my mind nor dared to imagine…

but it’s here… and it’s happening…

so i’m left to cope… we’re all left to cope…

종현아, 미안해.

i’m sorry.

i’m sorry that you felt alone – that you felt helpless beneath the flashing lights and the hustle… that you were getting eaten up by the darkness without basking in the light that everyone may have provided only if they were there for you enough… i’m sorry if no one was there to hear you no matter how hard you screamed to the point that you felt your voice is getting reaped out of you… i’m sorry no one was there to dry your tears when you go crazy out of grief as you wail out all your misery…

it must have been a long battle – an endurance and resilience that was long overdue…

you weren’t the type to give in, give up and surrender…

it’s the first time that you did…

it must have been that gruesome, painful, cruel and hard on you for you to do so

how can i blame you?…

today’s the last day your body will spend a day on earth, you’ll be buried under the ground sooner or later…

there’s no such thing as bringing you back, is there?… 

but don’t worry, you will never be forgotten.

i’ll always remember you…

no matter what… it might be on a random day, in between meals, on my way home, at the middle of the traffic, during those sleepless nights – i don’t know when i’ll think of you but i know i will…

i’ll revel in all the memories i have of you.

i will never stop listening to your music…

you were kind 종현아…

you were exquisite.

you were funny.

you were beautiful.

you were melodic.

you were a symphony of all the good in the world.

you were a glimmer of hope.

you were a light we all basked on.

you were a member of 샤이니.

you were a breathtaking voice.

you were an inspiration.

you were loved.

you were admired and looked upon.

you were more than what this world deserved.

and you still are.

you’ll always be.

you were such an angel down here.

you were such a shining star down here.

now, you really are.

you’ll always be.

have fun in heaven 종현아.

watch us from above.

live up there like there’s no tomorrow and laugh with no regrets.

thank you for pursuing your dream of standing on stage and for being born.

you gave up the whole chunk of your laughs just so you can give us – ours. 

you spent sleepless night writing music just so you can give us remedy, compassion and comfort.

you gave up all the light inside you just so you we can revel in your lit…

샤이니 will never be the same without you but time will heal the grief, won’t it?

the world would continue to spin with time still running on its own…

but i’ll always remember you, 종현아.

그동안 수고했어, 종현아… 고생했어. 고마워… 행복해라..

사랑한다, 김종현…

Kim Jonghyun (김종현)

April 8, 1990 – December 18, 2017

anonymous asked:

Hi what about Patton telling Logan that he not only likes him, but the rest of the sides as well. The reason Pat tells him specifically is because he's the logical side, he should know what to do. U choose how you want it to play out from here 🐢 ( handing the phone to bunny Anon bc she has one too)

I don’t even know what I did. The beginning starts off real well, then it kind of spirals out of nowhere? I’m sorry! My first try at writing LAMP or any polyamorous relationship. I would really appreciate any thoughts you all might have on this word vomit.

Warnings: Like 2 curse words. Mention of food. Slight angst, but really weird angst. Idk. Let me know if I should add anything.

Patton walked into the kitchen that morning without the usual pep in his step. Logan glanced up from the table, where he had been reading a newspaper and drinking coffee (it was actually hot chocolate, but he preferred that the others didn’t know that).

Patton politely smiled at the sight of the logical side as he moved toward the stove to start breakfast.

Logan set down his news article, “Okay, Pat. What’s wrong?”

“Wrong? Why would something be wrong?” Patton asked innocently.

“You sighed several times while walking into the kitchen and you didn’t sing out any morning pleasantries. You normally do.” The logical side quirked an eyebrow and took a sip of his ‘coffee’. His demeanor like that of an all-knowing entity.

Patton simply shrugged, “Okay, well….”

“….you know how I have a crush on you, right?”

Logan began choking on his drink, his eyes turning slightly red as he wheezed.

“Come again?” he managed to gasp.

“I have a crush….on you. I thought that it was obvious.” Patton smirked, kind of enjoying the blush that was spreading from Logan’s cheeks to his ears.

Straightening his tie nervously, Logan gathered his wits. “I–I’ll admit that I was not aware of these feelings.”

“I can tell by your reaction,” Patton smiled slightly.

The moral one’s tone turned a bit more serious as he asked, “But do you like me that way?”

Flustered, Logan took another drink of coffee before answering. “I do believe that I….I’m….I think I….”  he bit his lip and pinched the bridge of his nose in frustration.

“Yes,” he finally managed.

Patton smiled, but still looked a bit troubled.

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Request: Better as friends

Request: Can I have a imagine where Chibs and Happy fight over reader and the reader picks Happy.

Originally posted by sam-samcro

A friend invited Y/N to a party at the Sons of Anarchy clubhouse in Tacoma, and there she met Happy Lowman. She got to know him after a while and also a couple nights they shared in bed and, one day, Y/N realized she had fallen for him. They had a good relationship, in and out of bed, but Happy wasn’t interested in making a commitment. He had a lot on his plate, his mother was sick and he was traveling a lot to see her and help other charters too. Y/N understood he couldn’t worry about her too, but she wasn’t willing to give up yet. When she heard he was transferring to Charming, to the mother charter, she decided to go with him. She asked Kozik for help and he took her to Charming. Happy didn’t like when she showed up at the clubhouse and if it wasn’t for Kozik, Gemma and Chibs, Y/N wouldn’t have stayed.

Y/N had her last shot before going home. She just had seen Happy pass by on his way to the back of the club, a crow eater under his arm. Y/N said good night to Chuck; it was time to go home and try to stop feeling miserable. She was walking out the clubhouse when she bumped into her best friend, Chibs.

“Hey lass”, he grabbed her arms, keeping Y/N from falling, “Are you going home?”

“Yeah”, Chibs let her go and she stood on her tiptoes to kiss his cheek, “Later Chibby”

“Wait”, he called and made Y/N stop on her way to the car, “Can I come over? We could watch a movie or a few episodes of that Vikings series. I… I’m just tired from work and…”

“Sure”, Y/N smiled, “I will make popcorn”

“Perfect”, he grinned and Y/N walked to her car. They had been friends practically since day one and she had learned she could trust him completely. Chibs was wise, older than her yes, but incredibly charming, romantic, sensitive, a great friend… They would be a perfect match if she wasn’t in love with another man. Y/N drove home and made popcorn, soon Chibs would be there and she knew they would have a good time.


His kutte was in a chair and his boots were next to it. His legs were stretched in front of him and his arm was around her shoulder. Y/N looked comfortable snuggled up with Chibs on her couch, paying so much attention to the series, that she hadn’t noticed she had leaned onto him and he had wrapped her in his embrace. Chibs breathed in her perfume and smiled. It had been a long time since he had been in a relationship, a good relationship with moments like that. Relax at home with a woman in his arms. He wanted that again, he was lonely. Y/N was his best friend, but also a good, smart, funny, gorgeous woman who was single too. He liked her a lot and they had a great friendship, maybe they could be good as a couple too. There already were best friends, what could be better than that?

