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y’all should reblog this if you’re still planning on being here after skam ends. i know a lot of people are worried that everyone is going to move on right away but i think it would be nice if this (even though it’s a small gesture) could potentially reassure those people that just because skam is ending very soon doesn’t mean there won’t be others out there still active after the show is done :)

So I decided to gather all the ‘hobby’ dialogue from the Darkest Dungeon files. It seems to be an unused string of camping dialogue, but offers some interesting insight into the characters. I’ve just put them in the order they appear in:

Bounty Hunter

  • “A little time to reflect on my strategies.”
  • “Hold this apple on your head. Now stand still.”
  • “I will practice. Train. A professional adheres to a regimen.”


  • “Shhh! I am praying!”
  • “Go away! I am reading my Versebook!”
  • “No, I’ll not play dice with you! I am studying the Verses!”

Grave Robber

  • “You – idle one! Hold my yarn!”
  • “Yes, I carve tiny tombstones. Mementos of my exploits.”
  • “These stab holes will simply not do! Where’s my needle and thread?”


  • “Bet none of you can throw a knife as well as I. Eh?”
  • “Wrestle me. I crave an easy victory. (grin)”
  • “I am learning to read. It is a rare skill among my kind.”


  • “… with the night for his throne?” Hmm… tricky.“
  • ”… and he always came home?“ … No, no…”
  • “… like a dog to a bone?” … Still not right!“


  • "It’s called juggling. You never been to a circus?”
  • “What do I do for fun? You’re joking, right?”
  • “I’m practicing my sneering. Pretty good, huh?”


  • “Here we sit, the calm in the eye of the storm.”
  • “I must be cautious when stretching my ligaments, lest they tear, of course.”
  • “Pass this pipe around. The smoke dulls the senses.”


  • “Why, I am documenting the journey, of course. Care to read?”
  • “Some quiet, please. I am on the verge of breaking the cypher.”
  • “Sigh… it is too dark to study my rituals here.”

Plague Doctor

  • “Some bark of aspen? Or maybe boiled cerato leaf? Hmm…”
  • “Hold that wound still. My sketch is nearly done.”
  • “May I lance that boil? The pus is intriguingly gray!”


  • “Busy yourself elsewhere. I am praying for your soul.”
  • “Yes, I shave my legs. What of it?”
  • “Have you thread? I’ve torn a seam in my temple garments.”


  • “Leave me to reflect on the day’s battles.”
  • “How did that one blow slip past my guard..? I must think…”
  • “I learned to carve during the lulls of the Cyprian campaign.”


  • “Put this apple on your head and close your eyes.”
  • “I will stick with you until wanderlust strikes again.”
  • “Dice? What’s the wager?”


  • “…and that’s when I learned the hound could sing!”
  • “Cooking meat robs it of its nutrifying essence.”
  • “It is certain that anyone in politics has been corrupted in some fashion or another.”


  • “I only ever had time for my crucible and scrolls.”
  • “Oh I’ve loved before, but all were forgotten in the laboratory.”
  • “Care to see my drawings for a mechanical hand?”


  • “My father can reload a musket as quick as a wink!”
  • “When we return, I am certain the club will initiate me”
  • “Whoever smells like that should die of shame and disgrace”
Mistakes and Apologies | Peter Parker

Summary: The Spiderman makes a fatal mistake when trying to stop the Vulture that could cost him his suit. And Peter Parker finds himself in the midst of apologizing to the reader about his unexplained absences recently…

Warning: spoilers ands some language

Pairing: Peter Parker (Spiderman) x reader

Type: The continuing story!!!


Part One Here / Part Two Here / Part Three Here / Part Four Here / Part Six Here

Originally posted by brokencxstiel

On Monday, everyone was safely back at school and everyone was ranting about the Spiderman. Peter smiled to himself when he would hear anybody talk about him. 

He pasted by a few people in the hallway and meet up with Ned. “Dude! What is it like being famous when nobody knows it’s you? It’s crazy!” Peter smiled smugly and tugged the straps on his backpack. “Should we tell anyone?”

Peter’s face dropped and he shook his head. “No,” Peter said seriously.

“Should I tell anyone?”

“No, dude. That’s not a good idea,” Peter snickered.

“What about Y/N?”

“Well, w-what about her?”

“Aren’t you gonna tell her?”

“N-No, no, no. No, she doesn’t need to know.” Ned narrowed his eyes at his best friend. 

“Alright, well let’s go to class,” Ned nudged Peter in the arm.

“I’m not going to class.” Ned rolled his eyes and approached him again just as the bell rang.

“But you are already in so much trouble for ditching the decathlon.”

“Dude, listen. I figured it out. The wings guy is stealing from damage control and what he takes from damage control, that’s how he builds the weapons,” Peter explained in a hushed tone. “All I have to do is catch him!”

“But we have a Spanish quiz!”

“Ned, I am probably never going to come back here. Mr. Stark is moving the Avengers upstate so…when I bring this guy in.”

“Dude! You wanna be a high school drop out?”

“I am so far behind high school!” We turned around and found the principal with his hands on his hips.

“Parker, my office.”

Peter groaned as he took a seat in detention that day. The teacher turned on the old television and put in a Captain America session on following the rules. The Captain himself appeared on the television and took a seat.

“So, you got detention. You screwed up. You know what you did was wrong but  the question is, how are you going to make things right?” Peter couldn’t stand it anymore. He grabbed his bag and rushed out of the room.

“Hey, where are you going? Come back here,” the teacher said, barely giving a fight. He didn’t seem to care. 

Peter quietly walked through the hallways, hoping he wouldn’t get caught again. He made his way to a wall of lockers and lifted it up with one hand. He reached underneath and grabbed a bottle of his custom made web fluid.

He smiled to himself and made his way out of the school. He quickly ran home and searched the house for his aunt. Though, when finding it empty, he made his way into his room and put on his Spiderman mask.

He sat down in his desk chair and propped his legs up on his desk. “Hey Karen. What’s up?”

“Hey, Peter! How was your Spanish quiz?”

“Listen, I was wondering if you could help me. If was trying to figure out who the guys under the bridge were that night but I can only kinda remember part of a license plate,” he shrugged.

“I can run facial recognition on the footage of that encounter,” Karen stated.


“Yes, Peter. I record everything you see.”



“Like all the time,” Peter asked.

“It’s called the Baby Monitor Protocol,” Peter dropped his pen and rolled his eyes.

“Yeah, of course it is. Just roll it back to last Friday,” he instructed.

“With pleasure.” Sure enough, a video of Peter’s point of view showed up and Peter watched himself play in front of the mirror. Peter was wearing his mask but had his ordinary pajamas on.

“Hey everyone! Yeah, kick ass party. Hey, what’s up Y/N? Peter’s told me a lot about you,” he winked in the mirror. “Wow, you look pretty hot in that dress but I think it would be hotter if you weren’t wearing–. No, no wait. That’s really inappropriate. Don’t say that. Don’t say that.”

“No, no, no. This is just me messing around. Go later in the day. Later in the day,” Peter said, waving his hand.

“It is I, Thor, son of Odin,” he said in the recording, holding up a small wooden hammer.

“No, no, no, no, no, no. That’s definitely not it,” Peter told Karen.

“Your impressions are very funny,” Karen said sweetly.

“Fast forward to the arms dealer,” Peter said. He stood to his feet and Karen fast forwarded the day to after the night of the party. “The two on the right, who are they?”

“Searching law enforcement data bases. No records found on those two individuals,” Karen said.


“The other individual is identified as Aaron Davis. He has a criminal record and an address here in Queens.”

“Let’s pay him a visit.”

Y/N’s mother set down a plate full of food in front of her daughter for dinner. She took her own seat at the table and began to eat the food as the tv played in the background. 

“Tonight’s story, the Spiderman saves the Staten Island Ferry from slitting in two,” the tv showcased the boat from afar and Spiderman holding it together with his webs in the middle.

“Oh my god,” Y/N’s mother said. “That’s insane. First D.C, now the Ferry. Its scary to think what this world is coming to. Thank god for people like the Spiderman.”

“Yeah. Thank god for Spiderman,” Y/N mumbled to herself, gazing down at her food and picking through the stuff she didn’t want to eat. Her phone rang and she gazed down at the unknown number. “Hello?”

“Hello? Is this Y/N L/N?”

“Yes, who is this?”

“My name is May Parker. I am Peter Parker’s aunt,” the woman explained.

“Oh, yes. Of course. How can I help you, Miss Parker?”

“Is Peter with you?”

“No, why?” Y/N heard May sigh on the other end. “What’s the matter? Is something wrong?”

