i am still beaming

  • *the underground morgue*
  • Holmes: *impatient* You'll consider it?
  • Hooper: *sighs* I am working, Mr. Holmes.
  • Holmes: *rolls his eyes* It's a perfectly simple question.
  • Hooper: *slams the scalpel down* Do you know what you're asking of me?
  • Holmes: *through gritted teeth* I am asking you...to be my *glances at Anderson; lowers his voice* partner in life.
  • -Anderson drops loud things-
  • Hooper: *fierce* Get out.
  • Anderson: *hurries out of the morgue*
  • Hooper: *shakes her head* I have too much to lose. I am sorry.
  • Holmes: I have no desire to interfere with your ambitions *smiles* We're already a formidable team.
  • Hooper: *swallows; avoiding looking at him* You haven't even seen me.
  • Holmes: *casually* I always see you, Molly *smiles softly*
  • Hooper: *bites her lip* I shall...consider it.
  • Holmes: *smirks*
  • Hooper: It's not a yes.
  • Holmes: *still smirking*
  • Hooper: *blushing* Shut up, Holmes.

Been completely reworking all of the moth shot types and adding a new score/big damage system (that I will post about when it is actually working the way it should). Probably going to keep all of the original shot types as a Type B selection for anyone who liked them and doesn’t want to use the new ones.

Lore now has homing options. The damage is extremely low so for the video I used popcorn targets (since they are destroyed in one hit) to better show their swarming behavior. Popcorn can leave behind ‘suicide bullets’ though so depending on your dodging ability you might not even want to fire on them and make a mess for yourself. You can also guide the main wave by moving left and right if you want them to focus on a specific section of the screen. The main shot has a slight homing curve to it in focus mode (to make even a near miss become a sure hit) and the ability to destroy any buster or boss target will depend on the main shot since the homing flames are so weak.

The moth dust gauge is still used for the burst beam but I am considering possibly allowing it to also slightly power up how much damage the homing flames do.
I probably need to revisit the color, design and transparency of the homing shots so the player isn’t overwhelmed with a cluttered screen and tweak damage numbers for better balance.

I Know - Dyfty - Cal’s Death Aftermath

“D-Don’t… Don’t want to die…”

“I’m not going to let you die, Cal. I’m not going to let you die.”

“Dylan…” Charlie whispered. “Dylan, he’s lost too much blood…”

“No, there’s a… Hang on.” A what? There was a what? Dylan glanced up at his colleagues, all standing with a mix of guilt and loss on their faces. What had he told them to hang on for? A chance? A hope? There was nothing. “Yeah, yeah, okay.” Dylan whispered, stepping back.

Then, there was silence.

“Where’s Cal…?”

“He was attacked.” Dylan explained, his hands hovering anxiously as he followed Ethan to resus.

“Attacked? What do you mean?”

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i feel you pap, i dont like going out either pat pat

chapter 4 is gonna be fun ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)!!!

FiNaGLC belongs to @unrestedjade

anonymous asked:

Hey I'm new to the fandom and I think I just joined while lairport was happening last year but it made no sense at the time so do you maybe have a link to a masterpost or something for me? Thanks 💞💞

 During this time they we kicking off OTRA in Australia. Niall had already been there for a few weeks cause of the Australian Open, Liam flew in the day before and Zayn was MIA as per usual. The only ones left that were not in Australia were were Harry and Louis, who at the time were both in LA, so everyone became super 👀  wondering if they would fly in together for the first time in 3 years. 

In Feb 4 (in LA Feb 5 in Australia) Harry and Louis arrived in LAX separately which started the meltdown

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The Bet- One Shot

Pairings: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: None

Word Count: 979

Request: This is a prompt sent by the lovely @imhereforbvcky, chosen from a prompt list #129: I saw you staring at each other. I just wasn’t sure if it was sexual tension or murderous rage.” 

Authors Note: Just a little one shot for my fav. I hope you like it my love, I chose to do it with Bucky cause I am just such a sucker for cocky, joking Bucky. Enjoy my love! 

Feel free to submit prompts or requests for drabbles and one shots!

“Hey doll, what’s…” “No” You quickly interrupt Bucky, taking a sip of your drink as your attention focuses forward, intent on ignoring the tall brunette beside you. The party stirs around you as Bucky looks at you, taken aback. “Awww come on, you’re not still upset about that little accident before, are you?”

You roll your eyes, remembering how long you had spent in the shower, washing globs of flour out of your hair. “You’re not seriously trying to pretend that throwing flour all over me was an ‘accident?” You raise your eyebrows at him, miming air quotes as he tries to choke down a smirk.

“I didn’t dump flour on you, I just… sneezed… and you happened to be in the wrong location.” Bucky smiled, unable to control his laughter as you stare at him intently, leaning closer to him. “You’re on my list Barnes. It took me a whole hour to get that flour off of me.” You place your hand on his thigh as you lean closer to him, stopping only an inch from his face.

“Do you know what happens, when flour mixes with water Bucky?” Your fingers dig into his thigh as you stare him down. “It turns to paste.” You growl, your lips twitching slightly at the guilty smile illuminating Bucky’s face.

