i am still not worthy

Inktober 025: I’m sorry, Kaiba, this is an unworthy birthday gift…

Tools: Copic Multiliner (0.05, 0.25), Copic Opaque White, Copic Markers (N2, N4), Pentel Pocket Brush Pen, Pentel Aquash Water Brush Pen (light black), Sakura Gelly Roll (white)

I actually hit 2k followers on bOTH tumblr and twitter simultaneously over the weekend and I still can’t believe so many (4k????? h ow omg i ca nt bel ie ve honestly) of y’all are willing to follow my lame trash art c rie s :’)) I just really wanted to thank everyone who follows this meme artist, like honestly bless your soul you perfect angels, y’all are always brightening up every one of my days with your amazing tag messages and cute asks and support and goSH I will love every single of you for eternity!! You guys are my hopes, my angels, and I love you all dearly, very much so! <3

If I were to be very honest, even though I only had my art blogs for a few months, this was a very long journey- but in the best way possible. I met so many amazing people, so many beautiful souls, so many kind hearts. So I just really wanted to single out a few people who truly helped me so much through life- you guys never fail to put the biggest smile on my face and I love you guys so, so, so much that I don’t even know how my heart can handle it tbh :’)

@astro-child : SHANEL shANel!!!! my amazing wife and sunshine angel o m gO S H how do I even start this???? You’re so sweet and kind and amazing that you make my heart ache in a reALLY GOOD WAY, and your writing style is honestly so captivating and magical that it makes my head spin so much like how does such a talented person exist???? You are my angel, my cinnamon roll, my precious wife, the ji to my kook, the yoon to my seok, and I will love you until the end of eternity ;u; I don’t know how I even lived without you in my life, or how I was even given the chance to meet such a wonderful person (i seriously must have saved the entire world from destruction in my past life hehe)- you’ve supported and loved me so much and I truly do not deserve you my amazing sunshine wife!! /hugs you tightly/ i can literally go on and on and never stop but the point of the story is that I LOVE U V MUCH SHANELLL!! :’) ♡ ♡ ♡

@jungflowery : holds your face gently lisTEN REE YOU AMAZING PERSON YOU, everything that you have ever said to me is literal gold okay like I treasure our conversations v much and I love how amazingly sweet and funny you are, and I still remember meeting you for the first time through my inbox and immediately knowing that you were such a beautiful and amazing person :’) I always feel so energized when I talk with you, and your writing is so so beautiful and I will always cherish you my wonderful soulmate!!

@cinny-min : CINCINCINCIN OMG FAM you art is so fre aking ador a b le and every single time you post new art I am literally blown away c ries on my face :”)) you always send me memes and funny bangtan stuff and aMAZINGLY CUTE lil comments and I see them when I’m running to class and I literally have to stop and wheeze in the middle of the hallway because you’ve literally made my entire day with a meme and a comment, that’s how precious you are to me okay??? ilu cinbean!! ♡

@miss-fire-rose : AJ OMG!!! I feel so so grateful that we’ve become friends!! You’re so kind and sweet and you always make me feel so happy with your cute Pokemon drawings and lil memes and gifs you send me :’)) You are so precious and amazing, and I hope you know how much I appreciate you!!!! Thank you for befriending this beansprout!! hehe  ♡ ♡

@memefont : ryou omg okay let me start with this: YOU’RE SO FREAKING TALENTED OKAY??? Please realize it, because you are!!! You’re such a kind person, and you never ever deserve to feel sad, ever. Thank you for always being so kind and outgoing and sweet and accepting of me, I will always cherish you forever hehe  ♡ ♡ Thank you for always supporting me, and I will be sure to support you all the way!!!

@jimineh : JIA YOU PRECIOUS KIND PERSON!!!! You are so so so sweet with an amazing taste for music, and I’m so glad to have gotten to know you jia!! I literally felt my heart go into my throat when you sang me that precious birthday song, I almost cried :’)) You are too precious, too kind for this world my smol unnie, and I hope you have many great days to come!!! Thank you for always supporting me, ilu!!

@snowyowl119 : VIVIAN!!! (can i call u vi hehe) your art is literally so amazing, I can’t even comprehend how you do it. Your realism is literally on point, and you’re such an amazing and kind person!! Thank you for always leaving cute lil things in my askbox, you always make my day when you do  ♡ Bless you for always supporting me, I couldn’t ask for a better friend hehe ♡ ♡ 

@floofybts : kATIE!! ok so o I know we know each other irl but I never see you anymore (cries) bc our school is too darn big so I’ll just say it here!! First of all, I’m so so so grateful for all the support you’ve given me o mg you’re literally the reason why I started this blog, and why it exists to this day. You’ve given me so much support and love when I was super insecure about my art, and you’ve always defended my tired sleepy ass every time I got dragged in the gym because I was swinging my hockey stick with my eyes closed after an allnighter hehe :’)) Thank you for always being here for me, and for always making my day ♡ I LOVE U KATIE!!!

@asteraw : DABBIE!!! omg haha ik we know each other irl too, BUT you moved away and now the class is quiet and sad and I’m quieter and sadder :’(( the kpop squad misses you so much!!!! but, I digress! I remember I first told you about my blog during that painful summer at that even more painful institution, and you’ve always supported me ever since!! I’ve come so far because of you, and I can’t thank you enough ;u; I love your art so much, and I can’t believe I’m friends with such a talented person cr i es :’)) I LOVE U DEBB!!! LETS MEET UP AGAIN SOMETIME OK :’((

Now onto the rest of this lil follower forever!! These are just all the people who make me smile every time I see them on my dash- they’re all such amazingly talented people and I love them all dearly!!