“Peter never came home from school today. I called the school and they said he skipped out of detention. They also said he left the hotel in D.C. and missed the decathlon. I called Ned’s mother and he is not with him. I called everyone he knows and nobody knows where he is. I’m just really scared right now,” May said, nearly on the verge of tears.

“Miss Parker, I am sure Peter is alright but if it makes you feel any better, I will go out and look for him,” Y/N said willingly.

“No, no, dear. I don’t want Peter worrying about you when he gets back…if he gets back,” May stated.

“He will come back.” May thanked her anyways and then hung up. Y/N sighed and set her phone down on the table. She gazed at her mother, who’s eyes were still set on the tv.

“You spot something like that, you turn and you run the other way,” Y/N’s mother commented, pointing to the television.

“Yeah, yeah of course.”

Peter sadly trudged through the hallways of his apartment, in some baggy pajamas Tony had given him after he took away his suit. Yes, the suit was gone. It had been a long day.

After a short visit with Aaron Davis, Peter was led to the Staten Island Ferry where the buyers and sellers of the weapons were suppose to meet. Things didn’t go as planned and Peter found the flying bird man there as well. Things went catastrophic and the boat ended up slitting in two. Thanks to the arrival of Iron Man, nobody was severely hurt.

Afterwards, Tony had a talk with Peter and determined that the boy needed to be punished. “But I am nothing without this suit,” Peter begged.

“If you are nothing without this suit then you shouldn’t have it,” Tony said and now here Peter was, without his suit, walking home in his pajamas.

He knocked on the door of his apartment and soon after, May opened the door. At the sight of her nephew, she gave him a warned look and walked back into the apartment, Peter following.

“I have been calling you all day and you didn’t answer your phone. You can’t do that. Then this ferry thing happen. I call five police stations. Five! I called five of your friends. I called Ned’s mother, I called Y/N and they didn’t know where you were–”

“Honestly, May. I am fine,” Peter said. She stood to her feet and gazed at him in disbelief.

“Cut the bullshit! I know you left detention, I know you left the hotel room in Washington. I know you sneak out of this house every night. That’s not fine. Peter, you have to tell me what’s going on. Just lay it out, it’s just me and you.”

With tears in his eyes, he whispered: “I lost the Stark Internship.”



“Well, what happened?”

“I just thought I could work really hard. And he–you know–I didn’t–I screwed up,” he said, sitting down.

“Oh, Peter. It’s okay. It’s okay,” May said, comforting him. 

“I am sorry I made you worry,” Peter mumbled.

“You know I am not trying to ruin your life,” May added. “I used to sneak out too. You need to stop carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders, okay?”

“Yeah,” Peter clarified, nodding his head. “Yeah I know.”

Over the next week, Peter made up for his absence from school with detention every day after school. He forgot about being Spiderman, seeing as though the only thing he had left was his old homemade suit. He focused on school again. He made school come first, then Spiderman.

He exited the bathroom one day after school and stopped in his tracks when Y/N came into sight. “Hey,” Peter said. She approached him and smiled slightly.


“I-I thought you had chemistry this period,” Peter said, his eyebrows furrowed in confusion.

“Yeah, I am just doing some stuff for Homecoming.” He moved in front of her to cut off her way of escape.

“Hey, look. I–uh–I just wanted to apologize about the whole decathlon thing. I knew how much it meant to you and I was stupid to miss it,” Peter apologized. Y/N shook her head.

“Its fine. Last week’s decathlon was the most important thing but then I almost died,” Y/N said.

“N–No, I–I j–just I–I just mean it was not cool especially because it meant so much to you. I should have been there to support you b-because…I–I like you.” He avoided eye contact.

“I know.”

He looked up in surprise. “You do?”

“You are terrible at keeping secrets,” Y/N said, shaking her head.

“I think you would be surprised,” Peter laughed.

“But…I also know because…Spiderman himself told me you had a crush on me,” Y/N stated. Peter looked down at his hands and Y/N’s smile faded. “What’s wrong? Did something happen?”

“No, nothing to worry you about. I just want to let you know, that I am always gonna be here from now on. You don’t have to worry about me slipping away or sneaking out. It won’t happen again.” He reassured her. “Well, I–I uh gotta get to class.”

He started to back away and Y/N nodded her head. “Okay.”

“I would say we should hang out but I am going to be in detention for…ever,” he gulped hard, holding the hall pass in his hands awkwardly.


“But uh…I guess you already have a date to Homecoming,” he said sorrowfully.

“Flash asked me,” Y/N said, looking to the floor.

“Oh, yeah. Okay, cool. Yeah. Yeah,” Peter tried to play it off cool. “That’s fine.”

“I turned him down.”

“Y-You did?”

“Again, I was kinda waiting for the right guy to ask me, plus Flash is a total jerk,” Y/N added.

“Yeah, yeah. He really is,” Peter laughed. Y/N nodded and tilted her head to the side. “W-Well do you…do you wanna…go with me?” A smile played on Y/N’s lips.

“I thought you would never ask.”



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Nice guys finish last but they finish with the best.

When I found out you slept with my best friend’s ex boyfriend, I forgave you.

When I found out you’d steal stuff from people/me, I forgave you.

When i found out you’d borrow money from people and not return them, I accepted your past, I stayed by your side and tried to change you because I didn’t want you to be like this forever.

When you told me your debtor is knocking on your door and threatening you to pay up otherwise he’ll bring your parents into the drama, I transferred you money immediately so you wouldn’t get into trouble.

When you know I’ll get insecure/paranoid/worry when you go out with other guys on movie dates/ cafe hopping / exhibition trips, you didn’t bother to inform me at all. You just went ahead with it despite being aware of my feelings, but I still forgave you.

When you nonchalantly told me you’re gonna work in a gay bar and you didn’t check how I’d feel about it, I scolded you but i eventually bit my tongue and accepted it.

When I tried to ask you to be more accountable for your actions, be better at money management, be more responsible, you told me I was too demanding. I accepted it and told myself maybe you just needed more time to figure things out.

I did all these because I saw potential in you, in us. Thats why I kept putting in so much effort in trying to change you because I wanted to shape you into a better person.

Here’s the thing about me, I always see the best in people and i always give second chances because I believe people are always capable of change. I’m a nurturer and thats why I will never give up on the people I love unless I have a reason to. I tried and I tried and I tried, but all I get back in return are heartaches after heartaches. 

I know I’m not not perfect, I have my flaws too. I’m not rich enough to bring you around to places you like, buy you the things that you like, I get temperamental at times, I tend to let my emotions get the best of me and for these, I apologise. I may not be able to indulge you in materialism but I gave you my heart and I honestly thought that was more important than anything else in the world. Turns out I was wrong, maybe all my time and efforts were for nothing. Maybe my heart is not valuable enough for you.

So on the night of 31st August, I wanted to treat you to a nice dinner at my favorite cafe. I haven’t eaten the whole day because I wanted to enjoy your birthday meal with you. Then you texted me and told me to postpone our meet up from 8 - 9 because you were still out with your friends. I waited patiently, I didn’t wanna kick up a fuss because it was suppose to be a good day for the both of us. I asked you if you could leave earlier because i haven’t eaten anything the entire day, so you can imagine the pain I felt when you said 

I mean this really says it all. You’re willing to let me wait and starve while you enjoy the company of your friends. This utterly broke my heart.

You then told me you’re leaving soon at 8:39PM, I took the train towards our meet up place and reached at 9:10PM. 

At 9:11PM you told me you’re walking to take the train
At 9:36PM you said you didn’t know where the train station was
At 9:40PM you told me you’re walking to Dhoby

And you finally reached at 9:50PM. I waited for more than 2 hours, 7:30 - 9:50 and I was literally on the verge of tears. I kept asking myself why am I doing so much for someone doesn’t even appreciates it. I wanted to slap myself on the face for being so stupid.

I explained how I felt to you, I asked you if you even care about me because if you did you would have excused yourself from your friends instead of letting me wait and starve for you for more than 2 hours. 

You looked down.

I asked you if you still liked me,

You looked down.

Then we both sat down on the benches and had a very long talk. 

I asked you if you still like me,

You looked down and then back at me
and shook your head.

I brought you to a corner, gave you one last hug and one last kiss. I don’t know why you cried when I did that, maybe you still have feelings for me and maybe you still liked me but maybe its just all wishful thinking on my part.

I wouldn’t say these past few months was all for nothing. I did enjoy your company in the beginning and it brought me a lot of joy. I also learnt alot about myself so it was all worth it.

I’m not gonna be like Taylor Swift and embrace my inner mean girl when something goes wrong in my life. I know giving selflessly is a good quality and maybe one day someone will appreciate my efforts and my heart and until that day comes, I’m not gonna change anything about myself.