“Settle something for us,” Natasha interrupts, Sam following close after her as she leans behind you, signaling for the bartender. You kept your fingers clenched into Bucky’s thigh, your eyes unmoving from him as his attention darts slightly to Natasha behind you. His lips tight in a wide smile as he tries to control his laughter.

We saw you staring at each other,” Natasha continues, leaning back to look at you two as she hands Sam his drink, stirring her martini as she looks at you and Bucky. “We just weren’t sure if it was sexual tension or murderous rage?” Natasha’s words penetrate both of you, as your heads snap towards her, answering hurriedly.

“Murderous rage.” You growl tripping over Bucky’s words as he laughs out “Sexual tension.” “What?” You whip your head quickly towards Bucky, your eyebrows flying up in shock. His face is quickly reddening, his jaw tensing as he keeps his eyes focused on Nat, determined not to look at you.

“Sexual tension? You’re kidding me, right?” You bark at Bucky, as Sam whistles fretfully, “Seems we’ve touched a nerve.” He jokes, his laugh betraying his nervousness, “We’ll just leave you two to sort this out.” He continues, arm wrapping around Natasha’s waist as they retreat, “Try not to kill each other ok?” Natasha says, allowing Sam to guide her forward, “If you kill her she’s just proven right Barnes.” Sam jokingly tosses over his shoulder as they move away.

“Bucky,” You ask, still waiting for answers. His eyes close as he takes a deep breath, turning to you, his stormy blue gaze focusing on you, “Yes?” he asks innocently, again fighting the smile pulling at the corners of his lips. You stare at him, wondering what the hell he was thinking, “You can’t tell me you haven’t thought of it, of us.” He insists, gesturing animatedly between the two of you. You look at him, unsure of how to respond.

If you were being honest, of course you’ve thought of it. You spent most of your time working with Bucky, living in the same space, watching him train. He was a perfect human specimen. You would be lying if you said that your knees didn’t go a little weak every time he looked at you with those bewitching blue eyes, his sharp jaw framed by curtains of smooth dark hair.

“See…” Bucky smiled, noting your elongated silence, “You have thought of it.” He smiles, quickly finishing his drink as he stands up, moving into the crowd. You rise hurriedly to your feet, chasing after him.

“Hey,” you yell, grabbing his metal arm to spin him around to face you. “And what if I have? What difference does it make?” You ask, looking up at him, the party blurring around you. He steps closer to you, closing the small distance between your two bodies as his hand slides onto your waist, holding you to him.

He ducks down slightly, his lips brushing at your ear, making your eyes close as you suppress a shiver, “Doll… it makes all the difference in the world.” His lips graze gently against your forehead as he pulls back to look at you. You feel your heartbeat quicken in your chest as you read his gaze, pupils blown wide with wanting.

“I have… I do.” You breathe, your voice shaking slightly. Bucky’s face cracks into a broad grin as his hand rising up to caress your cheek, sliding along your jaw. He gently tilts your face up to his as he bends down, his lips connecting with yours, making your heart slam against your ribs.

His lips move forcefully against yours, his metal hand tensing around your waist, pulling you urgently against him. You relax into his grip, moving fervently with his kiss as he bends you back ever so slightly.

His grip slackens as his lips slow their movement, his teeth pulling at your bottom lip as he pulls away, a lustful growl rumbling quietly in his chest. You smile up at him as he beams at you. “So am I still on your list?” He jokes with you, laughing slightly, “Buck,” you breathe grinning at him, as you nip playfully at his jaw, “You’re enemy number 1.” He beams as he pulls you to his lips once more.

“So…” Natasha rolls her eyes, leaning back against the bar, watching her friends kiss in the middle of the crowd. “Guess it was sexual tension after all.” She smiles, extending her hand to Sam as he reluctantly thrusts a $50 into her hand.  

incognitopheno  asked:

Greninja COULD learn Ice Beam to handle Flygon. Or perhaps Greninja's already perfect with his moveset.

“While I do aim for flawlessness, I am still learning each and every day. Ice Beam would be a useful asset to my attacks.” 

“Another one?! Seriously, why is everyone gunning for me only?” 

“Well, you’ve fought both Delphox and I twice already. So, you’re the big known target.” 

“Just because I’m the biggest doesn’t mean that I’m the only one!!”

A surprise indeed

Imagine Parrish coming home from overseas on Christmas and surprising you
Author: Femke 
Reader Gender: Female
Word count: 732
Warnings: Bit of violence, Fluff, Implied future smut idekI
(A/N) It’s not Christmas but I think everyone needs a little Parrish in their lives. Sorry for any typo’s or errors, English isn’t my first language. Reviews are welcome. Enjoy 

You were in your car, driving home from work. You were a freelance photographer, and today was a busy day. Around Christmas, every person ever had decided to have their picture taken it seemed. This was great for business, but killing for your mood.

Not that you hated Christmas, not at all. You just hated spending it alone. You moved here to open your own studio, but your family and friends all lived on the other side of the country. The person you probably missed most was your boyfriend, Jordan, who was a deputy. He was working overseas at some project. You would have loved to spend the holidays with him. You did agree to Skype, but it’s just not the same.