“Sorry”, Y/N looked up at him, already straightening up, but Chibs kept his arm around her.

“It’s fine”, he shrugged and she just blinked at him.

“It was good”, she whispered and blushed a little.

“Y/N”, Chibs breathed deeply, “You always have been a good friend to me, I respect you more than anyone else. You are my best friend”

“You are my best friend too Chibs”, she still was blushing. He didn’t know if he would ruin everything, but he had to try.

“I want more”, Chibs blurted, “We are good together don’t you think? I like you a lot, we are both single, we…”

“I know”, Y/N cut him off, “I like you a lot too Chibs and you are great, but… I don’t wanna ruin our friendship”

“Yeah, I know”, he grabbed her hand and gently rubbed circles on her skin with his thumb, “I understand…”

“We could try”, Y/Nsaid and he looked up to her, who was biting her lip. “We deserve it”, she whispered and surprised him by leaning and pressing a sweet kiss on his lips. Her lips were soft and sweet and Chibs’ mind went blank for a moment when he pulled her close with a hand on her lower back. The kiss got deeper and hungrier, they both had been lonely for a long time. The blanket that was over Y/N’s legs fell on the floor and Chibs pulled her to his lap, her legs dangling on his side as his arms keep her safe and close.

“Y/N”, he breathed out when she suddenly pulled back.

“Slow”, she panted, “Just slow down okay?”

“Anything you want”, Chibs smiled and kissed her temple, still holding her close as they watched the next episode that was beginning on TV.


Y/N had been avoiding Chibs since the night they had kissed. She had been thinking about what had happened and how it affected their friendship. He was right, they were good together, actually, after that heated kiss she thought they were great. But she still loved another man and really didn’t want to hurt Chibs. However, Happy barely noticed her and she couldn’t wait for him forever, maybe it was the right thing to do, to give her and Chibs a chance. 

She had been hiding and also busy helping Lyla to prepare her wedding. However, she couldn’t hide forever and one day, Chibs bumped into her at the clubhouse. She thought he would be on a run all day, but there he was, all handsome in front of her.

“Y/N”, he smiled. She was at the bar, having a coffee with Chuck and talking about the wedding menu.

“Chibs”, Y/N felt butterflies in her stomach as she hugged Chibs.

“You are avoiding me”, he whispered in her ear and it wasn’t a question.

“I have been busy”, Y/N said goodbye to Chuck and Chibs walked with her outside.

“You can tell me anything lass”, he grabbed her elbow to make her stop, “You can tell me if I crossed the line, if you don’t want to try, if…”

Y/N cut him off with a kiss that surprised both of them. “I’m fine Chibs. I’m just busy helping with the wedding”

“Really?”, he smiled and tucked a strand of hair behind her ear.

“Yes”, Y/N nodded, “But I have to be honest, I don’t wanna ruin our friendship. I’m afraid”

“I know lass”, Chibs wrapped an arm around her to bring Y/N close and kissed her temple, “We will take it slow”

“Okay”, she whispered and breathed in his familiar scent. 

“You are coming with me to the wedding right?”, he asked and she pulled back just to see his smirk, “As my date”

“Yes, I am”, Y/N smiled, feeling better and more confident their relationship could work. She pecked his lips and said goodbye. When she was walking back to her car, parked near the garage, Y/N noticed Happy there, leaning against the garage door. He was narrowing his eyes and she realized he had seen her and Chibs together. Her heart was beating faster when the hopped into the car and left TM.


Y/N looked in the mirror, smoothing down her dress and checking her hair. She was feeling good and excited about Lyla’s wedding. Gemma nodded in approval to her dress and when they got to the cabin Y/N had the pleasure to see Chibs’ eyes widen.

“You look stunning”, he smiled and wrapped an arm around her waist to pull her into a kiss. Y/N blushed and noticed the heads turning to look at them. “They are just surprised”, Chibs winked at her, who nodded and let him lead the way inside the house to wait for the ceremony. Y/N sat by Chibs and they held hands. She felt like someone had been watching her and when she glanced over her shoulder she saw Happy staring back. What was wrong with him?

Chibs had to talk to Jax after the ceremony so Y/N danced with the girls for a while. When she got back to their table, to have some water, Chibs was waiting for her. “I have to work”, he said, clearly disappointed, “I’m sorry”

“It’s fine”, Y/N caressed his cheek, “I understand. Club business?” Chibs nodded and grabbed her hand. He led them to a more private corner and gave her a long goodbye kiss. She watched him leave with Juice and Tig and went to back to the table. After a couple minutes, someone called her and she looked up, surprised to see Happy standing there.

“Let’s dance”, he just held out a hand to her.

“What?”, Y/N frowned at him. Happy only talked to her if it was really necessary and now he was asking her to dance? Was that a dream?

“You look really beautiful tonight Y/N”, Happy still was holding out his hand, waiting for her answer, “Dance with me”

“I…I am with Chibs”, that was all she could say, she was stunned.

“He is not here”, Happy grabbed her hand and she had no choice but to get up, “And it is just a dance” Y/N swallowed and nodded, letting Happy guide her to the dance floor. Heads turned to look at her again. “Do you like him?”, Happy suddenly asked. 

“What?”, Y/N had been trying to focus on her breathing and feet, and not on Happy or people looking at them.

“Do you like Chibs?”, he repeated the question and she looked at him.

“Yes”, Y/N nodded.

“You look good together”, Happy pulled her closer, almost whispering in her ear, “I mean, I know you guys are best friends but I didn’t know you were in love”

“Why are you talking to me?”, she asked, ignoring the fact he just had talked about love, “And why are you asking about me and Chibs?”

“I want you to be happy”, Happy locked his eyes with hers, “I shouldn’t say this and I’m not good at this but… I have seen the way Chibs looks at you, he likes you. I’ve never thought you would be with someone someday and now you do and I am jealous. I’m no good for you, though I like you”

“Why you are telling me this?”, Y/N pulled back, angrily looking at him. “Why do you wanna ruin my life?”, she just shook her head and ran, leaving Happy alone in the middle of the dance floor.


Chibs blew the smoke of his cigarette and watched the parking lot. He had arrived early at TM, opened the doors and grabbed a chair to sit and wait for his brothers. Actually, he was waiting for Happy. He had heard what had happened at the wedding party after he left. He wouldn’t have a problem with a brother dancing with Y/N, but it was Happy and he knew they had a past. Happy talked to Y/N only if necessary, he pretty much ignored her most of the time, so Chibs thought he wouldn’t be a problem in his relationship with Y/N. Apparently, he was wrong. Y/N wasn’t answering calls either, so it had been more than just a dance. Happy must have said something to her and Chibs wanted to know what and why.