So all in all, i just wanna thank you for the experience.

I Loved you.
Your Annoying Nicholas

Pain and Pleasure

This is the much requested prequel to Black and Blue, you should read that first, it’s very short!  Or not, if you want to get straight into the smut.

This is 2000 words of pure sin.  Very explicit.  And verging on (very consensual) bdsm.  You have been warned.

They’re getting to that point in their relationship where the sex feels more familiar but less exciting.  They’ve definitely settled into a routine foreplay and position-wise, because they know what works now, and everybody gets to orgasm, and it’s fun and hot and satisfying.


Betty has known, from the very beginning, that she has never been a straight up, boring, missionary kind of girl.  

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GoT Afterthoughts 7x05 Eastwatch (Jonsa Edition) SPOILERS

Hello loves and welcome to another edition of GoT Afterthoughts. Welp. It wasn’t the best episode, but it’s what I expected, tbh. The next ep. is the penultimate, so I figured it’d be a little lackluster. All in all, I didn’t think it was that bad.

So we begin our episode downstream from the field of fire 2.0 … Bronn’s head breaks the water, and then Jamie’s. They have a bit of their usual banter -Bronn telling Jamie he can’t die until he pays him, but when the Dragons come to KL, he’s peacin’ out, Cub Scout! ✌🏻

Side note: I love when Bronn calls Jamie a cunt!!

It cuts over to Tyrion walking amidst the death and ashes, looking a mixture of horrified, sad and regretful. The Dothraki are picking spoils from the remains -as is their custom. He watches as the remaining living soldiers that have been rounded up, are marched where Dany stands on a large boulder, Drogon perched on the larger rock behind her -shrieking, or whatever the hell it is that Dragons do.

Dany starts another one of her speeches. She appeals to them with her past “slave rhetoric” –

“I know what Cersei has told you, that I’ve come to murder you” (you mean like you just did??)

And I’m paraphrasing …

“All I want to do is destroy the wheel that’s kept you all oppressed, Cersei is bad, I’m on your side. Bow to me and you will be saved. Bend the knee or die …yada yada yada”

A few of the men bend. Drogon turns and roars at the crowd, and a bunch more drop down. Dany calls Lord Tarly forward. Tyrion tries to reason with him, but Tarly basically says he won’t support a foreign leader with no ties to this land who has an army of savages at her back. Dude, Tarly is a giant asshat, but I can respect that. Again, Tyrion tries to intervene -suggesting he be sent to the Wall instead. Tarly refuses and says that Dany doesn’t have the authority to send him to the wall, as she’s not his queen.

Annnnnnnd then Dickon steps forward like -ya know, a dick. An honorable dick, I suppose -but still, a stupid one. Tyrion pretty much says the same thing I just did -don’t be a dick, Dickon, and Lord Tarly even agrees with a nod, but apparently, stubbornness runs in the Tarly family.

Tyrion tries desperately to change Dany’s mind, SEVERAL TIMES, making a comment “when you start beheading entire families ..” but she cuts him off with “I’m not beheading them.” Yes, because burning them is so much better. 🙄

Ominous music thrums in the background, Tyrion’s chest is heaving, the Tarly’s look nervous (dad grabs son’s arm), Dany levels their death sentence then calmly says dracarys. As they fall burning to the ground, the rest of the soldiers fall to their knees with one look from Drogon.

We head to KL, and Jamie basically tells Cersei that they can’t win this war. She throws some cheap shots at him before Jamie tells her that Olenna was the one that poisoned Joffrey. Cersei is skeptical at first, but accepts it. Cersei is refusing to submit. She’ll fight and die and she expects Jamie to do the same.

And we’re at Dragonstone now, Jon watches from the cliffs, his incest fur blowing in the wind (and he’s looking mighty fine if I do say so myself), he watches as Drogon flies overhead and lands -then starts charging for him and roaring all intimidating and shit. Like WTF is up with Drogon this episode? He’s being a mouthy little bitch. Did Dany change his food or something, cuz he’s testy as hell!

I don’t know how anyone could look sexy while shitting their pants, but my friends -Jon Snow for the win! 😍

But then, Drogon catches a whiff of Jon’s Targ scent blowing off his incest fur, and mellows out, going completely docile as Jon apprehensively strokes his muzzle. Or maybe Drogon got a whiff of Sansa on Jon’s clothes and he’s in love now too? If that’s the case, he better watch out for Jon Snow murder kitten …. just sayin’.

Dany looks on from Drogon’s back, and I honestly couldn’t tell from her expression whether she was awed or felt threatened? Maybe a bit of both? But hey -why the hell didn’t she stop Drogon from charging Jon in the first place? If she’s so in control of her Dragons? Not cool, pyro chickie, not cool. 😡

She asks “they’re beautiful aren’t they?”, and Jon’s all “umm, yeah …that’s not really what I was thinking, tbh …but suuuuure, we’ll go with that.” And proud mama Dany boasts that no matter how frightening they are to others, they are her children.

Jon asks how it went, noting that it didn’t take too long, and Dany answers that she has considerably less enemies now than she had yesterday. Jon doesn’t look pleased and Dany picks up on that, so she asks him how many men did his army kill when he took back Winterfell (apples and oranges, Dany -but okay). She brings up when he first arrived and Davos said he took a knife in the heart for his people -and Jon quickly shoots back that Davos gets carried away.

Side note: I read the leaked script for this episode, and supposedly the two of them were going to be “joking about being magical” -so those of you who rest all your hopes/belief on these leaks: STOP!

Luckily Jon doesn’t have to explain himself much more because the Dothraki interrupt their convo, and out from behind them steps Jorah!!!! He kneels and Dany introduces them. She tells Jorah that he looks strong and she’s so genuinely happy to see him. Honestly, my heart melted when she embraced him, her eyes falling shut and her squeezing a bit harder. I’ve lowkey shipped them forever. ❤️ aww and their theme song played!!

Another side note: That leaked script also said that Jon would try to give Jorah his father’s sword and Jorah would refuse. That didn’t happen, either …just sayin’.

We’re in the Godswood now and Bran wargs into a flock of ravens and heads over the wall, flying for awhile until they encounter the army of the dead. The NK senses Brans presence, and looks up at the ravens and they all scatter. Bran snaps out of his trance and tells the maester they need to send ravens.

Now we’re at the Citadel, and Sam pops in on the Maesters having some sort of employee meeting, as he drops off a stack of books and scrolls. He overhears them talking about Bran and tries to get them to take the warning seriously, but they are skeptic that it might be a ploy by the dragon queen. The Archmaester says that he’ll get to the bottom of it, and the other maesters poke fun at all the prophesies they’ve heard over the years that never came to fruition. Frustrated, Sam leaves the room, and one of the maesters asks if he’s the one related to the two men who were just burned alive. Harsh bro.

We move to the Dragonstone throne room where Tyrion and Varys are discussing Dany’s latest violent outburst. After taking a few gulps from Tyrion’s wine goblet, Varys recounts a story of serving Dany’s father and how he stood complicit while he burned people, and tells Tyrion he needs to find a way to get Dany to listen. Varys has a Raven message for Jon.

This part kind of pissed me off, because after all that Tyrion saw, he’s still making excuses for Dany. Not entirely -but the “she’s not her father” comment irritated the hell out of me. Is he so blinded by love? But then I thought -maybe he was just saying it more to help convince himself.

We scoot on over to the war room, and Jon has read the message -Arya and Bran are alive, and the dead are advancing on the wall -towards Eastwatch. Time to stop dicking around on Dragonstone -help or not, but Jon is going home. Tyrion cooks up a plan to get proof to show Cersei, as Dany will only help Jon’s cause if Cersei agrees too (this ensures that Cersei won’t march in and take over once Dany marches her army out to help -showing once again that the IT means more than saving the entire realm ..and yet another juxtaposition/foil of Jon).

But like seriously -again, I want to smack the shit out of Tyrion this episode! I love him -he’s one of my favorite characters and he’s proposing some stupid shit like going over the wall to get one soldier to prove it to Cersei??? Seriously??? This shit better not be in the books!

Tyrion thinks he could get Jamie to listen to him and in turn, convince Cersei to meet, provided they bring proof. They look to Davos for his smuggling skills, to smuggle Tyrion into KL, then begin to discuss who will go over the wall. Jon looks down because he knows it has to be him. Jorah interrupts and volunteers. Dany’s head whips around at that. She looks horrified at the thought of losing him again. Jon says the freefolk will help. Davos says the freefolk won’t follow ser Jorah, and Jon says they won’t have to. Davos says he can’t lead a raid beyond the wall -he’s not the Nights Watch anymore, he’s a king, and Jon interrupts his interlude. It was pretty clear to me when he looked down earlier, that he knows it will have to be him. He’s the only one there that’s seen and experienced dealing with WWs (and that’s exactly what he says).

