i am still laughing even though i like harry

Pamper Night

Harry glanced skeptically through the small containers his girlfriend had laid in front of him. His eyes flew from her hands back to her face that supported a small, excited smile to confirm that she was in fact serious about this. Spa day, she had exclaimed, clapping her hands together happily. She said it was both of what the two needed, a full day of pampering and loving their skins until they were glowing of healthiness.

Who was Harry to disrupt his girlfriend’s moment of glory? Besides, she had finally convinced the boy to accompany her after weeks of imploring at large puppy eyes, which he couldn’t seem to resist anymore. Anyways, the thought of relaxing with the girl he loved…along with her skin itching to be rubbed with oil by his large hands…yeah. That’s something he’d like. Although reluctant of what to expect, Harry agreed to a spa day.

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Imagine: You and Harry get into a fight and then he apologizes

Both you and Harry had been feeling kind of off from the time you woke up that morning. It was a gloomy, gray Monday and neither of you had gotten much sleep the night before because there was a loud storm and the booming thunder made it hard to fall asleep, and even harder to stay asleep. So it wasn’t a surprise that both of you were a bit snippy that morning.

“Morning,” you mumbled to Harry when you walked into the kitchen to find him buttering a piece of toast, already dressed for the day. It had become a routine since Harry had been back from tour that you would eat breakfast in the morning together before he was off to meetings and events for the day, and then you’d spend the evening and the rest of the night together. 

“Morning, have a good sleep?” The hints of a smirk creeped onto Harry’s face as he knew damn well that neither of you had a good sleep.

“Mmm, great,” you responded sarcastically. 

“Thought so. So, erm, I know we’ve been planning on this vacation next week for awhile now, but I’ve gotta be at a promo event here a couple days after we’re supposed to leave - I know, hold on,” he interrupted himself as he acknowledged the look on your face of pure annoyance with a hint of disappointment. “But you can still leave when we were supposed to and then I can meet you there when I can get away so you can be there longer,” Harry proposed.

“Are you serious, Harry? Like are you actually being serious right now?” You asked, knowing full well that he was but not wanting to believe it. “Harry why the hell would I want to be in Venice for a few days by myself? The whole point is that we weren’t able to have the honeymoon we wanted because of your schedule! This was supposed to be an ‘us’ thing, come on.” Your mouth was slightly ajar and your arms were crossed. You just couldn’t believe his ‘Harry stuff’ was getting in the way of your time together, again.

“Hey now, you know if it was up to me I’d be there with you the whole time, but I just can’t control this stuff! I don’t think it’s very fair that you’re taking it out on me.”

“Don’t even do that, Harry. Don’t even act like you’re the victim here. Why do you always freaking do this!” You started raising your voice without being able to help it as you also found yourself unable to stop yourself from saying whatever was now swirling around in your head.

“Okay, what do you mean ‘always’?” Harry asked with a stern look on his face, lips pursed.

“I mean your career always interferes with ‘us’ stuff! And you know it, Harry. It’s like sometimes I just think how much easier it would be if you weren’t this crazy famous popstar.” You couldn’t help it at all anymore, the words were just pouring out of your mouth.

“Are you kidding me Y/N. What did you want me to do, just drop my whole life once we got together? Just give up everything I’ve ever worked for for one person? Because I worked fucking hard to get where I am and I hope you know I’m not someone who would let just one person stop me from doing what I love!” He knew it wasn’t sounding the way he meant it as the words came out but it was too late now.

“Just one person,” you whispered, tears forming in your eyes. “Just one person. You’re everything to me, Harry, you’re my husband. But maybe I should rethink your significance in my life if I’m just one person to you.” Harry knew it was bad when you didn’t even yell anymore when you guys were fighting. Because it meant you weren’t just angry, you were hurt. And he hurt you bad.

“Y/N, I didn’t mean it like that I just -” “Stop, just stop. Just don’t follow me, I want to be alone right now. Have a good meeting,” you interrupted Harry as your tearful eyes locked on his wide ones. You backed away slowly and turned around to rush towards the bedroom so you could cry and not have to look at him anymore. At the guy who just said that you were “just one person”. The guy that you would do absolutely anything for. The guy who didn’t resemble just now the man you married. 

Harry was left standing in the middle of the kitchen, eyes wide and mouth slightly open, shocked. He couldn’t believe he had actually just said that to you but he was already running late for an important meeting so he finally grabbed his phone and keys and walked out the door, the sound of it closing only causing you to burst into tears. 

