i am still getting the dokis

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yes hello can i get some "i think i love you, wow that sounds so cliche" for jotaro and his small, shy fem classmate who has the dokis for both the ocean man and his handsome punch ghost (i don't know if you remember me, but i asked for the same classmate with star platinum a while back when your requests were still open and you did such a FANTASTIC job so i hope this can be a continuation, or at least an ask that includes the good boy and shows what a HUGE HECKING standfucker i am, lmao)

ofc i remember you friend!!! <3 i remember everyone who reblogs stuff with tags and most people who request off anon lmao

(first ask)

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eddie kaspbrak as things i’ve done

inspired by richie tozier as things i’ve done by @shitty-water!!

-use 11 face washes a day even though half of them do nothing

-talk as fast as possible

-try to reason with my friends why we shouldn’t go to target at 10:30

-cry bc i love finn wolfhard

-cry on a ghost tour

-cry because i almost hit a trash can when trying to parallel park

-cry during every episode of glee

-cry every time ive stage doored a show

-cry about college as a high school freshman

-cry because a prop i had to wheel out got stuck on stage and my director telling me i need to stop crying so much

-cry because i got a 70 on a 10 question quiz in sixth grade and i thought my mom would kill me

-cry because i missed a cue for the first time ever in a rehearsal


-fall asleep during any movie i start later than 10:30

-text my mom while i was out friends that we were going across the street for ice cream

-listen to wheezywaiter’s the gazebo song for a whole day

-get my first kiss and being so shook that i forgot how to move and stood there like a tree

-fully know that i get scared vv easily but still watching It constantly

-scream at the highest frequency possible

-listen to josh groban, frankie valli, and gloria estefan constantly

-say okie dokie instead okay

-take a two hour bath on multiple occasions

-get told several times i walk and talk like a 20 year old new york twink

-say “i’m an eddie yearning to be a richie”

-insist on taking a bath and do a face mask every sunday

-lay flat on my back listening to sign of the times at 3 am

-have the flip or flop app

-play sandbox all the time

-freak out while at a concert because two of my friends walked to get a snack and i thought they were going to get kidnapped and my mom would kill me

-say i’m going to kill myself after the slightest inconvenience

-have eczema

-sprain my ankle within 10 minutes of going to a trampoline park

-fracture my toe from running into a wall

-say sounds like a plan stan 24/7

-have two drunk girls tell me they would baby sit me

-use the word convulse all the time

-have very strong feelings about shows and people on hgtv and food network

-have my teacher walk in on me cybergothing in the front of the classroom

-sit straddle on the playground and then have a grasshopper hop on my cooch

-gasp when my friend told me she didn’t turn in an assignment

-play basketball for 5 years but sucking because i was afraid of the ball

-scream over debra messing

Donetello Hamato (TMNT 2016) X reader

It’s been months since I broke up with my boyfriend, Casey, and I still haven’t moved on. I knew that he was a cheater, but a part of me still wanted to be held at night. Although, Casey and I never really had a conversation that held any intellectual meaning, I had a special place in my heart for the rock headed jock.

Until one night, I walked over to his apartment and found him and a random bimbo making out on the couch. He tried to cover it up and say that it was his cousin and she was a little crazy, but I’ve seen the messages on his phone and the hickeys on his neck when he came home from “Late nights” at work. I completely saw through his bullshit and packed my bags with watery eyes.

After months of eating junk food and seeing him with the girl on social media, I got tired of being sad all the time. I signed up for a dating site and hoped to find love, or at least summer love. Not even seconds after my profile was up, I got at least twenty messages.

I searched through my many messages on this stupid dating app. Most of them asking for nudes or just blatant pictures of male genitalia. I was getting ready to give up hope on relationships and adopt a pet from the shelter, until I got a text from the username: DorkyDonnie323

I laughed at the name and read the message,

DorkyDonnie323: Are you Copper and Tellurium? Because you’re CuTe..

I giggled and replied to the probably only decent guy on this website.

Cutiepie{Y/N}: Okay, if you wanted my attention, you totally have it now.

DorkyDonnie: Oh thank goodness, I thought I would have gotten blocked or something.

I chuckled at the message and we continued to message all night long.

Donnie and I have been texting and calling each other for a few weeks now and it would be really immature of me to say that I was in love with the dorky guy, but it would be hard for anyone not to love him.

I came home from work and plopped down on my bed with a huge smile on my face and pulled out my phone to text Donnie, but I saw that he already beat me to it.

DorkyDonnie323: Hey, {Y/N}.. I think that we should stop talking to each other.

My smile soon fell as I read the text,

Cutiepie{Y/N}: What? Why? Did I do something wrong?

I wracked my brain with questions as anxiety crept into my core. I had no idea why Donnie would want to stop talking to me.

DorkyDonnie323: No! No you didn’t do anything wrong, it’s just that I know that soon enough you would want to meet up with me, but I just don’t think that you would like me if you knew who- er what I am.

Tears formed in the corners of my eyes as I hurriedly typed my response.