Dany looks straight up on the verge of tears (and Jorah notices). She’s been giving Jon heart eyes this whole episode -clearly she’s crushin’. She tells him she hasn’t given him permission to leave.

Jon claps back: 🔥🔥With respect your Grace, I don’t need permission, I am a king. 🔥🔥

And he asks for her to trust a stranger and work with him, aka: fight with me. And Dany nods her head.

We shoot on over to Winterfell and the Northerners are getting itchy since Jon’s been gone awhile and still isn’t back. Lord Glover and Lord Royce imply that Sansa should be their queen, but Sansa insists they must trust Jon. Arya (who was watching this exchange) follows Sansa back to her chambers and tosses random veiled insults at her -implying that Sansa is still vain and that she wants to seize Jon’s power for herself. I think Sansa held her own pretty well here, but WTF?! Why do they have to do this distrust shit with the Stark sisters? This makes me so damn angry!

@a-baleful-howl called this earlier in the week -that Arya would be jealous -and I vehemently disagreed (politely you Nonny assholes who gave her shit, because that’s how you have a productive conversation) -as I thought that years of separation and thinking the other was probably dead, that the girls had matured and would put family above all because THAT is what Starks do … but nope. I’m still holding onto hope that my Starklings are playing LF -but in the meantime, @a-baleful-howl …enjoy your justice boner.

We’re in KL now, Davos tell Tyrion to hurry, then heads off to flea bottom to look for something. Bronn brings Jamie down to the crypts and then takes off, leaving the Lannister boys to an emotional yet frigid reunion. Tyrion pleads for Jamie’s help in convincing Cersei to meet with Dany. We jump back to Davos who has found what he’s looking for: Gendry! Bless my heart, I’ve missed that adorable little bastard! They head back to the boat to wait for Tyrion and are approached by some gold cloaks who recognize Tyrion, and Gendry quickly dispatches them with his trusty war hammer (like father, like son).

We head up to Cersei’s quarters. Jamie confesses that he met with Tyrion, and Cersei already knows, as she asks him if he’ll be punishing Bronn for his betrayal. She implies she knows everything that’s going on in her city. Cersei agrees to the meeting, but she ma already scheming. She’s got a new lease on life- she’s pregnant. Jamie wants to know who she’ll name as the father, and she says him. She doesn’t care what people think. They kiss passionately, and when they embrace, she warns him not to betray her again.

Now where have we heard that before???

Now we’re back at Dragonstone. Davos and Gendry make their way to the mines and Davos warns Gendry again to keep his identity to himself. Gendry however, immediately does the opposite and our bastard boys bond immediately –and honestly, I am so in love! They are totally my new brotp! ❤️ Gendry insists on coming too, and adopted dad Davos is worried about his boys.

We’re still on the beach, but it’s the next day. Tyrion tells Jorah he missed him, gives him the slavers coin, and tells him to bring it back because the queen needs him. Dany approaches and takes Jordan’s hands affectionately. I kind of feel like Jorah wanted to tell her he loves her, but he sees Jon approaching and kisses her hands, then moves for the boat.

Jon’s goodbye: “Well, if I don’t return, at least you won’t have to deal with the King in the North anymore.”

Dany (heart eyed dreamy stare & sweet voice): “I’ve grown used to him.”

Jon (nonchalantly): “I wish you good fortune in the wars to come, your Grace.” ✌🏻 then immediately heads for the boat.

Dany watches the men haul the boat into the waves, Tyrion watches Dany watching, and Jorah looks back. Jon does not. JON DOESN’T LOOK BACK!!! That’s an epic plus for our ship guys. Lovers last glance is def. a romance trope, and Jon didn’t look back!!!

Okay, whew! I jumped up and flung all the pillows off my couch, and I think my husband is now considering admitting me. 😂😂😂

We head back to the Citadel, and poor Sam looks fucking stressed. Gilly (who loves to read) is telling him about this maester who took meticulous notes (including how many times he dropped a deuce). She asks Sam what an annulment is, and says that in the notes it says this maester preceded over a secret annulment in Dorne, that followed immediately by a wedding -both belonging to none other than Prince Rhaegar. What a dick. Seriously.

Sam has freaking had it! He jumps up, gives little Sammy the book he was working on (and look how much he’s grown) and now we see him unlocking the locked book section and stuffing books and scrolls into a satchel. On his way out, he stops and looks up at the huge thing-amabob on the ceiling one last time while his theme song plays, and then he hops in a wagon with Gilly and they are out. My guess is heading to Winterfell. He’s tired of just reading about the achievements of better men. Dammit Sam Tarly, you get in the precious dewdrop category with Davos!

Speaking of Winterfell, LF is doing his creepy shit -meeting with a girl from wintertown. She gives him something, and Arya is watching in the shadows. He heads back to his room and someone approaches him (a maester?) who says something about the former maesters archives. LF asks if he’s sure it’s the only copy and then tells the dude that Lady Stark thanks him for his service.

Arya who watches the exchange in the shadows, waits for him to leave his room, then picks the lock and searches for the slip of paper. Eventually she finds it in a tear in his mattress. What he hid, appears to be the message that Sansa had sent to Robb after their father was killed (the letter Cersei had her write). As Arya leaves the room, LF emerged from the shadows with his sinister grin. 🙄

We stop finally at Eastwatch. The boys head down to the dungeon where the hound and his religious weirdo travel companions are being detained. Gendry’s still pretty pissed at them, and Davos still has his healthy skepticism of this damn religion (and you know I love him so much for that, and I’ll bring it up every damn time, too)!

It ends with all our boys -all hostile towards someone else in the group, heading through the open gate to the other side of the wall.

So a few things to note here: the leaks aren’t always accurate. This was one of those episodes. I was really hoping that Jon and the Hound would share some words on Sansa and Arya, but maybe that will be next week.

Overall, it wasn’t too bad after a rewatch, and it wasn’t a bad episode for our ship AT ALL. While Dany seems to have some serious heart eyes for our boy, Kit’s just not playing it interested, man.

Thanks for tuning in. See you next week!

Not Left Behind Anymore

Part 2 to Left Behind But Not Forgotten

Originally posted by manny-mellark

  • Title: Not Left Behind Anymore
  • Fandom: Disney Descendants
  • Pairing: Gil x Reader + a tiny bit of Harry x Uma
  • Warnings: slight cursing (they are teenagers guys) and some slightly depressing scenes (PREPARE FOR THE FEELS)
  • Description: Gil finally tells Harry what’s on his mind… but he doesn’t exactly mean to. Evie’s plan is still moving onward full force, and it starts to cause complications. Meanwhile, Ben makes a convenient decision on who to bring to Auradon next.
  • A/N: IT’S HERE! The second part of Left Behind But Not Forgotten is here and I really hope you guys like it as much as you liked the first part!! (Seriously, I’ve never gotten so many notes in such a short period of time! Thank you guys so much!) Enjoy the story!… and can someone please tell me why there’s so few Gil gifs????

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Invisible, Chapter Eighteen

Summary: Cursed as a child, you have lived your entire life invisible and alone. When deaths start happening in your town, the Winchesters come rolling in to investigate. What will happen when Dean is the first one who has been able to see you since you were a kid? Will Sam believe that you’re real? Will Dean believe you when you tell him you haven’t killed anyone? And why, after all of this time, is Dean Winchester the only one who can see you?

Invisible Masterlist - Previous Chapter

word count: ~1850

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Topics I just need to touch on from Lord of Shadows (MAJOR SPOILER ALERT)

Emma and Julian

- I’m really glad their friendship went back to normal after some time. The distance between them was unlike them at all and I hated it. I know it was necessary because they both had to process how things had changed between them, but that doesn’t mean I liked reading it.

- Okay so I think the curse is seriously coming into play here. Cassie never outwardly says that the curse is already occurring, but she drops multiple hints throughout the book. For one, all of a sudden, Emma and Julian can communicate telepathically. I don’t know but I’m pretty sure that’s not supposed to happen. Also, um, they caught a STONE building on fire?! Stone? All-powerful runes? Ring a bell?????

- During the church scene and many, many other scenes, there’s so much sexual tension between Emma and Julian. Literally. I think there’s more in LOS than LM because at this point they’ve had sex and seen that intimate side of each other. At this point, they both have privately acknowledged that they are in love with the other. I think that plays a huge role in their relationship and how it has evolved since Lady Midnight.

- That huge fight that they had when they were staying at Malcolm’s cottage literally broke me. I was on the verge of crying while reading that. I’m just glad that it didn’t take long for them to make up.

