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I will be studying Fashion Cultures from September, leading to my research on the archetypes of Star Wars costume!

Don’t mind me, I’m just sitting here contemplating the difference between I don’t take orders from you and If I’m on the list, you’re on the list because just, like, think about that.  By the time Finn died, Bellamy knew he loved Clarke, right?  You can argue about it being romantic love or not, but she was definitely his Person by that point, and he when suggested going on a suicide mission she shut him down.  And he snapped I don’t take orders from you because, well, he loves her but his life is expendable and this makes the most sense.  And then she says because I can’t lose you too and he doesn’t really have a response.  He knew what she meant to him, but Clarke saying no your life matters to me is still a little too much for him to fully process.

But in 403, Bellamy has already announced his intention to participate in a slow-motion suicide mission by declining a place on the Ark.  He delivers the news as if it’s already been decided and Clarke once again challenges him, but they don’t really get into it until later that day.   He says okay, you want me to live?  Then you live too.  We’re a package deal now, and when Clarke can’t bring herself to agree, he writes her name for her.  He agrees to let her save him only on the condition that he gets to save her too.  He’s not even that surprised that she wants to save him and I suggest it’s because because he knows she loves him.  And now it’s Clarke’s turn to be just a little bit speechless as Bellamy makes it perfectly clear how much he loves her.


sixofcrowsnw challenge: take two
FEBRUARY 14-20: best moment of your otp

Nina x Matthias

“I am grateful you’re alive,” he said. “I am grateful you’re beside me. I am grateful that you’re eating .”
    She rested her head on his shoulder. “You’re better than waffles, Matthias Helvar.”
    A small smile curled the Fjerdan’s lips. “Let’s not say things we don’t mean, my love.”

Inej x Kaz

“Come with me,” she said. “Come meet them.” 
     Kaz nodded as if steeling himself, flexed his fingers once more. 
     “Wait,” he said. The burn of his voice was rougher than usual. “Is my tie straight?” 
     Inej laughed, her hood falling back from her hair.  
     “That’s the laugh,” he murmured, but she was already setting off down the quay, her feet barely touching the ground.

Wylan x Jesper

Jesper leaned in and said, quietly enough that no one else could hear, “I can read to him.” 
     “He has a very soothing baritone,” added Wylan, and then the guards were hauling his father down the aisle.

I can’t stop thinking about what Astrid’s conversation with Viggo must have been like on their way up to the volcano. Did he try to get inside her head before he restrained her, like he did with Hiccup? I keep imagining some kind of parallel conversation to the one Hiccup heard earlier:

“Oh Astrid, relationships can be so complicated. Am I right? While I’ve never been in your shoes I can certainly empathize with your situation.”

“Really, Viggo? I seriously doubt that.”

“Absolutely. To be in love with a man who will be your future chief? I’m not sure how I would balance such a precarious power dynamic. It can certainly complicate things, being in such a situation that blurs the lines between desire and duty. It must weigh heavy on the mind, knowing that you will never truly be the number one priority in his life. Certainly you must fall somewhere close behind his dragons and his tribe, at the very least?

Wowza. Angst alert. 

ok but magnus canonically feeds stray cats and lets them hang out on his balcony/rooftop and he talks to them and makes little noises at them and spoils them and just!!!!! i know harry is allergic so i totally understand, support and respect why they can’t have chairman or church like, hanging around magnus’ apartment all the time, but it means a lot to me that they still show him as a lover of cats, even if it’s just in the simple fact that he feeds stray cats. like. magnus as a cat person is really important to me so it’s rly nice to have that in show canon.

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Hi! Saw your last book post and could you maybe post Brianna telling Jamie that she is pregnant or Brianna giving birth? Still have to buy the books but I just love spoilers so :D

Yes, of course.  Um… let’s go with Brianna telling Jamie she’s pregnant. At this point Claire knows and Bree is very nervous to tell Jamie.

Ciamar a tha tu, mo chridhe?” he said suddenly. It was his customary greeting to her, the beginning of their evening Gaelic lesson, but his voice was different tonight; soft, and very gentle. How are you, darling? His hand turned and covered hers, cradling her long fingers. 

Tha mi gle mhath, athair,” she replied, looking a bit surprised. I am well, Father. Normally he began the lesson after dinner. 

Slowly he reached out with his other hand and rested it gently on her stomach. 