Happy finally arrived and Chibs patiently waited for his brother to walk to the garage. They looked at each other and Chibs asked, “What did you say to my lady?”

“She is not your old lady”, Happy shrugged and walked in the garage.

“We are together”, Chibs said over his shoulder, not bothering to follow Happy, “Our relationship is not your business”

“She doesn’t love you”, his brother said and Chibs finally got up, walking toward Happy.

“I’m not stupid lad, I know what happened between you two”, Chibs pointed a finger at his brother, his accent getting thicker as he got angrier, “But you better stay away from my woman. You should have made your move years ago. She has a better man now”

“She still loves me old man”, Happy opened his arms and smirked, “She wants me”

Luckily, other Sons had arrived at TM and had been watching Chibs and Happy talking, so they broke the fight when the first punches were thrown. What nobody had noticed was Y/N’s car entering the parking lot. She also saw Chibs punching Happy and ran to the garage in time to hear them growling at each other.

“Stay away from her”, Chibs glared at Happy as Jax and Opie held him.

“She wants me”, Happy laughed, telling Tig and Kozik they could let him go.

“I don’t want neither of you”, Y/N blurted making everyone look at her. Happy and Chibs’ eyes were wide. “You can stop fighting”, she said and left TM again as both men watched her and sighed.


Y/N was avoiding him again. Actually, the only person she had seen and answered calls from, was Gemma. She hadn’t been at TM since the day of the fight. His brothers had been watching Chibs and Happy, keeping them apart as both wondered where and how Y/N was. Chibs was pacing in his dorm again, thinking about Y/N. He was afraid he had ruined their friendship forever and he couldn’t live with that. He preferred to have her as just a friend than not having her in his life at all. He had decided to take a long bath when someone knocked on his door.

“Can I come in?”, he would recognize Y/N’ voice anywhere. Chibs rushed to welcome her into his dorm.

“Y/N”, he noticed she looked tired, “Are you okay?”

“Yes Chibs, I’m good”, Y/N  answered, nervously looking around. “Can we talk?”, Chibs nodded and they sat on his bed. “I’m sorry I have been avoiding you again. I needed time to think”

“I understand”, Chibs reached for her hand and Y/N let him hold it, seeming to calm down a little.

“I like him”, she blurted and he knew she was talking about Happy. Y/N looked down at their hands together. “You know I came to Charming to be with him, but he wasn’t ready for a relationship. After all this time, waiting for him, I thought I was ready to move on… I needed to move on. But I’m not and that’s not fair to you”

“I love you lass. You are my best friend”, Chibs gently grabbed her chin and made Y/N look at him. “And all I want is to see you happy. I thought we could be good as a couple too, but I realized we were just fooling ourselves. We are better as friends”

“Thank you!”, Y/N started to cry and hugged him tightly. 

“He likes you too”, Chibs rubbed her back and she pulled back to look at him, “He just thinks he is not good enough for you. But he is; my brother is a good man”

“Chibs…”, Y/N finally smiled again. “You are the best friend I could ever have. I hope you find a good woman soon, she will be so lucky to have you”


Happy was closing the garage when he saw Y/N walking toward the building. He knew she had been inside the clubhouse, talking to Chibs, but he didn’t expect her to talk to him next. He wondered if she was coming to tell him to stay away from her and Chibs. 

“Can we talk?”, she asked and sounded determined. He nodded and they walked into the garage. Happy leaned against a car and waited. “I talked to Chibs”, Y/N had her arms crossed and was facing the garage wall, avoiding eye contact with him. “He is my best friend, I can’t losing him, so I had to be honest and tell him we can’t be together”. Happy straightened up, he was surprised. Was she choosing him? Or neither of them? Y/N finally turned to face him and asked, “Do you love me?”

Y/N was everything he needed when they met, but Happy couldn’t be with her. He was worried about his mom and had a job to do, he couldn’t be in a relationship, he couldn’t bring a good person like Y/N into his crazy life. He pushed her away. He transferred to Samcro, to be closer to his mom and away from Y/N at the same time. But she had to follow him, she wouldn’t give up. He had decided to ignore her then, maybe she would finally leave. What he wasn’t expecting was her to stay and also find happiness with another man. Happy had to lose Y/N to realize he loved her. “I do”, he locked his eyes with hers and answered. “I’m sorry for everything I’ve done and I hope you forgive me. I love you and I want you to be mine”

Y/N was crying when she walked toward him and Happy embraced her. Happy kissed her hair and held her close until she stopped crying and looked up at him. “I love you too Hap”, Y/N whispered and kissed him. Happy held her hand and guided Y/N to his bike. He would take her for a ride and maybe meet his mother; it was time to finally welcome Y/N into his life and be with the woman he loved.

Lucifer Morningstar Imagine - Reunion

requested by: midnightrellik 

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Your P.O.V.

My club was doing splendid, as customers packed up the luxurious place and had fun, spending their money on drinks as they danced the night away. I had just recently arrived to Los Angeles, a plan glued onto my mind as I had come. By pulling a few strings here and there, I got an amazing nightclub nearby another nightclub, the Lux. I even had a penthouse for myself so I could say life was shining.

But I knew it wasn’t just good luck I managed to build my way to the top so quickly. Of course, it was all thanks to my powers. I was a celestial being, kicked out of heaven, or whatever you’d like to call the place above humanity. Since I had no other place to go, I came to Los Angeles, knowing very well that my old friend Lucifer Morningstar was playing a good cop here. Now I was stealing his customers as I waited for him to find me.

I looked at myself in the mirror behind the bar, adjusting my H/C a little bit before I ordered a drink for myself. Tonight was spectacular! I had arranged a concert here so the club was full before I could count to ten. Now the band was playing some loud music and I sat on a barstool, looking at the small stage that was surrounded by people. My hand was resting on my thigh and I played with the material of my little black dress. 

Suddenly people moved a bit and someone was coming inside quickly. Immediately, I sensed that this wasn’t just anyone. My eyes widened and I held my breath as the man stepped out of the crowd, looking around through dark eyelashes, deep brown eyes darting around the club as he was searching for someone. As I examined the short, black hair that was put nicely up with gel and the very luxurious red suit, I knew my senses were right.

It was Lucifer!

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Her Having Inverted Nipples: BTS


He knew that nobody is perfect, but would help you overcome that little anxiety you had over the issue by praising you in compliments.


Would probably stare at them for the longest of times the first time, asking a quiet “How?” before going down to business and completely forgetting all about it.


Zero fuccs were given that day; well at least the fuccs in a cognitive kind of way, not physical :)

Rap Monster:

“Doesn’t really get in the way, though. Don’t fret over it. You’re still as stunning.”