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Lullaby For A Stormy Night
Vienna Teng
Lullaby For A Stormy Night

Lullaby For a Stormy Night- A 5SOS FeelsFest

Little child, be not afraid 

The rain pounds harsh against the glass


Like and unwanted stranger, there is no danger

I am here tonight

Little child, be not afraid

Though thunder explodes and lighting flash

Illuminates your tear-stained face

I am here tonight

And someday you’ll know, that nature is so

This same rain that draws you near me

Falls on rivers and land, on forest and sand

Makes the beautiful world that you see, in the morning

Little child, be not afraid

The storm clouds mask your beloved moon

And its candlelight beams, still keep pleasant dreams

I am here tonight

External image

Little child, be not afraid

The wind makes creatures of our trees

And the branches to hands, they’re not real understand

And I am here tonight

Someday you’ll know, that nature is so

The same rain that draws you near me

Falls on rivers and land, on forest and sand

Makes the beautiful world that you see, in the morning

For you know, once even I was a little child

And I was afraid, but a gentle someone always came

External image
To dry all my tears, to trade sweet sleep the fears

External image
And to give a kiss goodnight

Well, now I am grown

And these years have shown

Rain’s apart of how life goes

But it’s dark and it’s late so I’ll hold you and wait until your frightened eyes do close

And I hope that you’ll know 

That nature is so, the same rain that draws you near me 

Falls on rivers and land, on forests and sand

Makes the beautiful world that you see

In the morning

Everything’s fine in the morning

The rain will be gone in the morning

And I’ll still be here…

In the morning

(All gifs go to their owners)

So...I think I was just in a fairy tale

So first day back at Uni and it was off to a horrible start. Firstly my headphones broke 2 minutes into my train trip, then I got gum on my shoe and straight after Uni I had to travel and hour into the middle of nowhere for a work thing, complicated by the fact that my phone now works only about 40% of the time, so I could not rely on it to guide me through the terrible public transport. 

So cut to 7:30pm, work has ended, I am waiting at the bus stop and no bus comes. 8pm still no bus - it never showed. Now it’s now dark and I am worried. So I ask the next bus driver and he directs me to the best way to get out of this wasteland (you can’t, it’s hell) and the only option left to me is to wait half an hour, get a 1hr bus trip back to my Uni, then get 3 trains back home, increasing my travel time by 2 HOURS. 

So as you can imagine I am upset, and worried, scared, VERY hungry and more than a little grumpy. Cue the fairy tale figures of my journey home represented by 3 kind strangers.

  1. It was just me and the bus driver on the hour back to Uni, he asks me why I am alone and nowhere and tells me the best bus routes for the future. He asks where I am going and offers to take me further than his route allows, so he drops me right outside the train station. He says goodbye and directs me on how to get into the station (even though I have being going there for 2 years) and so I am not so grumpy. 

  2. On the train home I am almost keeling over from exhaustion and an old man in a wheelchair besides me asks if I’m tired. I say yes because of course i am and he asks why, and I tell him I have been delayed 2 hours in getting home because I missed my bus. And I kid you not, like he’s out of some corny 1950′s romance flick he tells me: “Oh that’s not good, but If you weren’t 2 hours late you would not have been here and I would not have seen a beautiful girl on the train, so it is bad for you but it is good for me and many people. So many more people get to see you now”. And I know I am no spring chicken and he was just being kind but he was just so earnest and joyful and he was being so sweet just for the sake of being sweet and honestly I don’t think I will forget him for the rest of my life! So I was not so tired

  3. Finally I reach my final train change and I have half an hour so I go to the servo (the only place that is open) and get a pie. After I buy it the man behind the counter hands me two full boxes of donuts for free, because they did not sell them and he ‘thought I might want them’ and so I am not hungry!

So on a long and crappy journey home I met three strangers, one one each leg of the journey, who were unnecessarily kind and helped my home in one way or another.
Now I’m finally home and honestly I am so happy I missed my bus because I think i’m still in a daze and I’m pretty sure this is the most serendipitous and cutest thing that has ever happened to me.

lenfaz  asked:

Can I get 26 sitting on the same park bench au? For CS? Please?

Lena, darling, I apologize for taking so long! I hope this satisfies (:

Emma Swan looks forward to her lunch breaks. Not only because she’s relieved to be out of the office, and consequently away from her boss’s ever spiteful attitude, but more importantly because her lunch breaks are when she gets to see him.

It started off coincidentally enough. Most offices offer lunch hours at the same time, and a certain cluster of said offices happen to be located in the same area, on the outskirts of a quaint little park. She’d first sat down next to him out of necessity, with the park being overly crowded and the only seat available being the one on the bench he was already sitting on. God, she hated crowded places.

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Fic: Wait and see where the cat jumps

Title: Wait and see where the cat jumps

Pairing: Kenma/Hinata

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 2.712

Author’s Comment: what the frick this almost turned into a makeout session. Also kuro is a proud papa cat

Summary: Kenma admits to liking Hinata a bit more than he should and invites him to Tokyo for summer break. While playing video games, Kenma has the chance to get closer to the short middle blocker.

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