An e ’n fhirinn a th’agad?” he asked. Do you tell me true? I closed my eyes and let out a breath I didn’t realize I’d been holding. No need to break all the news, after all. And now I knew the reason for his taut-strung strangeness; he knew, and whatever the knowledge cost him to hold, hold it he would, and treat her gently. 

She didn’t know enough Gaelic yet to tell what he’d asked, but she knew well enough what he meant. She stared at him for a moment, frozen, then lifted his sound hand to her cheek and bent her head over it, the loose hair hiding her face. 

“Oh, Da,” she said, very quietly. “I’m sorry.” 

She sat quite still, holding to his hand as though it were a lifeline. 

“Ah, now, m’ annsachd,” he said softly, “it will be all right.” 

“No, it won’t,” she said, her voice small but clear. “It can’t ever be right. You know that.” 

He glanced at me out of habit, but only briefly. I couldn’t tell him what to do, now. He drew a deep breath, took her by the shoulder and gave her a gentle shake. 

“All I know,” he said softly, “is that I’m here by ye, and your mother, too. We willna see ye shamed or hurt. Not ever. D’ye hear me?” 

She didn’t answer or look up, but kept her eyes on her lap, her face hidden by the rich fall of her hair. A maiden’s hair, thick and unbound. His hand traced the shining curve of her head, then his fingers trailed along her jaw and lifted her chin so her eyes looked into his. 

“Lizzie’s right?” he asked gently. “It was rape?” 

She pulled her chin away and looked down at her knotted hands, the gesture as much an admission as her nod. 

“I didn’t think she knew. I didn’t tell her.” 

“She guessed. But it’s no your fault, and dinna ever think so,” he said firmly. “Come here to me, a leannan.” He reached for her, and gathered her awkwardly onto his knee. 

The oakwood creaked alarmingly under their combined weight, but Jamie had built it after his usual sturdy fashion; it could have held six of him. Tall as Brianna was, she looked almost small cradled in his arms, her head tucked into the curve of his shoulder. He stroked her hair gently, and murmured small things to her, half in Gaelic. 

“I’ll see ye safe marrit, and your bairn wi’ a good father,” he murmured to her. “I swear it to ye, a nighean.” 

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  • Aaron: (knocking) Cain, you'd better get me out of here now! Cain!
  • Robert: (opening the boot) Happy surprise wedding day. So are you gonna marry me or are you gonna stay in there sulking? (Aaron climbs out of the car)
  • Chas: Sorry, love.
  • Aaron: What is wrong with you?
  • Cain: Ask him.
  • Robert: I wanted it to be a surprise. You should know better than to stand near the back end of a car, given our history.
  • Aaron: Robert, this isn't funny.
  • Robert: No. So are we getting married or what?
  • Aaron: Now?
  • Robert: Yeah. If you'll still have me. (Aaron walks away) Aaron? Aaron, wait up. What...? Aaron, where are you going?
  • Aaron: I'm not gonna get married in these overalls like some dirty little grease monkey, am I?
  • Robert: I'll wait.

Jack, words cannot describe how much you mean to me and how big of an impact you’ve had on my life. I have noticed a change in who I am as a person and in my behavior, because of YOU. I’ve overcome some of the negative aspects and behaviors of myself that I didn’t even realize were weighing me down: my judgmental attitude, my self-image, and so much more. I’ve become a much more accepting and positive person because of you and this community.

I just want you to know that we are still here supporting you! I know it’s been absolute chaos and drama this past week, but the community is still here, supporting you! We love you, Jack, and we’ll always be right by your side, even through rough times like this! <3

Ten people I found because of Jack are: @super-magical-wizard, @delightful-jackaboy, @nattsepticeye, @septiccommunity, @youtubeswarriors, @theyoutubersart, @jacksepticeyegifs, @somerandomflamingo, @thean0nym0usmusician, and @scribblow :) All of you wonderful people are so awesome and I’m so glad that I got the chance to meet you guys!

(Also, yes, I look like a complete goof in that picture xD)

Before The Light Seeps Into The Windows (An Adlock Fanfiction)

(As I am cleansing my soul against the past few toxic things that has been going on in the tags of this fandom, I decided to write more fanfiction. I honestly enjoyed writing the two involving Mary, and as I love her so much, I decided to have her as the center (sort of) of this fic. Warning though, this can get really sad as this is based on my own experience of grief so…. erm…. Still, hope you enjoy, loves! xx)

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Sherlock could still hear the gunshot echoing in his ears. 