This little shit loved to poke them whenever he got a chance to do so because why tf not, am I rite?


Didn’t even notice that fact until you asked him what he thought about it because of your insecurities.


A bit surprised but comes to loved them the most as time goes on.


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Title: Ditched

Pairing: Wonho x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 1.2k

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In My Dreams

IT’S FINALLY HERE! I thought we could all use some MareCal fluff after King’s Cage. Mare is a jazz singer in the 20s and Cal comes to see one of her shows. Blood discrimination is alive and well, so reds are allowed to work in Silver establishments, but can’t eat there. Mare is a red, Cal is a silver, and mixed blood relationships are never in the public eye. (Cal’s not a Prince, and everyone has their abilities.)

Warnings: Only like a few swear words


       Hers was a voice that made you stop and listen with the first note from her mouth. It was a voice that started as a summer breeze, an innocent kiss, then the next thing you knew, you were walking through a hurricane.

       I lean back on the bar, taking a sip from my drink. The man working the bar couldn’t be older than eighteen, but he watches her performance with nothing but pride. “Never heard a dame who could sing like that.” I say to him. “I have. Almost my whole life, actually.” He responds, if reluctantly. “You know her?” I question, turning to him. “Yeah. We grew up together. Still friends today.” It isn’t hard to tell that he’s a red. Tanned skin, bottle green eyes, and tawny hair. “Tell me, what’s it like growing up with the Infamous Lady Barrow?”

      A dry laugh leaves his mouth. “Well, she’s not a…flirt like advertised.” He doesn’t say anything else, but I can hear the unspoken “like Silvers advertise her” in the air. He’s not wrong, if a Red gets famous enough to be recognized on the spot by Silvers, especially if they’re a woman, they’re villainized and labeled a cheap whore. It wasn’t any different with Mare Molly Barrow, or as Silvers proclaimed her to be, “The Red seductress who fucked her way to the top.” Or as close to the top as the Silver hierarchy would allow.

     Reds knew her differently. They knew her as the girl with an electric voice who embodied the struggles they’ve faced over centuries. They knew her as their Lightning Girl. She wore that name with pride. The only reason Silvers don’t like her is because she gives Reds something that Silvers can’t force into submission. Hope.

     He doesn’t tell me anymore about her, probably blaming me, or my blood, for her reputation. I didn’t dare ask for his name. I turn back to her as she finishes out her performance with that whirlwind voice sweeping through the crowd. Only a few dared to clap, and after a few glares from fellow patrons, they were quieted. She smirks at that. A hierarchy among the hierarchy. She’s led off the stage by a similar-looking man. Her brother, probably.

     As she walks off the stage, her signature lightning bolt print on her dress is visible. Tonight, the gold marking stands out down the back of the midnight color of her gown.

     Almost as if she’d been pulling me by the tie on my neck herself, I found myself getting up from the bar and leaving the nightclub. It’s a foolish thought, but I want to meet her. 

     I caught up with her when she was riding the subway. Since she’s a Red, she had to leave immediately after her show. She walked with her brother, both of them mindful of their surroundings. No Red would walk on Silver streets without expecting trouble.

     I walk over to where sits with her brother. Her eyes widen, and he moves closer to her. Reds protect their own. “I saw your show at the Hall of the Sun.” Her coffee brown eyes are guarded, but she waits for me to continue. “You’re amazing.” Her eyes go wide, surprise flashing on her face. Her brother nudges her side when she doesn’t respond.

   “Thank you,” she chokes out. “I don’t often get compliments from Silvers.”

   “You should. You deserve credit for that stunning voice, but Silvers have strength and power shoved too far up their ass to actually enjoy something.”

    She stares at me in awe. “I wouldn’t have expected a Calore to enjoy my show.” Hmm. Usually people will only care about my father. 

  “You know who I am?” I ask, surprised. “Your father over half the nightclubs in the country. You’re basically the Crown Prince of Norta.” She remarks, brow furrowed. She’s still wary of me.

   We sit in silence for the rest of the ride, her trying to avoid eye contact with me. When the train stops, her brother nudges her side.

   “Mare, this is our stop.” he whispers, taking her hand. She takes one last glance at me before following her brother off the train. Her golden lightning is still evident in the back of her dress, but as she walks away, the rest of her looks made of starlight.

Title: Forehead touch

Pairing: Fraxus (Freed x Laxus)

Rating: K+

a/n: Feeling a little Fraxus deprived but this is all my writer’s block let me write right now. Hope you enjoy this piece of fluff nevertheless!

Their entangled legs were covered by the blanket, bare upper bodies free but not feeling cold in the slightest. Chests were heaving and lowering a bit heavier still, waves of satisfaction claiming them both entirely as they bathed in the slowly stretching afterglow of what had been gentle moments of intimacy.

It always felt great. Neither Freed nor Laxus could recall one single time they hadn’t felt absolutely indulged and contented, happiness surging through them as they noticed just how much they loved each other more every day, with every touch and every moment spent together. Their bond grew stronger, if that was even possible.

“Hmmm.” Freed hummed in pleasure as he noticed Laxus’ lips running across his neck slowly. Even though he had been stimulated moments before it was still causing a pleasantly tingling sensation to run through him as it tended to do. His neck belonged to his most sensitive spots and Laxus loved to take advantage of it.

“Laxus…,” the rune mage chuckled and shifted a bit as he sought for the dragon slayer’s orange gaze. When he found it he looked into utterly loving and satisfied eyes and decided to lean forward, taking advantage of the situation as well, and press a peck against the blond’s scar. The gesture obviously caught his boyfriend off guard and so it caused an ever so faint flush to tint his cheeks as an awkward grumble escaped his lips. Getting his scar touched was still something he had to get accustomed to… But Freed liked to reassure Laxus that he was stunning and loved and strong, no matter what.

“Are you alright?” The greenet snuggled up closer, moving his arm so he could run his fingers through blond hair one time.

The question surprised Laxus but this time all he could do was to grin softly. “Are ya serious?”

“Otherwise I wouldn’t have asked.”

Of course not. “How could I not be alright? Geez, Freed, honestly… Thought yer a smart and observant guy.”

“Well I am,” came the assertive and slightly smug reply, which had Laxus semi-seriously roll his eyes. But then he saw Freed smiling and knew that he had just been teasing in return. Well, semi-teasing.

It had by far not been the first night of intimacy. All of Laxus’ limbs felt pleasantly exhausted and he knew that Freed had left the one or other hickeys on his skin, just like he had done to him in return. Turning onto his side he couldn’t help but notice the same satisfaction on his boyfriend’s face and he loved to see it. One broad arm sneaked around the other man so he could tread his fingers through now messy emerald hair and he felt how Freed leaned into it ever so slightly.