- Their conversation about the Shadowhunter family mottos BAHAHAHAHA

- This is their second sex scene and honestly I loved it so much. It was so perfect. I almost burst into tears crying when Emma admitted to Julian that she’d been lying about her relationship with Mark.

- Emma still hasn’t told Julian that she loves him and I keep wondering if this is an important detail that will be used in QoAaD. Am I the only one who noticed this?

Diana Wrayburn

- It’s not like I hated Diana in Lady Midnight, I just didn’t know her very well and didn’t see the depth of her character. Once I read her backstory, I grew to love her. She is such a strong person and honestly I just want to be her best friend.

- Diana and Gwyn? Um, can you say hella cute couple?

- Once Cassie told us that there would be a transgender character reveal in Lord of Shadows, I knew from the start that it would be Diana. In Lady Midnight, it talks about how she has lots of secrets and a dark past. We knew that she’d been through a lot, so it wasn’t a huge surprise for me, but still a monumental moment in the book nonetheless. 

- Summed up into four words, I can say “I love Diana Wrayburn!”

Kit Herondale

- From the moment we found out in Lady Midnight that Kit is the Lost Herondale, I knew that he would be an interesting character to read about. I was not disappointed.

- It’s truly heartwarming to watch Kit grow from a person who is denying himself as a Shadowhunter and the culture of the Shadowhunters to fully embracing it and finding a home with the Blackthorns. That scene where they’re fighting the Seven Riders and Ethna (or whatever her name is) is about to kill him and he’s all like “I’m Christopher Herondale.” I just loved that and I almost cried. 

- At this point, I still don’t really know where his relationship with Ty will lead. I know for sure it will be either a romantic relationship or a parabatai relationship, and I’m perfectly fine with whichever. For me, it’s hard to tell right now. Cassie has a habit of pulling large plot twists on us, and I don’t know what to think. All I do know is that I like Kit and Ty as friend or lovers. I think they compliment each other very well and are so cute. (The Sherlock and Watson comparisons?! Cute af!)

Julian Blackthorn

- I’m honestly so scared for Julian and I have two main theories for him. Neither of them are happy. He’s either going to literally go off the deep end and go full evil and be really bad or he’s not going to survive to the end of the series. Like I said, I don’t really like either option.

- Julian’s hidden ruthlessness is touched upon several times in LOS like in LM. This is NOT coincidental and Cassie is foreshadowing. His ruthless nature and his undying will to protect those he loves will play a major role in the plot of QoAaD, I’m sure.

- I don’t even want to think about how Livvy’s death will affect his family, but especially Julian. He’d devoted his life, time, and heart to protecting his family and doing whatever it takes to keep them alive and safe. He’s failed to do that. Because of Livvy’s death, he will blame himself and I feel like it will really push him over the edge. 

- There is this undeniable dark Julian that we all know exists. Few of us actually acknowledge that this is a part of Julian because we don’t want to imagine our baby Julian like that. Our baby Julian, who has been in love with Emma for god knows how long. Our baby Julian who ran an Institute when he was twelve, killed his own father, who became parabatai with Emma even when he knew he was in love with her because he didn’t want to lose her. Jules, Julian, who paints her in secret, who hides his feelings for her. He is an incredibly selfless person and I feel like that it could seriously be his downfall and weakness ironically.

- Basically, I think that tough times are in the forecast for Julian Blackthorn. :(

Five Main Character Deaths

- Jon Cartwright: I was really surprised about his death and didn’t see it coming. I was just a lil sad but overall it wasn’t that bad. I will miss him though. I hope Marisol will be okay.

- Arthur Blackthorn: I was also very surprised about this death. In Lady Midnight, Arthur is written as this insane, depressed, and sad individual. We don’t like him because he was supposed to run the Institute, not Julian. In the last few pages of his life, he was completely lucid and actively gave up his life to save the younger Blackthorns. I was very taken aback and thought it was very honorable. It instantly redeemed his character for me. I was sad to see him go.

- Malcolm Fade: I never really believed he was dead tbh. I actually laughed when he truly died. Literally, this dude spends 200+ years dedicating his life to bringing a girl back from the dead, and when he does she just kills him?!?! I died it was actually really funny. I realize how sick that sounds and I’m sorry but it was so funny.

- Robert Lightwood: Never did I think a character from another series would be killed off. I set myself up for sadness when I assumed that. I was very sad when Robert died; not only was he Emma and Julian’s only hope to fix things between them, but he was also just mending his relationship with his children and it broke my heart when Alec was calling for his dad. I can’t remember exactly, the last few pages of LOS were a blur of tears and emotions and words and I’m pretty sure I started crying when Alec was calling “Dad, please, dad.”

- Livvy Blackthorn: Oh my god. Oh my god. Livvy’s death caught me by complete surprise and it crushed me. Livvy had so much ahead of her. She’d found out that Julian had been the one that had taken care of all of the younger Blackthorns since the Dark War, and she’d wanted to be like him. She’d kissed Julian on the forehead. It was so cute and it warmed my heart. SHE NEVER GOT TO RUN AN INSTITUTE. All Livvy wanted was for her family to be together and when Helen and Mark finally came back and everyone was together, she died. She never got to see her family reunite, and I think that’s the saddest part. I truly will miss Livvy. And when the clock rang? Oh my god, I was a hot mess. There are dried tears on the last two pages of LOS. I cried myself to sleep that night when I finished it.

Side note on Livvy’s death: maybe this is a grieving me just searching for a way to bring Livvy back but there was a quote in either Lady Midnight or Lord of Shadows (I think its LOS) and one of the characters (I think a faerie or something) is like “Oh, how foolish of u to regard death as something so final.” Will this tie into Livvy’s death? WILL LIVVY COME BACK?

Characters I Literally Cannot Deal With

- Jaime Rosales (taking advantage of Dru like wtf)

- Annabel Blackthorn (she fucking killed Livvy and Robert ugh)

- Zara Dearborn (I don’t really need to explain this, do I?)

- The Cohort (see above)

Characters I Didn’t Pay Much Attention to Before but Now I Like Them

- Mark Blackthorn (sweet bby oml)

- Kieran (ur not as bad as I thought, pal)

- Diana Wrayburn (I explained above. Never hated her or anything, just didn’t know her)


- Dru Blackthorn (don’t make her babysit plz)

- Ty and Livvy (I have a twin and I wish he was like Ty lol)

Emma Carstairs 

- hot mess of angst and emotions throughout the book (as expected) 

- Julian Blackthorn Julian Blackthorn Julian Blackthorn Julian Blackthorn

- She slayed one of the Seven Riders like holy crap girl ur a legend

- She and Julian had sex again. Have I talked about this? Yes. It was amazing. I loved it. I enjoyed every second of it.

- I love how whenever someone does anything mean or says something bad about the Blackthorns, Emma freaking goes apeshit on them

- When Emma made Diego stand in the antpile…. OH MY GOD I LOVE THIS GIRL

- She’s so sassy and I love her sass. Did I mention I love her sass. 

Further comments


- will Emma and Julian seriously ever get rid of the parabatai bond

- how will Livvy’s death affect her family

- when will Mark, Cristina, and Kieran have their eventual threesome I need to know

- how the fuck is Bridget still alive


- what is happening to the warlocks oh my god don’t touch my Tessa and don’t touch my Magnus

- is Ragnor alive or nah

- what is the history of the Black Volume

- Clary better not die or I fucking s2g

Wait Til I Get Home

Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Reader (Human) x Brett Talbot
Words: 1,073
Warnings: none really. just a couple argument (couple meaning Brett x reader) probably feels?
Request? yes or no
A/N: Sorry it took so long to write this. i’m such a loser. Anyways I hope you enjoy it!! I’m sorry I’m slower than a turtle playing in molasses!! I really do hope it’s okay. and sorry if it isn’t exactly what you had in mind.

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Together | BNHA

They were alone in the room, now. Momo leaned back against the hospital-issue pillows, the sweat finally dry on her brow. Her husband sat next to her in a plastic chair, almost looking more relieved than she was that it was over. Kyoka and their other friends had left so that the new parents could have a moment.

The baby slept peacefully in Momo’s arms, swaddled in pale blue blankets and wearing a little matching hat. Like his father, his wispy hair was split down the middle— the left side red, and the right black.

Though she was physically exhausted, the excitement of having their first child was enough to energize her mind. Endless calculations, plans of what they would do together, advice she’d read from innumerable parenting books— all of it flashed through her mind with enough speed to make her sweat. 

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Imagine being a student, drinking a love potion and falling for Severus Snape.

Sorry it took so long for this request. School really puts a damper on my vibes and writing. Also, I don’t know how many of you read this, but the gif will make sense later in the story, couldn’t find one of Severus confused.