Every step felt cold and numb, his mind replaying how the light left Mary Watson’s blue eyes. 

“I so like you. Did I ever say?”

There was so much pain in her voice. So much suffering. And she never deserved any of it. She was supposed to grow old and happy, from taking her daughter to school to taking photographs of Rosie before her wedding day. 

She was supposed to spend her years teasing John about how his hair had gone grey before her, or how he always forgets to buy some milk when he shops.

So how could Sherlock not feel responsible?

He remembered the first time he met her, ever so calm and accepting. With her genuine smile, she told him that she would help him have the only friend he ever had back, and he felt so foolish to have never thanked her. 

But now it’s already too late. 

How could she have given value to him – a sociopath who cares for no one – whose heart was cold and whose brain was fixated on people’s flaws than triumphs?  

Him, who is an addict, whose fix was to be exhilarated by other people’s demise and death?

Baker Street felt hollow. Upon hearing the news of her passing, everyone rushed to give John the comfort he could not provide. He was shut out by the man who used to believe in the best of him, and he had every right to do so. 

He didn’t even dare open the lights. As soon as he reached his flat, he felt his knees fall to the ground, hysterical sobs inevitably escaping his lips. 

His lungs felt like they were losing air, his entire body trembling. Before he could lose his tether to reality, he reached for his phone, calling the one person he had ever addressed the familiar emotion of grief to. 

Irene Adler. 

After three rings, the other line on the phone opened. 

“Mr. Holmes, I wasn’t –” Irene started off with a playful greeting, but once she heard the uncontrolled despair from Sherlock’s breathing, she was filled with alarm. “Sherlock, what happened?”

Sherlock could feel himself trembling more violently now, the image of blood and water filling in his senses. “I – I killed her. Mary… I killed her.”

“Oh my goodness! That can’t… No, darling. You couldn’t have…. Tell me what happened.” Irene replied, her voice filled with confusion and concern.

“For someone who claims to be smart, I can’t even comprehend that she’s gone… How can she be gone?” his voice was full of spite and poison.

Tears continuously fell down the his cheeks, one of his hands balled into a fist and the other holding the phone rather harshly. 

“I was just talking to her earlier. I was just standing next to her. And she merited value in my life by taking a bullet in my place… A bullet I was so arrogantly asking for…”

“Sherlock, please don’t say that. Please…” Irene was at a loss, her voice also breaking. 

“She is… she is my friend… And I made a vow to her… and John…” Sherlock continued, unable to even hold the phone right in his anguish. It fell to the floor, the light coming from its screen casting more haunting shadows against the dim walls. 

Sherlock gripped his hair, anger towards himself filling him completely. His sobs echoed through the halls, tired eyes unforgiving. Irene Adler stayed on the line the entire night, patiently waiting for him to pick the phone back up. 

Alas, when he did, she had five words ready for him: “Expect me in the morning.”

But she arrived much earlier, just a couple of hours shy from their last conversation, much too early for the light to seep into the windows. Sherlock had his face buried in his hands as he sat on his chair, face pale from exhaustion and eyes red from crying. Irene saw a couple of boxes in front of him, and a syringe, obvious implications of why he managed to calm himself down despite the earlier outburst of emotions. 

She knelt in front of him, much like how that exciting exchange in Coventry happened so many years ago in front of the same fireplace, knowing how much has changed since then. 

This was Sherlock’s first ever experience of grief – grief that he understood and accepted – which in contrast to what he felt for her fake death before, is much more pronounced and amplified. Irene completely believed that he called her for this very reason, for although the impact of the two instances are obviously approached differently, it is of the same nature. 

Her hand touched his, warm and gentle, causing him to look down to meet her eyes. 

She simply gave him a kind smile, and he could tell she also spent some time crying for Mary, whom despite having only met once, had she learned to loved instantly. Still, he appreciated how she was holding up considerably for his sake. 

He read into her expression that she was not rushing him to talk, and was merely offering her company. Taking her hand in his, he felt himself losing control of his emotions once more, his hold on her tightening as if it was the only thing keeping him upright in his seat. 

Irene’s other hand reached for Sherlock’s shoulder, her fingers squeezing it softly, holding him together. The detective felt frail and broken against her touch, and she was trying hard not to let her own tears fall even if her mind, she could also picture Mary Watson’s lifeless body. 

“This… hurts… so much.” Sherlock breathed against her hair, and Irene simply gave a nod, stroking his hair gently.