Now that he got the chance to do so the rune mage quickly pressed a tender kiss to Laxus’ forehead. When they were standing in front of each other he unfortunately was unable to do so- being almost one head shorter than him even though being perfect average height himself. Oversized guy, honestly. But that didn’t dimish his love for him one bit. If anything it could also have its nice aspects.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it.”

“‘Course I did.” He was with the man he loved after all. Oh, good Freed couldn’t hear this kitschy thought right now.

“I love you.”

“Love ya, too,” Laxus replied with a smile that only ever Freed got to see and then they gently pressed their foreheads together.

Their breaths had calmed down, all tension removed from their bodies and comfortable silence settled between the two men for a while. All they did was to remain half-entangled, listen to each other’s breathing and share the warmth of their presence. It was perfection in its own way, one neither of the two would ever trade for anything else.

Cerulean half-lidded eyes gazed into orange ones lovingly, barely visible but soft smiles gracing their features. If anyone could see them right now… They’d probably never expected to see such a cheesy scene between these two ever. Then again there were quite a few tough guys with a reeeeally soft core at Fairy Tail.

Then Freed’s nose twitched softly and for a moment it looked like his smile was about to widen… or was he about to say something?

No, it was neither.

Because all of a sudden he had to sneeze, something bothering his nose, and without any chance to suppress it he suddenly let out a noise and- smacked foreheads with Laxus in the process as his head whipped forward a little.

Another noise could instantly be heard. The blond shifted back a bit, the two men inching away from each other slightly and a hand came to his forehead instinctly. Growling Laxus rubbed the skin and while Freed too felt the spark of pain he rather focused on what he had just accidentally done to Laxus. Dammit!

Crap- Laxus, are you alright?!” Swiftly rubbing his own forehead and barely keeping a grumble of his own from slipping past his lips he sat up, looking down at the broader man who had rolled away ever so slightly. “I’m going to get you some i-”

“I’m fine!” The blond protested instantly before a snort could be heard. “Dammit Freed.”

“I’m sorry!”

But then Laxus was suddenly chuckling, even more so as he spotted Freed’s confused look. Man, that fucking hurt! But he couldn’t believe his boyfriend had just ruined the moment with a damn sneeze.

“What–” Though before he could question anything the rune mage briefly averted his eyes, huffing in what looked like exasperation at first before he too began to chuckle quietly. This… had definitely never happened before. “I’m really sorry, Laxus.”

“Yea, yea.”

They both were chuckling deeply for another moment, Laxus rubbing his forehead once more and then he pulled Freed back down to him, successfully educing a surprised sound. “It ain’t ice I need. But ya could kiss it better.”

“Idiot,” Freed snorted but smirked softly.

“Who’s the one who’s knocked his forehead against mine because he sneezed?”

“You will never let me live this down, will you?”

“No.” And Laxus grinned, arms wrapping around the other male just before he could feel Freed’s lips against his forehead once more after all. That was much better. And much more gentle than the previous touch…

I’m still left in a state of unease. I can’t seem to come to terms with the death of Chris Cornell, but I think there are various reasons why.
Nobody expected it.
No one.

I woke up Thursday morning, rolled over in my bed to the gleaming light of my phone with my father informing me at 5:37 AM he passed away. And it left me stunned. Not to say I did not have a similar reaction when I found out about Scott Weiland, but upon realizing the incident was drug related, it shook me, but did not take me for surprise. It made me upset that he returned to the path of that demise. Which all ties into why this incident hurts me so much. I saw Cornell (and Vedder) as the two who were to grow of age and overcome, crawling out of the desolate path of grunge apathy and drug fueled scene that struck Seattle in the 90’s taking out loved souls.
Andrew Wood.
Stephanie Sargent.
Mia Zapata.
Kurt Cobain.
Kristen Pfaff.
Shannon Hoon.
Demri Parrott.
Layne Staley.
Scott Weiland.

(And I’m sure I’m missing others.)
I saw Cornell as the man who made it out.
So hearing on Thursday afternoon that suicide was called into question took a jab at the heart. We need to sit down and consider poor mental health, since the silent killer of depression took him. This man, and Soundgarden as a whole played an integral part of me growing up, despite me only existing for a blink of an eye in the 90s. I’m a ‘99 kid. But my parents launched me into the music, mainly my father, and I caught it all in a second hand wave– the aftermath of most of it. Driving down the beach with my family in the early to mid 2000’s, cranking “Burden in my Hand” or “Blow Up the Outside World” through the worn speakers of our Toyota. The sun beating down on us. Asking my father “When is Soundgarden ever getting back together?“ Then seeing my face light up at 11 years old when I saw on a music channel they were finally back together. I tried convincing my father after seeing Pearl Jam and Alice In Chains that it was our absolute mission to catch Soundgarden live. But time just didn’t work out that way. This is what resonates time again when I’m feeling nostalgic.

This summer I’ll still be driving down to the beach in my car, (now turning 18 in June) to my old Soundgarden A-sides compilation album my father gave me a long time ago. Windows down, and a smile on my face. I’m hurt. But like others who passed in the 90s, they are apart of me. The music created here, made me realize who I am.

#13- “Baby, I’ve said I’m sorry” WWE Prompt

From anon: “#13 with Noam Dar”

Author’s Note- Angst with a little bit of Fluff in the beginning 

TAG LIST!!!: @allgirlswrestlingclub @ilovesamizaynn @wweismyguiltypleasure

Y/n ran to catch up with her tag team partner for the night Cedric Alexander. Tonight was a mixed tag match between them and Noam Dar and Alicia Fox. Even though Noam and y/n were dating, she knew that Alicia and him were just a story line, nothing more. 

“Hey Cedric, ready to win?”

He smirked down at me before his music hit.

“Hell yeah girl, ready to show ‘em what you’re made of.”

He patted her shoulder before going out. She stood in gorilla waiting for her music to hit when she felt strong hands wrap around her waist.

“Can’t wait to be on you’re team later tonight.”

She smiled and turned in the strong arms of her Scottish Supernova, Noam Dar. She quickly pecked his lips and wriggled out of his grasp.

“Get ready for a fight Dar.”

She winked at him as her music hit, and she ran through the curtain.


 The match was in the closing minutes and Cedric had Noam in a submission lock when Alicia gets in the ring to kick Cedric, causing him to break the hold. Y/n comes in and drop kicks Alicia making her fall out of the ring. Dar gets up and y/n smirks at him before giving him her finisher (a superkick.) Dar gets caught completely off guard and Cedric grabs a stunned Noam to give him a Lumbar Check for the win. The ref raises their hands as Noam and Alicia groan on the outside of the ring. 


Back at the hotel, Noam and Y/n open the door to their room, with Noam going straight to the bed not saying a word.

Baby, I’ve said I’m sorry.”

He shrugs and turns his head away from her. 

“Noam, you have got to be kidding me. Why are you still angry with me?”