Originally posted by melodyrock

“Today, we will be learning to make love potions students.” Professor Snape’s voice brought you out of your day dreams. “Please pick a partner and get to work.”

“Y/N! Get over here.” Your best friend Sam yelled across the room.

Sam had been your friend since first year, now in your sixth year you were looking forward to graduating with your best friend.

You made your way over to Sam and began working. It was somewhat of a complex potion so it took you a bit to finish, once you were done you decided to talk to Sam, who was filling a small bottle with the potion you’d just made.

“What are you doing? You’ll get us in trouble you idiot.” You questioned Sam.

“I wanna see if this stuff will work.” He said as if it were an obvious answer.

“Whatever.” You said as you walked off up to Professor Snape to hand him your notebook so he could grade it.


You were eating lunch in the Great Hall with Sam and your friends when  you started feeling funny. Like you were the happiest person in the world.

“Sam, why can’t you be as cute as Snape?” You said, your eyes went wide, since when was Snape cute?

“It’s working!!” Sam said in between laughs.

You stared at the dark haired man at the table in the front of the Great Hall. He looked your way and you waved at him flirtatiously. His face turned into one of complete confusion.

“Y/N, you gotta stop. We gotta get you outta here.” Sam tried pulling you away. But as he tried pulling you away Snape was walking vigorously over to the two of you.

“What is wrong with you?!” Snape demanded.

“You’re so very attractive and I find it so distracting.” You said as you stood up and hugged the tall man.

The Great Hall gasped. And handsome, tall, dark haired man tensed at your sudden human contact.

“I’m taking you to Madame Pomfrey. ” Snape said as he rushed out embarrassed.

“I love you. I want to be with you forever Severus.” You said looking up into his dark eyes.

Once again a look of pure confusion took his face. “You are under the influence of a love potion Ms. Y/L/N, so stop talking. And DO NOT call me Severus.” He said walking you into Madame Pomfrey’s quarters.

“Please, call me y/n. No need to be formal darling.” You said grabbing his hand and intertwining your fingers with his.

“Sit.” He commanded as he pointed to the cot with his free hand.

“Severus Snape, she’s a bit young for you, don’t you think?” Madame Pomfrey said laughing at the scene.

“Age is but a number.” You said stroking Snape’s arm and smiling from ear to ear.

“You shut up.” Snape said looking at you, “Get her off of me and take care of this issue.” He spoke now to the nurse who was now crying from laughter.

“But I don’t ever want to part from you Severus, don’t leave me.” You said on the verge of tears.

“I think she’s your problem, you’re the potions master.” Madame Pomfrey said and walked out of the room still trying to contain her laughter.

Snape rolled his eyes and looked over at you from the seat he now sat in across from you. You looked at him and smiled.

“Alone at last.” You said and crashed your lips to his.

He immediately pulled away from you.

“DO NOT EVER DO THAT AGAIN.” His voice was harsh and louder than it normally was.

“But Severus, I am in love with you don’t you feel the same way?” You said moving closer to him.

“No you’re not. You are under the influence of a love potion.” He said simply.

“But you do feel the same way!” You said excitedly and wrapped your arms around his neck and kissed his neck.

“Get off this instant!” He said trying to push you away, but you held on rather tightly, you finally let go.

“Stop touching me. I don’t like it. If you do love me, just sit there and don’t say anything and for Merlin’s sake, DO NOT touch me.” He said standing behind the chair as if it were some sort of shield.

You did as he said and sat back on the cot silently, but staring at him, he was now standing in the doorway watching the corridor.

A while passed and you started to get sleepy so you laid on the cot.

“Severus, you look like a model standing there. You could lay with me you know, I love you so much.” You said smiling up at him.

He looked at you for a moment out of the corner of his eyes with an annoyed expression on his face.

“You don’t have to isolate yourself, plenty of us like you. You deserve a good life. No one deserves to be alone, Severus.” You said shutting your eyes as you began to fall asleep.

“Good God that was torture.” Snape said as he looked at your sleeping form.

He felt sorry for you, he knew the kids would tease you about what happened. He walked over and pulled the cover over you so you wouldn’t get cold, you were the only student he did not hate with a passion. He stayed a few hours to make sure you were alright.

Minerva walked in after she had herd what happened.

“Severus? Is y/n alri– Oh my!” She gasped as she saw the small hicky on his neck.

Snape gave an irritated glare and walked out of the room quickly, his robes billowing out behind him.

Minerva chuckled to herself, she had a student do the same to her years ago.


You woke up in the infirmary the next morning, you couldn’t remember hardly anything from the previous day. You looked up at the clock and ‘oh no, I’ll be late for potions!’

You ran down the corridors and finally made it to the potions class room. You walked on and the whole class started whispering and giggling. You looked around confused, but took your seat by Sam.

“What is going on?” You asked Sam.

“You don’t remember?” You looked at you with concern.

You shook your head. Right as you were getting ready to ask Sam another question Professor Snape came in the classroom. All of the events from yesterday came back at once. Your face turned red and you put your head down.

“Is that…is that a hicky on the professor’s neck?!” A kid in the room asked.

You looked up at Snape and sure enough, “Oh for the love of Merlin’s beard, this day can’t get worse.” You said and you could hear Sam’s laughter.

“Silence.” Snape’s voice was stern and low as usual. “I do not want to hear anything about yesterday’s events, we will proceed with our lessons as normal.

Class went on and you tried desperately to not make eye contact with Snape, or anyone else for that matter. Sam apologised countless times, saying it wasn’t meant for you but for the girl next to you at the Great Hall.

After class you stayed. “Professor, I am so, so, sorry.” You said as you walked up to where Snape was sitting at his desk.

Snape grunted as a response.

“I can’t believe I did….well..I did that stuff. I hope you can forgive me.” You said hoping for some sort of response, “so how many detentions will I have?” You asked know that he’d punish you in some way.

Snape finally put his quill down and looked at you, his eyes narrowed.

“We will never speak of the events of yesterday again Ms. Y/L/N. Understood?” Snape asked.

You quickly nodded your head. “I’m so..”

“Never speak of it again.” Snape said cutting you off.

“Right. Sorry.” You said turning to walk out of the classroom.

“Ms. Y/L/N,” Snape said as you reached the door way, but you didn’t turn around you just stopped “if any of the….thoughts you expressed yesterday were true, please keep them to yourself, you are my student for now.” He said in what seemed like a taunting voice.

You smiled to yourself and turned around, “For now. But age is but a number professor.” You winked at him and walked off smugly.

Lights Will Guide You Home

A/N: I tried my best to get this as accurate as possible. But I myself have been feeling like this for the past few days myself and… I just tried my best. I hope it’s up to your expectations. Thank you, Coldplay, for the inspiration.

Character: Niall

Warning(s): Anxiety, depression

Originally posted by craicthatniall

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Listen to Me - Zach Dempsey Imagine

Request: I’m not sure if you make zach imagines but hey can you make a imagine about reader is kind of depressed about what happened hannah and jeff, and she gets mad at zach after she found about the tapes and then she realises that zach is depressed and sorry too so she decides to be strong & supportive about her boyfriend, taking care of him. and zach being sensetive and afraid of losing her girlfriend. it’s so long i’m a trash lmfo

Pairing: Zach Dempsey x Reader

Word Count: 996

I haven’t stopped crying in five weeks. Well, I cried nonstop for a while after Jeff died and then was fine but the next day I heard about Hannah. Things haven’t been that great at school, either. My grades have dropped slightly and once the drunk driving posters came down the suicide posters went up in their place. What annoys me the most, though, is how people are faking everything. Everyone is acting sad, like Jeff and Hannah’s deaths changed them forever when in reality more than half of these people never said a word to either of them, especially not to Hannah.

Jeff and I were close. After I started dating Zach I hung out more with the sports crowd, despite my lack of knowledge in all things athletic, and Jeff was one of the few guys that didn’t make a single sexual comment at me. We’d always sit together at the basketball games and Jeff would ask me for help on his schoolwork when he couldn’t get ahold of Clay.

While not extremely close, Hannah and I had something special. We rarely talked or hung out but we were always there for each other. Whenever one of needed to vent or cry, we knew that we could call the other person and cry.

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anonymous asked:

What inspired you to become an educator at an aquarium?

Less of a what and more of a who.

I grew up on The Crocodile Hunter. I grew up watching this brash, charming Aussie hold animals up to the camera with a beaming smile, chuckling whenever they snapped at him and shaking off even blood-drawing bites as though they were nothing. But more than that, I grew up watching him explain–passionately–why each of those animals was so wonderful and necessary to the planet, why he loved them so very, very much, and why they needed our protection and respect.