“I know… I know… But you should never blame yourself. Don’t.” Irene whispered, her hands cupping the sides of Sherlock’s face.

The detective’s head hung low, his agony evident in all his features. “It was much more easier when I didn’t know that what I was feeling was grief.”

Irene gave a soft laugh. “Some things are much easier when you don’t know much about them. That’s why it’s so easy to simply not get involved.You always win. You always overcome. You said it yourself… Sentiment. But feeling… and loving very deeply… Would you really say that you lost?” 

Another tear fell from Sherlock’s eye. “She wasn’t supposed to die.”

Irene nodded. “I know.”

And just like that, Sherlock fell into a fit of tears once more, breathing growing heavy. “It should’ve been… me…” 

He choked out the last word, heaving loudly as he tried to control his trembling body. Irene was shaking her head, wiping away Sherlock’s tears with her thumb. 

“Look at me.” she asked firmly. “Sherlock, look at me.”

Sherlock could barely see her, his eyes clouded with his own tears, but he could feel her warm touch against his skin. 

“Grief, sadness, love – these things can be painful, but you have to endure. Understand?” Irene breathed, her forehead touching his, eyes close. “It can be quite amusing, coming from me, I imagine. But you and I know that everyone, even you and me, are capable of these things.”

Sherlock could tell that she was holding in her own tears for his sake, and he closed his eyes as well, holding on to his fondest memories of Mary. 

“You said you made a vow, yes?” he heard Irene say, to which he nodded. 

“Then go on with it. In memory of Mary, save John… and their daughter.” Irene’s voice was cracking, but she held herself with conviction when she continued. 

“And most importantly, Sherlock, save yourself. Because if you don’t, it’s like letting Mary die in vain.”

“I do not know how to return the value she bestowed on my life.” Sherlock whispered, voice trembling in harmony with his tears. 

“Live…” the word escaped her lips like a plea. “Every time you feel like you’re lost, think of her. Think of how much she means to you and that she gave her life for you to live your own.” she continued, her arms wrapping around him as she didn’t want him to see that the tears had already escaped her eyes. 

John’s forgiveness did not lift the burden he was carrying in his heart. 

But he did feel a little lighter, knowing that this forgiveness meant he could go back to fulfilling his vow.  

He never got a chance to reply to Irene’s birthday greeting immediately, for John’s eyes were ever so attentive everytime he reached for his phone. But as soon as he gets the chance, he knows exactly what to reply to The Woman. 

I never got the chance to thank you. Expect me in the morning. SH.

But just like the day of his immense grief, he arrived much earlier, just a couple of hours shy from their last conversation, much too early for the light to seep into the windows.


I am having some rough art block so I did a dress design to try and power through it. It’s nothing particularly original and I am certain it has been done before but I still love it. The inspiration was sunset and black opals. 

Comes in a large and small version because everyone should be able to look fabulous! 

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Hey! I hope you don't mind this ask, I've just been so confused for a while now! I am in love with Les Miserables, I have seen it 3 times in London, seen all the films, met Alfie Boe and others but this still confuses me... who is Musichetta? Is she featured in the book? I have the book and read the first few chapters but I can't finish it! I am really uneducated in the aspects of these characters. Also, could you help me with an easy way of remembering which revolutionary is who? Thank you!

Here is a cheat sheet for the diffferent members of les Amis, should you need it

Ah! Chetta! Chetta is indeed in the book, she’s Joly and Bossuet’s mistress. I can’t blame you for not finding her, because she’s hardly mentioned! The beauty of fandom work managed to create a well-rounded character with the scraps of information we had, and she’s pretty present fanon wise! According to book!Joly she is:

a superb girl, very literary, with tiny feet, little hands, she dresses well, and is white and dimpled, with the eyes of a fortune-teller. I am wild over her.“


Hello darlings!!! If any of you have been following me for a while you would have noticed that I have been extremely inactive for the past few weeks. I’m so sorry to disappoint any of you gorgeous followers, but I have just been so busy with my last year of school and managing all of my assignments, study and stress etc (and it’s only going to get worse throughout the year). For this reason I have decided that I will be going on a writing hiatus in a week or two. I will be uploading part 17 of Privileged either this week or next and then will be going on a month long hiatus. I hope all of you lovelies can understand why I am doing this and I promise I will post much more in the holidays. I will still be on this account to answer asks and post aesthetics but will not be writing :) xxx