“Oh I don’t know y/n, maybe because you superkicked me in ma face? I mean why am I not surprised.”

“And what the hell does that mean?”

“I saw how you and Cedric were backstage and at the end of the match.”

Noam sits up on the edge of the bed shooting daggers at y/n.

“Cedric and I?! Are you kidding me?? I have not once said a damn thing about you and Alicia Foooooox”

She said mocking his Scottish accent, causing him to stand up.

“I am only with Alicia because she actually cares about me. I felt abandoned by you and all your glory. Getting championship opportunities, main eventing, I felt like you didnt have time for me anymore.”

Y/n stands there shocked at his confession.

“Are you telling me that you are actually sleepin with Alicia cause you were jealous and sad?”

He stands there silent, now avoiding her eyes.

“Well, that’s my cue then. Noam, you can fuck yourself. This is through.”

“But wait y/n…”

“No you have officially lost your chance to say anything. Had you actually wanted to talk to me about all this instead of cheat on me, well then maybe you could have had a chance. But since you decided to cheat, you are scum and are dead to me. Bye Noam, see you at Raw since we will still have to work together.”

“Where are you gonna stay?”

“Anyway but here.”

Ello! Hope you all enjoyed this angst Noam imagine/drabble!!

Again, I just want to say that I am so thankful for all of you guys, my followers, and people who just like or even read my work. As a writer, it means the world to me and hope you all know that <3

So back to the task at hand. For the Prompts: WWE- give me a wrestler and a number and anything you want included and I will do it (unless the number has already been taken). Writing- Give me any character, any fandom, number and whatever you would like in it (unless the number is already taken). Inbox, or message me your ideas. I would love to hear them :)

I also want to point out that these prompt lists are not my original and I did reblog them from other people.

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Okay…So i was just on YouTube as i usually am and I came across a video called “Reasons To Not Ship Westallen”. What stuns me is that in the description of the video they say how hard is it to write a healthy, happy relationship with likable characters. No surprise though that this person instead ships Snowbarry (like that is a more healthy relationship). I’m sorry but Westallen is the definition of a healthy and happy relationship. They’re the Golden Standard of couples and easily the best DC CW superhero relationship (in my opinion).

Approaching Sun (5)

Author’s Note: Again, sorry for the wait. I have been reading your guys’ reviews and am thoroughly touched by what you have had to say! I wish I could respond to them individually to thank you guys for your thoughts, but am unfortunately getting by on very little time. So, thank you so so so much! I appreciate you!

I hope you enjoy this chapter. It’s the longest one yet (trust me, I know they’re short. The wait will be worth it!) Also, I picture Kakashi to be the kind of mentor/hokage who can’t help but meddle in the lives of his students. I don’t know why, but I picture him as the type of sensei who continues to keep a close eye on his mentees and watches out for them.

***This fic is tightly adapted to Sasuke Shinden and Sakura Hiden. Please read the novels or refer to the summaries. I’m tired of waiting for their story, so have decided to write it myself.

Pairing: SasuSaku

Summary: After 2 years, Sasuke returns to the village where friends anxiously await him. Still troubled by the mysteries of Kaguya and his personal guilt, Sasuke is split between friends and his journey. One specific pink-haired individual has perhaps waited for him with far more dedication than anyone else. Troubled by rising casualties and international dependence on her abilities, Sakura is torn between her love for Sasuke and her duty to her village.

 (Chapter 1) (Chapter 2) (Chapter 3) (Chapter 4)

Chapter 5: “Sunshine and Rain”

Sasuke frowned at the red and white fan displayed on the stone in front of him. The last time he had visited this place, he had come with Orochimaru and Taka in order to reanimate the first four hokage and learn what the purpose of a village was. His family’s district had been in rubbles and Sasuke had barely managed to locate the stone door that concealed a hidden meeting place beneath the shattered structure of his clan’s Nakano shrine. When the Akatsuki had showed up to claim Naruto, the village was completely destroyed by Pein. Despite its location on the outskirts of the village, the Uchiha compound hadn’t escaped destruction.

Now, it had been cleared from the shattered pieces of wood and stone that had piled on top of each other. In its place rested an expanse of endless green, free from buildings or any familiar structures that Sasuke remembered from his childhood. There was a sudden sadness that overtook him as he remembered his childhood home and the people who used to occupy the space before him. Other than the memorial before him, there was no lingering evidence of the clan who once lived here.  And yet, there was a part of Sasuke that was relieved when he saw the place of his family’s massacre wiped from the face of the earth.  

After he had left Sakura’s several nights ago, he had turned towards the Uchiha compound. Just as he arrived at the border, he had suddenly redirected his path towards the forest surrounding the district. He had been weary from his travel and didn’t want to face the ruins of his clan that night. Not in the dark, where the memories of his family’s death would have surely haunted him. Instead, he decided to camp out among the trees for a few days until he was ready. It had become a common practice of his, sleeping in the forest. Despite Kakashi’s efforts to provide him with a room, the Uchiha had insisted against it. What was the point, he had thought. It wasn’t like he was staying long, anyway.

Now, as he looked at the memorial, his thoughts flashed back to the Konoha Military Police Force building. It had been in the same location as the previous one. Had that building escaped the demolition or had they simply rebuilt it the exact way it had been before? The Uchiha crest that he had evaluated just a few days ago stuck out strongly in his thoughts. What was the point of rebuilding it with the Uchiha crest just as it had been when the clan served as the police force?

“I had a hunch you might be here.”

Sasuke turned slowly to face the ninja who had suddenly appeared behind him, unsurprised. Of course, Kakashi always had a way of showing up when he was least expected–or wanted, for that matter.

“And I suppose you are looking for me, for a reason?” he replied. It came off more disrespectful than Sasuke had meant it. But it was still better than all the snide comments that had come to the surface of his tongue upon being interrupted by his former sensei. Despite his efforts to change, Sasuke supposed that he would always possess that signature sarcasm of his.

The white haired man came to stand beside him and together they appraised the memorial.

After a few minutes of silence, “Actually, I’m not the only one who has been looking for you.” Sasuke received this comment with even more silence. They both knew who Kakashi was referring to. Sasuke had been purposefully avoiding Sakura’s bright charka signature ever since he had walked her home a few nights back. It hadn’t been too difficult, considering her almost 24 hour presence at the hospital. The hospital was the area he had been staying the farthest away from. Not only was he avoiding Sakura, but he had been dodging anyone whom he had past connections with, especially those who maintained contact with the pink haired kunoichi.

Not receiving any response, Kakashi continued, “I’m here because I’ve recently received word from Yamato. He says I have a significant number of ninja who are seeking to become Konoha citizens, thanks to you.”