It was less than an hour later when the sound of the front door opening and closing momentarily pulled you out of your state of misery. You had been crying on and off since Harry left, mostly on, but you thought you’d have awhile longer to get yourself together because Harry was supposed to be gone until the evening. 

You looked up when the sound of footsteps reached the doorway, surprised when Harry pushed the bedroom door open to see his eyes slightly puffy and full of tears, his face stained from the crying he clearly had been doing. You sat up when he locked eyes with you, your own face tear-stained and eyes puffy as well. 

“Oh God, I’m so sorry,” Harry managed to say shakily, causing the tears to fall from his eyes as he walked towards the bed where you were laying. 

You were so torn between feeling so angry and sad about what he’d said earlier but also heartbroken looking at the man in front of you. You bit your lip as Harry sat on the edge of the bed furthest from you, clearly being cautious.

“I didn’t mean that at all, baby, of course you’re not just one person. You’re the only person that matters to me, the only person who could make me as happy as you do and the only person whose happiness is my number one concern even when I’m working and focused on my career. I want you to always be happy, little one, and I’m not making you happy and I’m so sorry, I’ve just been so stressed out with everything lately but that’s not any excuse.” He paused to gauge your reaction but you kept your eyes down toward the bed and sniffled when he paused. “I just love you so much, more than anyone and you are so special to me and you will never be just one person, never ever, not to anyone. And especially not to me.” He gave you a slight smile as you quickly made eye contact with him before darting your eyes away again. Harry’s smile quickly faded when he realized you still wouldn’t maintain eye contact with him. “I was thinking that if I can’t find any way to get out of the meeting next week then we should extend the vacation a few days to make up for the ones I’ll miss.” He finally stopped talking, looking at your face for any sign that you would be able to forgive him sometime soon.

“Love? Could you please look at me, I just need to know what you’re thinking. I need to know you’re okay,” he told you quietly, cautiously.

You were staring at your hands now when the tears started falling continuously. “I just don’t want to be there without you, Harry. The whole point is that we would get to be together, just us. Not your management or makeup team or the camera people or any of that, just us. But you don’t even want to be with me,” you broke off, crying too hard now to keep talking. 

“Oh baby, come here, I’m so sorry,” Harry moved closer to you on the bed and used the pads of his thumbs to wipe the falling tears from your face. “Of course I want to be with you, all the time. All the time! I just said things I shouldn’t have, things I didn’t mean, because I was tired and grumpy and I’m an idiot. But you’re my little one.” He knew that was the only thing that could help him make any progress at that point, calling you the pet name that you adored.

You finally looked up at Harry and pouted, the tears finally starting to stop falling from your eyes. 

“Hey, there’s my girl,” Harry smiled a little bit, glad you were finally looking at him again. “Love, I am honestly so, so sorry and I didn’t mean the stuff I said, I’m an idiot.”

“Yeah, you are,” you finally whispered, a small smile starting to appear on your face. That made Harry laugh, and it made you feel a little better seeming him looking not so broken anymore, even though you could still see the tear stains on his face. “Just don’t say stuff like that again because it made me feel like shit,” you admitted.

“Never ever ever ever ever ever again,” Harry drew out, but meaning every word he said. “I love you so much.” Harry kissed your cheek and you put your hand behind his head, raking your fingers through his hair to show that you forgave him.

“I love you, I guess,” you told him with a slight smile on your face, causing Harry to laugh again. “But you can come make me a hot fudge sundae now,” you offered, knowing Harry would do anything to please you right now, and the smile on his face told you the same. “Wait, don’t you have meetings all day?” You asked, suddenly remembering where Harry was supposed to be.

“Yeah, but I got out of those, said I was sick. They weren’t very important anyway. You are,” Harry smiled as he stroked your cheek.

“Yeah alright,” you laughed as you both started to get up off the bed and make your way to the kitchen so Harry could make you that sundae. 

“By the way, don’t think you can just call me your ‘little one’ and that’ll get you out of anything,” you told him as you walked past him, a smile on your face.

“Got it,” Harry laughed, following you.


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I don’t understand how harry’s appreciation day doesn’t last the whole day the way it did with the other boys… 

It’s strange because i’ve always woken up with the appreciation tag and it will last until night time, but with harry it’s only last until noon and it wasn’t even the 1st at worldwide trend either. It’s kinda sad when you think about it, because like what if he sees and think that we don’t love him as much as we love the other boys… because honestly, the boy really deserves all the love in the world.

