i am stealing this meme

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Shadowhunters meme
   ∟ [2/3] colors  → amber

cuz I remember the snaste (snail taste) of your skin tonight and the way that you looked you had those sneyes (snail eyes) I remember the way I snelt (snail felt) inside and the name of the snongs (snail songs) that made you cry you would snream (snail scream) we would snight (snail fight) you would call me crazy I would snaugh (snail laugh) you were snad (snail mad) but you’d always sniss (snail kiss) me and the snirt (snail shirt) that I had you would always borrow when I woke it was gone there was no snomorrow (snail tomorrow)

the signs as 2015 tumblr memes
  • aries: bee movie is my favourite anime
  • taurus: am i aesthetic now meme
  • gemini: hating on geminis
  • cancer: stealing human bones
  • leo: taylor swift copyright
  • libra: ok... that sounds fake but ok
  • scorpio: hotline bling
  • sagittarius: breadstick meme
  • capricorn: hello
  • aquarius: alternate Star Wars intro text
  • pisces: zodiac meme