Sasuke looked at the Hokage then, understanding dawning on his features. He made an effort not to look even slightly sorry. Instead, the Uchiha smirked and said, “Well, what was I supposed to do? Leave them how they were?”

The ninja Yamato was referring to were the ninja Sasuke had recently released from their bounds to their previous “owners” in a place called the Coliseum. Located on an unmapped island in the middle of the ocean, wealthy individuals gathered at this place to fight their ninja against competing ninja. The rules were that if a ninja was to lose in one of these fights, the owner of the victorious ninja received the losing ninja as their own. If a particularly strong ninja were to partake in the fight, different owners would offer up their strongest ninja in battle in order to acquire the ninja for their team. This was how they advanced their power. He had visited this place with Orochimaru in order to meet Oyashiro En, the leader of Bright Lightning Group’s original owner. He had been rumored to collect kekkei genkai and Orochimaru had entered Sasuke in the fight–without his knowledge–with the hope that Sasuke’s sharingan might draw the man out. Oyashiro took the bait and Sasuke defeated the man’s ninja that had been pitted against him. During the meeting with the repulsive man, Sasuke had acquired the information he sought about Bright Lightning Group. Afterwards, he challenged all the owners in the coliseum, offering the Uchiha kekkei genkai to any who were brave enough to put their ninja forward. In the end, he had been victorious against them all, had acquired them as his own, then set them free. Of course, Yamato, being in constant surveillance of Orochimaur’s activity, was nearby and Sasuke entrusted him with the freed ninja.

Kakashi lowered his Hokage’s hat, turning to look Sasuke squarely in the face. The mask on his face didn’t hide the prominent lines of a smile as he said, “I suppose not. It seems you are doing the right things this time around.”

A palm landed firmly on his left shoulder, and Sasuke couldn’t help but widen his eyes at the sudden contact from his former sensei. It had been years since he had received a compliment from anyone, let alone any form of physical contact. It was even more surprising coming from Kakashi, a man Sasuke had once believed to be far too disappointed in the Uchiha’s past to acknowledge their previous bond.

As if reading his mind, the white-haired ninja spoke, “With everything that’s happened recently and seeing how much you are making a difference in peoples’ lives, I just want to tell you that I am proud of you. It’s good to have the old Sasuke back.”

As Kakashi removed his hand and began to walk away, Sasuke was stunned at the words still ringing in his ears as they worked their way into his heart. His gaze followed his former sensei as he walked towards the direction he had come.

“Oh,” Kakashi added, turning back to face him. “I suppose since you’re the reason for all our new citizens, you won’t mind helping me welcome them to Konohagakure.”

Sasuke’s momentary shock faded at hearing this but before he could interject his argument, the Hokage waved and quickly said, “See you at the gates bright and early day after tomorrow.” He quickly disappeared.

“Tch,” Sasuke grumbled, turning promptly back to face the Uchiha crest memorial. Smooth Kakashi, praising him just before assigning him work to do. Unbelievable. Grabbing his left shoulder, the Uchiha couldn’t help let a smile escape as he replayed Kakashi’s words in his mind.  

Standing alone in the tall grass, the breeze tossing his hair across his eyes, Sasuke glanced up at the sun. It was warm on his face and Sasuke found that he quite liked the feeling of it. Everything seemed a little brighter these days, a little warmer. For so long, Sasuke had lived in darkness, numb to all feeling except for the hate that guided his path as an avenger. As if he had been stuck in perpetual winter, the sun seemed to be revealing itself to him a little more each day, approaching him, causing a spring of feeling to rejuvenate him.


After Kakashi had left her that night, Sakura found herself not being able to sleep again. Her thoughts kept wondering to Sasuke as she thought about him leaving the village again. She wanted nothing more than to seek him out. Unfortunately, his chakra was nearly nonexistent, as he kept it completely concealed. The only reason she knew he was still in the village, was because Kakahi told her to “go visit a friend.” If there was one person the Uchiha had to stay in contact with, it would be the Hokage.

The day after that, Sakura had been so tired that she slept throughout the entire day. She would wake up to eat, use the bathroom, and she even attempted to get up and sit on the couch at one point but ended up falling asleep again. She hadn’t realized just how tired she had been and was relieved to feel her chakra replenishing slowly.

At the crack of dawn, the following morning, Sakura was wakened by the faint streams of light spilling across her face from her window. Despite the birds singing outside, Sakura could hear the steady “pit-pat” of the rain on her roof. Glancing out the small window on the left side of her bed, Sakura watched the rain hit her windowsill for a few minutes, then quickly decided to open the window to sit out a little pot of flowers that Ino had given her under one of the drops that was spilling off the awning. She frowned at the sight of her wilting flowers.

Glancing around her apartment, Sakura noticed that like her flowers, her apartment had also been neglected.  Unfortunately, due to her almost consistent pace at work, Sakura hadn’t been able to clean her apartment in some time. There were clothes towering in the corner of her room, dishes piled in the sink, and thin layer of dust on almost every surface. She sighed at the sight of it, knowing what her mother would say if she were to see her daughter living in this state. Well, it was decided then.

Jumping out of bed, Sakura tied her hair up, changed into some cleaning clothes, and set to work. The rain was a lulling sound and even though she spent hours scrubbing and washing, the noise eased her mind and she began to feel a little of the stress lift off of her shoulders. At one point, Sakura wanted to open all the windows so the rain could come make its noise inside, but she knew that would be a silly thing to do.

Instead, she decided to cook. It wouldn’t be long before her food would go bad. She hadn’t eaten much the past few days and a lot of her groceries had already expired. Deciding to cook all of what she had left, Sakura ended up making enough food to feed an entire family. As she chopped the tomatoes, she couldn’t help but think of the ninja whose favorite food was the red fruit. She remembered Naruto arguing with the Uchiha about whether or not it was a vegetable or fruit. Of course, they had asked her and she told them it was a fruit. She smiled at the fond memory.

Glancing out the kitchen window, Sakura noted that the rain was beginning to get a little heavier. Where was that certain Uchiha right now? What would he be doing? She looked at all the food around her. Well, she could take him something to eat—it was the perfect excuse. If she went looking for him now, would she even find him?

Slipping into the rain coat hanging next to her door, Sakura cradled the bento close to her body to avoid getting it wet. Stepping out into the rain, she glanced in the direction of the Uchiha compound. Well, it was a good place to start.

Sakura was a lot closer to the compound now, being on this side of the village. Why she had moved closer, she had no idea. Maybe it was because she wanted to completely separate from her parents, or perhaps she wanted to live as far away from her other friends as she possibly could. It was difficult for Sakura, seeing everyone move on and find happiness while she waited and waited for the same man who was here and now avoiding her. What did she do in her past life to deserve falling in love with a man who had no desire for her? Would she ever find her own happiness?