I have many, many memories of watching his show as a child, and–after the credits started to roll–turning off the tv and heading outside. There, I would imagine that the cameras were now on me. Sometimes, I would parrot back facts I had learned from that episode, catching and holding up imaginary snakes and chameleons. Other times, I would look for wildlife of my own; I would hold up roly-polies and patent leather beetles to my imagined television audience and talk about them, occasionally making up my “facts” on the spot.

I wanted to be just like him. Everything Steve Irwin stood for–respecting wildlife, teaching others not to be afraid of animals, conservation–was everything I stood for. I loved (and still love) the natural world, and I wanted nothing more than to reach millions like he did.

Even at a young age, I was aware that not everyone loved and idolized him the way I did, and that many people thought he was crazy, or even abusive to the animals he handled. Sometimes, even I was a bit unsure of him, and thought he could have handled an encounter better, or that he had provoked the animal that bit him–but then again, he would frequently say so himself when it happened, so I was willing to forgive him.

Needless to say, I was shattered when he died. He and Robin Willliams are the only two celebrities whose death I have shed tears over–because they are the only two whose lives and work have altered me so deeply.

When I started volunteering with the park service as a naturalist, I realized that this was my chance to be someone else’s Steve Irwin–this was my chance to inspire and educate others as he had me. And maybe it was that desire, and maybe it was a bit of inborn talent, but whatever the reason, I excelled at what I did. The realization that I had a platform to inspire change and help other people love and protect the natural world was so uplifting. It wasn’t a tv show, but it was still my childhood dream come true.

At the aquarium, I sometimes get people asking me why I got into this field, and I tell them, without any hesitation, who inspired me to be what I am. I tell them point-blank “Steve Irwin is the reason I’m standing here talking to you today.” and express how deeply I want to carry on the work that he did. And the responses I get have frequently brought me to the verge of tears.

“Well, I’d say you’re doing a good job.”

“You’ve certainly been my Steve Irwin today.”

“You actually remind me of him.”

“I think he’d be very proud to see what he’s inspired in you.”

I found myself a giant and climbed up onto his shoulders, and let me tell you: The view is pretty great.

Silly Promises

A super short (like slightly less than 800 words) fluff about Ubbe, where the reader tends him after he’s wounded in battle. So sweet your teeth might fall out.

Warnings: None, really. Mention of death and some blood, but super mild. This is literally 100% fluff and sweetness.

Every time the army fought, you held your breath as they began coming back; the unharmed carrying the dead and wounded, all bloody and tired, stinking of death and sweat. They brought the wounded to you, and you inspected every face, relief washing over you at every man that wasn’t your lover. He was fierce—fast and skilled, deadly as they came—but still you couldn’t stop yourself from worrying for him.

He always came back unharmed, until the day he came back supported by Hvitserk and Bjorn, his arms around their shoulders as they carried him slowly toward you. With a ragged cry you ran to them, fearing the large bloodstain on his left leg. They stopped and you knelt immediately to inspect the wound, pushing the shredded leather of his trousers out of your way.

The wound was long, but not too deep, and had hit no major arteries. If he did not take a fever, he would recover from this quickly. It was a fairly clean cut, too, so the scarring would even be minimal. Reassured, you stood up and grabbed Ubbe’s chin in both your hands, drawing his warm, dry lips to yours and kissing him hard. The ghost of a smile crossed his face when you released him. “Gods, woman, I am not hurt much. Be strong, Y/n, yeah?”

“Bring him to our tent,” you told his brothers, voice brusque. You were still on the verge of hysteria, but a few deep breaths began to calm you.

“You get the special treatment, hmm Ubbe?” Hvitserk teased, the worry on his face easing.

“It helps to be in love with the healer,” Ubbe answered, casting a glance at you. He must have seen the tears lurking just behind your calm expression, because he continued, “They are the bravest of women. Men have it easy, my brother, it is no great challenge to pick up a sword and march into battle. The hard part comes afterward. The women with the gentle hands and kind hearts, they have the worst of it, to constantly be cleaning up the messes we make of ourselves.”

You held the flap of yours and Ubbe’s ten aside as the three of them ducked awkwardly through the entrance. Bjorn and Hvitserk helped him onto the low, fur-covered pallet near the banked fire. Bjorn knelt to rekindle the small fire for you before him and Hvitserk left you alone with your lover. He was reclining back against the pillows, wounded leg stretched out before him, dripping blood onto the furs.

You moved them quickly out of harm’s way, sitting on the pallet beside him with a rag and a bowl of water. “It is a sword slice?” You asked, beginning to gently wipe the blood away. He grimaced, but did not move under your hands.

“Yes. I dodged one blow, only to wind up right on the edge of a Saxon sword,” his voice was light, even now trying to soothe you. “Y/n, I will be alright. It does not hurt too much, and before I started trying to walk to you, before Bjorn and Hvitserk found me, it had almost stopped bleeding.”

You gaped at him in amazement. “Ubbe, why did you try to walk to me yourself? It must have been terribly painful.”

He nodded. “It was. Still is. But all I wanted was your touch. That was all that mattered. Not the pain, not the battle, nothing but you.” He opened his arms to you, and you fell into his embrace with a hysterical sound somewhere between a sob and a laugh. “I love you, Y/n.”

“I love you too, Ubbe. Do not ever get hurt again, please. Promise me.” You knew it was a silly thing to ask of him, and you could feel the warm chuckle reverberating in his strong chest.

“I promise I will try my best. But only if you promise that if I do get hurt again, you will care for me.” He planted a kiss in your hair.

“I swear it by all the gods,” you promised, lifting your head from your chest to mold your lips to his. They were soft and warm below yours, wonderfully alive and inviting. He teased you gently, his tongue tracing the outline of your mouth, before you pulled away, panting a little. “I should sew up and bandage that wound before you make my hands shake.”

His eyes glinted with mischief as he looked at you. “Alright. But afterward, I fully intend on making those gentle hands of yours shake.”

My Knight in Swimming Trunks

My Knight in Swimming Trunks


summary: Steve Rogers x reader AU. You are enjoying a nice day on the beach, but when jellyfish try to ruin your day, a cute stranger steps in to rescue you ;)

word count: 858

warnings: fluff, fear of jellyfish? (tbh I’m terrified of them haha)

a/n: This is for @always-an-evans-addict writing challenge! The response to my first fic was so overwhelming, thank you! I actually thought no one was gonna read it. Also this is based on real events! Except it was my brother who saved me… but don’t we all wish Steve would rescue us from mean jellyfish?
You: Nat can you see the blue sky OMG
You: And the sunshine OMG
Nat: I am hungover. YOU CAN’T GET ME TO GO OUTSIDE.
You: You gonna make your best friend go to the beach by herself???
Nat: Yes.
You: You will regret this.
An hour later you are at the beach, sitting on your towel, enjoying the sunshine on your face.
It is a truly beautiful day. The sky is this stunning shade of blue, which you were pretty sure was what people ment when referring to ‘sky-blue’. The few clouds decorating the sky, look like straight out of a children’s book.
It is hot. You can almost physically feel the heat on your skin. Which is why you decide to go for a swim. You are craving the coolness of the water, the calmness of floating on the sea or gliding through the waves as if you were a part of them.

On your way to the water you do a few cartwheels and leaps, feeling like the little child  that you are on the inside. There aren’t many people on the beach anyway and you don’t particularly care who sees you.

Before stepping into the sea you just stand there letting the waves crash on your feet.
You wade through the ocean until you are waist deep in the cool liquid, then you start to swim.

You take a deep breath, close your eyes and dive under water. You dive until you can barely stand.

Relishing in the feeling of cold water against your skin, you let yourself float for a while.
Maybe coming alone was not so bad after all… You finally got some much needed ‘you-time’.

Thinking it might be time to get out of the water, you retreat from your floating position. That’s when your foot hits something… squishy and… gelatinous.

No. No. It can’t be. Please, no.
When you lower your gaze onto the water surrounding you, your apprehensions are confirmed.

There are jellyfish everywhere.

Pale white, spineless creatures with long venomous tentacles, out to get you.
Technically they are just floating around in the water minding their own business, but still.

They want to sting you. Burn you. Hurt you.

There’s no way you are getting out of the water now. Where is Nat when you need her? She would totally fight of these evil creatures sent from hell. You don’t know how, but you are certain she would.

“HELP!”, you scream, hoping for someone, anyone to hear you. To take pity on you and somehow get you out of here alive and well. Preferably without being stung.

Your lips tremble and you can feel the tears burning at the back of your eyes.

Don’t show fear. They can smell it.
The part of you that’s still thinking rationally is yelling at you that it is actually impossible to smell under water.

But you don’t care. Now tears are streaming down your face and you have trouble staying still.