Cutiepie{Y/N}: Can’t we just meet up now? I mean no matter what you are, I’ll still know it’s you, Don.

I saw that he read the message, but he didn’t reply for another twenty minutes. I was getting ready to end it and ball my eyes out, until my phone dinged.

DorkyDonnie: Alright, {Y/N}.. Just meet me in the alley way behind that restaurant with the giant glowing chicken as soon as the sun goes down.

Cutiepie {Y/N}: Okie dokie, see ya soon.

When I saw the pretty orange and purple colors burst through the sky, I decided to get ready to go meet up with Donnie.
I slipped my all black Chuck Taylors on and walked out my apartment door, locking the door behind me.

I was still confused as to why he wanted to stop talking to me, maybe I’m being Catfished and he didn’t want me to Email Nev and Max? I mean that’s the worst case scenario I can think of, anything else seems rediculous.

I arrived at the chicken place called Cluckster’s Chicken with a glowing dancing chicken on top of the building and walked in junction between the restaurant and another building. I thought Donnie wasn’t there yet, until heard a voice behind me.

“H-hey {Y/N}.” The familiar voice spoke with a slight stutter.

“Don?” I called out stupidly.

“Yeah, it’s me. L-look I don’t want you to freak out when you see me. Promise you won’t scream?” He said with a quaky voice.

“Promise.” I agreed.

I heard him take a deep breath then he stepped out into the light, I was shocked at wha- who stood before me.

A six foot tall figure towered over my being, with a purple ninja-like mask that went around his eyes and appeared to look like turtle.

“Donnie?” I questioned as in looked into his light brown eyes.

“Yes?” He answered.

“How come you didn’t tell me you were this handsome?” I smiled.

{Guess who’s back? Back again? Charmiee’s back! Tell a friend!
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So on a scale from one to ten how good is ddlc?

It’s a VN so it kinda depends on how much you’d enjoy that.

The characters are based off of various anime tropes but they’re also incredibly well-written and very lovable beyond that, and I ended up easily getting really attached to them, the game really makes you care about them. The game features a literature club and so you learn more about them through their poetry (which is also really good). The protagonist is bland and can even be frustrating with some dialog choices, but the girls are all excellently written.

Of course, it’s a horror game, so it’s not going to be your average happy dating sim. I won’t spoil anything but the game ends up being a much more interesting concept than it superficially appears to be, but this also includes scary, manipulative and depressing elements and turns the entire plot on its head.

If you can enjoy the game despite this, I’d recommend it! But if you don’t think you’d be able to deal with getting really attached to characters and then having that used against you, I would stay clear. I usually am unfazed by these kinds of elements in games and I was still a little shaken by some of the more heavy plot points. It really doesn’t go easy on your emotions.

I need friends to put it bluntly

Hi, i have no idea how to word this, but if you’re like, a fellow lonely person looking for a friend, or a friendly person who likes making friends, or whatever, i just want to say that you’re free to message me anytime!

you can call me mar, which isn’t even close to my real name, but it feels weird to be called my real name online for some reason. so uh yeah. i’m also a minor, so like, if you’re someone uncomfortable interacting with minors there’s that. i also have a discord account, so if you want to talk there you can ask for mine or give me yours, idk. oh yeah my time zone is also eastern if that’s important.

this is about to sound really negative and self-pitying but I don’t really know a better way to put it, i’m really awkward and bad with people so despite being on the internet for quite a while i’ve never made friends through it. talking to me is probably really awkward, i’ll probably mess up a lot, and get really anxious and end up not responding for a while or something. I’m going to try my best not to be a sack of shit like that though.

really, you can talk to me about whatever, though i’ll tag some of my interests so like, if you like one of those just message me about that if you want. really though, like, if you have anything you want to say but cant or something, i’m all ears even if i don’t understand! or we can just show each other pictures of our pets which is cool too

i also love roleplaying with OCs! so if you’re organizing a danganronpa roleplay, or an original roleplay or something and need members i’d be delighted to join!

tbh i’m not really sure how this works, so i’m just going to add some tags for things i like so that people will see this. if you don’t want to see this in the tag or something you can tell me and i’ll remove it.

so that’s everything! i don’t know what to say hehe so um..if you’re reading this i hope we become friends? i hope that doesn’t sound weird,,bye-onara!

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theres 2 kinds of doki doki lets plays 1. is knowing absolutely nothing and taking everything at face value, often wondering “why am i playing this” 2. is knowing things get weird before they start and constantly being like “SOMETHINGS NOT RIGHT HERE” when its still normal and both are really funny

Okie Dokie

I got the two imagines that I wanted to get done for the night. It’s 12:24 am here and I’m not going to start working on the next imagine until I wake up since I plan on it being a long one since it’s two requests molded into one. Once I start working on the Aquaman request will be the time I open requests.

I won’t be queuing the two imagines tonight and will do that once I get up in the morning. 

Also I will all tell you tomorrow when I open requests what I will now take requests for since I have seen a couple of movies this past month or so.