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y’all are so great, thank you so much for making these last few months the best months of my life!!!! ilu guys!!

I’m in the middle of studying for a chemistry test, and I’ve been on Facebook to message my friends questions and whatnot. In the middle of our conversations, two of my friends have sent me screenshots of their friends posting their acceptances to Harvard. Congratulations to their friends on a tremendous achievement. However, it’s left my friends and I feeling woefully inadequate. And I think it’s important to remember this time around when admissions are starting to roll out that you do not have to go to an American Ivy League school to be proud of yourself. You have not failed if you have not done so. 

This is not to put down Ivy League graduates or students in any way. They have earned respectable reputations through their hard work and dedication. I am merely pointing out that you are still a worthy and smart person regardless of your choice of university, or college, or whatever you decide to do post-secondary.

I have felt a little miffed because I have some friends who applied to the States to amazing schools like Cornell and UPenn and I’ve felt a little ridiculous applying to lil ol’ Canadian schools. This is silly. The schools I’m applying to are good schools, the best in my country, and just because I go there instead of an American school does not make me inadequate, or a failure, or even just plain dumb. It makes me someone who’s going to go to a good school, just not an American one.

tl;dr: You are not made up of the school you go to, or the acceptances or rejections you receive this winter. You are a lovely person with so much more to you than this application process.

love & light <3

Problems and pain can cause you to forget the little reminders that matter.

So today I remind myself…

I am still here.
and I am blessed.
I am worthy.
and I am blessed.
I am everything that life tries to tell me that I am not.
and I am blessed.

Quick Plies

nuclearxwaffles replied to your photoset “GUYS THIS IS ALL RESHADE’S MAGIC, I SWEAR XD I am not worthy of such…”

I’m still a bit brain-addled from therapy today and I misread that as “Stephen King” and was like THAT IS NOT STE– oh. XD My brain was confused cause I misread one thing but knew that’s Naet haha also like, your reshade settings, I needs them. Will probably tweak them as I tend to like even higher contrast, but damn, woman!

LMAO STEPHEN KING IS GOING TO BE HIS NEW NAME NOW XD But I use  Taultvec’s Reshade settings <3

streetxsims replied to your photoset “GUYS THIS IS ALL RESHADE’S MAGIC, I SWEAR XD I am not worthy of such…”

So when does classes start and what supplies do your student’s need in order to meet the requirements for learning.,��

LMAOO Will you even stick to TS3 that long?? XD

asexualsims replied to your post “I also kinda want to make a toddler in TS3 now just to see how good I…”

if anyone can do it you can (:

Hopefully T__T lmao

I am Colleen, I’m 22 and I am smart, caring, silly, sarcastic, fiercely loyal, a smart ass, a lover, an empath, and all about that self love. And you know what else I have HSV and I am still all the other parts of me, now I just have a new little slice of myself to own and love.

It recently hit me that… I actually am a woman in STEM.

I used to think that I’m not quite worthy of that title yet since I am still a student… but I work in a lab, with scientists and engineers, helping out with research for an experiment that will be permanently stationed in the deepest, cleanest underground scientific laboratory in the world. So yeah. I guess I’m a woman in STEM 😝

Regrets and questions still visit my mind every time I’ll remember you and the memories we had. Am I not worthy of any explanations? We still see each other whenever we go around town, and even bump into each other along the way.

You still have that special place in my heart. We may not have that happy ending but at least, we had that once upon a time. You will always be my beautiful summer.

4 year almost 100lb difference. It’s been a rough and rewarding journey and the most important thing I’ve learned is that no size or weight will make you love yourself. Self live and self worth comes from somewhere much deeper than physical appearance. It can be important to have goals that help you stay motivated but it is even more important to realize the journey isn’t over when you meet them and they won’t magically make you happy.
I wish I could say I always love myself and always feel worthy but it is something I am still working on day to day. I wish I wasn’t so mean to myself 100lbs ago, I wish I could go back and tell myself how worthy I was of love and friendship, and that my size was not an excuse to be treated poorly by myself or others.
You are worthy of friendship, honesty, physical affection, kindness, care, and love NO MATTER WHAT.

I’m sorry. I don’t know what came over me. I was afraid. I am not worthy of you. But I still love you, I think.

Don’t try and find me again, you would be lonely for music. I want you to be happy. I want you to marry again. I’m going to write out instructions for your next wife.

To my husband’s next wife: Be gentle. Be sure you comb his hair when it’s wet. Do not fail to notice that his face flushes pink like a bride’s when you kiss him. Give him lots to eat. He forgets to eat and he gets cranky.

When he is sad, kiss his forehead and I will thank you. For he is a young prince and his robes are too heavy on him. His crown falls down around his ears.

I’ll give this letter to a worm. I hope he finds you. 

—  Sarah Ruhl, from “Eurydice”
Face Day

I give up on trying to give the title clever names.

Thank you all so much for being here when I needed it at ungodly hours of the night. You guys deserve a happy chapter, so have some things that a bunch of Anons requested. Pretty shippy, lots of exploring the different faces. If you get squeamish about mouth exploration then just read until Reader is laying in bed with Sans and like, skip till the small paragraph that starts with “His teeth.”

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Warnings: Face exploration, trying to figure out magic logic, lots of personal headcanons, a kiss, magic tongue is back.

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