When Sasuke was in prison, Sakura had often tried to visit him. She wasn’t allowed to see him except for the occasional “check-up” appointment that she was allowed to perform in order to make sure he was healthy and not rotting away behind bars. He would perk up slightly when he sensed her chakra signature enter the building and it broke her heart to see the man she loved bound the way that he was with a seal over his eyes. How they had ever managed to reduce him to such a state, was simply because he let them. She would touch his shoulder kindly and ask him all the procedural questions a doctor would ask their patient. She wasn’t allowed more than 40 minutes at a time with him, but in those 40 minutes she would tell him what was going on outside with everyone. Sometimes, but more rarely, would he participate in conversation with her. Once, hearing the guards’ footsteps returning, Sasuke leaned towards her, asking “When will you come back?” She hadn’t been able to give him a definite answer.

Looking down at the package in her hand, she wished she would have been able to do more for him back then. The only thing she had ever been able to do was work her hardest and wait for him. Would there ever be a day where she could walk by his side, assisting him on his journey?

After a few wet minutes in the rain, Sakura looked up at the small wooden entrance that read “Uchiha.” Carved into the supporting posts were two red and white fans, the Uchiha family crest. Well, Sakura thought, here we go. Stepping through the entrance, Sakura found herself staring out at a field of tall grass. She looked left and right, not seeing anyone. He heart sank a little but then she noticed that in the center, rising from the grass, stood a large pillar of stone emblazoned with the Uchiha crest. As Sakura got closer, she could see that the names of every Uchiha had been etched onto its surface. It surprised Sakura to see. She had been here after the destruction had been cleared but never saw the memorial. In fact, she had the feeling that nobody had. Did Kakashi do this? It was something she could see her former sensei doing. She supposed he did it in secret to protect it from would be violators, those who held a grudge against the Uchiha clan.

Squinting in the rain, she reached out to touch its surface. It was cold and wet as the rain bounced off of it. A feeling of sadness overcame Sakura as she trailed her fingers down the list of names, coming to rest over “Uchiha Itachi” and then “Sasuke Uchiha” whose name was at the very bottom of the list.


She jumped away from it, jerking around on reflex. The bento she had been carrying fell from her hands, the contents spilling out onto the grass. She pulled her hood back from her face to see the figure standing before her.

A rain-drenched Sasuke stood staring at her, a touch of confusion in his features. His coat was completely soaked and water poured from his bangs, running down the sides of his cheeks. For a second, the rain almost made it look like Sasuke was crying, and Sakura couldn’t help but realize where she was and imagine what a young, distraught little Uchiha experienced in this place.

“Sasuke?” she called out to him, raising her voice a little over the developing rain. She bent down, scooping up the spilt contents back into its box. “You frightened me.”

“What are you doing here?” he asked, taking a step towards her.

“I came to bring you some food” she gestured to the bento, trying to smile at him through the sheets of rain. “I didn’t think I would actually find you, though. I’m sorry it’s ruined.”

“Come on,” he said tiredly, waving her to follow him. She quickly did so and followed him towards the woods, wondering what she had done wrong. Sasuke took them to the thickest part of the forest where the trees blanketed the sky, shielding them from most of the rain. He stopped at a large tree, taking his coat off and hanging it on a branch. She glanced around her feet, noting the remains of a campfire and a disassembled structure which she assumed was some kind of tent. Realization suddenly dawned on her.

“Sasuke, you’re not sleeping out here, are you?”

He glanced over at her, then sat down, leaning his back against the tree. After a long second, he replied, “It suits me.”

She frowned at the sight of him, dirty and wet. When was the last time he had gotten to rest in a proper house? When was the last time he had access to running water and fresh food? She shook her head in disbelief.

“Did Kakashi not–”

“Yes,” he interrupted, redirecting his gaze away from her, “he did. I refused.”

She squatted down, making herself level with him and saying, “But you’re drenched.”

His eyes flashed over at her, slight annoyance sharpening his voice as he replied, “I wouldn’t be, had someone not been standing like an idiot in the rain. Aren’t medic ninja supposed to know something about colds?”

She frowned at him, narrowing her eyes at his attitude. Had coming here really made him this annoyed with her? If he hadn’t concealed his chakra, if he hadn’t made every attempt to avoid her since walking her home that night, then she wouldn’t have had to stand out in the rain like a total idiot. She refused to tell him these things. She also resisted the urge to throw the remains of the bento box at his face. Her scowl softened slightly when she noticed the dark circles under his eyes and the rigid way he held his body, all signs of fatigue.

Suddenly, she grabbed his coat from the branch and threw it at him instead. He caught it, his only visible eyebrow raising in surprise.

“Come with me. You need a shower.”  

Episode recap/review 12.19: "The Future"

THEN: Oh, goody. It’s going to be a mytharc episode.

NOW: Sad, dirty Kelly Kline is being force-fed vitamins by Dagon. Dagon reminds her again that she’s going to die when the Lucifetus is born, and I wonder again why she would have showed her hand like that. She had Kelly right where she wanted her; a willing, compliant, trusting incubator. Why did she throw that away? She nags Kelly into taking a bath, in the saddest bathroom ever, complete with broken mirror. Kelly fills the rusty tub with a garden hose, apologizes to her unborn baby, takes a shard of the broken mirror, and slits her wrist.

Title card!

We have a lovely montage of Sam in the bunker, in full-blown research mode, looking through books and writing arcane markings on the map room table and just looking absolutely fantastic. He’s wearing a black button-up shirt with no apparent t-shirt underneath, and he’s extra scruffy. Not “The Born Again Identity” levels of scruffy, but scruffier than we normally see him, and it’s marvelous. I don’t know if it’s supposed to indicate something wrong, some level of obsession or lack of self care, but daaaaaamn. It’s fantastic.

The future looks fucking awesome, my friends.

Dean shows up, equally dark, also a bit scruffy (thank you baby Jesus) and is impressed by Sam’s work. Since he hasn’t seen any of it, either he’s been away, or Sam did all of this overnight. I’m going with B. He calls Sam “Beautiful Mind,” which I believe last happened when Sam was first having halluciferinations, and I know there’s no reason to assume this episode’s writer is actually aware of that. It’s probably a coincidence. But in a season full of callouts to earlier (better) days, it makes me wonder.

Sam’s been figuring out when the Lucifetus will be born, which doesn’t explain the symbols written all over the table, but that’s okay. We will deal. It does explain why we saw him circling the number 18, because he’s predicted the nephilim is due on May 18, which is coincidentally the day of the season finale.

(Sidebar: I’ve complained before about Entertainment Weekly ignoring SPN when they have roundups of the best shows to watch this week, season premieres, season finales, etc. This week’s EW actually did have a blurb about the SPN season finale. And I couldn’t read it because spoilers. File this under “be careful what you wish for.” Or maybe under “seriously, she’s never satisfied.”)

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