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“BARRY!” Y/N yelled happily into their phone. Barry pulled away from the receiver in shock. Y/N sounded drunk. Really drunk.
“Hey Y/N,” Barry spoke. “What’s up?”
“We need to talk mister. I have some very important information to tell you.” Every word coming out of their mouth made Y/N sound like someone just coming out of getting their wisdom teeth done and still loopy from the drugs. Y/N wanted to sounded serious, but it just wasn’t coming out that way.
“Oh really and what important information is that Y/N?”
“That I am 100 percent sure without a doubt that I am in love with you, Mister Barry Allen.” Barry stayed silent. Did Y/N just say that? That they loved him?
“Y/N, you’re drunk, where are you so I can come get you?”
“At home,” they answered. “But I am, Barry. Have been since I saw that face. Such a pretty face.”
“Will talk about it tomorrow Y/N. Promise.”
“Okie dokie! Nighty night love of my life.” And with that the phone went silent. Barry hit end on his screen and sat down where he was standing. Y/N, of all people, was in love with him.
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Lmfao, I don’t think I’ve ever done a bias list or any kind of post on Ikki despite meaning to for 800 years, but better late than never KJERNKGJEBG. I’ll consider this a thank you for all the milestones I’ve hit as well as for all the love I’ve been given on this blog in general, because goodness there is so much more of it than I ever expected. When I first starting roleplaying Ikki almost a year ago, barring like two months at this point, not many people knew what Amnesia was or who Ikki was and I was, like… the only… person… in the rp community rip, so obviously I didn’t expect much from this blog. I kinda figured he’d die off after a month or so, as is my usual curse when I pick up new muses. They rarely stick around – but Ikki didn’t just stick, man, he took over as my main and grabbed my heart and soul akjsdhfajkg.

That is, of course, due to all of you. Despite being from a relatively unknown fandom, so many of you still interacted with me and gave me a chance (in NO small part thanks to Disney World ;’)) and now here I am, almost a year later, still going strong with about 700 of you following me. I can’t thank you all enough for roleplaying with me here and even getting to know my muse after we started interacting, for those of you who went on to play Amnesia! I’m so glad the fandom has gotten a few new members and that I’ve been joined in the community by such great roleplayers. It warms my doki doki heart. I look forward to continuing to interact with you all in the future, despite you all having to put up with my sometimes abysmal reply speed. :’)

Below the cut, a quick bias list to show my appreciation and admiration to a super small group of people. See you all on the other side in 2017 ;) ♥

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Boruto Trailer



Okie Dokie

Prompt from Angels-Of-The-Lord (on Wattpad): Could you do a one shot where Cas proposes to Dean and Dean tearfully says okie dokie and Cas doesn’t understand the okie dokie but Sam is dying of laughter.


“Getting married is something two people do when they love each other and want to be bound together for the rest of their lives.” Sam explained casually as he sipped at his tea. His eyes didn’t leave the newspaper but he could still feel the fallen angel’s eyes on him. “Why are you asking about marriage?”

“It is a custom I am not entirely familiar with.” Cas cleared his throat, remembering what Dean had said once upon a time about lying, and shifted a little in his seat. “How does one go about marriage?”

At this, the younger Winchester laid down his paper and gave the other man his full attention. “You mean like how does someone get married?”

Cas simply nodded with a sheepish smile. “I’m just curious is all.”

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I AM DONE, but ooooooohohohoho have I just begun! Omg I loved designing their outfits like I just? can’t??? Ball/Dance fantasy stuff is literally one of my biggest weaknesses. It gets my little romantic right in the doki doki!

Part 1: Departure

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Sakura bonsai talk: cos it’s sakumoto~~ (♡o♡)

Cr: Daylight PV Making Of and jweb.

Apologies in advance for translation errors.

This horse turns 17 tomorrow. We’ve been together 10 years now. He’s been my heart and soul from the beginning. I spent years being bucked off and being absolutely terrified of him. But I never gave up. We have worked so hard and come so far. He’s done absolutely everything I’ve asked of him without hesitation. Jump 1.30m? Yeah! Get to third level dressage? Sure! Trail ride in the Rockies? Sounds good. Be a school horse? Absolute champ. Cowboy challenge? Okie-dokie. 

We’ve had our struggles. But my god, he’s been worth every second. He is the reason I am still here. He has kept me going through all the darkness, been my one light that keeps me holding on to hope. He’s been my safe place. He’s given me freedom. I’ve learnt so much with him. I don’t know what I would do without him. God knows I’ve wanted to murder him a few times, but there is nothing like the joy I feel when I’m in his saddle or standing next to him.

Happy 17th old man. You’re forever mine, and forever my number one. 

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Cold - A Destiel Ficlet.

*slowly works through ask box*

Prompt- Hey so could you do a destiel fic where cas gets sick (nothing major) for the first time and Dean takes care of him’

Pairing- Destiel

Warings- none

Author(s)- the amazing okie-dokie-angel and me :)

all other fanfiction here


It had been weird for everyone since Cas had become human. The amount of times that Dean had had to carry him to bed because he had forgotten to eat, drink or sleep was ridiculous. However, this? This was somehow worse.

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