I love you all and I really hope you all can understand this decision and will continue to follow/support me as much as you have been doing x

Much love,

A very tired, stressed and overworked blog owner <3 


Jack many of us are worried about you, the way you’ve just gone silent although I am pleased you’ve taken a step back from it all but we want you to see how much you have impacted so many of our lives, we want you to see the love this community has for you and as you are always there for us we will stand here for you. You’ve helped changed so many lives, brought me away from self harm and horrible dark thoughts, YOU did that! It’s such a strange and lonely feeling even though the main thing, your videos, are still going up if feels lonely. Whenever we’re feeling down we can always rely on you to be somewhere near like a best friend who’s always ready to talk but without that, that suggests to us more than ever that we need to be here for when you come back. We love you and we stand by you, this community grows with you and we will never take you for granted. Keep going boss ❤️

My RQ4 Hunch

I was listening to the RQ4 playlist by Victoria Aveyard and I discovered these songs with these certain names.

-Chase You Down 

-As Long as You Follow

-Wish I Stayed 


-How Long Will I Love You 

-How Deep Is Your Love

-Keep On Loving You 

-Hearts without Chains 

Is it just me or does the rest of the fandom sense a lot of Marecal vibes. There are loads of other relationships in the RQ series though. It’s just I am really scared that Cal or Mare might die in the final book. If they do I’m done. 

There is still a little less than a year left until the next book comes out so all of this IS subject to change. 

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-What if Mare and Cal get back together?

-What is going to happen to their relationship? 

-Is this representing someone’s else relationship in RQ?

-Are they going to give up both their causes to start a life together? (Okay that’s a little too far)

-Will they unite the kingdom and the Scarlet Guard? 

So many questions. So much time. 

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my gf was my light and my world and now we are just friends and i am trying so hard to be strong so we can work through things it's just so hard

I can understand how hard that’d be. Maybe you need some distance to sort out your feelings. I think it can be so hard to get over someone when you’re always surrounded by them. But you will get over them and you will find a new love and light and even though this person can’t be your gf, they can still bring you a lot of happiness in a new way ☺️

💚💚💚💚I found this community in my recommended feed about 2 years ago, and I’m so happy I went through it. my first video was a reading your comments video, and not even a minute in I hit subscribe. I thought Jack would be just another YouTube, like many I saw, that was just in it for the money and didn’t care about his viewers. I was so fuckin wrong. a couple of months ago I was at a point in my life where I thought I would never get out of a slump I was in and tried to kill myself, but I got a lil notification that jack made a new video, and I remembered the entire reason I was still here. I’m forever thankful for him and his positivity, and I have made so many new friends by just being here. I love it and this is the most positive community I have ever been in, and I am in a lot of fandoms where everyone is constantly at each others throats, always fighting and never happy. but this place is different. very different. and I love it.💚💚💚💚

Speculating on The Special

I am still a believer in “The Lost Special” or whatever we are calling it, but since I bought the Life magazine featuring Sherlock Holmes, some things have been rattling around in my brain. You may not like my thoughts…sorry. I’m not sure I do, either.

In 1887, “A Study in Scarlett” was featured in Beeton’s Christmas Annual.

So, this Christmas will be the 130th Anniversary of Sherlock Holmes’s first time in print.

And the BBC seems to be having a love affair with Christmas specials.

Are we looking at another Sherlock Christmas special in 2017 on the 130th Anniversary of SH in print?

I don’t know, but it sure wouldn’t surprise me.


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dude its so heartwarming to see people still posting portal stuff. i just came into the fandom in January, so finding an active portal blog is an amazing treat! btw your blog is a full-on sensory experience, I've got "I'm in space" playing as i type and I'm just loving the whole aesthetic. oh and geez i feel you, Exile Vilify is some deep stuff, its too early for these thoughts

I really do try to make my blogs some place you can go in and just enjoy being there outside of the posts! I put a lot of thought into the themes I choose, the colors I use, and the music I pick out so its nice to hear that someone enjoys it! Then I know I’m doing something right~ 

I am so glad that this fandom is still active. Maybe not as active as it used to be, but I actually love how chill everything is right now. There’s not a lot of that crazy that comes with large fandoms that are part of an ongoing franchise base.

That’s not to say that new material isn’t appreciated. I’m still dying over here for a Portal 3 but I’m perfectly content where we are at right now too. <3

That aside,