“Don’t worry, I’ll get you out of here.”, a deep voice whispers into your ear.

Awesome, now you are starting to halucinate.

Strong arms wrap around your body and pull you up. “I got you.”, the stranger mumbles, straight into your ear.

You rest your head on his very firm chest, as he carries you out of the water.
Bridal style. If you weren’t already in full panic mode, you’d be freaking out for a whole different reason.
Once you’ve safely arrived on the beach, the stranger, your savior sets you down onto the sand.

That’s when you finally get a good look at him. And boy is he handsome.

Eyes blue, like the ocean he just carried you out of. You gaze trails down his body. Those abs, my god, never before in your life have you come this up close and personal with a pair of abs so defined. He has a freaking eight-pack. Is that even possible?

Maybe you are actually still in the water, passed out and hallucinating. That’s much more plausible than this beautiful man standing in front of you. Who is now coughing.

Oh no. You’re staring. You can feel you cheeks heating up, blushing deeply. You reach up, grabbing strand of hair and twirling it around your finger.

“I-” And that is when you see it. The long, light red streaks on his legs. “I am so sorry.”, you say, already on the verge of tears. Again.

He smiles. “It’s fine. Doesn’t hurt much at all.” And then he winks. You didn’t think you could blush more, but you do. “Anything for a beautiful lady like you.” You might actually faint. Is this guy real?

“Are you real?”, you blurt out, before you can stop yourself.

He laughs. Loudly. Even his laugh is attractive.
“Very real.” He extends his hand. “I am Steve, by the way.”

“My knight in… swimming trunks.”, you say, taking his hand.

Who would have guessed? Even his hand feels nice. So nice, you don’t actually want to let it go.

“Oh, I um I am Y/N.”

Nat was going to be so pissed.

a/n: this is so over dramatized haha. In reality it was more like “I’m kinda scared, can you carry me?” “Okay”. Also, not cheesy at all? Please leave some feedback!

▲ Bloodstream / Cheryl Blossom ▲

I’ve never written something based off a song, I’m not good at interpreting lyrics or anything…so I hope it’s not too terrible.

Words: 1397

Song: Bloodstream, The Chainsmokers

I’ve been drunk three times this week
Spent all my money on a fleeting moment

Everyone had noticed the change in Cheryl…how disconnected she had been from everything and everyone-how reckless she had become. 

She had never been much of a drinker and despite what some thought, not really one for partying in general. But lately that had all changed. Every party held in Riverdale, Cheryl was there. Front and centre, putting them all to shame.

It was clear something was wrong, but most people tried not to read too much into it-not wanting to get involved in anymore Blossom drama.

Cheryl had become a different person almost; wasting her time and money, risking her health and sanity, damaging her reputation-all in an attempt to fill that growing emptiness inside of her. 

I thought I-I-I-I-I-I can shake this off
Now I-I-I-I-I-I can’t make this stop

Thinking it was a phase, a temporary and impulsive reaction to what had happened-Cheryl thought she’d get over it, move past it all. 

But it wasn’t that simple.

The more she tried, the harder it was.

Cheryl never thought it would go this far but she couldn’t help it. 

Her attempt to push every thought and memory from her mind proved to be impossible and now she was stuck dealing with the consequences of what she had done. 

What she continues to do.

Yeah, things were sweet three months ago
When I was living how I wanna on my own
And I thought I-I-I-I-I-I don’t need that much
I guess I-I-I-I-I-I was out of touch

Why couldn’t she have just kept her mouth shut?

Everything was going so well…Cheryl would even go as far to say it was perfect. 

Back then she didn’t have to face her demons. She didn’t have to deal with the judgment and the pity.

She didn’t need much, nothing more than what she had.

But then she had to go and ruin that-not realising it was all she had, all she wanted, that she was risking. 

I’m fucked up, I’m faded
I’m so complicated

She had made so many mistakes.

There were so many things she wanted to take back.

Cheryl hated herself every time she woke up with only a bitter taste left in her mouth and hazy memories of the night before. 

She was a mess. Troubled. Misguided. 

Completely lost and at times she felt she was so far gone…that nothing could save her.

Those things that I said
They were so overrated
But I-I-I-I-I-I, yeah, I meant it
Oh yeah, I-I-I-I-I-I, really fucking meant it
Yeah, I meant it

Her words were so painfully, brutally truthful and you knew they were her genuine thoughts. 

You couldn’t hate her for speaking her mind, but you also couldn’t face her. Not after everything that went down.

As soon as the words had left her mouth all those weeks ago, Cheryl knew it was a mistake. She knew how much it would hurt you-but if she was known for anything, it was her honesty.

Especially with you.

Cheryl would never lie to you.

You were the one person she was most truthful with. She could be open and at times even vulnerable when in your presence. 

It scared her…but she liked it.

That was all ruined now, though. 

I gave up three times this week
Went through those feelings
Like I wasn’t worth nothing
I thought I-I-I-I-I-I can shake this off
No, I-I-I-I-I-I can’t be this soft

Cheryl had lost hope.

She felt as though she had nothing left for her anymore. That she meant nothing, was nothing, to anyone. Including to herself. 

She felt like something irrelevant…wasted space…something forgettable and easily tossed aside. 

Who would want someone so damaged? With so much baggage?

I’m fucked up, I’m faded
I’m so complicated
Those things that I said
They were so overrated
But I-I-I-I-I-I, yeah, I meant it
Oh yeah, I-I-I-I-I-I, really fucking meant it
Yeah, I meant it

You kept an eye on Cheryl through Veronica these past few months, using her as your last connection to redheaded bombshell that was putting you through so much stress.

You weren’t sure why you felt the need to keep checking up on her…

Cheryl had hurt you. 

It was that simple. Her words were hash and cruel, but they were honest and weren’t coping with that last part all too well. 

Cheryl had thrown away a two year relationship so easily that it seemed it had meant nothing to her in the first place. 

But after everything…you still loved her.

It was hard to explain. 

You knew you shouldn’t have, but you had forgiven her for what she had said to you. No matter how much you tried, you just couldn’t stay mad at her.

You knew she loved you. At least you were confident of that before everything happened. Now you couldn’t say for sure. Your time apart had opened your eyes to so many revelations it seemed that lately you weren’t too sure of anything.

Cheryl had fallen down the rabbit hole and you knew it. She was so far lost, you feared she was gone.

You wanted more than anything to go to her, to comfort her, to bring her back. You just wanted Cheryl Blossom back. 

Veronica had rang you only minutes ago to fill you in on what was going on and you were currently racing around the school trying to find the redhead that had ran away from practice.

You knew she wouldn’t have gone far but you had checked everywhere you thought she might be. There was only one more place on your list…you had hoped you wouldn’t have to go there, you didn’t think you could manage being hit with all the memories the moment you walked through the door. 

But that’s where you found her…in your spot, where the two of you always snuck away to whenever everything in life just got too much to deal with.

You approached her slowly, not wanting to startle the girl who was hunched over and sobbing. You didn’t say anything, you just sat by her side and wrapped your arm around her.

She froze under your touch for only a moment before recognition hit her and she was unable to hold back. Cheryl clung to you as tightly as she could and continued to cry all while you just sat there and held her close.

It felt like an eternity had passed by the time she had managed to calm herself down. You were grateful. Seeing her break down…you wouldn’t have been able to bear it for much longer.

“Why are you here?” she asked, her voice soft and barely audible, but not accusatory. 

“You need me,” is all you replied. 

“After everything?” she continued, finally locking her eyes with yours. “You’re still here for me?”

You nod, using your fingers to push away all the hair behind her ears that had fallen around her face. “Of course I am. I will always be here for you when you need me. I’m sorry I lost track of that for a while.”

Cheryl shook her head, “Don’t apologise. It’s all my fault, I ruined everything-I always ruin everything.”

She was on the verge of crying again, her voice was shaky and her eyes were lining with fresh tears, “Stop putting yourself down like that,” you whispered, resting your forehead against hers. 

Cheryl closed her eyes, taking in the moment in fear it would never happen again. “You’re too good for me,” she mumbled.

You gripped the back of her neck, but not tight enough to hurt her, pushing your other hand firmly against her lower back, “You’re worth so much more than you think, Blossom. You should never forget that.”

“I’ve made so many mistakes,” she insisted. 

“So what? I have too and we’re going to keep making them because we’re young and blinded by what’s around us and by what we want. But that’s okay,” you smile. “Because it’s how we learn and it’s how we are shaped into better versions of ourselves.”

You press your lips against her forehead for only a few agonising seconds before pulling away. 

“You’re going to get through this, Cheryl Blossom, and you’re going to come out on top. And I’ll be standing by you the entire time, I promise.”