I might have never met him, nor that I’ve ever attend the concert, but every single time I see a video of Harry meeting fans or even a clip where he’s on stage and interact with the fans, it so obvious how much of a genuine guy he is. He really does care about us and our well being. It’s just sad that even though he really does show how much he loves us, and how much we mean to him… it feels like we don’t appreciate it enough, like we take his concern and love for granted :(:(:( 

I know he will never see this post, but either way, I still want him to know that I love him, and I appreciate everything he has done since day-1. I want to thank him for the smile he always brings to my face everyday even though it’s only come from the little videos. I want to let him know that I am thankful for the laugh he brings with his dorkiness (is that even a ward?) and sometimes idiocy (sorry harry ❤❤) 

I feel like I am lucky to be able watch you grow up through out the years, Harry. It’s feels like a privilege to watch, how much of a genuine person you are and how much you show people that even though the world can be cruel, hateful, judgemental and full of lies, it doesn’t mean you have to be one of those horrible person to survive it. Thank you for teaching me to be a nice person, no matter how nasty others can be (It is tough to be nice when all you want to do is to smash their heads over the wall tbh. But I’m trying:):):) And I’m not that violent)

Thank you Harry, for showing me, that it is okay being who you are, doesn’t matter what other people say. That no matter what people say, all that matters is that you are happy with yourself. 

I also want to thank you for sharing your talent with the world, even though in return you have to lose your privacy as well as your freedom. I know it can be tough and tiring to be in your shoes sometimes. And there might have been times, and might will be that times when you feel like the fame, the money, the awards, the recognition of your talent weren’t worth your own sanity, privacy and freedom… When that time comes, I want you to remember how much we love and grateful for you Harry. I want you to remember how much you’ve changed people lives. You might not know us, Harry, but there are a lot of us out there that owe it all to you. That there are people out there you’ve help in more ways than you thought. And I hope when you remember that, It might be enough for you to continue on making the world a better place with your musics, your smiles, and your kindness. 

But in the end of the day Harry, I just want you to be happy. I want to see you smile without worry in your eyes. I want to see you laugh so loud you don’t care that people might think you’re crazy. I want you to be able to say whatever you want to say without worrying what news papers, magazines nor the Tv station twisting your words, taking it completely out of context. I want you to be able to date whoever the hell you want without people being judgmental, and being a d*ck about it. I want you to be able to go anywhere you want to go without paps or fans following you around, sticking out their phones and camera in front of your face. I want you to be able to have a normal day just chilling with your friends and family without worrying their safety because of some people just can’t stop crossing lines. And even though it’s mean I won’t see you as much as I see you now from my phone screen, I want you to be happy Harry, because We knows that you, of all people, deserve to be happy. 

I know that the chance of meeting you in this lifetime is pretty much doesn’t exist, Harry, but one can always dream and hope right? :) I just hope that before I die, I will meet you and I can have one of your legendary hug (I will give you one of my own ;)). I hope that one day I can meet you and tell you how much you mean to me, and how much things that you said and done change the way I behave around other people. I hope that when I meet you, I’ll be able to express how much I’m grateful for ever single time you make me smile.

And Gods…. I know it’s only a wishful thinking, and the chance is nonexistent, but either way, I would like to be your friend Harry. I would like to hear the story of your life, the adventure you have with your mates, the thoughts that going through your mind at 3 in the morning. I want to be able to share your burden because even though I might not be able to give you the best advice in the world, I want to at least be there for you because gods know how much you’ve been there for me when I need someone. I want to be your friend, not because you are a superstar, but because you’re over all one of the most genuine, kind person I’ve ever known. I want to learn from you Harry. I want to learn how to be a bigger person (not that it’s possible since I’m only 152cm tall, and stop growing since couple years ago. It’s irrelevant isn’t it?) because if there’s one person that’s shows how much of a bigger person they are, it’s you. 

Wow…. this is turning into an essay. LOL. Anyway, I just want to appreciate and thanking your existence Harry Edward Styles. Thank you for the 5 amazing years of One Direction. Thank you for sharing your talent with the world. Thank you for sharing your kindness. Thank you for bringing smiles to countless people out there. Thank you for trying to change the world for the better one step at a time. And thank you for proving me that not all men in the world is a d*ckhead. ;) 

All the love Harry. 


P.S. If somehow you read this Harry Styles, Just know that I love you so much. And even though One Direction may end tomorrow or next year or the years after that, just know that I will always support you and love you. Keep on smiling, love because your smile literally lighting up my world like no body else ;) (Geez I’m so corny right now, LOL)

Flowers- Neville Longbottom

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It was a sweet gesture really. Neville was stood in front of you rambling about why he selected the specific flowers in the bouquet he had gotten you. The meaning and thought behind it was admirable and extremely flattering on your behalf but it wasn’t the best gift for you.

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